The Youth Of Today

Submitted by Charles Cadogan

I saw a picture a couple of days ago in the Barbados Today showing three young men looking as though they were totally not connected to what’s really going on.

This is very sad to see some of the youths in Barbados who most of them are educated.  But for some reason, or reasons refuse to use good common sense.  One of the questions attached to the article with the three young men in the picture was, do they think ? We all have to think in order to create actions.  But the problem is how many of us even worry to think what the consequences of our actions would be.

THOUGHTS MAKE ACTIONS, not the other way around.   Deep down inside I feel that some of the young people who are doing all the different things, are doing them for acceptance. They see all these different videos, and movies with the THUG STYLE. And they have embraced it since to them it seems so glamorous. So they become followers to what they have seen.  Many of them seem to be lost unless they bare connected to what they call their boys, or gangs.


Being in a gang you can get others to listen even thought they might not give you good advice. But they listen.  The one thing that some of these young people seem to be lacking starting from at home.  Many of today’s young people are the products of young parents who were children themselves.  So some grandparents do not want to be called grandparents since they feel they are too young.  The problems starts by being friends instead of being parents, or grandparents guiding the little ones in the right directions. As a consequence they give the children everything they think they should have, or everything they say that they want. But children should only be rewarded when deserving of what’s given to them;

To read about a boy 19 years old, Aaron Idamar Roberts facing a  MURDER CHARGE is very, very sad, to see our young people not being RESPONSIBLE.  Please don’t get me wrong, I am not blaming all young people. But those of you who has chosen the THUGS way of life. Without applying some common sense in choices being made from day to day.

To the system that’s presently in place.  Giving someone LIFE  in imprisonment for taking anther person’s life will never change the mentality of those who chose to become someone’s judge, jury, and executioner;  At the end of the day the tax payers are paying for that person to remain alive after taking another person’s life, most of the time for no good reason.

The death penalty is still carried out in many countries for those found guilty of murder. So why is it that Barbados doesn’t use a different method of execution to those who seem to be comfortable taking a life?  **DEATH BY LETHAL INJECTION**;   I am not for hanging, but I am 110% for THE DEATH PENALTY.

If nothing changes to deter those who decides to take another person’s life…. It will get worse before it gets better.  Don’t wait until it’s one of your family members, or a good friend that’s being killed by a person, or persons that has no regards for another human’s life.

I thought the bible said:-“An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth?  Also we must obey the laws of the land.  It’s all good and well for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL to be against taking a life after the person is found guilty.  But where was AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL when an innocent life was taken for a crime after all the proof pointed towards the man’s innocence?   I strongly believe that until we accept the responsibility that WE ARE ALL OUR BROTHERS KEEPERS.  We will continue to go in a circle, that will never lead anywhere.

Love and belief in  THE CREATOR is the key to all things;

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  1. Which bible are you reading? If we are all our brothers’ keepers then killing them is out of the question. thought makes actions indeed. So your law of retaliation is contrary to what Jesus of Nazareth said: “You have heard that it was said, ‘An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.’ But I say to you, Do not resist the one who is evil. But if anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also. And if anyone would sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well. And if anyone forces you to go one mile, go with him two miles.” Matt 5: 38-39

  2. @ WordSong | November 23, 2011 at 2:13 AM |

    Thanks for pointing out the hypocritical position taken in the article!
    Some people selectively take passages from the bible to shore up their weak arguments without realising that there can be found a countervailing weight in the same bible.
    As far a breaking the laws of the land is concerned he should also criticize the myriad white collar criminals in this society who walk around with impunity because of protection by the so-called representatives of the people. Children live what they learn! Those who are without sin cast the first stone!

  3. The yout get so because wanna sell we bank, power company, frig up the credit union, raise water, mash up nis, double up the cost of live in, build a new prison, and law court, not one old people home, and locking up the youts that looking for a honest day’s pay, but because America come and tell wanna to lock up wanna children (for a plant) wanna will do it, and medical marijuana available all over the usa.

    pun top of that got one law fa rich and a next for poor.

    The old time bajan values wanna crave dun gone after selling what the old people work hard for, shame on you 30, somethings. dont blame the youngsters for looking for a way out the mess wanna make.

  4. @ readydone | November 23, 2011 at 8:48 AM |

    So ya gone straight to “de bone” of these hypocrites! Imagine locking up and giving a young man a criminal record for growing or using a plant made by the Creator while at the same time protecting a man that steal millions from ordinary people!

  5. @readydone

    There is no role for the parent?

    Does it all not strikeback to the family unit?

    What can we do to support the family unit in Barbados?

  6. @ BU David…

    The problem is…there is no family unit! Not the way there was before!

    Everybody is out for themselves now, parents, children, everyone! While everybody is talking about “rights” and “I want”, no one is thinking of the responsibilities of their requests or action, or how it will affect others down the road. It’s about money, not love anymore. No place for love when money can’t be gotten…and jobs are getting less & less available.

  7. love dead, money kill it. lol, thats what i say all the time.

