Matthew Farley the Megalomaniac

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Whenever Matthew Farley is out of the news for any extended period, he stage manages a set of circumstances to catapult himself into the headlines. His latest headline grabbing stunt was the suspension of 265 students ostensibly for uniform infringements. Nine chances out of ten, when mass suspensions of school children hit the news; you can be assured that this little megalomaniac, Matthew Farley is the protagonist taking the bows.

One must wonder why is it that of all the 21 government secondary schools principals, only Farley resorts to these extreme tactics. Could it be that he is looking to make a name for himself at the expense of these children abusing them in the process?

Farley is right about one thing: rules must be obeyed. Unfortunately, too often those in authority behave as though rules apply to everyone else. Rules are not only in place for students, there are rules to regulate the conduct of principals as well. And since this principal is such a stickler for adherence to the rules that govern others, you would expect that he follows the letter and spirit of the rules that apply to him zealously. After the news of the suspensions broke, he was a caller on Brass Tacks discussing the issue. That along with his regular appearances as a moderator leaves me to wonder if he is complying with the Code of Conduct and Ethics for the Public Service, particularly paragraph 24 which states:

24. Officers shall not

(a) be editors of any newspaper or directly or indirectly take part in the management of newspapers;

(b) contribute to any newspapers in Barbados or elsewhere on questions that can properly be called political or administrative, but may furnish articles upon subjects of general interest;

(c) make a statement to the media or allow themselves to be interviewed on questions of public policy or on matters affecting the defence, military resources or diplomatic relations of Barbados with the prior approval of the Minister concerned;

(d) make public or communicate to the media or cause to be made public or to be communicated to the media or to unauthorized persons, any documents, papers or information which may come into their possession in their official capacity or make private copies of those documents of papers;

(e) give broadcast talks or engage in any discussion that is being broadcast on any subject that may properly be regarded as of a political or administrative nature, without the prior permission of the Minister concerned; or

(f) disclose or produce in evidence any official document of a confidential character in any court of law without obtaining the previous permission of the Minister.

If Farley wants to enforce the rules, it is only reasonable to expect that he leads by example following the rules that are laid down for him. For his sake, I sincerely hope that he has obtained permission from the Minister for his constant appearances on radio where he discusses matters that seem to conflict with his role as a civil servant otherwise he would not only be a megalomaniac but a hypocrite as well.

By the way, it is within my certain knowledge that the Ministry of Education mandated changing hem lines from two inches above the knee to two inches below because two little girls got pregnant for teachers. Rather than punish the teachers, the Ministry blamed the little girls for putting temptation in the teachers’ way and ordered the hem lines of all girls down.

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  1. @ Caswell .
    Mathew Farley’s ” attack ” on his Fellow principal AND FELLOW BAPPSS MEMBER Winston Chrichlow provides further justification for the instituting of the Commission Of inquiry into the Alexandra School by the Hon. Prime Minister . I am almost certain , given the wide mandate to make recommendations for the improved functioning of these schools , the Commissioner will have something to recommend for the conduct of PRINCIPALS . I am sure too that any amendment to the Education Act will have a provision to reign in this modern day group of ” dictators” in the education system . It has become clear to me that they engage themselves in a daily exercise of fighting for turf ; laying down stakes ; and establishing what Mr Broomes describes as ” positional responsibility ” .
    I should like to suggest to Mr Farley that if at any time a principal of a school finds it necessary to suspend for FIVE DAYS ( the maximum period of suspension allowable AFTER INFORMING THE BOARD AND THE PARENTS BY LETTER under the Education Act is TEN DAYS ) more than 25 % of the students , FOR WHATEVER REASON,
    in one fell swoop, that action is a clear indication that the administration in that school has broken down . That action cannot be justified on the enforcement of discipline ALONE . There must be a rigid observance of rules and regulations within the school environment , but there is the other consideration of inflicting punishment incrementally before finally bringing down the sword of Damocles . This approach will also help to TEACH VALUES to those very students .
    The article ” HEAD HITS OUT ” published in today’s Sunday Sun also raises a point of great interest . It is there reported that ” Farley threw out a challenge to Chrichlow and all other Principals of secondary schools in Barbados to carry out an all school inspection first thing on Monday morning …….” my 265 ( suspensions ) will look like a picnic ” . This open confrontation by a BAPPSS member to his fellow members is , at the least very startling ; can this body really survive ? Or more , fundamentally , can this body justify its validity as a principal’s trade union . I believe Caswell that you are well qualified to address these questions .

