Will No One Rid Me Of The Meddlesome Priest?

On 22 March 2012 the issue of David Weekes’ quest to procure A Request For Copies Of The Instruments Of Ratification [Caricom] was highlighted. In the period since there has been an interesting development.


The United Nations

The Secretary General

Mr. Ban Ki-moon

Your Excellency,

I was awake this morning from 2 a.m. I am here in my home like Annie Frank, watching and waiting, for SS like parties draped in black, hiding their faces, because, last night, the 3rd of April 2012, at a few minutes after 2 a.m. two attempts to firebomb my home, failed. (See the attached pictures)

I have become like a modern day Thomas Beckett, a thorn in the side of these Colossi, one whom they now conspire to extinguish. The full details of this disgraceful firebombing have been, and continue to be, published under separate cover in various news media.

One year ago, I wrote an email to the Leaders of Government of CARICOM Member States titled “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” imploring these “honourable men” for assistance in my litigation against the CARICOM Secretariat, a lawsuit that has been waging for 5 years, and one through which I been made to suffer some serious economic hardships and incurred some niggling health issues.

Last week, two national newspapers featured full page editorials on my plight and laid out the distasteful facts of how, while I have had my substantive court case delayed, dogged by the delay tactics of CARICOM’s legal counsel Carrington and Sealy, the same legal firm has incredibly, been able to get a judgment against me, personally.

Ironically this judgment is for Central Bank Guaranteed monies which my company, IBIS Latin America Corp, used to fund the software, and very patent, that I purport CARICOM has used, has yet to pay me for, and now do verily claim “Immunity from Prosecution”. That judgment and my “impecuniary” position have resulted in the April 18th 2012 auction of my home.

That these two full page articles detailing my CARICOM plight offended someone enough to have them firebomb me, may for many be deemed speculative Secretary General, but, for me, this is a very real and present danger.

I am the home owner being terrorized the one who, for 365 days a year, for the last 10 years, has lived with my daughter on a cul-de-sac with only 3 houses. The two other houses on my street are owned by UK citizens that only visit for 1-2 months a year!

I am sure that these bombings, were not “a prank by young men”.

Any astute reader should ask themselves why, would persons unknown, travel to a remote cul de sac in the north of my island, to fire bomb a house with two, rather sophisticated IED devices?

The fact is that, 24 hours later, I, David Weekes, plaintiff in the lawsuit against the CARICOM Secretariat, after two newspapers publish this travesty to an entire nation, now lie “under siege” in my Barbadian home, one which on April 18th will be auctioned to satisfy an unconscionable judgment I spoke to previously.

Secretary General Ban, I have no one to turn to, nor nowhere to go. Honourable men have abandoned me and I am being hunted down much like a rabid dog in this land, one where my national anthem, in meaningless and empty rhyme, speaks of “these fields and hills beyond recall are now our very own”

Haile Selasie’s words resonate with me now more than ever and I urge you to hold them in your mind as you read this my plea, “Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph.”

To you, Secretary General, having exhausted all local and regional recourse in this matter, I would ask your urgent attention and assistance. I am mindful of the words of infinitely wiser historians that the Killing Fields of this world, and the Auswitsches of recent times begin with little incidences of liberty denied and I would say these words to fellow Bajans.

“First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist, Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

I just want what is guaranteed to every denizen under GOD’s sun, and what is echoed under the UN Declaration of Human Rights – my right to due process and commensurately my day in the law courts.

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  1. David, this matter is a serious cause for concern, especially so because I am presently preparing a lawsuit to redress a similar situation. If it is possible I should like to get in touch with the person who is affected.

    • @Shakaelu

      Yes it is a worrying development to add to an already complicated and distressing problem for Mr. Weekes.

      It is why BU has added its small voice to the cause of seeking to have light where there is darkness.

  2. Something smells here. A lot more details are needed for this story. Why would a legal quest to right the wrongs done to him elicit such an extreme response? If true, this is a new type of rascality in high places in Barbados. The Police need to act on this quickly and bring the culprits to justice.

  3. @david weekes
    i am hoping anxiously that this is resolved soon in ur favour. i have found to be a really, really patient man (remembering my days when u taught me). unfortunately we live in an island where lawyers are a corrupt as they come. i just hope that the AG will be different from the lot is see parading this island

  4. This is very unfortunate. Wondering what police investigations will reveal? Last night at about 8 p.m. as I was on my way from UN House attending a meeting with the UN Commissioner on Human Rights who is visiting Barbados, I got this news.

  5. @ ROK

    I’m sorry… I don’t know you…but since you attended the meeting you mention can you confirm that Raul Garcia’s case is under UN scrutiny?

  6. @robert ross: The meeting was about Barbados where several NGOs, institutions and members of the justice system briefed the Commissioner on the state of human rights in Barbados.

  7. @ BAF
    Smile and wave.
    And – sincerely – thankyou for saying what you just said in all senses. For a man to acknowledge his friend openly and humbly is a noble thing. It’s very poignant this week.

  8. @robert ross
    No, it did not go into individual cases but more dealt with the laws (adequacy or inadequacy) and policies in place as well as the work of institutions, agencies, organisations to fill the voids.

  9. “The Police need to act on this quickly and bring the culprits to justice.”

    Not pon dis piece of rock! It is a shame that one of our own is being treated in this manner by some powerful individuals. I wonder what would be the outcome if his skin was another COLOUR ? This confirms that there are two types of Barbados.

  10. The Broad Street Journal quoted “In the email, he claims that while there has not been a judgment in the civil suit he brought against CARICOM, a local law firm has “been able to put my company in court and get a civil judgment, against me, in a personal capacity, not my company, for default on a Central Bank-backed guarantee”.

    I am no legal eagle but I thought that by forming a company a person would not held be liable for the actions of that company.

  11. Barbados should be held out as a case study of how to appear to be civilized and operate under the rule of law but is everything other than what it appears. There is very little justice if any being dispensed in Barbados. If you are lucky enough to be in the privileged class in this country you can get away with anything even murder. Everyone in authority knows who killed Pele for supplying drugs to his son but we had a bogus commission of enquiry that yielded no tangible results and people were pacified.

    Even criminals have rights, what happens when some petty thief is shot in the back when fleeing the scene of his crime? Everyone comes out and sings the praises of the shooter, not realizing that the thief, by his act of turning and fleeing, was not placing anyone in imminent danger of being killed or injured. But we see no official notice of that being acknowledged when the idiot thief is brought before the court.

