Sandy Hook Lurks

Submitted by Charles Knighton
The tragedy at Sandy Hook

The tragedy at Sandy Hook

While it is always convenient to find fault with America’s culture when such atrocities as that which has befallen Newtown, Connecticut occur, how do we explain similar atrocities perpetrated fairly regularly on elementary schoolchildren in China?

If such similar monsters arise in such fundamentally diverse cultures, is culture the culprit? If millions of people patronize “Batman” movies and one of these takes on the persona of the Joker to kill and wound dozens in Aurora, Colorado, is the movie the culprit? If star-crossed lovers commit suicide after reading Romeo and Juliet, is Shakespeare to blame?

We need to understand that such inherently flawed individuals have lived among us across cultures and across time. Those they interact with know of their pathology and should be held accountable for their indifference to it.

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  1. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right! | December 17, 2012 at 3:07 PM |
    “Those people could not count but yet still the whole world regards their illiteracy as unassailable prophecy, sacrosanct and written in stone, immutable truths…”

    If you are referring to the Mayan civilization then I must beg to disagree with your assessment. “Those people” ‘had developed an advanced system of mathematics that they could calculate dates thousands of years into the future or the past and their astronomy had accurately mapped the stars’. The Mayan number system uses twenty as a base instead of the ‘ten’ most familiar to you. They even developed the concept of ‘zero’ something unfamiliar to the Romans (contemporaries of the Mayans).

    The Europeans destroyed many of the remnants of this once ‘advanced’ civilization with the so-called Christian missionaries burning many of the codices calling them works of the devil.

    Unlike the soothsayers in the Judeo-Christian book of myths the Mayans never predicted any end of the world or any Armageddon scenario. What they calculated was the end of a cycle or an age based on their Long Count calendar as the Sun (our planet’s parent star and saviour) makes its Great Year precession of approx. 26,000 years through its home galaxy.
    The date 21-12-2012 has nothing to do with any doomsday scenario as depicted in the Judeo book of Malachi or in Revelations the last documented book of Christian mythology. It is merely an astronomical event that was predicted and recorded in one of the few remaining codices (subsequently stolen by the Christian invaders) before the collapse and ending of the Mayan culture in around the Eighth century long before the ‘doomsday’ arrival of the philistine “Christian” European marauders on their genocidal mission.

  2. When Idi Amin in Uganda, slaughtered so many of his OWN Black folks, what was that? SIN! SIN! SIN!

    When the Black Islamists, in Sudan, recently SLAUGHTERED, over 100,000
    BLACK Christians, women and children INCLUDED, what was THAT?

    SIN! SIN! SIN!

    What happens whenever a ‘Home’ village, parish, or NATION, removes God and Christ from their abode? His Grace, Mercy and Protection IS* lifted, THEN Satan comes in like a FLOOD, all Hell starts to brake lose!

    America in recent times, has FORCED God, and Prayer OUT of the Schools, in some states they want the Ten commandments REMOVED from the Court Houses; they are moving rapidly to Sanction Same Sex-Marriage,
    any wonder THEN, that all these kinds of EVIL, are permeating across America!

  3. @the Anunnaki

    A sound reasoned submission befitting of BU, sine kaleidoscope and jumbled music..

    The key thing that so many of seeming learned commentators, local/regional/international, followers of the doom and gloom crew, have been missing, is the crux of this Mayam observation i.e. the the end of a cycle.

    Like Nostradamus the Mayans focus is on the end of a (Moon) Cycle. Michelle in one of his quatrains he writes “Ains que la lune acheve son grand siecle” which the people of his day also thought of as a doomsday prophecy for their time..

    I retract the belittling of the Mayan society and my comment about their ability to count found its passing “fire rage” in all this apocalyptic babble that has been running will more than likely informed by the movie “2012”

    Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley and many others from times afore espoused these New Age concepts in varying form and fashion and many civilizations and religions old and new speak of end of the world and rolling up of this transience for many centuries before and after the Mayan end of cycle announcement.

    I fear these neophytes who if it is said enough times it is the truth and fear even more the ones who, depending on who says it, it is the immutable truth, and will put out post these edict announcements, issue a fatwa against anyone who does not boy down to their Kikis.

    The last time I checked GOD was not dead,

  4. @Zoe
    America in recent times, has FORCED God, and Prayer OUT of the Schools, in some states they want the Ten commandments REMOVED from the Court Houses; they are moving rapidly to Sanction Same Sex-Marriage,
    any wonder THEN, that all these kinds of EVIL, are permeating across America!
    Who is orchestrating this horror on children because there is no prayer in school? Did you tell the Tea Party leader DeMint about that? BTW he is giving up his opportunity to craft laws that would address this issue to work for more money, what does the Bible say about the love of money?

