The Alexandra School Commission Of Inquiry

Commissioner Frederick Waterman – Photo: Nation Newspaper

The Commission of Inquiry into the Alexandra School Affair has been fired up as promised by Prime Minister Stuart. It has become patently obviously if we recall events sparked by Hallam King at Coleridge Parry School that anomalies exist in the governance system  of education in Barbados which need to be fixed.

To the credit of Prime Minister Stuart he has kept part of his promise to Barbadians to start the Commission at the start of the Summer break. We look forward to Commissioner Frederick Waterman’s report and the decisive action which is needed to fix many of the problems exposed by the Alexandra matter.

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0 thoughts on “The Alexandra School Commission Of Inquiry

  1. @ac
    lol. ya grasping at strings man.

    So when Broomes get at the Inquiry or does a televised interview and sings his own virtues and the benefits of his management style do we also take his word? I tell ya.

    enjoy the rest of your evening.

    oh, and for the record, I never compared Jobs (the person or manager) to Broomes (the person or manager) far less place them on the pedastal of equality. I simply looked at one specific aspect of Broomes’ style which you all say damn him to hell, and showed that same aspect in the style of another who is “revered.”

    I dun with dat.


  2. yuh see Broomes did not only piss off his staff he also pissed off and manipulated those who were in charge of him without thought care using the children as well to justify his despicable behaviour . broomes can get up and say all he wants but it is going to be hard very hard for him to explain away the sordid detail;s at AX for the past seven years mind you no one is talking about a one time off the cuff unfortunate episode but a series of events that have impacted peoples lives negatively from conflict of interest to fraud, BTW none such charges has been documented in reference Jobs personnel history.

  3. @Observing (and inquiring) “I dun with dat.”

    you like you is de late Tommy Green reincarnated.

  4. @ BU brethren !
    But wait ! wah all uh dis comparing Caswell Franklyn wid Steve Jobs bout ? Steve Jobs was uh outstanding success ; Caswell uh outstanding failure in evry job he attempt . Man gih me a break do !

  5. @ac
    ” BTW none such charges has been documented in reference Jobs personnel history”

    I was dun wid dat but your naivete is really astounding. Do you really think that anything would be documented in reference to Jobs??

    Let’s bring it back local (for good) and examine how these couple teachers, a whole board and a whole union couldn’t even properly document in some form or the other public, known and talked about alleged infractions, complaints and grievances over a span of 5+ years against a known loose cannon who many claim not to like and who they clearly wanted gone almost from day one. But if all of them couldn’t get that done together……..

    Sleep tight 😉


  6. I was dun wid dat but your naivete is really astounding. Do you really think that anything would be documented in reference to Jobs??


    Are you saying that all of the articles and documentaries about Jobs are not relevant. for goodness sake there are over one thousand stories and articles written about Jobs and none does not accused him of lawbreaking or any of the malfeasance attributed to broomes. i think you were right when you said”Idunwid dat”

  7. @ac. I think a little restraint on your part would be prudent. We all want to hear the evidence and, in this case, we are given that chance. We do not need your biased interpretations, because believe it or not, the fact that your husbands is (you claim) a lawyer, does not confer a law degree on YOU!! And even if you had a law degree (which I am quite sure you do not, but if I am wrong you should return to sender) the evidence of the Commission is such and is being so very well reported by Barbados Today, that anyone can follow it and make their own determinations. Observing has been encapsulating what he has heard in evidence and, in my view, cut through all the BS. More to the point, Observing has, unlike you, eschewed any hearsay evidence. Observing has not indulged in defamatory comments about alleged criminal acts unrelated to the purposes of the Commission. I plead with Observing to continue his comments as I for one find them of value. As indeed I find the comments of Bushie of great value (mind you, I always like reading the Bushman).

  8. Word is out that this Waterman Commission will cost quite a pound and a crown…when its all over..nearing $6 million…is that wasting scarce resources or what ?
    Broomes could have been offered $2.5 mil and he would have been a fool should he not accept…..but I guess come fat still remains on the bony calf…
    Less we for get Moody….mismanagement seems to run amok…(and blame)

    • @Onions

      Surely you are being simplistic in your reasoning. If BU were to guess it seems the PM wants this sorry mess to be placed in the public domain for obvious reasons. For years we have suppressed the behind close doors affairs and left the public to speculate. It is time it stops. So far those looking on are appalled that their fears have been confirmed.

