The Alexandra Impasse Not 1-2-3 Fix

Jeff Broomes, headmaster of Alexandra School

In response to a BU query about the Alexandra matter which continues to simmer, the following  comment was made by a blogger.

“There is of course an obvious political element attached to the AX matter. But what of the other elements? Maybe the erroneous view was held that PHASE 2 would be the removal of Broomes by whatever means . Did you ever consider that the next phase was to get the PSC [Public Service Commission] activated to perform its constitutional function? There is now a new PSC in place. You however keep referring to the political element involved in these matters; let me suggest to you that there is ALSO A MORAL ELEMENT involved. Any good leader must see to it that, among other things, every effort is made to pass on VALUES to the society. Good leadership must not only be concerned with doing what at the time is EXPEDIENT; it must also be concerned with doing WHAT IS JUST. This would necessarily take me into a discussion on JUSTICE to which i shall return at some future convenient time …”

Rising concern about Alexandra comes against the background that Principal Jeff Broomes has excluded the 30 striking teachers from a “eight-day Easter Academy”, presumably to bring children affected by the strike up to speed. By his [Broomes] action he has buffed the teachers proposed plan to organize Easter classes. Clearly Principal Broomes by his actions is going against the spirit of compromise.

Of interest is the report that teachers selected by Broomes to participate in the ‘eight-day Academy’ are to be paid $30.00. Who will pay the teachers? It is no secret teachers are compensated for several weeks for vacation by virtue of being teachers. Why aren’t those teachers who participated in strike action at the beginning of Term II not part of the Academy? Didn’t they promise to make back up the teaching time which was lost when they were striking? Wouldn’t the Easter break provide an opportunity to make back up this time?

Given that it was reported that the striking teachers were still paid for the period of time they were on strike – is it asking too much that they put back in that time now over the Easter break WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COMPENSATION? Can the Board of management of the Alexandra School and by extension the taxpayers of Barbados afford to be paying “extra compensation” for teachers who will still receive their normal salary covering that period anyway? Both the taxpayers of Barbados and the affected students at Alexandra School are the weaker as a result of this sorry state of affairs. Who is at fault and to blame for this mess – the Minister of Education? the Alexandra Board of Management? the Prime Minister who gave his word that a phased resolution for the unrest at Alexandra was on the way in a phased approach?

Its quite clear that there is still some element of dissatisfaction and uneasiness as it relates to the solution to industrial unrest by the teachers at Alexandra School. Its also obvious that the Phase II factor has not taken root as yet. It is also interesting to note that Chief Education Officer Laurie King in response to the media recently when asked about the Phase II factor mentioned by Prime Minister Stuart, suggested that his ministry is working diligently to ensure the proper atmosphere is achieved at the school and further that his department was not aware of any Phase II approach.

Clearly the solution to the current Alexandra imbroglio was never about a slam dunk solution as many Barbadians have been conditioned to believe. Is this another case of the Prime Minister working quietly behind the scenes to deal with the matter? If we take the intervention of the blogger quoted above then the sensitivity of the matter would pre-empt public discourse at this time. The Prime Minister finds himself in another unenviable position where he may not be able to comment on a matter which has political import with a general election on the horizon.

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  1. evidently whatever measures are being put in place to ensure a good working enviroment is not working. however if legalities are standing in the way of Broomes removal there is not much the PM can do and has done outside what he did in getting the teachers back to work most of us had aheightened perception that mr Broomes would be removed sooner rather than later without real or hardened FACTS

  2. morning gf we dawned suits and now tag team again right ?we gine give them ac and onions partners instew…tag babes..

  3. @ ac
    Stupessssssss there you go again with your Perceptions foolishness…girl what has become of you ? Should have read your above comment before proposing mine.

  4. good mawn bf i don’t know for sure if we are on the same page except on the removal of Broomes as the political wheels start to grind AX again.

  5. onions you need to cool down. you must give credit where credit is due and realise that getting rid of Broomes might not be as easy a task. Broomes is an albratross which is tied around the heads of teachers and maybe just maybe he has LAW on his side so what should the PM do what’s best for a few or what’s right for a country.

    • @vanhimist

      Here are the new commissions:

      New Service Commissions’ Appointments
      By Cathy LashleyPublished: March 8, 2012

      Newly appointed Chairman of the Judicial and Legal Service Commission, Chief Justice, Marston Gibson (FP)
      New members of the Service Commissions have been announced by the Chief Personnel Officer.
      The Chairman of the Public Service Commission is David Bowen; while members are: Calvin Springer, GCM; Sir Everton Weekes, KCMG, GCM, OBE, LL.D; Keith Simmons, QC; and Canon Noel Burke.
      Those appointed to the Police Service Commission are: Chairman, Dr. Trevor Carmichael, QC, SCM; and members: The Very Reverend Dr. Frank Marshall, CBE; Miriam White; Keith Whittaker; and Neville Lewis.
      Appointees to the Judicial and Legal Service Commission are Chairman, Chief Justice, Marston Gibson; and members: the Chairman of the Public Service Commission or his representative; the Hon. Frederick Waterman, CHB; Madam Justice Sandra Mason; and Madam Justice Maureen Crane-Scott.
      The appointments took effect on February 10 this year, and persons will serve for a period of three years.

  6. Barbados is quickly becoming a dichotomy of haves and have-nots..friends and friends-not. We need impartiality, All this pussy footing, and hands holding will be addressed one day coming soon remember that .