    Charles Whitman shot and killed 16 people (( including his wife and mother) in 1966 in Texas during a time when there was prayer in Schools, the 10 Commandments was everywhere and the thought of gay marriage hadn’t entered peoples’ consciousness.

    How come that evil “permeated” America then?

  5. Bush

    Please refer to my comment at BAFBFP | December 16, 2012 at 5:30 PM | you would see that we are not that far apart. I thought that there was a possibility for another dimension, that is all. I do think that actor Morgan has a point as well. We were not privy to his thoughts at the time but we could be very sure that he had a clear reason, and maybe it had to do with what you are saying. That twenty year old may very well have been a monster of creation, but he was sure as hell a very reasoned one … very much like his Government … BTW

  6. David

    This Sargeant guy attacking me for no reason and begging nuff questions too … He want censoring… This is Christmas man, I don’ deserve to get treat so by na retard … HA HA HA … HA HA HA …

    Sarge cut mah some slack do …!

    Yuh know I like to pick on you but yuh ain’t helping yuh cause by calling me a retard. Here is anudda question how come you always talking bout productivity and yuh always on BU and VOB? Yuh productive at talking or chasing wimmin?

  8. I always pun BU because what I do involves intensive use of computers and computerized equipment … very Now stuff. BU is a very nice distraction, like smokin’, only that it has the potential to be far more life threatening … HA HA HA … Look I withdraw the “retard” …

  9. @ Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right! | December 18, 2012 at 10:51 AM |

    Your reference to Madame Helena P. Blavatsky has offered a slither of light into the esoteric context of your contributions.
    Blavatsky’s theosophical understanding of the new age of spiritual enlightenment for mankind might not have astronomically aligned with the Mayan’s prediction of the end of one and the start of another cycle of human spiritual existence and magical understanding but her writings and teachings do provide an awareness of the key to the wisdom ‘contained’ within the temple of Solomon hidden right in the open.

    As a sage of 80 solar spins and a man that has experienced 4 turns of the twenty cog wheel it behoves you, the old grand Master, to make a 33 1/3 turn of life’s wheel and as a “rose in the cross” invite our friend BAFBFP to peep into the sanctum sanctorum.
    This spiritual rough diamond can become the lens of a lighthouse to illuminate this blog so that the likes of Zoe can be raised from the dead and be returned from his extended visit to Hades.

    Our pretender to the throne of Omniscience Mr. Bush T likened the anunnaki to the incarnation of Beelzebub aka Baal. Little does he know that Baphomet, the miller’s grandmaster, sits around the same oval table with his (BT’s) BBE council members listening to Melchizedek advising Abraham not to create confusion among the spiritual children fighting each other in the playground of the gods called Earth.
    Jesus, a priest forever after the order of Melchizedek, can provide our Bush Tea friend with a heavenly concoction to relieve him of his spiritual blindness as the great Rabbi did with allegorical blind man.

  10. @ BAF
    He more than showing off…. Um wud tek Bushie bout two weeks to concoct and assemble that level of highfoluting verbosity.
    … he play that he lambasting Bushie in cuss using pretty words….but ac going deal wid his backside fuh Bushie….

  11. Fellas, we see the anunnaki gone to the holy of the hollies to deal with all and sundry. These level of esoteric thought and practice is beyond us. Gallop on. LOL

  12. @ Anunnaki
    Most people are not on the ‘square’, far less being on the 33rd or higher. You need to help in this regards.

  13. Wait Pacha, I thought you did up dey wid Miller … HA HA HA .. You mean he lef you in the dust too … I outta my league bo … Bush would tek two weeks. Me, I ain’ even gun try … HA HA HA

  14. What miller is saying is there will be a new age and spiritual balancing where everyone is important for their own individual purpose to add to the sum total. It’s like saying last will be first, blacks will be whites, whites will be blacks, and all religions and people have spiritual value, like new age hippys getting old and wise, that’s the theory

  15. @ Baf
    Just wanted to interact with the anunnaki. His is ‘an’ historical explanation for the interaction between ‘man’ and the Gods. The Sumerian historiography. A very interesting narrative for which we have seen the evidence (hieroglyphs) between the two rivers – present day Iraq. Of course they are several other histories that some the same thing – in Kemet, amongst the American-Indian peoples, the peoples of South America, the Dogon people of Mali and elsewhere. These cultures seem to locate they ‘visitors’ as coming from the dog star constellation. But the Sumerian story is very persuasive. Of course, we tend to prefer a version of history that is devoid of supernatural interventions.
    At the highest level of the esoteric they tends to be some conversions to serve all kinds of interests. For this knowledge is said to represent power and at the deepest levels has secrets about phenomena that may be helpful to the ‘initiated’. So it is a story of humans meeting advanced beings from other galaxies or universes.

