There Is A Winner But Is There A Victor? A Post Mortem Of The NUPW Election And Beyond

Submitted by NUPW Insider

Walter Maloney, President of the National Union of Public Workers - Photo Credit: Nation Newspaper

The count has ended and the spoils have been shared and the vanquished have departed to lick their wounds. The smiles will broaden for those whose ink soiled the space that cleansed the taint that clasped so tightly on the image of the President. He will have the broadest smile for his tally confirms that in the land of the blind he is the one eyed giant, cheques, buying club, wellness centre, bar bills and all. He has stood the test and no sower grapes can alter that fact.

The Forde, King, Gill triad will limp away and forever question the sense of competing against an incumbent president as individual warriors without adequate armour and the soldiers. They will think that the result was due to each other’s selfishness and a public service lost in a sea of apathy and lethargy. They will find solace in the fact that for what it was worth they dared take the time and found the commitment to seek to influence change. The triad will relive the election with wonderment that Maloney could in the face of argued and published evidence of misappropriation deal such warm licks to their egos and to their public personas.

Clarke the chief executive officer will in his usually unclear style will relax and fall back into a rhythm of erratic pronouncements and clearly un-researched assertions. He will no doubt escape into ecstatic celebration that the cost of travel to Italy and Spain will now be borne by the members of the NUPW as the block to his achievement demits office in the aftermath of what was referred to as a bloody election.

But what about the 1944 baby, how will this election affect its growth to adulthood, how will the anguish and spoils play themselves out in the theatre of industrial, management and human relations. How will the NUPW cope in this new environment?

The election in my view demonstrates that the institution has no meaning to the thousands that pay $26.00 per month outside the comfort of grievance representation, salary negotiations and the fringe benefits that are provided. It speaks to a frightening realization that union to the membership has nothing to do with participation and may have been a reminder of the eternal pain caused by the unifying of the Scottish and English crowns and Ireland and Great Britain in the 17th and 18th centuries respectively.

The indiscretions of the President have been documented and although they will leave a scar on the image of the NUPW for many a year, the turn out and the voting pattern in the face of all that went before will, in my view widen the gap between those that participate and those that stay away. It paints an image that the few who have direct benefits from their close association are committed to allow the sickening conditions to continue to fester and those that cannot stand the stench find flight and distance welcome partners to their cowardly stance.

But the future beckons and there are a few lights added to the darkness and the sullen and pitying backdrop provides for them opportunities to shine brightest. They must guard against pollution without hiding from the travail and find the wisdom to set and demand standards and the courage to protect them. The temptation will be great to join the party and to sign and enjoy. Just remember that the while men and women took Barabas over Jesus, it is not necessary to let this Easter season cement into the minds of all Barbadians that we must await the coming of the messiah to make clean and right the mess that now represents that baby born back in 1944. New babes and Jones it is up to you.

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  1. Mr. Maloney, what is your union’s position on cameras at the ports of entry to be located at strategic areas where immigration and customs officials function?

    The question becomes pertinent in the aftermath of the Myrie incident. Could we get some in on a temporary basis at least ahead of the Reggae on the Hill Show?

  2. It was reported on the news that Ms. Myrie is returning to Barbados to identify the officer that allegedly finger-raped her, so something is going to happen. Presumably, there will be a lineup of females who were and were not on duty at the time, to avoid an officer being conveniently fingered.

  3. such crap. she will be going all out with a lie. what custom, police or immigration officer, knowing that they can lose their pension, if fired by government, would break the law in full view of 2 other officers, who he/she knows could testify against him? i know that they are not perfect but when it comes to deliberately breaking the law with witnesses, it does not happen, why are the other people in the group that came with her and were allowed into Barbados not come offered and said it was so? she’s too stupid for her age

    • @Caswell

      Listened to your interesting presentation yesterday on national radio.

      It is a shame the radio station tends to invite every Tom, Dick and Jerry but would avoid a man like you who demonstrates a deep grasp of issues which afflict the public service.

      A conspiracy some may say?

      Even a match up with many who lead the several unions their breath of understanding on the issues, especially the policy framework which drives union business, seems to be lacking.

  4. @anthony

    You maybe correct. All through the mudslinging BU was listening to hear about Maloney’s track record of achievements for his 6 years.

