Police ‘Raids’ Red Sea In Deacons, Alleged Police Brutality

BU understands the Barbados Police Force ‘raided’ the area known as the ‘Red Sea’ in Deacons Road on Saturday 22nd January 2011. During the ‘raid’ five persons were arrested. Among those arrested  were photo journalists Sandy Keisha Pitt, 32 years of Bush Hall, St. Michael, for the offence of assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty and Cheri Alisa Pitt, also of Bush Hall, St. Michael, was arrested and charged for, failing to move and keep moving, armed with a weapon adapted to cause injury, assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty and resisting a police officer.

BU now publishes an alleged account of an incident which occurred. The account does not reflect the opinion of Barbados Underground.

I can’t believe how the police in Barbados brutalise human beings and after they arrest people and turn around the story. Saturday jan 22 around 430 when the police just got to Deacons rd… I happened to be passing when I witnessed the beating of sandy and cherie pitt from a POLICE officer unmercifully. I had to ask myself do they have mothers, sisters or children , I could not believe it when I saw how bad he unfaired these two girls and BEAT them like they were hardened criminals. The officer pushed cherie pitt for absolutely no reason then she told her sister to get his badge number and when she said so he locked off her neck and throw her to the ground and gun butt her and when  sandy came to get his number he hit Sandy in her head so hard with that BIG GUN she fell to the ground in pain and the gun dropped from him the same time. He then dragged Cherie on her knees across the road can u believe a man could actually do this to a woman in front of other people and children.

This incident made me cry cause I honestly felt for them. I think we Barbadians need to speak out about this incident and all those who saw what happened on saturday should speak out this is not fair. POLICE BRUTALITY needs to come to an end. Now these girls got charged wrongfully. I beg u Barbadians please come forward and speak about what u saw the same way I did it is unfair.Women come out too because no man should be allowed to beat women so and get away with it. Right now cherie’s toe is broken n Sandy has soft tissue damage to her head!!!! please pass it on!!!

The pictures inserted in the blog are provided for your viewing.

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  1. Wasn’t Sandie Pitt the same nation photographer involved in a police tussle when a police constable was being taken to court which led the COP to hold meetings with the media to discuss better police media relations?

    If the Police did as is being alleged,then that is NOT acceptable.

    However persons who know those girls say they are not easy at all so we need to get ALL the facts.

  2. Maybe because their job is to place information in the public domain such as police beatings?
    This would be one of few occasions like this that have made it into the news, though.
    I know for cetain that when a woman’s handbag was stolen in Croc’s Den a year or so ago, the police beat up the culprit in the washroom.
    The BPF need to understand that they cannot do this sort of thing any more.

  3. What is clear is that the Police have difficulty dealing in certain areas, including ‘Red Sea’.

    Therefore, may I suggest that in line with the need to ensure the Police have capability to deal with these issues, that in accordance with the views of many people currently, we do as necessary to the legislation to accomodate current needs and amend the Constitution to allow the Police immunity from prosecution and alsoi to allow the Police to detain persons as necessary and for whatever length of time they see fit?

  4. @Crusoe
    You wrote: “may I suggest that in line with the need to ensure the Police have capability to deal with these issues, that in accordance with the views of many people currently, we do as necessary to the legislation to accomodate current needs and amend the Constitution to allow the Police immunity from prosecution and alsoi to allow the Police to detain persons as necessary and for whatever length of time they see fit?”

    Well I will be damned! I do not believe that an individual would recommend giving away their rights at a time when in the USA, the UK, and many countries around the world, measures are being implemented to curb the transgressions that have been taking place in relation to citizens’ rights. Yes, we need to have law reforms, but we do not need in Barbados the eradication of individual rights with the possibility of further infringements on human rights. What has gotten to you, is the Police to be made an entity from which the citizen has no recourse if that citizen believes, rightfully or wrongfully, that he/she has suffered at the hands of the Police? Perhaps you may understand why certainty regarding the appointment of the Chief Justice is so important and why there is something called the rule of law.

  5. The Police in Barbados have enough power to deal with crime in Barbados.

    When you raid a high crime area you go with a swat/etf team and the violence is limited.

    I don’t where you are living Crusoe but the police in Barbados have more than enough power and “dey doan mek sport”.

    Word to the Pitt girls. There is no point going to war without a weapon.Now hire a good lawyer and sue.

  6. Was this witness the only person in Deacons Road? How come that no one saw the alleged police brutality or maybe, this could be the script for a movie. Just curious.

  7. Crusoe

    we do as necessary to the legislation to accomodate current needs and amend the Constitution to allow the Police immunity from prosecution
    Well I’ll be damned. Don’t amend the law to allow an outstanding Bajan to be appointed to an important position but change the law so Barbados can become a Police State

    Just when I thought that I’ve heard everything.

