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Submitted by Porridgeboy

Maureen Holder (r) replaced Peter Wickham (l) as resident political scientist at the CBC when his contract was not renewed.

It has been some time since I have made a contribution to the blog, but at this time I feel compelled to put pen to paper once again so as to state some facts.Since the May 5th and most recently the September 30th a political poll was published The member base of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) seems to have gone on a campaign to assassinate the character of  pollster Peter Wickham who carried out the poll commissioned by the Nation newspaper .

I have never meet Mr Wickham but I know of  his outstanding work as a pollster in Barbados and in the Caribbean. Needless to say wherever he has done his polling, political or otherwise he has always been correct. Mr Wickham was trained by the late Pat Emmanuel and then worked under him from 1994 until his death. He carried out his first poll in 1998 and has done so successfully since in Barbados and throughout the wider Caribbean. There is no doubt that he has been successful. The Cadres poll which he directs is no fly by night firm nor is it a hit and miss guess work organisation.

Polling is a science and somehow he seems to have perfected it and with every poll he puts his professional reputation on the line. This is why I do not understand the thinking of the members and or supporters of the DLP and especially some Ministers of Government. It makes you wonder if this is the same Peter Wickham who carried out the poll which was commission by the same Nation newspaper in 2008.

That poll predicted a win for the DLP and it was readily accepted.  In fact they went to the length and breadth of Barbados championing the results. Is it not the same Cadres poll? What is the difference between the polls done in 2008, May 5th and September 30, 2012?  What is the reason for this savage attack on the reputation of Mr Wickham? There seems to be an attempt by this administration to assassination the goodly gentleman’s character.

The latest attack came from Miss Maureen Holder, a talk show host on CBC who made some very obnoxious remarks about the Cadres poll. Maureen Holder was recently brought out of the wood work by VOB but quickly ran to CBC after Peter Wickham was dismissed. It appears she can sing not only in a higher range but also as she likes for her supper. I now call on Miss Holder to state her credentials and her success as a pollster in Barbados or anywhere else. Come on Miss Holder we are awaiting them.

Mr. Wickham himself, a political scientist, and not too long ago an advisor to the present government, has taken and handle this criticism as how a true professional would, knowing quite well, that he will be vindicated in the end.

I am of the view that any time 65% of the population calls for early election, it would seem to suggest that the present government is not they first choice.  But instead of making a reality check Ministers are making statements such as “polls don’t vote and the leader boldly saying that he pays no attention to polls”. Well, so be it, time will tell.

Let me conclude by saying Mr Wickham will be vindicated in the end and very soon. To this government I say some of you will be given your orders  to mount your horses very soon to ride back from hence you came and I do hope your leader will be

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  1. @Submitted by Porridgeboy

    {The member base of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) seems to have gone on a campaign to assassinate the character of pollster Peter Wickham}

    Porrige you speaking of Wickham the person Wikileaks fingered as an informant for the Americans. In days gone by he would be known as a traitor. You talking about Wickham the fiery advocate for the legalisation of homosexuality and same sex marriage? Porridge in our society Wickham is doing a damn good job of assasinating his own character.

  2. It would seem that the DLP has engaged people to tell it what it wants to hear but that is not surprising if you listen to the Prime Minister. He appears to be a bit delusional or forgetful. He is quoted in the Sunday Sun as saying,

    “I have heard Errol Barrow criticized as not being a leader, I have heard Erskine Sandiford criticized…I have heard David Thompson more harshly criticized than anybody else…”

    Freundel must recall that he was one of Thompson’s harshest and most venomous critics. Freundel can’t be losing it too!

    • Here is the article Hants:

      THE LOWDOWN: Bee or Dee, it’s up to we

      THE LOWDOWN: Bee or Dee, it’s up to we
      By Richard Hoad | Fri, October 05, 2012 – 12:00 AM

      I’ve never taken a poll. Don’t think I could. Peter Wickham handles them with ease. To each his own.

      The SUNDAY SUN headline did grab me though: 6% Swing. I figured they were finally going to swing at least six per cent of those murderers in Dodds. I was wrong.

      Maybe the poll came at a bad time. In all, 99.7 per cent of my correspondents commented on the “camel toe” pictures in the SATURDAY SUN. None mentioned the poll.

      Wickham manages to be both a political commentator who doesn’t hide his personal preferences and a pollster, without conflict of interest. He’s obviously sweet on Chris Sinckler; not keen on Freundel or Owen. Owen did lampoon him in a hilarious YouTube video, implying that political commentators deliberately try to sway public opinion.

      I couldn’t be that impartial. I recall doing lengthy surveys for the Ministry of Agriculture. After doing a few, and realizing how many more there were left, I got to hustling the interviewees with suggested answers.

      “Leading the witness”, I believe lawyers call it.


  3. Watching

    Even if all you said about Wickham damaging his character is true, you must admit that his polls have proven to be accurate. I would therefore suggest that you separate the other personas from Wickham the pollster. You may find that the DLP might still have time to turn around the situation for the good of this country. Freundel might not be ideal but I fear the alternatives from within and without his party. So stop trying to kill the messenger and listen to the message.

