The Recent UK Riots: A Different Perspective

Submitted by Yardbroom

Mark Duggan - Photo Credit: UK Guardian

A 29 year old black man Mark Duggan travelling in a mini cab was stopped by the Police in Tottenham.  In the ensuing confrontation Duggan was shot by a member of the Metropolitan’s Police CO 19 Unit.  This incident is being investigated by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) but there are allegations that a weapon converted to fire live ammunition was found in the mini cab.

As is often the case rumours spread quickly; however Duggan’s family decided that adequate information was not forthcoming from the police and a march was organized.  Within this peaceful march, elements of society who consider themselves disadvantaged decided to confront the police. It should be said at the outset that the family of Mark Duggan have condemned the subsequent riots as has the black Tottenham member of Parliament David Lammy who appealed for calm.

Over a period of four days riots spread across the UK, where young people hoodie attired and faces covered, broke into properties, stole goods, burnt buildings to the ground and there were the inevitable fatalities.  The resultant court appearances confirms the fact that both white and black were involved in the riots and theft in the main, were in areas with  sizeable black populations.

Why the confrontations with the police?

There are “some” young black people who live their lives bottled up in a few square miles of some UK cities where they were born.  Investing their time in a sub culture of drugs and gangs, a culture which is unacceptable to the wider society.  They have become almost unemployable because of lifestyle and social mores which are acceptable to their peer group but are frowned on by wider society.

To put matters in perspective there are hundreds of thousands of black people in the UK who lead successful lives and have no connection with these groups but are bound by colour. These young people have become alienated even from members of their own families, they do not know what causes offence and if they did I am not sure they would care.

The question must be posed why confront the Police.  Over time “some” over zealous police officers have used every opportunity available to search, question and in some instances harass these young people.  I am not suggesting these young people are without fault – because they are not, their attitude is a magnet for conflict with authority.

Now that the embers of burnt buildings are still warm the wider society is incensed and it is left to the Justice system to reflect the mood of general society.  No doubt prison sentences will be imposed on those caught where there is evidence.  The sentences will be “exemplary” to send a message and many young people, some even first time offenders – depending on the offence – will be imprisoned.  Voices will be heard saying the sentences are disproportionate to the act, perhaps they might be but rioting and looting can never be accepted as “ordinary”  in an ordered society.

May I remind you that in 1958 when mobs of white youths set upon black people and beat them up in the Notting Hill riots.  The judge then passed “exemplary” sentences on the white youths.  Nine youths received 5 years in prison each and also had to pay £500.  Those sentences were severe it is true but the message was sent mobs of white youths cannot go around attacking black people because they feel like it.  Exemplary sentences are sometimes justified.

Some sections of wider society have given up on these young people, who stab each other, shoot rivals dealing in drugs and cause mayhem much to the consternation of decent black people who live amongst them.  The recent riots have certainly brought home to people that containment of these groups will not work in the long term.  The behaviour they have inculcated will break out to the disadvantage of wider society.

This is not the time for mealy mouthed measures there must punishment, and rehabilitation.  It is not acceptable that rioting, burglary and looting should be excused, that is the road to anarchy in any society.

Help in the form of addressing social behaviour should be now.  Reasons can be given as to why it is necessary to change behaviour.  The misguided idea that you want people to be white is nonsense, and should be exposed for what it is.  People can be successful and be black through education, support and a change of lifestyle so that their children can be successful – the best role models should be in the home.  You cannot fully participate in a society when you do not have the social skills to do so.  Bravado as a mask to hide insecurities must be stripped away, we must have the courage to tell our black youth they are wrong if they are.  To use our colour as a cloak to continually fail  to speak out, or use it only to speak of past injustices – and they were many – is a futile exercise.

It cannot be acceptable that these young people are allowed to stab, shoot each other and deal in drugs under an umbrella of containment in a few square miles of major UK cities, sooner or later they will break out and we will have a problem. These young people are without fault – because they are not, their attitude is a magnet for conflict with authority.

