Did The Nation Talkback Forum Really Meet Its Objective Kaymar?

Kaymar Jordan, Editor in Chief, Nation newspaper (l) George Pilgrim, General Secretary, DLP

BU observed the Talkback Forum hosted by the Nation newspaper this week and contrary to Editor in Chief Kaymar Jordan’s pronouncement that it was a success, we beg to disagree. Perhaps she measured success based on the 500 hundred attendees and 1,500 streaming the event (it would be interesting to know how many people streaming the event were logged on from Barbados). However, if the Nation newspaper is the people’s choice and is touted to have a circulation of  greater than one hundred thousand then some may judge that – at the height of the silly season – the forum should have attracted greater numbers.

Regarding the content of the discussion, BU suggests that the report card cannot be graded with a pass mark if the government side was NOT represented. Yes there was a lively discussion but if the forum was constructed to bring key stakeholders/commentators together to discuss “The Next General Election”, surely a full ventilation of the topic could not have been achieved in the circumstances.

BU has stated on other blogs that the government erred by not sending a representative to the session. We note the general secretary of the Democratic Labour Party DLP) has taken umbrage to the quality of the invitation sent to the Prime Minister by the Nation newspaper, indicating that the Nation deviated from protocol. It does not mean Mr General Secretary that Stuart could not have dispatched an emissary to participate who could have used the opportunity to speak to any discomfort the Prime Minister has with the invitation.  A better outcome to addressing public perception. This government continues to have a problem appreciating and responding to the political dimension to several issues.

The DLP must be patently aware that any government managing an economy during an austere time will encounter declining popularity. It is a commonsense matter. In fact the better option would have been to indicate to the Nation Publishing Company that the timing of the Talkback Forum was not convenient and to suggest an alternative date. The fact that the both parties who comprised the Estates of the Realm were not able to negotiate a mutually satisfactory arrangement does not bode well for Barbados.

The political rhetoric being mouthed by the DLP General Secretary George Pilgrim is too little too late. His invitation for Mia Mottley to cross the floor aired on Voice of Barbados would have had a more dramatic impact – though political fluff – at the Nation Talkback session when Mottley was quizzed about her relationship with Arthur. Opportunity MISSED to widen the doubt in the minds of many undecided voters concerning BLP leadership.

What we have noticed is that Kaymar has been at her most strident in the public space when dealing with Talkback Forum issues and CLICO since taking over as Editor in Chief. She participated on a talk show with David Ellis this week and suggested the Talkback series was not a money spinner (words to this effect). She can build her credibility and that of the Nation by attacking other issues which afflict our country. How about being as strident highlighting governance issues listed in the Auditor General’s report over the years? How about rising concern about the National Insurance Scheme and its ability to produce current financials. An issue which has straddled both governments. What about the ‘defunct’ Public Accounts Committee?

Kaymar the Big Interview follow up for you and the Nation is to ask Arthur if he has retreated from the position taken in his famous UWI interview when he condemned Mia Mottley by slurring her lifestyle.

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  1. Kaymar..No it could never have, when the DLP and politicos stayed away. The objective was to hear the views of all..NOT JUST THE UNDECIDED. Why some sought not to participate is rather unfortunate as it was a perfect opportunity to launch their canvassing campaign……WHICH THEY EVIDENTLY HAVE TODAY UNDER CLOUDY SKIES……again I say how unfortunate…unfortunate indeed.

  2. @ David
    While I have taken note that you have to be an advocate for BU and blogs in general, it becomes more obvious with each passing day that you are not convinced that Kaymar or the Nation can be reasonably objective. Nonetheless, I disagree with you on the success of the event given that from my distance and with the e-mergence of streaming, I found the questions and answering as being very useful and informative respectively. The absence of the DLP representative did not diminish the quality of the answers but merely highlighted the calbre of objectivity that came from Wickham, Hoyte, and Mottley. Indeed, and acknowledging my bias and comradeship, Mia was brilliant! In terms of the things that Kaymar specifically outlined as the agenda, I believe that a passing grade is certainly in order. Whether Mottley was able to grab more than a fair share of the attention had more to do with the audience and their questions either live or via email or other format.
    Respectfully David, the event did not disappoint outside of the fact of the glaring absence of the DLP. From reports that I received, while a fair number of DLP MPs were at Cave Hill, they were noticeable absentees – enough with the excuses of the DEMS. In every sphere, the DEMS have been more at ease for offering excuses and placing blame than on operating strategically, positively, or creatively. The DEMS are their worst enemies and the stupid thing is that they believe that the things they say and do (making excuses for a bulk of the time) are correct and in tune with what the masses desire. There can be no other way of stating that this group of DEMS in Parliament is easily the poorest group of people representatives barbados has ever seen in its post-independence development.
    Finally, I am for social media, and the blogs. However, I will not write off the print media and especially when it is a private entity.

    • @George

      Not sure why your comment veered so readily into the realm of the tangential. BU admits the DLP erred in not attending the session. BU admits the government has struggled to factor the political dimension to issues which have come up whether CLICO, AX, E11 etc. BU admits the utterances by George Pilgrim carried on the news yesterday were puny and puerile in the circumstances. BU admits the DLP lost the plot on this one. What does this have to do with the talkback forum meeting its objective if it was about discussing which party is better equipped to lead the country? How could the objective have been achieved with the DLP not represented? Please separate the arguments.

    • @George

      While I have taken note that you have to be an advocate for BU and blogs in general

      It is others, like you, who continue to place blogs in the same group as traditional media, we are NOT.

  3. @David
    I take all that you have said. Two things: by virtue of the lame excuse arising from the DLP and the fact that the BLP was represented and delivered excellently to a wide cross-section of questions answers the question that was the theme of the event. It is glaringly obvious that the BLP is ready to lead and that the DLP is reluctant to be in touch with the masses.
    The second conclusion that favours the Nation’s event, is that it was about the people, whoever they were, who wanted to participate and it was not exclusionary. Hence, and drawing from that assertion, it is again clear that a wide and prevailing perception is that the DEMS are too busy manufacturing excuses for everything else except coming to the people and taking whatsoever challenges are being placed on them by the opposition.
    It is precisely against these two factors that in my opinion, the Nation’s answer has been given which is as much excitable as it is unfortunate that one political party will so easily concede defeat in times that democratic governance has become so essential to national development.
    Please note, that we are in agreement with those facts contained in your earlier response to me.

