0 thoughts on “Open Letter To Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, From Concerned Police Officers Of The Lower Rank

  1. I was appalled when the AG stated publicly that there is no problem with the leadership of the Police Force.
    I wandered then if he was planning to continue this foolishness of trying to hoodwink an educated public.
    Blogs and a other social networks all over the world are giving citizens avenues to express their anger and therefore I commend the police officer for exposing this AG.
    He deserves it. They came in on change now has settled into the same mediocre behavior as the last government. Nothing has change

  2. this indeed is a daming indictment of the BPF. Wonderhow many more officers are of the same minset but too adraid to speak out. It is apparant that the turmoil inside the BP F should be addressed by those in authority. No sense sweeping them under the carpet. Some one within the force is saying “Enough is Enough” and the public is going to get an earfull.

  3. Barbados cannot afford to have this type of squabbling between the top brass in the BPF, because this can easily cause low moral within the ranks and this would open the door for the drug trade to escalate. The murder rate all around us is rising, even in St Lucia, but it is our BPF that is keeping things fairly low, PLEASE Mr A.G get to the bottom of this problem now and nip it in the bud before the horse bolts and the stable can never be closed again.

  4. At last it has been exposed by their own. I have been making statements on fellow Blogger Peter Boyce’s page for ages now regarding the RBPF.
    First I want to say that the police have a duty of care to offenders, the general public, their work mates & themselves. I empathize with some members of the force, but their behavior towards the general public leaves a lot to be desired. The have stated in their letter about the attitudes fellow policemen exhibit towards the general public & offenders.
    Just because you are unhappy with your job situation, does not give you the right to humiliate others, bully, steal from them, verbally & physically abuse them. If your unhappiness in the work place, affects you to this point, then it is time to hang up your baton. Also those who witness the abuse & leave them unreported are just as guilty as those who physically do them.
    All of Barbados know that there is trouble at the head of the Force. Most of Barbados know that the current Commissioner is victimizing police officers. Most know he is a bully & dictator. I sympathize with these police officers for what they are going through, but I must say to some extinct it serves them right. They now see what it is like to be bullied, ridiculed & made to look small. This is exactly how most of them treat the general public.
    Having said that, some thing must be done to sort this situation out before it escalates & gets out of hand. As usual the PM has buried his head in the sand & is trying to convince the public that all is well in camp RBPF.
    I have been saying for ages that this man needs to be removed. He is asleep at the wheel & only awakes when the TV cameras are rolling.
    Members of the force should take a good, long hard look at themselves & reflect on their attitudes & behaviors.
    The force is filled with intelligent men /women, most of whom go on to study law & become attorneys, so why can they not take a more practical route in airing their grievances & take the correct steps to alleviate their situation.
    This will filter down to John Public, who will use this unrest in the force against the lawmen. There is hardly any trust between the public & policemen. They need to have a PR come in to clean up the image of these lawmen & their organization.
    They need to be sent on courses that will assist them in dealing with the general public, that will allow them to restrain & control offenders in a humane & professional manner.
    There is much work to be done there & it needs to be done quickly.


    • Without being political what is happening with the police force is a result of recent governments not willing to take a definitive position on whether the police should be treated apart from others on the public payroll. As a consequence we have seen an exodus of the cream of talent to private sector, early retirement, medically unfit and a deterioration in the quality of recruits. This trend if it should continue will create a threat to wider society.

      It was heartening to hear the news that the current AG tabled a supplementary last week of 300 hundred thousand plus which will be used to repair dilapidated stations. Again another case where in times of plenty with the right focus an attempt should have been made to ensure improved working conditions for the police. Instead we had Dale Marshall making the statement the policemen and women are not special in response to an exodus to Bermuda and Cayman. We witness also obvious corruption at play in the building of the Crab Hill station by Jose and Jose which this government has been impotent to do anything about which is why it has lost a lot of credibility on the issue of rooting out and prosecuting corruption – see Auditor General Report).

  6. The Deputy can also do Barbados a favour and bow out as well for the good of Barbados. He is one of the main contributors to the problems in RBPF because he felt he should have been made COP before the current COP.

  7. Isn’t Sargeant Nola Sobers-Murphy the RBPF forensic handwriting specialist, or has she left the force.

    This article sounds pretty petty to me, talking about certain uniforms, and training courses and overtime does not sound to me like devastating splits in management and serious reasons for poor behaviour among the ranks.

    Where is the clash of leadership policy ideas between the top COP and his 2nd in command? It sounds more like the silly supercession problems that the entire civil service has faced for decades.

    If I was a cop I would be more concerned about collective bargaining rights and better wages and conditions than about who is introduced first at a meeting and who gets the best choice of overtime duty.