    Oh what a tangled web we weave,
    When first we practise to deceive!

    Sir Walter Scott

  7. How the hell can the Prime Minister remove Mr. Broomes without removing the striking teachers too? Is the teacher who didn’t teach for close to a year teaching or not? Could it be that the letter about her behaviour could not be found at the Ministry of Education because her husband is Deputy Chief Education Officer?

    • The senselessness of this matter continues.

      Timetable ‘shared with teachers’ Alexandra principal Jeff Broomes. Sat, March 31, 2012 – 12:03 AM
      Alexandra School principal Jeff Broomes said he not only shared his timetable for the Easter academy with his staff, but organized the classes on the orders of Minister of Education Ronald Jones.
      Speaking to the SATURDAY SUN yesterday, Broomes said, in response to the 30 Alexandra teachers who have declined to be part of his eight-day Easter Academy for CXC students starting Monday, that on February 27 he shared, in writing, the timetable with the staff, but on that same morning one teacher placed a notice on the board asking others to indicate interest in other Easter classes. 
      “This occurred after the same teacher had heard the principal’s plans and not on the previous Thursday as is now being claimed,” Broomes stressed.
      The teachers, through the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU), said Thursday they had decided not to work in the Easter Academy in the interest of avoiding further conflict, while BSTU president Mary Redman said the academy’s classes had been designed by Broomes without consulting the relevant year heads and heads of department, and only covered nine subject areas.

  8. Taken from BU
    “Rising concern about Alexandra comes against the background that Principal Jeff Broomes has excluded the 30 striking teachers from a “eight-day Easter Academy”, presumably to bring children affected by the strike up to speed.”

    Taken from Nationnews, which BU cites as the source:
    “President of the Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union (BSTU), Mary Redman, said the teachers took the decision in the interest of avoiding further conflict at the already tension-filled St Peter plant.”

    Cmon BU. Cmon.

    And not everything is political in the context of the governance of the country. You have a group of teachers who hate the Principal and are trying to get him removed. You have a Principal who is an authoritarian.

    Conspiracy theories are always more entertaining though.

  9. I ask simply what is the REAL problem that Mary Redman has with Jeff Broome ? I have heard it said and seen it reported that there were teachers many of whom were the striking ones who were opposed to his appointment as head and vowed never to work with or support him.So this is now really taking things to a ridiculous level.They said that they would give back the lost time to the students so what is the problem ! Get on with teaching the people children !! You were paid during the strike and you should be more than willing to do this now FOR FREE!!

  10. Come now all…..what we are seeing unfolding before our eyes is nothing more than the ” REDRAWING of old battle lines. The teachers under Mary Queen of Scotts have awoken (vacation comin again)as Stage I has come to an end.Jeff Broomes (photo op) has thrown down the gauntlet and PM Stuart had been notified….your time is up .Stage II ..with dispatch again boys n girls.

  11. @ David .
    ” The senselessness of this matter continues ” .
    I should like to thank you for the prominence accorded to the extract from a previous posting of mine on this Alexandra matter . I sincerely believe that it presents the opportunity for readers and contributors to this blog to examine another side to the very complex situation that has been created . It should be clear too that the complexity and , by extension , the confusion has been greatly exacerbated by the continuous actions of an ” ERRANT ” SCHOOL PRINCIPAL who seems to take great delight in fostering a DIVIDE AND RULE system of governance in that institution for which he holds responsibility . The story reported above from the SATURDAY SUN is one other case in point .
    Any person who possesses a smattering of an acquaintance with timetabling in our Secondary Public schools will advise that it is an exercise that is undertaken by the DEPUTY PRINCIPAL in collaboration with the department heads and year heads . That Mr Broomes has , at this time , decided to jettison this practice and set up his own timetable for the functioning of the Easter vacation classes , WITHOUT ANY INPUT FROM HIS DEPT. OR YEAR HEADS can only be seen as an act that , IN THE PRESENT CLIMATE AT THE ALEXANDRA SCHOOL , MUST LEAD TO FURTHER CONTROVERSY . Easter vacation classes for fifth form students have long existed in our schools ; that vacation has always provided an opportunity for teachers to do some extra coaching especially for students writing overseas exams . One must wonder if , at any time , Mr Jeff Broomes ever comes under the influence of any of his FRIENDS OR ADVISORS that may assist in steering him away from INEVITABLE SELF DESTRUCTION .
    The reported setting up of the ” Easter Vacation Academy ” also raises an issue worthy of the most careful consideration . It has been reported that teachers for this Academy are being conscripted at a fee of $30 per hour ; the finance for this has been provided through a grant by a benefactor in the area . Mr Broomes will be well advised that even though the grant has been made TO THE SCHOOL , that school is NOT AN INDEPENDENT LEGAL ENTITY . The school is just another department OF THE GOVERNMENT OF BARBADOS and must necessarily account to the AUDITOR GENERAL for any money / finance passing through its coffers . Money given to the school as a grant cannot be seen as money given to Broomes TO BE DISPENSED AT HIS PLEASURE . Let Mr Broomes be warned . it is noteworthy that the BSTU has distanced itself and its membership at the school from any involvement in the so-called ” Academy ” . It should not be forgotten that they have been benefiting from the advice of legal counsel throughout the whole exercise .
    This Alexandra matter will only be resolved after a level of commonsense and good judgment are displayed BY ALL PARTIES CONCERNED . Outside of that the PSC will have to act DECISIVELY . As it now stands there is the grave danger that sound judgment is being taken over by EGOMANIA . In addition , the Nation newspaper will be well advised that no one stands to benefit from its continual trivialising of the matter by its constant publication of queries about the implementation of a so-called PHASE 2 . Peace my brother.