  5. Maloney has a good track record lies and more lies .well it now time to see how this new executive will handle what evidence they will find against him and Clarke , if he will repay d cell phone bill and d bar account ,how they will handle Clarke’s son affair (REMEMBER THAT THE CONFERENCE WAS MISS LEAD BY MALONEY REFUSAL TO HAVE THE REQUESTED DOCUMENTS READ TO THE CONFERENCE YET CLARKE READ FROM THEM ), they fore a miss carriage of justice . but it only just begun we hope that all the plans will work just like d elections plans . lets hope that next five years that the property still belongs to d nupw . by the the way my son lost his Vote ,but we will still be a member ,he is young only 22,so he has to now work .

  6. Of course I am disappointed but not distraugjht. in the 1st instance more people voted that last year so there was clear evidence tht the people wanted to get rid of maloney. Secondly there has been chane and four new people have been selected. This would give members a chance to see if it was Maloney and clarke ofr those that have been replaced. The agenda for reform must start with the cell phone bills. Maloney has to pay them back, all and soon rather than later. Then we shall all wait and see what happens with the trip to Italy and Spain. If this new crowd will ignore call s by Clarke to have this vacation paid for by members. This executive cannot approved any payments not sanctioned or approved by a previous without so,me investigation. At least it should do that. It would be wise if this new group set up an independent committee made up of members including a retired executive to review some of the issues that led to the confusion. It would be nonsense just to ignore them and move foward becuse if they point to weaknesses in the structure or the processes then they wioll happen again if not addressed. Take the cell phone issue NO EXECUTIVE MEMBER SHOULD HAVE UNLIMITED CALLS. THere should be a limit thsat allows contact between the secretariat and the executive. A limit of $200.00 per month and that should be for the President and the treasurer. The stipend that was increased to 1300.00 per month should be reduced and most of all no accounts should be allowed at the bar for any executive. This is a start and there are more. This runaway spending train must be brought to a halt and Maloney MUST be harnessed.

  7. To All Bloggers:

    Why would you believe that I would run away just because my candidate DANNY GILL lost. This presents a excellent opportunity for my Candidate DANNY GILL to come again. The reason: ALL OF THIS ELECTED NUPW EXECUTIVE ARE MEMBERS AND STAUNCH SUPPORTERS OF THE DLP.

  8. David
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for me to be invited on the radio stations. We don’t want to lose you just yet.

    Look carefully at the media during the NUPW election campaign and analyse what happened. Maloney was given prominence on television and in the Nation. On election day, the Nation carried a story on the back page and gave Maloney the opportunity to explain the phone bill. His explanation was totally untrue but it worked. People must understand that Maloney had no right to a NUPW funded cell phone. All the calls were personal. He has no authority to conduct business for NUPW, that’s the General Secretary’s job.

    Danny Gill paid for advertising in the Nation and they buried the ad: you had to go in search for the ads on Sunday and Wednesday. Talk about a conspiracy.

    There seems to be a campaign (aided and abetted by the Nation Group and CBC) to ensure that all major non-governmental organizations are controlled from George Street.

  9. Just got involved in a conversation and could not believe that some people were not aware of the situation at the NUPW and Maloney’s behaviour. I mean even after the newspaper revalation I still hearing responses of shhock about the cell phone money. Outside the post office a group of us were discussing the result and asking how it turned out that way. Out of five only two voted one for king and one for Maloney. She did not read the nation and was not aware of the phone bill She said if she could take back her vote she would. That really raised the issue of awareness and interest in the union and I am hoping that the new executive places as an early agenda matter. It is important thatr more members take an interest in the union’s business

  10. That is because wunna start campaigning too late against Maloney. Wunna shudda star earlier but wunna could still force Maloney to resign. Wunna is Trade Unionist , wunna shlould know how to do dah.

  11. @Caswell

    You need to continue putting the issues in the public domain. Sometimes the unexplainable occurs to give wings to a position.

  12. To all bloggers and non-bloggers

    I have sutmitted a lengthy article in response to the caption, but I dont know where it has gone. Consequently I shall contruct another one and re-submit.

    I will ensure that there is reform of the NUPW. It mus not be allowed to continue to do business the way it has done over the last 10 years.

    My interest is not sinister like some people here. I grew up with the Union and now that i am a few years from retiring, I want to see it survive to serve our future generations.

    It must not be used as a playing ground for a few like when they go to on overseas conferences, neither must it be used to satisfy people’s egos.

    I gone for now.

