Prime Minister David Thompson to Address Barbadians

Prime Minister David Thompson is scheduled to address the nation tonight (30 September 2010) at 7 PM in his first press conference since confiding details of his illness to Barbadians.  To opine that Barbadians at home and abroad will be tuned-in is probably an understatement. Since assuming office Thompson in the opinion of BU has been the most accessible Prime Minister to both public and media. It is well known ordinary Barbadians email the Prime Minister daily who is a Blackberry addict and get replies!

The government has been criticized in recent weeks for its indecision regarding how the economy is being managed. Even before the Prime Minister’s illness it was rumoured a reshuffle was in the offing. Tonight we may find out despite Senator Branford Taitt’s warning to the party if Thompson will anoint a heir apparent given his handicap.  Word on ‘underground’ contrary to the recent CADRES poll points to a healthy interest in the job by Minister David Estwick.

Let us wait and see how the next chapter in Barbados politics unfold.


  • all due respect to The Honourable Prime Minister David Thompson
    but is Chris Sinkler really the man for the job. On the political platform leading up to election what was the difference in behavior between himself and the former finance minister pray tell


  • Carson C
    Tawk ya tawk man. doan leh dem scare you talkin shoite bout dem is detective or fbi’s. who de fcuk k bout dem credentials. People a nuff did accusing dem bout tiefing, especially wid dis ova-run n de nex ova-run. People did sayin dat de only ova-run did in dem pockets. Tawk ya tawk CC. Dem doan scare we.

    you gettin worsa n worsa evry day. i doan kno wah ta do wid you. wah you worsa dhan me now. murtherrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ya bad.

    Black Cow

    black cow
    black cow
    black cow
    Estwick is my ideal man. Rough, tough n cruellllllllllll pun de outside but GENTLE on de insideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Now deal wid dah.
    And I will not join with you to mek mock sport at anyone’s illness regardless to who he/she is. Life is too fragile. I will not join you in your igrance. Sorry. I’ve had friends who died from cancer n AIDS and it is far from a joke. To see a person reduced to nothing is heart-wrenching. No joke Black Cow.

    But i gun still invite ya ta ‘we’ weddin.

    Robert Deschappe

    ‘I hate political pimps, yard fowls et al. Get a life CC”

    So whose fault is it that you hate yourself? Mine?stupseeeeee.

    It would be nothing to doubt that he is the one who told the customers, ‘thank you’. He’s such a quiet lil fella. And hardly talks.
    I tell ya, ya gotta watch dese youngsters dat playing dat dem sa quiet. It look like dem does be quiet so in order to plot n scheme in dem head. I would like ta gih he a lash or two wid a dog-hunter rite pun he ballz. stupseeeeeeee. he got me real vex wid he man. And he got a cute lil gap between he teet. I got one too an ya know wah Sparrow sah bout women wid a gap between dem teet? Sumting bout a bag a sugga down sumway. murdahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ya nawty.


  • Prime Minister David Thompson Address’s Barbadians
    Please remove the apostrophe and s now
    It hurts my eye
    and injures my sensibilities
    EVEN ON A SICK BED David Thompson is F…… UP PEOPLE.
    Even on a sick Bed !
    How can you be sick and want people to pray for you while you are preying on others ?
    I feel for Dr.David
    Think about the anguish that Dr. David is experiencing right now !
    You cant do them kinda things to people
    Those Things will return to you like a boomerang even if in a different form
    You mean even on a sick bed yuh frigging up people??
    Man !
    I feel for Dr. David.
    Afterall he is human and he got feelings too. The way he feeling now , it is a good thing he cant get he hands on the perpretrator


  • Carson
    I am a sick hearing nonsense of your kin regarding politicians having homes in other countries. Politicians salaries are over seven thousands per month with perks left, right and center. If other bajans can purchase homes in Canada and the States with half the salary, do tell me what’s the problem with any politician owning a home even in the Cayman Islands. Man, you real politically blinded and your mouth seems to have prostate cancer because you constantly speak bear stool.


