National Union Of Public Workers Executives Living Large Off Membership Dues

Submitted by NUPW Insider (name withheld by BU)


Dennis Clarke, General Secretary (l) Walter Maloney, President (r) NUPW 'Big Boys'

Barbadians would have heard the President of the NUPW Walter Maloney and his lieutenant Dennis Clarke both make major statements at the Union’s Annual Conference opening ceremony. In fact Clarke reported that the NUPW’s train would not be stopped and that it was on a collision course. What Clarke did not say was that between he and Maloney had approved spending of thousands of dollars of the members funds without the approval of the Treasurer and other Executive members. It was reported that there has been a splurge of travel expenses all in the name of a wellness centre and that the spending was to facilitate the travelling of Clarke and another officer. The pair has travelled to Florida twice, Las Vegas, St. Kitts/ Nevis and the female is now scheduled to shift to Italy and Spain.

While this is happening the NUPW is courting some benefactor with a purse so big a loan of US $27 million will be shortly be passed. This money is reported to be a loan to facilitate the construction of a wellness centre on the premises of the union. Information is that the feasibility study was not clear whether the venture was feasible but Clarke and his lieutenant are moving forward.

Word is that this support for the wellness centre comes at a cost to Clarke for his support of the Maloney fancied Buying Club which has itself attracted a grant of $ 1 million. Maybe these union bosses could tell the rest of Barbados where all this money is coming from what is the cost and what is the catch. Surely if this is good money, the government would want to borrow some for Barrack and the Clico shareholders. Surely if the NUPW can afford the interest rates then the government must be able to as well.

At the same time the President of the NUPW has spent more than $6000. 00 in cell phone charges for the months of July and August 2010 and after promising to repay not one cent has been repaid and Maloney still has use of the same phone.

Worse still is the $10,000.00 charged by the son of the General Secretary for managing a web site. Independent valuers have put the fees for the service rendered to the NUPW at $50.00 and $1500.00 Yet Clarke in a faus pax got the Conference to agree to pay his son $10,000.00 a fee that the treasure has refused to pay.

Last year the NUPW was thrown into confusion when the General Secretary (Clarke) and President (Maloney) went to a funeral in Jamaica without any discussion with the other executive members. This year money has been spending like sand without their approval including a cell phone bill of over $6000.00 under the name of the president.

It surely is a runaway train at the NUPW.

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  1. Why is Clarke and his side kick doing so much travelling?? What are they investigating?? What are they looking for?? Are they even qualified to advice and make recommendations on any wellness centre. I DOUBT IT, But maybe someone can tell me otherwise.

    It is about time that somebody investigates this dynamic duo of (clarke and maloney) before the Union is parceled out to some loan shark.

  2. I do not pay my dues for people to travelling around the world for pleasure. It is high time the GS cleans up his act.

  3. David

    The only reason why I did not make a similar submission is simply because I did not have the time.

    Earlier today, I read a comment by Robert on Are Public Workers Being Sold Out? I could not believe the level of corruption that is allowed to exist and sanctioned by a rent-a-crowd at what passed for the Annual General Meeting, so, before I commented I checked with someone who attended the conference.

    I was informed that there was no resolution on the agenda of the conference to pay clarke’s son any money. Remarkably, however, Clarke’s cousin, Mitchinson Beckles, proposed the resolution and believe it or not the President did not rule that illegal resolution out of order. My understanding is that this money is to pay Clarke’s son for a non existent website. When this outrageous claim was made, the President had the work that was already done valued at no more than $1500.00. As a result, the Executive Committee decided not to pay.

    Now fast forward to August and September 2010, Maloney incurred cell phone bills totalling $6,509.81 (August – $3558.14 & September $2,951.67. As far as I am aware he has neglected or refused to pay a single cent toward the bills. All of a sudden, he and Clarke are now friends both trying to get undeserved money out of the NUPW, with Clarke going as far as calling at least one candidate in the race for the presidency asking him to withdraw in favour of Maloney.

  4. Seems everything has gone downhill since Mr Goddard left this great instutution that many men and women have given they lives to build up. Dennis Clarke seems more concern in himself and his son reaping ten thousand dollars for doing nothing rather than looking after the interest of public servants.