    • Onions

      You might have a point. Since I have not been following politics as closely as in the past, can you look at the lawyers and staff of the commission and tell me which one is not affiliated with the DLP in some form or fashion? Your answer might make me come to a final conclusion with respect to this whole process. I am just asking with apologies of course.

  9. @ amused sometimes the truth like medicine is hard to swallow but in the end it does the job it is requried to do that is to cleanse and to heal sorry if some might have a problem with the medicine being given but it is necessary BTW anything that i have mentioned or commented is well documented though the evidence so far given not hearsay.

  10. @ac. You are at liberty not to take my advice. And I am at liberty to find the unbiased and pertinent comments of Observer preferrable to the likely defamatory, biased and hearsay “medicine” with which you are hell-bent on dosing us. I am taking a second opinion from Observer ad a third from Bushy.

  11. @amused words like “defamatory” biased and hearsay are being used by you as an approach to shut up or deny an opposite point of view.if that is the case the commision would obviously be conmplict in allowing witness to give false testimony Against broomes however i am comfortable with my comments as there are being based on the evidence given and not what i perceived now it is up to broomes to prove the evidence as wrong NOT ME.i am an independant observer.just like you

  12. @Caswell
    David just likes to agitate…..I took part in the first Ax threads with emotions running HIGH and all…and it was you Caswell Franklyn who made the MOST SENSE….I heard a lunatic Bushie (who I see still continues in his ways) and Scout wid relic talk of management…

    Jeff broomes is an ass, you cannot treat your staffboardsecretary like dogs and expect cooperation. why is that rocket science?…..This whole debacle could have and should have gone the route of PSC..and all this wasted money could have gone towards Debt Service (maybe we won’t have been DOW GRADED to junk)….This admin is most inept…those like David are only hoping that the Waterman Comm will give FUNDY some starlet of light..But it won’t… When logically thinking people years from now, look at this..they will see the “Shoite Unlimited” to this mess hall…A waste, a complete waste of money… fattening a Doctor gone Secretary receiving a cool million for doing nothing…and DLP lawyers becoming multi millionaires ..while people eat Brumswicks daily pensioner wait with awe ( like me) for a Caring Govt …. taking pseudo drugs..and suffer yes suffer by the acts of these misguided and the bad decision of a new era Don Quixote….swinging even more mad.

  13. @Bush Tea
    Let me see if I am understanding you correctly. Are you trying to say that in this case that the end justifies the means?

    From what I can see the only reason that Mr. Broomes was not investigated properly before was because of his “protection” by those in “higher” positions. Lodge connection? Politics connection? Same school tie connection? Get what I mean? Take your pick. Say what you may it is my opinion he was closely protected by higher authorities and I certainly do not mean BBE by any stretch of the imagination.

    Remember too that even a rat when cornered when fight for it’s survival. Was this the case with the union members at Alexandra’s? Were they placed in that position where they felt that their strategy was the only alternative? I understand that their complaints had been falling on deaf ears at the Ministry for a long time. Remember the Duke of York and his 30,000 marchers a few years ago? Enough was enough as far as they were concerned so they resorted to the only alternative left (or perceived as that) and so they, or should I say WE, marched that fateful day.

  14. In any event what evidence i have commented on are those which i have viwed bytapes words as being spoken by the witnesses and not ones interpretation solley based on news articles

  15. I’ve been reading and listening to reports from the Commission and I’m convinced , like DAYS OF OUR LIVES, this soap operaneeds to be stopped and save barbados the expenses. I too have been looking at the combination of the attorneys involved and they ALL have political ties to the ruling party; is this a little more meat found on the “fatty calf>’ Congrats then to the BLP for leaving behind a calf that was well nurtured. The $ 600,000.00 dollars to be voted for tomorrow is only the deposit to those involved, the P.M MUST carry much of the blame for this money being spent, by not adherring to the true mothod of problem solving , that is , listening to both sides of the matter. In my opinion, it would have been better to have the two Jeff Broomes attorneys to talk some sense in his head to accept a healthy, golden handshake and transfer those striking teachers. However, the P.M in his arrogant address, triggered the Broomes party to go for this soap opera, which will tarnish a once well respected school, this school can go the same road as THe LOdge School. Incedentally, there must be some reason why neither Mrs Amaida Boomes nor MS Mary Redman wants to give evidence at the Commission, maybe, like the Chairman, they may be exposed in the cross-examination.

