Men From Mars, Women From Venus

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When last you heard a male friend expressing his total disgust, in a member of the opposite sex, unable to understand why females thinks and acts the way they do.

I just returned from a visit to a friend who is a lawyer. While there I asked him why is it that members of the legal fraternity are seemingly more and more being bought before the Courts on money matters. He sharing jovially a matter of how he was wrongfully accused by a female, who believed he (the lawyer) was holding up funds, she believed was presented by her espoused husband in transit to her. She went as far as involving the police and even taking my friend to the disciplinary committee. As he explained, no moneys had passed his office but the husband in an effort to tease her left messages for her to think otherwise.

Why do we men and women always seem to be at each other? There are a whole lot of other examples of these differences I am sure.  You out there ponder even wonder as to why … here take a look at what the experts believe…

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  1. isn’t denise prager a comediene . he makes getting marriage as easy as buying a pair of socks which too can be difficult to do if you can’t find the right color socks to match your wardrobe.

  2. To the experts; It is not as easy as it sounds.Understanding that is. Also being in command of oneself…..being able to remember howwhat the other party expects of you at all times.Here lies the complication…added with the stresses of life. Caveman more often takes over …and knocks over the apple cart ..although never really his intentions….back to Mars from there on as Woman heads back home to mother.

  3. “command of oneself” is not the necessary ingredient in the survival of a marriage but the ability for each partner to exemplify “control” not in the sense of taking complete “command” but in a sense that each partner input is of value and worthwhile pursuing too many times one part tries to take “command”which leaves the other partner feeling left out and rejected in decision making

  4. @ AC

    Of course that is right. BUT – there are many who don’t send obvious enough signals about this – and so the ‘dom’ is left to feel it all falls on him/her. He/she may not want this – but feels, in face of apparent inertia, that he/she has no choice. For him/her, of course read mostly ‘him’.

    On marriage survival – gee what do you say? I suppose the root, as in any positive relationship, is a sense of real friendship. This post has great potential – LOL.

  5. On Old Onions and ‘what the other party expects’

    Now is that just ‘matrimonial observance’? If so, it is an empty shell. Perhaps we spend too much time trying to meet the expectations of others. It’s something which we have been conditioned to do from the cradle. It’s not selfish to ‘do your own thing’ – indeed, it’s right we should in the name of our personal freedom. It’s only selfish when we ‘expect’ others to do what we do, think how we think. My happiness does not depend on your happiness – in the sense of doing what you ‘expect’ me to do – and neither should yours.

    I’m not really clear that God did anyone a favour by ejection from the Garden. What was the point of putting the tree there if He didn’t ‘expect’ us to eat from it? He must have known that to tell a child not to do something is a guarantee that he will do it. And so the business of ‘other people’s expectations’ begins

  6. @ R ross
    It’s not selfish to ‘do your own thing’ – indeed, it’s right we should in the name of our personal freedom. It’s only selfish when we ‘expect’ others to do what we do, think how we think. My happiness does not depend on your happiness – in the sense of doing what you ‘expect’ me to do – and neither should yours.
    I would venture a bet that you are not happily married…ask ac..about your thinking.Not if you want to stay together……happily that is..but I might be wrong.

  7. Secular, evolutionary materialism, IS* the base, premise, of this erroneous concept of, the ‘animal’ in him/her, hence the ‘cave man/women’ instinct, that comes out in the first video; NONSENSE, utter unbiblical, it WAS/IS SIN* tham came as a direct result of wilfull DISOBEDIENCE, through Adam’s CHOICE, as the head of the unit, and ruined the absolute beauty and WHOLENESS of what God intended for them, and has plagued mankind ever since, with EGO, PRIDE, selfishness, and all of the other attendant aspects of OUR fallen, sin nature, driven exponentially by today’s materialistic, humanistic, immorally focused societies, which can only lead to unhappiness, misery, broken marriages, destroyed homes, which is rampant every where.

