Barbados Economic Misfortune Was Guaranteed

Today’s announcement that Barbados sovereign credit rating has been downgraded to BB+/B from BBB-/A-3 is unfortunate. There is no consolation that we have been bundled with several European countries who have earned junk bond rating.

Dr. Frank Alleyne made a statement which resonated with the BU household on the weekend. He opined that a major problem driving our public debt is structural. He suggested successive governments have not addressed the problem. They preferred instead to be politically expedient. BU prefers to focus on a reality that in the boom years we did not solidify our economic fundamentals. One clear example was building out an economy with no concern to diversify our energy base. Another, we encouraged rampant consumption expenditure fed in the 1995-2007 period especially.

What is unfortunate is that with a general election on the horizon, the opportunity for serious public discussion and earth moving decisions will not be top of mind for government. What we have though is partisan political chatter now that Barbados has attained junk bond rating.  The opportunity for government to distil the arguments has now gotten even more difficult. BU must harp on the point that the government has to be coherent and cohesive in the way it articulates its strategy i.e. what it has achieved to date, in the near term and what it hopes to achieve.

BU commends the government – some missteps notwithstanding – for introducing reform in the energy sector at a time when the fiscal space for doing so is as narrow as it has ever been. BU has posited many times that in boom times one must prepare for the bust; we did not. Unfortunately there is a dearth of leadership and consequently a lack of vision. Where Barbados finds itself today is as a result of all the myopic policies on the last 20 years.

What BU regrets most after listening and reading the commentary which followed the S&P downgrade and Governor Worrell’s press conference is that we have a opposition party in waiting which has not had to do much to regain popularity. BU remembers during the boom time questioning the former government’s expansive strategy of debt accumulation through off balance sheet transactions.

Many have started to question if the boom period of the late 90s up to 2007 was manufactured. We have all been following the news with horror how reputable banks have rigged LIBOR rates.  We have also been following the story about oil price rigging, again by reputable entities. It maybe of interest that many of these malpractices occurred in the period of 2003 to 2005, at the height of the boom years which Barbados enjoyed.

307 thoughts on “Barbados Economic Misfortune Was Guaranteed

  1. OOB; It must be senility setting in, but oftimes I have great difficulty in understanding what you are saying.

  2. @ Carson C. Cadogan | July 19, 2012 at 9:13 AM |
    “Are you not tired talking the same foolishness over and over?”

    I have learned well from my teacher Mr. Cadogan Thanks Sir, for your patience! You are my mentor and idol. What ever yo do I will follow.

  3. millertheanunnaki(neitherBnorD)

    I see on page 30 of you all Nation newspaper that Seethru is saying that the opposition is willing to sit with Government to overcome its expenditure problem.

    The next time you or onions see Seethru tell him to push his “help” where the Monkey push the nuts. We dont need it.

    The person who created the problem can not solve the problem otherwise there would not have been a problem in the first place.

    Take that message for me.

    Thanking you in advance.

  4. I hope you all DLP-mites know that all the sardine oil massaging and dog flea biting can’t do a PANG in the way of damage control, as to cause the electorate to forget this FINANCIAL TRAGEDY…..what you all expect doa? Affa all these Blunders? You all are a real silly lot….how the hell you all could expect another TERM doa?…..Do like me, go and take out all the old records and start playing them …..and remember was could have been…CUZ ITS ALL OVA….D PIG DEAD….we are just waiting on the bell to ring to skin D ole cadaver in a hole wid a belly full of PIGLETS…..Aarson oink oink….LOL…and dat is my contribution for the morning..

  5. @ Cardboard
    Yes I know….you would be Dogflea #1 to reply with usual dross……sending me a video of a Mr. Physical deficit….a gun toting louse and a piglet # 7 in D aling DLP sow. But as Comm.Noot used to say “I can wait “…you all sorry ass days are but numbered …..(come Sept or Oct)… the people of Bdo’s will be rid of you lot…….and a dawning of a new morn shall ensue…”.It just a matter of time.”..”what goes up must come down..”

  6. @ Carson C. Cadogan | July 19, 2012 at 9:48 AM |

    “Take that message for me.”

    No me teacher, Sir. You take it yourself and I would follow you to see him also deliver his message direct to you:
    To use an old DLP slogan: Sweep him out of the Central Constituency Council, sweep CCC out!

  7. @ Cardboard
    Then all will be left is for you all DLP yard birds to lament on what could have been…..LOL L O S E R S !

  8. miller,
    Excellent postings today.

    Ellis,CCC, ac and the Minister of Finance do not realise how stupid they sound. All right, you are telling me that they “know” that the BLP mis-managed the economy according to ONLY Dems, how in the name of commonsense would sane persons come into office after their “discovery” of all this mismanagement could they spend money like drunken sailors on shore? Remember the statement….only those who stayed the course with me will be able to share in the fatted calf.

    Does this make sense? It proves to me that the economy was not in bad shape and had the reserves and money left in the treasury if wisely spent in recessionary times, we would not now be in junk status today!