  • so what these people want ?
    The country was running good under the BLP
    There was no need to change the BLP Government –none whatsover.
    All the shite bout Noel Lynch having money
    Arthur getting money. this body got a house in this place and the next–a lot of bull—-nothing substantial—–bare foolish talk
    and wunna ignorant people change a GOVERNEMNT for this shit that we got now ?

    ONE TERM !
    ONE TERM !
    ONE TERM !
    ONE TERM !
    I also predicted Sinckler’s rise SO WUNNA better take direction from I and I =Jah Rastafari in a Babylon System—Fire pon Rome !


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Tell me Why

    The people of Barbados have to be reminded that the Barbados Labour Party is not a party of Sunday School teachers.

    It is repetition for emphasis. If it offends you then I can’t help that. I can not allow you or your Barbados Labour Party to pull the wool over the eyes of Bajans. That’s all.


    PM Thompson’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t by your judgement, so what the f……? stupseeeeeeeeee.

    Tell me why
    So wait, CC is de onliest person you evva hear mek such accusations? So wah you attacking he so fah? He got prostate cancer in he mout and wah you got? Lockjaw? Causen ya talking one-sided. All a we is be ‘politically blinded’ not he one. stupseeeeeeeeeeeee. We is wanna kill one anedda fa de politicians and all a dem is friens. You kno dah too.Leff he fa ma.
    Tawk ya tawk C C.


  • Mr. David Sir
    Can you please put up a pic of OUR PM up to the top of the page in dat space please?

    Thanking you sincerely in advance.

    Yours unfaithfully,


  • CCC and BP
    You all behave like polititicians in Opposition. Reactionary behaviour in defending your party. Do like me, criticise both Bees and Dees as you see fit. Both political parties and politicians are looking for one thing – to get rich fast at the expense of the electorate. Do you defend your family the same way you defend your party?
    Bonny, ah luv yuh wit, but you developing tantrums an de cuss words from yuh mout shows you need ah level head like my boy Sinckler. He display anger in Sartorial splender


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Tell me Why

    It is not my fault that you choose to back a party full of thieves, liars, homos, wickers, frauds, prostitutes(political and otherwise), and downright dishonest people.


  • @ checkit-out | October 1, 2010 at 4:59 PM |

    “RavinCravenRaven, re. your post at 4.15pm.
    I don’t understand what you are trying to say. How can you say that the DLP maintains a legitimacy in the institutional development of the country that the other party cannot claim and then go on to say; “I say that Brandford Taitt is absolutely right! I would have hoped that our party had moved beyond the antiquated process of private anointing, which should be roundly condemned in any society that prizes the ideal of open democratic functioning of its institutions”.

    Your suggestion that I review the logic of my analysis really turns on our possibly different interpretations of the term “logic”. While my statement that the DLP maintains a greater institutional legitimacy in the political environment of Barbados than the BLP may be a bit of hyperbole, one should examine the evolution of the practices of the two institutions over time as the empirical basis for determining whether what I have said is fallacious or not. I suspect that our interpretations of that evidence may differ.

    What Brandford Taitt may have said about future process does not impugn my premise, since it rests on the weight of the overall historical evidence.


  • @ Tell Me Why
    Who just bought a $350,000 Range Rover?


  • Food for thought:
    Olga Kalinina, a senior Standard & Poor’s analyst, in an interview with the SATURDAY SUN in New York

    “Basically, we are maintaining the negative outlook as of now and we will be reviewing the credit [rating] shortly, taking into account the recent news on the fiscal performance, what’s happening with the banking sectors, what’s happening with the economy in terms of future projects and the way we see those projects and the performance of tourism kicking in to support economic growth, and how soon may be the rebound.”

    “We see revenue underperformance is more severe than we expected it to be, so the results of the first half of the year are somewhat disappointing.”