  4. and i am still trying to figure out what was the purpose of having Peter Wickham on the panel. . throught out the whole forum his role seems only to be defending the poll could only imagine if the PM had showed what calibre of questioning he would have had to answer regarding the poll . the forum was a farce from the get go. nothing of real substance was derived from it and the questions and answers were of the “talk show mentality one hear daily repetitive and soundbites

    • Obviously Peter’s role on the panel was critical to demystify any issues raised by the recent CADRES poll. Elementary.

  5. Did The Nation Talkback Forum Really Meet Its Objective Kaymar?

    It certainly did .
    It has thrown the DLP on the back foot again
    It has HELP to push the BLP way past the DLP
    It has exposed the DLP

    gEORGE piLgRiM’s response is one to forget.
    The DLP seems to be adept at making some very offensive statements. He made some really strange statements–that gEORGE piLgRiM in keeping with his leader’s tendency to do the same.

    I found that the Prime Minister’s statement about having come from a chattel house in March field to Illaro Court and not changing ‘whatever’ he has done or how he has operated to be what I would call a murky statement. I dont like the mentality behind that staetment. I rank it alongside the statement by Justice Waterman about –Up there —and Down there.

    It is no wonder that Barbados is the way it is , that the Civil Service is the way it is—the snobbery, the dis-respect for people who you catergorized as inferior. It is no wonder that Barbados features such things as the discriminatory devices such as the 11 plus exam and its attendant evils where we end up with drop-outs and the block culture inundated with people who because they are not cut out to be Lawyers or DOCTORS are counted as inferior and chased out of school through snobbery and disccrimination .

    The statements by Justice Waterman and Freundel Stuart are good examples of snobbery. ‘Wunna cant tell me nothing , I up here in Illaro Court –wunna down there. Stand down there wunna stupid bitches, Wunna aint nobody –I am somebody

    And wunna think this shite gwine stop when they got people in positions thinking this way ?


  6. @ David…you have captured the point I was about to make in a submission I started to write last night.If the nation is so objective,if Kamar and crew are so grounded in and guided by the principles of journalism (her bold pronouncement on brass tacks)can anyone point me to their article when anyone of them directly questioned Owen Arthur about what took place in the constituency of St.James North? Barbados still employs the process of the paper ballot,so why would the alleged hanky panky that took place there not be of interest to these the leaders of the fourth estate,ensuring full ventilation? Dem really think we foolish.

  7. @ Hamilton
    You are a hypcorite!. You are encouraging Kaymar to question OSA about St.James North some how conveniently forgetting what transpired in the same constituency and Christ Church West nominations for the DLP.

  8. @ ac | October 13, 2012 at 7:27 AM |

    It seems you are of the view that the CADRES poll is a partisan politically-arranged exercise contrived to discredit the DLP and specifically the leader Stuart.

    Well, as was suggested before to another blogger, why don’t the DLP and its supporters organize a different poll to get the true reflection of the populace political leanings and expectations. This could be done through the Advocate but with no Wickham fingerprints just another pollster’s footprints.

    You guys must stop the blame game and accusing anyone who shows opposition or criticize your arrogance and aloofness. Can one imagine the type of attitude you guys would demonstrate if you are returned to power? You are no different from the BLP in their 2006-2007 phase of their third term. You guys need an early vacation even if it means bringing back the rested old guard for another term just to teach the DLP a lesson of who is boss in this Barbados. Your arrogance and incompetent stupidity will be your undoing like a hubris to the political god called the Electorate.

  9. George Pilgrim needs to be reminded that this same Democratic Labour Party (elected through a decision by the HIGHEST decision making party in the country THE ELECTORATE) walked out of PARLIAMENT and swore never to return and some may say ‘bullied’ the then government into calling elections. How respectful was that behaviour? Parliament met subsequently and discussed a matter as important as the National Strategic Plan and there was no input by the DLP as the opposition party.

  10. The Barbados Labour Party either believe that Bajans are stupid or have no memories.

    What the Barbados Labour Party is saying to Bajans eessentially is this:

    “If we say say there is one leader, THEN THERE IS ONE LEADER!”

    “If we say that there is no rift, THEN THERE IS NO RIFT!”

    “If we say that we are squeaky clean, THEN WE ARE SQUEAKY CLEAN!”


    The organ of choice for getting these warped messages out to the Bajan public, is the Nation newspaper.

  11. What I am noticing is that the DLP likes to give/do but caant tek.
    Cue Kellman in today’s Nation talking about BLP political operatives in government. I have one name for Kellman– Darcy Boyce who, unlike him, did not have to wait until David Thompson died to become a member of Cabinet but was there from day one.

  12. Coming out this Forum were two most non propitiate givings by the DLP…. (1) we have no answers and (2) we are most indecisive and bombastic.
    What could it have taken to send a cloned George from the Bayland..if not from the Bayland .. a Hutson or Pilgrim? Nothing. But they fell yet again prey to the now recrudescent Blunderous disease. These small but continuous errors say one thing…”we are STILL not ready to lead. ” Spin it how you like…. Westminster style Government advancements is all about interacting and debating the Opposition….The DLP fear and avoidance confirms they are inept and not in the game. How can we go forward if you cannot debate your position…far less have a position?

  13. As far as the cadres poll i have given no views yea or nay . but my question is /what purpose did it serve for PeterWickham to be on the panel he gas used his talk show to defend his system of polling time and time again so i see no relevancy for him to be on the panel except in the role of being the hatchet man while Kymar and Hoyos look on as if to be unexpectedly surprise. by his questioning to the PM all in all the PM knew what was to be expected with Peter Wickham on the panel the forum was a sham

  14. @ ac
    Peter Wickham was not asking questions; the PM was not invited to answer questions from the PM. What is your logic or are you showing your total buy in to the game of blame and excuses? Nonetheless, your opinions are yours.

