Minister Denis Lowe: A Man Searching for Integrity in High Office

Minister Denis Lowe (1) Peter Allard (r)

The DLP promised us integrity legislation within a short period of time once it had formed a government. Now, on the eve of another general election, there is no integrity legislation. It cannot escape consideration that the DLP did not dare to provide integrity legislation as, if it did, it and successor governments of both political stripes, might find it impossible to form a government, far less a cabinet.

Some time ago, BU promised that on the eve of the next general election it would revisit the issue of Minister DENIS LOWE. We know understand from his accreditation:

He specialises in Developmental/Clinical Psychology. He was appointed Minister of the Environment and Drainage in June 2011, having held those posts and the additional portfolio of Water Resources since November 2008.   He previously held the portfolio of Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development. 

Before assuming this ministerial portfolio, he was Managing Director and Principal Consultant with Life View International. We will not go into Lowe’s background. We are only interested in his political role. We note that he was “Managing Director and Principal Consultant with Life View International”.

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However, Lowe has not declared that he was also an employee of Canadian “philanthropist” Peter Allard. BU is therefore happy to provide evidence of this contained in the three embedded links.

We know that former Canadian cabinet minister, Paul De Villers, was also employed by Allard for CDA$5,000 per month. How much was Lowe paid? Did Lowe declare this income as taxable, or was it cash and undeclared?

Lowe worked for Allard at a time when his involvement would have meant advancing the Allard agenda on matters like the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary, stopping the proposed water park, preventing the development at Chancery Lane, the Canadian firm of Gowling LaFleur Henderson and its officers Sean Moore and Graham Ragan, filing an action against Barbados in the Ontario courts under cover of a shell corporation the principal of which is a fugitive from Canadian justice.

Of interest is that Lowe was a Senator through it all. Did he declare this conflict of interest to the executive and have a fire wall established between him (as a senator) and the documents that would have come to the senate on these matters?

The record shows that Lowe “…was appointed Minister of the Environment and Drainage in June 2011, having held those posts and the additional portfolio of Water Resources since November 2008.   He previously held the portfolio of Minister of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Urban Development.”

Does anyone see any conflicts of interest in these ministerial posts, given his previous association with and employment by Peter Allard?

It is noted that, having given Lowe’s contact details to a former Canadian cabinet minister, Allard’s legal counsel, K. William McKenzie, then proceeds to demean a Barbados senator (later cabinet minister) to this Canadian cabinet minister with the information: “Because Denis has on occasion not paid his bill, it does not always work. Accordingly his bill is now being paid as part of his budget…….”  And as if this was not enough, McKenzie then heaps scorn on Lowe’s diligence, “He needs to be reminded to check his e-mail daily……….”

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0 thoughts on “Minister Denis Lowe: A Man Searching for Integrity in High Office

  1. We should not be getting this information from BU for the first time. This should be public knowledge declared by the Minister before he assumed office. We do not need integrity legislation to force politicians to behave honourably. We need integrity legislation because politicians because politicians refuse to behave honourably. In the absence of integrity legislation, the Prime Minister must police the conduct of his ministers.

    This post makes out a convincing case of unethical against the Minister. I hope that he can clear the air; failing that he should resign.

  2. Caswell i fear this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    at a time when Barbados needs a clear path forward, i think we will see a lot of this kind of nasty bomb pelting in the election campaign, which by the way will officially start very, very, very soon.

    Lowe will never comment on this because who is questioning him? BU? the people of Barbados? what a joke. the PM has shown he can’t control or tell his own people what to do.

    on the surface i believed PM Stuart was an honest man but given what i know and see now, he is not. his inaction makes him just as guilty as some of these jokers who walk around ministers of govt.

    • It is clear why politicians and others in public life don’t feel pressure to implement FOI or integrity legislation. We have people who see it what we do as assassination of people’s characters instead of looking at the issues. This occurs even when empirical data/evidence is provided. What does it say about our touted education system?

  3. @ David | October 26, 2012 at 8:07 AM |

    I told you long ago that Mr. Fumble is a total misfit, a very poor leader and a damned hypocrite when it comes to demonstrating integrity, honesty, forthrightness and decisiveness.

    Be gone Mr. Fakery, your time has now expired for pulling wool over the shut eyes of the people.
    How can you call yourself “Mr. Clean” when you wash your clothes in filth and all around you are dirty to the hilt?

  4. When you recognize finally that a political party is a business entity, one that is unregistered and has no legal identity, you would recognize the hypocrisy of asking for openness and transparency. People who run for office through the party machinery are by extension NOT honorable. Hon is just a title that is attained as a result of the office that you hold, but there is no honor in this process.

    • @BABFP

      Don’t you observe how the people from both sides try so hard to protect the status quo?

      Anytime questions are asked of politicians and government some on BU prefer to attack BU.

      Does anyone appreciate that our Public Accounts Committee doesn’t meet and nobody gives a damn?

      On another note, what is the deal on the Barbados Football Association having to knock down the structure located on its property in Wildey?

      Why would former President Ronald Jones have agreed to build a structure outside its boundary.

  5. David

    What I see now (optics according to u) is two parties complementing each other as opposed to acting with a check and balance agenda. We are talking about the BILLIONS of dollars that is the public’s purse and these assholes are queuing to get their hands on it. It is inexplicable that there is no movement (lead by the “intelligentsia”) to have these people legally accountable for their actions even after they have left office.

  6. I hate to admit it but the only way we will see the desired changes in accountability in governance in the entire English speaking Caribbean is for it to be imposed by outside agencies like the IMF,World Bank,IADB,OECD etc
    and it will come as a quid pro quo…one day coming soon.

  7. @David
    Why is that so hard to understand? After all the star struck Senator is the blue eyed darling of the BLP handpicked by the leader to carry the banner of the Party to the youth in B’dos, any whiff of a scandal is to be squashed immediately.

    While Lowe is …… well low.

  8. David what is the reason for BU releasing this information during an election campaign.

    If those letters are authentic Lowe should have declared a conflict of interest.

    Now that BU has chosen to expose him the DLP must do damage control.

    Note that lobbying politicians has been part of Canadian political culture. Ask Bannister or Sargeant eff yuh doan believe me.

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