    • Interesting about the cases which involved journalists, be they photo journalists or other, was the noise which the traditional media and the Barbados Association of Journalists orchestrated. In the case of this alleged incident not a word. What gives!

  8. Habeus Corpus has existed since 1305, during the reign of Edward I. For us Bajans, its most compelling use was seen in 1771 in Somersett’s case where a black slave was ordered to be freed, with the words, “The air of England has long been too pure for a slave, and every man is free who breathes it.” It is suspended only during times of national emergency, like world wars. Our friend Crusoe is now suggesting that it be suspended at all times at the whim of the Police. He proposes to set back civil liberties by over 700 years. How long, one asks, before he recommends the reintroduction of slavery?

  9. Crusoe

    these posters are so dense… I note that you have astutely and perceptively posted “that in accordance with the views of many people currently, we do as necessary to the legislation to accommodate current needs …”! These “many” who now so righteously defend a 700 year old law cannot recognize their own argument as per another issue.

  10. @PingPong, RFLMAO!!!

    Exactly. I thought that the Constitution was archaic? I thought that we could change it at a whim?

    Lol. It is good PingPong, it is good!

  11. Amused ”Habeus Corpus has existed since 1305, during the reign of Edward I”

    Also Amused (from anothe blog) ”The people vote a government into office. It has a majority. It decides in the interest of the country to change the laws. It has the mandate of the people (from the ballot box) so to do. It changes the law. Matter done. That is the method on which we, a democratic society, operate.”


  12. Obviously I would never support giving Police unlimited powers (nor relinquishing Habeus Corpus) Lol.

    But, I knew, I knew and expected the reaction…and resulting inconsistent treatment of legal amendment.

    Ha ha.

  13. Thats it, we need more laws in Barbados. Don’t worry about all of the laws the Police already have to carry out effectively their function of maintaining a civil society.

    The problem is Barbados is we often do things for the sake of doing them, it makes feel good about getting something new done, we are taking charge of this situation. Rather we should be looking at why civil society is becoming less inclined to adhere to the rule of law and why the Police in Barbados do not, more effectively, maintain law and order.

    The Police force in Barbados does not need more laws, what it needs is to be modernised and its ranks motivated to perform at a higher and more profession level.

  14. I am a law abiding citizen, who have watched carefully how the police here in Barbados go about their daily task. I must say I am not impress, mainly due to the fact that the police lack interpersonal skills, the use of basic English and most of all the ability to earn respect. I think that most of these problem were perpetuated by the fact that we are probably scaping the bottom of the barrel in the recruitment process and secondly how the training is structured. I feel that if we are to see an improvement we must first address these issues. Police must also be taught the simple Dale Carnegie Principles of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

  15. The police have my full support. The Pitt girls must behave themselves. Journalists have rights but the Pitts exercising their media rights wrong. Frequent confrontatations with police is not the way to go. The police must contnue the raids and go back to places they raided before without warning. Neighbourhoods with blocks where criminals gather and hatch crime 24/7 are known to law abiding residents. The youth on the block (not all of them) refuse to work but find money to buy dope and use it openly 24/7. They terrorise neighbourhoods across Barbados with the assistance of some deviant parents. Dont stop the raids RBPF. My neighbourhood watc group will send the police a list of blocks in the St. Michael where raids should take place. Arrest and keep the criminals on the run. Keep up the good work officers.

  16. @Anonus. I stand corrected on the spelling of Habeas Corpus. Can’t think how I made that mistake. As for the rest, well……..

  17. @Mr Observer. By all means arrest and by all means chase down criminals. BUT, the Police do not have the right to use more than necessary force. From the report above, they are alleged to have used excessive force, which is a criminal act in itself. I doubt you are saying that the Police should be entitled to commit crimes themselves. But, if you are……….well, just let us hope you yourself are never suspected of committing a crime.

  18. When I was growing up I always heard that there were 3 sides to a story, yours mine and the TRUTH.
    What we as a society need to find out is if this article is even true by hearing both sides of the story and then cast our own opinions.

    • @Springs

      How do you think you get at the truth? It starts by putting the sides which are known on the table. For too long Bajans have shown the inclination to wait for information to drop from the sky instead of chasing it. Let us see if the Pitts are thrown to the wolves by traditional media if what is alleged is true.

