Environmental Disaster Certain

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank/Watchdog group

We need to separate our garbage.

Unless we move swiftly to protect the environment, Barbados will face an environmental crisis from which escape would be virtually impossible. Since the early seventies, alert Barbadians, have been warning the bankrupt BLP and DLP governments, but they collectively ignored the warning and concerns, and casually dismissed the then budding environmental crusaders as alarmists.

Who amongst us can forget then call-in radio host Reverend Father Hatch warning about the disappearance of our windows to the sea?

We are all to blame: we dispose litter any and every where and dump the dead remains of animals in our gullies. For nearly a quarter century, both the BLP and DLP have failed to protect the health of the residents of the Ivy in St. Michael, from indiscriminate dumping in the surrounding areas and the assault on our water supply.

Indeed, it is safe to say that until Heritage Tourism became an economic possibility, there was little effort at preserving our landmarks. We allowed our capital city of Bridgetown and its environs to fall into disrepair. We go further and suggest that most of the efforts at preserving our heritage were directed toward one type of group/sector. For example, many beautiful chattel houses and other landmarks were allowed to fall into disrepair because they were the properties of poor black people. On the other hand, strenuous efforts were made to save and protect the environs once inhabited by the more affluent white population.

Many will jump into claim we are promoting a racist position. However, the truth must be told, regardless of the discomfort. We will also suggest that many blacks who had an interest in protecting our heritage were deemed by other blacks, to be protecting the white culture. It’s a vicious circle and cycle of social thinking that we have to grapple with on all fronts.

As we fast forward to the present, we are happy to opine, that both whites and blacks from all socio economic groups, have now joined hand in hand to protect our environment. Indeed, we posit that this is one very positive aspect of both races coming together to solve a dangerous national problem.

In naming our Think tank/watchdog group, we deliberately chose the mahogany and coconut as symbols of great strength and Caribbean environmental stability. We observed that both the mahogany and coconut trees have served this region well. Barbados in particular was once known for its “joiners’ or mahogany craftsmen, whose furniture lasted for centuries. We have used various varieties of the coconut as: oils drink, and the sugar cake (candy).Our variety of coconut bread is legendary. Our coconut based ice cream should be supermarkets worldwide.

As we reflect on the deals being made, by the present DLP administration and business persons, involved in the billion dollar recycling industry, we are certain that it is only an alert public, that can really thwart the actions of those who will put profit before the well being of our citizens.

In the mean time, we find it more than passing strange, that opportunistic BLP politicians /lawyers will now rush into to save communities who are exposed to dangers form dumping and recycling plants that are too close to houses. We wonder where these BLP opportunists were for the fourteen years of BLP rule. Where were they gone Mount Stinkeroo was making Bajans sick? Where were they when our coastline was being raped by those wealthy folks who bought out and up our prime beach front properties?

But then again, with these two visionless parties it is always a case of the pot calling the kettle black!

We urge all citizens, residents and visitors to our island state to protect our environment or we will all soon be doomed.

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  1. I have no confidence in the current crop of politicians. WhileMicheal Lashley plant houses we are inching closer to Cholera as we build out and continue to use many pesticides. It will get worst with a Waste to Energy plant with fly ash and dioxin as by products. We cannot even control vehicle emissions, how de hell we can control Waste To Energy plant.

  2. David it shows that many are prepared to live in filth! I recycle at home. I have a large garbage bag for plastics and tins and I compost my vegetable waste. We are a NASTY and LAZY country!

  3. David it obvious that the politicians are not a bit interested the environment. Barbados can and is becoming further contaminated and they couldn’t care less. They are an ignorant and uneducated bunch. Imagine the disposal of batteries, nickle cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, the disposal energy saving light bulbs that contain mercury, the disposal of dangerous pesticides,herbicides and asbestos are allowed to go to the dump without a thought of what impact these contaminants will have on our water and our people. We are a small country with a high density population where land space is very limited. We depend on Tourism for our economic survival, yet we expect to attract visitors from countries where there are active environmental communities who recycle and adhere to responsible practices in the disposal of their trash . We the public stand and watch helplessly while the country is contaminated. Political Parties MUST put the country’s environment first!

  4. Too many Poor Rakey politicians and too many who have never run a hot dog cart want to control the Treasury. Bajans are some of the most educated when it. Comes to educational spend but some of the most duncy. We are on a high speed train without brakes with an aloof leader who lack the ability to enunciate a vision for his country. Talking pretty and not able to put your stamp of a vision for the country is not good enough Mr Stuart.

