Dear DLP

Submitted by Observing

You are suffering and you are indirectly suffering the independents that support you. We like you, really we do. We believe that you have the most integrity and desire to help all Barbadians and with time could do so. But you are doing an atrocious job of showing it, proving it, or at the very least talking about it properly.  Let me pause to offer a moment of sympathy for your departed leader, former PM David Thompson. He truly went too soon. He also left big boots to fill and an unfinished vision and mandate that desperately needed time and hard working, honest souls to bring it to fruition.  Fast forward two years and we must now ask. What have you done? How have you done it? How have you shared it?

I’ll declare my hand and admit that my philosophy, leaning and beliefs endear me to the DLP rather than the BLP. But, my objectivity will always question right from wrong, good from bad, sense from nonsense and efficiency from ineptitude.  In too many cases you have collectively chosen the latters. To make matters worse, it has been so blatant, so obvious, and in some cases so bumbling that it seems you are still now trying to “settle” into the role of government, four years after the fact.

While on that, let me turn to your chairman, the PM, the numero uno, Mr. Freundel Stuart.  A good man.  A liked man. A decent man. An intelligent man. But clearly a man with flaws in some of the critical areas of leadership, team building and emotional intelligence.  They say a leader gets the job done. Full stop.  But there are many tasks he/she must undertake and people he/she must work and talk with to get there.  The jury will decide on Stuart’s performance as PM and leader.   As for the team? Likeable fellows somewhat. But, complacent, sometimes arrogant and now conveniently blind to the very things that swept them into power, and are poised to sweep them out.  They should pray for light.

We admit. We do not like the BLP so much (Their numerous supporters love them however).  But, that is not good enough reason for us to come running to you when it feels like you have pushed us away, ignored us or both. We need to hear, to see and to feel that you are serious, sincere, genuine, thoughtful and selfless enough to work together for the betterment of this country.  Anything less will render you to political obscurity for a long time to come.

We want to hear from you.  Not via legislation or edited press releases. Not via grandiose verbosity and circumspect generalities. Not via international fireside chats that we happen to catch while on our sofas. No…from you…directly, bluntly and honesty.

Rest assured, many are watching. Many are thinking. Many are waiting and many are listening. Some like I are just observing.  You have good talking points, use them.  You have good ammunition, release it.  You still have some confidence among the electorate, maximize it.  What we are seeing now is far from stellar and definitely not enough to make me jump out of bed, pick up my “X” and award it to the generic candidate on your ticket. I’ll stay home first.  A word to the wise.  It’s not over yet, but you seem to be rushing it there.

I’ll provide one straightforward statistic that has nothing to do with the recent polls, and is but one of many laid strewn across my desk that convince me you have more than an uphill battle.

In 2008 you won by 8800 votes. Take out St. John and St. Lucy and that margin drops to 4,100 across 28 remaining constituencies.  The maths isn’t hard to follow. A 3% swing is an illusion.  A more accurate swing needed is in the region of 1.5% and even less in most places.  There’s more discouraging statistical news where this came from.
Enough said.

Wake up and at least put up a reasonable fight…together.

Just Observing.

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  1. @David (not BU)

    You are aware the BLP has avoided the issue of whether it intends to send home civil servants?

    You must also be aware that both parties pad the civil service as a means to pander to their supporters?

    You are correct though when you say we know what has to happen.

  2. Gibbs who owns Scotties, a supporter and backer of Mascoll and the man who owes his success to now Sir David? Things get more interesting by the day IF true.

  3. Onions

    The pit bull back fah trut’ … Somet’ing tell me that it is “Bre’k fah Yaself” time. And watch Kellman very soon. He too got to deal with a similar Ministry …

    Prodigal Son

    I got a “VOTE INDEPENDENT OR NOT AT ALL” T-Shirt for you … ain’ gun cost you a penny. You and Ross ..! David like he qualifying fah one shortly, both Davids, including the Minister …

  4. @ Blogger

    “Obama made promises, the current English Government made promises and what happened, They did not understand the magnitude of the problem unitl they came to office and consequently took the necessay corrective measures.”

    Obama could only implement his promises with the support of the Senate and House of Representatives, no such parliamentary obstacles stand in the way of the DLP with a 20-9 majority in a Westminster system.
    With regards to the British government, they have in fact introduced what their promised and are failing miserably hence a double dip recession.
    The DLP argued that it was collusion between government and the distributors that led to high food prices, yet prices have neither fallen nor stabilised.One must therefore ask: Is it the world recession that has prevented the administration from removing collusion from the equation or were global conditions always the culprit?
    Talk bout lies!!!

