BAN The BEAST…Pit Bull Potential Killer!

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

The feared pit bull

The Sunday Sun report of a gruesome tale of three pit bulls that got loose and raved havoc on residents of Kingsland Gardens, justifies the call for a ban on the pit bull dog (and all fighting dogs: Akita) once and for all from these shores. We have had at least two dozen reported attacks on citizens over the years with such attacks becoming more fierce and brazen. What are we waiting for anyway? A death or amputation of one of our children’s limbs or death of an elderly person?

These animals are becoming more and more a menace to our society and should be culled. Why would one want to be in possession of one of these chained lethal weapons anyway? In the USA…a security protection effigy of the drug culture….in BIM (we so often follow)… may also be a sign of power…’One’ to be feared….Keep Out ! A policemen would think more than twice of jumping a fence on seeing Rufus the pit bull panting on a chrome plated tether.

Statistics show that pit bulls are by far the most dangerous breed of dogs, involved in several attacks on people and animals world wide, each day. Yet their supporters are numerous and cross a wide political spectrum. On the right you have the US brothers, who surround themselves with obnoxious and dangerous things like guns, big-ass vehicles, body fat and killer dogs, and who dare others to say something. On the left are certain urban professionals who long to tell the world that they are super-sensitive and understanding souls, but who lack the imagination and intelligence to come up with anything more worthy of their support for the chained offender.

Deborah Darlington (victim in recent the Kingsland attack) knows only too well. She reported going to the aid of her grandson, when these blood thirsty monsters from hell proceeded to relieve her of a piece of ear, but not before mauling her all over her body.

Kemar Barrow and his two year old son were also attacked. He being bitten on the leg. He reported how the three dogs, in a wolf pack style,attacked and attempted to bring him down, seemingly in order to eat his two year old son ( being in a diaper and in his arms) Like a CSI drama movie…. we hear how the dogs jumped him, throwing him to the ground before grabbing his son and dragging him off by the diaper”like a bag of garbage. Luckily, Kemar regained his footing and retook his diaper-less son…before the child was killed.

Wake up Barbados….time to ban and make illegal these living lethal weapons that have unceremoniously invaded our soil.

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  1. Couldnt agree with you more on the banning and culling of pitbulls they are a killer menace to society.
    Like USA they are the chosen attack dogs of the drug runners and their ilk.

    The plantocracy and business elites in BIM are big on pit bull ownership. If they are allowed to keep pitbulls us regular poor people should be permitted guns to protect ourselves from the murderous canines.

  2. Why Not said…..”The plantocracy and business elites in BIM are big on pit bull ownership.”

    You are sooo wrong on this one. Many lower income people own these dogs. Ask the vets you need to get your facts straight!

  3. I totally agree that these dog should be banned. The owner of the three is too upset to speak but didn’t he know the ferocity of these dogs? They should be put to sleep and he should be charged. People who keep pit bulls are just as dangerous as the dogs.

  4. @BU.David: “The dogs have tasted blood, isn’t there a protocol when this happens?

    Defined where?

  5. On a point of correction….I do believe there was a death last years as a result of one of these attacks. Correct me if I am wrong. (elderly)

  6. @oob: “I do believe there was a death last years as a result of one of these attacks.

    I believe you might be correct.

    At the same time, I believe there might have also been deaths caused by uninsured ZR drivers over the last ten years. Only God Knows for Sure….

  7. Hate and bigotry the number i killer in the world. as it spreads from generation to generation unleashing fear and condemnation upon those with whom it dislike or disagree usually by race color or creed or sexual orientation . the victims of the bigoted and hateful attacks are usually left psychological scared for life usually showing signs of resentment or even hatred towards their attackers resulting in a vicious cycle which breeds and contaminates society in order to break this repetitive cycle of hatred and bigotry and put an end to it we must show love ! compassionion and understanding towards your fellow man. What if it was you?

  8. @BU Family…

    It is interesting what one can do when one speaks the truth.

    Lots of heat…

    Lots of truth….

  9. @Marlo ray

    When accidents occur with man and machine aren’t procedures followed where laws are enforced? What happens when the pit bull tangles with man?