    It’s a tough job, but it is one that they choose knowing full well what to expect. Each officer needs to clean up their act and those of their fellow officers and then the public will show you the respect your job deserves.


  8. Nothing petty about police officers being involved n drugs and srealing. Those kind of allegations demoralised and reinforce the negative perception of the said institution in the mind of the public. Thereis nothing petty about that. An institution which is called upon to serve and protect its people should be without spot or blemish. it is time to remove those who would do such illegal practices and those who would know and intentionally coverthem up.

  9. @ac Couldn’t agree more. But we need to pay these people a decent wage. One officer I know tells me his pay (and this was 2 years ago) was $2,300 a month. He said that when they go on certain drug raids the guys on the block laugh at them and tell them that they make more in a week than the cops do in a month. This is demoralising.

    The police see youth with cars, phones and bling that they cannot afford. They know other civil servants that may take home far more than them and do less work with little or no stress.

    Not all, or even the majority of police are bad, but how tempting must it be to be offered large sums of money to turn a blind eye when you are being paid a pittance to risk your life for a public that don’t seem to give a damn?


  10. @maat
    This is why it is important to bring all forms of issues in such institution to light . The problemwith wages is a continual fight within te BFP. We all know that police are grossly underpayed However stealing or selling drugs is nt going to cut it. They still must obtained a high level of conduct. The wage problem is one for government to address and if not dealt with ,There is always the ballot box at the next election. The people voices should not be ignored by those who they have elected no matter how small or trivial it might be.

  11. Here are some questions I extracted from a document that was sent to me with some questions on Mr Darwin Dottin stewardship and his ability to continue as COP. As a former intelligence officer internationally I have no reason to doubt my sources who have forwarded these documents for safekeeping.

    Does the BLP appointed Royal Barbados Police Force commissioner Mr Darwin have dirt on DLP politicians?
    Why are the British frustrated with Mr Dottin?
    Does it have anything to do with the misuse of vehicles and surveillance equipment?
    Can Mr Dottin tell the public why a suspended Sgt Carlos Thompson and his wife are driving a Special Branch vehicles?
    Who are the private citizens illegally wiretapped and spied on by Carlos Thompson and by whose instructions?
    Mr Dottin,is they any truth to the existence of a band of Untouchables headed by you which include such person as Richard Boyce and Jedder Robinson?
    Is the Country`s security at risk with the transfer of 4 Special Branch officers with over 80 years experience.
    When last was an audit done of the finances of the RBPF and who are the Untouchables carrying home over $4000 in overtime monthly.
    Why did the Top COP disrepsect the current AG on the January 5th 2011?
    Did David Thompson, put Superintendent Boyce to watch Mr Dottin?

  12. Darwin Dottin must go!

    Mia mottley put Dottin as COP to eaves drop on DLP politicians and any other opposing the BLP but he is Incompetent big time.

    This is the same Mia that suddenly everyone think is an angel.

    Adriel Brathwaite – AG,do something NOW in the RBFP and start by removing this COP and looking at pay and conditions for these officers.

    This is the sickening thing about the BLP,all they look at is the political gain they get from their act,they never count the cost to Society.

  13. Mash Up & Buy Back

    You are really in tune with things.
    Darwin was pitchforked over more senior officers right into the commissioner’s chair and they are no prizes for guessing why.

    This is yet another mess which has been created by the corrupt Barbados Labour Party.
    Everything they touched is turning to lead.
    Take a look at the swing bridge. Too much corruption was was the basis of all their decisions and now everything is unraveling.

  14. Barbadians must remove their political hats for this country to survive in this chaotic world.
    Whether the COP is a B or D the problems confronting the Police Force must be investigated by the GOVERNMENT.
    We must agitate for the passing of Integrity Legislation and FOI before the next election. It seems that neither this government nor the last one needs this type of legislation therefore it has to be something they fear.
    These are factors that will give the public more insight to the underhand dealings within the country.

  15. Sometime ago a charge was made about wiretapping activities by the police force. What is that status? Yet again the public is being short changed regarding information.

    Wither the FOIA?

    It appears to be business as usual by government. One would have thought the PM given where he came from would be sympathetic to the cause.

  16. maat
    I agree the officers in the BPF are underpaid but better pay is not the only answer. I don’t care how much money some of these officers are paid unless there is good integrity, they would still accept the bribe. The big problem in SOCIETY today is the crave for the almighty dollar and persons from all walks of society are using any means possible to get it, that’s why we’re now selling even breadfruit and dry coconuts that used to be given away years ago when bajans were much poorer, today everything has a price including policing.

  17. How about all drug money seize get put into a bonus fund for all officers junior to inspectors and it gets divided evenly for tax free bonus at the end of the year. I sure that we would catch more drug & drug money then for sure.