  5. Yeah man BAFBAP…..the poodle dawn he curly locks and decide is time to BARK…..Donville only last week too did ….hollarin hard at eva body…so much so a DLP like he LICK down he wall and mek he more vex…..Up to now the wall still down….It must be Clone.wha you think Baffy ?

  6. yes David the BLP has not said and can not say they will sent home people but the way i look at it, you could send home people in your first year and by the third they are back to work, once you have the right policies in place to train and retool them to get back to work.

    lets face it, there has to be pain but it hurt a hell of a lot more to see you are in pain and the people who are charge with helping you, don’t care.

    case in point, someone here talk about the Minister of Culture and Housing talking about another Cavalcade in St. Philip. now where is the money for that going to come from? i sure the sponsors did not budget for it. so who wlll foot the bill if it comes off? and even if it does not, how stupid are you to make comments that it will? given all of that, what reason would it serve to have another Cavalcade in St. Philip?

    now someone who is at home watching the TV and can’t find work will think, these people mad?

  7. @david not bu
    u know not what u speaketh about. Do u know govt would have to look for gratuity. Middle level servants would have to be paid over 180 00 in gratuity if they workerd for 331/3 years. Immediate pension of half the salary. where would the money come from in these recessiary times.

    would u say uraban and rural commissions were necessary 14 years ago. Who inflated the the level of Public Officers to over 25 000 after it was cut in the 1990’s. Should they be got rid of. They Cant in most cases as the Public Service Act 0f 2007 stated that as long as they worked for three years prior to the promulgation of the act they are deemed to be appointed.

  8. @ David

    He don’t support a Minister in this Government too? Buying school books, bags and shoes for a certain St. Michael MP?

  9. @Schneider.

    Ya being dangerous!
    Not many St. Michael constituencies have official “Friends of…..”

  10. @Blogger2012 if i know not what i speaketh about, maybe i should run for office on a DLP ticket?

    “where would the money come from in these recessionary times.”

    the money would come from the same place the DLP government getting it from to spend on shite in these recessionary times.

    i will not entertain you anymore because you would just make me come down to your gutter level and bet me with experience. i leave you jokers in the hand of the bajan voting public.

  11. Onions

    Don’ touch Donville hear … He is the DLP find ah de new century … He could say wah he want. The polls pointing at the boy from the Garrison who ever’ body know ain’ mention a truthful word yet, but Donville is de sweet boy. I ain’ gun say a t’ing ’bout Donville. He gettin’ real powerful these days, causen of course he is well known to the expat community from his business dealings before politics (which includes of course the Jews from Lebanon … 🙂 )


    You don’ feel that you could help wid de price of dese shirts tho’, yah stingy b#tch … ha ha ha …:)

  12. @David not BU


  13. now would you look at that? little old me with the “ton of ignorance and lack of common sense who is not smart and get to clean up shite” get under somebody’s skirt, well that is if you are a man.

  14. democracy is about voting and changing governments as the need arises. it is supposed to be more, but unfortunately thats all eclectors are considered for. so jack ass the govt will call elections when it is ready and the pople will decide one way or another, and it will make no difference to me as i dont rely on neither b or d for handouts. However, i will not allow poor analysis and ignornce to be floated about without countering them..

  15. David(notBU)
    Come on guy, you are a naughty fellow, you have blogger 2012, ac, clone, eating up their fine cloths. I will continue to read all of you and have fun. I think I’ve said all I’ve had to say on this topic, unless something diffrent comes up. Good luck to the D’s and B’s.

  16. @ Blogger
    would u say urban and rural commissions were necessary 14 years ago. Who inflated the the level of Public Officers to over 25 000 after it was cut in the 1990′s. Should they be got rid of.

    Nation 05/02/2011
    Meanwhile, new director of the UDC, Derek Alleyne, confirmed yesterday that the commission was sending home staff. He said the UDC was restructuring and had created new posts. “We asked those who wanted to apply to do so and we have sent correspondence to the National Union of Public Workers. Some may qualify and some will not, but as few as possible will go,” he stated.

    barbadostoday 20/12/11
    The Urban Development Commission will have a new home from next month. The UDC is relocating to the second floor of the former Julie ‘N
    building on Bridge Street, The City. Director of the commission,
    Derek Alleyne, said the existing building, which was adequate for
    only 30 staff, was currently housing 50.