  13. That is very mature of you manasseh and I hjope that you stick to your word and do not run away. I did not hear the radio interview given by Maloney but saw the article in the Friday Advocate. I had to laugh at the comment that the result showed that decency overcame indecency. What a laugh! I have accepted the verdict of the voters and will move on but statements like that coming from Maloney are enough to make anyone vomit. I mean the article in the Nation on Wednesday was not mudslinging or indecency, it was factual and his other comments about people writing and saying things not understanding how the union functions is only hot air from an empty head. Clearly say what you like about Caswell and MNasseh they are union people and although they may never be elected for whatever reason they are well versed in union affairs and Maloney knows that they are. He can never recover from abusing the members dues and whether he gets 700 or 7000 votes every time I see him or hear his name I will remember that dastardly action. I know I did not vote for him and would never not even if he ran for Mr. Dishonest because I feel he would cheat me.

    Nonetheless I hope all those that participated will encourage their supporters to get involved and be prepared to participate in committees and whatver councils they have also to join the work colleagues and select good shop stewards and other representatives. In other words get involved and save this union from the Maloneys of this world. It is not too late.

  14. To maxine

    Thank you. Four years ago i was disappointed about what happened in some of the poling stations. Some friends of mine had indiacted to me that some poling clerks attempted to influence how they voted. I have heard complaints again about such attempts, but what do you expect when some of the said clerks sitting on council are selected.

    After that, i had become dis-interested and kept my distance, but when I realized that the Union had degeneated to the point where it is being used for selfish pursuit, I got involved and hence my desire to ensure that no one ever get elected un apposed while i am around.

    I had put forward my name for the ist four positions and after I realized that every post was going to contested I was about to withdraw, but was persusded to remain and run for the position of President.

    I will be around as long as I have life. I will be monitoring the new executive to see how that phone bill is handled. I find it interesting that you had someone acting as President and yet the President was making calls claiming that he was conducting unio’s business. What a load of rubbish.

  15. Well, I’m sorry I was away and missed the bun fight as well as the humiliating skulk of those that that had the temerity to stand for both major posts and lost. Charm alone, it seems, is not enough to forde the political gap between those that succeed and those that flatter to deceive.
    Thank God that justice, in the end, usually triumphs – as is the case with re-elected President Maloney. Let’s hope this time he keeps a closer eye on those close by, a repeat of such glaring transgression by his senior staff may not be so easily overcome in the future. Remember, Walter, keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. You may not be so lucky next time discussions arise about shennanigans concerning committee perks, be they travel or otherwise.
    But, I close with a resounding Congratulations! Even those who think Maloneney is simply the best of a bad bunch must be heaving a sigh of relief that the mendacious trio of Forde, King and Gill were thoroughly routed – although spare a little sorrrow and sympathy for the latter – he just needs to choose better friends if history is to be prevented from repeating itself.

  16. Trade unions must hold leadership to higher standards. It is incomprehensible, that a cell phone bill of that magnitude was allowed in the first place. We seem to be going through a national period, quite similar to animal farm, where it is now almost impossible to identify who are the animals and who are the farmers. It is obviuous that there is need for new vision and leadership within the entire trade union movement.

  17. I cannot believe that one man admitted to misusing members money and the entire movement is asked to take the blame. This country gone sick. All it took was 600 voters to send a message that dishonesty and any semblance of it will not be condone. What we have in stead are excuses and rationaling of the other cnadidates and whether it is true that the calls were made in the line of duty. Has anybody stopped to ask what is the cell phone bill of the General Secretary or any of the other staff? Have any of them gone overseas for any period> What were their bills like? Is it the practice for staff overseas to conduct union business when overseas? What is the limit placed on cell phone use and what are the average monthly bills of the executive members?

    Come on where are the good men and women who want this place clean up, who want honest and upright men and women to lead? Are they all gone to Brazil? and finally what is the position of the Chief Execuitive Officer on this bill? Has he got a tongue. Every day he has something to say except about the management of his charge. What a story, what a man what a union.

  18. I think Senior Publlic Officere are given between $130-140 as a telephone allowance and those of us in the lower s grade are given half of that amount.
    The new Executive needs to cap the amount on cell phone bills, the Union is not a gravy train and I do not plan to pay increased dues.

    I want that bill repaid, what Union relalted matters that was discussed that the then acting President coud not handled?

    I am amazed that some people want to overlook such a serious transgression. No wonder why some adults cant teach their charge about honesty and why this society is producing a cadre of persons who have no value for other people’s property.