    ‘[Not] fully convinced that Barbados would see a return to positive economic growth by next year, as some analysts had forecast. ‘


  • Now I am sure they going to say that S&P don’t know what they talking about since our economy is unique. That that has nothing to do with mia predictions of doom and gloom for the economy


  • Carson C. Cadogan SAID
    “It is not my fault that you choose to back a party full of thieves, liars, homos, wickers, frauds, prostitutes(political and otherwise), and downright dishonest people”
    Carson C. Cadogan !
    Problem is that the dishevelled DLP does not have a clue what to do but fight amongst themselves. The action by Thompson(and the Dark Shadows advising Thompson on a sick bed is reprehensible. Dr. David did not deserve this treatment. This is Barbados —not anybody’s rasshole plaything-Cor blind YOU


  • CCC
    I am for honesty in government may it being the BLP or DLP. You should not take the stance that the BLP is corrupt but the DLP is not as corrupt. They must be no corruption full stop. This is about Barbados not about any party. I am an independent voter and will vote for the PDC if the DLP does not introduce integrity and freedom of information legislation.
    For sure the BLP will not introduce it because they had fourteen years and those words never cross their lips. The only problem with that is there was no PDC or PEP candidate in my constituency for the last election.
    Tell me why
    “Both political parties and politicians are looking for one thing – to get rich fast at the expense of the electorate”
    Do you feel the average hard working bajan who live from pay cheque to pay cheque should settle for that? No, they will soon stop voting all together. Then you are saying that the bank robbers are ok because they just trying to get rich.


  • Dr George Bell analysis on the PM address and why the Pm made the necessary changes is correct!


    Are you the same person that spoke so disparaging of Dr.Estwick with the gun issue?
    I t suits your arguments now to want him elevated to the Ministry of Finance where you could raise the gun issue over and over during the budget debate.
    You have no love for Dr.Estwick just hate for David Thompson.


  • “Do like me, criticise both Bees and Dees as you see fit. Both political parties and politicians are looking for one thing – to get rich fast at the expense of the electorate” – Tell me Why – in his above 11:52 pm, October 1 2010 post.

    Well said, Sir, from a position of political tactics and knowledge. But added to that, from the perspective of articulating a proper political philosophy and presenting a proper political developmental strategy for Barbados, both the DLP and the BLP – very small minorities in Barbados -must be KICKED OUT of the parliament of this country within seven years time, for continuing to bring massive problems to the broad masses and middle classes of this country and the country itself.

    Alternatively, the PDC and other parties must be given the necessary vital moral, political and other supports by thousands of esp. younger people in Barbados, and they themselves must make the best out of those supports, and must also do other things to make sure that they and the majority of people in Barbados are sufficiently organized and prepared to help run the government of this country by that time.

    Again, we wish the current Prime Minister well in his battle against cancer and hope that nation will continue to pray to the Almighty to give him more courage and strength at this very critical stage in his life.

    However, we must make three very points about the Cabinet reshufffle.

    1) The Prime Minister has managed – along with some media houses in this country that carried the announcement of the Cabinet changes and related news and coverage about them thereafter – to somewhat deflect – at least momentarily – the attention of many people in Barbados away from many of the material and financial problems facing this country of this country.

    This, as the material and financial problems of the country continue to worsen on a daily basis. Indeed, it would have been better if the Prime Minister had instead issued a GIS press release on those Cabinet changes, so that in that way he would have helped to minimize the deflection of critical attention of many persons away from dealing with the depression that is severely affecting this country.

    2) Whilst the reshuffle has been necessary given the declining state of health of the PM, and given the traditional workings of this still very outdated ineffective dictatorial mode and type of Cabinet Government, the Prime Minister should still have found a way to offer up – having consulted with the incoming Minister of Finance, some possible ideational philosophic solutions to our fundamental material and financial problems – at the time of announcing those changes to the public of Barbados.

    By not doing so, he has clearly shown that Sinckler is being mainly rewarded for his political loyaly to him and to his leadership, and for being the personality – NOT THE PROFESSIONAL/ASPIRANT – right now best suited, from the front or back benches, for MINISTER OF FINANCE/ECONOMIC AFFAIRS – and NOT THE PRIME MINISTERSHIP.

    3) The entire politics surrounding this reshuffle does show that this present type/mode of Cabinet government has long outlived its usefulness.

