Nation Talkback "The Next General Election"

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The Nation Publishing Co is the host of another Talkback Session, the topic ‘The Next General Election’. BU has quickly developed a reputation as the leading forum in Barbados to discuss political issues. Let us join the discussion.

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  1. What is the DLP scared of? Why did they not send somebody ? Nobody in there with shark teeth….Bobby PEP needs to get a grip..

    • Mia has given a good answer about whether she and Arthur have made up and what we are seeing is not window dressing. What we need to hear is Arthur retracting/distancing himself from that now infamous UWI press conference where he slurred Mottley, badly.

  2. Boring boring omg boring, smh!
    Mia is rather tiresome it makes one realise why Arthur said what he did about her at his infamous UWI press conference. She huffs and puffs still does not blow the house down. She’s a glorified snake oil salesman.

    The blp in dire straits if they cant get dynamic speakers the wife beater trying but falls way short of the mark.

  3. simply so far a love fest between the nation and the BLp. said just a tri- peat of the old abot time the BLP bring something new but forget the “S” word not goinna cut it. .

  4. @ ac
    Now you hearing Mia …a well informed proper BLP speaker speak…..does that not sound like the country in safe hands already?

  5. look mia just told a big whopper that gatwick and heathrow was being well managed. boy i tell you when yuh eyes closed people could tell you the sky is green and yuh have no choice but to belive it, the truth is that the problems across the board is a disater starting with security . enviromental and all kinds of safety issues not to mention that ferrovial the owners seem to have had enough and are selling off more of their airports even at losses,gatwick has already been sold

    • The DLP wil have to come good to counter the view that it made an error in judgement not to have participated in the Talkback. One has to deal with public perception and in this case there is the view the DLP is ran away. Whether it did or not the perception is what it is.

  6. old onion bags(FRIGG YOU DAVID)

    I remember Seethru saying that the people of Babados will never accept MIA as a Prime Minister because of her life style.

  7. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 10, 2012 at 10:19 PM |

    You should have been at Stuart’s boring lecture at Cave Hill.
    You heard what Mia said: Constituency Councils to go. As I said to you before, CCC, no need to resign; you will be fired and there is no redundancy pay due either.

  8. This talkback foolishness certaingly was not educational, just a bunch of jokers rehashing old stories that we all are tired hearing.

    Nothing meaningful at all.

    I wasted my time and gas driving up there. Not worth the effort at all. I think I will skip the next talkshop if this one was anything to go by.

  9. nobody at the nation going to verify what MIA said about the management of heathrow and gatwick it is all going to be accepted as gospel. sad but true. where is the integrity in the media . the people deserve the truth not a horse and pony show galloping around looking for applause,

  10. Who will verify what Mia said about the energy cost? That is most important and should not be kept silent.

    We have to hear in depth about the BNOC activities and the increased fuel, world cost to BL&P and triple cost to the bajan.

    Carson pull this up even if again and tell us the DLP views on this one.

  11. @ Carson C. Cadogan | October 10, 2012 at 10:40 PM |
    “I wasted my time and gas driving up there. Not worth the effort at all”

    So lying Carcinogenic Carson the Comedian you mean you actually went to the TalkBack event rather than to the Stuart lecture where people fell asleep? What kind of DLP hack are you?
    You could have at least sat next to Wickham to represent your damned laughable party.

    • The analogy which David Elliss used today is not correct. It is not one person fighting in the ring which the people are left to judge at the moment. It is the record of the government which the electorate will levy it judgement. It will use whatever benchmark it sees fit. If the DLP enters the fight late it may or may not make adjustments but the body blows may have already done the damage.

    • The following note is useful. It shows that the DLP’s leadership at the time had no problem with Cadres polls. In fact many on BU will recall the bassa bassa which occurred between then DLP political strategist Hartley Henry and Carol Martindale at the Nation had to do with the Sunday Sun editor not leading with the Cadres poll numbers which were in favour of the DLP.

      TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2008

      Opposition Leader sticking with CADRES Poll: “Opposition Leader David Thompson says he is sticking with the CADRES Poll done by Peter Wickham and published in Friday’s Nation Newspaper.That poll predicted the Democratic Labour Party would get 35.4 percent of the popular votes and the ruling Barbados Labour Party 30.1 percent.Speaking to the media from his Bay Street Law Offices, Mr. Thompson said the results of the CHAPO-BOXILL poll was nothing new since the Prime Minister earlier said that the BLP had done its own poll.”
      at 9:58 AM

    • Here is a comprehensive bit of research on the issue being debated the benefits of privatization over national monopolies which is what air and seaports are. The extract is part of the concluding paragraph. Follow the link to read the full report.

      Perhaps the most important outcome from moves to corporatization and privatization is that of removing investment and pricing decisions from the hands of politicians and bureaucrats, who have some grand notion that building airports, ports, roads, and railroads will somehow provide a panacea for the economic ills of a region or nation. What has generally happened is that government has not only provided the capacity but has underpriced it as well. It should be remembered that transportation is a derived demand and neither investments in capacity nor policy initiatives will alter economic activity in a substantive way. This simple notion seems to be lost to the proponents of public ownership. In their view, privatizers fail to see the “market failures,” including the need for government to provide public services. The “publicizers” see government as wise, disinterested, and technically competent. The evidence is far from compelling for this view, particularly when government intervenes to try to direct markets. Government failure has done more harm than has market failure. Privatization, or at the very least corporatization, provides a superior solution.

  12. @ DAVID
    good job! this is what i mean presenting both sides to an issue this what i call healthy debate no real interference by those in the media who cow tongued to the political party of the day, the public should derived benefit from articles such as these and can freely decided on which article is more persuasive . like i always sat the media has failed the public miserably only giving articles of sensationalism and perception.

  13. Let’s hope they are engaging and ask questions that matter. Better yet, let’s hope that they stress that there needs to be a focus on prioritizing or nation’s most impending of issues…

    • Obviously the DLP must have a general election strategy. The question then must be can it create enough momentum to offset the rising public perception that its communication strategy is poor. It seems from reading the tea leaves Stuart is going for the head shot.

    “Toyota is recalling millions of vehicles to fix a faulty power window switch that is linked to several hundred reports of smoke and fires and at least nine injuries.

    The recall will affect more than seven million vehicles worldwide — the largest single recall since 1996.

    Toyota dealer Bermuda Motors says it doesn’t know if any of the cars sold here in Bermuda are recalled, but the company is closely monitoring the recall.

    “Should any vehicles sold here be affected, they will be recalled into the service department to replace the switch,” said Michael Butler, general manager of Bermuda Motors.

    “Whenever there is a recall on any of our vehicles sold at Bermuda Motors we always notify the customer as soon as we have the details and bring the vehicle in for inspection and — if needed — replacement of the particular part.”

    The vehicles recalled outside Japan include certain models of the Yaris, Vios, Corolla, Matrix, Auris, Camry, RAV4, Highlander, Tundra, Sequoia, xB and xD, produced between 2005 and 2010.

    Bermuda Motors says that all recalls are covered under the car’s general warranty when purchased through a recognised distributor.

    Customers of Bermuda Motors with questions regarding the recall should call the service department at Bermuda Motors on 292-0893.”

    I will bet the last five dollars in my pocket that the local agents will tell us that none of these vehicles were sokd in Barbados.

  15. @ BAFBFP | October 11, 2012 at 3:52 AM |

    The question to you BAF is how do we keep the corrupt politicians’ (aka lawyers) dirty hands along with their lackey bureaucrats from the wealth allocation cookie jar. Can you think of a way other than through dictatorship (which in itself breeds cronyism and political family ties) in which the wealth of the country can be distributed based on production/productivity, merit and need?

  16. @ David

    “It seems from reading the tea leave Stuart is going for the head shot.”

