Cash For Gold or Bash For Gold?

Submitted by Old Onion Bags

It is time the authorities step in and regulate the cash for gold industry once and for all. There is a definite and certain correlation between the number of personal robberies and this questionable trade. Recently on the call in program, a victim related of how he was relieved of this property (gold chain) by a  burly perpetrator who on committing the act, proceeded to walk on head held high, not looking back, as if to say, he could not care less.

Similarly,  with the situation of vehicle been driven with most blinding bright white lights at night time, it is time the Commissioner of Police steps forward  and do something about both these injustices to the public. Whether it be the call for immediate and more aggressive legislation or a more committed effort on the part of officers, it is time something is done to stop both these transgressions, which left unattended, will only give credence to these perpetrators that all is well. We need action and we need it now !

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  1. Not only is there extortion.(.the price being paid for trade-ins here .v. redeemed in US) but how is this exportation being done …on person or in cargoes….is it not illegal ? We need to be informed by someone in authority the gold is going out…and what’s coming in exchange…as I doubt cash.

  2. While most of Barbados seems to be focused on the public service vehicles and they lack of respect for other road users, it never seems to amaze me how the ordinary citizens get about the roads with wanton disregard for other users. Those blinding bright white lights at night is just the tip. Having noticed the correlation between robberies and questionable trade in gold, one might then implore the citizens to take precautionary measures. Then again, should one have to ask “intelligent Barbadians” to do what is right.

  3. @ Brudah Bim

    There is only so much gold that will be transacted as currency.What will happen when it reaches the limit ?

  4. there is somuch money that can be printed to wipe out the world debt. i do agree that gold would be necessary as the only alternative to combat the burdensome debt which major counties are under.

  5. @ ac | February 14, 2012 at 7:47 PM |

    Gold is real wealth (money) and can’t be produced or supplied willy-nilly.
    Dollars are paper prints that require only ink and printer along with propaganda (In God We Trust!).

  6. @ac
    Looks like you want to create another USA …..print print print.
    Printing and not have the wealth in goods and services, would create and inflated state.
    Only America could have done that as the green back was said to have the backing in trust, being the World Super power..times are quickly changing though.

  7. @ OOB

    The U.S. dollar will depreciate in value to a point in which it will be incinerated as a currency. Meaning, Should the DOW drop to 10,000 points of value, and the price of gold meets it at being priced for $10,000 per ounce, that is when the U.S. Currency will be officially be “canned”, so to speak. Once that happens, the green-back will kick the goose and it won’t be worth much excepting wiping your own arse with it.

    And since our politicians STILL has the Bajan dollar pegged to the U.S.’, we are in an ever impending dangerous which would most certainly trickle down towards Bim.

  8. DONT you know that nobody aint doing nothing bout nothing ?
    DONT you realize that the Police , Politicians , Law makers , Teachers etc aint doing nothing bout nothing???
    WHY the police dont do something about those bright lights???
    ARENT those lights against the law ??
    HOw these lights getting into Barbados ???
    DONT you know people who have responsiblity have gotten wimpy and dont want to enforce anything because they aint want no stress??
    DONT you know that Barbados is lost ???
    DONT you know that men have become wimpy , emasculated and effeminate —and impotent too ??
    DO you think that erectile dysfunction is the only thing that shattering their confidence??
    DONT you see how we do in sports nowadays including football , cricket and Suki King (draughts) ????
    HAVENT you see how we are doing in Politics too, the cynicism???
    DO you want to tell me that something aint fundamentally wrong ???

    JUST ASKING along with

    JUST PERPLEXED -(the professional in the group)

  9. Cap 148 – Old Metal Dealers’ Act was what Dottin claimed to use as Yardstick for breachers of Law…. As you all say, yet to see him do it?

    The dealer Scott is fairly decent, while another dealer leaves much to be desired… Situated behind Chefette, I have seen a case where this Huge man (he makes Ian Bourne look skinny) robbed an old woman.

    I was outside waiting and heard her say – THIS WAS MY GRANDMOTHER’S


    The poor thing takes a while to counter, you can hear her shock and yet desperation – I HAVE TO BUY GROCERIES AND PAY THE RENT TOO YOU KNOW

    The man behaves like he is generous – I DON’T USUALLY DO THIS, $750 TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!

    The resignation at shortchanging herself is heart-rending …. FINE, BRING IT She walks out, counting the money and eyes brimming – Jesus!