    I gone

  19. Boy I work till 10pm and mornings are a struggle and thn mid daycomes and I am off to work o I now look forward to the blog and hope to use it often. I mean the nupw matter was bad business but I learnt about the blog and I believe I owe it to the nupw members to use it to keep this message living until it gets clean. King, it is good that u ave not disappeared and i hope that thisis an indication that u will keep at it and help to clean it up. I will introduce myself to you and make a commitment to help but I do not want to be on any committees or special groups. On one thing we share common ground is that Maloney will pay that money back. I believe that the General Secretary should be instructed by the rest of the Executive or the Council to tun off hat phone till the bill is paid. I read in an early blog that the NUPW has similar conditions as the public service and i doubt that any chairman of a Board could do what Maloney did and get away with it. Some Permanent Secretary or Minister who have asked for his resignation. It would not have been left to the entire public service. What is Clarke doing and what about the government, dont they give a subvention. Is that what the taxpayers money is being used to do, pay maloney overseas phone calls? Wow

  20. Maloney how adout the overseas calls that were made in january and Febuary this year those must be included- thats why Denis Clarke cannot say any thing for it was an exchange $10000for his son ,$6000 plus in phone calls for Maloney .

  21. On the day of the elections the Nation Newspaper carried a story from Maloney that he would repay those calls which are deemed as personal. Why would it take so long for this task to be administered?

  22. David

    You all seem to miss the point of that story. Maloney’s friends at the Nation was just trying to influence the election. NONE of those calls were business calls. The President is not required to conduct any business for the union: that’s the General Secretary’s job. In any event Maloney was on VACATION in New York and there was an acting President. The bill has a breakdown of the calls which would make very interesting reading. I do not want to publish it cause it would cause embarassment to others.

    While you are at it, ask how he acquired the phone in the first place. He was not authorised to have one by the National Council.

  23. Ihope that if nothing else happens following this nasty affair of misapprpropriation because I believe that is what this money spending is, the members who pay their $26.00 pay more attention to the union. Can u imagine there has been NO finacial report for two years, just heard that this morning! What is the state of the union finaces, What else was wasted or misappropriated and to think that there is a council? My word this is one mess and 10,000 members at 26.00 per month. Somebody do the maths. The union is a big business being run by people without the skills and competence. Come on members get to it.

  24. Into this fracas of the cell phone bill. As I understand when exec officers go on vacation or holiday they still receive their stipend and the next officer down the line is paid extra to act for the period. Mamoney does not nor should not have a bill higher than the Gen Secretary or the members of the staff. It is an affront for him to be stating that he will pay for only what was personal. Were the calls to the female member of the union’s staff late at night for over an hour most times, the same member of staff who is always at his work place all after 12 am, work related. Maybe his wife should look into this situation. I hate thieves and women who behave so lowe and deprave.

  25. GLYNE love what you said -that you hate thieves and women who behaveso lowe and deprave -maybe you need a sofa rest your MA -lone on .But remember lowe has risen high in a short time ,may be you need to spend 50 minutes on an overseas call and then tell your children it was business , but what type of business (Clarke =st.lucia,maloney=jamaica and Bermuda ) find the common factor a lowe blow

  26. David you ask about the length of time ,if you had any intentions to pay you would seek out how much you owe and pay but more important ,its only you that have made the calls ,who will know what is personal from business-Mamoney has a NHC phone did he ran up that bill -NO . SO WE SWOPP ,you get your son $10000 and cancell by $6000plus phone ,after all we HUNT TOGETHER.(JESSY and James)

  27. This thing getting messy and I hope it does noyt get to a new low. I am hoping that the issue stays with the principal and princip,le. I hope that he members look past the ignorance of who decides which calls and makes sure that Maloney pays the entire bill. I got to talking to two members of CTUSAB and we all agreed that ghere is no way that any executive member of the BWU would ever think about using any phone belonging to the BWU to make an overseas call far less calling from New York to Canada and from Canada to New York. One member said that Sir Frank would turn in his grave. I said that Horatio Cooke probably crying in his. To think that the NUPW has head of departments and Permanent Secretaries Magistrates, lawyers, head masters and mistresses, engineers, architects a whole set of professionals that sign codes of ethics and all of them have remained silent, some of them even voted for Maloney. This is a shame and shows that ethical behaviour has now become a thing of the past. This wrotten mess is nasty enough to make a person vomit. I will get some of these bigups addresses and emails and send them the details because I can only believe that they are not aware. They cant be when some of them tell their wards and clients thou should not steal and the clients money is not yours and make sure you maintain ethical standards and most of all if you do the cry you spend the time. Is their silence and indicator that they are supportive of this kind of behaviour. I hope not for the sake of this country. I off to bed and will wait till morning for a reply