  18. I is one of dem citizens cause my phone don’t work good for shit and they do a terrible job at this illegal wire tapping and in the interest of what cause i barely got 2cents to rub together barely need a loan just to buy food

  19. Hi, i am glad the someone has finally spoken out on some of the issues that the RBPF are face with it is disturbing and a burden. now i read the letter and it could have gone on more and talk bout the under paid and over worked of officers. Now this is @ maat he who feels it knows if you are not an officer u will not understand the situation so it would read petty to you, let face it politics and being politically affiliated is the way to get through this organization for men it being a what police call being “blue eye or brown tongue” and for women its just giving up their dignity for fair promises it that the way things suppose to go.

    If a man or woman work hard and earn the right to be promoted why should fame, affiliation or political ties be de avenue to get by, police are under paid yes everybody knows that except the person who are in a position to do something about it. yes it is a recession but before the recession police officers were crying out for pay but that deem futile, i speak subject to correction but i am sure that the govenor of the central bank stated that the police are underpaid and something should be done. now this lack of interest would stem back to two comment made by members of the BLP where first Prime Minister Authur said that the police are not special and join by a fellow party mate who said police are glorified criminals, now imagine that coming from your government leaders shame.

    Yet you Maat expect a person of sounded mind not to be the way the officers are you would have to be out your mind. Now let really get to the real issue, now it was alway common knowledge that a person would work to thirty three and a third and then gracefully bow out but some smart person carry the work time to 67 now a man at 60 yrs needs to go home there is not much further that he can carry an organization. Now you have men in the higher rank that is 60 plus but refusing to go home and all them doing is making the place miserable and dragging back progress them need to go home and go to someplace else and let some fresh ideas and fresh blood come up. this force is a young force person in the organization have good ideas but these same old person in high ranks believe that as long as you are not equip with a degree that your idea and comment are not woth any weigh and it shouldn’t be that way, but sadly enough thats the way it is. The AG needs to take off his blinders and get to the bottom and stop seeing things at face value for year politician were sweepin issues under the table if we are not careful we are going to end up like all the other countries that having problems right now.

    And as mention by Hindsighted i have no problem with the adminisration transfering a man base on the fact that it might be for his best interest and when i say that i mean that he may not be seem hence the saying out of sight out of mind, so if tranferring a man is to make sure he is seem and eligible for leadership fine but if you are going to transfer a man because you want to victimize him and make him feel less of a person is just totally wrong.

    So all is left to say is Mr Brathwaite AG look into these matter before you have a more corrupt force and officers.

  20. Interesting that only Dottin is seen as the problem. Hinds seems to be leading a faction too, what is he doing to undermine authority in the force? I read like all of you the issue of Jamaican performers to be allowed in after the head said no. In any other force that would warrant dismissal. Discipline is vital in disciplinary forces regardless. Have we missed something here or is this a mission by the writer to promote his faction and put down the other? If the commissioner has contravened the law, or regulations governing his position then he too should be removed. But this attempt to smear the man without facts, merely allegations which for some lame brains is sufficient to form a judgment, is unacceptable. I do not know anything about Hinds, the only fact I have is what played out in the newspaper. I do not know what he has to bear, nor do I know the original cause of the rift between the two leaders. But I think maturity should prevail between the two for the sake of the force, dignity of the office and the benefit of B’dos. The same applies to Mia Mottley and Owen Arthur.

  21. Now I think its only fair that if you as a commenter are not directly affected by unprofessional management, victimization, or your suggestions to improve management styles, your comment should not be so damming of us police officers. Yes, I do know of instances where a police officer(s) have conducted themselves with poor and distasteful discretion, but I can assure you that that is the minority.
    With such issues now which face us that stem from corrupt administrators, who display qualities of arrogance, dictatorship, a concept of I know best and will tell you what is best for you, self before organization and country, one can only expect to see such ridiculous, uncaring and poor responses from police officers attending to any calls for service.
    I f the COP is disrespectful, of a lying tongue, fouled mouth and always having hidden and personal agendas his direction of the BPF will be and has been sorely misguided..He cares nothing for the well-being of staff and especially those in specialized areas who may have shared an opinion that does not support any decision he has made or suggested.
    What am saying is that if you don’t agree with Dottin, you put yourself in his bad books and look out for victimization and oppression. No promotion and if you are specialized look forward to be punished by a vindictive transfer.
    Case in point is the Handwriting expert, with thousands of your money vested to train and supply with necessary tools to do this unique job, has been transferred with no successor and now, may God help those who have cases that require such expertise as you now have to pay to have those document examined. In good conscience, should a manager allow such. It is unreasonable to dismantle your specialized offices and scatter those professional at the detriment of the mandate of the police force…”to solve crime”.
    Now tell me, who suffers the most here? The Police officers? Members of government, politicians? Nooooo….Our neighbours, friends in another neighbourhood, school children, family…what am saying here is society suffers and we all have friends, children and family living in this society…
    Dottin has misused the bonafide investments, financial and otherwise, made by foreign governments and has cause an erosion of the trust and placed a frustrating strain on the relationship that existed cordially, before he came to office. Am just saying that maybe there is more to the British packing up bags and leaving the region where they have a tremendous assest to our country’s borders, for over 60 yrs,
    Could it be that they are frustrated that the Barbados powers that be refused to deal with this prick….thorn in the side…..!!!?
    As it relates to being fair to both Hinds and Dottin, can anyone bring facts on where Hinds went wrong? Or his management has been questioned? Dottin is in the chair as the COP with DCP assisting him. Why doesn’t Dottin trust his admin team to make decisions when he is absent and keeps them out of the loop like a string of puppets!?
    The COP has taken over duties of the role of the DCP’s office leaving what for the DCP to do? Just to keep him out of his hidden agendas…. This is not Dottin’s force….(expelatives and nuff suck teets)…..

