Barbados Should Tell T&T To ‘Go To Hell’ Too!

Each country is entitled to the ‘exclusive’ rights within their 200 mile EXCLUSIVE economic zone. Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and most other regional states are party to the Law of the Sea Treaties that provide for those rights. Barbados has no right to give the impression that Barbadian fishermen have any right AT ALL to venture into that exclusive zone without penalty. In the EEZ, the coastal state has the sole right of exploitation of the resources contained therein under international law of the sea treaties to which we are all party.

So when fishermen do so, let it be clear that they do so at their own peril. I don’t agree that anyone should be defending it. Unless and until CARICOM has the political will to come up with a Common Fisheries Regime and countries agree on the shared use of common resources (like the sea) Barbadian fishermen need to respect other peoples space.

Flying fish are a migratory fish species and while they spawn in the waters off Barbados, they migrate to the warmer waters off Tobago as they get older. Barbadian fishermen understand that and follow the fish to their habitats, but that happens to be the coastal space of another state and they have no right under any law to do so. They can and will be arrested and noone can fault the Trinis for it except for sensationalism purposes because we have allowed for too many years, the notion to prevail that we went to the Arbitral Tribunal over fishing boundaries when in actual fact that was little more than a secondary issue. More importantly the finding of the tribunal re the fishing issue was that the two countries should come to some common agreement on the matter. So there exists no framework to allow Bajan fishermen into Trinidadian waters.

Lisa R. Elcock

Flying fish - Wikipedia

It was not too long ago when what appeared to be all of Jamaica dropped like a ton of bricks on Barbados.  Not to be left out, Guyana, St. Vincent and other neighbours had a lot say when Barbados sought to enforced its sovereign right to protect its borders.

The recent arrest of Barbadian fisherman by T&T authorities serves to remind us that Barbados finds itself in a very lonely place in Caricom. To present the blunt argument that the Barbadian fishermen perpetrated an illegal act is to be dishonest in the argument. This longstanding T&T/Barbados fishing agreement straddles both BLP and DLP governments and leads one to the conclusion that there is no desire on the part of T&T to close an agreement. There are much bigger fish to fry in a pan which is full of oil.

Of course this is a golden opportunity for the politicos to do what they do best, muddy the waters. The irony in this case is that Barbados has led from the front in pushing CSME under the former Prime Minister. A consequence of our CSME-friendly strategy is that Barbados’ borders became easy to access by all and sundry and there was a huge inflow of T&T investment into Barbados. Most if not all of Barbados ‘Fortune 500’ companies have been acquired by T&T capital. One would have thought that back in the Arthur era was the best time to make a stand by calling T&T to the table to finalize an agreement. In recent days Arthur in one of the few times he has taken a bipartisan position has signalled the BLP opposition is prepared to stand with the government in taking a position against T&T.

Politics does make for strange bedfellows!

155 thoughts on “Barbados Should Tell T&T To ‘Go To Hell’ Too!

  1. @ lemuel | December 8, 2011 at 8:28 AM |
    “Then if that is true, your claim to the originality of your work can be called into question.”
    “you would have seen me agreeing with Carson about the need for the fisher folk to upgrade their capacity to fish with the utilization of NIS funds.”
    These two statements are in contradiction with each other!
    This idea or proposal was not CCC’s first stated delivery. He might have been early pregnant with the idea but his gestation period was too long like an elephant. Check and see who is the first to deposit to the new ideas bank for the restructuring of this lumbering economy! And there are many more to come only if you would open your front door to accept the enlightenment and not remain to the back fighting a rear guard battle of futile political skirmishes with uneducated, poor class, business man and company time wasters while backing moralists and “bible thumpers” with 19th Century views.