  28. at 6 am my phone rang to ask me if I read the blog and the discussion about some NUPW staff member and the President. I do not understand it and that is not an issue for me. If the president has to call a staff member for information that is his and her business but I must ask why is he not calling the General Secretary? I mean any matter of union business can wait till daylight simply because any file that is needed has to wait till the staff is at work but i belieeve that any call should be to the General Secretary. I was told that the Union pays for a cell phone for the General Sectretary and only two persons have the number, his administrative officer and the marketing officer for the medicare. Why is that so if it is true and why no one or these two? Have to get to the bottom of this. I will get my friend to call Franklyn if he does not come on the blog. Mesy and getting worse. This is not about any election because that is over this is about bad management simply that and the General Secretary like he is not worth what paddy shot

  29. Maxine correction. Not the medicare marketing officer, but the Madam who is now on travel to italy and spain, the dumb, dumb, Medicare supervisor

  30. I do not understand why people keep saying that this lady dumb at this rate of travel she will go down in the HALL of fame for her ability to get paid vacations with spending money. She cannot be all that dumb and must have some kind of skill that the other staff members do not have. I am told Italy, Spain on top of Las Vegas, Miami, St, kitts. Grenada and Dominica in two years Wow.

  31. Pppl i went away for a lil time! i see that this blog has done very little to influence the leadership of the nupw. maloney is back and will be back again. Kudos to the many qualified and competent public servants who turn theri backs on the service of their brothers and sisters who toil in these very challenging times! Voluteerism and community spiritedness is figment of thepast.

    Well i got back in time to hear a little of Maloney’s Crown speech! hahaha he laughing at the bloggers!! interseting enuff he now wants the Union to have a seat on the Public Srervice Commisssion. whose position is this again? the union’s or maloney’s personal position. I want ppl to ask Dennis Clarke or any other snr members of the nupw staff if they think that the Union should be represented on the Pub. service commission??

    maloney ever heard or read about ‘collective responsibility’? imagine if a decision is made by the PSC that disadvantages a publice servant and member of the nupw, and the nupw sits on that commission who will that [person run to for representation. whta would Dennis Clarke say if the Deputy Gen Secreatry is the rep on the PSC. this sound like another big project, much like the buying club and medical /wellness centre.

    wunna does really listen and follow maloney comments? wunna mad as ass ya know> my memeory good! remember he promised ppl that he would try to get their gratuity to invest before they retire? then he promised the housing project with the acres that were promised by the administration at the time. i heard the plans for the houses and land were lost in a Ford over a Cliff!! now it the seat on the public service commoiisiion. gu long wunna clowns! Oh yea he promised top pay the phone bill? if he pay that bill or the bills at the bar i will do a 6:30 at passa passa!!

    NUPW members look for another tumultuous two years. i hop e the new executive have strong skelletons they will need them! i wish the new treasurer well, she will be walking into a minefield. nuff cheques to be signed all related to the general secreatry> i hope the relations between the treasurer and gs improves!

  32. Maxime

    Please do introduce your self. I am going no where. I have promised those who supported me that the way the Union do business must change.

    Union members must read the rules and standing orders to know what power they have. Members have the right to go to the Union and inspect the books and request information from that body. When they have concerns they can address their concerns to the Trustees of the said Union. The trustess are people of good standing.

    Interestingly, a number of people came up to me after the elections and said that they supported me and they were sorry about the outcome. I promised them I will go no where and that I cannot be intimidated by anyone at this juncture of my life.

    I have a simple pilosophy get to where you want on your on boot strap and I have done that despite the obtacles placed in my way for my forthrightness, because of that i have been overlooked for promotion on numerous occasions. Nevertheless i am thankufl to God for giving me the ability to say when something is wrong and stand my ground against the odds. i remember Joh Mccain saying that if he had to run for Mr. Congeniality he would not win and the same here. I find it difificult not to tell the truth about a situation, i have not be schoole in deceit and dont intentd to at this stage of my twilight years.

    i will cite an example, a few years ago, I intervened when someone in the personel section attempted to use authority reserved for the Public Services Commission. as a result of my intervention a satement was made to the effect that I could not act in a higer grade while the person remained in the instituion. I was not fazed, as I beleive that I stood on the side of fair play. The rest is history that person has retired on medical grounds having been told that she would have to revert because she did not satisfy the statutory requirements for the post.

    I fought that case with valour and did not let the threat prevented me from doing what I know was right. Whenever the person I represented meet me she would remind me of how I stood up for her. Whenever she hears anyone say anthing adverse about me all she would say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.
    I am giving the new Executive time to settle in before I formally write them about the cell phone bills and the Medicare Centre.
    If I do not get the cooperation, I will involve the trustees of the Union.

    Interentingly enougth, I was speaking to an economist recently about the said wellness centre concept and he asked me one question, does the Government have an unlimited supply of money to supply the QEH WITH every thing it needs? With that my fertile mind started to conjure up a number of questions to be asked.