  15. **That should have read the PM was not invited to answer questions from PW=Peter Wickham. It was the audience that mattered.**

  16. I shall never understand how anyone could listen to Kaymar Jordan at this stage of her career and see her as professional after she vowed to print the signatures NOT NAMES of an eager eleven – researched and penned by her the EDITOR IN CHIEF. Until she publish it – I will not give her the time of day.

    Onions et al you baffle me. There are more ways to get the message out. Wait for an invitation from the PM or his Party to have a Talk Back that would be more credible than a Nation that is lead by Trinidadians – we forget that the major shareholder in the Nation is T’dad. Don’t hear a word from Vivian Anne now is she still there?

  17. It is always shoot the messenger. The fact is the DLP government has failed and is running away from the debate about its lack of performance.

    In addition, they are displaying a level of arrogance in a first term that is not normally seen until the third term (a la the DLP 1971-1976 and the BLP 2003-2008). But in both those cases there was at least a solid track record.

    What does the current DLP administration have to show after nearly 5 years in office?

  18. Lest we forget
    In 2007 after the Peter Wickham’s poll leading up to the election.
    Owen Arthur the leader of the BLP said that persons in collaboration with the Nation newspaper were trying to shape public opinion.

    It is crystal clear in 2012 with Peter Wickham hurt by being fired from CBC and Kaymar Jordan (non-Barbadian) vex with how the DLP dealt with the Guyanese are trying to shape public opinion to get rid of the DLP.

  19. STEWPS
    was Joey Harper, Glyne Murray, Jerome walcott, Peter Simmonds in attendance at Kaymar’s attack DLP festival
    Now there is a stupid comment if ever they be one….Do you need eva B to make a representation…..DUMB MIE? LOL

  20. DavidB

    The DLP has done a good job of keeping the country from falling into deep recession such as in Spain and Greece.

    I am not talking about any Caribbean countries because our levels of Social entitlement are far ahead of most of these countries.

    Over three thousands teachers are employed and school children go to school every day with an average class sizes.

    People are not dying from a lack of health care.
    Buses are running and people getting to work still.

    The sales lady at consolidated finance said on VOB this week that they cannot get enough double cam vehicles to sell. This is the middle class that are complaining about free bus fares for poor people children.

    Roads are being fixed and new ones built.
    They have done well in the situation and should be voted back into office.
    Only naming some of the things that they have achieved.

  21. @ clone
    The DLP has done a good job of keeping the country from falling into deep recession such as in Spain and Greece.

  22. ODE TO DLP…

    Water bills high, light bills skyrocketing,
    Cell and telephone rip rip rip.
    Nothing to smile about,
    Rest assured a price gouging trip
    Leaving one to nest wid nuttin…
    Financially chomped to bits

    What once seemed an obviously easy fix,
    Somehow turned into a maze.
    Headmaster versus teachers,
    Commissions to solve,
    Stupidity at its highest
    Surely an Ossie Moore call.

    We hear of pecuniary transfers
    And swaps of the pejorative kind,
    Poor quality drug replacements,
    Escalated fees and taxes, fines,
    We are all but left to wonder,
    What next piece of stupidity
    Coming our way to bind.

  23. Onions
    What don’t you understand that Barbados is a very expensive destination created by all governments policies and greedy Hoteliers who would not keep their hotels up to standard.
    Have you ever been to St. Lucia?
    ST.LUCIA IS CHEAPER FOR TOURIST TO GO TO ONIONS. They have been voted best marriage vacation country in the Caribbean.

    What do want the government to do? Tell tourist to come and they will subsidize their vacations

  24. @ Clone | October 13, 2012 at 9:52 AM |
    ” I am not talking about any Caribbean countries because our levels of Social entitlement are far ahead of most of these countries.”

    Does that include Trinidad too? If it does then Bajans have to be the smartest servants in the world.
    Living sweeter and better than the master that owns the house, nearly all the assets and provides the life blood to the country in the form of petroleum products.

    Clone stop being a zygotic twin to ac and think before you write stupid contributions.

  25. @ Clone | October 13, 2012 at 10:09 AM |
    “… What don’t you understand that Barbados is a very expensive destination created by all governments policies……….. ”

    So tell us clearly whose policies are responsible for the over30% increase in the COL and the massive imposition of taxes over the past 4 years? The Hoteliers or the BLP?
    We don’ t expect to respond with any specifics!

  26. @ Clone

    Cost of Living, Cost of Living, Cost of Living.
    Unemployment, Unemployment, Unemployment.
    16 – 18 thousand private sector jobs lost.
    Thirty hotels closed in the last 4 1/2 years, while hotels being built in St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Dominica to name a few.
    Tourism arrivals and receipts rapidly declining .
    International business companies fleeing by the dozen.
    National Insurance being used as a piggy bank.
    National debt skyrocketing.
    Government borrowing to meet current expenditure like salaries and supplies, after every other gov’t in history ran a current account surplus.
    No new buses, no new vehicles for SSA.
    $600+ K spent on Alexandra debacle
    $600 K spent on a partisan football competition.
    Graft and corruption at BWA per audit report.
    CLICO mess not dealt with and people’s financial security at risk.
    Abusive taxation regime, yet government revenue declining.

    . . . and I haven’t even started.

  27. Onions, based on your confidence, I respect your views and convictions highly, tell us about the Labour law that the BCC has requested further discussion on to benefit them.

    Also about the Health and Safety at Work Act, will the new BLP government move swiftly to pass these laws come 2013?

    Is the standard of living in Barbados rapidly declining? Show facts and figures through research? On that day men will stand for bread and drink at the low income level – they are more of them than your status.

    Was it a good thing to increase minimum wage during the DLP five year tenure (2008 – current)? Was minimum wage increased though? Was that passed?

    Was it prudent to tax highincome earners? Does it help the economy? The increase licences Property, road, was that prudent?

