NHC got jokes

The following notice piqued the interest of the blogmaster. Hopefully the irony of the announcement is not missed by an educated Barbadian citizenry.

Ian ‘Cupid’ Gill – Chairman of NHC

Offices in NHC Building closed 

The offices of the Ministry of Housing, Lands and Maintenance, the Treasury Department and the National Housing Corporation (NHC), which are located in the NHC Building on Country Road, St Michael, will be closed on Monday as a result of environmental issues.

It is due to reopen on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m.

The Treasury Department has advised that those who wish to access the cashier and customer services for pensions may do so at the General Post Office, Cheapside, St Michael.


6 thoughts on “NHC got jokes

    • Deputy PM Bradshaw told us Chairman the NHC was added to a team traveling to Netherlands to examine water systems. Wouldn’t his time be better spent trying to make the NHC solvent?

  1. Speaking of wicked jokes by the wicked people throughout His Story

    Why are White Men smirking smiling laughing and winking at each other?

    Who built all the roads and fancy buildings in the centres of financial cities and how were they financed?

    Road to Slavery EP

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