Ronald ‘Suki’ King, A King In Name Only

World Draught Champion

Ronald Suki King, Perennial World Draughts Champion

After reading Al Gilkes weekly column which laments how miserably World Draught Champion Ronald ‘Suki’ King has been treated by his kind over the years, there is not much BU can add. It seems there is the irrepressible desire on the part of the authorities to dish out the highest recognition to those who achieve on the world stage, the exception being Suki.

To explain the lack of consistency applied by government over the years when recognizing significant achievements by Barbadians some might suggest that draughts is not a mass sport in the global arena. The easy response to such a view is to ask what are we rewarding? Has Suki not excelled in a recognized sport on the local and world stage? By recognizing him will we not be exemplifying to all Barbadians that there is reward in being the best in your chosen endeavour?

Sad the say the glint in the eye of Suki has been fading of late along with his intimidating use of repartee. It is of immense embarrassment that Suki after many years of demonstrating excellence in the sport of draughts at home and abroad continues to be shunted to make way for the more glamorous.

It is not too late to right the wrong!

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  1. Getting recognition in Barbados is all about pulling strings,….. mainly those you used to wear around your neck.

  2. Some of these Government Ministers, Members of the Media, Business Organizations etc, only choose the people who will give them huge monetary returns & exposure for their sponsorship etc.
    It is sad that Suki remains one of the few dedicated Barbadians, who attempted sigle handedly to put Bim on the map, through their given talent.
    I continue to stand amazed at the hypocrisy that is still practiced here in Barbados!
    A few mins ago, I sent a message to one of my FB friends regarding a posting made on his page.
    He is so moved by the untimely passing of Song Bird Whitney Houston, that he was compelled to stay up all night to plan a gig that will honor her etc.
    “Froggy”, one of the first female Calypsonians in Barbados, passed away a little over 2 weeks now, after battling liver cancer.
    This lady has 2 relatives who were disinterested in her well being & now death.
    The Government may have to bury this lady………………
    Some fans & members of the entertainment Industry supported this lady by visiting her at the District Hospital where she resided, after being homeless for some time.
    They struggle to raise funds to at least give this woman a half decent burial………….
    Stories like Suki & Froggy are not unfamiliar,
    The list will continue to grow……………

  3. Nice of you to raise the issue David.

    It is not easy to profit the game of Draughts so government will put their money where they think it can bring Tourists.

    Unfortunately it seems Suki needs a manager with connections.

    • @Hants

      Your summation says it all. It should not be about the economic returns Suki can bring but the fact he has achieved the pinnacle in his chosen sport. His achievement could have been used to highlight to the young and old alike in Barbados what excellence will get you i.e. the highest recognition from your kind.

  4. Makes you wonder and ask the question if it is worth being the best at some things. I believe that as long as you are the best in the world (regardless of what that is), you should be honoured, acclaimed and treated as such. Suki’s plight has shown that as good as we may be, as excellent as we make ourselves or as recognised as we are worldwide, some sports and areas will never be held in esteem here.

    This is also a horrible subliminal message to young people who may not be academically gifted but who can and would like to excel in a number of other “non-traditional” areas.

  5. From the Al Gilkes column “English Open champion several times; Irish Open champion several times; British Open champion several times; and most significantly, both World Go As You Please champion and World Three-Move Restriction champion probably more times that he has fingers and toes.”

    “he has to “pull his pocket” to buy draughts boards which he freely gives to schoolchildren or anyone interested in playing draughts?”

    Hopefully the Government will now be shamed into doing something to support Suki.

    • As important it shows that as a society – our burgeoning middleclass should pay close attention if not blame – for the impersonal, insensitive and materialistic community we ave become. Our reputed high level of education seems to be driving us to value a car and a house above everything. What insensitive beast have we become?

  6. agreed Hants ,

    but here we are seeing the best being left to hang out and dry. Children may hear the rhetoric but they see, learn from and act based on the reality.

    We have to also learn to accept their best and consistently applaud their efforts to reach there. Everyone’s bar won’t be the same height. This is a constant struggle and one that we as adults, teachers and leaders are not sufficiently succeeding in.

  7. I do this because I like what I see when I look at the movie screen much more than what I see when I look at the mirror

  8. The govt has not honoured suki, but he was given a job with the national sports council where he was paid but was dismissed for not teaching draught in school. He was fired from BADMC for refusing to work.