    • Sometime ago one our favorite callers to the talk show suggested that ALL BLP and DLP political aspirants should have to come to the Talk Shows and other media to speak to their interest, philosophy etc. The request was directed especially at the new ones/rookies. An excellent idea, we still waiting. The time has come for us to demand more for those seeking office.

  5. The only persons making money in Barbados are the many consultants employed by the government to do feasibility studies which is not unique to the DLP. As the poor get poorer and more money is voted for social services the fanilies who control the wealth in Barbados are getting wealthier thanks to the misery created by governments. As the gap continues to widen and the middle class is destroyed Barbados inches closer to midnite when today will become a funny nite. Sweeping issues under the carpet and offering welfare will not eliiminate inequality as well as distrust.

  6. I think we need to hear from these political hopefuls and the media houses like Starcom should lead the way in coordinating debates. Many just talk pretty and don’t know anything other than cracking jokes on platforms. None will get my vote this time unless I hear from them.

  7. You have eight and a half yards but still come up short.
    Close but no cigar… like a ship out of its port.
    Horseshoes and hand grenades; pepper without salt.
    Crimes have been committed but no one is at fault.
    Eleven eggs in the carton; a car with three wheels.
    Yin without yang; a furniture dealer without “deals”.
    Never will eight plus one equal ten.
    What’s true today will be true tomorrow again.
    To say that it doesn’t is just plain mathematical sin.
    No opera is complete without a fat lady at the end.
    …..Bo Bandy

  8. Both political parties have gotten away with many issues such as wastage of funds, suspicious transactions and breaches of public trust. Heard Dr Denis Lowe was in Keyna at a UN meeting on Chemical Management hope he will stop all the complaining about the legal drafters and get legislation passed. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy, Lazy, Lazy, Lazy DLP politicians who still have not realized they are the government. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses and blaming everybody and everything under the sun for their immaturity and inexperience. Michael Lashley who is no wuk for wuk guy does not realize as Minister of Housing all of these houses putting shit in de ground makes us susceptible to cholera.

    • @IntegrityPolice

      We buy the stuff from the Chinese which s fertilized with shit anyway. Why bother? O yes, for our children sake.

  9. @ islandgal246 | September 23, 2012 at 8:53 AM |

    You have just submitted a proposal that could be incorporated in the mandate of the 30 Constituency Councils. Instead of handing out welfare packages to the party supporters and looking for votes for the DLP thereby perpetuating a culture of mendicancy and dependency on politicians, they need to come up with an ongoing programme of cleaning up the constituencies and recycling of household waste.
    Why not offer prizes and financial incentives to householders for the best efforts shown for recycling? What about community group competitions for recycling activities and ideas?
    What about a central recycling bank in each Constituency to encourage households to bring their recyclable materials?
    These incentives programmes could be funded by an imposition of a 0.05% environmental levy on all processed items whether imported or produced locally.

    But this kind of thinking-outside-the-box like getting people to return plastic bottles with the plastic covers/stoppers on to the bottle return depots is beyond the implantation and implementation capacity of this government.

  10. All persons seeking elected positions whether Government , Trade Unnions and even local clubs should engage in public debates of some sort . Let us practice it from small to big

  11. Hey Green Monkey !
    I just watched the video you posted above
    Thank You
    It is the reason I come to BU -part of my edification
    Pat yourself on the back David -LOL !

  12. @ Green Monkey | September 23, 2012 at 2:10 PM |

    Very good vid.

    It shows that mankind is just tampering with the genetic modification experiment conducted on him thousand of years ago.
    ‘The day the humans eat of the fruit of this tree of knowledge they will become as gods just like us, knowing good and evil’.

    • Regarding the need to focus on how we treat and use the environment even little resource scarce Grenada is about to build out a wind farm platform to lead its green economy initiative, Any bets who reaches the finish line first?

  13. David
    In the early nineties, A Bajan known for his prowess in managing the environment offered his assistance to the Government. He was rejected. There was a group interested in hooking up the burning of our garbage, and converting the heat energy produced to electricity for the national grid.

    The result was the same.

    Instead we had a minister of the environment who spent millions of dollars on a dump at Greenland which is still unopened. For her ineptitude she got a big job abroad as an expert on the environment.

    I am now convinced that the way to progress in life in Bim is to excel in mediocrity. This pertains to all walks of life.

    • @GP

      Makes one wonder indeed.

      How could we (Barbadians) have allowed the BL&P to lead the search for alternative energy via the Wind Farm pilot at Lambert Plantation when their profit is guaranteed in the current arrangement fueled by fossil energy generation and distribution?

  14. @ Georgie Porgie | September 23, 2012 at 2:56 PM |
    “I am now convinced that the way to progress in life in Bim is to excel in mediocrity. This pertains to all walks of life.”