    I gone for now

  33. well, maloney has no one to blame but himself for the iniquitous position he now finds himself.person in positions be it priest, bishop , politician or lawyer ought to hold themselves to the higest standards behaviour in order to maintain the trust and confidence of those they serve. he must pay those bills sooner rather than later to avoid further besmirching of his already battered character and the negative impact these allegations must have on the image of an already discredited organisation. as i said in an earlier comment, maloneys and clarkes come and go; so all the maloney and clarke bashing by selfserving individuals can accomplish is the further undermining of an organisation in which its membership would c0ntinue to lose faith and prospective members would be skeptical of joining. by now the whole world should know of the alleged discretions of maloney and clarke and it is time to stop and think about the image of the organisation. i think the public of barbados would be better served if we channel our energies to find out how did the 10million put into clico by the govt benefit the policy holders and/ or the public and if some of the 10million was used to settle mr parris’s claim.

  34. FRANKLY I hate child abusers, thieves and sick men who prey on little girls. Is 12am the time when such abusers go curdie curdie and nebbie nebbie. Check ya self before ya wreck ya self. This is a real low blow though.

  35. RUTH you sound good but lost it in the last four lines ,less we forget you supported Maloney all along ,now you trying to turn the heat away from him to d Government ,yes we need to know the answers to d questions you posed ,but we need to know of the 6000 plus cell phone bill ,about d 10Million u s dollars that Maloney said was coming for the Buying club ,and after winning with 500votes up front ,we talks about two projects ,tell me how will NUPW be able to repay this dept .Will we have another Standford in the Caribbean .Tell us ,come on jESS OR jAMES ,TELL US

  36. Glyne how do you plea regarding your charge of molesting your bajan -guyanese step daughter. I am a Guyanese I would know. Glyne you are living in a glass house

  37. Quimby, I have neither wife girlfriend daughter son or else. Never had any steps or inlaws. Sorry to disappoint you. But i’ll confirm glowingly I hate hate Guyanese hate them so much that even the thought of lying next to far more molesting one is soooo far fetch. Check yuh self

  38. OOPs! again hope you are not a member of the LESBIAN CLIQUE at NUPW. I am definitely not a member of any clique I am 100% male.

  39. David believe it or not if you are going to discuss the issues do not discuss in part discuss all. Don’t be fooled you discussed one sided issues. There is no balance to anything so dont belly-ache. The discussion from inception got muddy and personal. You want mud you get authentic black dirt.

  40. As a matter of fact a lot of stones were thrown by many a unrighteous and too sinful lot. All a you got skeletons in wanna closet. The same way all a you dig to spread mud about people, people can dig to spread back. Life is a cycle today for me, tomorrow for you. All of you from inception showed no example for young people to follow, most of you I know heading hard for retirement should be contributing more meaningfully and ensuring that your offspring does not inherit your deserved punishment for your iniquities. Think about it really. NUPW dont need any of you . It deserves a cadre of bright, young individuals to move it to the next level. All you are bad news

  41. Maxine, the Madam is first and foremost ‘cunning’. It is said only the madam can sit in the GS office after coming to work past 9 am lap legs and read the paper and anyone who wants to have a word with him has to wait. Even when he has someone in the office with him she does not wait but barges right in. Would you believe that he’s reported as saying that she is so good that she could run the Union. Yeah right. She’s been the supervisor for sometime and all that has been happening is dwindling numbers in the medicare and yet she’s flying all bout the place. But then again having made her lose her comfortable job, “he promise to look after me, and be christ he better had”. Quotation from her mouth.
    Remember there was threatened sue after the advise given to her made her lose her government (board)job.

  42. Onlooker, what is wrong with that, sin is sin. You have a Deputy, whose husband left her after catching her with a female Nurse, An Assistant whose daughter bred for a Drug lord, and it goes on and on. I beg you stop digging skeletons. You will not like your own

  43. Wait a minute Glyne, you sure you are not associated with a female member of NUPW staff that hates, hates Guyanese but whose husband the new DT loves, loves them.

  44. I want to hear about the Lesbian clique at NUPW.

    I am interested in finding out who they are. Enlighthen me somebody.
    If there are Gays , I want to hear about them too. Give me the sordid details. People should know.