    He either won a car for sportsman of the year or was given a little suzuki. Sports persons must organize themselves properly and manage their finances. Yes i agree that the govt should honour him, and even if he is awarded fincnacailly, would he be able to manage his finance, he should be treated like an elite sportman, why is it not happening.

    Suki must also look at his attitude, If u r given a job, u must do what u r being paid to do. Draught does not have the intenational appeal and following like the major sports.

  9. WHAT do you expect from Bajans ??
    DONT the comments on Owen Arthur on this blog where people openly accuse the former Prime Minister of all sorts of things not reflect how we treat our own ??
    ISNT it the same type of attitude towards all of our people including Ri Ri , Sir Garfield Sobers and Oba ???

  10. i do not know why we continue to skirt around issues and bury our heads in the sand. Bajans rever persons with money and position and power. no wonder mr arthur wants to be large and in charge again having tasted the trappings of power and the subservience that follows in its wake.if mr suki king was from a prominent barbadian family with some kind of pedigree, his financial woes would have long been over at the taxpayers or corporate barbados expense but in the eyes of those who matter; he is a nobody just an ordinary fellow who can play draughts good. other barbadian sporting icons who have never been accorded the national attention they deserve or have been adequately rewarded for bringing recognition to the country are persons like the late mango philipps of weightlifting fame, victor gas gold medallist ryan bratwaithe rewards to bronze medallist obadele thompson.of course, obadele is from a prominent family. if we turn to the entertainment scene and compare the rewards of two of our finest bands of the sixties and seventies the blue rhythm combo and trobadours with the merry men, merriboys and spice who used to get the majority of the work with the barbados tourism board and i could go on and on with numerous instances of this blatant classism in barbados. we ought to hang our heads in shame.

  11. Imagine, I put this on my FB page and got msgs telling me how Suki is a drunkard, likes whores and gambles a lot..

    If this is true ….then he should be Prime Minister!!

    It’s not about his demons, rather what he has done for Barbados. If we are going to look at demons, then he is in great company…elite company too.

    • @Technician

      Our people and especially our middleclass have become insensitive to the plight of matters of this nature. In fact unless it brushes the personal you can forget it.

  12. Suki is outspoken and does NOT play by the rules. In an ultra conservative environment (Barbados) these traits make him a potential embarrassment and therefore a liability. At the very least he is not manageable …

    Wait where I lef dah bottle … hic ..!

  13. Come on guys! seriously when did draught became a sport. You mean to tell me that with all the talents we have in this country producing the likes of Sobers, the 3ws, Obadele thompson, Ryan Braithwaite this what we have come to? . No disrepect to Suki, but I can’t see how being a draught champion qualify one as an athlete. Next thing you know we will be calling on the government to honor the next cahmpion poker player if he or she happens to be Bajan.

  14. I agree with blogger12, Suki has not been honest and productive in the jobs he has been given. Those of us who know the man can testify to his unsavoury dealings. All the people that work with Suki he has treated with scant disrespect. There are some whom he hired to secure sponsorship and to perform other duties. When he succeeds he never looks back at the individuals. There are others who planned projects and gave him ideas. Many times he runs away with the programmes, makes money from them and forget his helpers. The truth about this mans behaviour will one day come forth and many shall see that he is a King indeed in the draughts world, but he is not a King in character. I will not go into his immoral dealings
    as this is not the place to do so, but you BU will be shock.

  15. Suki should be well treated like any other Sports personality.
    Cricketers get duty free cars and other benefits
    Tennis players , fottballers, volley ballers etc get money and sponsorship.
    Suki should get something too
    To forty acres above
    Draughts is as important as any of the sports you mentioned. It is about validation -that what it is.

    to Blogger
    stop trying to denigrate the man
    You people are so unkind to black people
    do you hate black people ?
    are you racist ?

  16. The discussion which is shaking out of the Suki issue is interesting.

    Question: When did Suki start to give ‘trouble’ if we are led by Minister Lashley’s GIS release.