    I would like to know who that Insider is that gave you this information.

  6. yes great things but for who themselves ,at the expense of the workers , may be show me the money got some of the goodies

  7. i hold no brief for the leadership of the nupw but to attack persons integrity without giving them a chance to respond is unfair.the attempt to mix fact and fiction to embolden the story casts doubts on the credibility of the story. however, that said,the outgoing executive is the most incompetent and ineffective executive to have been elected to manage the affairs of the union having not been able to accomplish anything other than fighting among themselves but not having the balls to resign some say because of the stipend in the interest of the organisation. i hope that after the election they remain the outgoing executive.

  8. Question
    Doesn’t Clarke son have a job! Is he a member of NPUW and if so why would the Union using other people’s money to pay for Clarkes son website. This stinks to the high heavens.

  9. @Question…It is not Clarke son website. It is NUPW website and clarke son was suppose to build the site which has been non-functional for several years because no work is being done. Yet he’s demanding money.

    Check it out for yourself……

    Let me know what you think.

  10. Feel free to email copies of the exorbitant cellphone bills and any other documentation. The email address info is top right of this page.

    • Attached please see Walter Maloney’s cellphone bills one and two) which is being questioned. BU has redacted the telephone number for the obvious.

  11. i am not representing maloney but the publishing of what should be supposedly confidential information to union members is unethical and shows the depths of despair to which the nupw has sunk. the nupw has structures in place to deal with these thingsand if we do not have the balls to so do then spiutefully disclosing union business to non-union members to satisfy one’s ends can put the image of the organisation in a bad light as the responses on the blog indicate. maloneys come and maloneys go but undermining an organisation to get at somebody can damage the credibilty of the organisation and impact on the lives of innocent bystanders whose interest the union for all of its shortcomings serve. whenever elections are in the air, persons vying for office especially the old guard who do not want to give up the sweets resort to unsavoury tactics to remain in office even if they have done nothing to help the union progress. until the lazy membership takes an interest in what is going on at the union and offer themselves for service then the same old, same old environment would prevail. it serves maloney right, he should have stepped down and the treasurer as well who signs when it is to his benefit.

  12. Should be correct now.

    What is so private about it ruth. BU removed the cellphone number. Why can’t we discuss why the President has incurred mobile telephone bills to the tune of $6,000.00? The wider public needs to have confidence if this organization is running its business efficiently? After all we are potential customers.

  13. David

    These phone bills were incurred while the President was out of the island on VACATION in New York. He was not on union business. Incidentally, the National Council of the union never authorised the President to have a cell phone.

    The story behind the acquisition of those cell phones would be quite funny, if it weren’t so tragic. The senior staff of the union were paid $85 per month as a telephone allowance. One executive member convinced the others that $85 for the six staff members concerned was too high. This lady then negotiated a package with Digicel in order to reduce cost and at the same time, the Executive was included in the package without authority. Incidentally this same lady incurred a bill of $1,300 last year.

    The union was paying $510 per month as telephone allowances for six members of staff. That was thought to be to high, and in two month, the cost could be “reduced” to $6,509.81 for one officer alone. That would have been the cost for the staff for 12 months.

  14. DAVID@BU

    How does a cell-phone user in Barbados get access to $11760.00 credit limit on their phone account?

    Who authorizes this? Who audits these bills? Is there over-site* on these expenditures? Can someone explain this?

  15. @ DAVID

    Clearly these “imbeciles” are abusing the system which they are mandated to protect given that the power of the union is to safeguard the interest of the working classes – not to breach the walls of integrity by living high on the HOGG* – misappropriating through so-called legitimate means; taking advantage of perks* and gratuity which few in their membership is even able to enjoy…

    CORPORATE* Barbados as I have said time and again (both in local and in international media) must deal with the wholesale corruption at all levels of its institutions…

    From government to the private sectors – there must be root & branch reform of its system of accountability, transparency and integrity…

    If this C.R.A.P (Critical Rejection Arsehole Pressure) is allowed to continue, we will end up worst off than even JAMAICA* (in its heyday) or HAITI* (at the height of its maladministration)…

  16. These are the “Aims and Objectives” of the NUPW…

    The questions that must be asked is – have any of these been breached by its officers?