  16. Hello Scout,

    In case you do not know there is something called “due process”

    How could you believe that this AX matter was going to be easily resolved by meeting with Broomes ?

    Broomes is alleged to have declared “that even a million dollars ” as your suggestion of a ” golden Handshake ” was NOTgoing to make him leave AX school>

    In case you do not recognise it, the AX inquiry will cost $ 600,000.00
    ( a saving of $ 400,000.00) where the opportunity now exist for the entire Education ACT to be reviewed and improved ……and a possible separation of the Prinicipal of the AX school…since the Chief Personnel Officer in her testimony reported that the Prinicipal can be moved.

  17. Correction : Dear teacher…that $600,000 was but the first draw down… now got to play….( too many cloaks duz visit this blog wid mis info..beware)

  18. @amused
    Thanks! I try.

    I thought you appreciated the web of politics, labour, legalese and now education!? I would have thought you would be a keen follower of politics 🙂

    A farce and a show indeed

    @ax teacher
    What of king, simmons, greaves and redman? No separation or censure for them?

    Methinks the PM is
    A) dumb and had no idea how filthy this mess was and how bad it would make everyone look or
    B) smart as hell and in one fell swoop rendered Jones and Sinckler politically impotent while forcing Donville’s hand.

    Just observing

  19. Dear David
    Me thinks that it is time you start or slip this Ax thread..618 submissions are proving a burden to ACCESS……It would be appreciated.

    Yours Truly

  20. AX teacher
    As pointed out by onions, this is just the first draw down, they are many more to come. You are going by alegations, the report that was given by that once honourable gentleman was proven to be very bias, and in any case, there is not proof to that, had the P.M spoken to Broomes and get his attorneys to advise him, I am almost positive that matter would have been avoided.You talk of a POSSIBLE SEPERATION of Mr Broomes from the AX, but what about the POSSIBLE SEPERATION of SOMe if not ALL those striking teachers too? Olympics would start soon and you will see, in diving, the highest and lowest points are illiminated, the same thing would happen to this Commission. When that is done, there will not be enough poroof that Mr Broomes failed in his duty to manage the AX, therefore, to move him can cost the BARBADOS GOVERNMENT, not necessary the DLP, much more money in court cost, when this matter is taken higher, REMEMBER MYRIE?. A TOTAL revamping of the Education Act, the removal of certain figures/personnel form the MOE and allowing the necessary depts like the PSC to do its work in a matured manner will help. TOO MUCH POLITICS IS INVOLVED. In the end the only one other than the attorneys who will come out of this smelling like a well scented rose, will be Mr Broomes. Since you are a teacher at the AX, tell me why Mrs Amaida Broomes, seem unwilling to go before the Commission?

  21. today was another earth scorching day for jeff broomes instead of getting better the evidence keeps piling on. to where one witness said she became panicked after meetimg with broomes and his cousin. Also in past evidence it was stated that broomes conceded that he did not followthe laws and guidlines when he hired staff. i is appalling that people of high intellect would used diversionary tactics in an effort to take the spotlight off jeff broomes. i hope if he is found in violation of the various acts and laws that he is made to refund the govt for any legal fees and costs.

  22. ac
    I’ll ask you the same question I asked Ax teacher, Why is Amaida Broomes unwilling to give evidence at the Commission?

  23. @ ac | July 23, 2012 at 5:52 PM |
    “.. i hope if he is found in violation of the various acts and laws that he is made to refund the govt for any legal fees and costs…”

    Ac, you know who is paying the lawyers representing Broomes?
    I am sure you know their party political association which happens to be in sync with yours. You call that featherbedding, now that is scratching backs!

  24. ac
    I’ll ask you the same question I asked Ax teacher, Why is Amaida Broomes unwilling to give evidence at the Commission?

    @ Scout

    I noticed you used the word “unwilling” first i have no first hand knowlege so i cannot give a valid reason .if what you say is true those details i guess would be privy to her and herlawyers and the commission of inquiry,need more info.maybe you can fill me in .

    • Greaves and Redman it has been reported missed the submission date for lodging statements with the Commission. How anyone can conclude they are unwilling to give evidence is speculation no so?

    • @The Scout

      Feel free to correct.