  4. The Democratic Labour Party has NO chance of winning under Stuart, NO chance. So remove him as head and at least there will be a chance with someone else, anyone else … (I have my preference …)

  5. You don’t have to buy into Peter Wickham’s poll to know that the electorate is anxious to kick the DLP out of government. Just go on the streets and ask the first person you meet. The most likely answer will be, “wait you one of these people that going to put this government out of power too?” People are just waiting for the moment. The only way it will not be a clean sweep will be if the boys spend money — which they will to buy votes as they did last time. Let me tell you it is “big Business” these days. But I hear that they will take the money and vote them out anyway! What a state Barbados is in: corrupt to the hilt. But, the DLP will be removed. The poll say so and de people in the street say so.

  6. Hugo Chavez is returned to power in Venezuela. One more term for him. This is in spite the polls up to late last week claiming that it was going to be a very tight race between Hugo and his right wing opponent.

    The results, which matter most, showed that the polls were just a lot of baloney.

    This can not be very comforting for the Barbados Labour Party and their supporters, especially onion bags.

  7. I keep saying that there is danger in counting your chickens before they are hatched.

    The Barbados Labour Party made that same mistake before the last elections and they have not learned anything in the last four years or so.

    They are counting their chickens even before the eggs are laid!

  8. Miss Maureen Holder’s remarks made complete sense.

    We all need someone as balanced as she is.

    Keep up the good work Miss Maureen Holder.

  9. @BAFBFP

    Once you have tripped “the light fantastic” a little stroll in the park will never let you get to that height again, or in terms that you would be more familiar with, once you have been embraced and loved by a Brazilian woman, all dis inferior Bajan po po is only vex you. Fumble, having seen the lights of Llaro Court, and having continued to fuc* the Bajan people, WILL NOT RELINQUISH the reigns of BIM, even though it is the only thing, barring OSA passing, that will give the DLP a fighting chance.

    “Do as i say, and not as i do” is a phrase attributed to Demosthenes and while not seeking to absolve PW of any of his perceived sins, would rather focus on the veracity of what he as a proficient polster has been able to call time and time again – the winner in elections.

    The problem with small minded men, small in minds and stature, note how few of the DLP are taller than 4ft 10inches!! is that their Napoleonic natures permeates all of their actions. Possibly short penises too, but such is the affliction and impact on their self esteem that the do not suffer dissent kindly and lash out at any perceived opinion that is contrary to their own.

    Now doan get me wrong OSA struck out the same way at David Ellis when he was in the stirrups and yes he is a short man too, it would appear like if the DNA of the short men says that their head is too close to their ass for them to be able to talk sense. Remember Julian Rogers?

    Which brings me to Electrolux.

    This is a time tested vacuum cleaner that even after all these years sucking up dust etc still is a leader in the market.

    Ms. Holder is a good Electrolux machine sucking up to the DLP, almost said sucking DEM but that would have a bad connotation and would be deemed sexist by certain BU readers.

    Hold onto to the CBC mike, and suck it good, no teeth please… cause if you use your teeth and show dat you ent fraid of you masters DEM, you gone through de eddoes too.

  10. @Carson C

    What part of “rigged elections” and Chavez you can’t understand? You feel the company that was awarded the millions of bolivars stupid enough to let de real electronic votes show the true vote in venezuela? And then live where? You like you forget Ralph Gonzales and Tom Adams? But i forgive you doah Oldtimers setting in earlier than usual. I should not have said that, at 80, whu ent meet yuh ent pass you yet. I tek it back.

  11. When things dont go your way you say that the elections are rigged?

    Is that what the Barbados Labour Party will say when they find themselves on the opposition benches for another five years?

  12. I can hear Seethru now after the next defeat at the hands of the Democratic Labour Party, ” man Pickham(seethru’s favorite name for Peter Wickham) say that we did gine win de elections, wuh went wrong, dis mean dat I all wash up now, this cant be happening?’

  13. @ Carson C.

    Let us make a bet dennn. I bet you $100 dat de DLP gine get beat resoundingly dis general election.

    I was gine give lasley de money to hold but it would be hard fuh me to collect my $200 in winnings when he get extradite and lock up in Amurica when de BLP get in and going wid Owen get Mottley to sign de papers as de nex Attorney General.

    I tell you wha i gine do. I gine put my $100 bill under Nelson statue left foot tomorrow and you can put you money unner he lef foot till de night uh elections and since only me and you know bout dis arrangement (dat is whu @ de body name does do – mek we discussion private) when i win i gine go an get my money.

    Now you could put you money down dey as early as tomorrow and effin you money disappear den you and i know dat it gots to be David from BU.

  14. I will have to pass.

    I really dont like robbing the needy. That is for the Barbados Labour Party to do.

  15. Having read the article it’s clear to me that the writer was speaking to the credibility of the pollster base on the results of previous polls. It boggles the mind how some die-hard DLP’s can create spin for they own political posturing .

    Carson C. Cadogan: – (Miss Maureen Holder’s remarks made complete sense.) I am sure you inadvertently left off the Non from Sense, because her comments made complete nonsense.

    How can you in all seriousness, blatantly criticize a professional poster who has shown over the years that his predictions have proven true. I personally think she is grandstanding. However, to use my father slogan “time longer than rope”.

  16. “blatantly criticize a professional poster”

    So he is a sacred cow now?

    Or you Barbadso Labour Party people are so desperate for power that you would believe anyone.

    Let me make a suggestion to you BLP jokers, how about conducting another GEORGE BELLE/CHAPO poll?

    Let us wait for the results of that.

  17. Is this the same Peter Wickham who said that the Stevenson King Governmemt in St. Lucia would be returned with a comfortable majority?

    I could be wrong but I think that Steven’s party now forms the opposition in St. Lucia.