    They did not know, did not want advice and would not take advice. Remember Donville Inniss on his feet in the House telling Mia after she rose on a point of order…….”we aint want to hear anything from wunnah, wunnah had wunnah time, now is we time and we gine do things we way”. After him, Chris Sinckler jumped up…..” wunnah had 14 years, we gine do things we way, keep wunnah advice to wunnah selves.”

    Well, here we are today!

  9. @ check it
    Checkit-Out | July 19, 2012 at 9:46 AM |

    OOB; It must be senility setting in, but oftimes I have great difficulty in understanding what you are saying.
    Forgive the forwardness dear padre…..but it is most likely from the resulting contagious virus drawn from the friends you keep….”.stupidity is viral if not nipped early in the bud.”
    John .T. Lattimore

  10. @ old onion bags | July 19, 2012 at 10:09 AM |

    Ya ole cawmere dawg ya ! (LOL!!)
    You got very good taste in music. Notice you have a special spot in your heart for RI RI. If only you could “turn back the hands of time”, R. Kelly style and with her in your arms you would be “Born Again”.
    Stay “Forever Young”, ye old Waterford dog like me!

  11. Enuff | July 18, 2012 at 5:00 PM |
    @ Fractured BLP
    So you do admit that the FINAL ruling by the court was delivered under the DLP?

    Why did not the Owen Arthur BLP gov’t settled the $ 36 million in 2006…..knowing they gave Al Barack a contract he did not deserve?

  12. Prodigal Son

    You are really out of it. I feel sorry for you.

    You really believe that all of this happen only a few days ago?

    If I plant an Ackee seed today can I go and pick Ackees off the tree tomorrow?

  13. @ Fractured
    Because he had the option to appeal?
    Government is a continuum, the same way you spent what you found, you should have paid what was owed.
    I hope the Dems pay Lagan (SMI deserved their contract?), 3S and all the other judgments against them before demitting office in a few months.

  14. @ Enuff | July 19, 2012 at 11:08 AM |
    ” Government is a continuum….”
    “I hope the Dems pay Lagan (SMI deserved their contract?), 3S and all the other judgments against them before demitting office in a few months.”

    Very well put!
    Fractured’s brain has been totally dislocated by that one! Don’t expect any response. That statement of government as being a continuum is too “high” for a fractured brain to appreciate the “disambiguation” contained therein.
    On to another red herring the broken record would go!

  15. millertheanunnaki(neitherBnorD)

    “Government is a continuum….”

    You all really dont have any shame.

    Government is a continuum when it suits your purposes. Since that is the why didnt you all continue with the St. Joseph hospital, why didnt you all complete Sherbourne, why didnt you all complete the St. John Polyclinic, etc., etc, etc,

  16. i know why the BLP did not continue Sherbourne. the reason is that nobody in the BLP would of seen a way to finish the building and get the contractor to build apartments for you out of the same money you use to finish the Sherbourne.

    let me hear you now Carson C. Cadogan. i tell you this going down persons will see the inside of Dodds.

  17. What’s amazing in the discussion is that neither the GoCB nor the MoF have intelligently, intellectually or analytically addressed the substance of why S&P chose to downgrade, while at the same time contradicting themselves.

    S&P gave clearly stated reasons that can either be agreed with, outright refuted or debated and cross examined based on current government actions. What’s even more telling is the analyst in question has been traditionally conservative and lenient in her judgments about our economy, even when Moody was doing it’s thing..

    Neither of our senior finance Ministers after three days has yet responded to anything SPECIFIC within the S&P report. Generalities about holding firm, on the right path, stable, MTFS, past debt, keeping forex and decreasing debt/GDP mean absolutely nothing in a focused debate on the “why” of the downgrade, the “how” the downgrade will impact us and the what’s going to happen next.

    In typical fashion as well we have not heard of Prime Minister yet either.

    People seem to be taking a 6 for 9, but time longer than twine.

    Just Observing

  18. @ Cadogan
    When it makes sense!! For example why build a polyclinic that is less accessible by public transportation for most of the residents of St. John and adjoining parishes than Sir Winston Scott? This administration failed to complete Sherborne too lol. They built a car park and office space much to the chagrin of the building’s namesake.

  19. Enuff,

    All those Contracts you refer to were the brainchild of a corrupt BLP PARTY.

    3 S & Al Barack.

    So much for a CONTINNUM……Owen Arthur is calling for elections to CONTINUE the same !

  20. @ Fractured
    Why you don’t give up? According to your party and its supporters, Glyne Bannister was corrupt too, but he still got the port expansion and marina projects under the DLP.

    David (not BU)
    Stop yuh!! The Contractor on the LESC project could very well be Carson Cadogan’s fellow council member.

  21. Enuff, that mean Carson Cadogan should be in a prime position to tell us who getting apartment built but not to worry, the minister says the project is on time and on budget. i wonder whose time and budget?

  22. @Observing,

    This government has been hit by a high speed train and they still have not realised that they have been hit. The fact is they do know what to do, all you are hearing is that the MTFS is working, they do not seem to understand that they need to change course and make tough decisions.