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  1. @ Yardbroom
    Re: mixed races
    are you applying the following categorizations in analysis
    black mother + white father = black child
    black father + white mother = black child

  2. Thanks for this post. I was shocked and stunned to realize that in the UK being educated, speaking and dressing a certain way was considered “white” by both black people and some white people themselves.
    Unfortunately, this attitude is spreading worldwide it seems.

    (BTW, I wanted to point out also that Mark Duggan was not black, he was in fact bi-racial. When successful persons such as Barack Obama and Halle Berry self-identify or are referred to as black, certain groups get very annoyed. In much the same way then they should be equally annoyed when the unsuccessful, dysfunctional products of society who are bi-racial are also claimed as black.)

    I agree with you regarding some of the reasons for what is taking/took place. We clearly need to go further. Black people MUST have a serious conversation about exactly what we think Black culture is, as opposed to what is actually on offer in terms of this dysfunctional, deviant sub-culture masquerading as authentic culture; we especially must have this conversation with our children.

    What do the books on offer in schools and bookstores in the UK really say about black history and culture? Compare them to what is on offer to White British children. Or to what Asian children are given in their respective countries, or to what French children are given in theirs.

    The sad truth is that if you ask billions, not just millions of people, and not only in Britain as you have written about, to describe black culture – what do you think they would say? Of course some of us know better.

  3. @Yardbroom

    Welcome back from your sabbatical 🙂

    Could what we are seeing in these riots in the UK an early manifestation of what is possible in our Caribbean societies?

  4. People who are mired in hopelessness will eventually “explode”.

    The boys on the block will get tired watching the bimmers and benzes driving by.

    They too will become rioters if nothing is done to improve their lives.

    • @BAFBFP

      See message found in BU inbox apparently from Bimbro aka 199:

      BAF, wha u boddering me fuh nuh? when i wanted to talk to u u weren’t intristid, so wha u boddering me fuh now!

      Anyway, pun d subjik uh dem riots. onna know very well who responsible fuh dem but wunna jus doan wan fee admit it, do guh long living in wunna fools paradise! It gun catch up wid onna one day, doan worry!

      Anyway, i can wais my time wid d rude Bajans bo! good luck to wunna. c yuh!!

  5. These young people, regardless of which lane their embryos went down in God’s paint factory, need help BUT not the typical politically correct help ie handouts, babying, getting to decide that they intend to fail. Failure should NOT be an option in schools or life. Youngsters should have to attend school and must be monitored carefully, only those that are truly mentally disadvantaged ie low IQ or capability to learn the 3 Rs should be tolerated, all others would have to perform and attend classes that are remedial if needed.

    Bottom line children need help and direction. If they are not getting this attention at home they may eventually have to be placed in a military setting where education, physical activities and MOSt critically CARING DISCIPLINE are IMPOSED. Teenagers and many adults lack the systems recommended above choosing to FAIL is very easy so that has to be removed.

    Once the problems are understood thoroughly, the solutions are not difficult to formulate.

    Given the very lax attitudes of leadership and political correctness the disadvantaged are not receiving what they really require for success.

  6. Hi kiki
    I have used the term black here for people of mixed race, it is not strictly correct as bi-racial is often used, but those who do not agree with my terminology will understand the thrust of my argument.

    Hi nia,
    I am surprised as to what often passes as black culture even in Barbados; as a black Barbadian by birth – of some years – things I have not heard of or seen in my youth have suddenly come to the fore as “we culture”. I meet many young Barbadians working hard to get qualifications, trying to make a difference but they do not make the headlines but a young idiot with a hand gun who robs a shopkeeper of a couple hundred dollars will. Nia you are so right we should never allow manners, education, decency and the ability to pay our way in life to be seen as the purview of other races and not us – it is not true.

    Hi David
    I have remarked on this blog over many years past, that where there are drugs, there will be guns, where there are guns there will be violence. Drugs and guns are a lethal combination they can decimate a small society like Barbados.

    We are at the cross roads in Barbados, the two police officers recently shot is a “harbinger” of what life can be like in our island.