  19. So just so the police beat her the police are not correct for treating her soo vicious, but she was trying to hinder them from doing their job tell me something real gangsters bout and dem was humble why she could not be humble also the men came out for SERIOUS BUSINESS
    Mackenson rush hour she should of cooled her tail i like the pitts but right is right.
    Also my friends from the Farm and Sea said that she start the man first and was running talk
    he should not of treated her so un kind but wtf she just diddnt shut up and let the people do their work

  20. Am i the only one who finds it suspect that the Pitt sisters are always at the fore-front of some confrontation with the authorities and always crying “abuse”….yes the have rights as journalists, but the police also have rights as POLICE…from the time you assault a police officer in the execution of his duties, you have commited a crime, thereby classifying yourself as a CRIMINAL…and these two are MULTIPLE offenders…i received the exact story above in a bbm blast and it occured to me…why is it that Cherie Pitt (who initially sent out the bbm broadcast) is the only person who has this dramatic account of this incident…there were scores of onlookers most of which had camera phones, why have none of them posted pictures, videos or worded accounts of this incident…i can think of a few reasons why but i’ll let you come to your own conclusions…

  21. It seems like most people wants to see the drug business in barbados brought under control but still they want the police to deal with these hardened criminals with kid gloves. I wonder if these Pitt girls are looking for easy money, if they are involved in the drug trade too, if they are just nuisance to the police as they are used by the gangsters to try to ease pressure off the criminals, they need investigating. I had a run-in with one of them one day and I didn’t like her manner. Simply put she thought that she had the right to do and go where-ever she wanted because she was a reporter. She was told not to trespass and tried to diss me, I had to get rough with her and she threatened to sue me, I just laughed at the little upstart. One day, if she doesn’t stop her stupid arrogant behaviour, she will be taught a harsh lesson. In this case I don’t know the facts but I have no sympathy for her.

  22. not that i don’t believe the witness report but it seems strange that she happened to be passing the area when her friends were being beaten. she has intimate details their bruises so she must know them. next, with all the cell phones around, how come no one took pics of what went on? when we leave home to go next door, we walk with our phone. this witnessed had none? i do not condone lawless acts on anyone especially females but i am inclined not to believe the report above. i get the impression that the ‘witness’ was there with the journalist and her sister, if she was then they would have been prepared, so why did she not take pics of the incident as it unfolded? my answer is that she couldn’t because it would show that the police did not brutalize the females.

  23. AK083, you seem to know a lot about repeat offenders. Tell us how many people got framed for assaulting the police when they tried to get away from some hot licks. How many innocent people were beaten up in police Stations this week? How many people had their phones tapped illegally, tell us
    Tell us about the woman who was framed for feeding her baby to the pigs and while you are at it, tell us why your fellow officers sometimes are too scared to arrest the Rich ‘N Famous when they commit crimes in Barbados, tell us .

    • The two situations are separate but in the context of discussing how the police can improve their ‘bed side manner’ when doing the job many questions have to be answered and a different approach encouraged.

      The AG has been uttering the right message despite his diplomatic remarks regarding Dottin and his Deputy. It is all about execution, too much talk!

    Stop lashing out at the Pitts how you really think that the country is run….how you think people get so wealthy these individuals that live in the lower communities are only at the bottom of the barrel don t use the forum as personal vendetta investigate first you really perplexed me with that statement
    What people want is for people not to shoot AROUND CHILDREN AND INNOCENT PEOPLE keep that around themselves and kill them one another simple to me you to

  25. poor people governor
    The day bajans accept the drugs trade as a way of life, is the day barbados would have lost it’s integrity, we would then become like Jamaica, Guyana and T&T with a murder rate in the hundreds annually. The drugs trade must be controlled if not stamped out, lock them up, when they raid cut their backsides and if anyone gets in the way to obsturct the police deal with them the same way. There are no kid gloves mentality for drug dealers or their soldiers because they have none for the police or the law.

  26. Scout go and dig for information Barbados is like Ja and Gt in more ways than one people need to seek God!!!
    Next thing tell me why the -police dont go and raid the houses in the heights and terraces why they dont lock up politicians they commit plenty crimes
    How do they unemployed buy guns trusting weed is sain different
    When the police saw a certain AG smoking they had kid gloves when the went in M Heights they hav kid gloves when they went around Bjerkham dem got kid gloves
    You know something about drug trade and offshore and wiretapping

  27. @David | January 28, 2011 at 7:11 AM |
    @smooth chocalate
    “Could it be the Pitt sisters maybe suing if the matter as witnessed is true?”