  22. @Bajan Truth

    Agree with on the Hinds/Dottin Saga regarding the dancehall artists. On that matter the both should have been disciplined. For the AG to have ignored with policemen and public observing was not positive and adds to the perceived disharmony in the BPF by the public.

  23. The problem as I see it is that partisan politics have taken over the force big time. The force is now spilt down the middle with Bees supporting the COP and the Dems supporting the DCP.

    Even on this blog, the politics is so partisan, so one could well imagine how much worse it would be in the force.

    Sometimes for the good of the whole, one must do what is right and if it is felt from the rank and file that the COP has favourites (and this is understandable since he knows that he has to watch his back) if he has the years in the service, the COP should tell the force I gone, I do not need this stress and maybe he may live longer. Leave it to the Dems to run things and see how much better you rank and file will fear.

    Just look around Barbados and see what a good job the Dems are doing running this country into the ground. They may be better at managing the force!!!!

  24. O.K haul and pull up ! Carson Codogan you obviously have a bone to pick with Darwin Dottin or maybe many bones but get over it!Darwin Dottin is going no- where fast.My wish is that he endures to the end.The race was never meant only for the swift.
    I rate the Barbados police force pretty high on performance.Sadly like any institution there will be internal problems.In this situation where the juniors in the force are disgruntled, attention should be given to their concerns.However, Rome was not built in a day so things will take time- As I recall there was no chaos and confusion when Mia Mottley was Attorney General so maybe there is a time for change(I wonder).
    The young officers indeed needs to be motivated and given incentives instead of bashings but who will walk with them?The NUPW or TheBWU is still on hand as mediators.
    I would not instigate a strike.There is no need.Again there is no need for anyone to go anywhere. Dottin Stays!

  25. Raymond

    When your time up, it up.
    I have a nice rocking chair I can give Darwin if that is what he is waiting for. I am also sure that someone else can give a nice gold watch and wish him all the best in his retirement, it is long overdue.

  26. APOLLO 13

    “Just look around Barbados and see what a good job the Dems are doing running this country into the ground”

    Don’t play you getting nasty.
    Under very difficult and trying times the Government is doing a good job keeping the ship afloat.

  27. what is happening in the Police Force has nothing to do with any Government BLP or DLP
    The force needs to modernize its thinking just like the rest of the public service,
    reform is needed and that reform must come from within.
    there is too much of a mendicant attitude in Barbados. Everybody wants everything done by everybody else and nobody wants to offend anybody

  28. My concern with the RBPF and the heirachy is that cops are not help accountable for witness tampering or pages torn from diaries. The Coroners Inquest in todays Nation show another Barbadian who died under mysterious circumstances aat the hands of members of the RBPF. Will it take a citizen who takes the law in their hand to bring a stop to criminal officers who like to be judge and jury.

  29. What sort of leader transfers five Special Branch officers and put two in uniform? Does the COP want these men dead?

  30. Raymond
    You stated that as you recall there was no chaos and confusion when Mia Mottley was A.G, but as far as I know, there was chaos and confusion in the ranks even when Grantley Prescod was COP. What has happened is that the problems have escalated because for years all the stuff was being swept under the carpet. Given that there is now some friction between the COP and his deputy only cause some serious problems to manifest themselves, let’s not forget the problem with the COP and Anderson Bowen, plus the numerous police officers who has left the force after this COP was appointed. Whether it is because he maybe a no-nonsense person or whether there other underlying causes one must admit that under this COP the force has deteriorated badly and the general public has little or no respect for law and authority like before. What is also true that many officers are using the police vehicles to take their children to school and their wives/girlfriends out shopping. I witness one vehicle one day with siren on and a school boy in it, the vehicle stopped by a particular school and the young man disembarked but there was a casual conversation between him and the driver before it moved off, from what I saw the young man was his child or some relative. This is not the function of the police vehicle, I also saw a man collecting his wife/girlfriend from work one evening, with few officers and many vehicles no wonder when a matter arises no-one can respond.