    Hard ears you wont hear, own way you will feel! Sad thing it is us who will pay for the incompetence of these buffoons!

  23. @ Prodigal Son

    You said,quote. . . .”Sad thing it is us who will pay for the incompetence of these buffoons!”
    My reply. . . . . Whom do you really think will have to pay? And, DEMs got us by the “short and curlies” already!

  24. David of BU,

    Help me to understand a few things here:

    !. I am reading the Barbados Advocate of 20 July 2012, page 8 and notice that the Puerto Rican government officials are complaining about a DOWNGRADE this week from MOODY’S rating Agency.

    (Barbadian government officials – including the Central Bank of Barbados Governor, complained about the S & P DOWNGRADE of Barbados)

    So if the Puerto Ricans can defend their country treatment by MOODY’S……..Why my Leader Owen Arthur…..cussing the Central Bank Governor and Minister of Finance for defending their country against the rating by S & P ?

    * The government officials in both countries used VIRTUALLY the same language of concern about the rating .

    2. My BLP party have chosen to hold a mass meeting this weekend….all well and good…..but what do they intend to offer to get our country out of this situation ?

    3. Ms. Mottley had called for ” one man one vote” within our party……has her serious call been heeded ? Since she told us she was NOT going to “REST” till that is done.




  26. Dear Imposter BLP Yardfowl
    How comes your feathers doan match ours?….. how comes ? Man like you had better take Chis and your vomitous Puerto Rican spew and stuff up in were D monkey stuff he nuts…Man I already tell unna this is a SLAM DUNK..there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and I mean nothing a limp like you or any of the lil piglets can say or do now to change the electorate’s minds…MAN WANNA BLEW IT BIG TIME…Here pull up a chair and relax ya self dross.

  27. Old Onions….Doan pull down we BLP like that.

    The Barbadian electorate are very intelligent .

    The questions are on the table Old Onions….. answer them.

    Our esteem leader Owen Arthur declared in the press conference the other day that the Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados has done UNTOLD damage to Barbados REPUTATION by questioning the ratings of S & P.

    The Puerto Rican government officials have questioned MOODY’s ratings……Would my leader Owen Arthur declare that the Puerto Ricans have done UNTOLD damage to Puerto Rico ?

    Take the politics out of it Onions……if our BLP is to be SERIOUSLY…..let’s show some BALANCE !

    Get my DRIFT ???

  28. @ BLP Yardfowl | July 20, 2012 at 4:35 PM |

    OK “BLP Cockroach Eater”, there is validity in the principle you espouse.

    But did Owen criticize the Governor for questioning the ratings? I am of the view that he objected to the arrogant disdainful and dismissive way he (the guv) managed the whole process. The governor’s assessment of the economy does not synchronize with what is happening on the ground and what intelligent people are observing. Even the debt burden ratios quoted by the governor do not gel with those published by the IMF and presumably relied on by the rating agencies do.
    With that kind of conflicting assessment would you rely on a source known for massaging unemployment figures and quoting misleading cost figures for the construction of the prison – $700 million when we know that is the total construction and financing cost just like any other mortgage 25-30 year arrangement with a service/maintenance agreement included.
    Up to now one is still at a loss to find out what the governor meant when he said that the foreign reserves stood at the same level as that at December 2008.

    We all know that these rating agencies can be in cahoots with the capitalist creditors’ bailiffs (IMF) in handling bankruptcy strategies and proceedings when it comes to developing nations like Bim. But this country can do without that kind of controversy and negative publicity and unprofessional reaction to technical criticisms at this stage of its economic health.

    What makes it worse and strengthens Arthur’s early intervention to denounce the governor is what has subsequently arose as diverging views on the report between the governor and his boss the MoF. They are not singing from the same hymn sheet. One is singing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic and the other is singing “Amazing Grace”. But what is most worrying and depressingly so is that the Choir Master has not raised his baton to guide the discussion and assure the audience (John Public) that all is under control and he is in charge of a steady ship of state. Can we then salute Old Onions for reminding us of: “Captain, the Ship is Sinking”!

  29. The Prime Minister has said that Standard & Poors were not critical of governments Strategy Plan.

    Mr Prime Minister just in case you have not read the report BARBADOS HAS BEEN DOWNGRADED TO JUNK BOND STATUS.

  30. @ Miller
    Man you pay she nuff mind ! …..a cockroach eater or a pea chink…LOL
    Tell she Visionary EZ boy…..gine D way a Manning….if she got any doubt check the video for resemblance….

  31. The question I want to ask is cant we protest and appeal against the S+P downgrade and get it overturned? Dr. Worrell said its a panel that makes these decisions. Who’s in charge of the panel? Follow the money you must come to some bossman or authority who can review what the S+P wildcat panel decides. I am with the Central Bank governor the situation in Barbados does not suggest we are in a dark tunnel on the way to Hades. Yes one expects the BLP yardfowls to gloat and be happy at any misfortune which befalls Barbados because they are gunning to get back in power by any means necessary. Bringing Barbados to its knees is a small price for the BLP to pay to return to Bay Street. Bajans think on these things.