    Personality is not an issue. Owen ain’ the man Barbados is looking for – we are looking for truth and honesty, capacity and ability to maintain a good quality of life in the midst of famine and global hardship.

    My memory ain’ short – Owen bragged and boasted about the percentage cut Sandi imposed and said that because of that austerity measure Barbados’ dollar would not be devalued and the economy was stabilized and ‘earth fruitful for bringing increase.’

    Both you and the DLP have got to prove that these measures were effective, timely as they were necessary. Today’s voter is not worshiping any man we are adding and subtracting more so now than ever – even telling babies to be entrepreneurs.

    To you and all fool me once …

  28. Miller
    I lived In Trinidad for four years. Don’t tell me about Trinidad. I saw poverty not like in Barbados my friend. Anyhow Onions was talking about St. Lucia
    Barbadians are going to UWI free .Most other countries they have to pay full costs. Barbadians were getting free medications for the children and pensioners for years some of those countries now trying to get there. How is that stupid? In fact Trinidadian students only started going to UWI free in the last ten years.

  29. @ clone
    Have you ever been to St. Lucia?
    ST.LUCIA IS CHEAPER FOR TOURIST TO GO TO ONIONS. They have been voted best marriage vacation country in the Caribbean.
    What do want the government to do? Tell tourist to come and they will subsidize their vacations
    I convinced you is a mad man ya know? you are the one bringing the argument..that we doing so well….I show you RELATIVE to the rest of the region..WE ARE NOT…and that we got a bad report card F minus..I am not here to give sympathy …or what or who cheaper..facts are we not doing well in OUR SPATE of this world…

  30. Unemployment Grenada 40%. Unemployment St. Lucia 25%. Unemployment ST. Vincent 50%. Unemployment Jamaica 25% Unemployment Barbados 11.5%

  31. @ Brief
    Ya see you….I gine quote Miller….cuz i feel you are a middle age woman from the way you WRITE…..you just want to waste my time and provoke Onions….but getting back to Miller’s position., I you are such a damsel..” I got this 1 foot middle post that if you really up for a challenge…..otherwise stop wasting my BLASTED time….stupesss


    Potential repatriate-ors…who can’t wait with pencil in hand…..to hand back the WHAMMY handed to them….”Oh come elections day…”

    Dr. Barrack et al subcontractors
    Teachers of Alexandra
    Pensioners of CLICO
    EFPA Holders
    BARP investors
    BIBPA Group
    Unemployed IBC workers
    Old people on the Drug Formulator
    Immigrant NIS payers..no drug receivers
    Govt Travel Allowance earners
    Private Travel and Entertainment Allowance losers
    Vehicle Registrants.$750- $3500 payers
    Professional License $1000- $2500 roped inners
    Who eating one meal -a- day
    Elderly with no free drugs
    Land Tax Debtors
    Mini Bus Owners
    Shop Keepers $50 – $1,000 payers
    Pensioners with water turn off
    Pensioners with light turn off
    All Diesel n Gasoline users
    Store Owners..2.5% Vat
    Small Contractors owed
    Bagatelle residents
    13% Unemployed
    UWI general workers

  33. @ Figures

    Give us the comparative unemployment numbers for all the listed countries at the end of 2007. Let’s compare the slide or improvement in each territory since then.

  34. @ Figures | October 13, 2012 at 10:25 AM |
    “Unemployment Barbados 11.5%”

    If you believe that you will believe anything like ac is onions in disguise.
    Government can manipulate and quote statistics to satify their own political agenda of fooling the people.
    That 11.5% (or the reported 12 % according to the BSS or IMF) officially represents people actively looking for work or on unemployment benefits. Not people unemployed for 1 to 2 years and over.

    This is the test: Let government publish the 2010 National Census figuresand we will go from there. The revealed facts will be a big shock to your system, “Figures”. Go figure that one out!
    Let’s call for publication of the national census stats unvarnished and all!

  35. I would have good reason to believe 14% and rising……and that does not included who not keeping up as a registered “unemployed” or who doing remedial jobs like washing Dads car ….they are considered employed….a RAW REAL Figure. would be 23-25 % (clip board in hand on Broad St. method)…..that would love to have a real job..no kidding

  36. @ Clone | October 13, 2012 at 10:23 AM |

    So you lived in Trinidad. And your point is that Barbados is richer than Trinidad?
    So the free education and social welfare system is something new under this DLP administration. Who pay for all of this freeness? Not the same people? No politician except by way of his tax contribution provides theses services to the general population.

    Since you are an expert on T&T because you lived there one can assume you are also an expert on Spain and Greece or even the UK because you lived those places too?

  37. In April, when the 1st Qtr unemployment numbers came out I did a brief analysis. At that time unemployment was rated at 10%.

    The labour force was reported at 145,300 and 14,400 were unemployed. However, those “not looking for work” was a whopping 68,300.

    if that number were added to both sides of the equation (labour force and unemployed), the unemployment rate would be 39%.

    I am not arguing that all he “not looking for work” should be added, but a substantial number of people left the labour force because of frustration.

    I think the genuine number of persons who want a job, but do not have one is in the vicinity of 25%+.

  38. @miller the ass-The Rebuplican party of Romney dont believe US unemployment figure is 7% either. Like the BLP yardfowls they say its closer to 14%. Why because they hate Obama and black people. Miller and his onions do you hate the black people and Obama? Are you not one of sophisticated redneck Romney’s 47%?

  39. Freundel’s statement that his style brought him from a chattel house in Marchfield to Illaro Court, so he doesn’t need to change anything about it, is an arrogant and unwise statement. He should remember that he was never the leader of the Opposition, he inherited the office of PM due to the death of David Thompson. The results of the next general election is going to be a shocker for him and his party.

  40. @ Figure
    Miller and his onions do you hate the black people and Obama? Are you not one of sophisticated redneck Romney’s 47%?
    Now that was a stupid comment….but we will let it pass. We are not here to inject a race issue in BIM politics when everyone incld. you knows there is none ….so lets just stick to real issues…Ok

  41. Souse time people..we all know Onions is a sucker for Saturday Puddin n Souse…by the way we did not hear Sarge this week..Sarge here is hoping you are in good health n well……I m off approx.2hrs…see unna

  42. @ Figures

    You last post was really shameful!