  31. xpolice in Bermuda
    If what you’re saying is true, that is a VERY SERIOUS matter, these officers are sitting ducks

    • To state the obvious leaders must lead and at this time Commissioner Darwin Dottin is the leader.

      Regrettably, rightly or wrongly, things are becoming unstuck in the police force and as leader the buck stops with him.

      Your move Commissioner!

  32. @disgruntled officer

    Just to let you know I also believe the police is a special arm of government and should be treated in that manner. However special powers need to be balanced with special responsibility and most officers do exhibit high standards.

    All organisations are made up of imperfect human beings so it is difficult to expect perfection from any or every officer.
    The system by which all of this is governed is also imperfect and therefore people from the top to the bottom are going to fall short of the mark at some time.

    The administrative problems within the force is not the fault of the public and cannot be changed by the public so it shouldn’t be taken out on the public.

    What you are doing here is a reasonable way to get the attention of the policy directors and I would urge you and your fellow officers to come with some concrete ideas that you can put into the public domain, that we can see that some officers do have an alternative method to manage their affairs in a better way.


  33. This letter may have been written and posted by a DLP operative to elevate the problems facing the force. It is common knowledge that the Dems in the force back the DCP. I would like an officer who backs the COP to come out with his/her views and then we can read between the lines.

    The COP’s job has not been made any easier with the change of government especially when you have a minister openly telling people that the COP must go, they dont want him. How can the COP function under these circumstances?

    It is clear that the DLP government does not want him as I have noticed that the COP was visably absent for a few months/weeks last year. He was absent from the PM’s funeral, the Independence Day Parade, the Remembrance Day Service in Heroes Square and then conveniently the DCP was seen at a supermarket with the late PM’s widow whilst the talk was will she or wont she run. How convenient was that and that the Nation was there?

    The COP has to feel uncomfortable having a deputy like the one he has. He made a decision not to allow the Mavado/Vyxz Cartel show, the COP was not even out of the country and the DCP reverse the decision and even announced a site visit etc even though there was outrage in the country. It was widely known that FAMILIES FIRST was behind this concert and the plan was to wait until the COP was away and then give the permission. But what they did not bargain for was the outrage from Bajans and so it was only after the late great DT returned to Barbados from one of his many travels that he cancelled the show and fooled bajans again about how moral he was???

    So how could the COP ever trust the DCP? He knows he has to watch his back and surround himself with persons whom he can trust. Isn’t this done in every office and even in families all the time?

    I agree with the COP, hang in there my man, let the Dems fire you, you will then do what you have to do.

    Why is it that everything in this country is falling apart under the Dems?

  34. When commenting on the RBPF, we are always focusing on those officers who left Barbados to join the police departments of other territories. Bermuda, Cayman Islands, and even Antigua, have recruited Barbadians to their police departments. But with the high salaries being paid in Bermuda, Turks, and Cayman Islands, why the citizens of these islands not want to join the constabulary? The salary in these places is not the issue. Look at Antigua, the hierarchy of their police department recruited men from Barbados, Guyana, St. Vincent and St. Lucia in the 1993, and at that time the salary for a constable was EC$1300.00 per month. Bajans went, and some are still there to this day.

  35. @Robert,

    As far as I heard from a teacher who gave up his job to go to Bermuda, (he’s since returned, couldn’t take the high COL) the pay in Bermuda might be good but the cost of living is very high.
    So what it may work out roughly the same as being here, I dont know!!!

  36. David,

    It is difficult to lead when so many persons are continually putting stumbling blocks and big rocks in your way to hinder and block your every move!

  37. People like Dottin run and get degrees and people feel that them could run things better than anybody and juck them in front of other people.
    But leadership requires more than academic qualification. You could have academic qualification but still be a stinking nasty bitch to people …
    Police taking action dont mean ‘strike’
    There are so many ways to deal with such a situation. many! many! many ! HOW MANY –many many many

  38. Please people, dont blame which gov Blp or Dlp for what is wrong with the running of the force..Take a step back, all of us in this country has our political persuasion but does that impact on what you are employed to do? Does that impact on your integrity? Does that impact on a persons will to choose right from wrong? Does that impact on how you treat persons under your care!? Examine this carefully.
    Corruption should not be tolerated in such offices like that of the COP’s. Whether that person is pro Dees or pro Bees, they are not above the rule of law. And yes it is true to that Special Branch operatives been transferred to uniform and the COP thinks its not an issue…
    Like Xpolice in Bermuda asked, “What sort of leader could he be?”
    and furthermore he thinks those persons well being and safety is not worthy of attention….after all the sacrifice I imagine they would have made for this country and police force….(Shaking Muh Head)….the cop would have to be sick!!!