  2. @Retired Teacher,

    Power can be addictive and like drugs and alcohol can make intelligent people make bad decisions.

  3. @Hants | October 21, 2012 at 5:31 PM |
    “Power can be addictive and like drugs and alcohol can make intelligent people make bad decisions.”

    SO TRUE!!

    @ Hants | October 21, 2012 at 3:18 PM |
    “These bastions of leadership need to get some leadership training.”

    If you have never written true words, you just did.

    Many leaders including the subject of this discussion believe that they can do no wrong, and whatever they do is justifiable. Their attitude how dare anyone to criticize them.

    There is a custom in Barbados that people in high rank positions are above the law no matter what, and so they are never required to take that special vacation @ JailHouse.

  4. I tired ah dis discussion now … Nothing more can come of it … Unless Caswell decide to drop in and stir up the pot with some more story tellin’ .. Lemme hear yah Cas … HA HA HA …!

  5. David the Internet is a powerful and dangerous tool.

    This story is now available to the whole world.

    Fortunately it is not likely to cause an international incident.

  6. @teacher”of suspension allowable AFTER INFORMING THE BOARD AND THE PARENTS BY LETTER under the Education Act is TEN DAYS ) more than 25 % of the students , FOR WHATEVER REASON,
    in one fell swoop, that action is a clear indication that the administration in that school has broken down . That action ”


    OR….that the principal is acting out of desperaiton because…….the civility obedience and dicsipline in SOCIETY has broken down!!!

    I go with the second, from what I am seeing all over, including schools. We are in deep xhit

    And I for one am glad that Farley got balls.

  7. Now we going hear a lot of ‘cuh dear’ xhjit. Its a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

    Thanks fuh Farley. And I wont tell you have a number of parents from HC have told me of their impression of their Head.

    Not flattering, I assure you.

  8. Last point on this issue….

    People are castigating Farley, instead of the PM (yes the PM) supporting him on discipline etc.

    Why? Because order and discipline is necessary for a functioning society.

    But no, he going want a report, which he will read ‘anon’ after he premabulates around the issue for about a year.

    Are the children running the school, or do we have a leader?

    A lot of bloody excuses for the tail wagging the dog, because we have all become apologists for recklessness and indiscipline.

    But cuh dear, is just a lil skirt showing, nuh. But cuh dear…

    Rudderless, flippin rudderless./

    I going put Farley as PM and Jeff Broome as deputy.

    At least then we will have a xxxing rudder.

  9. crusoe

    I going put Farley as PM and Jeff Broome as deputy.

    ac: btw the PM put Broomes in de dwag house and he not coming out till PM say anyhow maybe fuh de time being he could become deputy dawg

  10. Is it right for a principal to deprive 265 children about 5 full days of solid education paid for by the government i.e the tax payers of barbados?
    I feel that education is a right blah blah something in the constitution of Barbados. This old fool if I was a head teacher would teach how they come cause education is the first priority.
    Do headteachers like magistrates or judges have something called a discretion which they can exercise?.
    Dont you think that it is real harsh to send home 265 children over uniforms,even if those uniforms were like shorts I feel a better way of handling the issue should have been found. I really don’t think that if de whole of Barbados size with Principal Farley that makes his action right. I went to school barefoot and I was not sent home becausde I did not wear shoes.
    Focus please, a mother was fined for keeping her child away from school,Good Lord do you think that this Principal has a charge to answer?

  11. Scrupie | October 22, 2012 at 10:38 PM

    Focus please, a mother was fined for keeping her child away from school,Good Lord do you think that this Principal has a charge to answer?


  12. The good thing about BU is that it allows us all to see why our society is crumbling, and like Crusoe says, it is because most of us are clueless eunochs.
    It not only reflects a lack of leadership, but a complete lack of common sense at all levels – to the point where it is becoming folly to be wise as a result of the prevalence of ignorance.

    Imagine a place where someone needs to be a maverick just to try to raise standards of discipline and to instill good values…there can only be one end for such a people.

    • And why the hell should it matter if the AP and ABC picked up the story? We (Barbadians) are responsible for running this little place.

    • No David, that would not make us a laughingstock: it would be newsworthy, but might be the result if Farley and some of these other pint sized dictators don’t ease up of some of these children. You don’t realise that some of these same heads cause their own children to run from home and not speak with them and you wonder why.