    I am new to this blog and thought from your posts that I saw here that you were genuinely interested in making a solid fact-based defence of the government’s performance.

    We can debate the facts and the numbers, but insults and emotional attacks are out of place.

    I also did not like Onion’s blatantly sexist attack on Brief, though I agree with most of what he says otherwise,

  43. @Just Asking,Miller,Enuff,OldOB,DavidB,Zack
    Persausive and dynamic contributions indeed.I have already said that the current DLP government do not know the value of turning what appears to be a threat into an opportunity to score points.Unless you participate you are going to lose those floating voters who are seeking answers.Politicians should know that they have no power other than the power given them by the electorate.It is not meant to cloak them in omnipotence,yet those lacking in commonsense,as was the late member for St Joseph Boychild Smith, are misguided into thinking that having arrived and allowed to enter Ilaro,that the electorate is to be ignored and pollsters are to be shot for delivering the views of the same electorate.But who knows!The swing might be so devastating that only Kellie and Mara would be left,and here is where Kellie is seeing his chance at Ilaro and Mara thinking hard about Micoud or Castries South having paved the way for another Thompson for the most backward parish in Buhbaydus,backward not only because they keep voting for candidates who do nothing to upgrade the parish,including EWB,but candidates who turn their backs on them the moment they are’duly elected to represent the constituency of St John in the House of Assembly of this island’.

  44. zack

    “The DLP shot themselves in the foot by refusing to send a representative”

    Since when does the Barbados Labour Party send invitations to the Democractic Labour Party to attend their political Meetings?

    I was there. The DLP missed nothing by not being at that Barbados Labour Party political meeting which masqueraded as as a “talkback”.

    I would know.

  45. GB if my memory serves me right there was some intervention or follow up questions by the panel on one or two issues to mia am i to believe that such followed up would not have directed to the PM. it is what it is and obvious it was onesided forum with specfic questions in mind to target or trapped the PM the PM in my opinion rightfully declined. the nation is now indeed crying sourgapes and no matter even if the PM had showed up might not have made a difference in how he protrayed in the nation.

  46. @ ac
    the nation is now indeed crying sourgapes

    Yes, indeed. The nation of Barbados wants, expects and deserves to hear both sides. No question the DLP should have been there to defend its policies and present its case for reelection. So there is a national cry of sour grapes (disappointment).

    The forum was excellent because it afforded the opportunity for questions from the live and online audiences. Public political meetings do not allow this kind of participation and interaction which intelligent voters desire.

    I give the Nation two thumbs up for organizing it and hope that there can be future sessions on specific topics such as healthcare, education, the international business sector, tourism, the economy, etc,

  47. @ Enuff….Instead of telling me what I already know{i is a hypocrite} please tell me what I want to know.Tell me this…if the experts say that the longer the dems wait to call the election the worse it will be for them,why is there this concerted effort to force their hands? In the lead up to the last election Peter Wickham claimed that pieces written by him and submitted on time were not published……I doubt that he was refering to the Advocate.Now you see why I chose the words Political Prostitution Of The Fourth Estate……Then again,there’s none so blind as he who will not see.

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  49. it seems that bajans have lost all respect for theoffice of the Pm and no wonder because when one reflects on the administration of the last 14 years there is no doubt that that office has been marked with a black stain that is going to be very hard to be removed by those who follow and in my ibserving if the forum it is factual

  50. @ Cornwell De Old Wind Bag….for some strange reason Iike you.Let me give you two choices.Either go back to peeping at ya neighbour lil daughter,or wait here so that 246islandgal can continue to make a punching bag out of a wind bag.

  51. @David

    While I am understand your willingness to congratulate me, I have to decline the offer since i have not yet attained the degree of Doctorate. In due course, the degree and the congratulations would be accepted with honour remembering that life is a journey that calls for perseverance and often the endurance to battle the challenges. Thanks for the kind gesture. I am still Mr. GCB.

    • @George

      You are too modest, your program manger has given you the all clear not so? That is good enough.

  52. Miller
    I now get back to you.
    I thought you were an intelligent person but I seem to be wrong.

    How can you deduce from what I wrote that we are richer than Trinidad. Let me therefor spell it out for you. For all the things that the government of Barbados provides for its citizens free, are more than what the other islands provide. That is why persons were getting medicines free and sending it overseas to their families. Minister of Health stop that when you had to take your Barbados ID card. Those persons are now upset with the DLP. Any right thinking Bajan should vote for the DLP to make sure we do not go back supporting other people with our tax dollars.

    Just a reminder that our taxes are high because of those things we expect to be provided, like a bus going to Grazettes or the Pine at 12 am with five persons.

  53. this is some truly amazing shit.

    if i get what the DLP and its supporters are saying, we the public can’t question them or there leadership and if you do, you support the BLP.

    i just want to tell the DLP supporters to keep up the good work. keep it up people.

  54. David(not Bu)
    We all went to school and so should be able to think for ourselves.
    Did you watch the video with your leader telling off Peter Wickham in 2007 for saying there was a swing against the BLP.
    He was trying at that time to retain power.
    Well the DLP is trying to retain power and so have every right to fight to the end.

    Here is a quote five years ago from Peter Wickham “Peter Wickham confirmed on national radio that the Nation newspaper has withdrawn his articles because he has been deemed to be a biased contributor.”

    What has changed is that he is not attacking Owen now but Freundel.
    Question to Kaymar and Harold .Is Peter Wickham still considered to be bias?
    That is what sensible Barbadians want to know.