  2. To Miller:
    Let say a thousand pardons for attributing your ideas to another. How believing in extraterrestrial beings as the source of man’s enlightenment will never fly with me. I have supped at the fountain of eternal wisdom, and what is prancing around pretending to be genuine wisdom is no more than man’s wisdom emanating from the pagan philosophers to the so called christian philosophers to the age of reason to your time of metaphysics and mysticism. All of the above efforts were simply to deny God as the rightful owner through creation of this earth. Sorry but I can not join ou on that journey of apostasy.

  3. ac says: “we as a people can send a message to the government of T&T that an agreement on this matter should be finalised and that message can be sent through boycotting of their products”.

    ac says: “Agreement or Boycott!”

    bk says: “I for one have already started to boycott Trini products”.

    lemuel says: “You seem to think to a simple boycott is impossible. If we started right now, in two to three weeks T&T would be responding”.

    ac says: “Trinidad is not going to budge until “WE” the people let them know that we are serious and will boycott their products”.

    millertheanunnaki says: “Bajans can show their disgust by boycotting T&T owned supermarkets and buy from the Proper Pork man supermarkets”.

    At current prices and at purchasing-power parity, Barbados accounts for about 0.347 percent of Trinidad’s global exports.

    Right. Let’s boycott them. That’ll really bring Trinidad to its knees. Excellent thinking. Brilliant.

  4. @ lemuel | December 8, 2011 at 2:02 PM |

    Before you debunk the possibility that the god(s) of your Book of Genesis were extraterrestrial beings of super advanced knowledge and technology you better do a bit more research.
    But then again asking you who or what made Adam and Eve is like asking you to criticise OSA. Blind faith in all matters! Even your Mother Church along with her direct or immediate offspring are coming around to the realisation that there are other life forms in the expansive universe just waiting to uplift us from our barbarity. What prevails here on Earth is but a grain of sand to what takes place in the grand scheme of things. ‘Those from heaven came’ (the Nephilims) would enlighten you as they did with the old legendary characters of Abraham, Noah, Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel and others (including Yeshua or YH-Zeus)
    When one follows the orders of Melchizedek one would understand that enlightenment is the path to salvation. Lemmie, think upon these things and find out about your Jesus’ teacher Melchizedek to really understand “Christ’s” genuine philosophical underpinnings. Then you will be able to stand up for our rights and boycott T&T made goods. We don’t need them. We survived without them up to the 1980’s and we can do without them in 2012. Upscale solar and wind technology and import our vehicle fuel needs from Venezuela, and soon to be, Brasil and Cuba. We have been tricked big time with your man OSA being a major accessory to the conspiracy. We should have remained a “singular” (not “insular”) country without this nonsense of having to bend over backwards to please those who abuse our softness (you would like the “bending over backwards position” analogy!).

  5. “At current prices and at purchasing-power parity, Barbados accounts for about 0.347 percent of Trinidad’s global exports.”

    We see where you are going and we can follow your solid line of argument. But let’s deal with mangoes and mangoes!
    Trinidad’s consumer goods exports have very little ‘global’ impact outside of Caricom, even with the “repackaged” Chinese made goods.
    Remove the oil & chemicals exports from the analysis and recalculate! Then we can follow clearly your path of subservience.

  6. millertheanunnaki says: “We see where you are going”.

    No. You don’t.

    Let me tell you, miller, how SICK these WOMEN are. Some of them are so SICK …

  7. Tanned Dude Who Reads | December 8, 2011 at 5:33 PM |

    It’s time to stop playing “mirror, mirror on the wall”!

  8. And Mr. boringname avers:

    It’s time to stop playing “mirror, mirror on the wall! He even includes the exclamation (!) beloved of tools worldwide. Bless!

    No. It isn’t.

    We clear hear? Heah??!!

    No. Mr. Miller

  9. offtopic

    People in Barbados often ask why when civil servants see things going wrong they don’t say anything about it.

    Here is why:-

    “Whistleblower evicted from her home”

    Dismissed Government worker LeYoni Junos said she has been left with nowhere to go after a team of contractors armed with a bank possession order emptied her house.