  39. What I find amazing is people complaning about removing people from positions and putting them somewhere else. Imagine my car tyres complaining because I rotate them. I got a reason for it. I am not blasted mad, something occurred that made it better for the car, or for me that rotation is my solution. Usually it is that the value of the performance in the current position has now been outweighed by a greater threat. Those of you have so much information on COP actions, tell us what was the situation that prompted the action.

    To add to a comment made about the COP, crime was reduced significantly under his watch, he had good economic conditions and his strategies seem to work. You are going to remove him now, has his performance outweighed a greater threat? As far back as I can remember there was always disgruntlement in the force. What is new, is COP surviving a change of gov’t, so the man got testicular fortitude. As a civilian I personally feel satisfied with his performance. Don’t know how the force will manage the rising crime coming out of the economic hardships in communities.

    That show with Mavado, is it true that it was supported by Families First? Crime, man wuhloss. I think the Minister or Hamilton Lashley wanted to approve it, that was clear from reports.
    A damning observation made in my hearing, which someone here can clear up for me. Is it true that most of the drug hauls have been made in St. John? If so, why this disproportionate engagement in this trade by this parish?

    • @Bajan Truth

      Your slip is showing.

      Barbados has never* experience a serious crime, the issue here is the obvious division in the BPF hierarchy which has the potential to destabilize the police force.


    “To add to a comment made about the COP, crime was reduced significantly under his watch”

    If the numbers are to be believed.

    Is it just me or can someone else remember the Police force putting out glowing numbers about the reduction of crime against tourists only to be rebutted by the BHTA. Their records showed at the time that police “statistics” were grossly wrong.

    I guess they didn’t realised that the BHTA has a Crime Commitee which keeps tabs on crimes against visitors.


    “Is it true that most of the drug hauls have been made in St. John?”

    You would have to be living on the Moon and just just came to earth to make a statement.

    Is that what Owen told you?


    This from over at Barbados Free Press

    by Fred Kraxberger, US Citizen

    Dear Barbados Free Press,

    On 02/09/2011 while fishing at Archers Bay, St. Lucy, Barbados around 7 to 7:15 PM my Bajan friend and I (a US citizen) were the victims of a robbery, and our lives threatened by a Bajan man with a machete. He also told us he would shoot us if we did not do what he said. We did as he said. He got a cell phone and cash. This is not the first time this man has robbed someone, he knew what he was doing.

    When the Crab Hill Police arrived they did a short interview with us. When I was told that I could go and retrieve our belongings, I went back to the scene of the robbery. One officer was there when I got there. He did not have a flashlight on. I ask him if it was ok to pickup my things because he had not been down there that long. He said it was ok. I picked up my fishing light so that I could find our belongings. I noticed something that was not there before the robbery. I pointed it out to the officer and told him that it must have come from the robber. He ignored me.

    I picked it up and ask the officer if he wanted it. He said no. There were two more items that were not there before the robbery, but they did not seem to be concerned about them. This to me was shocking.

    We were interviewed at the Crab Hill Police Station and gave statements.

    The AM of 02/12/2011 I was contacted by the Crab Hill Police Station by phone. The officer stated there were discrepancies between my friend’s statement and my statement. He wanted me to change my statement to make it identical to my friend’s statement. I told him I would not do that. He got upset with me and told me that I did not understand. He said that they needed both our statements to be the same so that they could prosecute the robber. I told him again that I refuse to change my statement just to make it identical to my friend’s. I told him I would change things in my statement if I felt parts where not as I recalled it happening. He then got very upset with me and asks me to have my friend call him.

    Here is the bottom line. Although I was traumatized by the robbery, I’m slowly getting over that. What really bothers me is the misconduct of the Crab Hill Police. It is because of their misconduct of this robbery case that I as a visitor to Barbados twice will not be returning. (I had planned on returning each year for a one month stay like I did this year)

    Fred Kraxberger, US Citizen

    CC: Nation News, Barbados Police Northern Division, Barbados Attorney General, US Embassy Barbados, Barbados Tourism Authority

  43. I see a guy says that because police are treated so does not give them the right to do xx or yy. But you have missed the point entirely. It might not give them the right. But it certainly contributes in a significant way.

    Imagine policeman A coming to work everyday on time, extremely polite, well mannered, enthusiastic about his work, excellent investigative skills, a policemans police. Someone to look up to and be like.

    Then policeman B. Doesn’t do anything but carry back news, is a pathetic excuse for a police then he is promoted.

    Policeman A? Well GOD BLIND YA RASHOLE I DONE WID DIS CUNT< FUCK DE PUBLIC FUCK DE GOVERNMENT. I taking my experience and working for myself.

