Barbados Education In The Deja Vu Zone

Submitted by Raw Bake


Minister of Education, Ronald Jones

“Six males scored zero, but all the females scored between one and 100.”

After all the celebrations have ended, can you ask the Minister Of Education the following:

How fair is a system that forces students, who do not have the ability to get even one question right, to take an exam for entrance to a secondary school?

What is the rationale for subjecting such children and their parents to this mental trauma year after year?

Does the Minister agree with the observation that yet again, it would appear that children form the middle to upper economic classes have a higher than average chance of “succeeding” in this exam?

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  1. Raw Bake
    Doan get me wrong. Wah I got a frien dat got ’bout 5 or 6 CXC’s too n workin in de road wid a jackhamma. (He real sexy too, ya hear, O my gawdddddd).

    Wah I tryin ta sah is dat dese chil’ren might be betta at a trade so why waste dem time confusin dem wid de 3R’s.

    Of course I won’t mind a plumba or carpenta workin pun my house dat cannnnn read nor rite. He might be good as shite at wah he doing. Moreso dhan de whun dat cud read n rite n tryin ta juck out ma eye. Becausen a person cannnnnnn ‘hand-dance’ doan mean dat he is less dhan a man ya kno.

    I agree, we need specially trained teacher to assist those with a learning disability. We
    agree on that idea Raw Bake.

    Colonel Buggy

    First tings first, I would like you ta stop lookin at me so. Good. Nex ting, why you frothin at de mouth? You eat piece a blue soap?

    Now, I am not crying down or scoffing at these persons whom I suggest should learn a trade, so don’t read me wrong at all. I am only trying to suggest that we shouldn’t write them off because they didn’t excell in school but that we should get them into a Trade School and see if they are better with their hands. Of course , they have to use their brains also but it would be doing something which interests them. Understand? You say you are a product of the Technical Institute at Richmond Gap, so dat meanz dat you is a ol bat like me, so tek down dah young eye n put up de ol wrinkley eye. ya in foolin me Colonel Buggy.

    N de duncy whuns dat live in Wes Terris n Wansted would en up at Queens. Dah is all. LOL

  2. It is all well and good to say we have a University a Community College and a Polytechnic but do they really meet the need of the society in which we live? The admission requirements at UWI and the courses offered have been a deterrent to many late bloomers. I happened to come across the UTT website in Trinidad and man they seem to have hit the nail on the head. With the entry requirements of 3 CXC’s or GCE’s and the multitude of courses offered it has addressed the needs of a growing society. They have successfully merged some their older technical institutions into an international accredited University. Yes we here can knock Trinidad but they are moving ahead in this area while we are churning out “De Greed” individuals who cannot contribute anything worthwhile to our society except pound their chest and say they have a Degree.

  3. I envisga tha in the zoning concept, that the elite childrend(those who have exceptional abilities should go to two schools, either Harrison College or Queens College), those as bonny say that appear to have difficulty with the 3 Rs rwill go on to trade schools, I have been tolld that that was the rationale for the establishment of the newer secondary schools . Thoses with mixed abilities be zoned.

    There are other issues that need to be addressed, there need to be more remedial educational specialists in the Ministry of Education and in the primary schools, more pyscholists in the Ministry. The trained remedial specialist will spot if the problem a
    child has is psychological and refer him/her to the appropiate agency. For example, the child might be dyslexic( hope that is the correct spelling cause I is a parrot and ah cant think) and need help, the child migh have eye problems etc. etc..

    A few years ago, i met this young man who was dyslexic and could not pass English, i referred him to a specialist and he was successful in passing English, if his probem was diagnosed earlier his confidence and selfesteem would not have been impacted like it had.


    Tell mah if yah agree with this shortie. You is a detective or what. Colonel buugie try to foll yah with dah young eye when he went to the Richmond Institute, he like he thing that you foolish. Stop looking at them tall men and try and admire the short one too else i gun bannish you to an isalnd with bear short men and see how you gan survive yah hear.

  4. Just only asking
    LOL, whenevva you reddy ta banish me ta a islan wid bare short men I reddy ta ga long. Two piece n all. I reddy ta tek dem on.

    Colonel Buggy tryin ta pull a fas whun pun me wid dah young eye. Man I nearlly ded.

    Colonel Buggy
    Put up de eye dat got de catarack pun um. ya tricksta.

  5. Buggy
    Man ya tryin ta fool a ol bat like me agen? dat ‘eye’ in na lady eye. dah is a male eye. doan ask me how i kno. I jus kno.

    And de ugliest baby is be real cuteeeeeee to it muddah too. Ondastan?

