Positive Signs The D’s Are Crumbling

Submitted by porridgeboy

Questions being asked of Minster Estwick about the tender for the BWA’s new building

I am not surprised at the attacks that are being launched at the leader of the opposition Owen Arthur by the supporters of the DLP. They remind me of rats that are trapped in an area without an escape route and are prepared to attack any one or anything that gets in their way of survival. But the public understands the problem the Dems are having. With their King dead and the Kingmaker finding difficulty extending his tentacles into the organ of the party as he would like, they now lies an eager eleven fighting to remove the present leader.  Having no one to save their sorry asses in the next election, their supporters are looking to attack the opposition leader on any and all fronts. Good luck with that.

Here is some advice for you [DLP].  Check your house before you go throwing stones at glass windows. I hope you are aware that you have lots of glass in your windows also.  Let me advise you of a few inhouse matters you may want to investigate instead of wasting senseless attacks on Mr Arthur’s apparition and private life.  Take some time out to investigate why  work has suddenly slowed down at the Barbados Water Authority’s  new location.  Instead of attacking Mr Arthur  you should find out why the Minister of Agriculture – all of a sudden – threatened to resign from the Cabinet. Is it for the reason he has put forward or is it an escape route for him when the sky starts to fall in on him?

You must also take time out to investigate why the tender document was not recalled and sent back out for tendering after two of the three contractors who sent in tender documents for the new complex asked for clarification on various sections of the document and their queries were not answered by the tendering committee.  However the contract was awarded to the third construction firm in the bid. You should also take the time to ask yourself the question: why was the document not withdrawn and sent back to tender again? Instead of attacking Mr Arthur, investigate for yourself why the cabinet has not given the OK to the central bank to back the forty million dollar loan on behalf of the government to carry out the same project.

Investigate why over two hundred and twenty thousand (220,000) square feet of land at the cost $8.39 per year for ninety-nine years has been leased to a construction magnate at Coverly by the the NHC.    It means that for two generations the name Bjerkhamn will make millions of dollars off Government and two generations of Barbadians businessmen and women will have to pay extravagant rental fees to that name.

Investigate why one of your leading minister’s name is being discussed in bars all around Barbados about his fortune and the amount he has been able to accumulate in such a short time  (four and a half years), and why he is now known as 5 and 10 in his community.

You must investigate why a Minister is claiming 77 houses at rivers when only seven has been built. These are just a few matters that can occupied your mind instead of attacking the opposition leader.  If at the end and you still have time to attack Mr. Arthur I will be back. This is just the tip of the iceberg…. No pun intended.

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  1. if we use Ruedon’s logic between Owen and Mia, then what does it say when you have Chris 10% ahead of the PM AND Chris is 3 in the polls. if they is a problem in the BLP with Owen 5% ahead of Mia, the same logic would reason that the ruling party has a bigger problem.

    i was at a party tonite. none of the people there were or appear to supporters of any parties but when i talked about this, persons jump in trying to understand the point Ruedon was making.

    someone there made a very good point, the PM is only delaying what is to come and that is the DLP will be kicked out off office on election day. the point was also made by the same person that to say this mean you are yard fowl of the BLP and you will be labeled so by DLP supporters.

    well i got news for you DLP supporters, they are a lot of BLP yard fowls out there just waiting. most of them see themselves as Bajans who are hurting from the careless policies of the DLP government. 4 years have pass and the end is near, enjoy it all for time is coming.

    i say this as a Bajan but you all could label me as you like, it not going to change the facts.

  2. @prodigal Father
    Assuming, really assuming that all you say is accurate. Can you please explain how anythign you just mentioned helps or helped the average man?

  3. really a bunch of misfits who all but destroyed the economy of barbados taking money and using it like it was monoply money wants to be in charge of the econmoy again and now the latest charge is to say that the dlp is in cohoots with a morally bankrupt BLP with leader OSA in the BNOC fuel tax. This man should be held for treason for bringing this country to the near fatal depths of economic doom with his mathematical gimmicks and trickery of the bajan people .

  4. BTW i wonder if elected how many more illegal aliens would the BLP government allow to work without work permits and how many more would OSA hire to work for him. this man has no ethics or regard for the law .laws which he as PM under oath had sworn to keep. OSA is morally bankrupt and should not be allowed i minute more to be PM of Barbados.