  17. @Porter. If giving Suki the same benefits and honor as a sports star makes you feel good about being Bajan then knock yourself out.I have a higher standard and we can do much better than this. The question is, apart from our cricket legends of the past, why have we failed to produce consistent world class athletes of the likes of Obadele.? The Bahamas have the same population as us and they consistently produce world class track and field athletes Grenada, with less than 100, 000 people, now have two world class elite 400m runners. For draught to be even considered as a sport and Suki given athlete status shows our desperation.

  18. Fortyacre
    Who said anything about giving Suki athlete recognition status ?How quickly we like to add words to suit our cause.Rhi Rhi was recognize for her exploits. Was she an athlete ? We talking recognition period for an outstanding son of the soil.Is being TOP of his field in the WORLD not recognizable material ?The whole idea is to promote excellence.I do feel Suki was not handled equitably to others recognized…. Ronald Brathwaite got a $130,000 X trail plus a blowout party from Govt…Suki got a tiny Suzuki forsa for $50,000 aprox then, from Simpsons motors, Rhi Rhi got a Land Rover for $ 250,000 and an ambassador-ship and a bigger blowout party.
    Sadly Suki, on in age and low on funds, need the help more.Yet we go find $12 Million soon for a Davi Thompson honor of a now” true soul beyond the soil.”How one sided can we be..color blind too

  19. Old onion bags; I agree totally with your 12.40 pm post. Consistently best in the world in an activity that is played in several countries on a competitive basis must stand for something.
    40 acres’ classism is so wrongheaded its shameful.

  20. Suki is the best in THE WORLD. WORLD CHAMPION. get it?

    So it is not Tennis, cricket or Chess but a BAJAN is the best in the WORLD.

    yes Checkit-Out “classism is so wrongheaded its shameful.”

  21. Suki was fired from NSC, we don’t know the reason, however, he’s STILL a World Champion and deserved to be treated with respect. It is shameful to see Suki washing cars to get money to play in a World Tournamount. When this happens he then “big-up” Barbados, I’ve been overseas and a prominent player asked me for his BAJAN friend Suki. Maybe he;s not selling Barbados like Rihanna, but he is doing his part and deserves better treatment.

  22. It appears Suki did some bad thing which caused him to be fired from his government job at the National Sports Council. Not a good enough reason for the prevailing attitude being exhibited toward Suki.

  23. @Old onion bag.” Rhi Rhi was recognised for her exploits”. What exploits are you talking about? I was never in agreement with the government showering Rhi Rhi with all those gifts. Singers come dime a dozen, Rhi Rhi just happens to be in the right place at the right time with good mgnt around her. I am sorry to hear about Suki predicament, but I can’t support the notion that every jack and Jill who has achieved some status in some so called ‘sport’ …. that the government automatically owes them a cheque. We must leave those kind of mentality to other countries who have never achieved anything on the world stage.

    @Chect-it out. Would you consider poker playing a sport? what about bowling? or even ballroom dancing? As far as I am aware draught is not even an olympic sport.

  24. Forty acre
    @Old onion bag.” Rhi Rhi was recognised for her exploits”. What exploits are you talking about?

    Am Am Am Does No.1 Checkers CHAMPION IN THE WORLD mean anything as far as RECOGNIZED….or are we talking to a bigot here ? If in that case we are…..well no point in arguing ..QED

  25. “washing cars to get money to play in a World Tournament.”

    That is just not acceptable in an almost First world country.

  26. Quite recently right here in Barbados, we watched the REGIONAL T20 tournament. Everybody complained about the way Barbados played in the semi-fianls. Compare that in the way T&T played after being beaten early in the tournament, they knew they would be rewarded by their country for representing them. The results are, they won and their government rewarded them for the victory, as reprentatives of T&T. The most suki would have gotten is a minister of sport highlighting him’herself while greeting Suki at the airport. Our sports people are not as patriotic as most of our neighbours, maybe because our government (BorD) don’t respect them as they should. Every time a sports person leaves these shores to participate, they are ambassadors for this country, so when they are successful that should be lauded.I’m not saying they should all get a vehickle

  27. 40 acres; Where did I mention sport? I think I said competitive activity. If it was competitive tiddlywinks or laying tiles or whatever I think a case could be made out for support if the person was demonstrably the best in the World. We don’t have many of them.