    The magistrates’ courts in this country dispense rough justice on a daily basis with semi-literate accused persons being forced to represent themselves against trained prosecutors. At this stage in our development, with so many under-employed lawyers, no one should be forced to represent himself in court because he does not have the means to hire a lawyer. It is high time that we emulate something positive out of the USA for a change, where accused persons are cautioned that they have a right to be silent and told that an attorney would be provided if they cannot afford one. I am sure that Dodds Prison would be almost depleted if most of the persons there had a competent lawyer at trial. But here I am on my soapbox again, sorry Irene.

  12. @ David

    Give everyone a voice I agree but we need to know the full facts before rooting for the perceived underdog in this apparent David and Golith saga.

  13. @All

    I, the meddlesome priest, started guard duty at 2 this morning, my daughter did the first shift and I will not sleep until 8 tonight.


    They already know where i live, so i can freely give you my email davidweekes@earthlink.net – disregard the first response from my email spam filter, i will get the mail


    That Human Rights record is a sham, none of the Attorney Generals whom i have called have even deigned to respond to me formally as they promised. In fact the last time i was there to collect copies of the now infamous instruments of ratification, one of their senior, after refusing to assist me in my inquiries, threatened to have security throw me out of the AG’s office!

    But while this is par for the course – it seems to be a normal response for persons in the castle of our skin.

    My issues pale in significance (or into insignificance) when set against the young black woman who was shot while walking her baby, in Nelson Street, some years back and who still has a bullet fragment lodged in her head. That bullet, from time to time, blocks some arteries and causes her head to swell as big as a football.

    She unbelievably has been shuffled through more than the 3 AGs I have, while no one has sought to address her matter. To date, she has not had any justice afforded her. I cried because i had no shoes until i met a man who had no feet….

    Dem is not gine to invite we bush hall dwellers, emerton lane, pine and Nelson Street denizens to dem human rights meetings, causing displaying de real state of affairs in Barbadus gine “impact nagatively pud de touriseses”

    Dear Islandgirl246, i have pleaded with no less than 4 justices on that same point of personal liability for what is a company secured loan! The one Justice who recognised the specific issue, while he could not at that point do anything with the process was gracious enough to say that i needed to get a lawyer.

    Now here is the overlap between what you, as a non-legal-eagle, saw so easily and what Casswell F speaks about re legal representation for poor people. Case in point, I pay $1500 and find myself being proctologically explored, (BAF would used more colourful invectives) and later, when you don’t have one cent more in your pockets, having been (purportedly) raped by the bona fide representative of regional interests, i couldn’t afford a lawyer to address the compounded mess that I was in.

    Legal Aid DOES NOT COVER commercial matters.If you dont have money, you are (BAF expletive removed)

    By the way, with all the professional infelicities that abound in my fair BIM, it is time for a “clearing house mechanism” that provides ratings for lawyers, (and all professionals). This platform will permit every (Bajan) user access to public assessments of members of this fraternity, contributed by members of the public and augmented by qualified remarks from other ombudsman entities. By this means potential clients get some insights, BEFORE paying money for a “pig in a poke”.

    i would respectfully suggest that is is time for a tailored, indigenous Better Business Bureau which provides specific info on various professionals and, in the case where litigation or complaints have been investigated, (and the facts definitively show that the lawyer/doctor/mechanic is for example not a mechanic, a poor mechanic, a fly by night lawyer or a witch doctor), that platform will PUBLISH IT.

    Maybe Ms. Griffith at the Fair Trading Commission or some similar agency could approach the Embassy of the United States or the Canadian government and see how a technical assistance programme could be used to develop a local equivalent for a BBB a la Barbados.

    In extrapolating on certain of the novel and exciting thoughts posited by Justice Marston, mayhap, in streamlining the judicial system and/or making its stakeholders efficient and accountable, the InterAmericam Development Bank having funded the Judicial Centre etc. could be contacted by the Barbados Bar Association or similar watchdog organisation to provide funding for this Consumer Repository Ombudsman System (CROS).

    CROS would seek, among other things, to police the legal system in a transparent and easily accessible fashion, weed out the bad apples and let the good ones thrive.

    I would be prepared to make my patent pending schema for CROS available for that sector.

    @ Casswell Franklyn

    During a murder case convened on Parkinson pasture a young black man was purported to pass and fold his fingers like a gun and say the words “fire
    pun ya” to a resident who was giving evidence, a bench warrant purportedly was issued for his arrest. Nuh QCs en went to de defense of that misguided young “enthusiast (now jailbird) from de Pine” Flash back to UWI students blocking the UWI private road a few years back, remember when the huge police officer got his undershirt ripped from under his tunic, pun national TV? You remember how many QCs run up deah? one law for the Medes and another for the Persians.

    @Robert Ross

    Your advice per calling the BBA was not as useful as i thought it would be. The Disciplinary Committee section which i still need to contact (re my matter of paying $1500 to a lawyer and being shafted) does not operated all week as you stated. Re the second bit of advice – The Chairman’s Secretary berated me for calling to speak to him and invoked the name of Jesus the Christ during my call. Mr. Pilgrim was off island but his Deputy Ms. Weekes/Weeks (not sure which one is right because the BBA has both spellings for the same person), was most gracious and helpful. It was she who explained the fact that the BBA IS NOT the Disciplinary Committee, they are completely separate entities even though the latter is an organ within the BBA. Ensuingly the number that you provided is technically incorrect when one is pursuing actions of a disciplinary nature.


    Ty, I would have loved to have been at this UNHRC session, unfortunately i doan get invite to nuh more big up tings causing i does put my feet pun de people funiture en ting en does hole muh belly en laff de poor man laugh, besiding i does carry home de people cutlery en ting. But seriously I represent a glaring embarrassment to the purported civilities, sterling democracy and stolid judicial institutions that are touted to exist in Barbados, so i am not invited anywhere. Why only recently the CEO of the Fair trading Commission left me standing for 42 minutes and refused to let me speak at Justice Marston’s lecture!

    How long is the Commissioner here? I would love to get in contact with her. Maybe she can tell me what i can do per my rights on due process, because the AG of Barbados can’t (I almost said won’t but that would impute volition to a functionary who some tell me will only be in office up to January 2013). .

