Government Public Private Partnership Housing Strategy Comes Under Attack

Submitted by the People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Michael Lashley, Minister of Housing

A local home building firm charges the NHC/Government BDS$1.6 million for building 20 wall bungalow-type homes on so-called crown lands in a particular region in Christ Church.

The Government intends “to sell” these houses to prospective “buyers” on the local commercial housing market for BDS $ 1.8 million. But, being in no position to finance the building of  these houses on its own, the government treacherously lay waits portions of the relevant incomes of the relevant persons, businesses and other entities in this country, and brutally seizes them, to disgracefully diabolically pay this home construction business this BDS  $ 1.6 million.

However, before this happens, this firm goes and draws down on some of its savings and gets some institutional loans as well,  in order to help get the building plans, the workers, the resources, the equipment, the necessary building and building related approvals, and other such things together, so that it would be able to  construct the houses and turn them over to the government at the agreed time.

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  1. What provisions are the Ministry of Transport making to accommodate vehicular traffic especially on mornings when the Villages at Coverly Christ Church becomes fully occupied. The expected additional heavy traffic out of this “soweto” will place considerable strain on the Newton, Top Rock ,Graeme Hall and Garry Sobers Roundabouts. Getting into Bridgetown will be an even bigger headache. Highway 7 and the Collymore Rock road are likely to be frequently grid locked, moreso than it is at present. Why did the Ministry of Lashley and Housing and the Town planners not locate these houses in smaller multiple locations near other arterial roads into Bridgetown to offset this deluge of traffic . Also expected are traffic jams on the ABC Highway leading from the Villages to the Airport on mornings, as traffic exiting the Villages must merge with traffic on the highway,to proceed to the Airport Roundabout to do an about turn back on to the ABC Highway or turn right onto Highway 7 via Oistin.

  2. Whomsoever wrote that piece needs to return to school, this time to pay attention to the teacher. That piece is like the PDC, a nothing.

  3. Thank you PDC for enlightening us to the happenings in our government, this is not a trivial matter and should not be taken lightly. Many things with eventually come out about this government, they obviously care nothing about public servants neither the small man. 2013 is taking way too long to get here.Change will definitely come.

  4. PDC do not be deterred from your duty in seeking to bring issue to the fore. Some among us are so ignorant that ignorance is an understatement.

  5. My concern is, these houses are slab houses that are put together by crane thereby reducing the quantity of labour needed on this project, also the square footage of these houses are significantly smaller when compared to a standard 3bedroom 1bath house, so how comes these houses are so expensive and finally the target market for whom these houses were built cannot afford them so to whom are they going to sell them?

    Another thing the cultural sociology of Barbadians when desiring to own a piece of the rock is to be able to have a little space around them, certainly in the conceptualizing of this project this was not taken into consideration.

    Bajans only live close together because they have absolutely no choice and that is for a particular class of Barbadian, and certainly this class can’t afford these expensive 2×1 matchboxes.

  6. The other real danger is the build up of carbon monoxide from the heavily used ABC Highway drifting back into these “barracks blocks”, coupled with the fumes from the nearby jet engines, which I can smell in my home 3 miles downwind. The closeness of these houses do not lend itself to the adequate circulation of wind around the homes to facilitate the adequate dispersal of this deadly gas. A very bad place to bring up children, or for persons with respiratory problems .
    One consolation is that Mrs Ram no longer keeps a chicken farm immediately upwind, but with the ever increasing price of chicken , she may resume.

    • @Colonel Buggy

      Some good points but you shouldn’t worry too much, Bajans have not shown themselves to be too environmentally aware.

  7. i observe the pdc referring to the immigration policies of barbados nd the usa as draconic. i wionder what would be his view of the policy of cuba which denies its citizens the right to freely in and out of their country FREELY.i would not vote for the P.D.C until it denounces a regime which encourages its citizens to spy on one another.

  8. I tried to make some sense of the article and just could not, as a consequence i had to abandom my efforts to read it as the logic was poor.

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