    Even if that were the case, they would have been bystanders with their cell phones, where are they? if u read the ‘witness’ report, it seems really obvious that she was not just a witness, she knew the sisters and it stands to reason then that her report is bias. i know of police beating people but i also know that they practice a modicum of decency when in large crowds and somehow it seems to me that this report is not totally correct

  28. I am pissed off that in this day and age police are using brute force on women.I am supportive of the term comply and then complain but there are times when circumstances alter cases.Whatever the senario,and if indeed the gun butting and beating did occur,the police should be held accountable.I am sure Sandy and Cherrie know at this point what to do.I hope that being photo journalists,one or the had the opportunity to capture this melee on camera.When the force needs to be commended and so they should be but now? I don’t think so!!! By the way i thought the Rea Sea Gang was now sleeping as so many of their members met untimely deaths.Ever hear de song by singing Sandra ‘Ghetto in ya mind?’ or ‘I am not afraid by’ Etana?Be comforted sistren Fitts cause ya dun know!!!!!

  29. RedSea on saturdays does have out some top dogs who is who of the underground when i said to a “friend” chaa boy u see how the police do cherie pitt man reason cherie pitt do she self and now people want to say that she was drunk to put a spin on things.
    Also they stated that she did assault the officer which I DONT agree with If she was drunk well in future i suggest she don’t drink,but SHE WOULD LEARN NEXT TIME they made her an example the treatment was harsh but what is wrong with her man d men treat she real real cruel!!!!!!!!
    they should of used equal force but tell me something they had real man a badman down there dem aint give police no talk who is dem got to be CheRIE Bjerhakm u kno who i mean d “untouchables”

  30. @ Miss Observer | January 27, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    Well said! So True!! Your statement couldn’t be more clear and concise.

  31. Isn’t one of the Pitt WOMEN (they are not girls, they are hard backed middle-aged women who should know better) the girfriend and child mother of a Red Sea drug dealer? A middle aged man (and middle age starts at 35) who has NEVER held a legitimate job in his life and who lives with his mommy in an NHC unit paid for by the taxes of those of us who have to get up out of our warm beds every cold morning and go to work?

    Maybe what was happening was not so much in defense of press freedom, but was in defense of making the way clear for drug traffickers.

    My Bajans does really make me laugh.

  32. If the Nation is really a responsible Corporate Citizen the would get those Pitt female photographers off the Nation’s payroll.

    Like I said before we must get ALL the facts.Those women reputation go before them and it ain’t nice.

  33. MASH up look how you want to use insinuation to take bread out these peoples mouth that aint decent
    my reputation also precedes me also sometimes and that is not a good thing nor sometimes correct judgement
    Nation responsible corporate citizen shite and that woman bout in the paper with all her fillings YOU SOUND LIKE A HATER I SORRY U DOES GET BUY BACK

  34. Police not angels but give me them before the drug running crime bent boys on Red Sea block or any block. Look forward to day when one can walk past Red Sea or any block without seeing gangs of unkempt, musty youth sitting and walking around aimlessly looking for trouble. This lifestyle is very bad for our country. Its unproductive and criminal. When is National Youth service coming to get drugged up young time wasters into a para military set up to learn discipline manners and broughtupcy and to think about life outside crime, robbing and gun and drug running?

  35. @Random thoughts, “those of us who have to get up out of our warm beds every cold morning and go to work?

    “cold morning”? You live in de states or Canada?

  36. Hants

    Cold is a relative word; to Bajans “Cold” is when the lard oil solidifies in the bottle, to us this is what cold is.

  37. @Sargeant,

    I experienced Barbados “cold” years ago down Bathesheba.

    Fortunately I was assisted in generating some body heat. lol

  38. Well we now learn, in 2015, why those girls, whose lives are in the “Pitts” was so aggressive and hindering police operation in Red Sea…Ross, Ashton aka Rossi who was arrested recently, is the father of her son…

  39. Hants January 29, 2011 at 12:21 PM #


    I experienced Barbados “cold” years ago down Bathesheba.

    Fortunately I was assisted in generating some body heat. lol
    I was laughed at some years ago, while shivering from the cold at Bathsheba. What made it so laughable, it was Winter and I had just returned on leave from West Germany. Mind you, the following Summer I got sun burnt out on the German Plains. Can’t win.

  40. At the letter writer ” I can’t believe how the police in Barbados brutalise human beings and after they arrest people and turn around the story…I can’t believe how the police in Barbados brutalise human beings and after they arrest people and turn around the story.”

  41. This letter was posted in The Nation. The Author was called Larsen Parris:

    I know that I will be dragged over the coals for my comments here but that is fine. Bajans are such a double standard and hypocritical group. All professions come out of their society, like policemen, politicians, pastors, teachers, etc etc, so don’t expect one profession to be more ethical than its society. There is no perfect society. We will always have that percentage of people who are willing to break the law. Anyhow, from the mid 70’s, we all were aware of the rich business people, the politicians, the affluent people living in the parks, heights and terraces who were involved in and the high ranking police who turned a blind eye to this drug activity on the island. I always remember one rapper in the movie, New jack city, with the very true lyrics that no poor man could import a container of drugs. We have the same in Barbados. How come you Bajans do not try to hold these rich people accountable for their actions or decry their activities?