    Besides Suki, which other Bajan is best of the world in anything that is measurable competitively? I think we had someone in Yachting who was the best in the world in some competition. However he did not need and I don’t think asked for any assistance. Suki obviously needed and needs assistance and you are saying that the “sport” doesn’t count.

    There is no greater classism than that.

  28. @ check it out. How many people outside of BIM would instantly recognise the name Ronald ‘Suki’ King?. Ask any school kids in Bim who is the world draft champion and I bet you just a handful would probably know the right answer. How many of them would want to aspire to be the next Suki?

    • @40 acres

      You are missing the point. As a country we should reward excellence in any field of endevour. The young ones are looking on. It should not matter how popular the field is in the global arena.

  29. @David. That is a noble goal. But lets be real. Would you want your child to pursue a ‘sport’ that he or she cannot earn a living from and being soley dependent on government for financial pity. Hell no! you wouldn’t. Good luck trying to get private sponsors to support these activities. It is one thing if its a hobby, but a career you must be crazy.

  30. If we want to be on the global athletic/sport map and relevant those type of activities won’t cut it. We should look for ways to develop our Carifta athletes to world class or even look out into the diaspora.Christian Taylor- the triple jump champion at the last World championship held in Korea last year- both parents are from Barbados. I heard that his parents were trying to get him to represent BIM when he was younger but was given the run around by the bureaucrats.Go figure. Only sports like those will put us on the map anything else is just curious distraction.

  31. @all

    I hope you all read what mr. lashley said. The Govt has bent over backward and provided opportunities for employment. he would not work. i read today that he is given some assitance as an elite sportsman. what more does he want the govt to do. Sukii must recognize rewards are based on the popularity of the sport. Can that sport draw a big following to barbados.

    Let us get real and he should be thankful for what assitance he has had over the years. Doesnt the BTA assist him when he is travelling. Ronald. you have to earn your living and whn you are givinen a job, simply work. Plain and simple.

    money does not grow on trees.

    • @Blogger2012

      Suki has been representing draft for years. Why is all this negative stuff now coming to light?

  32. @David

    R u sure that his behavoiur is a manifestation of the treatment he received over the years?

    He has to also look at his attitude, the article which is attributed to mr lasley can give an insight into mr. king. He thinks Barbados owes him something. If he wants to go and represent Ireland go head. There is more in the morta than in the pestle.

  33. @Blogger13

    u like u want confuse people, why u chose that name. You are absolutely correct about the man, but all cant be said. Those who are talking are not speaking from a position of knowledge. even though lasley is not one of my favourite, i am glad he set the record straight.

  34. Suki is his worst enemy- Blogger 12 and 40 acres are in the know.
    The infelicities Suki perpetrated at NSC made me smh.
    Not just the Minister of Sport but a raft of Ministers and key persons in and out of politics have provided Suki with thousands on thousands of dollars in help and in kind because he is a world champion.
    Suki in return gives scant appreciation to his benefactors except jokingly shirley biscuits.
    He’s perfected the art of crying to the public and crying down whoever he targets when he doesnt get his way. Somebody asked if the near drowning was a Suki trick, an interesting question indeed. It is hoped that was not the case.
    Suki with his wealth of mind games expertise should focus on his god given talent and on using the monetary and work opportunuites he is given wisely and honestly.
    Enough said.

  35. Its interesting that all this negative stuff is coming out now when Suki has given his reasons for his apparent bout of depression and in so doing has ruffled the feathers of a couple politicians who, if they wanted to be fair and still help the man who is down, would have omitted from their response some of the negative and leading things about suki which they disclosed. The responses could have been framed very differently.

    Could it be that the silly season is on us and they couldn’t let anything that might appear to cast them or their ministries in a negative light appear to pass? One just has to read the articles to see that they care not one whit nor tittle about the man.

    It might be of interest to compare how Sir Garry was treated in his reputed hours of need with how Suki was treated in his. But then he is of a different class and played a real sport and was feted by kings, princes and movie stars. They can’t be compared. Scratch that thought.

    But it would seem classism still has a role to play in this country, even if it is by poor black politicians, and of course it would appear that suki has no class. He washes cars for donations! what could be less classy than that?