  18. Just remember that Seethru is on his hat-trick of defeats at the hands of the Democratic Labour Party.

    The Democratic Labour Party whipped him twice. He was beaten even worse in the bye election in St. John than he was in the general election.

  19. Owen Arthur desperately distances himself from arrangements for the new prison – Aug 2011

  20. Gline Clarke With Racist Undertones Speaking On Behalf of the BLP During the 2011 Budget Debate

  21. From the lips of the great regional Caribbean integrationist. What a hypocrite now exposed in a moment of desperation for all to see. He is no longer the champion of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME). A sick and futile attack on Mrs. Mara Thompson.

  22. HONESTY AND MORALS vs Corruption and someone who wants to legalise Homosexuality IS REALLY ac….and Carson is another JOKE…..two clowns asinine attempts for the losing DLP….whalossss

  23. Taken outside of BLP Headquarters on Roebuck Street, Dale Marshall & Ronald Toppin left moments before (10:37 am) to go to Governor General to remove Mia Mottley as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition for Barbados.

  24. @ Carson C. Cadogan:- wow I was speaking about the reputation of an individual, a person like you and I who is working to make a living. I had no idea you wanted to take the discussion into the gutter, so make room for me.

    Do you really understand what is going on in this country? People are suffering and I mean suffering real BAD, lending institutions are reposing vehicles almost daily, homes are being put up for auction weekly, check the newspapers.

    Working people have to decide which bill to pay each month, it is now the norm for utilities bills to be in arrears, families are separated because the head of some households are unable to support they families, women are going back to they mother’s home.

    Under this administration they seem to be no spirit left in the people to fight. Stores owners are closing the doors. I went over to a store which sell tiles in the warrens area and to my dismay that outlet is closed. The owner said to me these are very difficult and hard times. He was however adamant that there will be change and he will be back very soon.

    Have a look in the village shops, you can run rats through them, hardly anything on the shelves they too are crying out for help. So please Carson tell me, how much longer can we go through this.

  25. Chavez re-elected in Venezuela

    By Caribbean News Now contributor

    CARACAS, Venezuela — Hugo Chavez was re-elected Venezuelan president on Sunday with 7,444,082 votes counted thus far, according to the Venezuelan National Electoral Council.

    The number of votes in favour of Chavez represents 54.42 percent of all 13,667,934 valid votes. This means that Chavez beat his rival Henrique Carpriles by a margin of nearly 10 points. Capriles garnered 44.97 percent (6,151,544 votes), the president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, announced in a press conference after the vote counting. The margin of victory gives Chavez a strong democratic mandate until 2018.

    Lucena stressed the massive turnout at the polls, which totalled 80.94 percent, was one of the largest participations by the people in an election over the past decades in Venezuela.

    It is a pity that Barbados did not tkae advantade of Petro caribe.

  26. @Waiting
    You mention dealing with alleged corruption and then with a straight face suggest people vote for lying Owen Arthur instead of a decent, genuine, caring Barbadian like Freundel Stuart.
    That is like telling an obese man to leave out fruits and vegetables and smoke more cigarettes and eat more greasy fry food.
    You got to be crazy.
    If Barbadians want to minimise or eliminate any sort of corruption, we need to make sure that Owen Arthur never gets power in this country again.

  27. New York — Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles maintained his lead over President Hugo Chavez in the latest survey from Consultores 21, a Caracas- based polling company, less than three weeks before elections.

    Capriles had 48.1 percent against 46.2 percent for Chavez in a poll taken at the end of August, Consultores 21 President Luis Christiansen said Tuesday at a conference hosted by the Council of the Americas in New York. The survey of 1,000 people taken in the last two weeks of August had a margin of error of 3.2 percentage points, Christiansen said.

  28. @ Carson C

    “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction ….” my point being that for every instance that you bring up to substantiate your point about polls being incorrectly states by polsters/pundits/political experts one could find a poll from one of the 178 countries worldwide that was called correctly.

    Polls are all gambits and bets hypothecated by men, based on purported scientific fact and collated data, an educated call which does not flow from Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence.

    @Honesty and Morals

    Re OSA and his attack on Mara Thompson i would ask you to view the Freudian slip OSA makes about Jamaica and Barbadian as his slowly addling mind remembers Beverley his ex. You cannot and must not put too much credence on anything that the rum bibber sayeth, he as Tonto from Lone Ranger says of de white man in movies “he speak with forked tongue…”

    It is a real pity though that even though Fumble is a poor politician, incapable of marshalling the DLP forces around him, and/or inspiring the Bajan population in these hard times that there is hope, that we as a people are incapable of finding 30 men or women like Fumble who, with all that is said about him, can never be castigated for being a womanizer (like Noel, the other one who fix he teeth at 60 nor MM, Stinklar, Boyce etc)

    Peradventure my Lord and God, if i should find but 20 who serve the Lord in this Sodom or Gomorra wilt Thou destroy it??

    “Nothing changeth under the sun”, we are all crafted in the sin of the First Adam, sinful and frail “all is vanity and vexation of the spirit” ….. but this too shall pass.

  29. Piece Uh De Rock, Yeah Right!!

    Man dont get all hot and sweaty, I believe in polls too.

    I am simply waiting for the Barbados Labour Party to commission another GEAORGE BELLE/CHAPO poll.

    That will be the poll which would tell me what is and what isn’t. That is the one I am waiting on.

    Can you tell me when it is coming out?