    Only IN Christ, as Head of the union of marriage, can any marital union hope to endure, and bear fruit of the real intended purpose of God’s original plan for Adam and Eve, of whom were are all descendants!

    by Cooper P Abrams III

    In God’s plan men and women were made for different roles. God first created Adam and gave him the responsibility to work (dress) and keep the Garden. (Gen. 2:15) Genesis 2:18 says that God made Eve and she was created to be a “help meet” for man. Her position in reference to man is defined as first “a helper,” literally, “a help,” ‘ézer.” Adam in fulfilling his responsibilities in the Garden needed help and God gave that responsibility to Eve. If Adam was to achieve his God directed objectives in life, he needed the help of his mate. In the creation of Eve, God set forth His plan for the role of women. God’s plan was Eve was to be at Adam’s side that in every way, from having offspring to being Adam’s partner in all that was needed for him to carry on his obligations being his counterpart. Eve was the needed part of Adam, making him complete in agreeing with him mentally, physically, spiritually. She is was not made as an inferior being in any degree, but with a different and equally important role and purpose in life.

    Adam upon seeing Eve and receiving her stated that Eve was “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh” recognizing that had God created her from him. Adam further made a marriage commitment or vow stating that he would leave his parents and “cleave” unto his wife and they would be one flesh. This statement showed commitment and established the proper bound between them being devoted to each other. In other words they would function as a unit in union. Adam understood his responsibility and in initiating the marriage performing his duty as being the one responsible in the union. Thus the first recorded statement of Adam was to demonstrate his leadership and responsibility to the woman in that he made the vow of commitment and he gave Eve her name. This set the example for the future human race and God has not changed plan.

    In Genesis 2, God established the family. God is a God of order and He set the organization of the family in it creation. Any organization must have the roles of its members clearly defined to be able to function and support the organization. God gave the man the responsibility to be the head of the family in providing provision and leadership. The woman’s role in the family is as vital and important as them man’s in her domain as wife and mother.

    God created Adam and Eve in perfect harmony and that continued without conflict until Adam and Eve disobeyed God and brought sin into the world. This began the problem man and woman not accepting or fulfilling their God given roles. Sin manifested itself in sinful pride distorted this perfect union. Eve upsurped Adam’s responsibility in leadership and listened to Satan instead of her husband. She apparently was easily deceived and she decided to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree. Eve then gave the fruit to Adam who abucated his leadership role to Eve and plunged the human race into sin.

    Sin degraded the man’s and woman’s roles coming from the carnal nature and pride of mankind. The biblical example affirms that men are to be the leaders in the home, church, and state. Women were not created to rule these divine institutions, because God gave that responsibility to the man. The prophet Isaiah was condemning Israel in Isaiah 3:12, when he said they had allowed women ruled over them. In a church, according to the God’s word the Bible, no woman is qualified to be a pastor or a deacon or in any other leadership position over men. This is plainly stated in God’s word:

    This distortion of God’s truth, looking through carnal eyes, fails to see that God never in any way degraded a woman, but made her of equal importance in the marriage union. Man is not the woman’s master, but rather her provider and leader. The truth is there can be no union or true biblical marriage without the man and the woman functioning biblically in each of their distinctive roles. If the man abcates his role of providing for his family and being is spiritual leader family falls into serious trouble. The same applies to the woman who tries step into the role of the man. In either case the family as God created and structured it is severely weaken or destroyed. Further the same principle applies in a local church when the man does not provide the leadership and when woman step out of their God given roles and seek to rule over men. When this happens in a church the organization and structure of the church is out of order and sets an unbiblical example for the families of that church. This is why it is so important for a church to present a proper and biblical example of God’s instructions to its members, their families and the world around them.