  10. Pit bulls are as dangerous as the owners train them, I’ve kept about three at different times and NONE of them were dangerous. Yes, once any breed dog taste blood, it should be put away, however, fighting pit bulls are fed on blood and trained to be killers, what needs to be banned is dog fights. Every sunday in Barbados, there is dog fights in various parts of the island and most of these dogs are owned by fairly “well-off” people, also thousands of dollars are betted out. Not only the pit bull is dangerous when trained and fed to fight, but also the Akita, which is known as the Japanese fight dog..

  11. @BU.David: “What happens when the pit bull tangles with man?

    The man punches the pit bull to death while the dog chews on his arm.

    Easily done….

  12. The scout | May 15, 2012 at 8:34 PM |
    most of these dogs are owned by fairly “well-off” people,

    Ah ha, islandgal say it aint so or you a “well off “owner too?

  13. Why Not
    Comprehension is important, I said most fighting pit bulls are owned by faiurly “well-off” people. I stated my pit bulls were just ordinary dogs, I must add and very obedient. So PLEASE don’t misunderstand me

  14. And after a few submissions this subject/concern will be relegated to “also ran’ until the next attack. Unfortunately ,none of the people who were recently attacked, appears to be closely connected to any Member of Parliament.

  15. Scout you foolish? I’m not referring to you.
    islandgal said many lower income people own pit bulls not the well off like what you are affirming.
    You are correct. islandgal as is her style is way off base.

  16. The fighting pit bulls are presumably kept in close confinement until they fight IF the socio economic class suggested of their owners is correct. Otherwise Islandgal is quite right – it’s a phenomenon observable daily and routinely. But yes, the standard approach is that if any dog bites and is likely to bite again, you put it down. I don’t think this applies if it bites the postman who enters the curtilage. Postmen are fair game for marauding chihuahuas..

  17. @ The Scout

    Someone at The Ark told me that for the most part, like bull terriers pit bulls are indeed docile, affectionate and intelligent – BUT that for no apparent reason they can go skittish from time to time and become hyde-ish. Is that accurate?

  18. I have owned several pit bulls and a more affectionate dog and excellent with children you could not hope to have. The problem with dogs does not lie in the dog itself, but with some of the owners. So instead of calling for the banning of the dogs, I say ban the damned owners. @Scout, I completely agree with you.

  19. I must tip my hat to you Amused and you too Scout .(.I may even put you up for this years Medal Of Merit) for taking to El Pitt so readily much so to allow intermingling with one’s offspring.
    One’s first encounter with marauding chihuahuas is by no means a visibly consoling one. The animal is short and stocky with a most bulbous head almost like an alien from Star Trek. He is by no means the most attractive of the pup family for a birth appears as an albino ….eyes lids sore red and a most inconspicuous mouth as if he were related to Pac man.
    Why would one desire to bring him to the household not only boggles but begs a check of one’s sanity.Why have you not seen such sweet pooches as the Jack Russell or sleek of a Labrador when looking for a pet for the family ?No sirs I would have to surely pass on El Pitt had I to consider a companion…’s best friend.

  20. @ chris Hasall
    At the same time, I believe there might have also been deaths caused by uninsured ZR drivers over the last ten years. Only God Knows for Sure….

    Null Point……… many minibuses they are on the island X (times) the amount of times they make trips = KaZillion45678990
    No. of times a pitt bull gets loose and meets a stranger…567

    Chalk n Cheese Q.E.D

  21. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of interbreeding between old english terriers and english bulldogs to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog.[3] These dogs were initially bred in England and arrived in the United States with the founders. In the United States, these dogs were used as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions.[3] Some have been selectively bred for their fighting prowess.[4][5] The United Kennel Club (UKC) was the first registry to recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier.[6] UKC founder C. Z. Bennett assigned UKC registration number 1 to his own dog, “Bennett’s Ring”, as an American Pit Bull Terrier in 1898.[3]

    American Pit Bull Terriers successfully fill the role of companion dog, police dog[7][8] and therapy dog.[9] Terriers in general have a higher tendency towards dog aggression[10] and American Pit Bull Terriers constitute the majority of dogs used for illegal dog fighting in the United States.[11] In addition, law enforcement organizations report these dogs are used for other nefarious purposes, such as guarding illegal narcotics operations,[12][13] use against the police,[14] and as attack dogs.[15]

    • We make life so difficult sometimes. If that pit bull had mauled the child and he had died; maybe the grandmother too this conversation would be taking a different form.

