The Grenville Phillips Column – Will the Honest Barbadian Please Stand Up?

Well done to our Pan American games athletes.  Many gave impressive performances and qualified for the final of their events.  They have demonstrated that they are internationally competitive.  To improve their training and attend other competitions, our athletes need funds.  So, how can we support them?

One method is for the public to invest in the development of our athletes.  Investors normally expect a return on their investments, otherwise, it is a charitable donation.  How can investors get monetary returns on this type of investment?  How can our athletes repay their investors at a rate to encourage sustainable investments?

The simplest way is through the endorsements and other earnings that our successful athletes may receive.  Those endorsements are not guaranteed.  Therefore, the investor takes a significant risk, since most athletes may not attract any endorsements.  However, if our athletes do well, they may attract endorsements exceeding US$1M each year.  Top athletes can attract endorsements exceeding US$20M each year.

Our successful athletes should enjoy the fruit of their success.  However, investors should also receive a return on their investment in the athletes’ non-earning development years.  Athletes and investors would need to agree on an equitable split of an athlete’s future earnings.  Perhaps they can consider a 50%:50% split, where the athlete keeps half of their earnings, and the other half is shared between all investors.

If our athletes agree to share any future endorsements, then we have willing internationally competitive athletes, and we have willing investors.  All we need is a trustworthy entity to manage the investment fund.  This model of funding can be applied to any sector that is internationally competitive.

Ideally, the Government, representing all Barbadians, should be trusted to manage all of our investments.  However, the Government’s decision to confiscate part of our NIS pensions and private retirement savings, makes them an untrustworthy manager.  Their decision to simply stop paying foreign creditors confirms that assessment.

Barbadians have trusted banks with their retirement savings.  However, the banks proved that their loyalty lies elsewhere, when they voted to allow the Government to confiscate part of our retirement savings.  Barbadians also trusted the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) to manage their pensions.  But, they too proved themselves untrustworthy.

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry should be an independent entity that should be trusted.  However, their extremely partisan behaviour during the last general election, proved that they can only be trusted to be loyal to their political party.

Every financial entity who voted to allow the Government to confiscate their client’s retirement savings, has proven themselves untrustworthy.  They shamelessly voted against their client’s financial interests, in exchange for a pat on the head from their political masters.

Is there any business entity in Barbados that is not politically compromised?  Is there any entity that will put the interests of their clients above their loyalty to their political party?  Is there anyone left who treasurers their professional integrity?  Can such a politically independent entity please stand up?  Anyone?

They will be willing investors and athletes, so the fund will likely be established.  I hope that one of the first recipients will be our national treasure, Ronald ‘Suki’ King.  It will be a shame if such a fund will have to be managed from outside of Barbados, for the sole reason that all local entities are too politically compromised to be trusted.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • Solutions Barbados perhaps? Just asking.


  • Will the Honest Barbadian Please Stand Up? @@@@@

    We have been here all the time , You just Chuse to believe Liars and Crooks,


  • Junior has said previously that people have lost jobs, threatened with the sack or refused employment because of either support/membership of Solutions. This is a serious democratic issue which we cannot, and should not, allow to slip by.
    Can you plse justify this claim and list anyone who has suffered as a result of supporting Solutions?

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  • Still waiting on Grenville Phillips11 for his support to a solution, to remedy the wrongful actions of BLP/DLP, MTW that allowed a white British Expat to placed a private road across, within and along a watercourse that caused recurring rainfall run-off to be redirected to the Black residential area of Clarkes Road St. James

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  • @ watchman

    Go and take a seabath.

    You lied against the man before and pointed fingers now you begging for his help.

    I don’t see you crying out for the injustice against Natalie Crichlow who lost her life under suspicious circumstances.

    At least you still have yours.

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  • @ Hal
    I’m not saying that there is no political victimization. The Duopoly is known to be ruthless. However those who want to change the status quo, must be prepared to suffer some consequences.
    I don’t think Grenville would be wise to keep lamenting this reality. There is plenty road kill and collateral damage caused by the Duopoly. Sometimes they are known to destroy their own.


  • @ watchman August 21, 2019 8:05 AM
    “Still waiting on Grenville Phillips11 for his support to a solution, to remedy the wrongful actions of BLP/DLP, MTW that allowed a white British Expat to placed a private road across, within and along a watercourse that caused recurring rainfall run-off to be redirected to the Black residential area of Clarkes Road St.”

    So why don’t you get a bulldozer and do what your xenophobic black brothers and sisters want to do with the squatters at Rock Hall?

    Stop focusing on the “white British Expat” for your situation.

    You must blame squarely the lying politicians and the blatantly incompetent senior civil servants for what has happened at both Clarke’s Road and Rock Hall.