  16. This has been a ‘conspiracy’ by ‘big pharma’ – in all the recent (61) mass shooting in the USA the shooter(s) was/were taking psychotropic drugs

  17. @ Baf
    It is ‘big pharma’ that just got the PDR changed, putting their agents (doctors) in a position to be able to ascribe a set of ‘new’ mental illnesses to people. This, when no doctor in the world can prove that somebody has a mental illness. These psychiatrists just guessing all the time. These new ‘mental illnesses’ include refusing to take pharmaceutical drugs, parental refusal to give toxic shots to their children, protesting against the government, people who question the notion that GMO’s are bad for you and say that organic foods are best etc. So be careful Baf! I see a man in a white coat coming for you right now! LOL

  18. @ Kiki | December 19, 2012 at 2:52 PM |

    Quite, Kiki! Spot on. The new age of enlightenment is about to touch us as the water stars pour their blessings of light upon this planet. If you want to call it Aquarius that’s fine as long as the Sun of Righteousness rises among the ‘falling stars’. But for mankind to feel the real blessings the plant of wisdom must be treated with much greater respect and cultivated for man’s benefit along with more nourishing plants like Moringa instead of predominantly consuming the flesh of the white man’s genetically modified animals. The ‘god’ weed must find greater acceptance among humans who must reject its demonization by the white man.

    The youth of today have before their open eyes the tree of knowledge of good and evil (god and the devil) in the form of the Internet. There is no way that god’s weed can be on any branch of evil once they ‘google’ “Mary Jane”.

    Don’t be surprised if the Sirius star people pay a visit very soon to check up on their experiment to monitor progress of this once primate species.
    Pacha will understand since he is a man of vast intellect and enlightenment possibly passed down through his Dogon lineage with the blessing of the Hopi people.

  19. patchyman you piece a turd . look yuh bleching the same thing i said from the beginning the drugs relative to this physchotic mass muderer .YUh cu…t

  20. We are not human beings with a spiritual life
    We are spiritual beings with a human life
    It’s how the world was designed to be before corruption
    Each one has been incarnated in this time for a reason
    Each person has a defined purpose in life to contribute

    • @Kiki

      Yours echos Bush Tea’s view. In the grand design we must not believe that we are born, live three score and ten and then whither and die and there is no more.

  21. @ BFPBAF & Bush Tea:

    The miller ain’t smoking nothing like Techie or like onions “doving” JWB with imaginary friends. (Wunna gone and ban my friend and supporter old onions and I real upset.)

    The anunnaki is talking the same ‘hidden’ language you guys are familiar to in the Bible.
    If you guys can follow Zoe then the miller’s words are just the babbling of a baby.
    Ask Zoe what he understands by the following from the Book of Luke, Chapter 22; 7-12:

    The day of unleavened bread came, on which the Passover must be sacrificed.
    He sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and prepare the Passover for us, that we may eat.”
    They said to him, “Where do you want us to prepare?”
    He said to them, “Behold, when you have entered into the city, a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow him into the house which he enters.
    Tell the master of the house, ‘The Teacher says to you, “Where is the guest room, where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?”
    He will show you a large, furnished upper room. Make preparations there.”

    If Zoe can unravel the above, then he is a man of Jah and not of Saytan.

  22. Pacha

    I running from this thread … I out ta my league … HA HA HA. Miller even feel that I onstan’ wha’ Zoe and GP does be saying… And it look like Kiki up dey wid wunna … Ha ha ha …! And Kiki younger than me … I feel. I leffin’ before I get exposed more ….


    Tek it light nah …

  23. @ ac

    Below is your imprecise comment. We are arguing that he and people like him are not necessarily mad, as you say, but are made mad by drug companies as they seek profit. This is qualitatively different. You are calling him ”psychotic” as a predisposition. We can tell that you are a street man who is unable to discern nuisance. We will not further respond or recognize your ignorance at any time in the future.