    Lets destroy this Union -the NUPW
    Destroy it and build fresh. If it is no good , it should go. Lets tear it down to the ground. The Hilton Hotel stands proud. Freundel Stuart will not speak in your time, Sinckler’s time or anybody’s time. Sinckler should be Prime Minister. Yes tear the Union down and build up greater. NUPW must go NOW !
    I AM PSYCHIATRIC -pay me no mind
    pay me money

  45. Tina, talk to Glyne or the Onlooker. They know. But you know something they never mentioned the NO-CLASS Bar Attendant who once there is a catered event shows up to work early stashing away five and six plates of food worth $20 each. If there is one event a month that is … do the maths and a year … But then how does she pay back with $250 a week … do the maths again. I think it is more than $6000.

  46. To all bloggrs

    The NUPW has served Public Officers and is going no where in the immediate future. I will not be a party to any call for the distruction of this great body, like any institution it has ist challenges and must lokk inwardly as how best to reform itself to meet the domgraphic profile of its members.

    As for character asassination it is not called for and i think BU should established a code of conduct for bloggers. Remembers it has an obligation to print the truth, the truth is something that can be substantiated.

    gentlemen and ladies, let us deal with the issue of reforming the NUPW we owe it to our future generations.

    We can educate members how they can play an acitive part in bringing about change in the NUPW.

    I gone

  47. Quimby tell me of my skeletons so that I may stop running from these nightmares. You seem to know about skeletons than any other blogger

    • If we can judge by some of the comments posted here that some of you lot represent the leadership of the NUPW then God help the nation.

  48. Onlooker you were part of the initial grave digging team. Wha happen you in find you carcass yet. You should have your skeleton covered.

  49. The public of BARBADOS MAYBE outsiders plain and simple but the NUPW represents workers in the Public Service and who do business the public when they go to the Treasury, Inland Revenue, Immigration, Post Office etc.
    They are Tax payers.

    The NUPW should be destroyed . Lets bring it down to the ground -make it buckle at its knees. Vermin must be gotten rid of.

    Caswell’s Union (UTU)-(YOUTOO-U2) can do the job. The BWU is waiting in the wings. BWU can handle the job ALONG WITH CASWELL.

    Who the fart needs crooked people with crooked ways pontificating as Union Leaders. These people should be holy and pure .Any time you want to fupe all the young girls , make a lot of nasty deals with various heads of Departments, Run up cell phone bills and pay yuh son money he aint get clearance for .. MAN LEFT THE FRIGGING PLACE OR GET KICKED TO SO AND SO OUT NUH !
    what the arm hole is that ?
    Look ! dont mek me curse yeah?
    Mannaseh King must be same thing as them if he begging for them. As a matter a fact all them is the same rathole.
    Look ! dont get muh vex now yeah !

  50. To Trump Card
    Of all the vocations sought I never aspired to be a soil technician. I leave the mud slinging,character assassinations and burial of the same destroyed characters, to you and the likes of you.


  51. Hahaha Onlooker you top the list of destroyed characters. The fact that you are responding shows your very weakness. Guess what the persons initially attacked in this whole have not once responded the Mamoney and Deenise the Menaace. Men of balls not farts and losers like you.

  52. This is bare comedy. Mash up and by back. When it is destroyed and all over members of the union will still have their jobs and union staff members will be out in the cold. Is it worth it? Stop this salacious behaviour now and start mending fences so as to face government with strength in wars for better conditions of service and some increased salary

  53. ibw at least you listened. But how common is common. Mr. Frank shared blows. Now the blows get hot cant take it. Come again Mr. Frank, his Deputy and Assistant one and the same. Anything could be more common than lesbianism, child molestation, and drug association. Give me f**king break.

  54. Jo jo your cover has be blown your wods and the style show u up and now u r the tv star with the bad en glish and big chain. you should be shame boy

  55. Maxine you like you right. Ha Ha Ha, a riddle a riddle a ree you like nearly found me. Not by a long shot. It was indeed good while it lasted Jo Jo likes to keep Sunday’s Holy. Maxine you do not attend church. How sad. You are so consumed with NUPW even though you are not a member or staff so much so I stops you from giving God thanks and praise. I admire Manasseh at least he went. I followed his example as well. You should do the same. Try not to let Jo Jo give you a heartache or a brain tumor. You will never know who he is. Not by a long shot.

  56. Jo Jo
    I have done my investigation and I know that you are away from the office from Monday on study leave. I wish you success with your UWI examinations.

    Futher, a little birdie (pun on birdie) told me that the attack plan was done in the yard where you work on Friday under a tree and those who have been involved in the plan spefically instructed you on who to attack on the blog ,including your coworkers, but I am sure it has backfired.