  36. Suki like he is a con man…whaaaaaaaaa call that strategising thousands of dollars nah….boy I ent know what to believe….i hope a grain of salt applies eveybody

  37. @Checkitout

    sometimes I wonder if we understand logic and reasoing. The response from mr, lashley was to what mr. king accused the govt of not doing. he was write to refute the charges. it has nothing to do with the silly season, but to put the record straight. it has nothing to do with classism. Mr. King has an ego, that he wants people to always stoke. he must recognize it is not a marketable sport among the business community, plain and simple. Rewards are based on what the sport can geneerate. look at the rewards from football as opposed to table tennis or hockey or one of the lesser sports.

    Go come again about this classism. I wont deny that it does exist, but i do not think in mr. king place it has anything to do with that. try another angle.

  38. @David

    It is coming to light because suki cast the first stone. He ought to be ashame to take the approach that he did, but such is the nature of the man.

    You cant turn off people who help you, you cant be a begging and chosing also. He needs to respect those who assist him and be honest in his dealings like going to work etc. It has something to do with honesty. Your parents taught you about honesty and not to bite the hand that feed yah.

    we all contribute to barbados development. One day a old lady pee in the sea and some one asked her why she did it and her response was every little bit will help to full up the ocean. Think about that.

  39. If what is being said of Suki is anywhere near the truth, perhaps he should think over taking up that promised job in Eire.

  40. Blogger 2012; With respect I beg to differ to most of your points above.

    Mr Lashley had every right and, indeed duty, to respond but there are Responses and there are responses. Do you see people of the ilk of Mr. Lashley trying to destroy the egos of the big-ups and powerful in the society? They don’t, in public. Mr. Lashley was not compelled to go any further in his response than stating that Suki had misrepresented his and his government’s input in providing assistance to him over the years. He could have provided chapter and verse and timing of such inputs. There was no need to hint that Suki had been severed from the NSC for cause nor any of the other negatives the other minister hinted at. He would have had bloggers like you and others who presumably have the lowdown on everything to fill in the blanks for him.

    Re. the silly season. I think that logically one would have expected a different response say 2 years ago to Suki or any other person suggesting that he had contacted Government ministers for assistance but without success. The difference is that now we are within sight of an election. Every impression, negative or otherwise matters and have to be countered forcefully if they appear to be even likely to have some negative impact on votes. The vigour of the responses imho seem to be related to the Government not feeling particularly comfortable in its skin at this time.

    Re. the ego of Suki. Tell me how many world or even Barbados class performers in whatever area of endeavour does not have an overweening ego because of their outstanding abilities. Does Rhi Rhi have a big ego? Does Sir Garry? Does Owen Arthur? Did not David Thompson have a big one too? Didn’t Errol Barrow have a huge one? Outstanding people, not all, but most, usually have big egos and it is not imperative or usual that politicians try to cut them down (except by their opposite numbers). Classism can often be the key that explains why a politician might treat differently with different people despite their protestations otherwise. I am absolutely certain you know that as well as I do.

    I think I understand reasoning and logic no worse than you do.

    • @Checkit-Out

      Agree with your interpretation of Lashley’s response. It appeared unnecessarily harsh in the circumstances. It was though Minister Lashley wanted to give Suki a lesson.

  41. @ David

    Unfortunately, Blogger2012 is much more in the know than you are on this subject. Don’t continue to press him.

    As to why ‘all of a sudden’ these accusations have surfaced….?
    …..For the same reason you should probably close this blog. It will not serve anyone’s purpose to pursue the matter….

    many persons who are clearly genius in some special areas, seem to carry serious challenges in other areas…. A la Whitney of late…
    Numerous genuine attempts have been made to reward and honour Suki over the years….. Let’s just say that it has been challenging…

    The pursuit of this matter benefits no one.

  42. Blogger 2012; Seems like you personally know Suki. I don’t. Perhaps your impression of him is correct but I would just like to ask you to put yourself in his place even if he might have been mainly responsible for his current situation.

    If you were someone who had lost your job, car, etc. had enormous debts, didn’t know where your next meal was coming from, had met with powerful people about assistance and it didn’t seem to be forthcoming, had just had a bout with a near death situation, etc. etc. do you think you would be totally logical about calling out the people who you thought could have provided you with some of the assistance you direly needed in a timely manner?