    Finally, in reading my errant comments, boring litany/remarks about justice delayed, my advertising plug for use of another of my patents etc. (Lord dat man Weekes en learn nuffing from dis CARICOM ting), I would wish all of you to bear i mind that I too bemoan the many problems in my dear BIM.

    Many of these I have the “lightning pole” misfortune to be a target of, but you will note that, commensurate with any pronouncement of any problem, I make it my bounden duty to proffer a solution to the problem.

    (1) for my issue with CARICOM, give me a competent justice and a day in court
    (2) for those lawyers, doctors and other professionals (of which you are not one) create a BBB like platform and allow the public to rate the practioners, and publish the names of the ones that there are official sanctions/judgements for for the indifference of political representatives, unresponsive ministers, i recommend two things,

    (1) Jan 2013, causing it en going happen nuh sooner dan when all de oblongabouts dun finish en de Hansel en Gretel painted houses dun build and
    (2) dat we Bajans demand dat the representatives dat get bring to we doan jus be DJs pud de Redifusion, nor boxing promoters, nor ministers of sidewalks but men or women wid common sense. Mek dem accountable to we, mek dem promise we to make de power of recall a reality en when dem do foolishness, recall dem to de community dat dey does abandon till general elections get call every five years

    My 2 – 7.30 shift over at my house, now i have to be vigilant on the streets.

  14. @ ROK

    Thankyou..so the discussions were probing or merely camauflage, public relations window-dressing?

  15. @ David Weekes

    I think you were ‘Blogger’ or ???

    If so, I think you had said that you could never make contact with the BBA, that it was always closed. Well, seems you’re right this week. But, yes, that is the number I gave you. The Disciplinary Committee, which is composed (apart from the Registrar) of members of the BA operates from the BBA office. It seems to be doing so as a Committee this week, or was. When I called earlier in the week, the person who answered the phone was in fact a Disciplinary Committee person. It was she who told me the BA office was otherwise closed this week. But the DC does not seem to have a separate phone number. Since the ‘Committee’ only operates as a committee from time to time, obviously its members are scattered and unless one of them is actually there when you phone, then there’s no-one you can speak to other than the BA secretary lady. But I guess she could have taken a message.

    On your Pilgrim experience – I hope I wasn’t the cause of that. I did rather ‘bring it on’ with someone in his office after the same fella failed to return calls. I said something about that in one of the posts – saying something to the effect that they’re all in the business (the CJ down) of not observing the standard etiquette. So I hope you didn’t get the fall-out from that. Maybe they were all very sensitive (!). But at least you found a nice lady who wasn’t. My experience with the BA is that after a number of phone calls from me they’re closing ranks – to the point of asking me why I’m bothering to raise questions.

  16. @ David

    Are you speaking to me?

    I asked above whether there was any background material – apart from the earlier post of course. A Jack X has raised the same point from a slightly different perspective. Perhaps DW will supply. I ask simply because, for me at any rate, I want to understand his present predicament – and that will only come if the nature and origin and history of his legal dispute is explained….in order to understand ‘where he is NOW’.

  17. @ David

    Far be it from me to try to persuade……..err……

    But yes, I understand…which IS more than ‘I hear….’

  18. @ David Weekes

    Sorry, yes it was you as David W. But the point you made about opening hours was of the BA not the DP.

  19. @ Caswell

    But stay on that soapbox. Neva mind Irene – who? We don’t have a public defender system and maybe we should. I know that some enterprising young attorneys, recently Called, with nothing else to do regularly visit District ‘A’ to see if anyone needs help. One I’m thinking of managed to help twice in this way. Apparently one of those she helped was a druggie who said: “When I get out, I will pay you.” The attorney laughed and said something about Black Rock. So you see, some of them do try and, in their little way, make a little difference. And that’s nice.

  20. @ Jack X | April 5, 2012 at 7:35 AM |
    “Give everyone a voice I agree but we need to know the full facts before rooting for the perceived underdog in this apparent David and Golith saga.”

    IF U had listen to the Attorney General just before World cup cricket 2007, u would have known the facts. if u had read Business Authority last week, u would have known the facts. if u would read the correspondences between David Weekes and CARICOM, U would have known the facts.

    stop trying to assume something that is not there. it is obvious that u have just read responses and come to ur stupid statement.. respond to something else that u are familiar with but stay out of this, if u are not familiar with what is going on

  21. @ Chocolate City

    No – that wont do. It is because there are only responses – at least in essence – that there is a thirst for something more. IF, as it were, it’s ‘none of our business’ this should never have been posted. I don’t think you’re actually saying that, but it is the implication.

    Whatever the background, the rights, wrongs and all the rest, there is clearly no justification for any intrusion into David’s domestic situation or to his person….and if this IS what happened it is despicable. ‘A Jack X’ was issuing a note of caution, nothing more sinister I think.

  22. @David

    It is only fair, and reasonable, that as was suggested in various commentary all should have an informed perspective on this issue so i now have provide the following documents of public record

    (a) my affidavit to the court – https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0Hc4MFCmayjQllaMk80T29Rd09yVmJ0ZnRpWVlEQQ and

    (b) the response from the Caricom Secretary General. see https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0Hc4MFCmayjS3pLMHh4UnJTcGVQdEFjRVU1U3FWZw

    Ours is a long document but it should provide some background and context to that which I, to use the words of the SG, verily affirm.

    • @David Weekes

      Was it deliberate that items listed on an Appendix mentioned in your Affidavit are not posted?

      The meeting held at the Hilton, it is interesting that Senator Phillip Goddard functioning as Special Envoy of the Government of Barbados was not named or pursued in any action?

      What was the reason given by Alair Shepherd and co?

  23. The HR Commissioner has spoken. Raul’s continued incarceration is illegal. Release him. ALLELUIA.

  24. @ Robert Ross

    “I think you were ‘Blogger’ or ???”

    I am David Weekes, i never have, or will, use a pseudonym, or handle, to hide my identity, in the real world or here in cyberspace.

    People who do such fear death, ridicule, victimization or dishonour.

    The latter is of no concern of mine because, among my friends, i never will lose my honour.

    Victimization, well this CARICOM issue speaks to that issue eloquently.

    Ridicule, don’t really know what that word means, i am slothful of thought, deficient in language and challenged by definition.

    And death well, first i caution the firebombers and their masters “if it bleeds it can die”. Take heed of this Canute-like instruction “come no farther” because if you come within range…

    I have been on the doorstep of the latter many times and I too “find it most strange that men, should fear death, seeing that it, a necessary end, will come when it will come”..