      In some countries they have taken the decision to ban pit bulls for the same reasons being discussed here.

      There is no rule book which says one had to do x or y.

      As Barbadians we have to decide if this is what we want and make a decision.

      It is a characteristic of our society, we love to talk and talk and analyze and analyze.

  22. The above video gives a good history and current affairs of the pitt bull in America today.

  23. For those interested this is a SIX part series that can be viewed on youtube
    … cannot transf all 6 without permission..

  24. Easier ….on youtube ….in search box type… Off the Chain …view each individually…..REALLY GOOD n INFORMATIVE….pit bull trade

  25. I am amazed how far Bajans have “progress” away from simple solutions to vexing problems. When I lived in Barbados a dog could only menace me once; after that I would’ve -with quite determination – make sure it had its last meal.

    • Here is the story that coincidently reported in the TT press today.

      Pregnant Trinidadian woman mauled by dogs  36 year old Kurleen Cooper, who is 5 months pregnant, underwent emergency surgery yesterday to save her arm after she was mauled by three dogs two mixed with the pitbull breed in Trinidad .
      She was walking home in Pt Fortin after taking her children to school when one of the dogs reportedly ran out from a house and charged at her. The two other dogs reportedly followed and leapt on Cooper and knocked her down.
      The dogs reportedly tore the flesh off her left arm and bit her on the head, hands, inner leg, left ear and stomach.  She tried to fight them off and was rescued by a passerby and residents from the area.
      She was taken to the San Fernando General Hospital . Her condition is listed as serious. The Trinidad Express Newspaper reports that she told doctors that she is not feeling the baby.
      They checked and  reportedly said there was movement.

  26. guess what if that guy whose prized bull was killed by relentless and unconscientable people had a couple of pit bulls maybe his prize bull would have been alive today. it goes to the heart of a decaying society which leaves people with very few options when it cometo the protection of lives and property .

  27. pit bulls have been banned here in ontario, canada.existing pits must be muzzled at all times and must be neutered or sterilized is illegal to breed or import these dogs.too many people and other docile pets have paid a heavy price. wake up barbados start fighting lap dogs if you must

    • Listened to Maureen Holder today on her show suggesting that to ban the dogs is an extreme position. Hmmm

  28. All what the article is saying that not everybody is responsible the dogs are not responsible for the attacks but the mindless numb skull owners whose failed in their responsibility to keep these dogs properly secured from the public. the owners should have to pay a a heavy fine or jail times coupled with having to pay any legal or medical fees the victims might have incurred as for the dogs the government should removed them forthwith from the owners due to lack of public safety demonstrated by the owners. this reckless behaviour and lack of well being brought about by these dog owners upon the victims should not be allowed.

  29. Actually there is a need for these animals in a society that has become ruthless and violent but owners should be required to get a license since like a gun these animals are trained to submit deadly force, also it should be mandatory that the owner be fully trained in the area of safety and protection of the public. but to ban them no until law enforcement can devise a plan to respond to every crime rapidly which is not ever going to happen the public would need them for self defense as crime gets worst.

  30. Sorry…. we Bajans got souse and lamb……them wud never ever be good enuf for our pan……Nasti uhh !

  31. How people could eat so much sh#te doa ? A dog……man you would have to be crazy…..Have you ever been around a dead dog’s blood…say one struck by a vehicle….the smell is nauseating….to consider culling a dog for food….I am squirming already…rather starve first. In India and Vietnam …they eat Rat….what -d- brassbowl ! ….Nasti uhh

  32. Warning !!! NOT FOR THE SKIRMISH……..Warning very graphic…..I like me I bet you won’t believe this….Cant believe my EYES

  33. Reminds one of Rwanda. Only this time its animals and not men , women, children and babies.
    @ Old Onion Bags………Wasn’t there a thriving Roti business going great great guns in the ’70’s in the Lakes Folly area, and it was strongly believed that the rotis contain a bit of Bow Wow?