    Do you also think that in that situation it was absolutely necessary for the ministers to react in the way that they did or was it possible for them to really mute their reaction instead of giving the impression that there were other heavy facts they could divulge that would really scuttle Mr. King’s boat?

    Is that how the Dear Loving People really treat poor black people?

    Blogger 2012, I think I know you from perhaps 14 years or so ago in the Public Sevice, and I did not have the impression then that you were callous in regard to the plight of your brothers, no matter the size of their egos.

  43. BushTea;

    I’ve just read your submission above. Based on my belief that your counsel has a track record of being always spot on, I will pursue this matter no more.

  44. @Bush Tea. “The pursuit of this matter benefits no one”

    Good call Bush tea. Too much long talk but no one on this blog will do anything to help Suki.
    Typical of the human race including me.

  45. really! then who next! tantomount to holding the government up for ransom or blackmail. He is a sportman.! thats it !good at what he did or does and recognize as such. apparantly he has been recognised before and rewarded but when does the government responsibilty to him end or does it?

  46. @Checkitout

    I dont play mind games, knowing me or not will not change my reasoning.

    He should seek counselling. I always welcome bushie advice, but i still maintian he brought it on himself, when u have a job produce.

  47. DONT you know that some comments on this blog fully illustrate how Bajans dont support their own??
    DONT you know that the statement that Checkers (draughts) is not a marketable sport, it aint big, is testimony to this fact???
    DONT you know that they only come out the wood works if an athlete hits it big but leading up to that point there is no help ???
    DONT you know that when they do this that they dont really care about the athlete but it is about their own publiciity ???
    DONT you know that what you consider small could become big and Suki would have paved the way ???
    WAS cricket always big ??
    DONT you know that at some time somebody thought of cricket as nonsense too, ditto for boxing , foorball, basket ball etc???
    HOW did all these things start ??
    DONT you know that all of these games started with so-called small people, peasants, slaves etc ???
    WHY dont check your history ediat bwoys –Forty Acres and Blogger????


  48. so som yuh wunna whocussing de guvment fuh not doing nutting fuh suki de same ones who be cussing de guvment fuh sponsoring de fooitball and cricket tournaments fuh de youth. wunna bunch yuh hypocrites

  49. Blogger2012 is on target. He knows the man personally. I support Lashley 100%. We keeping it real. Nothing emotional. BU fans can investigate these:
    1. Did Suki invoiced the National Sports Council for work not done at many primary schools? Ask Erskine King?
    2. Did Suki work at BMC and did not go to work many days while still drawing a salary?
    3. Did Suki received thousands of dollars from many politicials individually, including the late David Thompson? Check with the politicians. Is Suki’s favourite line: “I gine up by parliament and tek e dowm?”
    4. Tell us the number of companies that helped Suki with programmes that never came off, and they never got anything in return. If we conduct a survey what would it reveal?
    5. The gentleman that manufactured hundreds of draughts boards for Suki, did he pay the gentleman though he sold the boards?
    6. Is it true that a man wrote many successful letters for Suki, who always got money tell the man he will get back to him and never returned until he wants another; and that Suki dumped many graphic artistes one after the next due to none payment.
    7. Does he have a weakness for prostitutes and other women who spend most of the money he collects.
    8. How many times associations from abroad sent accommodation and paid Suki’s airfare for tournaments and then Suki collects airfare and accomodation from many Barbadian companies for the same trip and tournament?
    9. How much money did Suki collect for a draughts association (not the Barbados Draughts Association) that held one single meeting?
    10. How many time did Suki collect money in the name of the Barbados Draughts Association and never paid it in?
    11. Did Suki’s wife object to the use of children to collect money in the name of a none existent Checkers and Draughts Federation.
    12. Would you believe that Suki told a few people close to him that the drowning was an attention stunt?
    When God is ready for a man none can stay the hand of judgement.

  50. @Just asking. Why don’t you go and take up Suki cause. Why don’t you start marketing draught as Barabdos national sport. See how far you reach with that. I support real sport not some fringe activities where a guy excel and then expects the tax payers of this country owes him something.