    Now you look him in his eye and tell him he is wrong.
    Ya want ya eye jucking out.

    I have another question to ask. Years ago an officer named Wiltshire left the force as a Constable. Then he came back and got promoted to Sgt above other people who were in line and in the force working while he was gone. THEN he got promoted to S/Sgt soon after.

    Now ask yourself, people here working hard all the time, while he left the force to do who knows what, he comes back and gets a double promotion above all those in line. Promotion = more privilidge and more money. All because he is somebodies pet dog.

    This happens all the time btw, so ask yourself, where are you going to find Police dedicated to the job and the public they serve? What happens is all the hard workers leave, the bright sparks, the people that know there job, that do it well. What's left? the bluffers, the disgruntled who are looking to leave and the new people who now come.

    What does the public get? Inexperience, ineptness, and non caring response. Who to blame? The police who were caring for years and unfaired? Or the people who made them that way?

  44. One more thing. All your blogging and rants will fall on deaf ears.

    Nepotism will prevail. The Lodge will prevail. It’s good the public is informed, but nothing will ever be done, do not hold your breath.

  45. I was wandering when the politics was going to step in!
    This problem did not manifest itself when the DLP won the government, It was going on for a very long time.
    Some Barbadians cannot resist the temptation of bringing politics into play in these forums or casting blame on the DLP government. Next they will start blaming the DLP when their washing machines, cars & marriages break down!
    Bajans have to learn the word accountability & stop pointing their political fingers at every party when there is a problem.

    “Please teacha, um is de DLP dat cause it”!
    “No mam, is de BLP fault”!
    STOP IT!

  46. It is hard to believe what is being stated on the issue of promotions in the RPBF. Based on my experience as a detective in another jurisdiction, we have a volunteer uniformed cadet service where young people who are interested in joining the service in the future, are trained in various aspects of community work, discipline, etc. This training also allows them to gain GSCE certificates as well, and on reaching recruitment age they can join the service. So many officers do not view policing as a job, but as a career. After completing two years probation, an officer can apply to the CID as a trainee detective. However, there is no guarantee that you would be suitable. If you are chosen, you must sit the national exam, on the job training, the DC foundation course, and the PIP process, before becoming a “qualified” DC [detective constable]. Specializing in a specific area is a good pathway to promotion. For example, I did a BA (Hons) Forensic Accounting and MSc Forensic Auditing and Fraud Investigation, which made me qualified to work in the FIU. Every specialization [drug squad, fraud, theft, intelligence, etc] consist of qualified officers.
    To be promoted to the rank of sergeant in the CID, one must sit the examination, having “A” levels or a degree, such as BSc in Criminology, Criminal Justice, or Criminal Investigations, is a definite additional asset. Academic qualifications are assets in this era of policing.

  47. Robert Deschappé

    You sound like you come here to blow your own trumpet. Ok, we are suitably impressed.

    However with all these qualifications police from your neck of the woods still love to abuse citizens and they love to kill Black people. What type of Degrees do they need for that?

    And why are so many people in your neck of the woods are having to be release because they were wrongly jailed by these “qualified” police jokers, some for twenty years or more?

  48. At last it has been exposed by their own. I have been making statements on fellow Blogger Peter Boyce’s page for ages now regarding the RBPF.
    First I want to say that the police have a duty of care to offenders, the general public, their work mates & themselves. I empathize with some members of the force, but their behavior towards the general public leaves a lot to be desired. The have stated in their letter about the attitudes fellow policemen exhibit towards the general public & offenders.
    Just because you are unhappy with your job situation, does not give you the right to humiliate others, bully, steal from them, verbally & physically abuse them. If your unhappiness in the work place, affects you to this point, then it is time to hang up your baton. Also those who witness the abuse & leave them unreported are just as guilty as those who physically do them.
    Pe0ple are scared that the Police will take revenge on them or their families with good reason.

  49. @ Carson C. Cadogan

    First of all, I never meant to blow my trumpet, only to bring another perspective to the issue. For your information, I am black and was born in Barbados. As it relates to persons who were wrongfully accused, surely, if you had done some research, you would realise that the majority of those persons were exonerated based on forensic evidence, which was not available at their time of conviction.

    However, it does not require the services of a profiler, (another qualified police joker) to know that you are devoid of the basic common sense of being able to think rationally. Anyone who reads your submissions can come to that conclusion without having done forensic psychology. I have never seen you contribute anything that is beneficial to any issue raised on this blog. Your response to every topic raised in the forum is always the same, which is blaming the BLP for every possible thing that happens in Barbados, insulting those who oppose the DLP, and when points are brought to substantiate such criticisms, you often try to change the subject. Anyhow, I guess that this may be your comfort zone.