      Broomes has publicly stated he welcomes the COI.

      Broomes is represented by counsel at the COI.

      Broomes has attended every day of the sittings we are told.

      Broomes also has his cohorts from the NUPW who has been at his side at the COI.

      Broomes has the Principals Association by his side and they have been seen at the sessions as well.

      Now why would Broomes not cooperate with the COI given the above?

  25. David
    Had Jeff Broomes missed the date, would it also be speculations?

  26. Personally my one and only question to BROOMES would be”WHAT WHERE YOU Thinking ”

    i think his answer would be like AH! AH! you talking to ME!

  27. I gave in to temptation and attended the Waterman Commission today. A piece of evidence came out today which might surprise most of you even Bushie. I must confess that I was already aware but hearing it from the witness stand still sent shudders through me.

    The witness revealed that Roger Broomes, the principal’s cousin took the 4th form promotion exam and gave it to his class in advance of the exam date. Teachers were surprised that some children completed the exam in 15 or 20 minutes. When the children were questioned one of them revealed that ROGER BROOMES had given them the questions and answers. The child produced the evidence which was given to the principal who found nothing wrong with the teacher breaching the confidentiality of the exam. He is further reported to have said that as long as he is principal his cousin would have a job at Alexandra.

    I revealed the above without comment.

  28. Caswell;

    So we may have here a Principal who is totally protective of his family, right or wrong, based on your submission above. Could this trait, also explain the (in)famous letter not showing up in the Ministry of Education? Could it also partially explain any reticence on the teacher’s part to put her story in writing? Could it also suggest a situation where the teacher might have been pushed into protesting by the Union, against her better judgement? Could it presage grounds for serious sanctions against the principal for allegedly allowing family ties to get in the way of his doing what was right and proper, not only for one cousin but for two.

    Oh what a web!

    • Checkit-out

      I am merely a reporter in this instance: I draw no conclusions. Instead, I am waiting to see what bull fecal matter Bushie et al will write to spin this latest development.

  29. I read the evidence given by the PE teacher and it appears credible to me.

    All the threats from amusing lawyers on this blog can’t change my negative opinion of the unprincipled. Just another thug with degrees.

  30. Incomptence at the highest level can we say another “abuse of power” or even corruption. then we the viewing and reading public must understand and accept this behaviour as normal and not problematic and Broomes should be giving a passing grade for “GOOD LEADERSHIP”

    • The AX Saga continues to read like a soap. If what is happening at AX is also occurring across the school system then no wonder. What is sure is that the legacies of Minister Jones, Principal Broomes, Union leader Redman et al have already been painted.

  31. Man Jeff Broomes
    Musse real sorry this went the way of the Waterman Comm…..all the dirty underwear getting pun on the line… Scout…Whaloss Bushie….this fella Roger Broomes P.E. he did a real ganster fa trute..interfering wid people children and frightening teachers…wait where Jeff Broomes find he?….The latest I just hear on VOB and in the Nation he was giving out Exam Answers to certain girl children ? Is a good thing Alf D Pad and more gone from bout dey early cuz if not he too wudda get pieca D scandal….But where was MOE in all this ?..Wha Alexandra did like a real real wild west…..Jeff boy tings ain’t looking good…unt unaa. I like I go have to catch a minivan and go up there for summa this action that gine on up at Wildey………what D Rasta.. man D shoite like it now comin out…

  32. Man David
    IT REAL HARD TO ACCESS THIS LONGGGGGGG AX thread…….wait you cant make a Part 2….fa real 638 submissions…..????

  33. To be able to read the MOST CURRENT submission….I need to flip the page 3 times…..

  34. Boy it is gioing to be interestin g to hear Broomes sweep all these allegations away. i think he might need an industrial Mop to help he out. UNBELIEVABLE!

  35. Yes David; I agree with Onions. Is it possible or feasible to break the comments into say 50 post segments from up front, and then let readers or posters choose which segment they want to access. eg. if this thread has 610 posts, there would be 13 segments labelled as 1 to 13 and accessible as such. If I wanted to access segment 13 I would click on that up front. Each blog would therefore have the listing (clickable) of each segment presented in a very accesible way. Just “older” or “newer” comments is not enough.