  34. ( another song)…Me kno no..Me kno no..Me kno no how de ting hards so…
    Fa real…..I remember a ship …full with stray dogs collected as food for the crew…boarded by Customs…but not the Lakes Folly bit….case

  35. Have you noticed that we seemed to have no laws in Barbados to protect citizens from , (a) Repeat dog attacks,(carried out by the same animal). (b) The backyard burning of rubbish,(the latest figures are that 12 people annually die from asthmatic attacks) . (c) Excessive noise , especially from scramblers and modified vehicles. (d) Being knock down or involved in an accident with bi-cyclist,especially at nights, who ride around without lights , on pavements , and on the wrong side of the road. But the authorities prefer to go after soft targets ,like pensioners and other law abiding citizens.

  36. PENSIONERS ? In a BIG way too Colonel..a big big big CLICO way….is called convenient memories…..but in case they forget….there is a retribution BITVH ting….called D ….X. dat does move mountains !

  37. Never knew what a skinned pitt bull would look like til now SHAMEFUL….Fa real doa ..some of those bear a remarkable resemblance…Thks Col. Buggy…and election watch.

  38. FS realise he can’t solve the Clico problem by election, even though is plans to run out the extra 90 days of the term, so he is willing to break the LAW by giving those persioners who were receiving additional pay illegally, to benefit. What about those who were not receiving the extra pay, is he going to refund them too? Is this a government Clico payback?

  39. The Nation has picked up the issue of pit bulls and dangerous dogs and it will also be highlighted on VoB talk show on Sunday.

  40. @ old onion bags
    “She reported going to the aid of her grandson, when these blood thirsty monsters from hell proceeded to relieve her of a piece of ear, but not before mauling her all over her body”

    u did not read correctly, she was not going to the aid of her grandson. she was being bold, she was informed that the child was safe. she had no right going to fight a pit bull BUT even so the animals should have been killed there and then. it would have happen in the US. i really cannot believe that all like today those dogs are still alive. i would have had two or three pounds on meat lace with poison infront of my house for them. no fuss, no quarreling,

    i have a workmate who’s neighbours dog would come on his lawn and do his stuff everyday, he complained to the neighbour who would get very angry and deny it was his dog. so he stop quarreling and put down so food laced with poison, of course the dog died. the neighbour then accused my coworker of it who in turn ask him, ‘how could it be me, did u not say ur dog does not come on my lawn?’ and that was the end of that.

  41. For all those interested there will be a discussion on Brass Tacks VOB 929 tomorrow at 11,00 am..Topic Recent Pit Bull Attacks….present will be Wayne Norville of the RSPCA…..

    Thanks Smooth Chocolate for any info .. Her prior knowledge would have probably changed the outcome…or would it ? (ARMED)

  42. The family whose pit bull killed the demented grandmother should have been charged with failing to provide proper care for the old lady, in addition they should have been charged with failing to keep their animal under proper control.

    But I don’t believe anybody was charged. Why?

    Charge and convict a few people and pit bull owners would be much more careful, indeed some of them might call the vet to have the viscious beasts put to sleep

  43. A good number of the pit bull owners don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it through. So why the pit bulls? What are the owners protecting?

  44. Random Thoughts | May 19, 2012 at 9:49 PM |
    A good number of the pit bull owners don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it through. So why the pit bulls? What are the owners protecting?
    And it also appears that they are unable to feed them as well.Probably why these dogs go after meals on feet. Breast , legs and ears preferred.

  45. But can you imagine that in this island the possession of a single round of ammunition can see you remanded without bail,very heavily fined ,or imprisoned. Yet many people are allowed to keep a full magazine of pitbulls ,which do not need a separate weapon to fire them off.