    All policemen go into the academy with this concept of utopia, where they can make a meaningful contribution doing the right thing and enforcing the law, anyhow they quickly get to realize that they live in a PRACTICAL society in Barbados. They see the people who should be the role models in society are the major culprits breaking the law. They see the rich street thugs who are protected and who they cannot touch. So what are they to do? All you people here with your sanctimonious and pious attitude, are you telling me that you never broke the law or It’s just that you never got caught. The drug laws in Barbados and the Caribbean remind me of prohibition in the USA, where it’s main purpose is to make the rich and influential richer and to deter the poor man from meddling in my activity. We would save the millions of dollars we put into resources to stem the drug trade when actually the powers that be don’t want to stop it because it serves their purpose. My only problem here is that these people got caught. Thank you.

    • Good!

      NY Prosecutors Clear Immigrant From Barbados in ’86 Burglary

      NEW YORK — Jan 29, 2015, 4:51 PM ET

      By JAKE PEARSON Associated Press

      A New York City judge on Thursday vacated the 1987 conviction of an immigrant from Barbados who prosecutors said was wrongfully convicted of burglarizing a woman’s apartment, serving more than a year in prison for a crime that never took place.

      Accompanied by his fiancee, sister and son, a beaming Michael Waithe told reporters after his appearance in state Supreme Court in Brooklyn that he had endured many sleepless nights but was looking forward to a new life.

      "New dawn, new day, new beginning for me," said Waithe, 52. He is to be married next week.

      Prosecutors moved to vacate Waithe’s conviction after the union organizer contacted his office last fall, asking them to review his case. The father of three was convicted based largely on the testimony of one witness, and there was no physical evidence in the case.

      Mark Hale, who heads the conviction review unit for Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, said in court that a probe revealed the complainant, who now lives in Georgia, told investigators that she had fabricated her testimony. He said the woman admitted disliking Waithe and suspected he’d stolen her car.

      "This hardworking and innocent man came to our country for a better life and ended up being framed and went to prison for a crime that he didn’t commit," Thompson said in a statement. A judge has vacated convictions in 12 cases that his unit has reviewed since its formation last year. Waithe’s is the first one that didn’t involve a homicide, his office said.

      Waithe emigrated from Barbados as a 22-year-old in 1984, working initially as a security guard at the Brooklyn building where the complainant resided. He served a year and a half in prison.

      Waithe, who has a green card, had also faced possible deportation from the U.S. based on the conviction. In June, his case will be heard before an immigration judge, his attorney said.


    • @PUDRYR

      We have to thank family member Enuff for reminding us of this old matter. Less than 10 years ago the Comptroller of Customs promised Barbadians to investigate how several reconditioned cars sitting on a lot in the Port went missing. Still waiting.

  42. Four threads Easily

    (i) Problem: Drug dealers who are terrorizing Bulbados and got we ole mens cant walk no where after 5pm till 6.45 am.

    Solution: Police who need to do their jobs and brek up dese groups uh vagabonds instead of tekking de Suzukis and driving dem around wid de skanks and de leggo beasts when de day/night comes.

    (ii) Problem: Policemens who are descendants from the “big. black and ugly” generation of the dark days of the force who are criminals with badges, who are overly enthusiastic in their duties e.g. Baygon Spray in Plastic Bags while interrogating asthmatics who subsequently die in police custody and who a coverup by pathologist does not have them incarcerated.

    Solution: Working Investigative Committees and Ombudsman agencies tasked with these responsibilities. For example when young policemens get caught selling gunds to known criminals they need to get locked up and not be free for 3 years pending a court case

    (iii) Problem: A section of the population that believes that they can obstruct, taunt, disrespect, fight with, chop up, lick down and be illegally aggressive against police (not to be confused with representing yourself against rogue cops and non proportionate force to apprehend transgressors and law breakers)

    Solution wunna (WC Pitt sisters) and wunna crew of steadily burgeoning vandagers need to keep wunna mout shut and wunna hands off the RBPF like wunna does do when wunna see de fellas in Boots and More Boots Pun De Feet uh Dem Trigger-happy Recruits. For de Rogue cops use wunna cell phone cameras.

    Sweet Chocolate (whom I have not seen for a while, how you dear) said it best when she too was incredulous that two so called “female journalists” (which in Bulbados mean dat dem is womens wid a note pad and a big botsie) would not, in the face of previous encounters with police and allegations of Police Brutality, would not have gone armed with a camera or cell phone at least.