  32. Thinker …you blind..I could start from the first day these jokers regained power ( with VESO)…..they blundered…if you knew anything about financial confidence you would better understand….we not gloating as we now got to fix it….but leaving things to continue down this unfortunate route is folly..face it ..they expect the world to get better and it wont…This calls for positive proactive decision making…and that as you saw with AX and Eager will never be fore coming….we need direction.

  33. Vote the DLP out if that is your choice but how about the real grass roots solutions to the problems facing Barbados.

    Yuh can’t depend on yuh Canadian friends in the Investment sector. dem mekkin new frens.

    ” The country’s main tourism markets, the U.S. and the UK, remained flaccid. Meanwhile competition has been eating away at the country’s lucrative finance sector, particularly from countries which recently “secured tax agreements with Canada.”

    Time for Bajans to look inward to save your country from the descent into economic hell.
    Bajans in the Diaspora should step up and buy Bajan.

    BU can help by getting a list of products exported to the major North American cities like Toronto and New york. I am sure the BMA can provide one.

  34. The way the Opposition responded (as a team even if optics some would argue) proved once again who is serious about governing and governance. Could the government not respond at a post-Cabinet press conference? But we look incompetence.

  35. The way the Opposition responded (as a team even if optics some would
    argue) proved once again who is serious about governing and governance.


    Rolling my eyes!.

  36. @ ac
    It is good to practice now, because I sense you will be rolling them for about15 years post the next election.

  37. Enuff,
    Did you hear the PM on DLPTV tonight telling Barbadians dont worry about the down grade? He like he thinks that calling the election is like a chess game and he is holding the main piece. He was grinning all over his greasy face saying that he alone can call the election.

    Hello!!! We know that! The PM thinks that his antics can scare Owen Arthur, bring it on Freundel. You who NEVER won a seat twice, no amount of nasty tricks can save your sorry arses!

  38. “Did you hear the PM on DLPTV tonight telling Barbadians dont worry about the down grade? ”

    Prodigal remember how the Greeks dealt with their government! Beware of the grinning Greeks!

    “He like he thinks that calling the election is like a chess game and he is holding the main piece.”

    That is the only piece of power he is flaunting in the face of the population and they will deal with him when the time comes. We are noting how in serious times these jokers are playing the ass.

  39. what is even more damning for the joker we have as a PM is that he said bajans are still enjoying there standard of living. which standard is that you jack***?

    it really pains me to disrespect the PM but he clearly shows no respect for me as a citizen of this great country of ours.

    persons are hurting more and more everyday, yet he waits 3 days after this downgrade to come on the TV and talk shite. one could try to spin all you like, the facts are that no one with a half of a brain can and would invest in junk. so it is dangerous to hear all 3 of the jokers who lead the country behave this this way. we are in a sorry sad state going forward.

  40. Stinker said ….”Yes one expects the BLP yardfowls to gloat and be happy at any misfortune which befalls Barbados because they are gunning to get back in power by any means necessary. Bringing Barbados to its knees is a small price for the BLP to pay to return to Bay Street”

    Stinker…. Who do you think is running this country? Who is bringing Barbados to its knees? You can’t even think because you got your head up your stinker. You are one foolish ostrich and you refuse to accept the situation as it is. Go and poop elsewhere!

  41. it must be silly season all the BLP yardflows have become ECONOMIST! however i suspect they got their certification from BRUMBLEE COLLEGE!

  42. and then you got the Arthur who have yet to be honest with the public on giving solutions to solving the nations high debt which he in part brought upon this country with his high borrowing and his inability to build a strong economic foundation for the country in the fourteen years of his reign upon which the nation could withstand the economic gale force winds which has arrived upon these shores with his highfalutin and pompous holier than thou know it all attitude along with want -a-be economist mascot speaking about things which under their control could have and should have been prevented and to make matters worse a balloon overblown budget totalling more than 1 billion dollars in freebies dangling in frnt of the public asking to “call elections ” now this guy must be starked CRAZY! and then again either have alzheimer’s or a memory of convenience forgetting the numerous downgrades under his watch!

  43. You BLP Jokers (the kind that kill the people in Colorado) why pull down our country to make silly points.
    We were downgraded to below junk status, full stop.

    1. How did we get to this point?
    2. How can we get back to above junk status?
    3. What are the disadvantages with being downgraded?
    4. Are there any advantages to be gain?
    5. Could this help us to start living within our means?
    6. Were we downgraded before and why?

    David (not BU)
    Our standard of living is way beyond what it should be for a nonproductive economy with blood sucking retailers using up foreign exchange that they play no part in earning.
    I met some persons from different islands who are here on vacation and they want to know how come things are so tight and they have not seen an old car yet on the road.

  44. The Prime Minister has this gleam in his eyes when he speaks about the coming election and Owen Arthur.
    It seems he has something big to hit Owen with, maybe that is why Mia is back playing a part to make sure she is back in favour with the party when he loses again.