    So why rather than reduce staff or closed those agencies down the DLP increased the staff complement since coming to power?

    I have no problem with being partisan, but the lies and half-truths make me ill.

  17. so wait yuh ,mean that there are people in barbados that hate the country so bad and detest the PM that they would sabotage the economy of the country byspreading lies and propaganda ! How patriotic! what low lives would do such a thing!

  18. anyhow the DLP stalwarts expecting a lethal dose of poison from the insurgents couple wid some scud missile attacks and some pipe bombs as well we the dlp stalwarts are all geared up and ready to fight the nasty birds.

  19. @Scout
    cant u be creativtive and come up with something of ur own. I have commended ac for making people like u snort. So go to sleep and come with something new.

  20. What really is eating you Blogger of lately. ?..You are most disrespecting to everyone with an alternate view., You seems to feel you know it all and rewrote the English language for everyone,,,that you will retire comfortable a Million Nuts mole, your nieces are all MDs in the making…pompous pieca Sh#T …What really is your problem Mr. SOB ? I should have really stuck to my guns and just ignored a ole rotten tongue like you…You cussing eva body except those from your party……grow up will you …This one the DLP ( your party) getting a well deserved ASS WHOPPIN… you go to sleep and or come with something new you sore ass loser….Blooger Xulla U.

  21. I am so ashamed of the entire BLP membership for associating with persons who wanted this country to go down so badly that they started sabotaging the government by telling foreign investors that the Prime Minister does not like white people or foreigners.
    No wonder all the offshore companies are leaving.
    This is a measure of desperation after having 14 years of getting themselves rich and after four years in opposition they would kill Jesus again to get their hands on the treasury.

    Lord if it be your will let it be. They are some sick people.

  22. I now understand….you guys are the best…..looking for more sympathy I see…..and conveniently …having an excuse for the real reason of the exodus……NO CLONE..tell all n sundry……D strategy won’t work……AT ELECTION TIME……tell Mr.KMH…..this one toooooo transparent…….LOL
    Man wanna fighting hard… No clone we sending it back….ZERO for workable strategy !

  23. Clone | May 30, 2012 at 10:41 PM |

    I am so ashamed of the entire BLP membership for associating with persons who wanted this country to go down so badly that they started sabotaging the government by telling foreign investors that the Prime Minister does not like white people or foreigners.
    No wonder all the offshore companies are leaving.

    this is the reason the offshore companies are leaving? if that is the case that is easy to fix. just tell them the PM likes white people and foreigners.

    see this is why you have to get these jokers out of office. blaming everybody for everything and would not look at their our actions.


    the DLP government is doing a great job at sabotaging the government all by themselves. they don’t need help.

    what a bunch of jokers.

  24. @ Ms Sweetie

    ‘We want a plan’

    Tomorrow belongs to you. Play it again and again and again……..

  25. @ David
    What have you been giving these bloggers for breakfast? In an instant people are going for their swords.

    As you know things get very rough here (BU) during an election but the election date has not even been called. . . . God help us, there is turbulence ahead!!

  26. Dear DLP
    We are not asleep nor are we intending to “be on the back foot” now that our Crusading Operatives are overseas on a mission. We are fully aware of your covert plans of attack to gain ground and instill to the public a sense of awe with your newly launched plan “Operation DHL”. Rest assured we have our own counter active measures to destabilize this most sinister plot . Nor is the organization “temporarily without its head .” For those who have not being informed previously Operation DHL stands for “Discharge Hideous Lies”. We strongly believe that such was necessitated in counter to the Wickham’s 20125 Opinion Polls.Put briefly, it is a five prowned attack by cohorts and highly place operatives to bombard the public with lies and innuendo distracting them from the truth..i.e of the polls. So far we are way ahead of you as you can see on all your measures, and will continued to be as you make yet another desperate attempt to secure an all illusive another five year term.
    So far we had (1) Unexpected Growth … this was nothing more than increased collections of Vat revenue as a result of INCREASED PRICES on commodities. (2) That overseas operatives have set about to sabotage investors’ confidence in investing in Four Seasons while under this administration.
    All be aware, that both these UNTRUTHS are nothing but such, and were concocted to misinform and draw attention from the unsuspecting public to the party’s current plight.
    We will continue to monitor and be expecting more of your “DHL” in the coming days as we see this as a sure sign of PANIC coming from deep within.While we are on the subject of within, we see that your poodles are getting hungry and you would be well advised to buy some dog biscuits quickly, as we are all aware of what a hungry attack dog can do given the Kingsland experience.