  46. eff the pits had gone an eat cow pet pig??? duh ban
    eff it did Owin dat get bite up ???? duh ban
    eff it did she who knows how to keep Amused amused ??? duh ban.
    eff de woman dat get bite rednegrow like Hants??? duh ban.

    Animals were not put on this earth to cause humans pain.

  47. Random Thoughts many here say that the owners of Pit Bulls are the upper classes so they may have many pots to piss in.

  48. At Hants
    I could see your need to get rid of the Canada Geese and get some good ole Bajan souse fast ..

  49. Discussion on attack dogs..on Brass Tacks VOB 929 now….Owners can be held liable for attacks and made to pay damages.

  50. Its not the animals fault. Its the owners. ANY dog will bite you. How they are raised has EVERYTHING to do with it. It sad these people were hurt by these dogs BUT what about the owners? They should be charged for not keeping their dogs INSIDE a fenced yard or AWAY from the public. The law should state that anyone owner who neglects the safety of others be punished. WE are the ones who have to teach our animals right from wrong. Don’t blame the dogs. Blame the people who have them and neglect them.
    Ive had pitbulls for years and never once have they bitten anyone. But only because they were raised in a loving but strict environment. They know better. But if someone EVER did happen…I would take responsibility. And those owners should too.

  51. Clearly, the author is a sensationslist incapable of proper research. All is fair in the name of sensationalism. Next time get your facts straight. Pitbulls are not more prone to biting people than other breeds. Moreover, they were historically used as nanny dogs that watched over toddlers because of their high tolerance of kids’ sometimes annoying behavior. These dogs are not bred to attack humans. They were bred to please us, that’s their motivation. In this case, the dogs sound hungry since they clearly were after the diaper, not the baby.

  52. @ old onion bags | March 1, 2013 at 4:44 PM |
    “Hey hey…..another pit bull on D loose boys…..look out !”

    Look out for what? A castrated toothless pit bull called Doctor D?
    The man pretending to be a pit bull must be a jackass to work so hard and take such abuse and exploitation from a party and an opportunistic leader.

    The Doctor was the only believably convincing speaker on the DLP recent political platform when it came to economic and financial matters. And to be treated in this way is totally unacceptable. Not even Balaam’s ass would have taken such punishment without a retaliatory fight.
    Now here is a man who was in the wilderness from 2003 as standard bearer for the damned deceitful lying party in regard to all matters economic and financial. Even during the last session of Parliament he was the more convincingly elucidating speaker albeit done in a voice of harangue.

    Dr. D would really be a glutton for punishment if he fails to assert himself to demand his political pound of flesh. He worked hard for it and is entitled to it. Let Jones, Lashley, J. Paul or porno Inniss, or even the lying buffoon, carry on the “good” work started in Agriculture. They only need to follow the script laid down by you.

    Barbados’ biggest problem right now is on of management of our economy and finances and you Dr. David is the only one on your side that can save us from the pending meltdown with candid forthrightness and contained bullshit.

    Can you imagine a lying buffoon and a speaking baboon holding two loaded guns in control of that vitally important Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs?

    Poor Bim, your economic and financial destiny is now under the clownish manipulation of Sinckliar and Physical Deficit.
    What has this country done to be so cursed?

  53. Miller

    That’s a very long winded invitation to Dr D to join the benches of the Oppostion. Dr. D ain’t going anywhere, he just make everyone in the DLP sweat bait so they are reminded that if he goes Independent or God forbid Oppostion their political careers are over.

  54. @ Rendered Assistance | March 1, 2013 at 6:20 PM |

    Smart fellow you are!
    But would you agree that the goodly doctor has been used and abused like a loyal loving caring wife by a next-to-nothing, worthless, up-to-no-good ungratefully immature and weak husband.
    David’s brother Tyrone- some where in the ether- is most disappointed in Freundel, his earthly friend for this stark second betrayal. Fumble made a promise to David the first time around. The fumbler even enticed David to be more ‘dynamic” in securing for him a second term on condition that his support will be rewarded and his previously denied inheritance from Mascoll by the other deadly David would have been signed sealed and delivered with integrity and decorum.
    Now what do we have here? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame still on me, right David?

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