  30. To inject some sanity into the political talk going back on forth. Didn’t Ministers Inniss and Kellman in their post-poll feedback suggest that the poll should be taken as a wakeup call and for members to get out and about and do some work? For DLPites to denounce the poll just smacks of denial to those looking on.

  31. Maureen on CBC Morning Bdos …now…same ole same ole…” Poll Flawed”..Doug begs her to reconsider….LOL

  32. Carson C. Cadogan | October 8, 2012 at 11:50 PM |
    Is this the same Peter Wickham who said that the Stevenson King Governmemt in St. Lucia would be returned with a comfortable majority?

    I could be wrong but I think that Steven’s party now forms the opposition in St. Lucia.

    OPPOSITION BENCHES –rah r ah rah

  33. Mr Wickham will find that he is his own worst enemy . If he is to be regarded as a professional pollster HE CANNOT CONTINUE AS A TALK SHOW HOST PUSHING THE IDENTICAL VIEWS WHICH THE POLLS EXPRESSE EVEN BEFORE THE POLL RESULTS ARE KNOWN . Where this happens , persons are justified in questioning his professionalism ; it has nothing to do with whether his polls have proven over time to be correct; many persons who are not pollsters have consistently predicted the outcome of elections WITH ACCURACY. Mr Wickham will therefore have to consider his role as a talk show host where he is prone to getting into personal exchanges with certain interest groups and where his impartiality can be questioned . For example , the widely held view among callers is that Wickham has a personal dislike for PM Stuart ; he recently confirmed this when he unwisely pronounced recently ” Mr Stuart dont like me and I dont like he either ” . Mark you I cannot recall it ever being said that Mr Stuart has ever publicly expressed a dislike for Mr Wickham ; he is too wise and mature a person to make such an outrageous utterance . But Wickham on the other hand has made his personal dislike officially and publicly known. Certainly this must cloud his thinking in any matter in which PM Stuart is involved and upon which he is forced to comment . The same attitude has been displayed on a number of issues about which Mr Wickham has expressed his personal views and displayed a certain level of intolerance with callers who have expressed opposing views . Maybe he will mature in time .

    • @Puzzled!!

      Agree with your comment to the extent that Wickham has harmed his reputation by being as strident as he is about the subjects he polls. However in his defense this has been his MO leading up to the last general election and he attracted the anger of Arthur on the campaign trail for his effort. Also you must be aware Wickham does private polling which would put him in a position to speak to issues based on data not yet in the public domain?

  34. @ Puzzled !! | October 9, 2012 at 8:14 AM |
    “.. Mark you I cannot recall it ever being said that Mr Stuart has ever publicly expressed a dislike for Mr Wickham ; he is too wise and mature a person to make such an outrageous utterance…”

    That remark is most puzzling. So Mr. Stuart is too wise and mature a person? Is he also a wise and mature politician?
    Just to jog your memory Mr. Stuart expressed unswerving loyalty to Leroy Parris describing him in the most glowing adulatory of terms in his inimitably sanctimonious style.
    ‘The estimable gentleman is my friend and not a leper. He is a person of outstanding abilities, the consummately successful business man in charge of a thriving company making a significant difference to the financial lives of many Barbadians and those in the wider region. He is a genuine role model worthy of adulation and imitation in all aspects of his persona.’
    It’s always said that a person’s morality can be determined by the company (friends or pals) he keeps since birds of a feather tend to sleep together. Is that the reason we are seeing no traction on the CLICO report and action to resolve this Thompson millstone the PM is hoping will just drop off the DLP government’s back?

    Now if you, Puzzled, can unravel that conundrum of wisdom and maturity in our chameleon of a PM we should be most grateful.

  35. When I said this:-

    Bridgetown business doing well, shareholders very happy.

    millertheanunnaki(neitherB norD) said that”-

    “Bridgetown business doing well, shareholders very happy.”

    Well! Well! Well!
    The end of the world is nigh!
    A true yellow ac double! Liar Extraordinaire!”

    Now Ms. Anne Reid, CEO of the Barbados Private Sector Association(BFSA) said:-

    ” We are in exciting times and when we have come out of these challenging times we will realise that what we are doing now will provide a sure foundation for further economic growth in Barbados,”

    Now let the vilification of Anne Reid begin, a-la-Maureen Holder.

  36. @ Aarson
    We are in exciting times and when we have come out of these challenging times we will realise that what we are doing now will provide a sure foundation for further economic growth in Barbados,”
    You are another ass……do you want me to translate this for you ? here are some hints.

    challenging…..= difficult

    exciting………= not settled

    “whatever is done from here on in can have serious repercussions for us in the future… (not a positive message in anyway)

  37. It seems that you have a convenient memory.

    This situation is quite similar to what transpired prior to the last general elections; in that (1) Wickham was “dismissed” from CBC, (2) he returned to Brass Tacks as a moderator (3) he expressed his opinions based on the results of the 2007 polls in the similar manner he is doing presently (4) he gave his opinions on Arthur to the extent that BLP supporters were questioning the authenticity of his polls based on the fact that he was no longer at CBC, and wondered if the polls were biased because of that fact (which is now being suggested by DLP supporters).

    However, there were no calls at the time to have him removed from the call-in-program as is being suggested now.

    Before and leading up to the last general elections, Mr. Wickham as a host on Brass Tacks, expressed similar views of then prime minister, Owen Arthur. Wickham was extremely critical of Arthur, especially the arrogance he displayed during his third term. Wickham was also consistent in his view that based on the opinion polls and “word on the ground” the BLP would lose the elections. He offered his opinion on which strategies the BLP should pursue if they wanted a fourth term. It was also a widely held view by BLP supporters that he hated Arthur (as is being suggested by the DLP of Stuart).