    Partially right.However a more apt description would be going for “a kill shot”. The BLP has fallen into the trap of shooting at the enemy which is not yet on the battle field. The amunition is or will or has run out for the BLP and thats when the DLP will launch into its campaign of war on the BLP but more importantly on OSA.

    I am curious as to why OSA is hiding and trembling behind Mia, why?

    What will the public think when they as shown the evidence that Elizebeth Thompson was not the motivator behind the Greenland Landfill waste, what will they think they are shown that a friend of OSA collected a tidy foreign currency sum as the grease?

  17. @David
    the head shot would only work if the neck and shoulders are cut off too. banking the election on a “killowen” strategy may seem like the best thing to do but it may be too little too late too wrong directed.
    The DLP’s non participation reminds one of the BLP’srefusal to debateback in 2007-8. Oh how the times have changed.

    just Observing

  18. The DLP lost an ascendancy opportunity to gather derisory but muchly needed ground last night as they again faded into the silence of the night……Head shot what….what good is a head shot with 12 gauge …in a bi-partisan Boston Tea party forum? What will… “Oh hand me down, Sin John” be then, a Exocet missile of the cadogan kind ?…Gimme a break… there will really be a nasty battlefield then ……limbs and body parts sent flying…..Now DLP solider crabs on VOB on about the National Athem…they are so lame…DLP at its Joice…there are so not in sync…

  19. Potential repatriate-ors…who can’t wait with pencil in hand… hand back the WHAMMY handed to them….”Oh come elections day…”

    Dr. Barrack et al subcontractors
    Teachers of Alexandra
    Pensioners of CLICO
    EFPA Holders
    BARP investors
    BIBPA Group
    Unemployed IBC workers
    Old people on the Drug Formulator
    Immigrant NIS drug receivers
    Govt Travel Allowance earners
    Private Travel and Entertainment Allowance losers
    Vehicle Registrants.$750- $3500 payers
    Professional License $1000- $2500 roped inners
    Who eating one meal -a- day
    Elderly with no free drugs
    Land Tax Debtors
    Mini Bus Owners
    Shop Keepers $50 – $1,000 payers
    Pensioners with water turn off
    Pensioners with light turn off
    All Diesel n Gasoline users
    Store Owners..2.5% Vat
    Small Contractors owed
    Bagatelle residents
    13% Unemployed
    UWI general workers

  20. @David
    some bodies still twitch and move for a brief moment after decapitation 🙂

    The time between decapitation and elections may just be a brief enough moment. lol.

  21. The Democratic Labor Party in the final analysis has done themselves the now great amputations. With Elections this near, they failed once more, to step up to the plate thereby allowing the Opposition a full measure of grand standing. After last nights no show, the undecided electorate will have no recourse but to ask the recurring question …why the deafening SILENCE ???? They will give their answer too, when that silence is broken by a true awakening …BONG BONG….DLP Galong !

  22. Hi Onions and Miller,

    One thing is sure….after general elections night both of you would be so shame that you are going to change your sign – in names to contribute on BU site .

    WHY ???

    Because your great leader OWEN knows the game is ON and UP .

    He cannot hide behind Mia Mottley any more !

    Mia never declared that she would wish the PAC to meet on the Bridgetown Pierhead project.

    Owen did and backed down.

    WHY ?????

    It is called Evidence !!!!!!

    • Why would the government have ‘evidence’ to show Arthur in a bad light and sit on it all this time motivated by political expediency only? What about doing what is right?

  23. @all
    Hardwood and Haggat Hall merely solidified a swing and shift that had already started since October 2007. They were not the be all and end all. In the same way the DLP would be wise to pay attention to the shift that started November 2011, strengthened around April, was confirmed in May and has now taken full root in September.

    Words to the wise are sufficient.

  24. Parliamentary group coup
    Refusal to call election despite constant and impending bad news
    Donville’s plea for more communication
    Multiple pie in the sky project announcements

    Given the above events, the constant threat of bombshell tapes and files don’t add up.

  25. Coming out the UWI meeting……a call of “Global Recessions responsible for Govt”…. again as the reasons……sounds familiar? January 2011…. When will they move on?…….LANDSLIDE….watch !