    The basic aims and objectives of the NUPW are as follows:

    * to completely unionise all public officers and employees;
    * to effectively bargain and negotiate of the behalf of its members;
    * to improve and protect wages and conditions of employment of all its members;
    * to promote good interpersonal relationships between members and their employers;
    * to promote trade unionism and Credit Unionism; and
    * To promote generally the total well-being of its members economically, socially and culturally…

    Are concerned citizens wondering why has not been updated in recent memory?

    Is this website meant to provide relevant, contemporary, up-to-date info – and if so, whose responsibility is it and why has there been negation of that responsibility? Additionally, what is the annual cost to host this site and is the webmaster paid to maintain something that is clearly not functional?

    Answers anyone?

  17. I believe that members of this instution must take a more active role and try to get to the bottom of these burning issues and have them resolved and out of the public’s domain.

    It only takes a certain amount of signatures to have a Special Meeting convened. Each and every member has a right to review any file or document within this instution and so they should stand up and ask for answers and demand documentation.

    I can only suggest that members come together, get some signatures and request a Special Meeting ASAP.

    This is a great institution and only the membership can stop this runaway train.

  18. LMAO! That’s why I doan join no union! Nobody ain’t benefitting from my money except me!

    I get my bill late, then they cut me off if I pay a few days after de deadline! You know how much I woulda owe? $80.00! The man owe $6000.00 and he ain’t get cut off YET? Man, I gotta get a pick at the unions and banks, boy…I would worm my way up to easy street!

  19. Concerned

    You are quite correct when you say that you need a certain amount of signatures to convene a special general meeting. You need 50 signatures, but it is not as simple as that, ask the airport wokers who tried.

    They submitted a petition calling seeking a no-confidence in the General Secretary. They accused him of calling the acting CEO at the Airport and informing him of the workers plans. They accused him of betrayal. Rather than convene the meeting, the President wrote to the workers informing them that the petition was out of order since it should have been addressed to the President and not the General Secretary as it had been.

    The workers submitted another petition, this time addressed to the President. Rather than convene the meeting, they sent it to a lawyer who advised the union that the petition was not in order because it was addressed to the President.

    The General Secretary then had his lawyer write to the one who they perceived circulated the petition and threatened to sue him.

    The meeting was never convened.

  20. Walta Maloney could spen my mony anytime. wid or widout my pamission. he so sexyyyy. he or Donville Inniss cud spen evry red cent a mine. na questions ask. my acc.# is 973PR7 n password is SEXx.

  21. Caswell

    I am quite sure that the rules of this organisation speaks clearly regarding the procedure for convening a Special General Meeting. If such procedure is followed then the GS nor President cannot decide not to carry out the wishes of the membership.

    The President is an elected Officer and the GS’s appointment is sanctioned by Council.

    What I am saying is that they were both placed there by the membership and if they refuse to be guided by the rules of the organisation then its about time that the same membership have them both replaced.

  22. The current Executve must take some of the lashes for it is them who the membership has trusted to oversee this organisation.

    They have to put NUPW first and self interest last. When things are not going right, they have to lead the fight.

    So please, don’t put your tails between your legs and run around blaming everybody but yourselves.

    You are there to fight for the rights of each and every Pulic Servance not collect fat stipends and other perks.

    What are you doing to correct the nonsense currently going on in this institution??


  24. Yuh mean tah say dat dem got thiefs thiefing here too? Where is safe dese days nuh? I gine keep muh money in de UTM now. Ah chan tust banks, insurance companies, now de credit unions? De UTM for me from now on!

    p.s. UTM……under the matress

  25. @TB

    Many of these organizations are controlled by a few people because of the lack of participation by members.


    You maybe mixing up NUPW with the credit union.