  5. I just cannot see the Barbados the BLP supporters are speaking about.
    Well I frequent supermarkets like Popular and Channel where the working class Barbadians shop and they buy their groceries and is getting on with their lives. Yes some of the middle class may want the DLP voted out for their selfish reasons of losing an allowance while thousands were kept employed in the government. But the working poor will not vote out the DLP because they know about that ease in bus fares for their children and how they can use that money to buy food for their children. Onions they will call $ 15.00 in fish, turkey wings, lamb or chicken which was nearly the bus fare for one child. Onions they are not crying but making ends meet in these tough economic times. I believe that the people are happier now than when all the money was around and they were still scrunting
    Onions this reminds me of 1993 before the BLP won the government where people became very creative and had started to live within their means and were productive until Owen introduce the gimme mentality through Hamilton Lashley.

  6. “however the existence of the loan was well documented by chris in the 2012 apropriation bill in which ”
    ac i am not disputing what you say about the loan but all i ask is for you to tell me who borrowed this LOAN which indebted the bnoc and from whom? that is all i ask of you since you seem to know everything.

  7. Clone
    Just got back from the Bayland….after what I just saw…the people will vote out the DEMS for sure…..they tried to flood us out ( with gushing water) but the people were resilient..MIA was the bomb…

  8. Salt Bags your problem and the electorates problem is that you nor Mottley noe Arthur knows if you have a man or a woman leading you, some suggest however the cookie crumbles you will have a man as your opposition leader once again be it Mottley be it Arthur.

    If Arthur cannot withstand the rigors of another 5 years in opposition how does he intend to explain his greed to get at the cheque books of Barbadian taxpayers to plunder the money of taxpayers ?”

    He looks and sounds a feeble and tottering old man, a shadow of himself.

  9. but Rational Son in the DLP they have a leader they don’t want, so its 6 of 1 and half dozen you trying to sell?

  10. @ Rational Son
    I bet you wish now you were Sen Boyce now…..as he usually sits and hush his mouth.Your video proports only that Ole Latin Lingoed….should be a school teacher and poor D’arcy fart frightened……the Prison is now proving to be a crown jewel ….worthy capital asset…coming in on time and min. over runs….thanks Rational Son… Where are your capital assets to show ?..I know of one school…summer camps don’t count….CA remains long after you go…
    Re Listen on video from 13:12..and 21:44…”he was not there when the Technical Advisory Committee was in session”… this whole charade is a waste of time…on syntax….Parliament Parabola….time wasting at our expense…being done since the days of EWB and JMGM Tom Adams …after all they must engage themselves.
    A null point Rational….stop wasting blogger’s time…lol

  11. @ Rational

    OSA is either a pathological liar or suffering from alzheimer’s which is both . look how he ties himself up in knots with his deceitfulness and lies and to think that he has the mitigated gall to present himself as a candidate for PM.OAS does not have the moral ethics to ran even for “DOG CATCHER” the BLP yardflows should be ashamed of wanting to inflict such a political missile on this nation.look how he scuffles and squirm in the video after he is confronted by his lies ,Goo job “Rational”. the people ought to know OSA is a Fraud of the highest level he should be indicted for treason and misrepresentation of the Constitution.

  12. Now for a true position..from which you would like to distract us ….THE TRUE POSITION OF THIS ISLAND’s FINANCES.>>….TROUBLED WATERS

  13. you onions need to stop fostering this corrupt imbecile OSA on this nation. the man has a proven track record as a “Liar” why dont you dispute that>He lie about AX ! CLICO! the prison! Gems! BNOC! Barrack! everything this man has done in the 14years has corruption behind it the people have been fooled and led by PERCEPTION one that they have paid a price for.

  14. crisis that the public is facing is changing the face of the govt Corruption ! LIES! and deceit ! would not be the order of the day! OSA is the epitamy of all that a man in his old years still trying to decieve the public.

  15. Imagine the DLP borrowed $2 Billion in 2 years…..what did they do with it ?
    Wastage n Parties…..imagine spending $58 million to finish the back of Sherbourne…but could only give $6 Million to Tourism ..the No.1 Revenue earner..SIX MILLION…????..( Owen video above from.10:58 )

  16. imagine after 14years the country could not withstand the economic pressures because of a wasteful government led by OSA. The master of LIES ! CORRUPTION! and DECEIT! just imagine a country who had a leader with good character a leader would spoke to the truth a leader who did not pillaged his party coffers for his own financial gain. a leader that all the people can respect ! just imagine ! there is such a leader full of moral character and integrity one who has the best interest of the nation. one who does not lie or steal one who takes the oath of the constitution and respects it this leader stands heads and shoulders above a leader which a nation endured for 14 years , this leader is PM stuart bare none without a doubt. OSA a pitiful reminder of a leader a man who singlehandely destroyed the constituion for selfish gain. a man not to be TRUSTED!