    • @An Observer

      There is the other view that the 30 teachers excluded from the ‘Easter Academy’ appear to be AX’s most senior teachers (department heads). One may conclude that the children are being shortchanged by not benefiting from their training and experience given the need to do makeup classes which resulted from the strike action.

  12. @ an Observer
    Very well comprehended and penned.I hope ac takes note how not to be incoherent…Broomes is an ass, and should GO. What he intends is to rival Hallam King….but he is making too many errors…all can see it.

    See you at Cawmeer then this evening Ole friend ?

  13. @ David
    ” there is the other view….”
    This is exactly the point . The most SENIOR TEACHERS in the school have been effectively ALIENATED from the management of the school . Add to this the reported information that the DEPUTY HEAD has been prevented by him from functioning in her role as deputy and you have the true picture of a modern-day megalomaniac running amok at that institution . THE PSC MUST ACT .
    @ Old onion bags .
    Unfortunately a pressing engagement will hinder any opportunity I may have to visit that shrine and pay obeisance on this occasion . Please do justice when you pay your own respect by giving a gracious bow on my behalf ,my friend . Should THE MILLER be present I hope that he too will act accordingly .
    Re : ac.
    It is my view that we may all learn and benefit from each other’s strengths in the business of continuous education . We must not forget that and must strive to make a daily advancement in our knowledge . Peace my brother.

  14. Phase 2 is the Easter Vacation.
    Phase 3 is Term 3.
    Phase 4 is Summer Vacation.

    Freundel will do nothing. Freundel is an unsure batsman. He knows not if to swipe, hook, defend or duck. But he will be stumped for being out the crease.

    I feel so short-changed by the DLP. stupse. and the inaction of Freundel further compounds the problem. Jones give a go-ahead for classes, Freundel say the teaachers will make up teh time voluntarily. More confusion in the DLP .

    They just need removing. sick and tired of the now.

    • @MeHandsTied

      Have you read with understanding that the matter of Broomes now falls within the purview of the PSC?

  15. The problem is not if BROOMES should be removed but how does the PM go about having BROOMES removed without legal ratifications .onions you sound like a child who wants to get his own Way without rhyme or reason. if it was as easy as you think it .there is no doubt that Broomes beligerant and outlandis attitude is not going to change and added to the problem may be friends and influence but the question of how to remove him is going to be a real struggle for the PM to undertake

  16. @ Me Hands Tied.
    “Freundel is an unsure batsman “…
    you have demonstrated that you are an uneducated UMPIRE who must never be allowed to stand over the stumps or at square leg .

  17. The problem is evident that the AX situation has reached a stalemate and the longer it goes on the BSTU might again resort to Industrial action. but the question remains “what options does the PM have moving forward in order to PUT the AX situation to rest once and for all maybe you onions can answer that. i await your response.

    • @Hants

      Can identify with your frustration.

      What the AX matter has exposed is the ease with which sides are drawn influenced by political colour.

  18. @ ac
    You keep questioning how the PM will have him removed …FOR THE LAST TIME…PLEASE UNDERSTAND .. THE PM DID NOT APPOINT HIM ; THE PM THEREFORE CANNOT REMOVE HIM . Old Onions understands that ; I hope you would . Peace my friend.

  19. @observer (clarifications)
    Timetabling is a function of the principal, not the deputy. “Alternative” timetables is the duty of the deputy. Easter classes cannot be considered “timetabling” in the strictest sense of the word. Also, the $30 is payment to teachers, not a fee for students, acquired through the school’s good graces and redirected from a summer program to easter. Also, the Principal controls the programme (and hence financial direction) of the school. Money comes in, programmes are assessed, priority determined and money is disbursed. The only “error” maybe the funds not passing thru the board but a check at ALL schools will show this is the normal (though erroneous) practice for extracurricular fund raising.

    Commenting on this matter at this stage is a futile effort. We await “stage 2” knowing all the damage that has been done, that continues to be done with the parties “forced” to exist in tense fractious circumstances and that may be done to 3 of our critical sectors. Blame will come later but a solution is needed sooner rather than later. Broomes is on “solid legal ground” much to the chagrin of many. The new PSC board may well act, but justice must be served, evidence must be used and the illusion of head hunting must not come into play.

    Observing and waiting.

  20. Ok square leg umpire ac
    You have begun to talk sense first time now in months (B.vs.D)…..just goes to show you are no fool..anyway….there is no easy answer. We have create a position ..shelters,perks, etc and all for a GENTLEMAN…and along came a rogue.Now it will be difficult to pry his ass.. without hurting some fingers….son of a fisherman convert my bot bot..

  21. I feel moved to add too that Broomes is clearly head and shoulders above Redman, FS and the DLP when it comes to managing public perception and “propaganding.”. Whether this is food or bad is a matter for later debate.

  22. I could not be a PM because I would fire Broomes ( if he refused an offer of early retirement ) and let the courts deal with any wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

    PM Stuart is level headed and and has taken the least disruptive option by giving Broomes,the teachers and all involved time to work out a solution.

    Time offer Broomes a retirement package or fire him with or without cause.

    Then restructure the management of Alexandra school and give the STUDENTS a chance to complete their secondary school education successfully.