    ”this guy is typical of the psychiatric medical society who prescribed antidepressants to these psychotics and let them loose in society .most likely this guy was receiving treatment for his mental illness unfortunately children are dead and no one is going to be held accountable. i hoping that the parents would take hire a lawyer to look into his medical background to see how this lunatic was able to be walking around in such a chaotic state of mind.”

  24. DofBU
    Yours echos Bush Tea’s view

    You mean echos Bush Tea’s and Jesus’ views
    Jesus was the first trippy hippy telling mankind we are all spiritual

    Zoe reads the storybooks by people who say God buys and sells fairy tales

    REThis has been a ‘conspiracy’ by ‘big pharma’ – in all the recent (61) mass shooting in the USA the shooter(s) was/were taking psychotropic drugs


  26. Loving this thread!

    it would be great if only we could all be on the level.

    tek it easy there! Ya ain’t just soaring over heads ya blasted off completely! Got me here working Google overtime!!!

    It seems many of us concur on the “base logic” of BBE’s “grand design!” albeit seeing from the many different avenues and corridors which exist in this great universal “space”

    @kiki 6:10
    you have simply and eloquently summarised something beautiful for everyone. A feat that has taken Zoe at least 300 posts, 2,456 paragraphs and God knows how many words….and we still don’t understand her!!

    @David 6:32
    “In the grand design we must not believe that we are born, live three score and ten and then whither and die and there is no more”

    There is always more and less. A lot and nothing. Pure perfection.

    Walk in faith my sistren /brethren!

    Just Observing

  27. Yuh idjiot “physchotic” to be in unbalanced stae iof mind relating to one inabilty to tell the difference between right and wring which is precisely what that guy demonstrated. how it came about is still open for debate as there is no evidence as of yet to support wether he was on drugs or not. however my overall comment reflects what have been happening in the past and spotlights the outcome from previous mass murders.

    • @ac

      Your argument is why the problem will continue to spiral in the USA. Who is next, maybe a shot up at a baseball or basket ball game? A mall? Maybe the turnpike?

  28. Over the years alchol has been a drug of choice for bajans.however how many bajns have been heard to demonstrate that kind of physchotic behaviour demonstrated by mass killings because of alcohol..

  29. Yes/david it would/continue. until truth be told that USA has become an outdoor walking mental instituition. unless the problem is tackle from the mental health approach america would continue to see mass murder of varying kinds even more horrific as these mentally deranged people continue to walk the streets unaccounted for and sedated with drugs/and armed and dangerous.

  30. @ Miller

    You bring back memories of my dead grandfather. He passed in 1969, was a teacher from the East. He is now a “chalice” or the “ole man”. My father said he told me too much, but we lived together and when the lady went home at night, we were alone and used to talk. He caught me reading one of his “books” and became so upset, I was really scared. It was only the sign book, he gave me a dressing down. Apparently, some have to be opened a certain way, and rituals must be performed, for others, etc. He moved them from the bookcase to his room. His holy sanctum, where I never went because he left it guarded. Everytime I went to the door, there was a force that would turn me back. And it was not my imagination! He had a beautiful jewelled encrusted dagger and sword, property of ‘the brethren” no doubt.. Of course “the brethren” took everything when he died, even the bowler hat I imported from England for him for his 60th birthday.

    He was a chauvinist. Said women had no business in the temple, that introducing Bathsheba was a mistake or something like that.

  31. @ Kiki

    How come you led me on all these long years? Did I not say I loooove Sri Lankan men? Why, after Wimal, I was hooked….followed up with a da Silva. I gine check you out when I hit London next year, hear?


    I aint have as many ex-men as Simple Simon (who I suspect is our friend J).

    • @ BAF,
      Not sure about Scout, but he has not been around since the early days of the AX affair. He may be been offended by some of us.

  32. @bafbfp
    “Zoe is a man”

    Man Baffy ya lie like shoite. No man aint gine write 20 paragraphs ta explain what could be done in 2 sentences! I find dat hard ta believe.

  33. The Sandy Hook fallout begins:

    1-yr-old Utah boy takes gun to school after Connecticut shooting
    Published: Wednesday, Dec 19, 2012, 16:56 IST
    Place: Sydney | Agency: ANI

    An 11-year-old boy took a gun to school after the Connecticut school shooting in the US.

    The Utah sixth-grader told administrators that he brought the weapon to defend himself in case of an attack similar to the Connecticut school, officials said on Tuesday.

    He is being held in juvenile detention on suspicion of possessing a dangerous weapon and aggravated assault after other students at the suburban Salt Lake City elementary school told police he threatened them with the handgun, the Herald Sun reports.

