NUPW is NOT Representing Workers

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

In my experience when Government wants to introduce an unpopular policy, they usually secure the services of some buffoon, who has no official role, to make the announcement. If the reaction is hostile, the Government would then be able to say that it was the opinion of someone who was speaking in their private capacity, and that it had nothing to do with Government policy. The recent suggestion, by NUPW President Walter Maloney, that the middle class should be cut off from receiving many of the services that are being offered free by the state seems to be falling into the category of testing the water for Government, using a buffoon.

Mr. Maloney appears not to understand who or what constitutes the middle class. For his information many of those who we consider to be middle class are just one pay cheque away from poverty. They are mainly employed persons, who because of their status as employees, pay the bulk of the taxes. Mind you, Barbados is very highly taxed. And those persons pay the taxes generally without complaint because they were assured that their taxes would be put to good use in providing the services that Maloney wants to take away.

If Maloney and his handlers want to remove the services that the middle class are enjoying free at the point of delivery, they should first be talking about lowering the taxes so that these middle-class people would still have a little money in their pockets to pay for the services that they are thinking to withdraw.

Not everyone in the middle class is as fortunate as Maloney who has NUPW to pick up some of the expenses that he incurred. Some time ago, he managed to accumulate a phone bill of $6,000 for NUPW to pay. This year, without sparing a thought for the middle class who pay subscriptions to NUPW, he amassed another bill for October of $18,000. This is the man who would withdraw services: it may be time for NUPW to withdraw his cell phone.

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  1. We all know Walter Maloney and sidekick a.k.a “one- foot swordsman” are both Govt back pocket handkerchiefs. Have they ever heard of conflict of interest? A dog cannot serve two master…. It is a travesty ….one that members.all whose subscription are being collected monthly for unbiased representation should address immediately. Question is how do they go about getting out of this crocodile’s mouth?.. Puppy show and rubber stamping I dare say….and going on too long now…

    • Isn’t this the result when the majority of members of any organization become disengaged? Less than 1500 members voted in the last elections. This should be a concern for taxpayers who subsidize membership. What is also of interest is the way how media and other stakeholders in society continue to validate these figure heads. Should we assume that traditional media and government are unaware of these matters?

      Maybe it was poetic justice when the BWU voted against Maloney and the NUPW in Antigua recently.

  2. WHAT is going on at NUPW is a continuation of the nasty activities of Dennis Clarke and Walter Maloney wicked corrupt ways .
    Maloney ran up a cell phone bill $6ooo plus but Dennis and the Executice and Council called it a loan (fraud has become aloan)but this also has not been paid
    Maloney ran up the credit card for wich he had nno authority to used but he took his side kick Lowe to restaurants in St.James another places gas for his car but he receives a monthly allowance for travelling therefore he should have not used the gredit carhd

  3. Maloney should not using the credit card. now would you believe that although he had allowances for Gevena which he should not have gotten -he moved out of the expensive hotel to a cheaper one and refused to refund the Union
    And this DENNIS Clarke has now taken up the NUPW funds and buy an ipad for this corrk Maloney -but Denis has let be known that Maloney is his LODGEbrother –we shall see if the member will bring A VOTE of NO CONFIDENCE against him and Clarke .

  4. I am a union member, & I am so disappointed with our representative body. It seem as if they are all for themselves, I am just hoping not one of them come asking me for a vote. Since this government in office they have taken away all concessions from workers, except themselves, and, the union has done nothing about it. We are even taxed to spit, and the unions are just there in bed with the present politicians. What a bunch of criminals.

  5. it is a pity that union members has not taken up this topic and run with —they will wake up one morning and find that they don’t own the medicare scheme that ICB has taken it over official from them ,what has become of the proposed Medical hospital ,the Buying Club ,the monthly rent paid to BIDC,the HOUSING project ,the proposed payment of part of the public officers gratitudy for them to help build they homes —mr I want mamoney can you help these $26 paying members
    Can you mr Maloney tell us what has become of the above

  6. Why are we attracting the scum of the service to run for president eg Maloney and McDowall two buffoons. Last week we were slapped down with the stupid talk of MIDDLE CUT, now to hear of Maloney’s mammoth bill that he has racked up. He is the one who is always travelling, who complains about the allowances expects to get more of everything without paying and with the blessing of the one foot swordsman. The NUPW cannot maintain these parasites. What has Maloney done for the time he’s been there. Nothing. And for CLARKE who treats the union as his playing field and not a paid staff member. Remember how he insisted on the Audi. The taxes on that vehicle are still to be paid. If the members are not careful they will end up paying those taxes. Remember the wasted money on the medical facility? Wasted or pocketed?
    Members come together and resolve to send these two parasites away before they kill our institution. We are not like them in a position to have our middle class salary supplemented

  7. Without knowing the full facts, what is happening with the BWA and government? How is it our leaders are able to allow the situation to deteriorate to strike action at this juncture?

    • David

      I have just forwarded the Better Security Act which is basically the essential services legislation that Hants and others have been asking for. You would note that it is a 1920 piece of legislation and applies to the supply of gas and electricity for lighting and water.


  8. David as I said before the BWA should be made an essential service and its workers should not be allowed to strike.

    You don’t take risks with your drinking water supply.

  9. ..what is this we hear… management sending Roy messages by word of mouth? ….I also see another Blackette sounding off bout down grades….every manjack coming with a message den..except the Chief Judge.

  10. Lashley and Blackette are just two clueless clowns. Prayer without work is madness. Fruendel has lost the mandate to lead and Donville Inniss or David Estwick needs to do something.

  11. Caswell – some of us all former civil servants were chatting and enjoying the Independence activities ,NUPW came up and we were told that cell phone Maloney has been at the UNION keep noise that he will put the union in Court for refusing to pay him his monthly allowance for November –just to think that he has ran up a cell phone bill of over $18000 which is due to be paid in November ,has not pay off a previous bill of over $6000,has not refunded the union for the illegal use of the Credit card -and he talking foolishness -but we recalled that he had also promised to put the previous Treasure in court also for not paying him when he ran up that $6000 plus bill and he has promise legal action against Dale Marshall —now Caswell can you tell us if he did proceed with these promises and can you also tell us how many cases has been lodge against this Walter Maloney and what has be come of the N H C issues .
    I saw that the so call acting President says that there will be a council meeting today ,we hope that this hand pick council will questioned the $18000. cell phone bill and move a vote of No-confidence against this wicked crook Walter(cut loose the middle class,cell phone bill ,Mamoney )Maloney ,
    For the first time that I know of a President has gone on vocation ,but we have been told that he is on a month leave from NHC ,we wonder ?

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