Police ‘Raids’ Red Sea In Deacons, Alleged Police Brutality

BU understands the Barbados Police Force ‘raided’ the area known as the ‘Red Sea’ in Deacons Road on Saturday 22nd January 2011. During the ‘raid’ five persons were arrested. Among those arrested  were photo journalists Sandy Keisha Pitt, 32 years of Bush Hall, St. Michael, for the offence of assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty and Cheri Alisa Pitt, also of Bush Hall, St. Michael, was arrested and charged for, failing to move and keep moving, armed with a weapon adapted to cause injury, assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty and resisting a police officer.

BU now publishes an alleged account of an incident which occurred. The account does not reflect the opinion of Barbados Underground.

I can’t believe how the police in Barbados brutalise human beings and after they arrest people and turn around the story. Saturday jan 22 around 430 when the police just got to Deacons rd… I happened to be passing when I witnessed the beating of sandy and cherie pitt from a POLICE officer unmercifully. I had to ask myself do they have mothers, sisters or children , I could not believe it when I saw how bad he unfaired these two girls and BEAT them like they were hardened criminals. The officer pushed cherie pitt for absolutely no reason then she told her sister to get his badge number and when she said so he locked off her neck and throw her to the ground and gun butt her and when  sandy came to get his number he hit Sandy in her head so hard with that BIG GUN she fell to the ground in pain and the gun dropped from him the same time. He then dragged Cherie on her knees across the road can u believe a man could actually do this to a woman in front of other people and children.

This incident made me cry cause I honestly felt for them. I think we Barbadians need to speak out about this incident and all those who saw what happened on saturday should speak out this is not fair. POLICE BRUTALITY needs to come to an end. Now these girls got charged wrongfully. I beg u Barbadians please come forward and speak about what u saw the same way I did it is unfair.Women come out too because no man should be allowed to beat women so and get away with it. Right now cherie’s toe is broken n Sandy has soft tissue damage to her head!!!! please pass it on!!!

The pictures inserted in the blog are provided for your viewing.


  • We may see and hear about these working girls from JA, Guyana and DR,doing the dog in Barbados , because as we all know Bajans can’t keep and if they visit one of these establishments, next day they will give a running commentary to all and sundry. But what about those girls brought in from Eastern Europe and elsewhere,given the fact that a prominent Bajan a few years ago was charged for pimping two Ukranian girls. These girls will not be available to the usual talkative Bajan, and may even be passed off as tourists, will full access to any hotel due to their , melanin passport, to ply their trade.


  • millertheanunnaki

    @ Stupse February 2, 2015 at 3:41 PM
    “Sorry it happen to the Pitt family but a tough stance need to be taken against that unruly vote buying criminal minded community.
    Operation Take Back must continue. Police get my support.
    Cant use baby tantics against a lion”

    Sounds rather good and altruistically appealing .
    So when are you going to make a similar plea for the same Police to move against white collar criminals like Leroy P and Mara T? Or do you feel the same way Mr. Crooked C can get a free pass these two evildoers should also be so entitled as part of the political class?

    Really two Barbadoses indeed! Niggers like you like it so!


  • The three were released on bail today. Hopefully they will not have to wait as long as Suleman Esuf to get their day in Court. Only in Barbados.




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