  26. De big boys at de transport board wasting de money, and de board too (to dey friends) who de hell they cud explaid expenditure of $48 MIL and not one head roll? Dis govment playing de gud tail wid peoples jobs and livelyhood while making their friends and donaters pockets big. How come dey aint let go de purchasing man that take de $1000.00 gift for christmas. If a driver take a gift from a grateful commuter they say u have to give it back.


  27. to david- what wider public you talking about. only financial members can speak and vote at nupw meetings and conferences, not the wider public. they are rules and procedures governing the conduct of the union’s operations and members need to get up off their asses and look after their affairs and not be guided by innuendo anfd invective put in the public domain for self-serving purposes now elections are in the air and some of the same beneficiaries of the unsavoury practices want to jump ship and make themselves look good. david, i am not supporting maloney’s extravaganceor purported infelicity but the matter was not swept under the carpet from what my sources tell me but was discussed and a decison for settlement made. if mr maloney has not complied then the rules provide for sanctions against him or anybody else for that matter. lest you forget, the former general secretary who was a powerhouse hadto resign because he did not want to comply with the wishws of council with which he did not agree. so, they are avenues for address but members need to participate. spreading dirty linen in public serves no purpose in my view.

    • @ruth

      You remain rooted to that position but you should know the world has passed you by. The public is now demanding transparency in every sphere of activity. The decisions of the NUPW do and will impact the public. Voting is for members who is disputing such.

      Notice you have been selective in your response to Caswell on the cellphone matter. Who approved the package never mind the payback arrangement.

  28. RUTH – u seems to support Maloney and Clarke .anyhow when these two so call leaders keep miss leading council and conference its bad ,my young son went to d meting on saturday and saw a gentleman on the floor begging for the letters from the two lawyers to be read ,but the chairman Maloney never allowed them to be read -clarke said he do have d file ,yet clarke read from d file after mr Beckles spoke of d $10000.payment . But my son has lost all respect for Maloney and Clarke but they had given (my son ) the impression that the man requesting d documents was nogood how ever , my son and his friends will be VOTING AGAINST MALONEY and his so call team -he has seen the like .Ruth u seems also to have more information but seems to use it to support maloney -but right is right and its seems that u helping clarke and maloney

  29. this business at the NUPW stinks and at a time when all Barb adians are encouraged to be mindful of the state of the econmy the NUPW appears to be loaded with money

    Those in defense of the behaviour of the President and the General Secretary should get a copy of the rules and check out the genesis of these problems. It was last year when MONEY was not paid to these two gentlemen. THis year again it is money to the General secreatry who is now claiming that he is owed $4000.00 for some bill he paid and $400.00 for another every year the General Secretary is using the members Conference to complain about money for he and his family

  30. Just got news that there is a Special Meeting on thursday the subject payment of money for the General Secretary again

  31. Nation Newspaper terminates 6+3 staffers.

    The Nation paid a certain man a lot of money sometime ago when he retired.
    Take back someof this money and keep people working
    This ia a bad time to fire people man !

  32. I went to sleep but i just get-up to put in my piece! You all of wunna know more than wunna saying. The reason that Clarke and Maloney do so much stool is because of the people they have to answer to are inept. I suspect that some of these ppl commenting on this blog, cause wunna finding the time so wunna have an interest.

    Before I go on I believe that Maloney shpuld go at all cost, no reservations about that. Then Clarke might shape up because right now they hunting in pairs. Caswell would know, but all of will know now that I like to ask foolish questions. Here are a few!
    1. Buying-club- Why can’t the NUPW and its freinds realise that a buying club is inpractical and next to impossible? with all the of the established competition out there who will drive up to Newtoon to buy sanitary napkins, pigeon-peas, rice, macaroni in bulk? Where will the cheap rice come from? China, made with the special chinese manure. but for the passt 4 years we have been hearing this and no councillor questioned why it is that now in a union election year that they now fiddling with a business plan. This sugar was blasted in the media for a long time. This gross deception must stop! so stop maloney from getting the chance to see himself on tv.