    Does the PSC have qualified experienced Human Resources staff?

  23. @ Observing ( and asking )
    You may successfully that EVERY single activity in the school is ” a function of the principal ” . take that to its logical conclusion and see what we will get .
    All of us who have any association with secondary schools in this country .
    By the way , what is an ” ALTERNATIVE TIME TABLE ” ?

  24. @ Hants
    Best solution I have heard so far… CLICO..this will take years tied up in Court…GOOD ONE Hants!

  25. @ observing ( and asking )
    The gremlins have struck . ( correction )
    You may successfully add that EVERY single activity in the school is ” a function of the principal ” . Take that claim to its logical conclusion and see what we will get . All of us who have had any association with secondary schools in this country know that the DEPUTY PRINCIPAL assumes responsibility for timetabling .
    By the way , what is an ” ALTERNATIVE TIME TABLE ” ?

  26. Thank you observer for clarifying the point concerning as to who is responsible for Broomes removal .as it is apparant that politics of one upmanship has clouded the vision of those who believes it is a decision left soley in the hands of PM staurt to resolve. However if the situation remains as is the reality is that PM stuart would be blame So in as much as i am in favour of PM Stuart taking a clear and concise approach a meaningful and define resolution should be reached sooner rather than later

  27. ac …if the PM fired him…that is IT..Period ..doan talk..You know who he is D PRIME MINISTER….so cut D crap.1!!!!

  28. Seems to me the principal is a hands on principal.He seem to take no crap from anybody either at the school or on the board of management.I saw a contribution somewhere which suggest he wrote a letter to the chairman of the board forbidding him to enter the school’s compound.Now lo and behold the same person’s name is on the list of members of a new board.Yes,it’s a grave concern at AX with people turning red at having to step aside when a clean sweeping broom kicks up a lot of dust.

  29. @observer
    As you have sought to do elsewhere so will I now. Timetabling is the legal duty of the principal, not the deputy. If he/she delegates it, so be it. Alternative timetabling is required in instances of disruption to the school (meetings, exams, emergencies etc.). I never inferred that every aspect of the school is a function of the principal, I simply noted his legal duties specific to the issue at hand. Also, were we to consistently take things to their “logical conclusion” we may be in murky waters in other debates on BU. You’ve been a strong proponent of upholding the law and legal technicalities so I’ll say again, legally, Broomes is on solid enough ground. Managerially, professionally and personally may be another story but neither of those are enough as is, based on available evidence to crucify him without significant ramifications..

    Hants, I with ya 100%, but the PM has to wade carefully since he assumed FULL responsibility for the matter and its conclusion. If played wrong this bouncer could be a mini-CLICO. I still maintain that this should not have reached his desk.

  30. FIRED with effect of mid night tonight>>>>>>>THE WAY 2 GO


    • @Onions

      We all know you are being disingenuous with your last comment.

      Were the PM to do as you suggest the political fallout for the government would put a smile on your face.

  31. @ observing.
    You obviously wish to deal THEORETICALLY with what for YEARS has been a matter of PRACTICE in our schools . Please do us a favour . Check the first TEN secondary school teachers from outside the Alexandra school on this matter and get back to me . Until then , peace my brother . But be further advised that LEGAL action is heavily influenced by considerations of PRACTICE .

  32. @Observing (and teaching), “the PM has to wade carefully”

    More importantly is what happens to the children while he is wading.

    Children in Barbados are already inundated with enough distractions and sub cultural influences.

    School should not be a political battleground for ego-maniacal adults.

  33. @observer
    No need to check ten schools. Its in black and white in the laws of Barbados whose duty timetabling is. How they go about it is up to them. I hope u would agree based on the consistency of your submissions elsewhere that a “habitual practice” does not make something “right” if there is “law” or “legal process” that regulates it. Likewise because something is not preferable or publicly acceptable that doesn’t infer “wrong”.

    Just observing.

  34. @ David
    On the contrary..had I not hang up my political cloak..on this one..I would have been more cautious with my advise..and less practical

  35. The main problem with this AX issue here on BU and elsewhere is the 30 or so persons who clearly would like to see Broomes fired and FS similarly dealt with shortly afterwards. This little group have been repeating themselves with monotonous consistency in an attempt to should like a crowd.
    – That does NOT include Hants who just happens to know nothing about management 🙂

    To everyone else, Broomes is just an over eager head teacher who probably wanted to be a army sergeant in his youth.
    Like many other bosses, some of his employees hate his guts while others like him and yet others don’t give a hoot.

    If FS foolish enough to get more involved in this situation then Bushie can supply a long list of other Bosses with whom large numbers of employees cannot function properly, and who therefore needs to be “separated”.

  36. Cheezon bred Bushie
    Ya mean the passage of time has done nothing to you or your response.
    Army Sargeant for the army, Headmaster for teachers..masculine COCK ..feminine HEN…masculine BUSHIE ,,feminime..I ent kno ?.. ALIEN may be .
    Point is square peg in round hole. Q.E.D

  37. i have it from good authority the the principal is responsible for time tabling and the deputy is responsible for alternative timetabling. thats a fact.

  38. I would advise Mr. Broomes to stay away from the press and let that red deveil Mary continue her wish, as head of the union she can speak for her teachres. You have been advised by BAPP to stay away from the press, those are the persons u want to support you, please dont anger them.

    Hants u aint got a clue about the eucational system in barbados as it presently is constituted so speak the issues in canada.

