Key Match-up In Christ Church East Between Denis Lowe & Reginald Farley

In recent months, we have focused on some key issues which we think will influence the outcome of the upcoming General Election in Barbados. A search at the top of the BU page by entering Mascoll, Arthur, Thompson, Mottley et al will access several stories to this effect. One of the more popular issues we wrote about is the match-up in St. Michael North West between Clyde Mascoll and Chris Sinckler.

rfarley.jpgAnother constituency which makes us ooze in anticipation is the cat-fight which is sure to develop between Denis Lowe and Reginald Farley in Christ Church East. Lets face it, Reginald Farley is the one that got away in the 2003 General Election. Farley was able ‘to buck’ a national swing which should have resulted in him loosing his seat. History shows he won the seat by a relatively comfortable margin of 322 votes.

So what has happened to Farley in the ensuing period? Has Farley been able to solidify his profile? Prior to 2003, Farley was perceived by us and others to be one of the senior members of government and it was not unheard-of to hear his name being mentioned as a potential candidate for Prime Minister to succeed Arthur. We are unable to explain why his popularity in the Arthur cabinet has waned over time. Our sense is that he has not delivered to expectations; however some pundits suggests that he has been sidelined by Arthur for other reasons.

His opponent Dr. Denis Lowe has been rumored to be another one of the bright Democratic Labour Party candidates which Arthur attempted to entice in his politics of inclusion. Whether this was the case or not, Denis Lowe has been campaigning with fervour in the ongoing campaign and has been one of the more eloquent speakers on the Democratic Labour Party platform in our opinion.

If the CADRES poll is correct that there will be a national swing in the range of 5-12%, then Farley may struggle to retain his seat. A lot has not been written about Dr. Denis Lowe and we have to admit that the BU household has been smitten by his oratory skills which combines style of delivery with above average content. In case you have not heard him on the campaign trail, here are four Youtube videos which support our claim.

This will be a short campaign and the electors will be hard pressed to thoroughly discussed all the issues. Over the next two weeks, we intend to display our civic duty by throwing our doors wide-open on our blog to frankly and fairly discussed the issues. We now declare the silly season officially open.

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16 thoughts on “Key Match-up In Christ Church East Between Denis Lowe & Reginald Farley

  1. Farley has been a dissapointment but appear to be an affable sort. He has charisma and should not be underestimated. I think he will be able to hold on.

  2. Farley has been a dissapointment so we should give Lowe a chance this time.
    It seems that the BLP is not attracting many new candidates and they are regurgitating tried failures to the electorate as a so called team.

  3. The reality is we have the North Pole Versus the South Pole in operation here.

    We have in Mr Lowe a person who has worked without fail for his people from the last election right thru to this election and has offered help and given valuable service to the people.

    I remember the photo in the newspaper recently of him donating gates to a school in his area and on the other hand we are confronted with a lazy uncaring person that his claim to fame is his name being destroyed by a citizen placing and paying for a full page advertisement in the daily newspaper which clearly showed his level of non representation to his community.

    He Farley must now consider his hopless stint in the House as one of totally devoid of effort, or service it can be described simply as a dismal failure.

    31ST DECEMBER 2007

    Fellow Barbadians at home and abroad……citizens…..long-term residents and visitors to Barbados…. Friends all……

    I sincerely hope that you had a quiet and enjoyable Christmas. Christmas is a time for us to withdraw from the tumultuous affairs of the world, to put aside our cares, to join family, loved ones and friends to eat, drink, share gifts and be merry. It is supposed to be a time of peace, that enables us to relax, reflect and recharge our batteries.

    My friends, the people of Barbados deserved a happy and peaceful Christmas, because 2007 has been an extremely trying year for all those who live here. You will recall the tragedies that befell many unfortunate citizens ranging from the horrific accidents which took place at Jose River and Mullins Bay to the dreadful cave-in at Britons Hill. Then there was the frightening earth tremor that took place on 29th November. These incidents will forever remain etched in our consciousness because of the relatively large number of deaths and the circumstances in which ordinary people lost their lives. Any one of us could have been caught up in these tragedies. I extend my deepest and continuing sympathy for those who lost loved one’s in these catastrophes.

    However, I shall never forget that day when the earth beneath us moved. It felt like the Rock of Barbados was breaking up. It made me think of the erosion of the fundamental values of Barbados, which have been undermined during the past 14 years. It made me think of the way Barbadians in large numbers were turning away from a value system based on:

    Respect for life itself
    The love of family and community
    Respect for our elders
    The love of children
    Respect for the law
    Hard work
    These are the values that helped us to transform Barbados from a backward poverty-stricken colonial outpost into a society that is on the brink of acquiring First World status.

    That shaking of our beloved Rock made me think of the pace at which this nation was turning to a new value system based on:

    What is convenient
    What is pleasurable
    What is profitable
    These values and the associated lifestyles have been cultivated at the top by our political rulers and have been seeping down into the nooks and crannies of this country.

    Naturally many people have been asking: “Why did these things happen in Barbados?” Others have gone further to speculate and to suggest that these incidents were warnings that we have lost our way in Barbados and that we should return as soon as possible to the path that leads to a moral society, a just society….. the Better Barbados that the Democratic Labour Party promised the people of this country in 1966 when we achieved Independence.

    At this point I do not want to dwell on warnings or threats. What I want to do is to promise the good people of Barbados a better life if we are returned to power on 15th January. I believe that after years of struggling and suffering, Barbadians deserve a better standard of living – better goods and services, better food, better education, better health, better housing, better employment, better transport, better family life, better community life, better governance and a better quality of life.