    2. Medical Centre- How can ppl sit down for two years and hear Dennis Clarke talk about a medical centre without a project plan and disclosure of details that for a long time was a bigger secret than whio shot JFK? How can a man come to the general body and council and talk about a USD $26 million project that he and a junior officer were keeeping a secret, fearing the info would become public? How can a Project that will rquire a financial donor of such proportions be a secret? Ghaddafi sending the money? So wunna think Clarke dumb? No the ppl that Clarke report to DUMBER! That project should-a -get stop a long time ago

    3. favours to selected staff- Why nobody dont question Clarke when only one member of staff works hard enough to merit study tours to look at Medical centres around the world and their own separated office? Why that same officer is the only staff member to get a regrading (upgrading)?

    4. New Audi A6- How come the GS gets a car at the pleasure of the Council, yet when he got the car of his choosing the council did not know what or when he was getting that car?

    Ya see why Clarke and Maloney can do what they like! If I was Clarke I wuold say that wunna owe my son $100 000 not $10000 cause wunna dumb! I goiin to save a few questions until somebody can give me answers to these ones.

  33. I support your thinking. First it starts with the Councillors who are selected to protect the interest of the President and The General Secretary who both belong to lodges.

    I sit on Council and listen to the Councillors and some of them hardly know the rules of the Union hence they do not know when the rules are broken. They simply support these gentlemen blindly.

    I used to think that Joe Goddard was underminding Clarke but i have seen the light of day. The problem is Clarke. He underminded Caswell, Derryck and senior members of his staff and he is not confidential.

    Walter Maloney must be stopped at all cost from wrecking futher havoc on this Union, he has no qualifications and yet he has been promoted to a fixed grade position, yet officers must have degrees and this unqualified political negocrat benfitted after this government came into power because he is a political yard fowl.

    None of his current excutive members have any confidence in him, but remember his father was Lionel Maloney. The guy is an opportunist and has milked the Union for six years. He is running with two person who dont have a clue about the union and i am made to understand that Clarke is canvassing for him and his two goats, i was further made to understand that Clarke is taking him everywhere with him to discuss grievances, Lord have mercy. That guy dont even know how to solve a problem or construct a proper sentence every thing is done for him. He believes that he can continue to use his voice to impress, that is for people who dont have any sense like him.

    He was recently embarassed at one of the meetings Clarke took him to, but the man has no shame. if memebers of the Union do not take a close look at what is going on in their union, they will wake up and find that it is a one two man club. Wonder why there is so munch apathy among Union members and there is such a low turn out at elections.

  34. I am told that clarke have selected Maloney to go to TURIN ITALY to do a Labour Course this year ,saying that Dereck Alleyne not going back to the NUPW and that he Maloney will be Deputy General Secretary -u see y these two hunt in pairs . where in this world except here can u find the chief electorial officer canvassing for a canidate (clarke/maloney ) How can we have any trust in maloney and clarke —-maloney must go –vote him out . Maloney tell us of the $27million us . i have notice that d medical centre is off the readings tell us if the funding has fallen through and who is this new GODFATHER REMEMBER STANDFORD . By the way i saw you last year March crying and calling for your money that you claimed d nupw owed you and d Treasure refused to pay,did you as yet REPAY the cell phone bill from last year –you laughting this year -union members have fam ilies too not only you and clarke -there is always a noise about money and its clarke and maloney want this money .we can see now why Clarke /maloney and they yard fowls has been cussing d treasure,i must thank my son for informing me . Who prepared the business plans for the buyers club that you spoke of a saturday and what was the cost has it been paid as yet . A pensioner like me wants to know these answers .by the way Clarke i recall an officer from Education a few years in the press saying that you had call her informing her that her officers were going on strick ans she had a change to surprise them and not them surprise her ,you have always been like that ,now you got five people at d air port fired last week and one from tvet ,come on go home and let some one else do that work -that organisation need to see you two go .

  35. I was not really paying attention to the NUPW elections until last night (Thursday) when CBC sought to give Maloney an unfair advantage in the guise of news. That did not surprise me , however, my shock came when I saw the young man standing next to him. I understand that the young man is Maloney’s running mate for the post of 1st Vice President.