  17. onions all them videos don’t mean nothing for if the head is sick the whole body is sick and should be either discarded or medicated but the former is the best way out for permanent relief. if truth be told . OSA is a demented liar and does not know the truth if it hits him squarely in the face! the people would soon find out and realise the path they might chosen to tread is a treasure trough of lies and deceit.

  18. poor mia she in a Party that only want to use her! one day she is LEADER! the next she is FINANCE Minister! the next she is only a member! but the loyalist that she is playing the part ! but nobody is fooled another one of OSA deceitful and elongated tricks he has impose on the minds of the voting public. People be aware / OSA is a bold faced liar with plenty tricks on his plate to unleashed to the public in the months ahead Exhibit A “MIA”

  19. @ac
    Last night ..it was all Mia…..crowd 500 strong…WWD water flowing ..patrons were treated to Mia , Barney ,Kerri, Wood at their best.. Mia of course top draw as usual….Foundation School tonight…..Bush burning Oistins Hill..come out

    Hamilton Hill…you should catch ReDJet

  20. onions why would i waste my time and energy listening to the blp with a bon e fide LIAR and Thief as the head as they say the apple(apples) don’t fall far from the tree it is a pity that a woman like Mia has to be part of a conglomerate of mongoose

  21. @ ac
    See girl you lapsing…..that invitation was only for those not deemed persona non gratis….guess that excludes you(s)…lol

  22. @ ac
    Thanks girl ..I now listen lil bit to to a Master Joker cracking jokes…..but you tell Irene that I say we gine drink all the sea water in Soup Bowl if she wins….tell she all jokes aside not to feel good yet… counting guinea bird eggs….all don’t hatch.tell she I miss she too from BU…cuz U ac not going a good job.

  23. @ac
    Again I attempt to listen..but ..all I make out ..is that Esther the Buyer needs a haircut…and Geese want puttin on the Grapefruit Diet…..Oh yeah some people went to Bud-Buy for toilet paper and yet to come back…I miss anything ?

  24. @ Sarge
    I would like you to sit and watch these 3 video…..cuz you are excused by being overseas and ignorant…. for that period of not being informed.

  25. Onions

    Shoulda known you are a card carrying member of the BLP, until tonight Foundation has never seen such a group of “ne’er do wells” in all of its existence.

    What does being overseas have to do with being informed? What videos what? Did they also go to bat for Barrack? The arsonists complaining now the fire is out of control and they want us to give them fuel, lighters and matches all over again.

  26. @ sarge
    The Master Technician was at his best..for those who missed it
    [xpconnect wrapped nsIURI]

  27. “onions all them videos don’t mean nothing ”
    which ones ac, the videos posted by random or by onions. i notice that you took the one posted by random into your bosom.

  28. Onions,
    What have you done to ac, she has become very acid in her comments since the Cadres poll. Oh my lord, can you imagine she could get so? My, my, my. The talking points are directly out of the cesspool called George Street.

    They have devised a plan that they are going to go after Owen, hence the nasty attacks daily and the thug, Chris Sinckler saying he wants Owen in the house to think he will curse out Owen.

    ac, I got news for you today, we are not going down into the gutter with you Dems, we know that that is where you Dems thrive! Is this what the poll has done to you all, the thought of losing seems too much to bear already.

  29. Man Prodi
    Plain and simple..the DLP losing badly ..so ac wants to sour the character of Mr.Arthur….strategy ..”we going down but we want to damage you in anyway we could before the inevitable”…..THEY IN A MOST DESPERATE STATE……ac hurting badly…sniff sniff…she want D Obeah man for comfort…

  30. I have heard of the Dems nasty modus operandi bit I am now seeing it first hand. Last election, I was only a reader on BFP (never go there now, David, BU is better) but I am now witnessing the most nasty discourse since that Cadres poll, it is like the nastiness has risen up.

    Is this what we are going to endure until election day? None of us BLP supporters go after the DLP and its leader, the way ac, clone, ! and the newbies want to go after Owen. We criticise Freundel and the DLP’s policies. I pity you all!

    The Dems are really, really DESPERATE, DESPERATE, DESPERATE.

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