  55. any body who is familiar with the way political debates are designed for example no news paper scheldules a program without first “REQUESTING” not asking “REQUESTING” at least a year in advance the privilege of having the PM as a guest of a nationwide forum mainly because of the PM scheduling which might overlap with other interest. the nation needs to get a grip and show respect to the office of the PM instead of frothing at the mouth and giving short sighted and haphazard reasons for the PM not showing up you think they could try that undignified approach of a town hall meeting and scheduling it accordingly with the president of the US ,. they would be told with in no uncertain terms to get loss.iwill emphaised once again the lack of respect for the office of PM was shown in the way the forum was handle and for that i respect the PM for not showing up all this alien talk as to why he did not show up is just another front to humiliate the PM by the nation and the BLP yardflows.

  56. Congrats to Mighty Gabby for earning a Doctorate as well. Hard work, consistency and humility brings sterling rewards.

  57. “That is what sensible Barbadians want to know.”

    and here is where you are dead wrong. what sensible Barbadians want to know is where is the country going and one would think the best way to do that would be to have an open discussion with persons from both parties.

    Clone you just gone back to 2007 but in 2007 the BLP had a track record. good or bad they had one. the DLP today does not have one. that is a fact. i don’t understand how the DLP gov’t could make the case that they have not sent home people and the private sector is sending home persons. are these people who are sent home from the private sector not Bajans?

    that then brings me to the case of the DLP not taking part in the Talkback session. Donville Inniss, a high ranking member of the gov’t said, in the Nation Newspaper no less, that the DLP needs to communicate better. now regardless of if you think the nation newspaper is a supporter of the BLP or not, they should have send someone to the program to answer questions from the PUBLIC and they could of have their people in attendance. that is communicating. DUMB ASSESS!!!

    i could give two or three rats’ asses what happen in 2007. as a bajan i want to know where the my country is going. but what do we have? Mia stealing the show, why? because the DLP got a bunch of pussies leading them.

    i am 1000% sure, if Hartley Henry was advising, he would of told you all go but now look at what the public is seeing. Mia represented her party well, so well did she do it, that you have the DLP publicly talking/asking her to join them. on the other hand, we see a fight with George Pilgrim and the Nation.

    how does that look? i see the Nation is a BLP supporter.

    keep up the good work DLP people. keep it up people.

  58. George:

    I would read most of what Onions, MIller, et al have to say – I will not trust ONE word from Kaymar Jordan until she prints the SIGNATURES of the ‘Eager 11″ her title not mine. She had a juicy story to put to the PM through her media and printed that she would PUBLISH the signatures if the names continue to deny agreement. She is still Editor in Chief and has never been Emeritus she should keep her word or she lied as a professional.

    A discussion is not a signature and notice to meet is not an agreement to make a motion.

    Kaymar is still to complete her word by action. If that offends the BLP so be it she had her say and we (you and I) place ours

  59. ac, i for one is sick of you all BS.

    the Nation say they sent the letter the office of the opposition leader. was he there?

    let me ask another question? elections are less than 6 months away, base on your comments about “respect” has anyone sent out the letter “REQUESTING” the PM or Opposition Leader to attend any debates?

    let me ask another question? when they are Sunday shows on Brass Tacts, are those invitations sent out a year before?

    and last question, what is the difference between a PANEL DISCUSSION and a DEBATE?

    ac, you need to go and cool down because clearly someone is filling your head with a lot of hot air.

  60. Brief, less not fool ourselves. an agreement was made between the Nation and the MoF, Chris to keep the letter with the signatures from coming out.

    end of that story.

  61. george pligrim stupsee he fell fuh the bait by responding to the Nation. the PM had responded to the Nation as to why he couldn’t attend and suffice to say the nation was not satisfied and brings it into the public arena for antagonistic debate . well can’t imagine if the PM had showed up and refused to answer any one of the questions hell would have broken loose as for the talk about inniss and communication he too could have represent the the DLP if need be but you BLP yardflows think wunna one got all the sense and everybody else dummies . not one DLP attended that FORUM because they knew it would have made matters worse going into to an election , right now the stove is turned up but the DLP has enough water to out the fire this too shall cease asas one can see the forum has only accomplished one thing and that is to make a complete ass of themselves as unethical rabblerausers dividing the country along party lines while doing more harm than and instead of the public talking about the issues of the day the public is waring among themselves as to “IF ” WHY” and coudaaa the PM had not attended the FORUM a bunch of malarkey!

  62. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Seems like forever I have been telling you about the piss poor standard of journalism in Barbados.Just play the clip then read the story {david provided the link} about the Peter Wickham ban at Nation News.Now juxtapose that with a question I posed via email to Peter about whether he saw Freundel Stuart as a politician.He is the one that said journalists in Barbados were too vulnerable to take pot shots at politicians.While my point is that he too was forced to wear a muzzle in Owen’s country,let me hasten to say that evidence of flaws in his polls is yet to be uncovered,and as such they have to be respected.What also has to be accepted is the fact that certain journalists who bow,who kowtow to their Lord and Master Owen Seymore Arthur must not be premitted to set the agenda for any other party,be it the government or while in opposition.Baseball is about to start so ah gone.Cornwell I think ya neighbour daughter just come out de shower.Tom, Tom …Adams….ah giving you another choice. Pick Tom.

  63. @ davud BU

    i made a comment as to how one should approach the office of the PM and you reply with cock and bull questions some of the answers you might only be privy to by word of mouth coming from the nation and nothing else to back it up loook the credibilty factor has long been gone with the nation and i take anything i read or see in that paper with a grain or salt wether the DLP win or loss . the nation credibilty is like sand pouring through a siev. nothing left of it,

    • If the same letter was sent to the leader of the opposition clearly no disrespect was intended by the Nation. We need to see the ;letter.

  64. You see why the Ntaion newspaper has no credibility- The Nation pretends that they want a fair and balanced forum to deal with the upcoming election and therefore invited both parties.
    Here is the hypocrisy, for the last 4 1/2 years the Ntaion has stuffed its papers with columnists promoting the BLP namely Albert Brandford, Pat Hoyos, Sanka Price(remember the best brains article);Ezra Alleyne, Peter Symmonds and Clyde Mascoll.
    Virtually every week the bove columnists have been very partisan and one sided in their “analysis”.
    Was any column offered to the DLP or anyone associated with the DLP to counteract Mascoll or Brandford’s propaganda?
    That is the million dollar question that Kaymar should answer,
    But, suddenly now – the Nation pretends that they want to hear both sides.
    The reality is that the Nation newspaper is firmly in the grip of the BLP because Sir Fred Gollop(the chairman and former BLP senator) and Vivian AnnGittens are well known BLP supporters.
    The Nation newspaper is the Fox news of Barbados- “Fair and Balanced but biased as hell”.