    Ms Junos arrived home at her the Middle Road, Warwick residence to find workmen loading the contents of the house onto trucks.

    Four truckloads of her possessions, they said, had already been taken away to the Tynes Bay Incinerator.

    Speak up, what happens?
    you loose your job
    you loose your home
    your possessions get sent to the incinerator to be destroyed!
    Moral of the story, keep your blinking mouth shut.
    Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

  10. @ Tanned Dude Who Reads | December 8, 2011 at 5:55 PM |
    “Let me tell you, miller, how SICK these WOMEN are. Some of them are so SICK…”

    How does that sound to the average reader? Very misogynistic to the observant!
    Contribute something meaningful to the blog and we will indulge you in your punctilious, schoolmarmish nit-picking asininity. Maybe you might just meet the required standard of intelligence required for any meaningful interaction to take place!

  11. @ Carson C. Cadogan | December 8, 2011 at 5:56 PM |
    January 16,2008 marked the end of any such things happening in Bim!
    Do you know of any cases of victimisation since then?

  12. That was rampant under the BLP.

    Until the people got wise and “skin out” the BLP.
    It seems to be alive and thriving in Bermuda. The people there will have to make a decision about the current G’ovt there and remove them when the right time comes.

    They will be following Barbados’ fine example.

  13. Why should T&T try to kill bajans for fishing in their waters, when Japan has been doing it for years. The Japanese fleet comes here in the caribbean waters with their “mother ship”, which is really a factory itself and about twenty trawlers, and scrap the ocean with miles amd miles of fishing line. Many timews our our fishermen have had to jump into the ocean and cut their line fron entangled in the boat’s propeller. This is like telling your visitor have a meal with me but refusing to feed your our brother. When is Caricom in all this?

  14. Anytime a country meets the point where sick-out, stricks and lay-offs become frequent, that government, whichever it is, is treading on dangerous grounds. The retaining of the extra 2.5% VAT will future hurt the present government, they would need to ignore the IMF and remove it when promised.

  15. SCOUT

    If it is one person in this whole universe that the DLP don’t need advice from, that person is you.

  16. SCOUT

    Keep your advice for your friends in the Barbados Labour Party they need it.

    Three years now and they have not put forward a single credible alternative to anything that is going on in Barbados.

    Pathetic lot.

  17. SCOUT

    What prevents Bajan fishermen from owning a “mother ship” and having about “twenty trawlers” feeding it?

  18. Carson C. Cadogan | December 8, 2011 at 8:00 PM |
    “Until the people got wise and “skin out” the BLP.”
    You are very right with this “wising up” of the people. The BLP felt the wrath of the people in 2008.
    Bu there is an old maxim;: Be as gentle as a dove but also as wise as a serpent!
    The word on the ground is that the cobra is heading towards george street and will inflict the deadly venom to those asleep on the job. You might need a snake charmer to lead it towards roebuck street. Who calling? Is that you CCC, look ma hay, love!

  19. Bear with me.

    I put the link, but this is so sweet I have to put the whole article.

    “PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands — Members of the Progressive National Party (PNP) and former Cabinet ministers in the Michael Misick-led government, as well as the former ministers’ relatives, appeared in the Providenciales magistrates court in the Turks and Caicos Islands on Tuesday, facing various charges.

    Those appearing included former deputy premier and minster of finance Floyd Hall, former minister of works Jeffrey Hall and former minister of health and education Lillian Boyce.

    Samuel Been, a backbench member of the PNP government and former husband of Lillian Boyce, also appeared.

    Also facing charges were Floyd Hall’s wife Lisa Hall, Hall’s brother Quinton Hall, and Boyce’s brother Earlson Robinson.

    Also in court and charged was developer Richard Padgett and Jeffrey Hall’s attorney Melbourne Wilson.