    If you constantly use certain words in the office you should try to avoid using them when you are blogging . As you are going to be still on island continue to blog. If you want to start blogGING under a diiferent name DO SO ASWELL. I can assure you that I will eventually pick up you and the typist girl trend of blogging.
    It seems that you are prepared to rise out from the gutter and I commend you for that, but let those on your behalf you are blloging for do it themselves. By the way, another little little birdie told me that there might be more phone bills.

  57. Manasseh I thought you had a good Sermon today. ” God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” . Jo Jo got all of you in trouble you still wondering who Jo Jo is. If Jo Jo has exams He would be a real ass to be blogging with you and not studying. That do not make sense. Bright one. And what typist girl. the only typist girl is you. You will never know Jo Jo, give it up. Unlike you I am not a member but very well informed. You can believe that. A riddle, a riddle, a ree I may even work for myself. Nothing to lose. Clown. Ha Ha Ha

  58. For the record, I have never used a pseudonym on the Barbados Underground. Everything that I have written is the truth and I make no apologies for doing so. In some cases, I have refused to disclose some information because of the harm it might do to others. I believe that someone’s legal bedroom business is exactly that – their business. For that reason, I did not disclose the telephone numbers of the persons that Maloney called that helped to increase the bill.

    For those speculating about the identity of JOJO and Quimby who distinguish HERSELF for inappropriate comments on this blog. I watch as she submitted her post which were typed very quickly. I have seen Wally type, he can’t type that fast. I will not swear that he did not have some input in the content but the young lady did the typing.

    I understand that she felt that she was being attacked and she struck out at who she thought was attacking her. I thought better of you. I understand why you behaved the way you did and I don’t hold it against you. I have previously given you good advice, take my advice now, BEHAVE LIKE THE LADY I think you are.

  59. Who really is Jo Jo. Jo Jo IS not WALLY anymore, Jo Jo is now a young lady that types fast. Ha Ha Ha. Be Christ let me go and check to see If I had a sex change When I was asleep. wait I still got my dick in tact thank God. Frankly, Frankie I believe you are 100% male. Well bro I too. Might be the dictator that is true.

  60. It is true Jo Jo aint no typist. Jo Jo can hire a typist. Jo Jo can copy and paste. I think one of you computer savvy bloggers tell me nah. Some sensible person on this blog please find Jo Jo. None of the clues so far are close. All have failed

  61. wtf.. tings blow up boy!! too hot up in here for me. when tings cool off call me back… the staff getting involved now.
    caswell tell me how the staff hget in this?

  62. Yeah I want to know who JOJO is
    I dont have a clue and I dont want to guess
    Cant even tell if it is male or female writing nor am I going to guess
    Is it that girl that boy or that ?
    I give up
    Somebody tell muh nuh–is it Thelma ?
    Will somebody just say who JoJo is
    One thing the body sound like a wicked person–So let me start by a process of elimination
    Dennass de Menaaasss old so he aint know nuttin about e-mail and blogging–if he happen to know, he aint going to be keen but he son that I hear they mekking noise for money for would know—gotcha JOJO !

  63. To all Fellow bloggers

    It is time to return to the topic which is of great concerns to most of us. I have seen the phone billls too and I dont advocate printing the numbers called. Let us insist on geeting back our money.

    Thos of you who hear members talking about dropping out try to deter them. I am aware there is a lot of discontent, one department is the Registration Department, as a matter of fact I was able to convince one young lady to re-consider her decision to withdraw and while canvassing we got some people to join and I will approach those who are not memebers and invite them to join so that Jo Jo can continue to be employed.

    JO JO heard tat there are other phone bills.

  64. When this maloney cell phone issue started I asked what was the bill of the General Secretary and was informed that while the union pays for a phone given to Clarke not one soul working at the union or a member paying dues knows the number. I bet you did not know I say there are many things members do not know about that they ought to know about. It is the same as payoing rent for a woman and cannot turn the key.

    Poor jo jo you could stop the pretense I am sure that by now you know that all bloggers associated with the nupw know who you are and the name calling and abuse will stop. I saw you yesterday in St. John

  65. Jo Jo off to work. Aint so fortunate as you public servants. A riddle a riddle a ree profits is the key. Ha Ha Ha. I feel so sorry fa all ya. Check ma at 600. Have a great day now.

  66. When this maloney cell phone issue started I asked what was the bill of the General Secretary and was informed that while the union pays for a phone given to Clarke not one soul working at the union or a member paying dues knows the number. I bet you did not know I say there are many things members do not know about that they ought to know about. It is the same as payoing rent for a woman and cannot turn the key.

  67. It is confession time. I am a homophobic, aaah hehe. Lord I cry, Oh Lord have mercy forgive me, forgive…..wa lord ma belly.

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