      Because standards have fallen in this country, whenever some clown does something and pronounce that it was done in the name of discipline and lifting standards, some people just jump on the bandwagon without thinking. Why are you not addressing Farley’s constant and continuous breaches of the Public Service rules. This hypocritical society definitely believes in do as I say and not as I do. Which is worse Farley’s breaches of the rules or the students’.

    • @Caswell

      Is it possible that Farley has sought a deviation from the rule? Yes let us discuss the breach. BU is prepared to post something on it.

    • David it is not likely that Farley could have sought and receive some dispensation to breach the rules. First thing, who could grant such a license? Whenever he speaks on a call in programme and he addresses a matter of Government policy, he would have to seek the approval of the individual Minister not his Minister. How is that going to be possible in the seconds that he has to respond? Don’t make excuses for him: he too should be suspended.

    • Bushie

      Raise standards what! This man is just being an idiot. You should recall the first time he pulled such a stunt, he had to use a ruler to ensure that the hemlines were actually or rather exactly 2 inches below the knee. This man is sick and needs Dr. Ermine Belle’s help urgently. Bushie knowing you, Dr. Connell would be your choice. Bushie please focus rather than try to spew your macho crap. The two-inch below the knee policy was instituted because male teachers were being distracted by these little children. Next thing they will legislate is the bulge in the boys’ trousers to protect female teachers and Farley would enforce it because he has no bulge.


      You want to know why it matters if AP and ABC picked up the story. Because it makes Barbados a laughingstock. So many other newsworthy items are reported and none are picked up internationally and you never asked yourself why.

  13. I find it curious that 27 first formers were sent home. [Just remember that 6 weeks ago, just before the start of term, these first formers would have presented themselves to the school in their new Garrison (now Graydon Sealy) uniform, at orientation.]

  14. David
    the silence of staff is not surprising but I suppose it should be expected that the PTA would make a comment either in support or in opposition. However, let us focus on the first formers. Six weeks ago all was well (supposedly) now 27 are in breach of the rules. What could be reason for this? Did these children and their parents develop a low regard for the Principal and the school over the last 6 weeks or as is more likely … the children grew?

  15. @Ping Pong

    It is a good question which the venerable media and particularly the people’s choice (Nation) should seek an answer. Of course many reasons come to mind, a simple one is, some foolish parents were persuade by their daughters that the uniform was too long.

  16. David
    You believe that it is likely that 15 -18% of the children of that school AND their parents are foolish? [If we used the number 267 (suspended children) out of a school roll of 923 that would imply that 29% of the students are foolish! If true, what could one expect of this school?].

    Mathew Farley is certainly an interesting character. Do you remember his very vocal support for the EDUTEC program when he was Principal of St.Mary’s Primary? Such was his support for then Minister of Education, Ms Mottley that it was suggested by some that he was rewarded with the position at the Garrison school! Fast forward a few years, the EDUTEC program has been seen as delivering very much less than promised and Mr Farley is rumoured to have been a candidate for nomination in the S.John by-election for the DLP!

  17. @ Caswell Franklyn | October 23, 2012 at 6:42 AM |

    You are absolutely right both technically and standing on sound moral ground for “outing” Farley and exposing his vicious closet hypocrisy giving his much touted and paraded role model image. A classic manifestation of this country’s double standards in its “pretentiously false” morality as expressed in the phrase one law for the Medes (underprivileged and socially disadvantaged) and another for the Persians (the political and economic parasites of the society parading as the so-called middleclass and well-heeled).

    He can be placed in the same category of moral deviants as the big up public official who drives an MP vehicle but finds it OK to go behind the GAIA security corridors to purchase duty-free liquor. When are we going to get more info from you on this law breaker in order to expose him?

    We need to be a bit more like the UK in exposing these moral fakes whether alive or dead like Jimmy Saville the paedo and the homosexual paedophile Roman Catholic priests.

    Those who preach morality to the morally unwashed (unclean) masses must themselves be prepared to go under the moral microscope to identify any vestiges of dirt in their character fabric.

    Or for the Judeo-Christian inclined hypocrites: “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone”. Now Mr. Farley, stop your breaches of the public officers’ code of conduct just to earn extra income and promote your false public image for future political recognition.