    The Prime Minister seems so confident that he makes me think long and hard about what it could be.

  45. @Clone
    Yes we were downgraded before, but have you heard of inelasticity in physics?

    “Our standard of living is way beyond what it should be for a nonproductive economy with blood sucking retailers using up foreign exchange that they play no part in earning.”

    Well the facts prove that it has not improved since January 2008, so pray tell who is responsible for this high standard of living?

  46. if de opposition has plan to fix de economy why would they share it with the other party or broadcast their plans on ah platform ??? is it so de govt could use de ppl ideas and claim them as their own? and hold on to govt if ya does play cards ya would know that don’t make sense, ya got ta hold ya cards close and don’t let de other players looks like Fundy looking to run ah stinking smear campaign rather then tell us how we charting ah way forward he getting on like ah woman waiting fa ah cuss out “tell he tek it easy na just wait ” i hate ta hear he wid that shitoe try and get on wid de ppls business.

  47. @AC i cant get u understand u talking bout freebees but who was it that when they got in talk pup bout ah fated calf ? what what was the fated calf ?

  48. this is my take in 2007 de ppl of bim made ah choice and felt that the DLP was the better party to govern them they said cost of living was too high and the Dees said OSA was ah crook and no good and that they were better for bim and every youngster like me said Tompy was de man fa young ppl after all he give us 2 free reggae shows and de young ppl felt they connected with him after all he was approachable unlike Fundy. So why now de govt in power focusing on de opposition so much u said what ya said in 2007 we don’t want to hear that come election again we hear it already we want to know how the DEES plan to take this country forward not wha OSA do he out and wuuna in.

  49. @ AC
    I see your boy Carson pun TV…..ole devil getting sworn in as a Community Councillor..The heads a poppins was all smile….you din see him…? Like he does not know his rein shall be short lived….. cuz we shutting down that $3 million a year per constituency boondoggle first ….so they could swear in as much as they like…..more food n drink for he and his love bird….

  50. To my fellow BLP supporters on this BU SITE:

    Do you believe the Barbadian electorate would be receptive to our message in 2012/2013 , now that Barbados debt is so high and no doubt an unused GREENLAND landfill consumed over 80 million dollars …..yet cannot receive a bucket of garbage ?

    Would the Barbadian electorate believe we BLPites when we give the impression that the country never got a downgrade during our term in office between 1994 -2008 ?

  51. On Tuesday, over 590,000 dollars is to be voted for the Commission of Inquiry into Alexandra School.
    Another spike in the backs of the tax payers.

  52. 2dbone | July 22, 2012 at 11:05 PM |

    And this is just the initial payment. When the final bill comes in you are going to be shocked.What a high price to pay for this form of entertainment!

  53. @ BLP Yardfowl | July 22, 2012 at 10:07 PM |
    “… now that Barbados debt is so high and no doubt an unused GREENLAND landfill consumed over 80 million dollars …..yet cannot receive a bucket of garbage….”

    Yardfowl, if you want people to at least listen to your cackle you could at least quote facts when it comes to financial figures.
    Did the Greenland waste management project cost $80 million? For the benefit of the readers: Is this really so, is it factual; just asking?
    What about the Pierhead Marina Redesign project? How much is that costing taxpayers (including Lagan legal costs and potential damages) and not even a boulder drop in the wharf basin?

  54. Chris Sinckler was simply brilliant on The People’s Business programme on CBC tv on Sunday, July 22, 2012.He was on top of the issues , Taking questions from The Nation, The Advocate, Barbados Today and CBC Representatives and telephone calls.
    A very informative and honest discussion about the way forward – should be repeated for those who could not watch.

  55. @ ! | July 22, 2012 at 11:54 PM |

    CS is a hypocrite of the highest order. Any thing coming from his mouth should be treated as if it is exiting from the lowest orifice of the human body.

    He must first dump Stuart before going into elections. Come out openly and challenge him for leadership. This would force FS’s hand and bring about the necessary leadership coup.
    He, CS, like the rest of DLP parliamentarians, know very well the Bajan electorate will not return them to power with FS at the helm. How can he talk about major changes going forward and a new way of doing things with the present leadership? These proposals, programmes and strategies for change can only be implemented if timely and effective decision-making is the corollary agent. How can he expect a tiger to change its stripes to become a dotted leopard in a 6 months evolutionary period? He would like to replace the decision-making sloth with an arrogant chest dumping gorilla. So get on with the job of jettisoning the captain as a political reenactment of the Mutiny on the DLP Ship Bounty.

  56. The biggest hypocrite in Barbados is the current opposition leader – Owen Arthur – that is obvious.
    Owen Arthur got three downgrades while as Prime Minister when the world economy was booming and failed to in any meaningful way restructure the Barbados economy.

    Now Barbados gets a downgrade in the worst recession this world has seen since the great depression and the same Arthur runs to the media and calls for an election.
    You see folks when Barbados was being downgraded consistently under Arthur , it was masked by tourism inflows from the UK but he FAILED to restructure and diversify our economy. It was wastage non stop and “bring de drinks, somebody else gine pay”. There were no calls for the Central Bank governor’s removal or that of the then Minister of Finance. Peter Boos was as quiet as a church mouse.