    For those of you that do not know him, let me introduce you to him. He is Akani Mc Dowall, an environmental health officer, formerly known as public health inspector. He is a young man that is used to starting at the top. He was appointed ahead of several persons who were senior and better qualified than he was when the appointments were made. His name was not included on the list of persons to be appointed when the list was sent from the Ministry of Health to the Personnel Administration Division. Coincidentally, his father happened to be the Senior Personnel Officer, at Personnel Administration Division, that was assigned to the Ministry of Health.

    Roslyn Smith had been trying for some time to get justice for the officers that were superseded, by Mc Dowall, but she has been experiencing a number of obstacles. You could imagine who her next obstacle would be if he is elected as 1st Vice President.

    You would recall that a man called Coppin was dismissed without just cause from the NHC, and he approached NUPW for representation. Maloney was promoted to his job and the matter of representing Coppin ended there. So you see that Mc Dowall and Maloney are in good company.

  36. Oh so ‘dumb as hell is an nupe councillor’!! I hope all of BU see what I was talking about, perfect name for a coincillor. But you aint so dumb cause u know that maloney and Clarke in lodges, congrats to you. I hope that you get to voice your opinion at the council meetings and get the nuion on a good path.

    But wunna cant call the two members running with Maloney goats that’s not fair. True there are very inexperienced and hoping to get an easy ride to the executive. Caswell what you said about Akanni mc Dowall is true I understand. i heard he considers maloney a mentor so how should we should be judged ‘harshly’. he will soon know what god he is serving!

  37. Caswell you ae so right, the truth is that not one of the executive that ran with the president is running with him this time. He has selected that young upstart who only knows to start at the top and has been traversing the entire island looking for votes. Somebody must tellpublic servants what it is that could get Maloney to drive from home to the Arawack Cement plant then to Greenland, then Soil Conservation, QEH the Airport. What is it he cannot give up? :Perks?

  38. He is givening up nothing ,like Maloney he has nothing to give up,he wants to continue receiving goodies ,he has been bosting about the number of free trips he got so far ,the free blackberry from LIME that he organised,and it was this same McDowall who got up at the meeting last saturday and seconded the so call motion to pay Dennis son $10.000. noe u see whats hAS BEEN GOING ON -when my son saw him on tv he remembered him ,McDowall tell us about the jamaican woman at the CPSA CONFERENCE in Guyana, my son is a young worker like you ,but u got the same ways as Maloney -want to start at the top ,no accountability for peoples money , others women’s ,you have not won d election as yet ,yet u have been selected by CLARKE/MALONEY to go to Jamaica .Maloney have youy repaid d money as yet .Mr.White to spoke of Arawack ,Dennis has been there for the last six weeks canvassing for Maloney ,he maloney supports and HUNTS together in ALL respects ask d FEMALES who work there ,by the way we have a cousin who is close to that organisation -cannot say d name cause Maloney Clarke will get rid of that girl ..

  39. David –busy to get more sweets it look like they will loose ,so they are running all over d country to get votes -now we see Maloney Clarke under pressure these places had problems all d time how come only now this TWIN can see d problem–Dennis please ,please appoint Mc Do Wall(mcdowall)as your deputy so d three of you can ride d union and d GIRLS

  40. Can any one tell me whats happening to the27 Millions US, THAT was supposed to be for the invested form overseas. Has this fallen through .

  41. Dumb as Hell

    I watched the tv news Caswell spoke about and was saddened to see that Maloney chose the young gentlemen to be with him and not his elected 1st VP ,that should tell you about the nature of the man and as for the young man that was with him I am told that he is married to a nice young saintly lady who appears to have been sheltered. Only grave diggers start at the top. That young man dont even understand the rules of the Union, he ought to be ashamed of what he did. I think he should ask God for forgiveness and repent his errant ways.

    Wolves hunt in pairs and dont you expect the dynamic duo to hunt in pairs and prey on unsuspecting Public Officers who are only interested in salary increases. Public Officers need to take back their Union else they would wake up and find they have no say in the running of their Union.

    Yes, I heard of the rumour that Dennis Clarke and Maloney are canvassing the “Roving Polling Box” area, but union memebers should not be surprisedbox Dennis deals with grievances at the Arawak Cement Company and he ought to be ashame to have a roving box, I wonder why at this stage such an action was taken. I smell a RAT.