    (iv) The Breakdown in our Society – where selling drugs and robbing people is now a career path!! I seriously think that one of these days, during career day and one of the Career Day functions that the Minister of Eddy Kashun hosts, there is going to be a desk manned by Lord Evil-like representatives with lines of cocaine and hundred dollar bills rolled to inhale the stuff under their “On the Road” internship program. (Yes it is going to be a Government of Bulbados sponsored event because with the ingrunce that DEM is doing, both the current Criminals and the BLP idjits, you can expect there involvement. I can see it even extending to UWI with a seminar and the EWB Hall titled “How to Get Rich Quick” with pictures of notable Lord Evil or Goose etc. Guest Speaker will be Michael Carrington)

    Solution: God Knows, cause with all the money wasted on the DARE programme and the National Council for Substance Abuse (which by the way was rumoured to be a sponsor of de Guiness Half Hour with Mighty Dog Chinchilla)

  43. @ David [BU]

    I read that article bout Griffith vs the Commissioner of Police case (de ole man up as usual hiding from death)

    It is disturbing at so many levels.

    It reminds me of a Bajan adaptation of an Al Capone, Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Luciano or, to be socially correct, a Stephen Seagal or Johnny Depp movie aptly named “Above the Law”

    Here we have a police officer, investigating another policeman, the latter who is purported to be part of a car racket, being first verbally abused, then chucked and then, through a seemingly “supporting mechanism” unfaired by a faceless administrative and legal systems.

    Griffith is not only thwarted in conducting his duties “to protect and serve” but suspended unilaterally and maliciously.

    Early 1992. How 23 years of time flies yet the more things change the more they remain the same.

  44. @ David [BU]

    Institutional Memory.

    In ten years we have had 3 Comptrollers of Customs and each fellow got his “priorities”

    Remember one of them is purported to have killed the reconditioned car 2nd hand market/industry and another fellow he got a Brand New Toyota late one evening.

    But de ole man got a question

    Doesn’t you got to give a VIN and Chassis number to the Licensing Authority and the Insurance company to get Road Tax and Insurance?

    Now effing de ole man unnerstand whu you hinting at and cars get teif from de port, is it reasonable to believe that our Royal Bulbados Police Force cud get de numbers from de invoices AND go to de Licensing Authority AS WELL AS DE INSURANCE PEEPLES (send dem a letter dat is) AND find out who gots dese cars from 10 years ago??

    But den agin David [BU] de ole man watching too much movies en ting and I see dat de fellows does file off de serial numbers en ting.

    But dat does be pun de guns banner. I going gots to get de doctor change dis batch uh Insulin causing de ole man talking a beriffle uh foolishness, even doah he jes get a shot!!

    I feel de madam stiking me too hard wid dem needles doah.

    By de way, you ent say ef you cumming by for food today at Lord Nelson.

    Now dat I study me’self you bettah doan come cause DEM fellows in de House uh Parliament might see you deah and send de RBPF to come and unfair you like dese WC Pitt girls and I ent able to see you exposing bruises pun you belly heah pun BU.

    I gots to go and lift dem pans dem in de sextant car…we going have to mek a nex arrangement fuh de food den

  45. @ pieceuhderockyeahright January 30, 2015 at 5:56 AM #
    “… .de ole man up as usual hiding from death”

    PUDRYR, you really know how to bring a beam of laughter and a feeling of joy to a person’s face and heart.
    The above wit to lighten the stress and lift the spirit is better for the human wellbeing than any medicine.

    Hiding from death, LOL!! Something we do all day and (night); hiding from that thief of time who stalks up every minute. Even Michael [Carrion-a-ton] can’t rob him of the debt due to Samael.

    Would make good title for another book in which the giant Morpheus slays the fiery dragon Azrael to grant mankind eternal life so that we humans would all become gods.

  46. @ The Sage

    Are you a traveling man?

    Your are a man steeped in a deep mysticism and knowledge beyond the normal ken of the mediocre Bajan.

    How many people even know of Azrael?

    Coupled that with your recent covert comment of the 33rd (degree)?

    Hmmmm….you are among the few who it would be a great pleasure to know in the real world

    Oh Sage, of late the ole man, in addition to running fast from the Harbinger at nights (and from Sister Headley at the Church ** during the day) I find myself wondering why man/men should seek to have such a monopoly on Deity and would wage wars and destroy people who choose to follow another deity and even call him be another name.

    I came, by chance, upon “God and Many Gods” tucked away nicely in The Wanderer by Kahlil Gibran, a book of equal mystery and titillating insights.

    I would not do BU another disservice to paste that story in its entirety here but would ask you, if time permits, to read this gem at http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks05/0500631h.html#38

    Certainly gives one a different perspective on this issue of man killing other men for these centuries whether we be zealots or Jihadists doesn’t it?