  26. Why is it That Peter “The Pole Man” Wickham continues to berate the public servants of this country and act as though they are the laziest most indifferent sloths. Peter has even gone as far as saying that Bajans are not tolerant because he says we are uncomfortable with Hindus and Muslims. What a load of rubbish! Has any Bajan ever attacked any of these religious sects? He seems to think he can tell Bajans anything and describe us in the most unflattering way. If we were a pro-homosexual society he would be singing another tune.
    Peter you are starting to make me sick. Go take a Pole!

  27. BU agrees that the government erred in absenting itself from the forum if there was the belief that it was bad timing for them as far as strategy is concerned. At the end of the day public perception rules and time will tell if the DLP made the correct decision.

    Nation Editor in Chief Kaymar Jordan has advised that 500 hundred people were seated and 1500 watched on the Internet. In is not correct for Jordan to suggest the session achieved its objective. This conclusion is only possible if the DLP had participated on the panel.

  28. perhaps that was the Nation’s objective David.
    The Nation is about getting Barbados back on track to being ONE CARIBBEAN….
    -With open immigration
    – an open one-way market for certain Caribbean interests.
    -Selling everything we have of value to these “interests”

    A true media REPORTS the news and provides unbiased analysis. It does NOT create news and then spin it to achieve political ends – UNLESS OF COURSE there is a HIDDEN AGENDA.

  29. What spin what …..a simple forum for Bajans to ask MOST PERTINENT questions to consolidate their choices…. and people you put to represent you…do the Georgie Porgie and RUN AWAY?…..Inexcusable Outback man or not?. The Nation Newspaper facilitate this forum every cut the crap..Nothing more than a clever excuse that’s what it is….

  30. The Nation TalkBack forum will not boost or hinder any of the party’s chances at the next election. I am not supportive of the DLP in a number of other areas but for this one, I totally agree with them. The Nation TalkBack series is a complete waste of time BUT Kaymar and Peter want to give the impression it was so deep and interesting. What a load of rubbish!

  31. Kaymar Jordan, Nation editor tried to deny the obvious pro BLP bias of the Nation newspaper on the call in programme earlier this week.
    The most interesting statement she made was this “if I could not function as a journalist in this job I would have to politely inform Sir Fred that I could not continue”.
    Sir Fred Gollop who is the chairman of the company who hired Kaymar was a BLP appointed Government Senator and President of the Senate while Owen Arthur and the BLP were in office.Connect the dots.
    The Nation newspaper is as fair to the DLP in its coverage as Fox news is to Barrack Obama with Albert Brandford, Pat Hoyos and Clyde Mascoll playing the role of Bill Oreily and Sean Hannity.
    The evidence that the Nation is promoting the BLP is overwhelming.

  32. @ NationBLPnewspaper | October 12, 2012 at 11:51 AM |
    “The evidence that the Nation is promoting the BLP is overwhelming.”

    The evidence that the Advocate is promoting the DLP and being financed by taxpayers’ money to do it is more than overwhelming.
    If you are so sure that the Nation is on a mission to undermine and oust the DLP administration why not recommend to the administration to pull it business licence and put a stop to the Nation newspaper wicked nefarious threat to national security and stability of government?

    Let us hear you “NationBLPnewspaper” call for such action against this media agent of evil intent.

  33. @Millertheanunaki
    “why not recommend to the administration to pull it business licence and put a stop to the Nation newspaper wicked nefarious threat to national security and stability of government?”

    With all due respect, you speak like a disciple of Owen Arthur.Many suggest that Arthur would encourage that sort of bullying against the press as he has done previously and would probably do again if given the opportunity. That kind of behaviour should not be encouraged.
    You memory seems to draw a blank between 1994 and 2007 when the Advocate was the biggest defender of the BLP.

  34. @NationBLPnewspaper | October 12, 2012 at 12:33 PM |
    “You memory seems to draw a blank between 1994 and 2007 when the Advocate was the biggest defender of the BLP.”