    I hope that Public Officers will rise up and send Maloney packing he has been President for eight years and HAS done nothing for the Union but engraciate himself and get promotions. He used Mr. Wood to get his first real promotion. I was relaibly informed that he assaulted an emplyee of his work place by slapping her on his behind but nothing came out of that. The man is an egotistic, selfish and cares about no one, I wonder if he gives his wife attention as she is the one that aLlows him to drive about in that fancy duty free jeep as she is entitles to such.

    LORD save this Union from destruction and I would pray that you d deleiver Public Officers from the hands of evil. You dont want to see a wonderful institution self destruct

    LORD i pray that you would speak to the memebers of the NUPW and ask them to pay more attention in their Union for you only know best.AMEN.

    g sn

  42. i surrender with a smile. licks like peas but i contend that untruths mixed with truths distort the picture and undermine the image of the organisation. i support the view that all the old executive members should go peacefully in the interest of the organisation.

  43. When you believe it cannot get any worse at the NUPW word is that the sidekick has packed her bags acquired her winter gear and searching for a ticket to get to Italy and Spain. An executive reported that they did not approve the visit to Europe becuase there was no justification. In the 1st place the course has no relevance, the cost is prohibitive, no other staff were considered and most of all the sidekicked has NEVER passed any other course before. She is dumb dumb dumb.

    It is reported that Maloney and clarke promissed that if she borrowed the money and go they will give it back after the election.

  44. To Ruth Anetha

    You seem yo understand some of the issuses but you selectively comment in a luke warm manner.

    I disagree with you that the whole executive shpuld go, I thinlk thay when the Union rid themselves of Maloney (MAMONEY) the bond will be broken between he and clarke and the Union will function better. Maloney worked against the executive for expediency after he realized that his mask was taken off and they eventaully found out that he does not respect the decision making process. He and Clarke disrespect the Executive by making decisions anout the buying club and ho;d back infroamtion about the medical centre that will get no where.

    So Ruth you need to me more objective than that and do not tarniish the executive with the same brush as you would tarnish the executive.

    He must be placed in a category by himself and be dealt with similarily. So dear ruth, if you are a member as I beleive you are vote against maloney and send him packing

  45. Let me first say Thank You to Barbados Underground for providing this Forum where concerned members and onlookers can freely express their thoughts and concerns on the state of affairs at the NUPW.

    I definitely agree with ‘new blogger’ that the Maloney needs to go. He has been there for six years and it is time for changing of the Guard. I am NOT CONVINCED that Clarke is capable of doing the job that he has signed up for or maybe I should say the one that was handed to him, but I agree the bond between the two must be broken.

    I have been hearing so much talk about this medical centre. I often wonder what is the importance or urgency of this project?? Why would the Union having just invested millions of dollars in a much deserved new building would want to plunge itself into further debt knowing the limited income it has. Why is the General Secretary so consumed by this project?? Why is this poor Union forced to spend so much money on Study Tours?? What is it that they are studying??? Does the General Secretary or the Madam who i understand accompanies him on these tours provides any reports to Executive or even Council on their findings??

    But I would think that if the NUPW is going to invest in a project of this magnitude then the General Secretary should be accompanied by someone with expertise in this area, not one of his Junior Officer.

    Well, i also understand that Clarke in correspondence to Executive indicated that the same Madam should be the Manager of the Wellness Centre. How is it that this Project has not yet been sanctioned by General Council or has funding been secured, but the General Secretary can recommend a Manager for the completed project. Bro Clarke are you trying to repay some debt to this Madam??

    But how will the Union ever be able to make repayments on a US$27 million loan. Are they going to send home the staff and sell off the assets to make these repayments. Well, if so I recommend the GS, the Madam and the AUDI be the first to go.

    Public Workers it is time to take back your Union, Get rid of the DYNAMIC DUO.

