9 thoughts on “Speed Test of LIME's GPRS Network…proof they are selling a broken service!

  1. I think everyone feels the same. I am a Digicel customer using an iPhone. If I am on wifi and disconnect, if there is any hope for pages to download on G or E I have to perform a soft reset and all works fine. If I don’t do that pages load slow.
    Did I also mention I use to be a LIME Customer. I agree with you, those in positions are NOT representing consumers.

  2. A word of caution….

    From a limited view of the HTC phone which is supposed to be a KOREAN*made product – it looks to me as if that phone is a CHINESE HIGH END COPY but it would be difficult to tell comprehensively without looking at the internal components…

    Last year, a business colleague in CALIF. was sold similar HIGH END products by a supposed reputable SUPPLIER* in ASIA* and when the products were pulled apart – the components were ALL* inferior…

    The CHINESE* have mastered the concept of “HIGH COPY” to even rival the so-called ORIGINAL* – so be cautious what you are buying even from supposedly reputable dealers!!!

    As for your ISP* – what can I say?

    You GUYS* get shafted all the time and lay down and take the plummeting…

    It’s not LIME* – it’s you lot (THE CONSUMERS)!!!

  3. I have been saying that LIME has been ripping off people every since, and they excuse is that it is the modem or your PC not their bad service.
    How long will we continue to allow these people to rip us off.
    They have all ready given away the jobs to St. Lucians for less pay, and have been ripping us off for years, so we don’t owe them any loyalty.


  4. This is my video….
    My phone is NOT a knockoff…….stupse… u must be a sLIME employee

    and even if it was…. explain the lightning fast internet I got in Jamaica… and the fact that I can use official Android updates….

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