    I promised to let you enjoy this period of rest, enjoyment and goodwill. I promised that our campaign would not be intensified until 2nd January. I will keep that promise.

    In the meantime I want you to continue to reflect on the type of Barbados you want to see. I want you to reflect on the type of Barbados you want to pass on to your children. If you want to create a Barbados that is divided against itself, that is made up of two Barbadoses, one hidden away in gated, exclusive communities and the other in sprawling, poverty-ridden and crime-ridden tenantries, vote for more of the same.

    On the other hand, if you want a Better Barbados vote for the fresh, competent, caring and committed DLP team.

    Let us start the New Year with good news on 16th January. Let 2008 be a truly Happy and Prosperous New Year for the people of Barbados.


  5. Reginald Farley is an opportunist plain and simple.

    His only concern is about Reginald Farley.

    His strategy is plain: shin yuh teeth,shake hands and pretend you are every body’s friend and wriggle your way through life.

    Is there one thing you can point out that he has done that stands out?

    I don’t know how true,but his name was apparently associated with that so – called FBI Report.

    I know little about Dennis Lowe – but the few times I heard him speak in the senate he seems to be making sense to me.

    Anyway the bottom line is – IT’S TIME FOR CHANGE.

    Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result – is called Madness.

  6. As a registered voter in Christ Church East, I believe that one of the deciding factors that will influence who gets elected will be the Gibbons Bogs farmers/Shell issue.
    An acceptable settlement has taken too long to be reached and I understand a group of the farmers are willing and able to take this matter to a higher media level over the next 14 days.
    Shell can afford to compensate them properly (after all its tax deductable), but
    its going to take a determied politician to persuade them its the right thing to do.

  7. I always perceived Reginald Farley as a bluffer. Any person who is alway smiling and has an answer for everything cannot be trusted. Only last week on Brass Tacks he was so out of his league, lying person.

  8. The undertaker live in St.Peter and recently found himself swimming a pool of shit off Mullins beach, literally this did indeed occurr. 😀 I find his name to interesting in light of the incident which he told of on another forum that occurred to him. It is known occurance that some person on their deathbed will “crap” as their last act before moving on to the great beyond. So given his name “Undertaker, the known fact that he is a BLP supporter and his account of accidentily swimming into a pool of crap that this incident my have been a harbinger of what is come to his beloved BLP. 😀

    Seriously my real response to Undertaker elsewhere.

    January 1, 2008 at 5:33 pm
    Undertaker do you have an opinion on this incident? what is it?

    My opinion is rooted in my approach to playing any sport. Those who now me will tell you that I play my sports to win, that i am all business, when at task. I and never a friend to the opponent until at the very end. I am also a stickler for the rules of engagement and if the particular activity, as part of it’s rules does not require me to shake the hands of or engage in expression of niceties and pleasantries with the opponent at the start of the exercise, none will be forthcoming. So as far as i am aware there is no such requirement in law, rules, or establish tradition that Patricia Inniss must shake Mia Mottley’s hands therefore this is a none issue that got undeserved prime print media real estate when none was deserved.

  9. Adrian Hinds:
    Undertaker do you have an opinion on this incident? what is it?

    Your attempt at story telling reminds me of an old man, who is on his death bed has his grand children around giving them a lecture on the the mistakes he made in life, and all the things that he wished he could have done. He has no wealth to leave for them just his past experiences. (of course when he dies they have to buy the casket.



    You are totally correct that their in no requirement the hands be shock before battle – for this election is indeed a battle. (men/woman will be made and broken by this election, regardless of the outcome, anyone who doubts this is probabaly dreaming) But I do see a sense of “fairplay” a sense of “lets not take it to the gutter” with the shake after all a candidate will need at some time to ask a favour of the other when the elections are done, especially if they intend to represent at the next elections for we can only have one winner, like the calypsonian sung “all politicians are friends”

    Plus, anyway we know at the end of the day thatw Ms Mottley can sling in the mud like the rest of them, so either way I don’t think a shake is that important to her either way, it just sounds the sounding of the bell so to speak.

  10. Is anyone able to comment on Farley’s record in the Housing Ministry? We mean are there hard numbers since we can discuss i.e. number of houses he has rolled out and importantly his vision for solving the housing shortage in Barbados?

  11. I live in Christ Church East and Dennis Lowe has come around twice to chat about issues affecting the area and the country. He was eloquent and focussed, and I liked the fact that he kept his constituency office open since the last election even though he lost. I have not seen Reginald Farley yet, so DL will be getting my vote.

  12. Denis Lowe has been working for his community for the past number of years without having the BLP gravy train to rely on. Senior citizens, childrens and many other community efforts he has led the way.

    He is dedicated and has high standards as what needs to be done to change Barbados for the better. If anyone deserves to be a representative of his riding, Denis Lowe has surely earned this position.

    Lets hope his constituents aren’t fooled with more bling bling s___t.

  13. This slogan by the BLP: How long is too long…? was a slogan used years ago by the DLP in a general election when PM Barrow was still Prime Minister. Why the copying? Are Barbadians suffering from amnesia? Cylde Mascoll alledgedly said: Vote for the DLP.
    Out of the heart the mouth speaks.
    God Bless

  14. Is anyone able to comment on Farley’s record in the Housing Ministry?

    Nothing much to comment on actually.

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