    Watching and waiting


  27. @Onions

    That was for u, did u not pontificatate by stating u have a daugher or son living over in away prasticing as a lawyer u bastard. If u cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen. My pompousness was directed at money brain, but if it has offended i am very happy about that and have no regret for so doing. Vaya con dias. Bring it on. U have not had had somone to challenge the desposition of debris you have been lodging here on this blog for a while. I am here to stay unless the Blog Master ask me to take leave. Consider me the Amblyoma tick on this blog out for your blood. You cannot teach about the use of the English Language.


    Do you like how I have onions eating his shirt?

  28. Dear Just Observing,
    What integrity you talking about? David gone too soon? David and his friend carry away all our Clico money and you talking about integrity. I really believe he gone too soon. I sorry he not still here so we could lock his red ass up. Where is the MP for St John. Let us hear your voice.
    Bajans all over this island suffering and the DLP in the House of Assembly thumping talbles about how much excess VAT they collected and not one could ask for an ease for us.

  29. @ Blogger 2012
    This for the tick ….out for my blood…I waiting for you with DDT. Do you want me break it down….ole miserable nemesis.?

  30. @Onions

    I have built up resistance to DDT. Try something new. A tick like me know how to hibernate how u like that response. I have plaster for every sore on this earth.

  31. @yardbroom
    Turbulence doesn’t begin to describe it

    The poll commissioner might reveal more rifts and hidden agendas 🙂 remember young turks who are popular always try to get rid of old fogeys. It’s the nature of youth 🙂

  32. As it relates to the collection of VAT, we need to be reasonable as well as careful. Barbados uses the accrual system of accounting. This means that income is recorded in the period in which it earned and expenses in the period they were incurred, regardless of when cash is received or expended.

    In other words, during the period under review, the VAT returns would have been used as the basis for calculating the amount of VAT received. However, you must take into consideration that from time to time companies would have filed VAT returns, but may have not send the requisite amount with the form. Under these circumstances, the amount of VAT due to Customs would be recorded on their income statement as income (even though no cash was actually received). The double entry process then goes to the balance sheet, where this outstanding amount is recorded as a current asset, Accounts Receivable or even VAT Receivable.

    Yes, there may be $1.3 billion dollars of VAT on the income statement, but the question is, how much of that amount is on the balance sheet as VAT receivable?

  33. Well who triggered the poll the analysis/speaks for itself however the results might have created and given the party faithful more reason to become unified and rally around its leader ,yesterday results of the VAT along with the poll has given the DLP more reason to believe the “race is not always for the swift but those who endured to the end

  34. @Art
    I have not heard the discussion did it say earned or collected. If it said earned that means the in hand and due must be considered.

  35. Hi onions doesn.,t it feel good to Be the rightful owner of 1.3billion and to think it is in good hands and well managed but guess what the first order of business has already begun that is to RESTORE. next REBUILD! then RECONSTRUCT! sounds faniliar that was a plan which was stolen from the DLP by OSA any the BLP souinds familiar!

  36. “Collected or earned” is a non-issue as politicians manipulate statistics and facts to make themselves look good. The only way to know the true figure would be to see the financial statements.

  37. It is not a non issue when faacts can ve verified, regradless to whether politicians can manipulate the facts or not. The distinction as i have previoulsy stated must be verifed before we politcally “masturbate” for the feel good of crtiticizing.

  38. Do you have any supporting documentation to support your argument and prove me wrong, or is this a lame attempt to shoot the messenger because, as it seems, you support this present administration? So as it stands, it is a non-issue.

  39. I said it before as I laid out the BLP strategy that Arthur does not want to go one on one with Sinckler- We see Arthur was exposed as a blatatnt liar at the end of the last budget wrap up when he said that he was not atcabinet meetings when decisions were made about the prison when the records clearly indicated that he was.