  7. i don’t know why they rioted
    but i’ve seen people flip out
    various aspects : protests. smashing shops. fighting police. criminal aspects: looting. murder. arson. looting..

    Don’t you know you’re talking about a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper
    Don’t you know they’re talking about a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper

    While they’re standing in the welfare lines
    Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
    Wasting time in unemployment lines
    Sitting around waiting for a promotion

    Don’t you know you’re talking about a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper

    Poor people are gonna rise up
    And get their share
    Poor people are gonna rise up
    And take what’s theirs

    Don’t you know you better run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run
    Oh I said you better run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run

    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talking about a revolution
    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talking about a revolution oh no
    Talking about a revolution oh no

    While they’re standing in the welfare lines
    Crying at the doorsteps of those armies of salvation
    Wasting time in unemployment lines
    Sitting around waiting for a promotion

    Don’t you know you’re talking about a revolution
    It sounds like a whisper

    And finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talking about a revolution
    Finally the tables are starting to turn
    Talking about a revolution oh no
    Talking about a revolution oh no
    Talking about a revolution oh no

  9. Nia….”I was shocked and stunned to realize that in the UK being educated, speaking and dressing a certain way was considered “white” by both black people and some white people themselves.
    Unfortunately, this attitude is spreading worldwide it seems.”

    Nia WAKE UP… this has been the thinking of of many BLACK people in Barbados. If you dress a certain way, talk a certain way, live in a certain area, keep around your property clean, decorate your home a certain way, a certain way means attractively … you are told that you are trying to be white. I always ask “tell me what is it like to be BLACK”? AND “How must BLACK people live”?

  10. Given the struggling economies around the world, governments, including Barbados, are under pressure to cut funding to social programs. In any society there is the poor and the disadvantaged and a safety net is put in place by governments which understand people live in societies and not economies. The challenge for Bajans and others across the world will be how does one do cost cutting which will likely effect social programs and at the same time fund policies to claw back the moral rot that is set in. At first blush it seems we have deposited ourselves in a vicious cycle.

    We live in interesting times.

  11. the police are looking for 30,000 rioters (based on the assumption there were 4 criminals for each crime).
    down with categorizations — people are people imho
    Fight Fight Fight

  12. An interesting shakeout from the eruption in the UK has been the highly publicised interview between Darcus Howe and BBC anchor-woman Fiona Armstrong.

    The “Accidental Rudeness” of the British
    By Stabroek staff  |  10 Comments  |  In The Diaspora | Monday, August 15, 2011
    By Melanie Newton
    We may never know the name of the person who recorded and uploaded an August 9 BBC television news segment, in which anchorwoman Fiona Armstrong interviewed the Trinidadian born journalist and black British community spokesperson Darcus Howe. Thanks to this anonymous person’s quick thinking, the full shame of Armstrong and the BBC is now available on Youtube for all the world to see.
    Armstrong interviewed Howe – who has worked as a BBC journalist – at the height of the recent disturbances that swept the UK. Things went downhill immediately, when Armstrong introduced him as ‘Marcus Dowe.’ After that, more or less every word Armstrong uttered was offensive. When Howe said he was not “shocked” by the riots given what was happening to “young people in this country”, she asked if he “condoned” the riots. She interrupted him when he said that the police “blew [Mark Duggan’s] head off”, patronizingly stating that: “we don’t know what happened to Mr. Duggan.” Armstrong’s vehemence was remarkable, given that the police admit they shot Duggan – what is in question are the circumstances of the shooting.