  36. @Check it out
    Tangled indeed

    Is Ifill an Alexandra alumnus?
    Does Roger report to the Board and not Broome as Simmons claimed?
    Wouldn’t the Head of Department have “jurisdiction” over exam results?
    Was this a PE exam?

    I’ll say again, if one truly believes, there are many paths to justice besides the straight and narrow road.

    “What is sure is that the legacies of Minister Jones, Principal Broomes, Union leader Redman et al have already been painted.

    you forgot to add painted “black and blue”

    Let’s see how Greaves’ holds up.

  37. @ ac
    No Broomes going the way of Scout…”STOP these proceedings..stop stop .I can’t tekk it nah more”…”Oh Laud ah can’t tekk it mah more….Does the $1.5 Million still stand ?”Gimme leme out…Ah can’t tekk it nah more”…lol

  38. I also heard that the P.E teacher attributed blame on not only Mr Broomes but on the Board of Management, The MOE, the Min of Education, the teachers. The AX and the entire Educational system needs revamping, the Minister needs replacing.
    Incedentally while it is being protrayed that Jeff Broomes was covering up for his cousin, could it be that a close relative of Amaida Broomes could have covered up for her, that’s why the letters forwarded to the MOE cannot be found ? Could it be that she is reluctant to give evidence at the Commission in case THAT relative is summoned to give evidence and in cross-examination be forced to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

  39. Feedback noted from mash up, Onions and Checkit. Will have a look at the parameter options available. If all else fail let us start a Part II and close this one.

  40. Scout
    Man like you got a real hidden interest in this one…..”could it be that “….lol
    Let the play out nah..

  41. David
    The BSTU which included both Broomes and Redman also indicated they welcomed the COI
    The BSTU also have legal representation present
    No reason why they could not attend if they were intersted, and give witness and be cross-examined.
    The BSTU also had their coherts present and giving evidence. As far as I know the COI wwas open to anyone who was interested in it.
    Conclusion: there is something some reason why neither Amaida Broomes and Redman seem keen on reinforcing all the evidence given to the Commission about Mr Jeff Broomes.
    Incedentally, most of those who obviously disliked Mr Broomes and his style are ALLL old scholars of AX.Could it be that their dislike for Mr Broomes is because a former school friend didn’t get the appointment? JUST ASKING

  42. Old onion bags
    I have no hidden agenda, I’m just looking at it from another side; am I wrong in my suggestions? PLEASE look at it objectively, It is not only Jeff Broomes that is at fault but the entire system and therefore PLEASE don’t use Mr Broomes as the “fall-guy” for all the others, including the MOE, the MInister of education, and by extention the Government of Barbados. Maybe if we investigat ALL the other secondary schools in Barbados , then we could come up with reasons tp FIRED ALL the principals.

  43. Man Scout
    Ole friend, lets not get wires crossed…unlike you I just observing…the days of us speculating are gone …we had our say…Since FUNDY is spending all this $6 Mill estm. of our money to pay a BIG MAGUFFY Judge and a doctorsecretary… would believe all is in the most competent hands….hence the need for planting seeds of speculation would seem disingenuous. Look at Caswell or even Check-it, most admired now, they like the rest of us choose to wait and observer, reserving all comments as we wish to be fair to all…
    Scouty hold ya microphone nah…as it makes you look too EAGER..(.though we know you are)

    • Observing

      Yes, Ifill went to school at Alexandra. To be fair to her she claimed that she was not getting problems from Jeff until 2010: her problems started after she reported Roger Broomes.

      I don’t know what Simmons claimed but ordinarily a teacher should report to his head of department first and then to the principal. However, at Alexandra it appears to be different than at other secondary schools. It was revealed in evidence yesterday that Broomes created a separate PE department and appointed himself as the head of that department.

      Again, from the evidence, Roger Broomes set the exam and gave the questions and answers to his class. Yes, it was a PE exam.

  44. @The Scout | July 24, 2012 at 9:38 AM. From the evidence so far, I have to agree with you, Scout. 100%. No caveats.