    Strategy Two – They will remain very non specific on spending cuts – you see how the BLP yardfowls try to convince Bajans that the majority of government spending is on constituency councils and summer camps, etc. A load of garbage! The big areas in the budget is education and health and public sector wages.The alternative to the 2.5% vat is major cuts in education, sending home thousands of public workers and asking us to pay for our education and fork out some more money to get your garbage collected from around your house(Mottley’s words,not mine).
    There is no silver bullet or magic solution. Even listen to Mascoll, he will never be specific in identifying these “expenditure cuts”. The BLP did not restructure or transform the public service in better times but now in a global recession wants to force the Government to send home workers.
    I challenge the BLP yardowls on this blog to show me where we can get the millions of dollars in spending cuts if we do not want the vat.
    The BLP is nuff criticism and no solutions.

  40. @ac so wait yuh ,mean that there are people in barbados that hate the country so bad and detest the PM that they would sabotage the economy of the country byspreading lies and propaganda ! How patriotic! what low lives would do such a thing!……………………………….

    This is all part of the DLP campaign….spread lies and rumours, a repeat of 2008. They cannot defend their sorry record, so there is a plan in place to spread lies. You really think people who want to win a government would do this? On Tuesday, it was the BLP will lay off public workers, on Wednesday, people telling lies to the IADB.

    And this is coming from a woman whom nobody aint vote for and is herself a liar. She told David Ellis that she was not party affiliated and proceeded to push the DLP’s agenda as moderator on VOB prior to the 2008 election. Then lo and behold, after the election, she was one of the first to become a senator and a minister. Then she had the gall to say that she was one of the authors of the DLP’s manifesto.

    Would you believe a word that comes out of her mouth?

  41. BAF

    I got a “VOTE INDEPENDENT OR NOT AT ALL” T-Shirt for you … ain’ gun cost you a penny. You and Ross ..! David like he qualifying fah one shortly, both Davids, including the Minister

    Thanks BAF but make sure it is RED in size medium. LOL!

  42. The BLP will fool those who allow themselves to be fooled- The Mottley crew waiting for Arthur tail. They planning and strategising for him – The Eager ONE.
    Dale Marshall is a waste of time who will never go anywhere nationally after all his backstabbing, Mottley at 25% and Marshall trying to scrape 1%.
    A cabinet with Dale Marshall, Wuk Fa Wuk, Muscle Mary and the worst slate of BLP candidates ever presented cannot transform Barbados led by a man whose only motivation in coming back as opposition leader is because he wants to feel the “POWER” again not to transform or restructure Barbados which he failed to do in good times but for personal and egotistical aggrandisement.

    Chris, Dr. Estwick, Donville , The PM, by far the better group! They have batted on an extremely challenging wicket and have stabilised the innings.

  43. @Artaxerxes,
    “Yes, there may be $1.3 billion dollars of VAT on the income statement, but the question is, how much of that amount is on the balance sheet as VAT receivable?”…………………..

    I could have told ac so after she started gloating to the point where she thought it was foreign reserves. Having worked in the VAT office, there is so much VAT outstanding, it is unbelievable. So no wonder the minister has to keep the increase in place.

    Would not Barbadians been better able to understand the reason for keeping on the increase if the minister had come clean and not in the grandstanding way he did….”we have collected more VAT than any other government in history, to loud thumps” and not one of the desk thumping DEMS who are always saying that the DLP is a caring government would say, minister, then you can ease the burden that is on the backs of the poor people…….was he not ashamed when so many people are hurting?

    He could have said that we have to keep the increase in place because we have not been collecting the money as we would like as businesses are really finding it hard. But no, he had to grandstand for political reasons. Chris Sinckler is a stranger to the truth, so he had to lie then.

    The next CBB report SHOULD tell us the truth. Thatt is if the governor dont manipulate the figures!

  44. @Artaxerxes,
    “Yes, there may be $1.3 billion dollars of VAT on the income statement, but the question is, how much of that amount is on the balance sheet as VAT
    MOST VALID POINT……Artaxerxes the financial controller…bet Chris probably shakling out now and giving orders to VAT Office and Accountants Gen. Office not to divulge any info…..BUT it is a very valid point..such is accommodated under accrual method of Govt accounting and their listed method of revenue recognition.

    SSAP No.4asx
    “Revenue should be recognized as earned when there is adequate evidence of being able to be collected as represented in cash.” ( vis.something similar)

    Yet another one for the listing in “Operation DHL.” evident as to as well how “stable” we really are….ouch !