    Just as is being done now by the DLP, the BLP and its supports were harsh in their criticisms of Wickham, and in the process, sought to discredit his polls (which they warmly welcomed the two previous elections) and tarnish his reputation. Those 2007 polls had persons like ac, Carson, Hants and the lot on this blog praising Wickham, because his poll was in their favour.

    “Mr Stuart has ever publicly expressed a dislike for Mr Wickham ; he is too wise and mature a person to make such an outrageous utterance…”

    Utter rubbish. Stuart is very offensive in his pronouncements to the extent that he uses his philosophical style of speaking to insults his opponents. It is basically what is implied in his speeches.

    • @Peter Wickham

      You should ignore Tennyson Joseph he and Maureen Holder are known to be partners i.e they hang out together.

  38. @ Artaxerxes | October 9, 2012 at 9:42 AM |

    If only Freundel can infuse some of his oratorical skills and word ‘smithery’ into making decisions and putting things into action he would go a long way in marshalling his troops and convincing the electorate that he is the man for these tough challenging times.

    He might have denuded (nakedly exposed) OSA in Parliament but in the eyes of the electorate the naked OSA is preferred to the Emperor Fumble who is cloaked in verbal finery but with his puny sausage on full display for the electorate to “Punish with Laughter” like the CLICO no confidence vote.

  39. I think it fair to say that those who peruse this blog are committed one way or the other;however the amount of garish nonsense being purveyed by the party in power supporters leave one with the impression that the said garrish nonsense would be accepted by other believers as gospel truth according to dem.It’s insulting to an informed mind.”When a pipe burstes”is beyond the imagination of an informed mind.And did you say he is a Phd?

  40. Let the arrogant Owen Arthur beat his puny chest and salivate at the thought of feeding his lust for power.
    Owen Arthur has no more knowledge and intelligence than anyone else in Barbados or the DLP.
    He is not someone that the world is seeking out for answers to the global financial crisis.
    We will not bring Arthur back. Barbados does not need him to restructure this economy. He did not do it in 14 years and he will not try to do it now.
    Don’t matter what they say – We backing Freundel all the way.

  41. Interesting article Porridgeboy.

    Pity more people can’t have an intelligent debate on the issues.

    18-12 and counting.

    Every poll, informal and otherwise will say the same thing. at a minimum majority disappointment and frustration with the government, at a maximum, over 50% rabid desire to vote them out. The voting blocs thet are disaffected should be cause for major concern as well. the DLP has itself to blame for being in this position, but, they can have themselves to credit if they can pull out of it.

    You never know. Let’s hope the DLP says one thing and does another in the constituency based on the urgency of the matter for them.

    btw. Jeff Broomes say he ain’t resigning. lol.

    Just observing

  42. Freundel is a Good Prime Minister

    AC stop changing names and talking crap……Fruendel WHO ?
    Think BU is moronic like you and aarson?

  43. @ David

    Please see the below news article from 2007:-

    BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, December 21, 2007 – Barbadians will be voting in general elections on January 15, 2008 in what a pollster says is too close to call.

    Opinion polls indicate that the reign of the ruling Barbados Labour Party (BLP) could end.

    Owen Arthur announced the snap election on Thursday – five months before they are constitutionally due and at the height of a so-called “Hardwood” controversy in which his government is embroiled and which could cause it to suffer at least one casualty. Polls were last held May 21, 2003.

    The Opposition Democratic Labour Party (DLP) has been leading an assault on the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) over a construction contract by a company named Hardwood. It escalated into a no-confidence motion in Parliament against the junior finance minister, Clyde Mascoll.

    The DLP has also been boycotting parliament over issues surrounding debate on the matter.

    Political scientist, Peter Wickham, of the Barbados-based Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) says Owen Arthur remains the most popular man to lead the country but at the same time people want a change. The most recent CADRES poll showed a 5% swing away from the BLP with the party losing nine of the 23 seats it currently holds in Parliament. That could tip the balance in favour of the DLP with a 16-14 result. However, Wickham said it is still too close to call.

    “I hope you enjoy this campaign as much I intend to… this election has been called and the labour party (BLP) is ready, Arthur told reporters after making the announcement.

    He is seeking an unprecedented fourth consecutive term in office but the DLP says that won’t happen.

    “We’re ready and have been ready for many months,” DLP leader David Thompson said, starting the rivalry by launching a salvo at Arthur, saying it was “insensitive” of him to call elections during the Yuletide season.

    Thompson said his party would respect the season and put campaigning on hold until the New Year.

    Both parties have selected a full slate of candidates to contest the 30 seats in the country’s House of Assembly.

    A third group – the fledgling People’s Empowerment Party – said it also intends to make its mark when it faces the electorate for the first time.

    Fielding four candidates, leader David Comissiong explained that while the party cannot win the government, it will act as a pressure group to get government back on track.

    Rising cost of living is the major issue affecting Barbadians; 40% of those surveyed in a CADRES poll indentified it as such.

    Other minor issues included crime, unemployment, inadequate housing and the economy

  44. @ David

    It is interesting that Peter Wickham predicted, based on a CADRES poll, that the DLP would only win 16 seats and the BLP would retain 14. Well we all know what happened, the BLP ended up with 10 seats and the DLP wended up with 20 seats.