  39. Enough already! Arrest somebody for the obstruction of the daily smooth running of an academic institution! When I yearn for the good old days of teaching and teachers regaining control of the schools, I did not envision this. Be careful what you wish for!

  40. I say promote Mary to Head Mistress, make Broomes Governor General, and rename the school to Ajax or Apollo or some shite that ain’ jinxed

  41. @BAFBFP
    What exactly is it you does be drinking…..? 🙂

    @ Onions
    99.9 % ob Bajans are square pegs in round holes….. You dont read your own blogs? You plan to “separate” all of we….?

    @ Observing
    LOL. Bushie see why you ‘waiting’ while observing… You waiting to put some licks in Bushie tail :). You know very well that only trouble lies at round decision tables.

    Serious now David, this is a storm in a teacup. Broomes is no more or no less perfect than anyone else including the bright sparks here on BU. THE REAL ISSUE has always been the MINISTRY OF EDUCATION and their inept staff….. Now the PM has allowed the agenda to be shifted from them to non issues.
    Have you ANY idea how many employees would like their boss separated? Hell!! even the eager 11 was trying a thing….LOL

    …..besides Old Onions and ac are becoming overbearing with their uninformed vitriol….. and Hants so frustrated he like he willing to just shoot the Principal and see if that solves the problem.


    If the teachers don’t like their job conditions they can ask for transfers, leave, retire, resign,…..or just LUMP it, and take the salary – like the rest of us out here….
    ….or they can use that option that only government workers seem to have….. Stop teaching and just collect the pay…

  42. Blogger2012 wrote, “Hants u aint got a clue about the eucational system in Barbados as it presently is constituted so speak the issues in canada.”

    I will speak to issues in Barbados unless you can change where I was born and continuously spent the first 20 years of my life.
    Until such time as I sell everything I own in Barbados I will continue to voice my opinions.

    @Bushtea wrote “That does NOT include Hants who just happens to know nothing about management.”

    At least you are telling the truth about me.
    If I knew about management I would be a manager.

    But I do know that autocratic management only works well in “controlled” environments like Cuba and China.

  43. @BushTea wrote “Hants so frustrated he like he willing to just shoot the Principal.”

    WRONG. I would prefer to pay Mr.Broomes enough severance to spend more time supporting Barbados and West Indies cricket all over the world.

  44. This is PURE HARRASSMENT by those “striking teachers”, While they were on strike, they could find not legitimate reason for the “seperation” of Mr Broomes, therefore the teachers were rtricked by the P,M to return to work. What he should have done is ORDER them back to work or be FIRED. Since they retirned, Mr Broomes has played his cards well, he is being guided by his attorneys and the Ministry of Education and the Minister of Education. It has now strengthened his case, while weakening that of the BSTU, Mary Redman is angry because she did not get what was promised or should I say she thought the P.M promised, hence she is about to call the reachers out on strike again. What now is the grounds for a further strike. She need to strike on the P.M focus on him and not on Mr Broomes because she NEVER had a case against him, and the longer it has taken her to come up with a case the stronger Mr Broomes case gets.

    • @Bush Tea

      It is not that the imbroglio at AX is a crisis issue is it more the fact of the systemic issue which bred the issue in the first place and our our inability to have it resolved.

  45. @ Scout.
    It is a remarkable irony that Mr Broomes will himself ensure that his case get progressively WEAKER . If you bet on this man you are sure to lose your money .

  46. There is a deeper problem here. It started with FS negotiating his solution to the AX impasse by consulting one side only and using the Winston King report, that only tangentially addressed the real issues, to fill in for having omitted to at least appearing to have consulted with the Broomes side and thus to have a minimal semblance of justice. On the way to that solution FS slapped down the input of his Minister of Education, who did not have the gumption to hand in his resignation. It continued with the Ministry of Education apparently not using the FS “stages” blueprint in their management of the somewhat unmanageable situation at AX that FS had engendered. It continued further to the current revelations where apparently Mr. Broomes got the blessings of the Ministry of Education in setting up his Easter Academy while forestalling and mocking Mrs Redman and the former striking teachers. It continues with the expectations of Observer and others that the new PSC will act any differently to the old PSC. Chances are that they will, but there is no surer way to stamp the actions of the new PSC as being blatantly political than by their summarily dismissing Mr. Broomes. Its composition of known DLP sympathisers and former Ministers etc. suggests that it might go that route but there is need for caution by that commission if they are to have any credibility in their remaining term.

    Meanwhile the DLP administration continues to confound issues. Who would have guessed before it had to be brought into the open by Trinidad, that Barbados itself had revoked Red Jet’s license.

    • @checkit-out

      Was it not explained that the PM met with the BSTU to get them to return to work?

      Did he achieve that objective?

      Did he not say that the situation at the school will call for more steps to be taken to resolve the dispute?

      Are you prepared to give the PM credit that he is possession of more information probably not in the public domain?

      Regarding the ‘stages’ blueprint Chief Education Officer has stated publicly the ministry has not been managing based on any stages.

      On the REDjet issue the license has been ‘suspended’ which seems automatic if the airline has run into difficulty and can’t honour is obligations.

  47. Checkit-Out wrote “Barbados itself had revoked Red Jet’s license.”

    RedJet grounded their planes because they did not have any more operating capital.

    Government revoking their license was probably an IAA requirement.

    I am sure they will get back their license if they became a viable entity again.