    No Mr. Ross, do not mistake me with some other cyber dweller who will hide in the shadows of acronyms or fanciful handles.


    I went down to the courts this morning wearing an African dashiki top from Sierra Leone and a pants.

    Three black female government security Guards refused to let me pass the security scanners and insisted that i put my African Dashiki shirt into my pants!

    Well in all of my years on this planet i have never heard of a shirt jack being worn inside a pants so when they insisted that i do so, i refused and left the court building.

    Yes it would appear like if i am a lightning rod for these things but i would ask you legal luminaries a question about this “dress code” at the Judicial Centre.

    I remained in the foyer area in front of the court for several minutes just watch and waiting to see if any other male with a dashiki came in the court and while no men were similarly frocked a few women came with african blouses, OUTSIDE THEIR SKIRTS!.

    I would ask you legal luminaries to comment on this vacillating dress code and its seeming discriminatory components against the renown case of the Attorney General Minister of Education and Wiltshire versus Jones.

    The women who wore similar dashikis were permitted to enter the court building WITHOUT it being necessary to push said item into their skirts.

    I wanted to ask you gents if it would be discriminatory if i were to put on said same female dashiki next week Tuesday and wear it into the court building if besides attracting the attention of ***, and mindful of the “sometimish” dress code policy of the Government Security Guards, they would be discriminating against me if they insisted that i put the dashiki in my pants?

    The same three guards allowed those two women through the court security portal. Neither of them was stopped and they did not call the policeman to either of them and insist that they push said dashiki blouses into their skirts and they did with me and my pants.

    I am sure that if i had insisted and passed into the vestibule that i would be in Central Police Station all like now.for what is simple discrimination.

    I wonder if Ralph Boyce from MESA or Nalita Gajagdar would feel inclined to comment on this insignificant thing?

    Who decides this dress code thingy? It is not as if one is dishevelled or unkempt. Can someone please tell these illiterate people what a dashiki is?

  26. those security guards are a bundle of retards. they do not know how to interpret their instruction. they are bafoons when it comes to the grey areas, little wonder……. if they are told that 2 colours exist, black and white. when they are presented with the colour grey, their brains somehow is unable to analyse it

  27. @ David Weekes

    LOL. stay cool. I really couldn’t remember; but see I checked and corrected.

    On clothing: oh yes….I’ve had and witnessed exactly the same experiences as you – and it is VERY irritating I agree. I usually do as they ask and when I get in the lift pull out the shirt again and leave it like that. I’ve never been stopped on leaving. The ‘illness’ is suffered by both male and female guards.
    Mind – this kind of nonsense is rooted in other places. A few months back, I went to District A on a saturday morning (btw – where ARE the loos in that place?). Most of the attorneys present looked as if they’d not long got out of bed; ditto the magistrate – all, bar one, were in ‘civvies’ including jeans and flip-flops. I spoke confidentially with a young lawyer, who was dressed in the standard, week-day, ‘lawyer-wear’, on one of the public benches and put my elbow on the back rest of the bench to speak into her left ear. As we spoke, a court official intruded and told me to remove my elbow. I blinked, said “what?” and then was advised by (nice) Ms Lawyer that I’d better remove the offending elbow.

    I’m sure the moral of the story, and yours David, is that in this society we pay too much regard to what appears as, or passes as, form and virtually nothing to substance; and nowhere is this more true than in the inscrutable idiocies that are perpetrated in this same District A in the name of ‘justice’ in the matter of bail applications. In short: we are a nation of Pharisees squinting about and busily going nowhere very much.The free underground presses are a wonderful antidote to that – in the sense that here ‘regulation’ means self-regulation and if David ‘reproves’ it is with a nod and a wink not with jack-boots. Actually, he’s a total softee. Even Zoe has survived the third-strike ‘rule’.

  28. @David

    Yes it was a deliberate act not to post the Exhibits.

    When i made the platform i was mindful of creating a solution that, barring the technological impossibility of knowing what is in the heart of a man or woman travelling on a vessel/plane, (one who is intent on blowing it up or bringing it down from the sky), I sought to provide inviolable means where all “non-desirables” would be filtered out BEFORE embarking on a vessel where my family, your son, daughter, mother etc would be put at risk.

    The system was extremely detailed, down to monitoring personnel like cleaning staff who now move unfettered through our own Grantley Adams airport because they have, of all things, a mop bucket!

    The exhibits contain various observations and recommendations that the said non-desirables could still use to subvert the travel cycle, for several immigration processes that still exist in Caribbean ports and some that still obtain in international jurisdictions.

    Even today, my patent, crafted roughly 10 years ago, still remains pertinent and provides certain “insights” that the criminal element would benefit from.

    Consequently, I would not be sticking to the belief, spirit and intent of the patent if i divulged information which persons of less than spartan intentions could use to compromise travel at 2012.

    You ask some really interesting questions which, less i offend others, and you know what my recent remarks in the news have elicited, i perforce will answer your question with a hypothetical construct, sine defamation nuances.

    The final court of appeal for CARICOM is the CCJ, that for 3M, situate as their subsidiary is in Trinidad, is the Privy counsel in the UK.

    Why, if one is cognisant of this construct, would one enjoin 3M in a Barbadian court?

    But such is hypothetical situation proposed by “one who is slothful of thought” and lwe all know that lesser folk and people of my ilk cannot ascend to these mounts Zion, or Olympian and I dare not look upon the faces f these beings luminary and ecclesiastical, lest I either turn to stone or are made mad by such omniscience.

    Maybe that answers your two questions.

    You are not a lesser mortal are you David? I am quite new to the BU but, by the “timbre” of your queries, i discern that you are “steeped in the craft” .

  29. @David Weekes…..I wonder if the security guards would make a Muslim man tuck in his shirt and take off his hat?

  30. i’ve been refused entrance to the Court because I was wearing a skirt 3 or 4 inches below my knees, and a sleeveless blouse. I am by nature a modest dresser, but on very hot days I wear sleeveless dresses or blouses, properly cut and which do not expose any breast tissue.

    Still a big belly policeman told me “you can’t come in here like that” The way he said it you would have though I had just come form soliciting at the Garrison.

    I should add that I am >50, older that the Chief Justice, older that most judges, and practising lawyers and way way old enough to be the policeman’s mother. I am not what anybody would call sexy looking.

