Did The Nation Talkback Forum Really Meet Its Objective Kaymar?

Kaymar Jordan, Editor in Chief, Nation newspaper (l) George Pilgrim, General Secretary, DLP

BU observed the Talkback Forum hosted by the Nation newspaper this week and contrary to Editor in Chief Kaymar Jordan’s pronouncement that it was a success, we beg to disagree. Perhaps she measured success based on the 500 hundred attendees and 1,500 streaming the event (it would be interesting to know how many people streaming the event were logged on from Barbados). However, if the Nation newspaper is the people’s choice and is touted to have a circulation of  greater than one hundred thousand then some may judge that – at the height of the silly season – the forum should have attracted greater numbers.

Regarding the content of the discussion, BU suggests that the report card cannot be graded with a pass mark if the government side was NOT represented. Yes there was a lively discussion but if the forum was constructed to bring key stakeholders/commentators together to discuss “The Next General Election”, surely a full ventilation of the topic could not have been achieved in the circumstances.

BU has stated on other blogs that the government erred by not sending a representative to the session. We note the general secretary of the Democratic Labour Party DLP) has taken umbrage to the quality of the invitation sent to the Prime Minister by the Nation newspaper, indicating that the Nation deviated from protocol. It does not mean Mr General Secretary that Stuart could not have dispatched an emissary to participate who could have used the opportunity to speak to any discomfort the Prime Minister has with the invitation.  A better outcome to addressing public perception. This government continues to have a problem appreciating and responding to the political dimension to several issues.

The DLP must be patently aware that any government managing an economy during an austere time will encounter declining popularity. It is a commonsense matter. In fact the better option would have been to indicate to the Nation Publishing Company that the timing of the Talkback Forum was not convenient and to suggest an alternative date. The fact that the both parties who comprised the Estates of the Realm were not able to negotiate a mutually satisfactory arrangement does not bode well for Barbados.

The political rhetoric being mouthed by the DLP General Secretary George Pilgrim is too little too late. His invitation for Mia Mottley to cross the floor aired on Voice of Barbados would have had a more dramatic impact – though political fluff – at the Nation Talkback session when Mottley was quizzed about her relationship with Arthur. Opportunity MISSED to widen the doubt in the minds of many undecided voters concerning BLP leadership.

What we have noticed is that Kaymar has been at her most strident in the public space when dealing with Talkback Forum issues and CLICO since taking over as Editor in Chief. She participated on a talk show with David Ellis this week and suggested the Talkback series was not a money spinner (words to this effect). She can build her credibility and that of the Nation by attacking other issues which afflict our country. How about being as strident highlighting governance issues listed in the Auditor General’s report over the years? How about rising concern about the National Insurance Scheme and its ability to produce current financials. An issue which has straddled both governments. What about the ‘defunct’ Public Accounts Committee?

Kaymar the Big Interview follow up for you and the Nation is to ask Arthur if he has retreated from the position taken in his famous UWI interview when he condemned Mia Mottley by slurring her lifestyle.

  • @ onions

    JUST careful of the hymn book from which you sing , next time it might be your turn.


  • @AC
    I see you still don’t believe…..DLP will lose this one….word on the streets…polls….intern lend instutns……..regional news reports….DLP voters feeling…. Caribbean election trends… most importantly DLP ‘s PERFORMANCE WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?


  • @ Clone
    Stop with the $75,000 cheque that is a zero argument because the accuser was found to have received cheques from CLICO in his name…notice I said his name and not the firm’s i.e David Thompson & Associates. Yet PM Stuart said he saw nothing of concern in the report. Were those cheques written to David Thompson for the firm or his personal account? lmao


  • @ Clone
    “The DLP has done a good job of keeping the country from falling into deep recession such as in Spain and Greece.”

    Spain is in dire straits because their property market COLLAPSED resulting in huge job losses and banks with a pile of bad mortgages, which forced the government to borrow and spend to avoid total ruin ending in EU inflicted austerity. What sector in Barbados collapsed and which banks are near to collapsing? Who got bailed out by the government? High wages and being bound to the Euro dollar have also made the country uncompetitive. Greece’s problems are a consequence of exactly what your government is doing now: running high annual budget deficits.
    Here are some economic indicators for Spain and Barbados:
    * Spain’s S&P credit rating is BBB- while it is BB+ for Barbados
    * In 2011 Barbados’ economy grew by 0.5% and Spain’s 0.7%
    * Unemployment in Spain is around 25% from 10% in 2007 (after increasing the civil service by 11% since 2008 massive layoffs have commenced with a 32,000 reduction in the first quarter of 2012) ; in Barbados’ case it is 12% up from 6.7% in 2007 with an additional 2,000 (70 alone at the BWA according to the Auditor General) employees added to the public sector since 2007
    * Budget deficit in Spain for 2011 was 8.5% and 8.8% in Barbados

    Barbados has not reached Spain or Greece’s territory because the circumstances were different, not due to any herculean efforts of the government.


  • Dexter Doo nuttin

    Why are some comparing elections in Barbados with those in the USA sure beats the hell out of me.The two are but miles apart. Stuart could never be Obama nor Owen Ronmey. This is a joke.


  • @Onions
    Souse time people..we all know Onions is a sucker for Saturday Puddin n Souse…by the way we did not hear Sarge this week..Sarge here is hoping you are in good health n well……

    Thanks Onions didn’t know you cared. I was off enjoying the fruits of my labour on a well-earned R & R. As to my health tomorrow is not promised to anyone but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep (with apologies to Robert Frost).


  • STEWPS | October 13, 2012 at 9:43 AM |
    was Joey Harper, Glyne Murray, Jerome walcott, Peter Simmonds in attendance at Kaymar’s attack DLP festival

    These gentlemen apppear regularly on this Blog
    What more do you want ?



    i Agree!


    i Agree!


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