    Can’t you see a similar scenario which is being played out with the Maloney-controlled cement bond on the Mighty Grynner Highway right next to the flour ‘packaging’ plant?
    Why is that illegal structure still standing even though the relocation of Ross University was a godsend to the current administration to do what it certainly had no intentions of rectifying to lay to rest the roaming spirit of Abijah Holder?


  • @ Miller

    The blame and focus was always on the politicians, of which Grenville is a want-to-be, and top civil servants.


  • @ William,

    Fully understand. But we must call out these examples of savagery. Do not conspire in our own humiliation. We must face down the political bullies or we have lost the right to be called democratic..

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  • fortyacresandamule

    The Panam games is not that serious in the sport of track and field. Even way back in the day when it was a liitle more competitive, it was still considered a third rate competition. Most elite/pedigree athletes don’t even compete at the event. We sent 31 athletes and manage to get our first gold medal. Not bad, given our population size. However, don’t get carried away by these results. In sports, like financial markets, past or present performances is no indicator of future performances.

    In most high income countries ( of which Barbados is one such country) the government provide basic funding to athletes in addition to bonus payment based on certain criteria. If the athletes are unable to meet said criteria, then they are no longer eligible for funding.That’s how it’s done next door in T&T. The investor/athlete/sponsorship model you are suggesting works especially well in football and their academies, however I don’t see that working in the sport of athletics.


  • I was outside of the USA and Barbados during the Pan Am games. I developed a great deal of pride in my countrymen every time that I heard or saw the word Barbados.. The joy of the victors, regardless of where they were from was not second rate.; it was real and beautiful to see.

    So we move from 0 to 1… Let’s celebrate the 1. It was good day for me when we got that gold.

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  • @ William Skinner August 18, 2019 3:46 PM

    @ Hal

    “The Barbadian cherry is said to have one of the highest levels of Vitamin C in the world. We have known this for more than a hundred years. Imagine if we had a well organized cherry industry and the foreign exchange that could have been earned and the jobs created.
    Where there is no vision the cherries rotten on the trees”.

    I would like to explain some facts. Firstly I just came across this post from a couple of days ago.

    I was the agronomist at Soil Conservation who was responsible for the propagation of the Barbados Cherry ( Malpighia glabra) from leaf-tip cuttings from new flushes. This technique hadn’t been used before in Barbados and to ensure rooting of ninety percent the humidity of nursery bed had to be increased to the dew point ( point at which there is water condensate on the cuttings to prevent drying out..This posed a problem of damping off due to fungal diseases. To prevent such,all cutting were treated with a fungicidal dip and the enclosed nursery was subjected to daily sprayings. The procedure was a success and many plants true to type (same as the parent plant from which the cuttings were taken) were obtained. This was done to ensure that variations in soluble solids were kept to a minimum. Prior to the propagation, several meetings of the Soil Conservation Board took place. Present were Peter Webster, Edward Cumberbatch, David Croney ,L.G. Miller and myself. Miller was the driving force behind the whole enterprise. At these meetings I pointed out the difficulties that would be encountered( harvesting, cost of production and so on). Miller insisted that he had considered all of the obstacles and as far as he was concerned he was good to go with the project.. I left to study Food Technology as people trained in the discipline would be needed. When I came back on a vacation trip I was told that having gotten Soil Conservation under the aegis of the Agricultural Development corporation to plant cherry trees, Miller was not purchasing the cherries He was getting the finished concentrate from South America. I phoned Miller to ascertain what the real position was. He told me that it was cheaper for him to get the raw material from South America and was no longer interested in the enterprise. I wanted to know from him ,why he insisted that Soil Conservation planted the trees if he knew he wasn’t going to use the fruits. He had nothing to say about that. So soil Conservation was left with a lot of cherry trees, but no one to purchase the fruits. The same thing happened with guava. Sam Bharath in Trinidad had developed the Centeno Prolific ideally suited for processing purposes. I wrote Sam and got him to send cuttings. They were planted out at Swans but nothing came of the enterprise.

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  • @Dr.Lucas

    This is a horrific insight into decision making at the highest level.

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  • @ Dr. Lucas

    @ David

    Dr. Lucas thanks for that information.

    David, I have long maintained that the entire agricultural industry was systematically and deliberately destroyed.

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  • General comment
    There was time when you were gaining momentum. For some reason you went quiet and refused to make the next step.
    Spectator mode from here in on this item.


  • @ Robert

    Poverty of ideas is worse than material poverty.