    To satisfy the requirements of BushTea I must admit that I know nothing about the rules of Aviation and I an expressing an opinion.

  48. @david
    Information or not, this is one swamp that the PM shouldn’t have waded in. The MEHRD is totally out the loop on stages, erego its a PSC issue, which then raises either the issue of “grievance” or “discipline.”. The BSTU has strangled their own grievance cow, discipline requires investigation and justice. Oh what a tangled web we unnecessarily weave. Bare in mind a “collateral casualty” of this is the relationship between the office of PM and a sure seat next elections…..just observing.

    Uh gine find a square table or two for ya instead. D bushman counsel could go far.

    A last minute entry a few saturdays ago held the highest barbadian horse racing prize high, redeeming himself of past disgrace. Some horses can surprise just when you least expect it. 30-1 odds sometimes pay off quite handsomely.

    • @checkit-out

      How can credit be dished out in the current situation which exist at AX when tension remains high at the school?

      What is the ultimate objective here?

  49. David;

    Grateful for the time frames for:-

    RedJet grounding their planes
    Barbados revoking the RedJet license to fly
    Barbados informing Trinidad that Redjet’s license had been revoked
    The Barbados Government going public with the information that it had revoked Redjet’s license, if they ever did.

    The timeframes may give some credence to your and hant’s claims above.

    In any case, am I the only one who got the impression that the Barbados Government was firmly in Redjet’s corner against all comers, even Liat, and was somewhat shocked to learn, not from GIS or the Minister of Tourism, who could have spun it more favourably, but from the Trinidad Minister that Barbados had revoked the Redjet License.

    Surely the revocation and its reasons were exceedingly newsworthy and needed to be dealt with “with dispatch” and with proactive explanations to the Barbados public.

  50. Observing (and waiting);
    I’ve heard it said that nothing concentrates and energizes mental activity and efficiency as when one is staring down a barrel. Perhaps the jockey thought he was staring down a figurative barrel and perhaps Mr. Broomes also feels that he is staring down one. The reports of the last 2 days suggest that Mr. Broomes has managed this new situation with aplomb and foresight and that the Observers of this world may well be wrong in writing him off at this stage.

  51. David; Evidently, in retrospect, The BSTU strikers could never have achieved their goal of separation with dispatch of an unwilling Mr. Broomes. FS as Scout says, tricked them into believing that he could deliver their demands with dispatch. Now “an observer” tells us essentially that the dispatch was contingent on a new PSA coming into being and we are told also that we should look for significant action in this regard in the next 2 weeks. “An Observer” gives the impression to me at least that he is either high in the councils of the DLP or is strongly associated with someone who is, so that statement suggests that this might well be the new strategy for a denounement of the AX issue. I think that “An Observer” and the others who came up with that strategy were not as far thinking as they would have been expected to be. Any summary action that is seen to be to the disadvantage of Mr. Broomes will be viewed by many as totally partisan. The question that needs to be asked is what was keeping the old PSA back from separating Mr. Broomes with the dispatch that the new PSA is now being seen as capable of doing in one month only? Is it a higher acumen in such matters in the new members? greater allegiance to the powers that be and likelihood to blindly follow their dictates? Greater knowledge of Public Sector matters? What really is it that can ensure the separation of Mr. Broomes in a short time frame when there was no talk before of the old PSA being the fly in the figurative ointment?

  52. do u think that the psa can simply get rid of mr broomes just like that, there is something name due process and that principle is enshrined in the psa act 2007

  53. @HANTS

    dont u think i know u spent ur formative years in barbados, u need to be aware that gone are the days when public officers can be sent home at the whims and fancies of anyone. Go read the the education act and the psa act before u talk shite about firing broomes. the got rules in canada like in barbados. you are out of touch ,propety or no property in barbados.

  54. Bushie
    You and Jeff Broomes we dun know ..but he want getting RID of..
    I hope some day ..some body…. returns all the MAL- TREATMENT to his family (Army Sargeant) and HE is alive to see…( the lil sweet gran)..oh yes..that would hit home.

  55. Old Onion Bags; I don’t think you really meant to say what you have said above. Ask Millertheannunaki.

  56. Check -it ..if it quacks like a duck..and shit like one…

    @ ac …..tag team sister land boi…….dey aint no competition in hay doa..bare shite hounds…

  57. Wanna could believe that with so many REAL PROBLEMS out there to be addressed we have allowed this non issue to take root?
    Who the hell care if 30 teachers don’t like their boss? Get a life….
    …more that 30 of BT’s staff hate his guts 🙂
    The reason for appointing a boss is not to be liked…. It is to achieve RESULTS.
    Where is Mr Broomes failing to produce results with his students? If he is, then fire his behind – for NON PERFORMANCE.
    Bushie even goes beyond Checkit-out’s call for “justice” – “performance” is central.

    @ Hants…. There is a very good reason why you are not a manager. Bushie also suspect that you are neither a lawyer nor a doctor….. Do you give legal or medical advice???? !!,

    Anyone who thinks that FS can fire someone who has been appointed by the GG “just so”, should stand in line behind Hants.

    Cecil McCarthy would get an injunction from the High Court before CBC could even draft the news release… FS would need to go to parliament and mess with the laws like they did with Winton Campbell….. But there was only one GEE, there are many Principals…

    It would REALLY be funny if FS were to facilitate this precedent where a number of unhappy subordinates can call for the “separation” of the boss…..LOL. ….talk about digging your own grave – there must be 11 persons EAGERLY awaiting such a move….