  45. @ Scout..for example
    Conclusion: there is something some reason why neither Amaida Broomes and Redman seem keen on reinforcing all the evidence given to the Commission about Mr Jeff Broomes
    Incedentally, most of those who obviously disliked Mr Broomes and his style are ALLL old scholars of AX.Could it be that their dislike for Mr Broomes is because a former school friend didn’t get the appointment? JUST ASKING
    No…. you not just asking …you have concluded (for us)

  46. Old onion bags
    I’m not the one making a conclusion, I’m observing, I too know Jeff Broomes, I can tell you much about that gentleman, some very good to some very awful, however, he is just an average mannered pewrson, who was/is unable to deal with the pressure inflicted on him from the beginning of his tenure at AX. He started behind the 8ball and he tried forcing his way out orf a dirty situation, maybe it was the wrong approach but he means/meant well, just that he got no co-operation from the ex Ax teachers, who thought that Amaida Broomes should have been given the posting. It is not Jrff Broomes’ fault that he gained the appointment, the person to blame for his success is Amaida herself, who didn’t go to the interview well prepared,l since she thought that because of the position of her husband, it was a foregone decision.

    • The Scout

      I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say that you are mistaken with respect to Amaida Greaves’ husband. Many people have accused him of all manner of malfeasance and misfeasance in the whole Alexandra debacle. I do not know the man, not even by sight, but I am appealing to you to stop defaming this man. When all this nonsense was going on, he was the PRINCIPAL OF THE ALLEYNE SCHOOL. He went into the Ministry of Education proper when Wendy Griffith-Watson retired making way for Laurie King to act as Chief Eduction Officer and Greaves was promoted to act as a deputy chief education officer. He therefore could not have been in the Ministry running interference for his wife.

      By the way, Broomes did not merit his promotion as principal. He was opposed right through but his appointment was ordered from on high. I don’t know if Amaida Greaves did a poor interview or not. All I know is that the interviewing process was a sham designed to produce one result like so much of the interviews in the Public Service.

  47. @ Scout
    I may be inclined to believe you…and for that reason, I think you should take the Inquiry’s witness stand …..but in here, we can’t do anything !

  48. From the wholly unflattering picture being painted of Principal Jeff Broomes by the Alexandra Board of Management and teaching staff, should we not expect Mr. Broomes time in the witness chair to be accompanied by the tactile manipulation of three half-inch ball bearings?

    At the end of the day, as a result of the adversarial nature of these proceedings, witnesses will have had their motivations impugned if not their reputations besmirched, the well-paid staff at the Ministry of Education will cling to its impuissance, and one side or the other will declare victory.

    My suggestion to these “victors” would be to look up, and fully appreciate, the meaning of the word “pyrrhic”.

  49. @Caswell,
    I’m not surprised that she’s an old scholar of the school.
    In addition to not getting problems til 2010 she also said that Broomes had issues with staff not “liking him” from day one. See my quote at the end of my post.

    Simmons said in testimony that Roger was ancillary (a part time coach) and therefore reported to the Board and as such should be disciplined by them and not Broome. This contradicts what Ifill is inferring about Jeff’s ability to discipline him which now brings Simmons’ testimony or interpretation into question.

    There should be a substantive head of department and yes teachers report to them even though the Principal legally supervises all teachers. Jeff can’t be Principal and Head of PE. Appointment to one only.The Head of PE or whatever department PE falls under obviously has no balls, conviction or voice. Then again, that seems to be the common thread at AX.

    “at Alexandra it appears to be different than at other secondary schools.”

    That appears to be the case with almost everything and everyone at Alexandra. lol

    Quote from Ifill

    “I accepted him as the person appointed in 2002…this was not the same with other teachers who were mainly female and senior. When he came in the early days there were people unhappy with him there from the very early stages”

    Again, Jeff may be wrong, but others are equally just as wrong. A country and a generation of children suffer as a result.

    Just Observing

    • Observing

      I did not follow Simmons’ evidence so I will have to take you at your word when you claimed that Simmons said on oath that Roger Broomes was ancillary (a part time coach). I do not understand that since Ms. Ifill claimed that Roger Broomes set the promotion exam. This is a first for me I did not know that ancillary staff set exam papers. But then again, an English teacher took CXC English the same year as the students that he was teaching the same subject.

  50. Thanks Caswell

    The Scout has been cautioned several times but he allows his obvious biase to runaway often times.

  51. @Caswell

    If your last comment was not serious and cast an indictment on where we are with our education system it would be very funny.

    • David

      If you carefully analyse the education system in Barbados, you would come to the inescapable conclusion that the children for whom it is designed are an afterthought in the whole process. The system caters to a bunch of sycophants, social climbers and bullies who could care less about the welfare of children.