    Still when I dressed appropriately for our Barbados weather the policeman “threw me out of the court”

  31. David Weekes I would say follow the money. You have to ask who stands to gain by “discomfiting” you.

    Than you will know the identity of the fire bomber or his master.

  32. Dear Caswell:

    Who killed Pele?

    And did the drug using son continue to use drugs or has he reformed?

  33. Dear David:

    Maybe next time you go to court you should dress in white cotton 3/4 pants, white loose cotton shirt, white little hat and sandals.

    Or maybe you can wear the same but in pink (just for bare sport)

    I bet there are no rules which say a man pink loose cotton clothing. Confuse the guards and those who sent them.

    • It is fair to say that the use of an incendiary device as described here is alien to the Barbados landscape?

  34. Random Thoughts wrote “I am not what anybody would call sexy looking.”

    Sexy looking is in the eye of the beholder.

  35. David wrote “It is fair to say that the use of an incendiary device as described here is alien to the Barbados landscape.”

    Then the Police should use treat this matter seriously.

    David Weekes should install security cameras on his property.

  36. @ DAVID

    David, may I ask for clarification, as the ‘Post-Master’? I have just read the post on this horrible business on BFP. The entire thrust of the post is that it was David’s immediate neighbour that suffered the ‘bombing’. Apparently, that house was temporarily occupied by visitors. David is reported as saying that he thinks whoever did it made a mistake and thought this home was his. At one point in the BFP post, the post states (in contrast to the rest) that it was David’s home which was firebombed and I have asked for clarification. Of course, David may be right when he suggests a mistake – if that is what he said. BUT I do think we need clarification.

  37. @ Random

    Interesting…on not exposing boobs. In my various observations on the dress code I have noticed that those admitted, despite the inconsistency, were of a certain ‘colour’. I hesitate to ask you any question relating to this (or David for that matter) – and there is no need to answer this. At the various times it happened to me there were always inconsistencies and certain ‘wonderings’ did enter my head for good or ill. It reminded me of the assumptions taxi drivers make..if you see what I mean.

  38. @ David

    Given the HR Commissioner’s statement yesterday, will you be able to lodge a post on the Garcia story?
    There are two obviously interesting things. One is that the Commissioner reported that she was unaware of the plight of Mr Garcia but was told about it by the CJ – in other words not by Commissiong. All very odd.
    Secondly, there is someone who is adamantly prepared to take him pending his departure or other re-settlement. If this is a runner then following the Crane-Scott J decision in 2008 there is an immediate way forward.

  39. @ David

    I didn’t say anything about ‘protest’. Somewhere – was it here – you asked me whether there was any change in the situation. Given recent developments, I just thought an ‘updating post’ would be of interest and might actually be a very positive thing…..nothing more.

  40. @David Ross.

    I am the same colour as the majority of Bajan taxpayers.

    I am the same colour as my parents, my grandparents, my great grand parents, my children and my grandchildren. I am the same colour as Chief Justice, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, I am the same colour as the Governor General, the Anglican Bishop, the Commissioner of Police, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, the Commissioner of Land Tax. I am the same colour as the principal of the university. I am the same colour as the head of the Defence Force. I am the same colour as the first humans who ever walked the face of the earth.

    My tax dollars are exactly the same colour as anybody else’s.

    Please note that I was running errands in town that day and my clothes were good enough for land tax. Land tax did not refuse to admit me.

    Please note that the clothes I attempted to wear into the court are the same clothes I wear to work as a hard working taxpayer. My employer has no problem with my wearing a sleeveless dress. All my employer expects of me is a fair day’s work, and all I expect of my employer is a fair day’s wage (and I get a fair wage)

    Please note that I also wear sleeveless dresses to church. The priest has never refused to admit me to church.

    So the clothes are good enough to work in, to pay taxes in, to worship God in, but not good enough to appear before his or her Bajan Worships?

  41. Yes David Ross I have had a Bajan taxi driver tell me to my face “You lucky I pick you up. I don’t generally put black people in my car”

    Please note that I have travelled in more that 2 dozen countries and have taken taxi’s in all of them and I’ve only even received the “special” treatment at home in Barbados

    I am the same colour as my parents, my grandparents, my great grand parents, my children and my grandchildren. I am the same colour as Chief Justice, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, I am the same colour as the Governor General, the Anglican Bishop, the Commissioner of Police, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, the Commissioner of Land Tax. I am the same colour as the principal of the university. I am the same colour as the head of the Defence Force. I am the same colour as the first humans who ever walked the face of the earth.

    I have to take taxis regularly as in several times a week. That was about 10 years ago. I see that idiot everyday and I’ve never done business with him again. I see him smile and say “I’m not ready yet”

    I will NEVER do business with him again.

  42. Random Thoughts if I were you I would look the said Taxi driver in the face every time I see him and remind him that that he was really lucky to get my business. Only in Bim! I remember taking taxis in New York and had some interesting conversations, one fellow was from Samoa and by the time I got to my destination he was offering to take me out on a date! I laughed and kindly refused. Another was a Jewish man who told me that it was a Jewish holiday and that is why Manhattan was shut down. And you know they always used to tell me that they love the people from the “islands”. I wonder if the included the Jamaicans?

  43. @ Random and Island

    Since I’m up……see what I mean above about confusing form and substance. Now me – though dear BAF says I’m “civilized” – coming from the back streets of somewhere or other would have told the taxi driver to “…off”. You are both incredibly polite.
    And Random, your list of ‘associates’ is interesting, not least because we spend so much of our time here trying to emasculate them. I asked about sleeveless blouses and was told it was to do with the suggestion of armpits – armpits – quelle horreur.Where do we stop? Toe-nails? Tattooed ankles? Crotch bulges? And what do we make of ‘saturday’ lawyers – that is, lawyers who appear in District A on saturdays in ‘civvies’ who would never be allowed in the Sup Ct on weekdays – and ‘weekday’ lawyers?

    @ David

    I’m now seeing a huge space to write in. Is that a deliberate improvement? If so, thankyou.

  44. @ Island

    On ‘from the islands’
    Over the years I have repeatedly been told to find a ‘woman from the islands’. What, if anything, do you make of that? Is that a statement about Bajan women and, if so, what? Mind, when you talk to Bajan fellas they so often say that Bajan women are the pits. When you talk to Bajan women, they so often say that Bajan men are the pits. I have never heard that level of ‘understanding’ anywhere else. Is it a national characteristic?