    The family unit has changed significantly. Changing times mean that the family unit has to change to accommodate these changes, let’s face it since technology has come about humans in generally have made a drastic change, a change in how we interact and treat each other.
    Barbados is a family. To some the block is family others the rum shop crew is family, what is family any ways? Barbados is a family or should be.
    If you want to know how the youth get so first thing you should ask is if the youth BAD or are they DIFFERENT from your generation (let’s say pre model 1960) cricket loving, run shop, stand pipe, wear pants at the waist, work at one job for 40 years generation.
    This generation; face book, low pants wearing, football loving, shorthand typing (think lol) work for enough money to live generation, got a whole different world to look at the world in fact it is a whole different world.
    So stop thinking that if we live like how you lived that we can even surive!
    And look for solutions.

  8. @ readydone | November 23, 2011 at 10:51 AM |

    Don’t you think that an entrepreneurial spirit can be released among the family on the Block if the backward thinking government would be bold enough as to decriminalise mary jane. They want to do it to other so-called immoral activities so why no turn a habit into a business venture? Other nasty habits-smoking & drinking– are profitable enterprises. Look at last week’s news item about an expanded refinery in light of the country’s move to introduce breathalyser testing. Export the rum and avoid the sinning at home! It would kick start a whole sector of production- mary jane pharmaceuticals , mary jane tea and cakes, even bajan mary jane condiments. Would save a damned lot of forex (legal or illegal outflows). But the problem is the taxation. Very hard to tax this business since there are no easily controlled tax points! The alcohol and cigarette barons would kick up a fuss for loss of business and would lobby to have the mary jane business remained marginalised.

  9. @ readydone. I agree with most of your views, but I was also under the impression that with the superior education that our people are now receiving, things in Barbados ,in every aspect, and long before the recession, would have been times better that what our “igrunt” semi-illiterate forebears left us to work with.

  10. David asks “What can we do to support the family unit in Barbados?”

    Introduce communism.

    Capitalism destroys family values.

  11. Hants | November 23, 2011 at 5:39 PM |
    David asks “What can we do to support the family unit in Barbados?”

    Introduce communism.

    Never mind that I ‘ve spent many years on the front line in Europe as part of a force set up to halt the spread of Communism further west, the introduction of communism may be the answer to a lot of the ailments that plague our community.

  12. If you want to tax marijuana and can’t work out how, look at what they did in the Netherlands.
    They have a relaxed policy on soft drugs which allows recreational use of cannabis but is not so tolerant of hard drugs.

  13. St George’s Dragon | November 23, 2011 at 9:22 PM |
    If you want to tax marijuana and can’t work out how, look at what they did in the Netherlands.
    They have a relaxed policy on soft drugs which allows recreational use of cannabis but is not so tolerant of hard drugs.
    If you want to tax prostitution and can’t work out how,look at what they do in the Netherlands.
    They have a relaxed policy on prostitution which allows recreational use of.

  14. @ readydone | November 24, 2011 at 12:00 AM |
    “I personally think they should teach morals in the school.”

    Whose morals will be taught? Based on whose values system? Will the morals be based on Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Sikhs, Rastafarian Buddhist, Confucian, Shintoist, Taoist, Voodooist or Animist? Or should the Seven Deadly Sins of modern times be adopted as our modern moral compass?

    It is well nigh impossible to teach morals! What is one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Buggery between consenting adults is decriminalized in the UK but not in Barbados. Who is morally right Britain or Little England?

    Indifference replaces Anger; its symbol is the feral water buffalo. A marble statue for cold indifference with nose in the air, looks “cool”, wearing wrap-around sunglasses. Icicles dangle from his suit. He ignores the desperate plights of the people at his feet. “Charity” written on the building signifies “as cold as charity”; reflections in the building’s windows are “as cool as a cucumber” and “cold-hearted”; and the calculator is “cold and calculating”. The overall symmetrical composition is rigid and cold.
    Self-effacement replaces Pride or Vanity. The crown-of-thorns starfish, a noxious species destroying Australia’s coral reefs, crowns a figure on his knees eating dirt. The musician shuns the limelight as he “hides his light behind a bushel”, while I discard an edition of my prints. My paintings face the wall.
    Celibacy replaces Lust: I chose the noxious prickly pear for this “sin”. A couple deny their sexual desires. The man hits his erection with a large spoon and the woman turns away, crossing her legs while dragging a sheet over her naked body. A sculpture of a cock in a knot stands on the bedside table. A cross and an icon, symbolise the Christian belief in chastity as a virtue.
    Workaholism replaces Sloth: the European “busy bee” suits this subject. I keep my “nose to the grindstone”, while my husband “burns the midnight oil” working at his computer, with a stack of exams waiting to be marked. Working “hammer and tongs” is indicated by the forger’s tools. The pot is “kept boiling” on the potbelly stove, which contains “too many irons in the fire”.
    Dieting replaces Gluttony, with “skinny as a rat” devouring profiteroles. A skeleton performing a belly dance is the prizewinner of a slimming contest. The winning diet consists of one “curate’s egg” for breakfast, “curried favour” for lunch, and “own juice stew” for dinner. A woman, reduced to skin and bone, shuns the lavish spread of food on the table, and pushes away the baking dish with her foot. Behind her is a menu: “Today’s Special: Hen’s Teeth Consommé and Stoned Crow Tripe, or 2 Peas in a Pod and Thin End of Cheese Wedge; Dessert, 2 Bites of one Cherry; Drink, Vintage Crocodile Tear”.
    Squandering replaces Avarice. I chose the cockroach for its devouring nature; an enlarged one plays a poker machine and a lottery ticket is crawling with cockroaches. A young woman is “pouring water through a sieve”, about to lose the jewellery she wears. A hand “throws money to the wind”. A man is “killing the goose that lays the golden egg”. The TAB for horse betting, the Casino, and the poker machines represent gambling while “money burns a hole in a pocket”.
    Sucking-up replaces Envy (for the block-print version, I used Sycophancy). I decided not to use altruism as the antonym of envy, since it is too nice a quality. The noxious cane-toad is symbolic of sucking-up and sycophancy. A “toad-eater” devours a plate of them, and next to him is a bottle of oil for “unctuousness”. An “arse-licker” wearing a dress of purple toad-skin, is “crawling” after the managing director. A “slippery” toad sneaks in through the door of the Award Board.
    Source: The Seven Deadly Sins of Modern Times, 1993