  18. @ David & Caswell .
    One just cannot fail to agree with Caswell that a man who spouts off about observing RULES as a means of fostering discipline in his institution CANNOT continue to provide clear examples of the fact that he himself is OFTEN in breach of RULES that should regulate his conduct as a public officer . Mr Farley is one of the modern day school administrators who like the glare of publicity ; he should be taught that the same press which is often used for cheap support may one day have no choice but to serve as an organ of condemnation . There can be no justifiable reason why a school principal has to be straining every day , week , or month to make press / radio headlines . Farley here finds himself hoist with his own petard .

  19. @Ping Pong

    You have provided much to ponder on a day when the government will debate a five hundred thousand dollar request to supplement the coffers of the Transport Board; seems appropriate we should mention the TB when discussing indiscipline.

    Here is what we know. Many issues have converged which has resulted in confusing the core issue, which is to uphold discipline in our schools.

  20. I feelin’ the feelin’ to contribute on political parties … got to mek time. Writing an article don’ come easy for some one with a limited vocabulary … like me … Got to mek time

  21. Granted that rules must be enforced to make any sense and therefore on that score Farley cannot be faulted. The agreed rule appears to be that skirts should be no longer than 2 inches below the knees. So Farley was well within his rights to suspend the nearly 300 children for breach of the apparently Min Ed sanctioned rules if Farley’s teachers measured the skirts with rulers and found that number of children with skirt length that contravened the rules

    But has any one looked at what is actually the length of skirts worn by most girls at most of our Primary and Secondary schools? I would venture a guess that over 90 % of these children at all schools, except perhaps the Graydon Sealy School, wear their skirts at or very slightly above knee length and do not in any way look slack, while a small percentage of the older ones would have gone overboard in wearing noticeably very short skirts. So if this is true then over 90% of the children / parents are thumbing their collective noses at the official rule.

    The normal growth process could account for much of this but it is also possible that parents and the children and most principals and teachers really consider the rule to be an absolutely stupid one and see nothing wrong with girls’ uniforms being at or slightly above knee length especially since the rule appears to have been mainly observed in the breach. If it hadn’t been, every school (primary and secondary) would be having incidents like the Farley hem monitoring police incidents.

    If this is so the real problem might be that the rules need changing to reflect the existing reality in the whole school system. That reality being that in today’s world it might be impossible to enforce a 2 inches below the hem rule without taking draconian steps.

    The other Principals might have accepted this reality but Farley stands out as the only one who is enforcing the rule to the letter.

    Suggest that some other pollster be hired by the Nation or the Ministry to carry out a survey of skirt length (I’m not quite certain how bagginess of Boy’s pants would be objectively measured) at a representative sampling of the Island’s schools.

    But anyone who drops or pick up their sons or daughters or grandchildren at primary and secondary schools could do a random survey of about 10 children and tell us what they find.

    The results could be reported here very simply as;

    Number of Children observed;
    % with skirts at knee level;
    % with skirts just above the knees;
    % with skirts just below the knees;
    % with skirts that might be 2 ins below the knees;
    % with skirts that might be more than 2 ins below the knees;

    If this is taken up it might provide some objective data as to the scope of the problem. The results might be shocking!

  22. @ Checkit-Out | October 23, 2012 at 5:05 PM |
    “Granted that rules must be enforced to make any sense and therefore on that score Farley cannot be faulted.”

    Let, therefore, Mr. Himmler of the Graydon Sealy Uniform Enforcement Police be a true rule enforcer and look in the mirror.

    Mr. Farley SSS Commandante, are you adhering to the rules that govern your behaviour as a public officer?

  23. Typically here I see criticisms with no substance, no suggestions as to how to have an orderly school environment.
    Just slack attitudes, platitudes saying the students have done no wrong and an inference that perhaps Mr. Farley would be far better exercised to get on his knees and beg for cooperation.

    If the brickbats are coming from current or future parents perhaps it’s a sign of the inevitable slide to becoming and joining other societies for and of the criminal insane – Caribbean Unity thereby achieved.

  24. You know what turns my stomach more than anything else: it is the hypocritical positions adopted by these holier than thou adults who give the impression that everything about the youth somehow needs correcting. When we were young, we were no better to the adults than the children that are being condemned now. I know respectable grandmothers who were being sought by police after being reported missing when they were young only to be found in some man’s house. In the end they did not turn out badly. I know of one bad-john who turned out to be a priest. The children are not as bad as some of us always make them out to be.

    Another thing that I find puzzling is the school pageants where little girls parade on stage with little more than panties and I don’t hear any condemnation.

  25. @ David
    Let the bushman explain something to you….
    Caswell is ideal for the role of Chairman of the coming National Supervisory Committee precisely because of a number of lifelong traits that he has displayed….