  45. 2 pm and my guard duty begins again, watching for the storm troopers.

    I use this time, moving backwards and forwards between cyberspace and Maynards place windows, looking out, as are my neighbours the *** .

    They are a kindly lot, the husband is a bespectacled chap who has the most direct gaze one will ever encounter, his wife, she is one of the sweetest Britishers i have encountered, she genuinely engages you, you can be sure that when she says something like good morning to you, she means good morning. “Her eyes smile” yes as archaic as that phrase is, her eyes smile and give you a glimpse of a friendly soul. They have managed to convey this spirit to their young daughter. I am still assessing the young man, it is like that with alpha males (smile).

    When i greeted the four of them on the morning after the bombing, they could not sleep and Mrs *** (i wont call her name) was visibly frightened.
    They were asking why? why had anyone fire-bombed them? “They were just visitors here” and i apologised and said it was not meant for you but was for me.

    I explained the fiasco of my life these last five years with the “bonafide representative of regional interests” and how i verily believed that the recent articles that others had so kindly printed on BU, the Nation and the Broadstreet Journal had brought this heinous act to their doorsteps.

    I apologised and said that i would do everything within my power to ensure that it did not happen again while they were here.

    And you might well ask how i, target of the bungled firebombs, could proffer to “save others, while he cannot save himself” and i will respond this way.

    At one minute past 8, 6 hours after the bombing, i called the British Embassy and asked to speak to their officer in charge of Security, more specifically he or she who is tasked to ensure the safety of British Citizens abroad, I was put into a voice mail where i left a message about the incident.

    At three minutes past eight my phone rang and a very serious caller asked for further details of the matter. I related what i knew and gave them the number for the *** and by 7 minutes past the hour the *** were contacted and a security detail was dispatched to their premises. Talk about British efficiency!

    For the duration of their trip here, they will have “certain coverage” by the government of the UK!

    Imagine how they must feel, even in spite of their recent trauma, when their government does not falter in the breach (like my AG has) and comes “front and centre” to their assistance.

    Hold this thought on the efficiency rather “breadfruit sized balls” of the British Government . (Dat is why Lord Nelson, and not Sir Garfield Sobers in front we parliament buildings!)

    For 5 years i have languished at the hands of CARICOM and am made daily to suffer the ignominy and threats of being thrown from the Offices of my Attorney General’s Offices while seeking the Infamous Instruments of Ratification.

    Juxtapose this guerilla tactics against the immediate response of the UK government for their four citizens abroad and tell me if i should sing “In plenty and in time of need” or “Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves, Britons never, ever shall be slaves?” Oh saw can we see by dawn’s early light, what so proudly we hailed ….

    (The next time i go to any public function and the anthem is playing i will excuse myself, I will not be standing to sing any empty national anthem littany)

    But as you hold that thought i mentioned earlier ponder this.

    Having sought unsuccessfully to secure, to quote the General Counsel of CARICOM, “these troublesome documents” ( emailing, writing letters and through $30,000 in public advertisements in the newspapers) (read https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B0Hc4MFCmayjQlZIQ1daNm5RZGFkVXk3Q0FqOWhvQQ) i wrote to the Foreign Commonwealth Office of the UK government and was able to secure copy, from none other than the British Government of the “inner sanctum” documents under which the UK signed the amended Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

    The UK FCO provided me with that information in 30 days, under their Freedom of Information Act of 2008, and sad to say, neither CARICOM, my government’s Attorney General, nor the Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of the West Indies wish to provide official documentation on the Instruments of Ratification by which they CARICOM were able to enact the amended Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

    Yes you all can imagine the fear that these four Britons have while they sleep in their friends’ vacation home here in Beautiful Barbados and I, more than any one of you, empathize with them.After all this is why i am up now watching the house.

    But while i am truly sorry for my Brit neighbours whose only sin was to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, i live this every day and have lived this for the last five years.

    For opening my mouth about this human rights disgrace, I have been and continue to be run out of my house in a different way, I am subjected to many other fire bombs, fires which have destroyed other things, and a fire which on April 18th will be consummated in the auction of my home.

    My middle names are Carlos Antonio, legacy of a father who lived in Puerto Rico for a few years. Maybe if I had been called Raul Garcia, i might have been visited.Don’t make this into any political statement, Prime Ministers dont know about people like me, the Attorney General Mr. Brathwaite does though. But like i said he in de comfort of his house and i am soon to be out of mine.

    You, and you know which you i am referring to, are now repeating a new dictum for my ears, through your heralds, as to “what my public outcry is going to do to tourism”, For five years, not one of you has even asked what this has done to me, your have even changed all of the telephone numbers in the “dream team directory, but you have sent word that i must suffer with my CARICOM matter but dont hurt “de touriseses”

    I am a son of this soil, living in what is a blitzkrieg for a long time, I have yet to see any one of you, barring *** and ***run to my assistance with the rapidity and seriousness that the United Kingdom has displayed with its citizens here in BIM.. Cant mention your names or you will get fire-bombed for your charity and sense of justice, in a different way,

    Dog is barking, not howling, so someone is closeby, got to run.

  46. @islandgal246

    2003 and i am at *** church ( i left out the name of this institution because it dont want it to be said i seem to have a beef with the whole world, smile)

    A woman of indian descent walks into church with a sari showing her “nabul”

    No one said anything about the enviable expanse of skin (see the male chauvanist pig that i am?) but i was later to learn that he had converted from her former faith to Christianity and since the Christians and normally holier-than-thou “Holy Hands Crew” had “won one for the Lord” the sari which exposed such territory to rival that the young lady from St. Lucy on the back of that 7.15 am motorcycle, (the one in the tube top and pum pum tights whuloss) the majestic indian lady was allowed to walk up to the pulpit en show she nabul, every Sunday as the preacher man asked congregants to come to de altar. BAF will probably have something to say bout dose christians.

    I going ask one uh dem government security guards to gine de church, as hufin less dan an elder, causing dis baring of skin, arms, nabul and “breaseses” got to get weed out!

  47. @ random thoughts
    @Random Thoughts


    Others have said, and verily i, being slothful of mind, cannot remark on these things ecclesiastical, but others have said that *** has no money

    Of numbers and letters, others have said and i, being slothful of mind, and bereft of that big word speech, am incapable of comprehending this all, but it has been said that when there is success in ** against *** that *** will bring counter *** against *** and *** doan have nuh money!