  15. Charles, WordSong, millertheanunnaki, readydone, Seeker, Colonel Buggs, Hants, David, St. George’s Dragon have you been good fathers to your children? Have your father been a good father to you? Are your sons good father to thier chldren.

    If you answer to to any or all of the above, then we have a problem so big that neither communism, christianity, government nor any religion can fix.

    And legal or illegal rum, cigarettes or marijuana won’t fix it either.

    But you may want to try working love and hard work within your families and extended families. That might work.

  16. @ Random Thoughts | November 24, 2011 at 8:53 AM |
    “Have your father been a good father to you? Are your sons good father to thier chldren.’
    I have given deep and focused thought to your question: The answer is YES! Even my daughters are good mothers to their children.
    GOD is LOVE and they all love GOD. But before you can LOVE GOD you must first love yourself and your neighbour!

    “And legal or illegal rum, cigarettes or marijuana won’t fix it either.”
    Legal cigarettes and rum are easy sources of revenue to help finance cbc and tertiary education! So folks light up, drink up and watch dlptv and to hell with the financing of the hospital!

  17. @Hants

    I support you, capitalism is the root of all evil, true,true.

    There have always been young mothers. my mother had her first child at age seven and none of us turned out to be vagabonds because she intilled values in us early and and advised us to wuk for what you want and get an education although i am still undeucatd of the lot. She also taught us not to envy people for the things they have. Note i made mention of a father around.

    Go and read the man’s article, u like u ueducated like me. Stick to what he is talking about. you like you duncy like me.

  18. @ uneducated | November 24, 2011 at 5:54 PM |
    ” my mother had her first child at age seven and none of us turned out to be vagabonds ….”

    You might be “uneducated but you don’t have to stretch the truth so far!
    Which article you want me to read, ba liar!

  19. @DAvid
    “What can we do to support the family unit in Barbados?”

    Significant question that if answered may start the path towards recovery.

    “Don’t we have the highest rating on the HDI this part of the world?”

    Ratings are comparative. Having the “highest” rating doesn’t mean that we are where we “say” we want to be.

    @Charles Cadogan
    your post rambled a bi but got the gist of the concern. Disagree with death penalty being a solution. It’s just a “plaster.” Our youth’s actions and lack of thought are symptoms of a bigger problem…a problem that starts with adults, not youth. When we accept that, then we may be better able to truly and genuinely start looking for real solutions.

  20. So you are 110% for the death penalty, but you are against hanging. When you think of it, what’s the difference? Some of you want marijuana and prostitution legalized, while we at it lets legalize stealing, breaking and entering, rape, murder with a knife or a rock, or a piece of 2×2. Even though Jesus came and did away with an eye for an eye, he did not do away with the law that Moses received on mount sinai; he said he came to fulfill the law not to do away with it. Jesus forgives us of ANY sin we commit and we repent for, but that does not mean that the offence commited should be overlook by the country’s laws.
    In the star trex movies they were very careful about the “prime directive” this was the idea of not imposing their culture( the Federation) on others. Well in Barbados the Prime Directive was breeched with the imposition of CNN and all the American violent, sex and vulgar language trashy television shows and movies . Look at the boys wearing their pants below their butts, now in our schools we have to send them home for doing so, look at the girls with the hem of their skirts up to their butts, and we have to send them home also, while some of you are arguing what has dress have to do with education. Some of you are just as foolish as them in thinking this is all right. It was MUCH better when we were more “British than the real English ” than now that we are American copy cats. By the way I am a Bajan living in America.

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