    The man sits in a corner like Jabba the Hut, while another dude very finely dressed in suspenders, shirt & tie and pointy tipped shoes is at a table with equipment. The gear consists of liquids and electrodes and a VU meter

    I have a gold bracelet and a silver one, they subject both to scrapes on a carborundum whetstone then drop solution on the scraping and insert the electrodes. The dapper man claims the gold is not 14 but 12 Karat and offer $13 for the silver and $180 for the golden bracelet which I bought for almost 3 times that amount in the first place.

    Before they steal from me, I snatch both items and mutter; THIS IS NOT EVEN WORTH GAS IN MY CAR

    I get up and walk out without looking back. I am telling you, this one is dishonest – if the old woman could be offered 500 then upped to 750 I am sure he could have made more and still had a profit, they just wanted to make sure the split was more between them

    Their cell number began either 263 or 268, can’t remember, tried looking for their website but it claimed the domain was for sale?

    • To repeat the question, why is it taking so long to amend the legislation and empower the authorities to clamp down on this underground industry which is adding to our crime woes? We see what it is doing to Jamaica for example along with the scrap metal industry, what are we waiting for?

      We have the gun industry in Barbados which is suppose to be regulated yet we have seen based on the arrest of key players of late that there has been a lot of illegal activity. What makes us think therefore that illegal activity is not occurring at a higher level in the cash for gold business? We need our politicians and civil servants to get up from their fat lethargic asses and do some work. It is the only way we (the people) can justify not cutting civil servant salaries and accommodating the largest cabinet in our history.

  10. Not only pass legislation on the metal industry but those dreadful horrid white lights on vehicles at night as well. These most inconsiderate owners of such vehicle, seemly take pride in seeing on coming vehicles having to slow down or pull to the side, blinded by these frightful LIGHTS. What will it take, the unnecessary death of a pedestrian or passenger on one of our small roadways before those in authority sit up and take note ? And don’t tell me that these cars are imported with these lights…..they can be changed by simply informing the suppliers to install lesser intense bulbs.

  11. They are busy paving roads for and painting govt house bro, the hell you want them to make proper laws for? Does that line their pockets? They leaving govt soon you know.

  12. True dat Bruds..but I still would not like no one to be knocked down by these delinquents…..Ya mean you don’t want DEM to do nutting but eat D parliamentary food when they meet ? No wonder Owen leaves early….watlessness to the nth

  13. @ Onions

    Yuh want government to pass a law against people buying cars with bright lights , maybe you could asked OSA to pass such a Law when or if he ever become PM again. Leave it to you you would pass a law against cats pissing!

  14. acccccc…cudddearrrr….I tell to jump ship eva sense and stop mekkein ya self miserable……all guvvament got to let the suppliers make a telephone call..but I know you aint want tings ez cuz the DLP like to do tings D harder way… tell ole Buffon to go ahead and pass annuda law before he go.awrite sweety?

  15. wait now the suppliers gonna tell the manufacturers how to make the car,. So here we go First headlights . Then what next you think the manufacture already after going ahead and ordering a specfic detail for the car gonna cancel thuousand of orders because of barbados. all barbados can do is don.t order the car .

  16. ac …like everybody tonight say…you need to get a grip are losing it….change the BULB in the head light @ manufactures….you sure you feeling alright girl….?

  17. yeah just like you think it is like changing the bulb in nitelight. those cars are designs and manufactured and wire for that specfic bulb . And how about the cost to the manufacture for ordering a specfic type of bulb to a miniscual amount of customer . People like you always complaining about cost but don’t you know who would pay for it not to mention other over riding cost. i think you have spoken enough like sarge says it is time to go fishing and don;t forget to feed the hungry person next time!

  18. There should be a national register. So when you trade-in gold for cash, you have to have a valid ID card. The merchant takes a copy of the ID card/number, a photo of the jewelery being traded in (and potentially even a photo of the person trading it in). This gets submitted to a national database controlled by the police.

    Should someone have their jewelry stolen, they can go into the police station, view the register, search for their piece and then if recognised it can be traced.

    While it may not be the 100% solution, it would certainly improve the situation and would be very simple to implement technically – it would just require the clout/leverage politically to push through.

  19. What is it that Farley is NOT understanding? Why is it he can’t understand the problem is NOT the legit cash for gold businesses feeding the problem?

    What a nonsense he is making of the problem.

  20. Man, the DLP is the worst political party in the Caribbean and its supporters behave as though the politicians shite in their mouths.
    The Cash for gold problem is the fault of the DLP.
    The DLP never addresses CRIME and under the DLP crime always ==always increase
    The DLP are the biggest LIARS and Law Breakers in Barbados so they do not fight Crime.

    Buying votes
    Selling and buying stolen gold is a DLP created problem.
    It now threatens TOURISM
    and the OFFSHORE business.
    THE DLP has failed on CRIME

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