    But I got tired being in the hot sun, Feeding the Sheep, and came to sit here in the airconditioning of this van, took out the Ipad from the grans to type this

    I will go back to the topic at hand of “alleged Police Brutality” when I get home later

  47. They release a Barbadian from a NY jail and his biggest fear, not being raped, not being killed, it was being deported back to Barbados. It has got to make you think

  48. David the days of shame are long gone, I remember when the thought of taking social assistance would make people sick, there was pride in your city meaning you picked up your garbage you didn’t spit on the ground you cared for your elderly and your neighbours, work was not a four letter word. No shame is gone for most . I would be happy as you say if that is the case because it shows even behind bars some people can keep their dignity. However if it is because there are no jobs on the island, no opportunity, corruption at certain levels etc that is the reason of not wanting to be deported ….it gives you pause to think.

  49. David
    I am confused.I read the documents re Griffith,Greaves and two Scotland Yard detectives.I have the opinion that Griffith cussed Greaves,shouted at him and the two detectives,ordering them out of his office.
    Griffith was subsequently suspended from duty,challenged his suspension and lost.What am I missing other than that Whittaker was accused of bias etc and now turn around and sent Dottin on leave and put the same Griffith to act COP.
    Was Griffith proved innocent of the charge against him that he was apparently involved in a car racket and was driving one such vehicle.
    What am I missing here?.

    • @Gabriel

      This is an old matter BU has not had the time to investigate updates which must have occurred, MUST!

  50. David
    Got ya.Must have been resolved favorably otherwise he would hardly be an example of the proverbial fox in the chicken coop

  51. why is it that people seem to want to say, know what is really going on and yet say nothing. i was informed only today that Sandi Pitt is the girlfriend of Ross, who lives in the Red Sea area. when the blog was written in 2011, nothing was said about that, but it is obvious reading it now that the Pitt girls were trying in hinder the police in some way from doing the duties? now we see that the guy Ross is in the news, it is not mentioned here but yet this article from 2011. if u people have news to share then share it for us innocent by standers, stop the pussy footing, please

  52. @Gabriel January 31, 2015 at 8:24 PM #…Must have been resolved favorably otherwise he would hardly be an example of the proverbial fox in the chicken coop———————–

    So assuming the officer was never involved in any wrong doing and had simply just bought a car without any knowledge of anything being out of the ordinary, how do you behave in such a undisciplined way in a uniformed, disciplined military styled outfit.

    And then now be the man in charge. That is amazing.

    This is a shocking story to me but I more realize that there is so much razzledazzle stuff taking place the length and breadth of the little rock that it’s impossible to really know who is the fox and who is the chicken far less to ensure they properly separated.

    That legal filing doc was simply amazing to read.

    Clearly the officer described there as “…misconducted yourself in that you assaulted Station Sergeant … when he came into your office in the course of his duties, by pushing him and shouting at him ‘get from my office’…” would not appear at first blush to be suitable for a command position.

    But the fact that he has maintained his seniority to become COP (acting) over these years suggest that either he was completely innocent and that outburst was brushed off as totally out of character, we are really a banana republic or he got the goods on some people to maintain his power base.

  53. David January 31, 2015 at 8:40 AM #


    Why would a national of a country want to be labelled a deportee with all of the scorn and shame it brings with it?
    And its not too comfortable for those whom we call Returning Nationals.

  54. @ DeeWord,

    Griffith reacted out of provocation and probably embarrassment.

    Just because you are accompanied by 2 Scotland yard detectives does not give the Inspector the right to walk into an acting superintendent’s office and start questioning him about criminal involvement in an alleged importation racket.

    Were charges brought for this alleged crime?

  55. @Smooth Chocolate January 31, 2015 at 9:00 PM “why is it that people seem to want to say, know what is really going on and yet say nothing. i was informed only today that Sandi Pitt is the girlfriend of Ross, who lives in the Red Sea area. when the blog was written in 2011, nothing was said about that”

    Dear Smooth Chocolate on January 29, 2011 at 1:35 AM Random Thoughts wrote “Isn’t one of the Pitt WOMEN (they are not girls, they are hard backed middle-aged women who should know better) the girfriend and child mother of a Red Sea drug dealer?…Maybe what was happening was not so much in defense of press freedom, but was in defense of making the way clear for drug traffickers.
    My Bajans does really make me laugh.”

    You really need to:

    Keep your ears close to the ground
    Read the blogs more carefully

    What you are hearing now is old, old news. At least 4 years old. Maybe more than a decade old.