    Did you know that you can drown in 2 inches of water, if ** and ** **ing you what gine happen wid ***? Being ** by *** is much more dan de proverbial 2 inches of water dem like de ocean.

    One from 10 really gine be nought

    De asterix key pun my computer is stuck i have to get it fixed

  48. @David

    Re the incendiary device and its “origins” maybe you can ask the unit that took it away if it falls into the landscape of local IEDs or if there is a “little more sophistication” to this device.

    Our local experts (with the potential aid of Scotland yard – a not unlikely option given the bombing of the Brits) will be able to shed greater light on this than I.

    I verily believe that you can secure that information (smile) from either party should you so desire

  49. Weekie boy ya want some guinea birds to guard D place…..hope dey lay rund ya place doa…dis way you can get some sleep when the night comes….S wait ? You must be got a salmon tot retriever or two bout D place by now ?….and a AK47…wid hollow point incendiaries of course !

  50. @ David and @ Robert

    As i have admitted before, i am rather new to the BU thing.

    Just saw the BFP article. That is a site that is even newer to me than this one. Their story was written by a proffessional and whoever you are i doff my hat to you.

    I could not understand the recent warnings but I now see why i was “warned” about how my comments are affecting “the touriseses”

    Let me just say this to all persons, my well wishers, friends, detractors and to the firebombers.

    As i read through both your comments about the veracity of my story and try to impute that i have said anything other than i have gone on record to say in the news media that have interviewed me, an image, rather an old story visits me from the spelean caves of my mind.

    It embodies my plight more eloquently than i could ever put in words. Enter the renown poet and writer Khalil Gibran and i encourage you to read the 10 (TEN) lines of that story in the Forerunner – Critics.

    Neither of you, as with my current Attorney General, his predecessor, and the two before him, have even paused to examine the real issue behind this matter which quite simply is that CARICOM having purportedly used my intellectual property of a Caricom citizen, for monetary gain, has pleaded “Immunity from prosecution” in a Barbadian court of law!

    To add insult to injury, the same lawyers who from time to time i purport were excused from court to attend the funeral of their grandmother or somebody whom through their OMNISCIENCE (for GOD IS DEAD AND THEY HAVE BECOME GOD) asks for an adjopurnment, a week before the person died, or some similar inane excuse and are incredibly able to bring a parallel court case against the plaintiff in same case and secure a judgement against said plaintiff,, and not the company that has secured the loan.

    i find it difficult to understand, disturbing and distasteful that your enquiring minds dont hasten elsewhere to determine whether there is some truth to the core of my protestations.

    As i said to the officials that are currently investigating this matter and as i will say to BBC and CNN next week during my phone and proxy interviews, these are the facts.

    You purport to be trusted representative of regional interests, you purport to adhere to international trade practices, you are signatory to all and sundry treaties across this GODs earth and yet you refuse to observe the said rules that I contend that you so glibly sign.

    I am not asking my Attorney General much, i do not ask him to provide me with the 24/7 security my British neighbours have, but i would ask that i am afforded due process and free access to the evidence that is critical to my case instead of vacant stare, i did not say cretinous.

    Am i incensed you damn right i am cause it is me who am here guarding my house while you and others try to impute that i am lying about these firebombs.

    And what if it stops tourists from coming, that is no different to my being told that i want killing or want my throat cut for seeking and injunction to stop CWC2007.

    For you, this banter is a game. something to write in sometimish fashion when there is nothing to do, when you are not at Polo, golf or the garrison or ***, but for me sir this is my life, one which your threats and the threats of bodily harm by overzealous government servants will not give me any pause.

    You cannot stop me for “He shall not suffer my foot to be moved…and while you can collude and conspire to take these things transient from me, you cannot take this breath ”

    Keep your bombs coming,

    As long as i have breath I will speak out to this injustice i will, If i cant eat, you really expect me to keep quiet with my guts grumbling, while all uh wunna satiated?

    My father is in hospital, a victim of a recent diabetic coma and i cant bring him home cause I ent got a cent and vagabonds and cut-throats parading round the place with cretinous gazes.

    Doan think that this got nuffing tuh do wid DLP or BLP, doan get tie up, cause i am not one of those idiots who gets on the wagon train bout Integrity Legislation and all that ignorance.

    Integrity legislation is of useless value to men without integrity and both sides continue to be guilty to bring us a few? men and women without a shred of that, but you and i like dumb lambs vote for them.

    But i digress.

    I want my day in court and my money. If someone was to come by you and teif you big up car you was gine call de police en dey was gine prosecute de criminal when he was found.

    This is what was stolen

    That is what you use when you travel to the US and elsewhere in this world.

    It is mine and i should be paid for what is mine

  51. @David W

    Not sure what to make of your last comment but permit a clarification. The objective here to ensure your clarion call for justice is heard by the Galiaths. If through BU’s blog posts we are able to add the weight of your cry, we be glad. So far thanks to the links you have provided there is a better understanding of the case you are arguing in the public space items listed on the Appendix but understandably withheld notwithstanding.

    About the matter of the incendiary device, BU stated what is a fact, such a method to perpetrate a criminal act is alien to Barbados. The observation should not be used as intent to perpetrate improper motive to anyone.

    • @David

      I made a mistake and appended @ David to @ Robert

      The UK faction has indicated that this is the first time that any of its citizens has EVER been attacked via this modality, in Barbados

  52. @ David Weekes

    You’ve been busy writing this morning as I was in the middle of the night. I was, as much as anything, talking to myself. But now you’re here and I’m glad. Like you, I’m new…what is it, just over two months old? I find the whole thing utterly compelling. Had I not been here I would never have learned about the famous email, the plight of Raul Garcia, nor you. But one thing I’ve learned in that process too – that even ‘protesting’ underground journalism (to take a leaf from David) is heavily nuanced, and the enigmas which it spawns – enigmas like “Why did the CJ intervene in the Garcia story?’ – are shrouded in mystery and all one can do is dig around. Mostly you only come up with weeds.
    Now in your shuffling between David and me this morning, though David you subsequently dropped from the equation, you seem to imply criticism of the question I raised about the conflict between the BFP and BU stories. You have now corrected that. So in the interests of truth that can only work good. That is what you seek isn’t it? In both stories as originally posted the bottom line, as David implied, is that it is contrary to every decent precept to act as the person(s) responsible for the fire bombing acted. You may be right that the bombs were intended for you and that there was a mistake. Equally, since they did not do any significant damage (from the pictures you supplied) maybe it was meant as an oblique warning to someone. I don’t know – and the truth is that not even you can be totally sure. And probably that was the intention.
    I am very glad, following my suggestion to David, that you posted various things about your case. We are all much wiser now.