    There were no attempts to implement meaningful efficiencies in the public sector. The study by Sir Courtney Blackman gathered dust. Sir Courtney admitted that from 2001 he was warning the then government about swelling the public service for votes.

    Now the hypocritical opposition leader is talking about controlling expenditure but refuses to specify what should be cut.hmmmm…

    He ignored the CLICO EFPA situation when alerted by the Supervisor of Insurance years ago but now is running around holding political meetings. The man who help start the fire run back to the scene and complain that the firemen aint working fast enough.

    He talks about transfers and subsidies to statutory corporations but when his cabinet minister announced increased user fees for the Transport Board, he rushed in for political gransdtanding to shoot down a decision that obviously he would have previously sanctioned.

    After leaving a trail of wastage from Greenland to Silver Sands, he says to the elctorate we need to stop wastage.

    The evidence is overwhelming – the chickens have come home to roost. Only the BLP yardfowl would refuse to admit this.Owen Arthur was part of the problem and not the solution.

  57. @!
    When was the DLP or DT or CS aware of the CLICO EFPA situation?

    or when did they realise that CLICO did not meet the statuatory fund?

    Or how much money was pulled out for Parris while the JM decision remained “unnecessary at the time?”

    or what is the position on Parris’ ignoring the cease and desist order?

    or what has the FSC done as requested by the JM with respect to further investigation?

    I would advise you to let CLICO rest. It alone could be your albatross.

    Just Observing

  58. There is plenty of blame to go around in CLICO. It is however blatantly hypocritical of Owen Arthur to point all the fingers at the DLP, ACT like he never praised the same CLICO Leadership or sought and received campaign contributions.
    If you listen to Owen Arthur , you would think that the Supervisor Of Insurance never alerted him about this situation like how he claimed he was not at the cabinet meetings which discussed the prison only to be exposed during the last debate as a bold faced liar.
    It is obvious political strategy to try to exploit the pain of policy holders by throwing all the blame on the current government.
    BLP supporters should be honest enough to acknwledge that Arthur had an opportunity to address the EFPA issue and HE DID NOT ACT.

  59. To my fellow BLP colleagues on this site:

    Help me to understand these things,
    Did the country get 3 downgrades under our BLP government ?

    If our esteemed leader , Owen Arthur is the best Economist Barbados ever produced, how did the downgrades occur under his stewardship while the global economy was booming ?

    I remember this one last year, why did our leader Owen Arthur chose to lie in Parliament about NOT being present at the Cabinet meeting to award the contract for the Dodds PRISON ? What was/is it he is trying to cover up ?

    Don’t we as BLP supporters think it is time to tell our esteemed leader Owen Arthur……that Barbadians are not FOOLISH ?

    Come on BEES…..let us get READY, to help Owen RESTORE and REBUILD his image !

  60. Hello again my fellow BLP supporters,

    This question needs to be answered before the DEMS show up our WEAKNESS.

    How much did the St. Joseph commission cost ?

    It was intended to bring Branford Taitt to book , did it exonerate Branford Taitt in the end ?

    Did it not show that Branford was free of any infelicity ?

    Did not in the current AX inquiry, Ms. Velma Newton as Chair between 2005 and 2006 indicate that she was having trouble with Broomes behaviour as Prinicipal and his dealings with the school funds ?

    Did not Ms. Newton state that she brought these to the attention of the MOE officials ? All to no avail ?

    Who was the Minister of Education at the time reporting to our PM Owen Arthur……every Thursday at Cabinet meetings ?

    Against this background, don’t we BLP supporters recognise that right thinking Barbadians would rightly ask, WHERE WAS GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION AT THAT TIME ? WHERE WAS OWEN ARTHUR’S INTERVENTION AT THAT TIME ?


    Do we BLP supporters NOT recognise that Barbadians can see ?

    Come on my fellow BLPites …… muh answer these questions.

  61. @ BLP Yardfowl
    Don t be a S..there is a B I G BIG BIG…difference between a Down grade……and THIS Down grade…TO JUNK BONDS…oh please man ….
    If you cannot see this ..then you too are in denial.

    Why must the DLP always try to play hemorrhoids ?

  62. What I would like to know is why Monique in her rashness FIRED Dr. Hunte and then the DLP warlords had to rushing QUICK before she wipe our cousin Irene support in St making she Doctor gone Secretary…..All these lucid blunders deserve a book…..” The Rise and Fall of Blunderama DLP 2009-2012″…mekk nuff money too….Onions considering

  63. Old Onions,

    As a BLP supporter / follower like you all I asking is this,

    If in your house you see a termite trail and do nothing……10 years later you pass the house over to your son , and one year after receiving the house from you TERMITES eat um down, Who you gine blame ?

    What is the real DIFFERENCE between DOWNGRADE under our BLP time then…… AND NOW ?

    To get to the bottom of the CLIFF…….you must first start to FALL !