      Rather than give justice to children who were wronged by the system, the reputation of the school takes precedence and all manner of wrongdoing is covered up, especially sexual abuse and drugs. Little girls have been sexually abused by teachers for years with some of the even producing babies but no prosecutions. Now little boys are being caught in the mess. Last year a female teacher at a 6th form school had a sexual relationship with a student, when the parents complain the school’s defence is that the boy is 17 and can legally consent to sex. I am watching to see how the latest case will play out: a male teacher molested a little boy during the first week of the vacation on a school organized activity. The cover up has already started but I will wait and see.

  52. @david
    Have a laugh. It’s actually hilarious

    Roger’s position and status will be instructive if the truth ever comes out. It would explain
    A) who’s responsible for disciplining him
    B) the process needed
    C) this issue of setting/correcting papers
    D) the role/inaction of gis head of department
    E) the inaction of the deputy principal
    F) simmons’ interpretation of his role

    Take it easy on Greaves (for now). Her testimony should be priceless.


  53. @ The Scout | July 23, 2012 at 6:02 PM |

    I’ll ask you the same question I asked Ax teacher, Why is Amaida Broomes unwilling to give evidence at the Commission?………..


    I have been keeping out of this AX matter, only reading this thread and the newspapers. However, there is a reason I am told that she may be unwilling to testify. Sordid family secrets may come out which would be very embarrassing!

    Also is it true that these lawyers are being retained at $1000.00 per day? Most of them with DLP ties??? Omigosh!

  54. As testimony yesterday by ifilll broomes having no problem with the children getting the answers as he told ifiil that it was done in the USA this goes to how broomes thought of himself as being above the law and this is consistent with many of the testimonies given.

  55. We must wait and see as so far all of the witnesses have been anti Broomes. We will have to see if any of the pro Broomes teachers are asked to testify for us to see the other side of Broomes. After all, one man cannot be all that bad as he is being portrayed!

  56. Caswell/David
    If you read my comment carefully, you would have read that I stated, if one was possible, so too was the other. However, since to you David,and your attorney at law, Caswell, I’ve breeched your and BU ‘s rules, I would humbly APOLOGISE and hope that it is accepted. However, David, your bias is showing, I’ve read comments made by your bloggers that have labelled certain persons in very derogative ways and you never cautioned them , but poor me does not agree with you and you bringing your big stick. This is your blog, SIR, and I appreciate that, so I’ll simply consider whether I will ever contribute to this again. NO ONE WILL EVER SILENCE ME FROM SPEAKING MY MIND DAVID I’M SORRY.

  57. @The Scout

    Based on your last comment is it you have refused to accept that Greaves’ husband was not in a position to intercept Broomes’ letters as Caswell has advised? This is what the caution is about Mr. Scout. What silence what!

  58. David
    Continue the GOOD work you are doing, sometimes, I think you are being pressure to silence certain individuals. i thought this was an ” people’s Square” type of blog, but I find it is so for only certain persons many of who, like me, don’t use their true name. However, Sir, this is your BU and you call the shots. good LUCK . I would just finally tell ac and others, I’m NOT or will NEVER be a member of the BLP, I was once a member of the DLP but continued my support for them until the fiasco after Mr Barrow died. Since then.,I’ve observed that themodern DLP is a far cry away from the aims and objective of the party, therefore, I’ve become neutral and thank God, I’m seeing things totally different.
    To you Sen Irene Sandiford-Garner, I wish you luck and I honestly would like to see you stay away from the gutter politics, THAT IS NOT YOU. to all my other fellowq blogger BLESSINGS.

  59. This is the third time scoutie saying he leaving.

    See yuh tomorrow hear scout muh boy.

    Man put on yuh man pants and stop whingeing.

  60. Much has been made about family relationships and employment under Mr. Broomes at Alexandra.

    The fact is that in Barbados nearly everybody is related to nearly everybody else.

    I would be really amused if family relationships also exist among the characters taking part in the Commission of Enquiry and wonder how it would be handled if they did.

  61. Wait Scout
    You mean you gine pun a lil 12 day vacation like onions rite or 4 mths like miller ? Cuz we want you in here when the battle royale start…ok…tekk lil leave but B rite back.

  62. if it wasn;t so funny. look wuh happen one BU member scoutie has fallen victim to the jaws of Broomes !serious business that.!

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