  51. The truth about the so called international draughts tournaments is that they are played amongst a fraternity of people that in most cases are just over and in most cases under a hundred people. There is no media coverage. Hence, no news paper, radio or television coverage. The only coverage is putting up the info on the associations websites. It is impossible for Barbados to benefit from the so called draughts world championship exercises tourism wise. This record of Suki is only impressive home and among the checker fraterninty which in most cases is a bunch of old men playing for recreation. The whole thing is a big myth in the heads of Barbadians. There is absolutely no recognition for this sport in England, Ireland, the USA and such like either at governmental, national or community level. Nor by the sporting bodies the world over. Investigate it and you will see that not many except for those in the small checker fraternity know that Suki King exist further more that he is a “world champion”. The myth lives on. Before you criticise me check it out. Soon you will realise that road tennis in its infancy has and will do more for Barbados in a year than draughts has done in Suki’s so called 20 year reign. This is a fact, not a myth. Research and you will find the truth.

  52. look i know and all you know that if suki were white or was from a well-to-do black family efforts would have been made not only to adequately reward suki( and not only talking in monetary terms) but to educate him in the fine art of etiquette. cricketers like sir garry and sir everton weekes have only been reconized in recent times because of pressure or because it became fashionable to do so. compare their status and prominence in society in the same era with persons like dennis atkinson anf john goddard and even harrison college boy clyde walcott. the fact is that sir garry emerged from bayland and sir everton from the pickwick gap area and were considered nobodies with cricketing talent. for a long time mr sobers was ridiculed and laughed at for his purported foibles inexpressing the queen’s english.

  53. forty acres- how many scholl children wouldrecognize the name eric holder and yet his name is on a government project in st joseph which should have been rightfully named after lloyd boychild smith who adequately represented st joseph in parliament for several years.

  54. barbados was once a colour society then it evolved into a class society and has remained that way. the reason why government pays no attention to Suki is due to the fact that he is perceived as being from the lower class, draught is not a sport like cricket or golf, his speech is primarily an embarrassment (he speaks total bajan creole, which is still looked upon as a lower status that the queen’s english). for these reasons he will never be seen as value to government

  55. @”
    WAS cricket always big..DONT you know that all of these games started with so-called small people, peasants, slaves etc ???”

    that would have been over 200 years ago right? and draughts started along with them probably even before. draughts still has not yet achieve international standards and it never will. many games were created long after draughts and have found their way into the Olympics, what happened to draught? it’s because it is a sport not worth anything that’s why and it never will.

    “WAS cricket always big..DONT you know that all of these games started with so-called small people, peasants, slaves etc ???”

    that would have been over 200 years ago right? and draughts started along with them probably even before. draughts still has not yet achieve international standards and it never will. many games were created long after draughts and have found their way into the Olympics, what happened to draught? it’s because it is a sport not worth anything that’s why and it never will.

  57. @David | February 13, 2012 at 5:11 PM |
    .” As a country we should reward excellence in any field of endevour. The young ones are looking on. It should not matter how popular the field is in the global arena”

    so because the young ones are looking on implies that people should pump energy into a sport that is obviously not interesting to many? what’s the logic behind that? you cannot force people to like anything…please, you should know better

  58. Hi Crabs! Ever heard of crabs in the barrel syndrome? Well, read your own comments above.

    Why not knock it off as Bush tea suggested? How are these “revelations” helping you or the alleged politician victims; or the alleged thankless benefactors or anyone reading?

    David. I suggest you consider archiving and closing this discussion/blog. It is helping no one.

  59. DONT you know that you have completely missed the point ??
    WHY am I not surprised ??
    DONT you know that we have more education and more educated assholes than ever before ??
    DONT you know that I am seeing the lack of understanding of where we came from as a people. who we are and how we should aspire in the comments of forty acres and chocolate ??
    DONT you know that your comments show why so called ‘small people ” dont get help with sometimes the most brilliant of ideas ??
    DONT you know that your comments betray you and with people like you making decisions we aint getting no way because you only look at what is big, what has this and what has that but will not help to build anything??
    DONT you know that you would be the classic bandwagon jumper, only when somebody makes it big , you identify???
    WHY dont you go to the ants thou sluggard and parasite living off of other people- you fish rowe??
    DONT you know that you are logical but wrong , insensitive and ignorant of certain sensitivities?

  60. @Just A

    Do u know u fit the profile of the biggest educated ass hole on this blog? Saviour the praise as u dont get it vey often.

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