  65. How many stories have you read in the Nation newspaper challenging Owen Arthur on his failure to pay Al Barrack?
    How many Nation columnists wrote about Arthur’s failure to convene meetings of the Public Accounts Committee or his hypocrisy in the Clico affair?
    Will we see anyone in the Nation write about the invisibility of Dale Marshall who is still “deputy”?
    With polls looking favourable to the BLP, will anyone in the Nation question Arthur on specific solutions or will he be allowed like Mitt Romney to speak in general terms and just criticise.
    The lists and questions can go on but do not wait for these questions to be asked?
    The Nation and Kaymar Jordan should be judged not on their words but their actions and the Nation newspaper’s actions all lead in one direction – to promote the BLP.
    The Nation and its editors should look at their mirror image. They are now plainly promoting one party over another.They are now “All the paper for the BLP”.

  66. David (not BU) | October 13, 2012 at 5:50 PM

    Brief, less not fool ourselves. an agreement was made between the Nation and the MoF, Chris to keep the letter with the signatures from coming out.

    and you David (not BU) talk about me and BS wuh the above comment ain’t nothing more than Bull plastered with sh……..

  67. The Barbados Association Of Journalist must give Pat Hoyos the award for “Political Ass Kisser Of The Year”.
    Hoyos is running out of space on Arthur’s butt to “kiss”.
    I cannot remember another Journalist in Barbados who has so openly worn a political preference on his sleeve.
    Word on the street is that he has been promised 30 pieces of silver . You see why Barbados will have to turn to the blogs because Owen Arthur is about total domination of the media.
    That will be good for Arthur and Hallam Nicholls but not for Barbados.

  68. As a fromer journalist in California its strange to see an editor as caught up in political electioneering as Kaymar. Newspapers traditionally endorse a candidate or party but the editor does not openly get wrapped up in the day to day tug of war election action like Kaymar.
    The same applies to Wickham he is a pollster not campaign worker from his numerous statements he’s long ago taken a stance against the government. He is now using his polls to shape opinion against the DLP. Little impartiality is forthcoming from Kaymar or Wickham you know the political side they are on before they open their mouths. They are using their media occupations with nation wide access to the public to denigrate the DLP while giving the BLP a free pass.

  69. @Fourth Estate
    “They are using their media occupations with nation wide access to the public to denigrate the DLP while giving the BLP a free pass.”
    Exactly ! Add to that list Albert Brandford, Sanka Price and Pat Hoyos.

  70. the comment @ oct13 2012 @ 6.16 pm was for David not BU

    ac the highest office in the land should be treated with respect rather one vagrees with the ideaologies or politics or not we have reached a new low when the Fourth estate the keepers of the gate decides throw caution to the wind showing total and brazen disrepect to the office and for which it stands here is a newpaper editor who says that her paper conceputalise a town hall meeting in sept then sends a letter to the PM and expects hishim and his cabinet to drop all other important matters to attened a town hall meeting whose focus is designed to discuss the recent Cadres POOL . now what in the nanme of HASIL MARY could be so im portant about a pool that needed direct attention that would have been more important that the PM attending prior engaments of which he had made offical araarregaments . What arrogance.

  71. ac the highest office in the land should be treated with respect rather one agrees with the ideologies or politics or not we have reached a new low when the Fourth estate the keepers of the gate decides throw caution to the wind showing total and brazen disrespect to the office and for which it stands here is a newspaper editor who says that her paper conceptualise a town hall meeting in sept then sends a letter to the PM and expects him and his cabinet to drop all other important matters to attend a town hall meeting whose focus is designed to discuss the recent Cadres POOL . now what in the name of HAIL MARY could be so important about a poll that needed direct attention that would have been more important that the PM attending prior engagements to do with the country of which he had made official arrangements . What arrogance.

  72. Well I now see another reason why Kaymar is cruel with the DLP. No advertisement.
    There is a full page ad in the Advocate about the meeting at Queens College tomorrow. Not a squeak given to the Nation. Bravo DLP.

  73. @ ac | October 13, 2012 at 5:26 PM |
    ” they would be told with in no uncertain terms to get loss.iwill emphaised once again the lack of respect for the office of PM was shown in the way the forum was handle and for that i respect the PM for not showing up all this alien talk as to why he did not show up is just another front to humiliate the PM by the nation and the BLP yardflows.”

    FS himself has already sullied and tarnished that office through his unapologetic unwavering backing of Leroy P of CLICO infamy.

    By describing Leroy in such glowing terms knowing full well that the man is a corporate thief and con man is grounds enough to withdraw respect for the individual holding that office and certainly beyond comprehension as to why he took such as steadfast position to back his pal and accused lawbreaker.

    Until he returns t Parliament and withdraws his support for this individual he can expect disrespect to emanate from all quarters.

    Ac, we want see how you will attempt to circumvent Westminster traditions and justify FS steadfast backing of Leroy P.

  74. @miller

    it seems that bajans have lost all respect for the office of the PM and no wonder because when one reflects on the administration of the last 14 years there was alleged abuse of power and unethical practices there is no doubt that that office has been irrevocably damaged and marked with a black stain that is going to take years and plenty of hard work to be removed by those who follow and in my observance of the forum it only helps to reinforce

  75. @ ac | October 13, 2012 at 7:40 PM |

    Stop eschewing the gist of the argument that FS himself has sullied the office by backing unapologetically Leroy P to the very end of close friendship. Or do you along with Clone find it OK to back an estimable gentleman of the highest integrity and not a leper in his strategies to launder $10 million using the law offices of a former DLP leader as the conduit for such nefarious acts.
    Until you guys be honest enough to tell the voting public how the Families First Account was funded with $34 million your red herring $75,000 would just be a sprat to the large haul caught in the Thompie net containing CLICO life insurance premiums, pension contributions and EFPA investments.