    Additionally, an analysis of my contribution would indicate that I have stated initiatives that can be used in the RBPF, such as new recruitment strategies, specialisation (the issue with the handwriting expert), new techniques in gathering intelligence and solving crime, instead of solving crime mainly through confessions, and generally to bring the force into the modern era.

    Instead you could only see that I am blowing my trumpet. This is further evidence of your stupidity. It is not my fault that you have not capitalised on the free education.

  50. @The Scout
    If what you are saying to me is true then let these matters be brought to the fore where they may be investigated!Joy rides at the taxpayers cost is not on.I am shocked!!

  51. @Carson Codogan
    Guess what?A Berbice chair is better but hold the nice rocking chair for now it might come in handy for your deputy COP.When I become prime minister I shall appoint you as Minister with all port folios! You shall also have all right to hire and fire within the public sector.Your deputy shall be the Scout.I shudder to think who would be on your first list to go from the RBPF.

    • Interesting this hacking story out of the UK, we have had our own suspicions in Barbados. What ever became of the equipment used for CWC2007 by the police?

      Scotland Yard launches new phone hacking inquiry

      Scotland Yard detectives have launched a fresh inquiry into the phone hacking scandal after receiving "significant new information".


      Former News of the World editor Andy Coulson (left) resigned as David Cameron’s communication chief last week. Ian Edmondson, the paper’s assistant editor (news) has been sacked as a result of an internal investigation into phone hacking

      5:55PM GMT 26 Jan 2011

      The Metropolitan Police said detectives had received a dossier of evidence about suspicious activities at the News of the World in 2005 and 2006, and a new team would carry out the inquiry.

      The decision was made after the newspaper handed over material gathered during an internal investigation into its assistant editor (news) Ian Edmondson.

      The newspaper, whose owner Rupert Murdoch was reportedly in London this week, said Mr Edmondson was sacked as a result of the investigation.

      Full Article

  52. BU has been advised that VoB referred to this matter on their 8.30AM news. To be expected the Internet source was not cited but we still appreciate them highlighting this matter on behalf of the BPF.

  53. Thank you David and CCC

    However the opinion expressed about disproportionate drug hauls in St. John was not mine, nor my observation. I remember hearing about drug hauls in St. John but I do not keep check on the numbers per parish, so any proponderance would miss me. Asking the question, is this other people’s observations as well. You know me a comment or opinion is not enough. One person’s comment is insufficient to take as a fact. Do you agree? I don’t know Owen Arthur personally, so I would not know if he spends his time counting drug hauls in St. John. He better have better things to do with his time. Did I mention he will get my vote this time. My business suffering, I got children and mortgage and the block is no place for me. That vote for change did not pay off for me, so I gone back.

    On the substantive issue of this letter, poor behaviour on the part of the force comes from their own lack of integrity not their conditions. So easy to make discontent an excuse for bad conduct. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR CONDUCT.
    The force has some good officers and some it could do without. Just don’t see the evidence that one of those it could do without is the COP.

    I am not sure if this letter is part of a political ploy leaked to the press and social media to get enough energy going to give the gov’t a justification to get rid of the COP. Good luck with that. They would be better employed in working to keep their own ‘jobs’, which I understand they are planning to do that today on the Lord’s day. They will not get bajan votes they got before if they don’t try and meet this same way to deal with the cost of living and how they will get Bajans through this crisis, take off some of those taxes, and grow the economy.

    • @Bajan Truth

      Let us accept for the sake of argument the letter was leaked, do we have a problem in the BPF in the hierarchy or not?

  54. Eventually when the core of the force ceases to function, you will be left with trinidad, jamaica and guyana. we’re not far from there now as it is.

    I hope I am dead or not in B’dos by the time it reaches that stage.

  55. All the talk about Dottin. Focus should be on the Police Service Commission with Keith Simmons and Keith Whittaker causing all the confusion aided by Bertie Hinds, the other three members aint got no say. Take for instance they ignored the recommendations of the Commissioner and promoted persons who are affiliated with Bertie Hinds and the people from the north. The person who wrote that letter need to get the facts straight. The brutal truth about this whole matter is that them two individuals want Dottin to leave so that Bertie Hinds could be commissioner, but tell them we don’t want he either. If Dottin got to go Bertie Hinds should go too.

    I can’t understand the writer, they say that the Commissioner did not wear khaki to meet the AG, what was wrong with what he wore, isn’t that working uniform, you too petty, Bertie Hinds had on the same uniform. An about Independence Day, who was in charge I sure that I see Bertie Hinds pun m y tv so if an instructions were given it would have to be he.

    About the promotions, it aint the Commissioner that promote people who was not in the zone. Ask Keith Whittaker how them people get promote and aint even in the zone.

    You better get your facts straight and come again.

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