    -He is as malicious as Babsie
    -He knows all sorts of obscure rules and regulations which can frustrate the most tenacious among us
    – He has an inherent suspicion of anyone who demonstrates any kind of altruism.( To Caswell we all are crooks.)
    – he himself is not a “doer” and he is jealous and suspicious of anyone who is….

    In the current political environment, can you think of anyone better suited as a watchdog of the people’s business? Hell, the Jew who led the crowd in calling for the crucifixion of Jesus was probably Caswell’s ancestor… 🙂

    It is no surprise therefore that Caswell’s stomach is turned. He will leave no stone unturned until he convinces us that Farley has dark motives….
    …talk about a man born for a role…… LOL

  26. @Caswell

    I agree with you, we are too hypocritical as a people with an innate dislike for youth after we have passed that stage. We seem to have forgotten what it was like when we young. Back then when I was in secondary school minis were en vogue and we all wore our uniforms in that fashion with the afro and the pineapple hair styles and the platform shoes and there was nothing vulgar and disrespectful about how we looked.
    We need to understand that these superficial things will be attractive and of interest to the young in our society not that they very awaking minute should be consumed by these things.
    On another note, if every year Mr Farley has to resort to such draconian measures in order for his subjects to adhere to his rules it tells me that he is a very poor administrator, because nobody takes him seriously. If he is going to suspend a student for five days for wearing the incorrect shoes what will he do with a student who is fighting and caught smoking or drinking on the school compound suspend the child for a term? I say will the time suit the crime. Let me remind all of us here that the behaviour displayed at school is a REFLECTION of our society and we need to stop being so judgemental.
    It has been suggested to me that the only place where Mr Farley is a disciplinarian is in the media not even at his school. Food for thought! His method is not working. He cannot be so hard and fast he needs to use his discretion!

  27. Caswell, I agree with you fully, that standards have fallen. I do not blame the youth, but I do blame society i.e,the adults who have put us here, lack of leadership.

    Those of us supporting Farley are not on a bandwagon, we want change. that is all

    Witness falling standards:
    – hospital
    -Courts in a complete mess and looking like the lawyers starting to fight about it , if the reports are right, all heck breaking loose, not only cant get a case finished, but now the lawyers want to throw in the towel.
    – discipline in schools is down, ask ANY teacher in the system about that
    – discipline on the roads is down, now transferred somewhat from the errant minbus culture to the morons speeding about with no braking distance
    – now some crap about the fancy new ‘BWA’ building and Guvment want out, after being all eager about it..

    Innotech better stop before the guvment owe them more than it owes Barack. Better to lose a couple million than lose 50+. The Nation claims Gollop warned guvment that if they stop buildintg they would owe Innotech 50million.

    Yuh tink they care? They owe Barack more than that and ent brekking a sweat!

    Tell me, do you really think this could have happened in Barrow or Adams time?


    And we used to laugh at Antigua and T&T for being in a mess.

    Let me leave y’all with one more thing, you can surmise to what I am referring….(and you might be wrong!)

    Yuh can put a donkey in a stable, it dont make him a racehorse.

    From one online explanation:

    Hell in a handbasket:

    ”a big ole mess on the inside and out.

    take all of the underworld, the demons, the devil, the fires, the rivers of mud, the torture devises, etc and shove them into a picnic basket turning it inside and out into a conglomerated mess. Imagine what that looks like—-and that is what you are when you are hell in a handbasket. ”

  28. Just wait until the school children start dancing Gangnam style. We will have one more thing to ban. Even though Ban Ki Moon was “dancing” it at the U.N. today.

    Videos on U-Tube.

  29. It appears as though the youth have always been a bunch of wufless, good for nothing ragga-ragga muffins. SEE BELOW.

    The good old days, about 10,000 years ago were better. Then everybody died before age 30, so there were no miserable old people to annoy the youth, and interrupt their fun.