    Teachers and administrators at West Kearns Elementary School confronted the boy in class on Monday after students reported about the weapon, Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley said.

    “The boy had an unloaded gun and ammunition in his backpack”, he said, adding: “The .22-caliber handgun had been left at the boy’s home by a relative”.

    According to the report, authorities have not released the child’s name.

    The boy told others his parents sent him to school with the gun for protection, which his parents adamantly have denied, Horsley said.

    ”The family is rocked by this. They have been very forthcoming,” Horsley said, adding: “The boy was expected to be charged in juvenile court on Tuesday.

    Separately, Utah’s attorney general-elect, John Swallow, said he planned to make school safety a high priority and that fortifying schools might be one solution, the report added.

  34. Observing(…) | December 19, 2012 at 10:52 PM |

    “Zoe is a man”

    Man Baffy ya lie like shoite. No man aint gine write 20 paragraphs ta explain what could be done in 2 sentences! I find dat hard ta believe.”

    Observing ……….And who the hell do you think will write such crap? A Manny?

  35. @ David
    It has become ‘normal’ for parents in the USA to have doctors prescribe Ritalin and other drugs to normal children to give them an edge, intellectual.

  36. @david
    Some people refer to fallout as natural consequence.

    A manny or a …….
    No hard feelings gal. I just don’t expect man, woman or child to see verbosity as a virtue!

  37. @David
    The Sandy Hook fallout begins
    What fallout? Your ears haven’t been too close to the ground when it comes to guns in the USA but Elementary and High School Administrators have routinely found guns in the backpack of students for a few years now. Sometimes they are discovered entirely by accident when little Joe pulls out his automatic at “show and tell”…..

    And Colorado the State which saw the mass shooting at Columbine and Aurora passed a law where students and faculty can carry concealed weapons on campus. Ostensibly the reason was that if someone opens fire then another individual can drop them in their tracks which will probably mean that more people would get caught in the crossfire when some “half crack” (your phrase) individual goes “postal” as some of these people who carry weapons couldn’t hit the side of a barn from 30 feet.

    A similar law was enacted in Michigan but the Governor vetoed it as fortunately( for the people of Michigan) his signature was required just days after Sandy Hook, at any other time it would have received the Governor’s John Hancock.

  38. “And I would like to say that according to the Mayan Calendar the 21st of December marks the end of the time and the beginning of no-time. It is the end of the Macha & the beginning of the Pacha. It is the end of selfishness & the beginning of brotherhood. It is the end of individualism & the beginning of collectivism… the 21st of December this year.

    The scientists know very well that this marks the end of an anthropocentric life and the beginning of a biocentric life. It is the end of hatred & the beginning of love. The end of lies & the beginning of truth. It is the end of sadness & the beginning of joy. It is the end of division & the beginning of unity.”

     ― Evo Morales, President of Bolivia to the UN General Assembly, 67th Session, 2012

    • @Sargeant

      Don’t miss the point. Guns have been found in the possession of school children before but you need to examine the reason why this 11 year old sought to take to school a gun. It is in the rationale and not in the possession.

  39. Latest an ex-marine stands guard outside his child,s school. Walmart has sold out all of its high powered rifles.some of the fall out from this horrific tragedy.govt scrambling to find solutions……………………………..BTW pachyman your underwear stinky .time to take a bathe. you imbicile and the next time you mess wid me i gonna tell all yuh dirty little secrets.

  40. latest 1million gun licenses issued in the state of FLA this year. the rationale for so many applicants is that people say that the govt can.t protect them so they have to protect themselves .this latest episode is not going to make the gun issue dissolve but it is going to reinforce in the minds of people a need for self protection even among those who are adamant for banning

  41. I wonder if America chickens are coming home to roost!
    As a parent,I sympathize with those parents who lost their children in that horrible incident at Newtown,Connecticut,USA.While at it,I sympathize also with the parents of children of Irag,Afghanistan & Pakistan who were killed by the bombs and bullets unleashed on them by the United States of America.
    America killed men,women & children with impunity and consider those losses as ‘collateral damage in their quest to fulfill their distorted foreign policy initiatives.
    It seems to me that individuals in the USA are taking the cue from their government – having little regard for human life. It look like Americans are beginning to believe that if their government could disregard human life and kill with impunity,they the ordinarily Americans could do like wise.