    In simple maths, the DLP did 25% better than predicted and the BLP 28% worse than predicted. Remember all of this was the corruption issues, arogance by OSA and the Hardwood no-confidence motion swirling around against the BLP government at the time.

    Where in Barbados was the meeting between Harold Hoyte, Peter Wickham, Chris Sinckler and Donville Inniss because we know that meeting took place about 3 weeks ago. What bargain was struck for this joint-attack on PM Stuart?

    Is there any truth that Dr. David Estwick MP is the acting Minister of Finance for the next 3 weeks while Sinckler is away?

    • @Divine

      We shall soon know.

      Produce facts of the meeting on the other matter which can be viewed if true as serious.

  45. @ Freundel is a Good Prime Minister | October 9, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    Ac, the alternative clown, can you tell us on BU if the Good P M has been able to get hold of the missing FBI file with which he plans to expose OSA as a crook? This was his only contribution to his last budget speech. Has he found out who stole the file or did he request a copy from the local Embassy? Has he found the CLICO file that was stolen from his office?

    So now we have a Missing Files PM, poor man!

  46. Dear Divinity

    Don’t bother about WE bother bout DEM.. we could handle….”been there, done that”…remember 1994 ? You had left with unemployment at 14% then, and the Foreign Reserves wrecked, remember? But we fixed it. You all got a legacy now…..”DLP does always leave a wrecka Pom Pom”….we accustomed. No need to worry, here let we tag you….go and lie down…. The Sentinels are soon back…..we were waiting…”holding tight to tether, til the last sinew” . don’t mind,time proved longer than twine..

    As usual wanna leaving a mess….Alexandra Pampalam, Unemployment 13%, Tourism in a mess, CLICO embarrassment, pensioners at wits end,Dump Land Swap,Barrack now owed $63 Mil, No worthy capital assets, Walkovers, Foreign Debt now $6 Billion in 5 years, while we left it at $4 Billion in 14 years.(shameful) Piss Poor Health care, Water Works woes, Agriculture inertia, Bridgetown Commerce in the doldrums, trips to everywhere but we going nowhere. We know the usual what to expect, we know your legacy well… Rambling Rose, Jesse James boast, Bonny n Clyde, Dr. Jeckyl n Hyde…we know, we understand, all in all, you can rest assured, your mess, our test ..WE WILL FIX IT…we have no other choice.
    Your is a mess and we gine help the people put to rest. Polls have shown that …..10 weeks will validate….SOON COME!


  47. @ Miller & Onions

    I don’t hear either of you calling for OSA to organise and call to order the Public Account Committee of Parliament to investigate the Pierhead Marina issue as he threatened to do, why not?

    Can it be that both of you know that Gline Bannister from HMP Dodds fame is holding a secret or two for OSA and therefore if OSA attempts to put any pressure on the Pierhead Marina saga, in which Gline Bannister is involved, he (Gline Bannister) would see to it that MAM puts the HMP Dodds secret(s) in the public and done for good?

  48. Arthur is not needed at this time in Barbados’ history. He will not restructure The Barbados economy as he has always looked for the politically easier road.
    Arthur is all about a lust for power. Power drives Arthur and not a desire to restructure the Barbados economy. He could have restructured the economy in his 14 years as Prime Minister.
    He could have supported Mia Mottley as be a statesman pushing restructuring. Instead , he is all about saying and promising anything to get power to hurl the politics of spite and vengeance on the people of Barbados.
    We do not want back Arthur, not now, not ever.
    I am proudly and enthusiastically supporting the DLP this election.

  49. Hi David,

    I have just been told that Mr. Owen Arthur will be travelling to Nigeria this week to recover some of the $ 2.4 million that was supposed to invested in the Solar hotwater project over there.

    Apparently he is doing this so that if and when this issue comes up in the general election …..at least he can confirm to Barbadians that he tried to recover the funds.

    As a show of the new found UNITY in the BLP camp….Mia Mottley provided Owen with the airline tickets , hotel accomodation and per diem.

    You will be getting a copy of the airline ticket info. shortly.

    Would be nice to hear from Miller and Onions on this developing story.

  50. @ David

    The meeting occured but whether the DLP operative sent to spy took a pictures I don’t know. PG seems to know the details and reported back to PM Stuart.

    First Wickham advised the DLP that they will certainly loose with PM Staurt, then he said that if Pm Stuart made Sinckler Deputy PM and Inniss a Senior Minister, the DLP could regain the government. Then comes the poll conducted by CADRES for the Nation showing that the 6% will wash out both Sinckler and Inniss causing poor Harold Hoyte to have to run in the paper last Sunday to make a case for why Sinckler and Inniss will defy the 6% swing despite being vunerable to it given that their margin of victory in 2008 was 2.9%.

    We let people feed us non-sense all the time and we eat it up time and again. Peter Wickham, Harley Henry, Peter Wickham, Harold Hoyte, Chris Sinckler and Donville Inniss gine have to come good to fool Stuart and Estwick.

  51. Lil boy onions you ought to be ashamed about telkling m.e about changing names BTW you are a bold face LIAR because the handle is not ne. now go wipe yuh arsss wid some scotch bonnet pepper that might helo to heal yuh hemmoriads cause yuh seem to be in pain and need help

    • You political surrogates should be mindful that others are reading the blog. Agree to disagree and move on for god sakes.