    So you are confirming that the Advocate is now backing the DLP from 2007 to present?
    So why allow such a parasitic quisling among your hierarchy?
    When this agent saboteur tests the political temperature and realises that you the DLP are going to be kicked out like the BLP in January 2008 with no chance of having its much promised TV licence do not expect any free advertising or open editorial support.
    You the DLP will be kicked to the kerb by this prostitute of a media house.

  35. @Miller
    Your defence or lack thereof of The Nation newspaper is “Oh look at The Advocate”- ‘Oh Look at CBC”, oh look at…
    What about the Nation which boasts of being all the paper for all the people?

    The Nation’s behavious cannot be defended. I will bet you a million dollars if you are a betting man, that any article from Albert Brandford, Pat Hoyos , Ezra Alleyne or Peter Symmonds in the Nation this Sunday coming will be critical of the government.
    But Kaymar says she does not know what she will write about or deal with when she gets to work on Mornings.(ha ha)
    Kaymar, you do not have to:NATION STRATEGY – the Nation newspaper strategy is obvious- pretend to cover the news fairly while letting the columnists like Mascoll, Hoyos, Brandford and company do the hit job.
    It is like telling someone they are welcome to visit you house but you leave the pit bulls in the front yard roaming. They cannot say that you did not invite them.
    Please Kaymar, if you cannot see that the Nation newspaper’s columnists give the paper a pro BLP slant, you are choosing to forget all you learnt in journalism school.

  36. @ NationBLPnewspaper | October 12, 2012 at 1:29 PM |

    We already know ad nauseam your position on the Nation newspaper and your hatred of and personal grouse with Ms Jordan.
    But what we want to hear is your take on the Advocate.

    Is it (the Advocate) currently supporting the DLP in the same way it supported the BLP up to 2006 or so?
    Hope you know that if no TV licence is forthcoming in the next 3 months there will be no free massive campaign ads because with the stark possibility of a change in government it will spell the end of this failing business currently surviving from payments from the Treasury.

  37. @ David

    Where is the signed Eager 11 letter Kaymar ‘Eater Woman’ Jordan said she had?

    That witch of a woman has no credibility in my opinion and I agree with the DLP don’t be on any stage with her, you never know when the good Lord going to throw that bold of lightning at her and her broom.

  38. @ David

    Like a good stiff one now and then, her favourite is Bushmills but you have to hold the mills and give her the BUSH raw, she like um so.

  39. There is no hatred or personal grouse with Kaymar Jordan. It is about principle not personality.
    It is obvious how the Nation newspaper is being used to promote the BLP and as a paper which claims to represent fairness, they are clearly not fulfilling this mandate.

  40. @ NationBLPnewspaper | October 12, 2012 at 2:32 PM |
    “There is no hatred or personal grouse with Kaymar Jordan. It is about principle not personality.”

    You need t o direct that comment to your sidekick “The Guide” as per the recent postings above.
    Still awaiting confirmation that you have an advocate in Fontabelle but must pay your high and costly dues in return for such weak support.
    Remember, you said it. The Nation newspaper is the “People’s” newspaper.

  41. @David
    I heard the GS Pilgrim.I thought how arrogant one can become with a little power given by the people,the same non committed who want answers from the governing party so that they might make an intelligent decision at the polls.
    Look at what’s happening in the USA.One TV debate and Romney got Obama on the ropes and reeling.Then Ryan did the same to the grinning Biden last night.What a difference 2 days make in politics.Most bajans would hope Obama can still pull it off,but what I saw last Wed and last night make it right now an elephant dance to 1600 Penn.The DLP might have been better served if Kellie was sent as the PM’s emissary.He is quite capable of saying a lot and saying nothing but he would have been there ostensibly to carry the party’s banner but really to push his own agenda for a shot at ilaro next time around.

    • @Gabriel

      Obama has a fight on his hand for sure.