    All nine are charged with offences ranging from bribery to conspiracy to commit fraud were required to surrender their travel documents and were offered bail in varying amounts from $500,000 dollars for Floyd Hall; $175,000 for each of Jeffrey Hall, Lillian Boyce, Samuel Been and Melbourne Wilson; to $100,000 for each of Lisa Hall, Quentin Hall and Earlson Robinson.

    Padgett was remanded in custody but later released on stringent bail conditions late Tuesday night following an appeal to the Chief Justice. Pending the outcome of his bail recognisance, he cannot leave the island.

    Padgett was later reported to have appeared at the hospital in Providenciales complaining of chest pains.

    Once bailed, all those charged must report all inter island movements and check in with the special investigation and prosecution team (SIPT) once a week.

    All must appear in the Supreme Court on February 3, 2012, in Grand Turk.

    While these are not the first court actions taken by the SIPT, it is the first time former ministers in the last PNP government have appeared in court

    The charges stem from allegations of widespread government corruption that were revealed by the 2008-2009 Commission of Inquiry and which ultimately led to the partial suspension of the TCI constitution and the imposition of direct rule by Britain in 2009.”

    One night in Prison and one crook complaining of “chest pains”.

    The British not sparing anybody, Former Cabinet Ministers, their wives, backbenchers, attorney, developers, relatives etc.

    Someone tell me how I can get these investigators down here in Barados?

    Also remember that G’ovt was in office only about a third of the time of the Barbados Labour Party here in Barbados and they did so much stealing. Multiply the Barbados Labour Party misdeeds by three and would give you an idea of the “tiefing” which went on in Barbados.

    Wah loss!!!!!!!!!

  20. @ Carson C. Cadogan | December 8, 2011 at 9:31 PM |

    A drunk does. And Barbados is full of them, according to random thoughts. Just for old time’s sake for the promised easy orgasmic-like materialistic thrills of those wasted years of economic prostitution.

    • The harsh economic times and the austere measures places the government in a bad place.

      Stuart had his chance to win it all, now it is a lottery which is totally dependent on the vagaries of the global economic environment.

      A betting man will put money on the BLP next election at this point.

  21. millertheanunnaki

    You might not know it. There is a story in the Bible about Joesph and his many coats or something like that.

    It had something to do with seven years of plenty and seven years of famine.

    But the people back then didn’t go to University but they had more sense than Owen”seethru”Arthur. They knew when it was seven years of plenty and they stored up because they were wise and when the seven years of famine came they were able to draw down from what they had stored up.

    Remember that I said that these were people who didn’t go to University. Neither did they have paper qualifications in Economics. There were sensible unlike stupid Owen they did not “lick out” everything and when the famine came everybody scrambling.

    Ponder on these things when making your statements.

  22. @ Carson C. Cadogan | December 8, 2011 at 9:59 PM |
    How dare you question my theological credentials? Don’t you know I possess a doctorate in Theology from the University of Zoe and Co?
    But when did the years of plenty started and ended? Would you say that the years of plenty (for the beneficiaries of the fatted calf) started in 2008? Or has the calf now become an old “bull-cow” and on seeing a fiscal red rag, charged like a bull on a community council pasture and fell over the economic precipice ready to be devoured by the overseas financial vultures?

  23. i notice that the PM Stuart was all jubilant and full of praise for T&T and Kamala in talking to the media about the Caricom summit and the headway they are making mapping out protocols and strategizing towards a fishing agreement. Mr. PM i hope this is not going blow over when the natives stop rattling their spears. another twenty years is not Acceptable. The time is NOW!

  24. @ CCC…

    You berating David on his own blog? Really?

    You can’t be serious. You’ve got to be joking.

    In which case, don’t give up your day job. “Comedian” definitely does NOT suit you!

  25. The reason there is no deal on fishing is simple. Bajans want something in exchange for nothing. Find something of equal monetary value in exchange for fish. Stop trying to negotiate using fishy business ideas. There is nothing free but God’s grace.