  8. @ Old Onions

    As a matter of fact, I’m very happily married to a young and beautiful DARLING of whom I am very proud and who IS first and foremost my friend. LOL

  9. When two people are in harmony the word”selfish should not be part of the equation in the decisionmaking it is just a matter of what it best for the partnership sometimes right is not always what is best for the partenership but as both partners grow amd learned “together there should be no need for such words as “selfish” or right” since those two words equate a kind of power and should be avoid at all times why not inject peaceful words like “harmony and compromise..

  10. @ AC

    You realise I was commenting on the idea of ‘meeting expectations’ – not specifically in a matrimonial context. And of course ‘harmony’ is better than ‘discord’ and “compromise’ better than ‘dictatorship’. The problem is that what I regard as ‘harmony’ is too often ‘do what I say’ and ‘compromise’ is too often ‘on my terms’.

  11. the story iof adam and eve although a fabrication shows how men are obsteniate and hate to be told what to do even inthe face ofdamnatio.adam was given a guidline to follow and he decided it must be his way.

  12. @ Zoe

    I’ve tried to find the Cooper Abrams book on abe, but can’t find it. Would you kindly tell me who the publisher is?

  13. @ROSS I see harmony and compromise gives to good reasoning and thoughtfulnesss usually ending with an agrrementby both partners while “right” has a built in prblem of finality which shuts up one or the other partner before communication gets started and most of the time which makes couples divorce themselves from conversing with each other which contributes to selfishness on the individuals a recipe for disaterter

  14. @ AC

    I don’t at all disagree with the idea – of course not. But it also requires respect for the integrity of the other as well as a level playing field in which the concept of ‘power over’ is minimal – else the result may still be singing out of tune in the name of harmony. Actually talking to each other is a start. But it so often falls flat. The man says ‘I talk to her but she never listens’. The woman says ‘I don’t mind him; he’s always shouting’

  15. but Ross but both couples start out with a level playing field and the trick is to be observant enough to know what is expected of each other and not to be pretentious i would also say that the dating period is the most crucial and important time of a relationship a time to set guidelines in an observant and realistic manner a time to know the abc’s of do’s and don’t a time to learn whether your parent is rigid or tolerant most of the time most couples participate in a game of intellectual dishonesty and pretentiousness which is carried into the marriage and by then it is too late to make changes which could have been done during the dating with both couples having a true sense of what is expected of each other than having to find out the hard way during marriage . the playing field is level during the dating period and not during marriage by then it is too late.

  16. @ ross

    God told Adam and upon prompting from his wife he decided to disobey the rule and listen to his wife. Adam was the one God gave the responsibilty to not Eve, but like i say men are obstenate and always think they know it all even in the face of damnation.

  17. @ac

    Who made you Dr. Ruth…lol

    Seriously though, is it about being able to ‘change’ in the dating period or ‘knowing’ the good and bad qualities in the relationship?

  18. The ‘power over’ comes when the first ‘blush’ of love is over. Until then, nothing is too much.

  19. @ AC
    Well, I quite agree that if you read your Zoe, you’d read it that way. Imagine…responsibility is given to the man – the woman is a surrogate idea. Oh dear: betta thank Him then for the liberation movement.

  20. @ David

    “change ” another bad word to use in a relationship instead why get into a relationship if one partner is not indeed comfortable with the other they are always warning signs which is obvious to the couple but is ignore with the hope that the partner would “change” or that one can “change the other. most of the time that is not true and adds to prolong pain and eventually broken hearts,like you said ‘ :Fake” never. just be “real” especially in a growing relationship because the pain would be less and the relationship has more meaning

    • @ac

      Have to agree with many of your points on this post. You should stay away from the political blogs…lol