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  • @ Hal

    At least some good did come about. A lot of unemployed persons harvested the cherries and guavas( at no cost to themselves apart from time and labor) for sale to the public. A real merry -go-round. You will soon hear we need to plant more fruit trees. When I was Soil, I imported new varieties of mango from Florida (Kent,) and avocado (Lula). In the latter case the Lula was imported to ensure that harvesting of avocado extended from June to the end of the year, since harvesting of the local types Pollock and Simmonds ( superb fruits) ended about September.. I went through out the country, selecting for avocado on the following traits : absence of water in the seed cavity; ease of peeling; absence of fiber in the flesh; for green color skin (purple colored skin resulted in unsightly looking salads, a result of pigment seeping out). An orchard was established consisting of both avocado and mango.. The orchard was surveyed and the site of each individual type was recorded. I had the foresight to purchase a mist blower (the first to be used in Barbados) for spraying against pest and disease when the plants grew too tall to be sprayed by the use of the ordinary spray can. All of these were left for the persons who came after me. Even wrote an extension bulletin on grafting and budding techniques to be used to train workers in propagation techniques. You wouldn’t believe what happened. The avocado trees were destroyed due to bad management ,it was claimed wood ants ( easy to fix.; slackness). The survey chart of position of and names of and varieties of individual trees was either lost or misplaced. So that’s the position.

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  • @ Robert,

    I love mangoes and avocado pears. @Robert, I am not surprised. You see, unconditional national is a barrier to common sense. We are so badly off (and some of the other islands too) that it is embarrassing. Tourism and borrowing are the easy answer, we do not have to think

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  • It seems that the Scenario told by Dr.Lucas is Typical of Government where the Bureaucrats have ideas that they want implemented without a complete Follow Through…e.g. Grow the Cherry Trees and Cannot Sell the Cherries and if it is not their idea, do not bother with it as in the Avocado Trees. And lastly what we are soon going to experience is Governments Bungling by their Insistence on having Solar Energy we will End up Paying a Minimum of 50% more for Electricity, when there is No Chance of the World Running out of Oil or Natural Gas in the Next 100-500 years.

    Just like they have forced us to have no Plastic Straws and Bags while quadrupling the Price, Doubling the Size of the Garbage Volume, Paying more for these Green Products all the while claiming to save the Planet by removing these items and such like. Meanwhile not Removing Garbage in a Timely manner while Potentially killing the Bajans with the Rat Infestations across the Country!

    Over One Year after having Won the Government, Bajans still do not have New Garbage Trucks. All we are getting is Virtue Signaling of how Barbados Saving the Planet by Raising Water Rates, by Paying a Sewage Charge even if you are Not Connected to Sewage, by Paying a Daily Garbage Collection Fee and they do not Show up for between 14-28 days to Remove the Stinking Garbage, Rats, Flies and maggots included! Soon going to be paying More for Electricity.

    They are Biodegradable Foam Containers that the Government REFUSES for us to use, but insists on Using Paper Oblivious to the Fact of cutting down more Trees to make the paper and Yet they Claim to Saving the Planet.

    When are we going to Get Leaders with Common Sense Rather than Leaders who Pretend they are doing the Right Thing? In Conclusion, Water Rates have Escalated, some small farmers have stopped planting because they cannot afford the increased rates. New Garbage Collection Rates and the Garbage Not being Removed. Paying for Sewage and you are not Connected to the Sewage. Forced to Pay for Paper Product that are filling the landfill faster. Higher Cost for Transport with limited Buses, More Taxes Causing More Unemployment, More Taxes Causing a Drop in Disposable Income, More Taxes Causing a Drop in Retail Businesses. Giving people a Tax Credit who do Not Pay Taxes. More Taxes Causing more Business Failures and yet we hear Barbados is Mending, things are getting Better, All is Well and the average person with a pang in his Belly and feeling his Pocket and finding it Empty! WE ARE TRULY INDENTURED WITHOUT A RELEASE DATE!!!



  • As Vernese Fraser-Harewood Talks of her Plea for Water while her Garbage is Piled High! This is going Four Week and Our Garage has NOT been removed, a Common Practice these days. Moreover, they have the Audacity to Ban Straws and Plastic while Claiming Environmental Protection while Our Environment is at Risk of a Blue Bionic Plague Out Break.

    Vernese Fraser-Harewood has had enough of dry taps in Chimborazo. Things have become so bad in her St Joseph community that yesterday she made a plea for assistance to Prime Minister Mia Mottley.

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  • @ Freedom Crier

    What are you complaining about?

    Lorenzo aka Butthead and Enuff aka Beavis will tell you that Barbados under the BLP is punching above its weight.

    I believe however they mean blubber weight.


  • Hi Grenville,
    I saw that you placed a post with some tips on how to survive a hurricane. Now, I have two tips for you
    (1) Polish it up and make it a post before the next hurricane.
    (2) When you are making a significant contribution make it a separate post or stick it under one of your posts.

    Why should I have to run from post to post to find your contribution???


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