    The job of PM is ripe for the taking. Pay good, loads of perks too with nothing to do but vacillate and twiddle thumbs. Nothing to lose sleep over. Any one for a game of whittling at Illaro?

  15. Why was Kensington Oval not designed with a roof that could support solar panels for electricity?
    What about the National Stadium. BCC.

    There are a lot of flat roofs in Barbados that can support solar panels.

    Hindsight is 20/20 but surely it is obvious that Barbados should be “greened”.

    Why wait until you run out of forex and can’t buy fuel?

  16. @millertheanunnaki,

    Georgie Porgie would not be interested in being Prime Minister and is not suited for political office.
    He embraces the concept of working for a living.

  17. @ Hants | September 23, 2012 at 3:39 PM |
    “Why was Kensington Oval not designed with a roof that could support solar panels for electricity?”

    It’s never too late. Now is the time before the forex really runs out next year.
    That Kensington Oval is ripe for that sort of “green” investment. I was thinking the same thing only last week when I saw those powerful lights on. What a waste of expensive imported fossil fuel! What an opportunity cost of solar energy to sell to the grid to help recoup the investment both solar and World Cup!

    • @miller

      With forward thinking it should have been part of the CWC thinking it should have been part of the planning. Like you said better late than never.

  18. David | September 23, 2012 at 3:01 PM
    “How could we (Barbadians) have allowed the BL&P to lead the search for alternative energy via the Wind Farm pilot at Lambert Plantation when their profit is guaranteed in the current arrangement fueled by fossil energy generation and distribution?”
    Emera would never willingly allow the local BL&P to lead in any search for alternative energy sources. Don’t expect any enthusiasm from them to support any major increase in the production of electricity from industrial or domestic solar plants feeding into the national grid.
    Emera have recently spent nearly $400 million in acquiring the local plant with a major portion of the investment in the generation facilities that are designed to produce electricity from burning fossil fuels (fuel oil/diesel). An investment in large wind turbines would involve a capital outlay that Emera are not prepared to make until they have recouped their recent investment and a handsome profit return to their main shareholders.
    Even then they will require a guaranteed return from this new alternative energy investment before one cent in capital outlay is spent.
    If there is any significant expansion in the generation of electricity from solar sources then there would be a consequential fall in revenues with BL&P having to pay out money for any excess fed into the grid for onward distribution to those users still reliant on the grid for their electricity needs.
    A significant fall in revenues would result in a reduction in profits and lower returns for the now underutilized generation capacity. Would Emera allow such unless the existing fixed costs and expected ROI are recovered from those customers still on the grid?
    Ask yourself who mainly would be those customers still on the BL&P grid.
    It would be those low income households that can’t afford the initial investment to go “off-grid”, those renting from small government owned or built units like London Bourne Towers, Country Road, Valerie and the myriad of rented units provided by the Government and other private rental accommodation.
    It would be those small businesses in rental/lease accommodation or those that own the premises but cannot access the initial capital to go off grid.
    What would happen is that if Emera can’t get to pass on higher energy generation fixed unit costs to the residual grid consumers then they would indeed run down its investment with the intention of either selling locally or exiting the market leaving the country up-a-creek.
    Barbadians still on the grid, through pressure put on the FTC by Emera and political friends, would be faced with higher energy generation cost even with a reduced fuel adjustment cost; even though the country might gain savings in forex through lower fuel imports.

  19. Miller said “You have just submitted a proposal that could be incorporated in the mandate of the 30 Constituency Councils. Instead of handing out welfare packages to the party supporters and looking for votes for the DLP thereby perpetuating a culture of mendicancy and dependency on politicians, they need to come up with an ongoing programme of cleaning up the constituencies and recycling of household waste.”

    Thank you for that brilliant idea Miller, do you honestly think they are capable of doing such a thing? We have people with Education and very little common sense. We have people who cannot transfer knowledge. We have people who do not know the difference between NiCad batteries and Lithium batteries. We have people who cannot understand the seriousness of the contamination that is taking place on this piece of rock. We need responsible leaders to lead the flock. We need responsible educators to educate the flock. Does this government or the previous one have a policy on dangerous waste disposal? We need RESPONSIBLE and ENLIGHTENED people to guide this island and preserve this piece of rock. The picture I see is not a pretty one if we continue on this path. Can we imagine a Barbados that is so contaminated that we have to abandon it? Where our water is so contaminated we cannot drink it? Our land so contaminated we cannot grow anything in it? Look around and see the garbage that is thrown along the roads and gullies. We need some SHOCK and AWE treatment to awaken the sleeping population.

    I rest my case

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