  6. Bonny yuh toow wutless…..Watch yuh step Buggy might jest be de opposite sex even dough it name colonel. LOLLLLL an might be a Bighter LOLLLL

  7. islandgal246 | June 10, 2011 at 8:06 PM |
    Bonny yuh toow wutless…..Watch yuh step Buggy might jest be de opposite sex even dough it name colonel. LOLLLLL an might be a Bighter LOLLLL

    One (1) Correct
    One (1) Incorrect
    Take ya pick…..LOLLLLLLL

  8. Islandgal

    #1. Colonel Buggy is a MAN. ( I feel he rale sexy tu)

    #2. He IS a bighter. (afta’rall, what is life widout a lil bight hay n day evva sa offen)

    Ah lie???????????????.

  9. @Bonny

    Good evening, yah see the article that Professor Henry Fraser write bout de drug service, yah must read um though, all them that did palying the ahd nuff to say too shame, including the scout et all.

    Make sure yah read um, i gine back to the coop and look fuh islandgal before she miss the intellectulal discusioons we does have there wile fowling around. .

  10. Bonny Peppa | June 11, 2011 at 2:59 PM |

    #1. Colonel Buggy is a MAN. ( I feel he rale sexy tu)

    #2. He IS a bighter. (afta’rall, what is life widout a lil bight hay n day evva sa offen)

    Ah lie???????????????.

    As the Yanks say……Ten-Four

  11. I have a question please show me some evidence that by placing all children of similar academic ability in a single school produces better wokers, thinkers, entrepreneurs, citizens, etc.

    I think that what we are in fact are doing is creating a somewhat artificial environment, by allocating students to secondary schools in the way that we do, we are in most cases dumbing down our children because the range o role models that they would have in this environment is somewhat resticted. Hoever, this would be very different if they attended a school that catered to mixed abilities and which truly is more reflective of society, that which students are being prepared for. The truth is that students should go to the nearest school to their home, parents should be interested in their child’s education and play an active role in the PTA. Schools should be the centre of their community, open to all and treated with respect, not fenced in with a security guard pacing up and down.

  12. The 11+ system is not perfect but it works. Most of the males in my family went to HC and Lodge in the 50s, 60s, 70s those that did not were very few but it was an accurate assessment of ability. The Barbados Scholar, a female, went to Foundation.

    The variables that affect the individual are many and include ability, school, family factors. However, in my family I have examples of children in adverse situations outperforming those that had life smoother, so it depends on reactions to the worlds problems.

    Students of all income categories went to school at HC and many succeeded from very modest situations. In my day 2 Govt Primary schools were outstanding Wesley Hall and St Giles. So Govt should have researched why and DUPLICATED the formulae throughout the island.

    While it has to be accepted that some primary kids cant make it academically the Govt should have professional methods of helping those that have identifiable probs that can be cured or assisted. HC produced not only scholars but musicians (Gabby), businessmen, drunks, drug pushers etc.

    St Leonard’s produced my furnace installer, a function which I could not accomplish and my UPS courier a guy who I depend on.

    I believe it is important to challenge kids who have exceptional ability and even so you loose many at top schools because they are bored silly or just plain wutless. In the US, the guy with an IQ of at least 195 did not finish high school because he was so much cleverer than everyone else, he was bored silly and he ended up as a bouncer, living in a renovated double garage but eventually marrying a University Prof with an IQ of 168 who is” the fool” in the family. What a waste, he should have been identified early and sent to school with his high IQ peers. like HC/QC.

    The critical factor in the school system should be the ability to upgrade when you perform or later in life when you decide to get serious.

  13. The education “powers-that-be” keep on saying that it’s the people who categorize the schools into top schools and bottom schools, etc. They say that the teachers are on the same level of certification and so the schools are on a level playing field.
    My suggestion: If the schools are on a level playing field and the teachers are equally qualified, then stop wasting time every year with this school selection process. Just allocate a number of students to each school and assign this group randomly to a school so e.g. the top 160 performers in the Common Entrance may all go to Garrison one year, to Princess Margaret the next, to Combermere the next, etc.
    How about that for educational reform?

  14. Why is it that the Ministry of Education send a trrained professional that was helping students with special needs to teach Physical Education, when results were seeing in our children. Do they really care?

  15. Here’s Bonny:

    “Man, I nearly crucify de bitch wid licks. (LOL)
    But anyway, he did exceedingly well in school and passed out with about 8 A’Levels.”

    No. See, Bonny, this is how it works. You write stuff and then you own it. You always own it. It is recorded. At some later point, when it’s been pointed out to you that what you originally wrote was an abomination, of course you can go back and change it.

    But the original is recorded. It cannot be changed. It can, say, be given in evidence in any kind of litigation.

    You wrote it, you own it. It must be embarrassing for you that you even wanted to alter the written record.

  16. Bonny of blessed memory on June 7, 2011 at 5:23 PM

    Look, dis new format you got confusing me. Dis ol gal in too au fait wid de tecknology. I prefer de udda whun. Um confuzin ma hed.l

    I agree.

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