      Would like to see the letter which the Nation sent to the DLP. If the same letter was sent to the BLP on what basis could it have been offensive? If it is the same content then it is reasonable to conclude that any suggested offense was not ‘personal’.

  42. @ David | October 12, 2012 at 4:14 PM |

    Since G P the G S of the DLP came out swinging his cudgel after the no-show fight claiming victory over the Nation Newspaper for trying to set up the PM and the DLP, it would be most interesting if Kaymar was to publish both letters of invitation in the Sunday Sun.
    Let the people decide if the invitation to the DLP was out of place and offensive to the party and its leader.

    Decency and decorum require that a simple RSVP along the lines of:
    Thanks for the invitation but the PM is already committed to present a public lecture at UWI Cave Hill on the same evening. “However, the party will discuss the matter to see if a substitute representative can be selected. If not we will let you know that the party cannot be represented at the time scheduled by your Newspaper.”

    That party and its management have no class whatsoever. Poor EWB and the founding fathers must be shedding tears at their tombstones for what they have bequeathed to a bunch of philistines with not an ounce of decency about them.

  43. David | October 10, 2012 at 8:18 PM |
    Mia has given a good answer about whether she and Arthur have made up and what we are seeing is not window dressing. What we need to hear is Arthur retracting/distancing himself from that now infamous UWI press conference where he slurred Mottley, badly.”

    Respect your opinion .. however, in my view she said that for this period they have put their differences aside to portray a united front.

    We are not fools, Mia and Owen are not together – they need to appear that way to get an electorate consider their BLP party as the best option on elections day.

    The BLP went up and down Barbados telling the entire world that DThompson was a poor leader and that the DLP had leadership issues. Owen said that Thompson would never be PM in Barbados as long as he had any breath in him, because he (Thompson) was not fit.

    Owen said the same of Mia – will I believe that Owen and Mia are together (WITHOUT RIFT) for as long as they shall live.

    Fool me once shame on you … I shall not hold any shame … can’t do it twice.

    I am not going to the polls this time around – not interested in promoting either person for this constituency. I however will not be fooled by the mouthings of Mia regarding.

    On abother note, Mia’s comments on AX was just what it was – cricket, football commentary. BLP had first ball and did not play – how can BLP even think of discussing the AX issue?

    Energy factor is the only item that made probable research of all comments I heard from Mia.

  44. “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player,
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage”

    Oh how aptly suited to you DLP stale cakes……you all are so pathetic. A leader who walketh with head in the clouds and an ole Errol Barrow following not really sure what is going on…A public forum and you see it as a trap..What trap did anyone see fish cakes?….you all are pathetic indeed following the Pied Piper of Bridgetown….Heads gine roll indeed… yours

  45. Miller:

    Maybe someone in Protocol can advise how to address a letter inviting the PM to discuss an issue at a media conference or Panel Discussion in a public forum.

    My recollection is to address the PS inviting the PM. For the Party’s President you address the GS inviting the President or a representative of the Party.

    Maybe the DLP did not get the list Onions posted right but at least they got the protocol on invitation of the PM or President right.

    You don’t copy the GS and expect the Party to accede to a request to the PM. Yes, that is not protocol.

    Credit where due.

  46. @ Brief
    protocol on invitation of the PM or President
    So sorry Oh page boy eau Nero…….next year the people crux will get it right…but “where oh where be thy jewels ?”

  47. @ NationBLPnewspaper & millertheanunnaki

    The 4th Estate in Barbados would be well advised to take note of Rupert Murdock (News International) and the way British Politicians was pickin-fares with that organisation… because when a prostitute falls out with ‘client’ the business is all over the street.

    as far as the matter with News International and the British politicians are concerned; the mess hasn’t quite hit the fan yet…it is the biggest litigation in British modern history (if not all times) and many people are heading for jail right on the heels of those who already been there.

    Remind them too that many persons in high authority have already lost their jobs (on both sides) and many more will.

    ‘Every day a bucket guh dung de well but one day de bottom mus fall-out’.

    “Fallout” is the word to take note of.

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