  53. @robert ross

    Fire (no pun intended) singes wood but tempers steel.

    All that is left me now is code and belief all else is gone. So i will give clarification if these are at risk, they are tho only things that remain now.

    You know my mother would sing with melodic voice “only remembered by what we have done”

    My country is dying, you only need to to listen to the (plethora of) speeches at the many seminars and meetings, de ones where de minister of someting, or de head of such and such a committtee does speak.and your and all the international agencies recognise that there is a dearth of ideas, a stagnation and choking to innovation so blatantly visibly in the verbal flagellations.

    Don’t shoot the messenger, listen to his message, evaluate the efficacy of what is being offered, and if you dont know how to do that, find competent HR to do it, doan get tie up in this personality thingy.

    If one Bajan dies in Marl Hole or Pine it is one Bajan brother that we have, as a community failed, it is not a “dem problem” ting, the attack on Minister Irene Sandiford Garner is testimony to that.

    I would ask you all to chose something positive, do all the evaluations, and let us go with that.

    Let us stop this posturing, take the best of the best, give them what is needed and ride the wave of success.

    Economic prosperity for Barbados should not be tainted by colour, creed, upbringing, economic trappings etc.

    Let us get serious raising the bar, demanding more from ourselves, our neighbours, friends, church leaders and most of all our politicians,

    The fellow who you know was the village idiot last week, de womanizer, from de time we did know he at sixteen, en gine suddenly change when he get elected, he gine try to sleep wid de maid, de secretary and yuh wife at de ministry effing yuh give he de chance.

    Dis whole thing got to change, they cant keep bringing us offal from Roebuck Street or George Street painting it wid mayonnaise ketchup and pepper and mek us believe dat it is patties.

    Demand of them the Power of Recall

  54. @David W

    Your case seems complicated and the idea that you are about to lose your home which to most of us represents a psychological foothold in how we live or lifes is regrettable.

    Facing Sir Henry will be no mean feat given his access to resources not to mention his legal IQ. BU wishes you well and not to pry but we hope Alair Shephard and his army from the Inner Chamber is treating with your matter on a contingency basis as it deserves.

  55. @David

    Your sentiments and those of all my friends and persons from the BU cyberspace constellation are appreciated by me and my family.

    Inner Chamber is no longer our lawyer in the CARICOM matter

  56. @David Weekes

    For what it maybe worth the pictures above posted to Slideshare have made the ‘most popular’ list with nearly 6,000 views todate.

    • @David

      Two nights ago two men came back to my cul-de-sac.

      When my neighbours, (the same Brits who were firebombed last week Tuesday) came in, the men DID NOT BUDGE when the lights of the car the visitors were driving, shone on them.

      They remained unconcerned about the fact that they were bathed in the open car beams and the fact that they were seen in that area.

      The Brits remained in their car for 5 minutes. The men remained in the corner and DID NOT MOVE.

      The visitors finally made a dash for the house and there the called the police who responded in five minutes. Before the Police arrived the men had left.

      I left the house yesterday to go for some foodstuff. Take a look at the video my daughter made of the vehicle that came after i left and was loitering in my area for about 15 minutes.


      Watch how when she goes to one side to video the vehicle they reverse to the other side and watch how she moves to that side they drive forward. She (unfortunately) did not call the police. She was not able to get their truck number. My neighbours were sleeping at the time.

      By now most readers may realise that i am not as paranoid as some detractors to this firebombing incident have claimed that i am.

      My neighbours indicate that the police still think it is a prank even in the face of these two men who are unafraid even if the full glare of headlamps.

      I must now spend thousands of dollars to clean lots 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 31, 26, 27, 22 and 23 around my home that respective owners have left for years unattended, spots where the bush is so high and which provides lurking areas grounds for these stalkers.

      Of course to date my attempts to reach The Rt. Hon Owen Arthur and the Rt. Hon. Haynesley Benn (the BLP & DLP representatives respectively) have been unsuccessful.

      To the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Ms. Navanethem Pillay so recently having passed through Barbados i would only say that all is not so hunkadorie in this “Gem of the Caribbean Sea”,

      My daughter and I, and my UK neighbours the ***, have become veritable prisoners in our homes at the mercy of “pranksters”

      If i should fall here Lupo, do not let me fall alone.

  57. To add to this sorry tale the neighbours are British. It was their lawn that was fire bombed with IED’s (US military term). What the hell do you think they are going to do when they return home …? Hope they steer clear of the BBC because no one with good sense will believe them

  58. A white double cab truck. I don’t know trucks but if the video was slowed down someone who knows trucks should be able to tell the make, model and year. The police could check with the dealers to see who bought such trucks because there can’t be more that many of those trucks in Barbados. Then move forward from there.

  59. @Random Thoughts

    I will pursue your suggestions. I am often amazed how we civilians can see these things and take them to the next logical level with such ease while others construe them as “pranks”

    But my friend the American might caution me that this is not CSI Miami.


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  61. @David Weekes

    Install security video cameras and a DVR.

    Install security lights

    Get 1 or 2 big cross bred dogs (German Shepard / Labrador) and 1 salmon tot retriever.

    You also need to talk to the station sargeant at the police station nearest your home.
    The police can “drive through” your neighbourhood just like they drive through Sandy Lane and Sunset Crest.

    • @Hants

      I smile because i have recently started this list of “additional security upgrades”.

      The night vision cameras are in
      My friends in Virginia now watch me
      The security lights are in
      BL&P are working on the street lamps
      Rural has kindly offered its assistance
      MOH is working on the debushing for the absentee landlords for the lots which are full of cow itch and bush
      I had to fork out $550 for lots 39, 40 and 41 that was where the UK visitors saw the 2 men last week
      The dogs are here (including LUPO)
      The police have increased their “drive throughs”
      The British High Commission has *** and

      Thanks you all for the calls and email and no, Mr. Benn nor Mr. Arthur have not called …yet. (hope springs eternal…my astute confidante tells me to expect them around general election in Jan 2013 – smile)

  62. First of all I want to say awesome blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you do not mind. I was curious to know how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I’ve had a difficult time clearing
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