  42. Its funny how ordinary civilians have this fixation with guns. Many soldiers,whose job it is to know the odds and sods, and bolts and nuts of firearms , do not want to see a gun when off duty or, eventually when discharged, from the services. During a nasty military operation which I was involved in, I had the option of packing a piece while off duty and wearing civvies in some of the toughest areas of our operation, but chose not to.

  43. With all the emtionalism driven by this latest horror and a call for gun control,one can help but wonder where were all these voices when in the ghettos of america young blacks and other minorties are being killed by doubt the same called for banning should have been heard across america.

  44. Miller said:
    “…Baphomet, the miller’s grandmaster…”

    Here is a guy who disparages the Bible and Jesus at every opportunity; who mocks God with glee, yet proudly announces his allegiance to Baphomet.

    You deserve all that is coming to you.

  45. @ 70th week | December 21, 2012 at 12:06 PM |

    Yes 70th Week, I disparage and reject that book of plagiarised myths and concocted lies.
    So yes, God Almighty, you go ahead and condemn me to my deserving place in Hell. I will certainly see you there beckoning to sit next to you.

    Judge NOT lest Ye be judged by the same god that created Baphomet.

    As Above, so Below! Figure that one out even if it takes you 70 Light years.

  46. Miller:

    Firstly, I did not condemn you. Re-read! I said you deserve what you get. If you believe that Satan can save you (same person) then all the best to you.

    Secondly Baphomet was born of his own pride and arrogance. Lucifer was created perfect…Just like how Miller is a free moral agent and can choose what to believe and how to behave regardless of what the truth says, Satan sowed the seeds of his own destruction.

    Thirdly, your dear Baphomet is interested only in your destruction. Baphomet has been a deceiver and a liar from way back. You think Baphomet cares about you? LOLoL

    And Miller why do u continue to misquote the scriptures when clearly u don’t believe or understand what they are saying?

  47. @ 70th week
    Assuming that there are acclaimed agents of BBE pontificating here on BU, is it not only to be expected that other contrary forces would be similarly represented…?

    It was indeed instructive that Miller PRESUMED that your comment that he “deserves all that is coming” to him meant condemnation.

    Had you said that to the Bushman, Bushie would have had to explain that based on the blessings that have ALREADY come his way, such a wish is humanly incomprehensible….
    Now THAT is what one can call good news (GOSPEL).

  48. @ Bush Tea | December 22, 2012 at 9:23 AM |

    70th week might have touched a raw nerve since the miller is (in 70th week’s estimation) spiritually dead and from my lying confession physically crippled. You can get ac to confirm the latter.

    Bushie you are the one that frightfully called me Beelzebub.
    Why not shift our discussion to the East where the Sun rises and explore the concept of Yin and Yang?

    BTW Bushie you still have not yet revealed to the spiritually dead miller who are these BBE’s. I was of the opinion that according to Zoe and his followers like GP and 70th week there is only one Big Boss Engineer. Where have these Elohim come from, Teacher BT? Maybe Saytan the Islamic Lucifer is one of them. Right Bushie?

  49. LOL @ Miller
    “I was of the opinion that according to Zoe and his followers like GP and 70th week there is only one Big Boss Engineer. Where have these Elohim come from…?”
    Bushie is not in the habit of answering questions of those who know the answers….. However, both positions are in fact correct. As you well know (and the bright boys like GP and Zoe will confirm), Elohim is a plural noun (like “crowd”, or “family”). God therefore was always described as a plurality, but which has a singular collective identity.

    For example…
    There is only one TEA CLAN, but of course it comprises Bush the father (and boss Tea 🙂 ), Mrs Tea, and a host of little Herb Teas. Importantly, there is a special “TEA mentality” or spirit, that defines the clan.

    Bushie’s grouse with Zoe is his obsession with the idea that there are only three fixed persons on the BBE clan, and the the “Holy Spirit” is one of them. In fact, the numbers that comprises BBE are not fixed, and like Bushie’s clan are apt to increase from time to time as more New young Teas are added to the clan.

    Indeed. Jesus came with the great news that BBE is seeking to add to their clan and that HIS COMING provides a methodology through which lowly human beings can be BORN INTO THAT CLAN.

    Only an agent of Beelzebub would want to put out the lie then, that God was a fixed entity essentially with NO VACANCIES for new entrants…..
    ….but that is precisely what the “Church” has done for hundreds of years now…. Contrary to EVERYTHING that they ADMIT that Jesus said about humans being born into the kingdom of God…

    Bottom line
    Most agents of Beelzebub are blissfully unaware of their employ…

    …go figure!

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