Is This Legal In Barbados?

Submitted by St. George’s Dragon

Is it legal to ride a motorbike on one wheel on the highway in Barbados? If it is, it should not be. Will someone please identify the people who do this and let the law, or their parents, take action?

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  1. This is the future of Barbados going through the process of growing up! Just chill St George! Were you never young once! As long as they’re not hurtin other folk – leave them be!
    Bye the bye, David – this post also happens to be a good advert for Reality Weekends – did they pay for it? Or is that a bit of old age cynicism creeping in?

  2. @reality
    i agree.. the future. now that is why we are in the mess .. but i tell ya, let the jack go to bushy park and see what happens when there are real riders.. these comics aint able ..genuine fakes .
    and with regards to the “not hurting”, i hope for your sake it is not you when they do

  3. Do they have license plates? I’ve never seen one with license plates yet…

    Is very sad They don’t realize the danger for themselves and others.

  4. It’s true what you say David, but only if your target audience feels that way. In the case of Reality Weekends they’ll be hitting the mark pretty well. In their case, the only ‘bad’ press they’ll ever get will be their own obituaries – and if that happens they’ll have no one to blame but themselves. There are far worse things to worry about than a few anti-social juveniles making a fools of themselves: the fools in Parliament or the Turf Club are two that spring to mind

  5. These things have been allowed to fester in this community unchecked. I’ve seen it in the heart of Bridgetown and on the ABC highway and in the villages. Now the little kids on bicycles are following suit . And we wonder why we have a serious problem with the PSV operators. I am of the opinion,speaking in general, that many of these bike riders, do not have valid licenses or know the first thing of the Barbados Highway Code, further less the Road Traffic Act and Regulations. Only a few nights ago I was on the main road, wishing to turn off into a side road on the left. Parked very close to the T-Junction on my right was a PSV. I put on my right side indicators to overtake the PSV, and as I was about to turn right immediately on overtaking the PSV, I reinforce my intentions to turn right with an hand signal, only to discover in my mirror that while I was in the process of overtaking, I was being overtaken by a motor cycle. As far as the cyclist was concerned I was at fault as he proceeded to addressed me in a Rihanna sort of way.
    Perhaps the new Transport regulations will bring some measure of discipline to these motor cyclist,but do not hold your breath.

  6. all the things motorcyclist do in Barbados is illegal.
    it endangers all person near slip and they could kill themselves and others easily.
    thing is this Barbados motor cycle police can not chase them because their bikes are not as fast. there fore a signed document in the insurance
    should be put so that if they crash doing illegal maneuvers insurance is void.
    or we could just shoot
    i love Sundays when these un muffled kids ride around Barbados
    and make nuff is so pleasant.!
    i wish we had some hells angles to clean them up a bit.
    hells angles would make a mess of these little boys.
    let them go to USA or Canada and talk with the real bikers.hahah

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