  52. Taste this for shame…you two tongued snake you…

    Shameful iconography indeed for a party with many promises and critiquing mouths. They laughed and condemned the $700 million Dodds Prison, a crown jewel now by all undertakings, no rust like the Four Seasons colossal. Over $400 million sunk now, propping up vines and bush. Who can forget the magnificent and enviable Supreme Courts on White Park, opened of recent. The Mecca, Kensington Oval, the ghee of the Caribbean. Then there are the too many to mention polyclinics, schools, post offices and functional highway infrastructures (NOT WALK OVERS) built during the magnificent fourteen “John Wayne” years…No crappy Jesse James and Bonnie and Clyde escapades …..jucking out the people eyes and goring the poor pensioners out their 5c…..Thiefing Aliba Bababa eva one.


  53. “It shall neither be mine or thine” the pronouncement of the two mother’s vying for the baby and seeking justice from Solomon

    I put it to you that Fumble Stewart will NOT step aside from that hallowed seat

    And I too agree that OSA the short man is not interested in putting one building block into the edifice of BIM, he is about how much grain he can get In his barns. He is no Errol Barrow he is just a short vindictive man

  54. @david
    he has no reason to! lol.

    interesting that you pulled comments from 2007 and not the 2008 ones where Peter actually projected 19-20 seats for the DLP. Choose teh analysis closest to the date, not the convenient one.

    re. Bannister. Does Owen’s infelicities with him null and void Darcy Boyce’s?? or Hutson’s?

    regarding your report on “the meeting”, all that it shows is disunity and mutiny, the exposure of which does nothing for your party. If you’re comfortable with FS and DE getting in and the others falling, kudos to you… but methinks winning government is where the fight should be at.

    “Peter Wickham, Harley Henry, Peter Wickham, Harold Hoyte, Chris Sinckler and Donville Inniss gine have to come good to fool Stuart and Estwick.”

    agreed, but, suppose they mange to “fool” the public.

    Just observing

  55. Would it not make more sense to criticize Peter Wickham after one of the CADRES polls done here is found to be inaccurate?Then again sense has not been applied here for he that we hailed as a prince,is now seen as a pariah.Unless and until someone is able to prove that the method that brought the 2008 result was changed,all of us that shouted then must shiver now at the prospect of the alternative.The smart thing to do is take heed and rethink our position and work to make sure that the likes of Noel Lynch and Owen Arthur are kept as far away as possible from the public purse.

  56. old onion bags | October 9, 2012 at 1:11 PM |

    All that you have highlighted here is bare WASTE MONEY.

    That is why Barbados is in so much trouble.

    “Who can forget the magnificent and enviable Supreme Courts on White Park”

    Still “justice” in Barbados is poor as hell. Two hundred unresolved cases dating all the way back 1992.

    Bag of onions, as usual you are making no sense at all.

  57. How do you like Chavez victory, all the polls say his opponet would win.

    Does that remind you of some place else bag of onions?

    • Whether B or D some of these polling questions were obviously designed to be mischievous. Is a deputy essential? If a PM is selected by the parliamentary group based on confidence he or she inspires why should public opinion be garnered anyway? Why would the public see Ronald Jones as a credible deputy? This kind of polling is nonsense. When Barrow picked Sandiford who was deputy at the time?

  58. “How do you like Chavez victory, all the polls say his opponet would win.”

    lol! first you it was close, now you say his opponent would of won. you are one bold faced thing. which is it?

  59. David (not BU) | October 9, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    you just dont get it, but i am not surprised.

    The early polls showed Hugo’s opponent slightly ahead, then the polls from late last week said that it would be a “tight” race.

    I know that this is most disquieting to you.

    • Carson

      With respect, I think that you are missing one salient point when you compare the Venezuela polls and the latest poll done on Barbados, and that is Wickham played no part in the Venezuela polls – apples and oranges.

  60. @ David

    I commend you on your post earlier when you stated ‘Whether B or D some of these polling questions were obviously designed to be mischievous. Is a deputy essential?’

    Lets follow the sequence of events for Chris Sinckler because it is clear that a concerted effort (including by some special interest in Barbados) is being made to position him:
    1. Tried unsucessfully to challenge then MP Stuart for the post of Prime Minister on the morning after PM Thompson died.
    2. Tried unsucessfully to wrestle away the leadership from PM Stuart in November 2011 in the Eager 11 meeting and alleged letter.
    3. Has never been afforded the chance to serve as acting Prime Minister even though, Jones, Sealy and Estwick all have.

    I am of the belief that Sinckler having been unable to secure the position of Prime Minister wants to be the next best thing, Deputy Prime Minister and for a number of reasons:
    1. As Deputy Prime Minister he should increase his very slim chances of be re-elected in his constituency.
    2. In the event the DLP is returned to office, as Deputy PM & Minister of Finance he would have more power and therefore he would be able to command/demand great support when the next attack on PM Stuart is made.
    3. In the event that the DLP losing the next election but he remains an MP then he would almost certainly believe he is the natural/obvious choice for Leader of the Opposition.

    The problem for Sinckler and his aspirations are numerous;
    1. He has no senority in Parliament over Estwick, Sealy, Jones, Kellman
    2. He has no support amongst the parliamentary Group.
    3. PM Stuart will not reward someone who has openly admitted to having wanted to challenge him of the post of Prime Minister.
    4. Win lose or draw in the coming elections, Sinckler is not likely to be returned as the MP for his constituency.

    Peter Wickham and Harold Hoyte should realise they and whomsoever else is supporting Sinckler, are flogging a dead horse.