  21. @ DAvid

    on the political blogs there must be balanced and accommodation for all the trick is to disagree without being disagreeable as like marriage similar to what is portrayed on the blog it is about control one partner setting the ground rules and expecting the other to follow leaving no room for differing views and which can eventually ends up in chaos and divisiveness unnecessarily similar to what is played out on a day to day basis on the blogs as well as in relationships it is evident on the political blogs that the male wants to take control of what the female says not understanding that the female role is to provide a sense of balance which is a key ingredient and adds stability to the topic not much different in a marriage when the female voice is always drummed out as a way to keep her silent but in the long run so much is lost because her voice was only meant to be a force of stability and nothing more

  22. Ross do you think that after god gave such power and responsibilty to adam and he failed that adam man is worthy of having such power again afterall he proved that he was not capable of handling power when he allowed Eve to talk him into disobeying his Creator . therfore it is no coincidence that woman has more or equal power than men today because the first man Adam relinquish that power in the garden of Eden passing it on to woman with is know it all attitude.

  23. @ ac

    Actually I think the complexities of inter-personal relationships defy crude brush strokes – and especially when it comes to conclusions to be drawn from the primitive idea that ‘God says…’

  24. @ Zoe

    Thankyou. I see he is an ‘Independent’ Baptist minister of sorts evangelizing the mormons in Utah. His website is certainly ‘glitzy’.

  25. O.k. Ross given the same scenario and relating it to a business with the head office giving specific instructions to the Head manager and he /she goes above the instructions do you think that person would still be holding the position of manager? all i am saying that Adam failed to obey his instructions and by all means deserved to be demoted . however with his demotion and no other man to fill that position of such high esteem the only alternative would have been Eve that is what we see playing out before our very eyes Man being punished and the replacement of Power being given to Woman and by all means one can’t help but see that adam was the weaker of the two since he was so easily influenced by a woman now the men wants that Power and prestigious back but remeber they had one bite at the apple and blew it!

  26. @ ac
    therfore it is no coincidence that woman has more or equal power than men today because the first man Adam relinquish that power in the garden of Eden passing it on to woman with is know it all attitude.
    Relinquished or was tricked into compliance.
    A survey of many long standing good marriages are on the premise that the woman heads the household dejure….
    Men nowadays prefer it that way too…more dominioes ..more drinks etc
    Women are now in a position that they should play a more dominant role in deciding the financial investing climate as advent by female lawyers and accountants…..wonderful !

  27. onions “Relinquished” or”tricked” Adam had all the power and control of everything in the garden and his abuse of that power was through means of being selfish all adam had to say was NO! and eve would have understood that adam role as a man was to guide and lead and not to be a follower unfortunately for adam he did not understand his role as a leader and choose to become a follower instead with the end result that EVE proving that woman can be influential a role that woman use daily just look around at the high profile woman of power and influence doesn’t it remind you of the story The past has finally caught up with the man and woman as the years go by will become more dominant the story of adam and eve should prove to men where there is influence there is power and woman has and will be high on such list and there is nothing men can do about because of adam lack of vision and forsight.

  28. Tough luck ac..time ran out….lol…Me? I heading back to the garden…. you ? You know where you going….lol

  29. @ onions
    Adam still in the garden trying to prove a point while Eve has moved on and not looking back !Poor Adam! he should have know better! like david said Leaders Lead!

  30. @ac
    Show me a long lasting marriage….and I show you arrangement ..woman in charge….Adam in the garden hiding…..(of course)

  31. Jeff the Mex must be wondering how come this Venusians invasion at Alexandra so well organized and powered……no Dc battery either….now that the Empire may Strike Back…..even eradicate…..we wait on Earth……with pens in hands.

  32. Why ac don’t leave Miller doa…..suppose Miller loose D one foot pit bull on ya fa real… ting ya gine holla fa murder…..Let sleeping extra foots lie.. mommy never tell you dat ?LOL

  33. onions wuh yuh run and come over here fuh . yuh feel freakish or what.?wuh foot i done cut dat foot off now i thinki he might got to borrow yours ! MURDER dog done dead!

  34. Can barely deal with present……study the future and might kill yourself…..Image this was the sentiment of a young female mother of two revealed today..

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