  76. @4th estate
    The California you refer to must be in Trinidad.Everyday in the USA we see a number of journalists attacking or praising the Republicans or Democrats viz
    the Washington Post,NY times,Huffington Post,Time and a barrage of talk show hosts like the despised and far right O’Reilly,Hannity,Rush Limbaugh,Glenn Beck,Drudge and the liberal Ed Schulz,Lawrence O’Donnell,Chris Matthews,Rachel Maddow and the man they called the “racial arsonist” but now a respected msnbc talk show host Al Sharpton.In any case because you have limited knowledge of the Barbados scene is no excuse to jump into the fray attacking the contribution of a local journalist.This is the land of Garry Sobers,Rihanna,Suki King,the Mighty Gabby.We are first among equals,not afraid to call Reagan a cowboy,then turn around and welcome the same Reagan and tell him come back any time, and guess what,the great Bill
    Clinton came.Buhbaydus will continue to stand up and be counted.Just ring the bell and let’s get back to business with an efficient team of visionaries.

  77. What visionaries?

    In the fourteen years that the BLP was in office just put forward anything that could be classified as being visionary.
    Restructuring the economy would have required that vision.
    Your vision was a Barbados with a car in every garage and a graduate in every house. These visions are killing us today.
    Your great visionary Mia Mottley was Attorney General and was given information that Glendairy was a about to explode. She paid no attention until the prisoners started to riot. Like a Knight in shining armour she rush in and people started praising her for acting fast in getting the prisoners back in a safe location. Glendairy should never have burnt. Then your visionaries in all their madness gave a contract to a firm which never built a prison and the owner was found guilty of fraud in the US.Now we pay 30 million dollars every January for that vision sorry Prison.

    Your visionary PM said he was not at Cabinet when the prison was discussed until Prime minister Stuart produced evidence to show he was there.
    As usual your leader started to back peddled as he will do shortly again as Prime Minister Stuart promise.

  78. You DLP resurrects are all alike, like kids in a school yard….check this..when anyone SAYS SOMETHING YOU DON’T LIKE….-ATTACK IT

    Wickham…….polls advising of a swing…..-ATTACK HIM

    Nation Forum…..ask what the people would wish hereon ..-ATTACK THAT

    Nation News Paper….reporting news of dissatisfaction.- ATTACK IT

    People calling for an elections………………………….- ATTACK THEM

    Kaymar facilitator in midst………………………………-ATTACK HER

    MIA Owen Prodi JUST ASK Scout GB ………….ATTACK ATTACK


  79. @gabriel

    yes the media on the political divide in the USA do attack the president or the opposition part on the ISSUES. Can’t be said for the NATION as they only present their version from a one sided point of view never really given critical or decisive information that reflects both side of any issue hence you have a forum with the editor and chief hosting a forum based on a POLL how is that that is going to affect the standard of living in barbados and the solutions for solving our economic woes or in asking mundane question about which political party should lead the country how asinine and downright pompous can she be ,this forum has demonstrated that Kaymar can be as a good a political yardfowl as the rest of us, Sad but true!

  80. @AC
    I see you still don’t believe…..DLP will lose this one….word on the streets…polls….intern lend instutns……..regional news reports….DLP voters feeling…. Caribbean election trends… most importantly DLP ‘s PERFORMANCE WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

  81. @ Clone
    Stop with the $75,000 cheque that is a zero argument because the accuser was found to have received cheques from CLICO in his name…notice I said his name and not the firm’s i.e David Thompson & Associates. Yet PM Stuart said he saw nothing of concern in the report. Were those cheques written to David Thompson for the firm or his personal account? lmao

  82. @ Clone
    “The DLP has done a good job of keeping the country from falling into deep recession such as in Spain and Greece.”

    Spain is in dire straits because their property market COLLAPSED resulting in huge job losses and banks with a pile of bad mortgages, which forced the government to borrow and spend to avoid total ruin ending in EU inflicted austerity. What sector in Barbados collapsed and which banks are near to collapsing? Who got bailed out by the government? High wages and being bound to the Euro dollar have also made the country uncompetitive. Greece’s problems are a consequence of exactly what your government is doing now: running high annual budget deficits.
    Here are some economic indicators for Spain and Barbados:
    * Spain’s S&P credit rating is BBB- while it is BB+ for Barbados
    * In 2011 Barbados’ economy grew by 0.5% and Spain’s 0.7%
    * Unemployment in Spain is around 25% from 10% in 2007 (after increasing the civil service by 11% since 2008 massive layoffs have commenced with a 32,000 reduction in the first quarter of 2012) ; in Barbados’ case it is 12% up from 6.7% in 2007 with an additional 2,000 (70 alone at the BWA according to the Auditor General) employees added to the public sector since 2007
    * Budget deficit in Spain for 2011 was 8.5% and 8.8% in Barbados

    Barbados has not reached Spain or Greece’s territory because the circumstances were different, not due to any herculean efforts of the government.

  83. Why are some comparing elections in Barbados with those in the USA sure beats the hell out of me.The two are but miles apart. Stuart could never be Obama nor Owen Ronmey. This is a joke.

  84. @Onions
    Souse time people..we all know Onions is a sucker for Saturday Puddin n Souse…by the way we did not hear Sarge this week..Sarge here is hoping you are in good health n well……

    Thanks Onions didn’t know you cared. I was off enjoying the fruits of my labour on a well-earned R & R. As to my health tomorrow is not promised to anyone but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep (with apologies to Robert Frost).

  85. STEWPS | October 13, 2012 at 9:43 AM |
    was Joey Harper, Glyne Murray, Jerome walcott, Peter Simmonds in attendance at Kaymar’s attack DLP festival

    These gentlemen apppear regularly on this Blog
    What more do you want ?


    i Agree!


    i Agree!

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