    @ BAFBFP
    You could be the key to solving this whole matter… Surely you can see that if the main antagonist in this issue could be kept ‘otherwise engaged’ on a regular basis by a man of your reputation (at least during Crop Over) then the whole matter will simply fade away…..

  58. Who the hell care if 30 teachers don’t like their boss? Get a life….
    You see…there yo go… you like the buffoon …AR CAKE and behind times …..that’s the problem RIGHT THERE ..not go waste anymore time on you BUSH……

  59. @ Old Onions

    Careful ….your true colors are beginning to show- HATE and spitfulness. So you are wishing evil on the man’s family?
    Remember what happen to “he who diggeth a well”
    Karma is a female dog….

    Take Bushie’s foolish advice and withdraw and apologize for that comment…..

    Imbroglio ?!?!? You trying to give Bushie a headache…?

  60. @BushTea if according to you Broomes can’t be fired and there is no just cause to remove him, then PM Stuart is exercising the only apparent option available to him.

    However he could also lobby for Broomes to become the CEO of the WICB.

    So now that you have had your fun at my expense can you show your intellectual superiority and state in less than 50 words how you would deal with the problem.

  61. @ Hants
    You want the solution?

    1 – Invite the Union to present its case why Broomes should be disciplined (Mary and Onions just don’t like his way of managing)
    2 – Explain to the lady that in this century, you can’t just discipline someone because you dislike their style, or manner unless it breaks some rule or regulation
    3 – Give the teachers 24 hours to get back to work or lose pay and be replaced…(they have no case)
    4 – Restructure the Ministry of education by sending 95% of them back to teach, and keeping the others to answer the phone to direct calls to the various school Boards as appropriate.
    5 – Let Jones concentrate on football, and appoint the Annunaki
    as MOE 🙂 ….again.
    6 – QED

  62. Bush Tea

    She was always a looker … Sorry I don’ feel that she is the wuk up type … Too civilized to deal with the likes of me. Nice try

  63. @BAFBFP
    ….see why you always getting Banned? Where is your patriotism? Do you think that 007 would refuse to act in the service of his mother country in similar circumstances?
    What wuk up what??!? You ain’t able with that…stop trying to impress ac do!

  64. @ Observing.
    You are perfectly right when placing a bet on an OUTSIDER , a 30 – 1 shot. But your horse in this race is NOT an outsider ; he is a favorite at better than even odds to do the thing that will cause him FURTHER TROUBLE . That has been his record AT EVERY PLACE HE HAS WORKED AND EVERY INSTITUTION WITH WHICH E HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED . Talk about a favourite ! Well he is surely one.

  65. Listen , go full up wunna vehicles…gas gine up by 13 cents…anyone notice that gas is go up by 13 cents and come down by 3 cents??

  66. To think this being an election year and all…..someone would have the foresight to have controlled these fluctuations ..well. well still being subjected to these drastic fluctuations in fuel prices…how can an entrepreneur PLAN or budget with these ups and downs ?…Yet they made $100 millions in one year ……somebody not thinking boy…..somebody wants to GIVE IT WAY…on a platter .Things real bad boy ! Worst inside than we thought.

  67. old onion bags | March 31, 2012 at 8:03 PM |
    Bushie,Dun know Onions not a malicious or an uncivil person….to intentionally wish bad treatment on the man’s family….the hope of retribution of bad the treatment ….I will retract as I would be no better than he is.Point taken.

  68. An Observer;

    But…..but; That is exactly the point that Observing and I have been making re. the odds, whether you frame the issue in terms of being an outsider or a favourite. i.e. If broomes is the favorite for failure there is a chance that he will not fail this time whether the odds are30 to one or 50 million to one. The one is still there. Here the odds are nowhere near 50 million to one. It is more like 30 to 20.

  69. Old Onion Bags; Re that malicious comment. I knew from reading your previous comments on various matters that it was not like the old onions. Glad you’ve retracted.

  70. @ David and BU family
    Re: AN Observer , and now OBSERVER..
    You must recognise that the new OBSERVER is NOT I .
    Peace , brethren .

  71. @ Check-it
    Sometimes in the heat of the battle …we get besides ourselves…..”We are all but men….and as men we falter “…wait you is a classics man too ?

    Needless to say, the beast was stunned.
    Whip-crack went his Whoopy tail,
    And the beast was done.
    He asked us: “(snort) Be you angels?”
    And we said, “Nay. We are but men.”

  72. Old onion bags. I am not a classics man. I’m science.

    The extent of my formal exposure to classics was learning the translation of caesar’s gallic war by heart in the fifth form as a sure way to pass Latin, which I did and surprised my Latin teacher. But I am a google fan, and I suspect I’ve read more books, Classics and otherwise, than anyone else on this blog or perhaps even in Barbados today, has done. I read a large proportion of the classics books in HC’s library and used to read, as a fifth and 6th former every book on the classics as well as biggles, billie bunter, etc., that I could get my hand on at the Public Library. I think I’ve read the major books that are dear to Miller’s heart as well as the ones which I suspect underpin Bushie’s and others millenial leanings, etc. etc.
    Alas, my memory of the contents of the books I read so long ago, is practically nil.

  73. @ Checkit-Out

    “I suspect I’ve read more books, Classics and otherwise, than anyone else on this blog or perhaps even in Barbados today, has done … my memory of the contents of the books I read so long ago, is practically nil”

    Now you don’ smell somet’ing fishy wid dah phrasing. Dah ain’ soun’ like a null hypothesis …?