  45. I am convinced that part n parcel of the current strategy of the DLP’s Operation DHL is No # 3 to project the economy as doing better than it really is in.
    We are told “Stable” yet Almond Beach, Knights Ltd, Ideal Agencies, Edgewater Hotel, Peach n Quiet and many more long standing Barbadian companies have closed their doors for good. Hundreds have been sent to the unemployment office and many more are envisaged. Many many vehicles have been repossessed as evident by the large amount of used car bargain sales.Doctors offices are empty, banks are empty, everywhere you are greeted by long faces and we “holding on”. Supermarkets have not been exempted …a recently opened establishment also parted with staff…..people are being placed on ….mostly off shifts. This is stable.A walk thru town saw empty nails parlours, empty hair dresser studios and barbers reading yesterday’s newspaper. The only places seemed to be exempt was fast food establishments and small food shops selling the like of bajan light lunches.

    I will say no more on the $184 million increase in Vat… accounting anomaly or a purposeful ploy….we can only know but after elections….what is really what.

  46. *********** OPERATION DHL: “Discharge Hideous Lies”***********
    (CLIPBOARD).as of 31st May, 2012
    I. Present unexpected growth ….evident by $184 Million in unanticipated Vat collections.
    2.Put forward that…….BLP overseas operatives are bad mouthing DLP in an attempt to run off investors.
    3.Give all the appearance that the economy is stable, even looking up, doing better than it really is. (Accounting .v. Reality)…Revenue recognition method under the accrual method questioned.

  47. @prodigal
    another one yuh propaganda liez saying that i used the word”foreign” to describe the 1.3billion that is a figment of your imagination induced by your close proximity to OSA

  48. @ onions that 1.3billion like it got wunna heading fuh Jenkins clipboards and markers in hand all wunna trying to count and recount now remember dat is a lot of money and yuh might have to spend many sleepless nights counting it. wuhloss jenkins here comes onion bag ! Btw some good news i hear that after all the years that OSA refused to do any thing about the flooding when it drizzles there is somthing in the works to take care of that so you can beach the canoe you used to paddle up and down the bayland in and there is more

  49. Dat $ 1.3 Billion got in people that owe Vat…..but NEVER going pay it.
    Like importers of reconditioned vehicles…who formed new companies under new names……and Chris and Co. wanted to pass legislation to make ALL Directors of companies liable…..fools gold ! You keep counting.

  50. @!

    the Blp ardfowls don’t like when you show they all steupse out of fear because like the devil afraid of the cross them afraid of the truth yuh see how they all run and hide. I guess they counting money.

  51. Ross

    Ms Sweetie is young as we all were. Give her another ten years and she will be talking the same calabre of shite that the rest of us are talking today … ha ha ha

    @ prodigal

    Why the hell you had to go and mention the colour Red … wah wrong wid you man … 🙂 ?

    Look the T-Shirts coming in one colour only. It is a neutral colour that does not reflect an affiliation to any instition or political party since very few of them has demonstrated an affinity to it anyway. I playing it safe. All the T-Shirts will be supplied in Black only … ha ha ha

  52. “Nightmare on vault street” still roflmao whenchris sinckler declared that the BLP had paid 1million dollars for an unfinished statue in St.thomas that when the little children pass by on their way to school it frighten them!

  53. @ BAF

    Black suits me. The lettering will be what colour?

    ‘Am I getting old?’ ‘Oh no…not you.’

    If I was the Future Prime Minister, I would ask Ms Sweetie to become the ‘First Lady’ now that Islandgal has turned out to be so ‘thing’ oriented. Wouldn’t you be glad to have her on your ticket?

  54. Al least Freundel can look back and say he celebrated the Queen’s diamond jubilee because he will no longer be PM after this year.

  55. I am concerned that Mr Stuart has not shifted those persons in key places that were placed there by the BLP and who continue to look out for their people while we the supporters of the DLP are relagated to the rank of ignobleness.

    Mr Stuart, please install your own supporters in the PSC, the CPO, the other CPO and put aside the BLP supporters in those posts who are making your supporters see bloody hell – supersessions, appointment of imbeciles, unexperienced and shallow officers, etc.

    I suffered for 14 years under the BLP, I have been suffering for the past 4 years as well and being laughed at by my fellow colleagues who are supporters of the BLP. I was inducted into the DLP in March, 2012 because I have always been and will always be a supporter of the DLP, in power or out of power. Please place me somewhere where I can apply my knowledge and skills and acquire a salary that can offset my compulsory deductions, car loan (MOF) and Student Revolviong Loan before you call the elections. Thanks.

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