    BIG QUESTION : under whose stewardship…….did the FALL start ??

    Remember, I am a BEE like you…….but B is not for BLIND !!

  64. @ BLP Yardfowl | July 23, 2012 at 11:13 AM |
    “What is the real DIFFERENCE between DOWNGRADE under our BLP time then…… AND NOW ?”

    Only thing left is to devalue the junk and start rebuilding a country worthy of investing in under the management of people competent enough to instill confidence in the business sector and citizens in general.

  65. @!
    “There is plenty of blame to go around in CLICO.”
    Wow. Honesty.Congrats.Walk good.

    @BLP YArdfowl
    I know of yardfowls and you are none. Good effort though. Next time ease into the conversation rather than jump in shouting and be exposed.

    @all re downgrade
    One immediate impact is that some companies can no longer do business with us. It’s their policy full stop. They love us, they reside here, they trust the country, but that procedural documents says “nope.” This isn’t something everyone will see but it will chip away.

    Just observing

  66. No you chew more realistically on this…Mr. FLICKMAN

    Mr. BLowers landlord sold his house to Mr. Dlonders and went overseas.
    Mr. Dlonders decides…rather than GET the house he just took over in order …to rent the house to Mary Public, as is, and collects a tidy sum of rent of Vat$$$$ each and every month……AFFA two months or so, windows start dropping off and the roof leaks…Mary Public gets her lawyer to write Mr.Dlonders to correct the problem urgently…..Mr. Dlonders gets angry with Mary Public..telling her she got it is Mr. Blowers (now in Figi on holiday) whom she should be complaining and says he not going correct anything……let’s go to Court.

    You tell me FLICKMAN….how the Judge going sum up this case….

  67. @ miller
    SEE WHAT I MEAN….(BlP Yardfowl)
    blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming blaming ……Cheezon!

  68. @ observing(polling)
    I could see you don’t deal regularly with some of those International fellas that got offices bout here….nuff conversations duz go on the golf course… duz only take ONE BIG FELLA to say….look I don’t feel confident with our money here…..and the rest duz follow hear….CONFIDENCE IS A REAL BIG WORD IN FINANCIAL MARKETS boss….and given the present economic climate FUNDY’s words have really inflamed… for the future exodus.

  69. millertheanunnaki | July 23, 2012 at 11:29 AM |
    @ BLP Yardfowl | July 23, 2012 at 11:13 AM |
    “What is the real DIFFERENCE between DOWNGRADE under our BLP time then…… AND NOW ?”

    Only thing left is to devalue the junk and start rebuilding a country worthy of investing in under the management of people competent enough to instill confidence in the business sector and citizens in general.

    Miller I am a BEE like you, but you mean to tell me that

    GEMS and the
    Al Barack building fiasco is a demonstration that we BEES are….MORE COMPETENT ?

    If we were so competent managing these projects how come we lost the ELECTIONS in 2008.

    I know WE love we BLP ……but Bajans ain’t FOOLISH yuh HEAR !!!!

  70. Old Onions,

    Stop making we BLP look so shady in the public.

    You were ranting about not having the COI on the AX school.

    A few days ago I live to see you saying that Broome must go>

    Since 2005 Velma Newton as Chair of the School Board complained about Broomes behaviour……Why we in the BLP ain’t paid her any mind ?

    Why we did not send Broome packing then ?

    Was that an easy thing to do without “Due Process”

    Man doan leh WE show up our BLP bias in public…Bajans ain’t FOOLISH 1

  71. @ BLP (imposter) Yard foul

    This is what I want you to do for me….Ask Fundy…if the $ 10 Million Thompson put in CLICO dead…or if it still got a chance….of we getting it back help pay some Debt Service cost….cuz we want every cent pun deck…..If I remember right was called CONFIDENCE MONEY…..for us to believe that CLICO was not going to GO BELLY UP… remember now yard fowl ?

  72. @ BLP Yardfowl | July 23, 2012 at 1:12 PM |
    “Miller I am a BEE like you”

    We BEES are Lying Thieving Bastards. Are you still a BEE (BLAMING EACH AND EVERYONE)?
    How come you have NOT mentioned the Boardwalk that you have the audacity to name after a DLP turncoat? Don’t you think naming it after some known environmentalist like Father Hatch whose second name was “Mr. Windows to the Sea” would have been more appropriate? One is surprised you are not claiming it as a DLP project started in 2008.
    But then again a guilty conscience is a bugbear of a thing. Is this the DLP way of making amends for stabbing Richie in his back and placing “Mr. Lump It” in the seat by the subterfuge methods of the “left-handed” King maker- the idol and mentor of the man who displays all the potential of repeating those famous words of “leave it or lump it”. But time is fast approaching for retribution to be visited unto the ‘anointed’ son of the Kingmaker by his own band of traitors called the Eager 11.
    What about the Prison? Why not name it after a DLP hack like the Carson C. Cadogan Penitentiary?
    BTW, what’s up with the Pierhead Marina project? Shot dead in the water by the Darcy B gun boat of fraud and thievery?