  26. ac | December 9, 2011 at 10:44 PM |
    ” ..i notice that the PM Stuart was all jubilant and full of praise for T&T and Kamala in talking to the media about the Caricom summit and the headway they are making mapping out protocols ….. ”

    One wonders if he was able to persuade the T&T PM to hurry up and join the CCJ which is housed right in their jurisdiction. This situation really makes Caricom look like the laughing stock of the English speaking Jurisprudence world. One wonders how long they will carry on with this embarrassing monkey situation. Maybe another “instruction” from the House of Lords might do the trick.

  27. CCJ has no benefit for TNT. The only purpose it had was for Manning to sit on a high horse. Now, Manning is senile of under some sort of occult curse.
    CCJ is a breeding ground for leaches and her sisters Give and Give. Trinidad and Tobago would be foolish to peruse CCJ any further.

  28. Birds swim, fish fly; hmmmnn that doesn’t seem right, birds fly, fish fly that can’t be right either, birds fly, fish swim sounds right but do fish really fly?

    Once again the suddenly elusive Flying Fish has escaped from its own island to frolic in the relative tranquility of Buccoo Reef and all Barbados is atwitter. The Bajan fishermen who chased after them have found themselves at the wrong end of the Trinidad gendarmes and Bajan citizens are wondering why there is no fishing agreement with the land of the Humming Bird.

    The answer is in the form of a question, What’s in it for the people from Calypso Island? Nada, Rien, Nothing, and until the residents of Little England realise this they will be spinning in mud.

    From Panday to Manning to Kamla; from Arthur to Thompson to Stuart and not an agreement in sight over a few launches catching measly Flying Fish . It is obvious the good folk in T & T aren’t interested in resolving this dispute, the average Trini couldn’t tell the difference between a Flying Fish, a Jack or a Sprat, I could probably tell them a Garfish is a Flying fish, now if Barbados would cede some sovereignty about oil that is purportedly off its shores maybe the Trinis would come running.

    Some time ago when the list of scholarship winners was announced I opined about the absence of an Oceanographer from the ranks of would be Accountants, Doctors and Lawyers. This from an island that is surrounded by waves, It seems the beach is for cricket or Bank Holiday parties, the ocean is not something that we can learn from. An oceanographer would tell you that Flying fish like other fauna have migratory patterns and if they are in Robinson Crusoe land today next month they will be back in the land of the Bearded Fig Tree. An oceanographer may tell fishermen when it is optimal to focus on other species of marine life. An oceanographer can give advice n how to preserve the beaches that the locals and tourists want to enjoy but alas….

    After every Bajan delegation leaves the Trinis hold a party, the feature song is “Cry me a River”

  29. The man who love Trinidadians market vendor Vic Fernandes get boo tonight at Venus tennis when he try to big up Trinidadians in the crowd and make sport at BAJANS . The flying fish arrests got locals BLUE VEX.

  30. well david for one who have unlimited acess to the world wide web i can;t see how such information has bypass you.maybe it is just indifference on your part as in it doesn;t affect me so why bother .BTW this topic is on another thread.

  31. Sargeant wrote “the average Trini couldn’t tell the difference between a Flying Fish, a Jack or a Sprat, I could probably tell them a Garfish is a Flying fish,”

    You could be right but Tobagonians have learned all about flying fishing from Bajans.
    The Trickidadian government is treating Bajans as their poor cousins.

  32. Boo Trinbagonians and then beg them for fish they have no recard for. Baggerjans assume they have a legal right to get fish when they beg, but justly the international court ruled. Now some want to push for an active CCJ to approve legal leaches. Why not share oil/gas blocks in Bajans waters with Trinidadians in exchange for fish.

  33. yhe attorney general has been criticised for his comment inferring that ‘he thought the fishing dispute with trinidad was behind us’. i thought so too when mr thompson shortly after assuming office was accorded a highly publicised state visit to trinidad and was ceremoniously greeted by mr manning. i would have thought that that would have been a good opportunity to jumpstart or conclude the fishing dispute.

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