  74. @ Checkit-Out .
    Your admission that your memory of the contents of the books you read so long ago is ” practically nil ” is quite remarkable . That is inconsistent with the proud boast of having done more reading ” than anyone else on this blog or perhaps even in Barbados today “. That ACUTE problem which you NOW experience might be due to the fact that you never ENJOYED your reading ; you might have been a forced reader . Maybe you should now exercise the requisite discipline and go back and read SOME OF THOSE SAME BOOKS , FOR PLEASURE ; that should allow you to have the benefit of the enjoyment which we LESS VORACIOUS EARLIER READERS can lay claim to . Happy LATE reading my friend and peace .

  75. @Checkit-out ; Onions ;the Miller et al .
    We of course appreciate tongue in cheek comments . Peace my friends .

  76. An Observer;
    Noted and appreciated! at over 70 years old the memory is not as good as it used to be and indeed, the frenetic pace of my early reading of extra curricular books would not have allowed anyone to memorise the details of the books read. In those days I have no doubt that I read much more than the typical bookworm and I think my Library cards, if they still exists, could prove it. Nowadays, I still read but it is slow and careful on a Kindle reader and I don’t have to go to a library anymore as I’ve collected a quite big collection of books at home. My personal library and the Kindle reader as well as Google takes care of that. I can find almost any quotation from almost any book in the Amazon or Google clouds and actually I suspect that some on this board are doing just that.

  77. @ Checkit-Out .
    The emergence of these electronic reading devices makes for an interesting approach to reading for those of us who really enjoy it . As you have pointed out you can now access thousand of volumes within the frames of a few square inches . I must however confess a certain inadequacy with this modern technology and a preference for tomes . That unfortunately adds to my inability to control disorder and the degree of dust which those volumes assist greatly in harbouring . But I may one day , like you , since we are of the same generation , come to grips with the remarkable facility the KINDLE, I-POD and all the others make available for all those who wish to explore the wonderful world of books and literature . Peace to you my brother AND ALL BRETHREN who enjoy reading .

  78. An Observer; The above were off the cuff reactions to your analysis but on reflection I think you were essentially right. My early upbringing was in a poor household where both my father and mother were bypassed re. careers by children whose parents had connections of one type or another (They were at the top of their respective primary school classes). This made them determined that their children would get the very best education that they could manage so they left no stone unturned in ensuring this.

    Fortunately, I got a scholarship on entering HC and they didn’t have to pay tuition. However they had to go through numerous privations to send us to school looking no worse than the others. All my brothers and sisters went to the top secondary schools in Barbados and Universities here and beyond and ended up with higher degrees and relatively good jobs. That was essentially because our parents ensured that there was a home environment that promoted learning even if it was by an Oil lamp at night until Electricity became commonplace in the gaps and the ghettos.

    Books were revered by my parents and by me (the oldest child) and to a slightly lesser extent by my brothers and sisters. So my constant reading was not frowned upon or laughed at at home. Indeed it was encouraged. But my reading was predominantly because of the love of it as I’ve always had little difficulty in passing exams and really only needed to study the set books.

    I suspect that there are a number of other persons on this blog with similar stories who, because time is and was finite, cannot boast of the full glamorous extracurricular activities of a BAFBFP or a Bushie or even an Observer, but I think that the use of book learning as a tool for advancement in past Barbados is probably an area which needs further research and really should not be decried.

    So Observer, you were right in some respects.

  79. An Observer; The Kindle and similar ebook readers and the work being done by Amazon and other publishers in getting a large proportion of world’s books onto this format has totally revolutionalized reading. I’ve just downloaded about five books on Christian religion and the historicity of Jesus Christ for a total of about 15 US dollars. Some of them were free. I’ve taken about 3 days to read one of them slowly, previously, I might have spent about 2 hours non stop to speed read it. I’ve earlier downloaded a number of translations of the New testament derived from the greek texts before they were mangled by unprofessional scribes prior to monks etc. getting into that business.

    I like mysteries and the mystery of the pre and post -nicea views on the divinity of Yeshua is perhaps the greatest mystery of the world.

    But before I ramble on, The Kindle is relatively cheap and an ordinary laptop or tablet computer can download a kindle reader and from there you sign up and start getting books from Amazon. Practically all of the classics are free. It is the modern books that cost between 3 and 15 dollars US each.

    It’s very easy to get into using ebooks rather than paper ones. I’m already converted in that respect.

    Peace, Brother.

  80. @Checkit-out.
    Your story represents that of the typical THIRD GENERATION Barbadian . I myself am a replica of the social experiences which you so aptly describe . It is a really amazing paradox how , in a world of commercialism , technology has made access to knowledge so much cheaper. thank you most sincerely for sharing your experience . Peace my brother .

  81. @ Checkit-out
    Just wanted to let you know that I have a lot of respect for you. I’m in my late fifties and also enjoy re-reading all the classics free of cost on Kindle . My respect, however, is for your continued quest of staying informed! Love it.
    Respect !!

  82. @ Caswell
    Nearly forgot your article “Wrong Move ,Mr PM ! in yesterday’s Sunday Sun 7A was yet another gem……surprising it was not raised …by Scout or Check-it……you actual informed the public….of what are the real reasons for the Waterman Commission…..Touche’ again!
    WELL DONE…those in doubt take a read….

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