  73. Hello Miller and Old Onions,

    Do not let our love for our BLP cause us to shoot ourselves in the foot.

    The Bridgetown Marina Project…..remember it is our esteemed leader Owen Arthur who said he was going to summons the PAC and investigate this project ?

    As BLP party faithfuls we need to ask our beloved Owen why he did not call the PAC together ?

  74. @ BLP Yardfowl | July 23, 2012 at 2:39 PM |
    “As BLP party faithfuls we need to ask our beloved Owen why he did not call the PAC together? ”

    I must jump on the paling and crow “I agree with you yardfowl!”
    Owen has a lot to answer for where this is concerned. If he does not carry through with his threats we would have to draw a few ??? over his sincerity and integrity.
    You see CCC and the other DLP yardfowls I am neither B nor D, just GGB (good governance for Bim).
    Cha cum, cha cum, come for scratch grain yardfowls! So when you going to dump lowe and sink Darcy?

  75. @ miller
    Any dumping….we would also lose Her Quiteness( who musse really laughing her ass off at night, at we dumb shiye Bajans)Her Infamusness The Enviable ……not a scratch I say ..not a scratch and hers is the one wid all the tiefing breadfruits loot …and NOT A WORD….
    How we bajan politicians could be so noble to a Lucian is most gallant …but miss and let Neville Rowe try going down there …wid ole talk bout a Supermarket……. DT really leff a good marker pun a certain body cuz hand tied up gud.We Barbadians are really a too love-a-bull .HummingBird come tekk out we next eye dooo …cuz blindness existed when we had all two….shoite a pun shoite den !

  76. I am watching through one eye and noticing a lot more than with two eyes. According to de papers Mr Tannis Got the DLP nod for Mr Lashley’s seat but Lashley was not present. I have not heard that Mr Tannis as a chairman of the Constituency Council in the area is now running for the DLP has resigned. As a chairman of the Constituency Council did he declare his interest in contesting the seat for the DLP publicly or for that matter, did he do the job of running the council as a part of his pastoral calling?

    Transparency please somebody are the constituency councils the paid arms of the Democratic Labour Party?

  77. Hello Miller as an ardent supporter of the BLP like you , I am not blaming our esteemed leader Owen Arthur, I am just asking why ?

    Why make a fuss about the Bridgetown Marina Project and back down after Min. Of Finance told him….go ahead and call the PAC meeting……but remind Owen to walk with the file on the project !

    Big question that we BLPites must ask Owen ….what is in the file ?

    I too love my BLP……but other Bajans looking on and asking…..Why our esteemed leader Owen…shying away from this issue ? Being present at the Cabinet meeting regarding Dodds and lying in Parliament and saying he was NOT present ?

    Why mY great leader Owen ……WHY ???

    Do you not realise in order to RESCUE , RESTORE AND REBUILD Barbados you need to make sure your CREDIBILITY is intact ???

    Come on BLPites let us raise the …….BAR !

  78. @ BLP Yardfowl | July 23, 2012 at 4:41 PM |

    Let’ get straight “to the point” and remove your BLP mask.
    Which file you are pointing at or fingering? The one containing the CLICO report or the famous FBI one? Or the Maxine cover-up one?
    Are you planning to blame the BLP too for the AX expensive soap opera?
    I suppose if a hurricane were to hit Bim in August or September coming you would lay the blame squarely at the feet of the BLP; cussing God for punishing us for the evil sins of the BLP. (The sins of the BLP should be visited upon the administration that followeth).
    But then you would like that; giving you incompetents an excuse for suspending elections.
    Instead of relying on such national misfortune why not use the evidence contain in the files of alleged corruption and misappropriation of public funds to bring charges against OSA and crew. There are already laws on the statute books to allow you DLP loudmouths to arrest OSA and his henchmen and women.
    This would certainly win the elections for you through a BLP no contest.
    Either act or shut up. You guys are beginning to sound like a broken record. Blame, Blame, Blame instead of Act, Act, Act!

  79. @ Miller
    Instead of relying on such national misfortune why not use the evidence contain in the files of alleged corruption and misappropriation of public funds to bring charges against OSA and crew. There are already laws on the statute books to allow you DLP loudmouths to arrest OSA and his henchmen and women
    I seeing Lucian again…..mona mona mona….lock she up first…..before she fly paris paris paris paris next……DEN ..CLICO CLICO CLICO…..the jails would be full…$ 10 million divide by 3 =$ 3.3 Million..clue

  80. David of BU,

    Use your good office and assist me in locating my fellow BLPites on this site to answer these questions :

    1. Did Jeff Broomes appointment to be Principal of AX school follow the correct selection process ?

    2. Did Mia Mottley as Minister of Education have a hand in appointing Jeff Broomes to his current post at AX school ?

    3. Why did the Ministry of Education take a hands off approach to the Jeff Broomes issue (s) at AX school ?

    4. Can we BLP supporters / members fairly blame the DEMS for this AX school saga ?

    Come on my fellow BLPites……let us do some INTROSPECTION.

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