    QUESTION: did Peter breach any ethics in his exercise?
    If you cant prove that he did so
    All you DLP hacks can SHUT UP


    We dont need a poll to know that
    but we will go to the polls to fix that
    ————-hmnnnnn !!
    I love that !

  63. Hi David,
    What a wonderful sight and feeling of national pride….to see the words BARBADOS emblazoned across the shirts of the Hampshire players now playing the Champion league 2012 cricket game in South Africa today 10 October 2012. The game is being shown on MCTV ESPN.

    I thought Onions and other BLP doomsayers were declaring Barbados as JUNK.

    Great work Minister Sealy, BTA and the entire DLP team.

  64. @ Doctor Rock | October 10, 2012 at 7:24 AM |

    I like your diagnosis, Doctor.
    A real CBC contribution (Credible, Balanced, and Committed to true analysis).

    You must have been an outstanding political science student certainly deserving of your PhD unlike some of them around.
    This country must never make the mistake again of allowing a disloyal lying potentially corrupt politician to be appointed to the top of the political hierarchy.

  65. All those who beleive that Owen Arthur and the BLP have a magic wand that will wave away the global financial crisis and magically cut the public sector wage bill and that English tourists will suddenly flock to Barbados after an election please arrange an urgent meeting with REALITY.
    You are living in a fools paradise.

  66. People who look to the BLP for economic solutions, what specifics has Arthur suggested:
    Well, let us privatise some companies , that way, he believes that when the layoffs start left, right and centre they will blame the new owners and not .
    Only a fool cannot “see tru” that strategy.
    Government workers and those who have friends and family in the public sector – “BEE warned and BEE wary of the greeks bearing gifts”.
    The BLP plan is to send home government workers indirectly but they cannot and will not admit it before the election.

  67. @ Doctor Rock
    Peter Wickham and Harold Hoyte should realise they and whomsoever else is supporting Sinckler, are flogging a dead horse.
    Firstly are you the same …Doc that wants the pain go away ? If so…
    Nice to see you move on from supporting …the St. Andrew Casper. But like you jumping burners….Now ya in town…penning a riga-ma- role…..Does the above not pertain to the DLP flock on the whole?….Like you better off in White Hill where the wind can blow away your echo…Have you seen the movie ‘ They shoot horses’?

  68. Clyde Mascoll was junior Minister Of Finance for 2 years when the global economy was growing at a nice pace. In that environment what did Mascoll achieve?
    OH no wait…… he did throw 2 million dollars of your tax dollars down a Hardwood hole and then the company folded and left the creditors holding the bag.
    Economic “guru” in name only with nothing to show for it.
    Do not be fooled Barbados. There are no economic messiahs out there.

  69. @ !
    Man you like a voice hollarin in the wilderness…this DLP Government has NOTHING TO OFFER THE PEOPLE…..NUTTIN. I repeat nuttin…Do you think people want to go back to another 5 yrs of pain? With the likes of Gris in Parliment burlesquing them with how in the old days, he reared sheep n goats and ..we got it EZ….and Lowe drinking Black Bird soup ?
    NO SIR…..WE don’t want that….ANYTHING BUT THAT…..
    You guys have more than ample opportunity to show you could do something…anything to ease our plight….BUT YOU OFFER NOTHING….NOTHING….HOW COULD WE LISTEN TO YOU NOW……DEMS are but stale cakes and cold bates…PEOPLE WANT TO BREATHE…..not swallow LIES and THREATS…..

  70. @ !
    People who look to the BLP for economic solutions, what specifics has Arthur suggested: Well, let us privatise some companies , that way, he believes that when the layoffs start left, right and centre they will blame the new owners and not.

    Didn’t Sinckler in his last budget promise divestment? Stupse.

  71. @ Enuff | October 10, 2012 at 1:51 PM |
    “Didn’t Sinckler in his last budget promise divestment? ”

    Yes, he did. He promised divestment to raise $80 million to setup a number of funds to finance “Hotel Refurbishment, Energy Efficiency and Food Production”.

    Ac, you are calling you man Sinckliar a liar and traitor to the cause of total State ownership and control?

    • Had a listen to Maureen Holder this morning, the first time in awhile, there was an obvious pro government biase. She clearly warmed to callers who expressed pro government or Holder views and was downright hostile to callers with proBLPite contributions. BU offers no apology to anyone for a view based on the listen this morning.

  72. millertheanunnaki(neither B nor D)

    Some news which will give you heartburn!

    Statistics just revealed indicate Barbados” exports are up for the first six months by twenty percent!

  73. Maureen Holder is a very charming and accomodating Lady. Anyone saying different need their head examining.

    Fair and balance she is.

  74. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 10, 2012 at 7:42 PM |

    Some news which will give you headache to explain!

    Statistics just revealed indicate Barbados’s foreign reserves are down for the first six months by twenty percent!
    How can your exports be up and your foreign reserves down when domestic demand for imported goods in a recession-hit economy is dampened according to the Guv of the CBB?
    Lies, damned lies and statistics!

  75. @Carson C Cadogan

    SO you are saying we sold $5 worth up from $4?

    I saw an internet thingy on statistics ,figures ,numbers.
    It asked should we buy a watch which loses one second a day OR a watch Totally BROKEN .
    WHEREAS the watch which loses a second a DAY in on right once every X thousand years.
    Statistics PAH!!

  76. @miller

    exports can be up and fx exchange down because we dont get fx exchange only from exports.

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