  46. Such things as discussed here are happening because the workers seem unwilling and uncaring. This country IS BEING FACED with some issues that the people must confront and deal with in a decisive manner. Gone are the days of the charismatic leader who had all the answers because the questions were limited. One wonders though how is it that there are more University graduates in Barbados than at any time in our history but the level and intensity of leadership seems absent. Are people simply acquiring degrees for purposes of upward mobility only. Are they not interested in the path that this country seems headed ? The gender distribution as it relates to the acquisition of higher level education needs to be examined to determine if there is a gender imbalance that is contributing to the lack of leadership and direction that now seems ubiquitous.

    One senses that ever since the last election that the country seems to be drifiting aimlessly along a sea bed where the sea has seemingly withdrawn. This is of greater proportion, evidenced by a lack of a pronounced presence conspicious in its absence by the Prime Minister of Barbados.

    Mr Prime Minister , it is time for you the make your presence felt, Sir.-
    Excuse me ! But You are the Prime Minister. You are not a mickey mouse. Convince me.

    The workers of this country need to look to some where and somebody for inspiration and the driver seems to have gone to sleep. The people must wake him but they seemed to have gone to bed with him.
    SOS !!!!!!

  47. I feel I must complement Patsy B for te humourous but perfectly written piece above. it simply invites members to look at the danger of runaway expenditure. I hope people will look past the humour and see the greater message that the NUPW is already in debt and cannot afford any more

  48. this blog is so interesting it makes me belly roll wid laughter. It seems like the Union has beenhijacked by two demagouges.

  49. Light Love,
    David Ellis quoted a little from Albert Brandford’s column in the Sunday Sun about the PM not saying anything, no press conferences and not a word on the Myrie allegations. A DLP apologist called in ……………there is no need for the PM to speak, he will speak on matters WHEN he is ready.

    I got news for them, Barbadians are fed up as they do not know where their country is going. Only under the Dems do Barbadians experience so much hopelessness and despair. But according the the dummy Steve Blackett in the Estimates debates…. what recession, Bajans are still partying. Idiot. That maybe the ones who they give welfare to but for the average person having to balance their budget and cut back, it is hell.

    This is the first time for a long time that when I go into the supermarket that I see so many people leaving so many things behind in their cart.

    In the meanwhile, every few weeks this inept, corrupt government is taking up the price of petroleum products which then contributes to the high cost of living. I do not understand how these idiots we elected cannot see this.

    But we wanted change, right?

  50. This “mole” has been strategically place to leak info to bring disharmony within the NUPW. Its really sad to see people will go to any length to bring people down. The good book says” Promotion doesn’t come from the east or west but it comes from GOD”. So try all you want HATERS, the Almighty has the last say in who runs the NUPW.

  51. Maloney explained he had been overseas for an extended period last year and the phone bill included numerous calls with members about NUPW business, as well as personal calls. He said he had already indicated he had no objection to paying for the latter calls and it was simply a matter of separating the two charges. He stressed it was not a contentious issue.

    Each of bills on the blog show they multi page bills which probably have itemize listing of call + length of time and cost so know the amount is easy. So who at fault the pres for not paying or admin for not billing either way doesn’t look good for him.

  52. I was off to bed till this came up I got a copy of the bill. He is lying over $3000 are charged for outgoing roaming and few call were made to Barbados

  53. Anthony

    Don’t let anybody mislead you. Maloney was on VACATION. He was not doing any business. I am familiar with some of the numbers for long calls. I did not publish the breakdown since I was pursuaded that it would impact on his marriage and I did not want that on my conscience. In any event he was not authorised , by the National Council, to have the phone in the first place.

  54. @Caswell

    I never said i believe he was on vaction just merely point out if the story was true he should paid it back long time ago. That the excuse he gave is nonsense for not know the amount.

  55. to the new blogger- if those executive members felt so aggrieved by maloney’s actions towards them and felt so strongly that he was not acting in 5the best interest of the union; then all they had to do was to get an appropriate number of signatures and call for a special conference and forward a resolution to the conference outlining maloney’s indiscretions and seek to have him removed. the rules provide for this. had this been done by the selfserving executive members who want to pretend that they are all so sweet, perhaps the election would have been fought without maloney; but they were afraid to upset the applecart for fear of losing their exorbitant stipends and cell phone allowances which they received before dash became treasurer.

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