  56. @Smooth Chocolate January 31, 2015 at 9:00 PM “why is it that people seem to want to say, know what is really going on and yet say nothing. i was informed only today that Sandi Pitt is the girlfriend of Ross, who lives in the Red Sea”

    CORRECTION: One of the 4 or more girlfriends/child mothers. Rossi may not be much in the looks/legitimate job/independence from his mommy departments, but he evidently makes up for it in other ways.


  57. Back to the Griffith/Greaves interface.Griffith is Greaves’s superior officer.I submit that Griffith should have been called in by his(Griffith)superior and the matter dealt with at that level.
    Fast forward to 2012 or thereabout and we read that Griffith did not apply for a vacant post.One was left with the impression that he and the COP were not seeing eye to eye.There are some matters that are withheld from the public.What kind of democracy are we boasting about in Barbados.Should we be surprised that discipline appears to have gone thru the eddoes.There is too much political interference in the civil and militery services in Barbados.Prime Ministers have too much power…unbridled power… and it is bad for this country,small as it is.These 2×3 islands need a more sane system of governance.One day the Monroe people will come and wunna ass gine be grass.I won’t be around to say ‘I told you so’.

  58. This man I have written about before he uses the name Jersey Jersey (Ace of Diamonds) on his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jersey.jersey.712?fref=ufi Jersey Jersey (facebook)

    See below: a few Posts taken from his Facebook Page

    We at Ace of Diamonds are looking for the sexiest dancers in the Caribbean to come dance.No scallywag pop down chicks please. Hit me up on Whatsapp 12462649962 or hit up Junior Carrington of face book

    January 21 at 6:13pm
    Every one scared now. you hoes need to go to fuck home. People sick of you all doing cunt over and over again.Place need purging

    Rossi of Red Sea Deacons is also one of his boys. It doesn’t surprise he is defending Rossi on Naked Departure blog facebook page, himself being a drug dealer and working with local police also.

    Jersey, FREDDY Hill, BOPPER (Rehab) AND ROSSI ARE MORE THAN FRIENDS. He also need to stop about black people pulling down each other as he setup his past business Trini partner of formerly Tastee Treats strip club who has been in Dodds for over 5 years for 26 kilos of cocaine.

    Jersey Jersey is not his real name, give us your real name so that all can see you are a criminal drug deportee from the US who spent 8 – 9 years in prison for selling drugs and other crimes in the US.

    All these guys are mixed up with a number of local police in a major criminal conspiracy.


    • We all know these Jamaican, Guyanese and DR girls are being brought in to work Rehab and gigs private circuit but we all turn the other way in the name of regional travel BS.

    • When Barbadians can’t trust the politicians, the police and the judiciary what next?

      Is this Barbados we are discussing?

    • The Police Officers are reading, those of you with info post it, let us take back our little island from these dark forces.

  59. @ David,

    It is clear that the powers that be have decided that the Barbados needs more variety in its population.

    Jamaican, Guyanese and DR girls.

    CSME in action. Not sure how DR fits in.

  60. @David February 1, 2015 at 10:36 PM “The DR girls are cheap and pretty.”

    Dear David: Please define pretty for me. Thanks.

  61. @SS – If David has to define “Pretty” for you it means you could be out with an “Ugly” girl and you wouldn’t know it. Oh dear me.

  62. Red Sea as the name suggest harbors alot of criminals. No one talks about the crimes they commit against innocent law-abiding citizens. The Police have to be constantly hunting down criminals who are hidden away in that housing scheme. Police need to do something to keep those hooligans in check.
    Sorry it happen to the Pitt family but a tough stance need to be taken against that unruly vote buying criminal minded community.

    Operation Take Back must continue. Police get my support.

    Cant use baby tantics against a lion.

  63. We may see and hear about these working girls from JA, Guyana and DR,doing the dog in Barbados , because as we all know Bajans can’t keep and if they visit one of these establishments, next day they will give a running commentary to all and sundry. But what about those girls brought in from Eastern Europe and elsewhere,given the fact that a prominent Bajan a few years ago was charged for pimping two Ukranian girls. These girls will not be available to the usual talkative Bajan, and may even be passed off as tourists, will full access to any hotel due to their , melanin passport, to ply their trade.

  64. @ Stupse February 2, 2015 at 3:41 PM
    “Sorry it happen to the Pitt family but a tough stance need to be taken against that unruly vote buying criminal minded community.
    Operation Take Back must continue. Police get my support.
    Cant use baby tantics against a lion”

    Sounds rather good and altruistically appealing .
    So when are you going to make a similar plea for the same Police to move against white collar criminals like Leroy P and Mara T? Or do you feel the same way Mr. Crooked C can get a free pass these two evildoers should also be so entitled as part of the political class?

    Really two Barbadoses indeed! Niggers like you like it so!

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