    “When I was young, we were taught to be discreet and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly disrespectful and impatient of restraint”.
    Hesiod, 8th century BC

    “What is happening to our young people? They disrespect their elders, they disobey their parents. They ignore the law. They riot in the streets inflamed with wild notions. Their morals are decaying. What is to become of them?”
    Plato, 4th Century BC

    “The young people of today think of nothing but themselves. They have no reverence for parents or old age. They are impatient of all restraint… As for the girls, they are forward, immodest and unladylike in speech, behavior and dress.”
    Attributed to Peter the Hermit, AD 1274

  30. Is this the same Mr. Farley who taught at Springer Memorial?
    I just wanted to know if it was the same person.

    In regards to the other matter about the girls and their hem:
    I would like to know if the teachers who sexually exploited the girls were sacked. Why were the victims asked to lower their hem?
    The uniform had nothing to do with the sick thoughts and deeds
    of the men. It is more likely that it was planned and not a spur of the moment thing because first they had to groom the children to accept their actions. No matter what the brain and reasoning of a child is not the same as an adult. Children can be molded and predators know it.

    You would think after Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
    were exposed in a 2009 Unicef report for numerous acts of sexual abuse against children that Barbados would lead the way in creating laws to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. Why isn’t Barbados
    adopting policies the UN developed to protect the rights of children?

    When I attend Springer Memorial Mr. Farley was a kind and caring teacher. It saddens me to learn this has changed. Today, children are dealing with many violations to their dignity. Barbados has not done much to protect the rights of children at home, at school, and in the community, even after the United Nations Secretary-General’s World report on violence against children. I think the only way for children to be protected from men, and women who pursue sexual relationships with them, is for Barbadians to write to the United Nations to demand these rights, and for more citizens to reach out to the international media to expose the country’s nasty little secret.

    Barbados has much to be proud of except for its blatant refusal to protect children from sexual abuse, physical abuse, exploitation, disgusting parents, and repulsive teachers. There is no hotline on the island for students to gain REAL help. Barbados ignores these types of free services for children. Yet it does not have a problem asking for and gaining funds from international sources for youth development.

    In terms of the school suspensions, no one should have the power to do what Mr. Farley has done. Why not have a PTA and try to address those issues? Why not place a fine on the disgusting parents? Why would anyone cause children to deal with the humiliation of being sent home? What happens when they return to school and must deal with the stigma? What happens when they are at home unsupervised because their parents are at work. I think it is reckless to send them
    home. Surely an educated man could come up with a better set of options. It is a short cut to a complicated problem. We need leaders who do not take short cuts. We need leaders in our society who are willing to set aside tradition and ineffectual policies to focus on innovative ways of getting results. How innovative is sending a child home.
    It is a poor leadership strategy that reflects an enormous ego.
    More importantly it reflects a lack of genuine regard for the children.

    I am disappointed to learn Mr. Farley did this. I am disappointed in Barbados overall for ignoring the rights of children. Sometimes school is the only environment in which a child feels safe and this is true for the kids who are being abused at home. Barbados use to be a lot more compassionate. The U.S. is not a compassionate society but it does have a structure that permits ordinary people to create solutions because common sense is not the same as vast members of the alphabet behind your name.

    It kills me each time I read about a man having sex with a child.
    It kills me when I read about how children are being disempowered.
    Youth do not have a voice on the island. A teacher should be sacked if they enter that sacred space where a teacher breaches the trust of a child.

    Parents too need to follow the rules set up to make schools function properly. Parents need to be accountable for their children.
    Parents need to stand up for their children but too many of them
    are the problem. Give parents a fine for not doing the right thing.
    Give children the support and education they need to survive and thrive.

    When I went to Springer Memorial there was a teacher there by the name of Mr. Clarke, a sick man who was the only teacher at that school who punished me because I spoke softly. His punishment was to make me stand and clean the board while he sat and watched my behind.

    When my classmates complained about what he was doing because it was so blatant, and when I complained, no one did anything to stop it except one teacher. She spoke up. Individuals who use their power to hurt others should not be teaching and it would be nice if they really didn’t exist at all in the school system. However, we know that these types of men, and women who violate children go to great lengths to be in positions of power.

    The more respectable and powerful they appear watch out!

    If Mr, Farley is indeed trying to gain media attention I hope someone will have the integrity to correct him. He is not above the law. The problem is individuals with power in Barbados often behave like dictators in African nations. Barbadians need to take action, direct your energies towards the United Nations, submit your complaints to international organizations that can help small groups on the island gain justice.

    The problem with some Barbadians is you often behave as if Barbados is not a part of the world. You are a part of a global economy that means instead of using the internet to communicate nonsense of FB use it to advocate the injustices on the island. Don’t try to get the leaders to change, change the system. Set up a FB group to promote what is wrong in Barbados I assure you thousands if not millions of people will join you online and shame the disgusting policies this island uses to violate the rights of children.

    Thank you.

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