  13. These riots were caused by theiving poliitians and bankers. The police are their right arm so of course they would kill a black or bi-racial man and lie about it knowing that it will spark a riot, TO TAKE EVERYBODIES EYES OFF OF THEM, ANYTHING TO CAUSE A DISTRACTION.
    This is not the first killing of black or bi-racial person in england, in 2008 we had 24-26 dead black teenage boys (mostly under operation trident and anti terriorism. Which is the biggest farce the british government did to hide the fact and justify their theiving family and friends like Ruppert Murdoch. The actual instigators of crime and war everywhere.
    Most of the rioters weren’t even from the parts where black people live. Look at the student riots where mostly white peolple were. There was a man who threw a fire extinguisher from a high building that could have easily killed anyone below, the police pushed over a man just finishing work believing that he was one of the protestors – and he died. The rioting students damaged banks, statues and shops right in the city of london and around whitehall. Look at that also (students protests against high tuition fees) and see how differently it was handled.
    Why should we worry about who’s bi-racial when we recognise our own or that some black parent is grieving the loss of their child, at the hands of the police – YET AGAIN IN BRITIAN. LOOK at the history of deaths in custody and suss laws in the 70s as well as stop and search still going on NOW.
    You should also observe how long children have gone missing or dead in england since jews arrived in 1066(battle of hastings) WAR! They are the BANKERS, then look at how many wars these people have started since then, they take your mortgage money to build more weapons to fight more wars all over this planet. Now they want to talk cut backs in everybodies country, now that their people have got what they want, the poor will truely inherit the earth, but in what state? They are still investing in finding another planet to live on because this one is practicualy about to explode.
    They want people to take their minds and yes off of the real issue which is THEY ARE JEWISH THEIVES they and their allies caused the stock market crash of 1929. Look at how many banks have been closed down in america alone. Stay on the issue. Ruppert murdoch and his newspaper are responsible for all the phone scamming that even the jamaicans were using, because of diane abbott, condoleeza rice and colon powell being involved.
    wake up and look at the evidence

  14. @ Bajan. Much of what you post makes a lot of sense, as I think we are being fed a media lie to disguise the overarching problem with the British society and so called black culture. It really isn’t about black culture or white culture, it is about the wealthy and the poor and the misguided. That thing about black or white or Christian or Muslim, Chinese or Russian, Capitalist or Communist is a farce played out ad manipulated to divide us against each other.

    Years ago studies were done where they asked people which social bracket they felt they belonged to. The vast majority of working class people thought of themselves as middle class and a tiny amount thought of themselves as working class. Truth is the vast majority are working poor, unable to pay for the most basic of things in cash, or within 3 years on credit. (think about a decent, non luxury car).

    The majority of the population are misguided in chasing a material pipe dream they will never attain with any satisfaction because materialism cannot satisfy, because materials cannot express emotions.

    These misguided people prop up the very establishment that keeps them as working poor, numbed by alcohol and food additives, pacified by hollywood, corrupt politicians, pornography and the Main stream media and fed misinformation via the new technological age.

    For instance; the UN allows Britain, France and the USA to bomb people in Libya to save other people. The press tells the gullible, that they are protecting civilians. The people that support Gaddafi are civilians too!, but it’s ok to bomb them. The BBC broadcast images of people celebrating in the Green Square of central Tripoli a few days ago, yet if you look carefully at the flags in the movie you can see that it is the Indian flag and not the flag of the rebel movement. Check out the activist post website for August 23rd/24th.

    You see the UN mandate for NATO actions in Libya runs out next month, so the media is aiding and abetting NATO to make it appear that they have achieved their objective. Doesn’t it remind you of The USA’s push to take Baghdad and then declare victory. More people have died in Iraq since that declaration, than during the fighting to take the capital.

    Rich people and companies are destroying peoples lives to maintain their wealth and power, they use the media police officers and military to achieve their objectives and protect their interests. They care next to nothing for the misguided middleclass and nothing at all for the working poor except that they can act as breeding grounds for their soldiers, police officers and workers. Thats why people take the opportunity to riot, because the establishment which they live in is unfair and the establishment they live in is doing the same thing to some poor bugger in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Palestine, South Africa etc.

    They are mugging the people, looting their resources, killing their minorities and destroying their business’. What goes around comes around.


  15. i think the above video says it all.
    there will be a race war eventually.
    lets not forget the Russians when you think on these things
    as they will shoot you to see if the gun works.
    good luck.

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