    For, there is a greater need to go on to a better, fairer more responsible system of Cabinet Government in this country; one where there will be a President of the Cabinet of a Republican system of government of Barbados – and that at the same time will see the President being the head of the Cabinet NOT THE QUEEN; one where the Cabinet will be made up of a COALITION OF PEOPLE – from parties, non-party political groups, and independents – that would have been elected by the majority of voters of this country; one where some of those elected – from those candidates vying for the independent and non-party political segments – will be elected into the Cabinet and then – ON AGREEMENT AMONG THEMSELVES – will be appointed to some positions, say, the Secretaries of the Division of Finance, the Division of Attorney General/Legal Affairs, etc, that would have been pre-assigned to them within the Cabinet from their independent, from non-party political segments, respectively; and one where once elected by the majority of voters in Barbados into the Cabinet, NO MEMBER OF THE Cabinet – including the President/Vice-President – will – outside of being recalled by the majority of voters – be liable to be dismissed from it, only to be appointed/disappointed/reassigned by the President/the Vice-President to portfolios/areas,
    outside of the portfolios/areas that would have been permanently set down for parties, non-party political groups, independents within the Cabinet.



  • Carson C. Cadogan


    “Dr. David did not deserve this treatment. ”

    What treatment? Feeding the country is the most important job in Barbados. Dr. Estwick was elevated to one of the most crucial jobs in the Nation.

    ……..and KISSMYA we are not fooled by you.

    “When you have only two dollars left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a rose with the other”


  • if that was true carson why as no pm ever assumed its leadership if its the most important?


  • sorry i mean Kissmya


  • ignore the above comment


  • When Mia Mottley was moved from Atorney-General to Minister of Economic Affairs, the Dems said it was a demotion. So now that David Estwick has been moved from Economic Affairs to Agriculture (to his obvious displeasure) this is now a promotion?


  • @Ping Pong

    You have obviously not read BU’s position. Estwick is not in the pecking order, Thompson does not trust him and given the appointment of Sinckler to Finance Estwick had to be moved somewhere to manage the conflict and to assuage the power structures being cultivated. If Estwick decided to go it is obvious Thompson is prepared to accept the fallout. However to meet Estwick a little way the ministry has been beefed up to give Estwick a chance to shine if he want to. The ball is in his court.


  • Robert Deschappé

    This Bonny Peppa person ??? People are also insinuating that ALL policemen in this country are corrupt.


  • Tell me why
    “You all behave like politicians in opposition”.
    Don’t we all? Tell de trute?
    And yes, I defend my family if occasion arises but I do it honestly. I give Jack his jacket n Jill her jill-pot. LOL
    I agree wid you dat all politicians have dis get-rich-quick mentality. But dem is de onliest whuns? And I doan fall fa dis ‘luva country crap’ a’tall. bare folly. stupseeeeeeeeeee.
    In my nex life, I wanna be a politician too, all de talk. but fa now I gun settle fa wukkin wid my ol folkses.
    But wait, you mean ‘Sartorial splender’ or ‘Satirical splendour’? Get back ta me wid dah whun. Anyway……………….

    Pay KISSMYA no mind. She good at predictin foregone conclusions. LOL If ya doubt me, ask ac den. Na lie. You got she dissect to a T man. She so hate she PM dat she would show deceitful empathy fa Estwick but she in kno dat we up ta all she nasty tricks. murtherrrrrrrrrrr.

    Me n ac still waiting fa de numbas fa de Mega 6 draw tanite. Yes, ya gun get a lil drawback. we know dat you doan read de ‘cards’ fa free.
    Lawdddddddddddddddd, help meh.

    That is politics for ya child. And it is demonstrated on every political platform leading up ta elections. Ohhh, the things they will do n say just for dat lil sacred “X”.

    We man tek we advice and talk like de real gentleman dat he is. Doan mind de naysayers. Dem gun always be amongst we. But he talk like de sweetheart dat he is. He gun do all he could in Agriculta n tings should start ta turn ‘roun, hopefully. Well I hope ta meet he at Agrofest nex year. I gun be on pun he like a chink pun blood man. LOL

    Ya ring-neck-vagabond


  • Robert Deschappe
    Let me tell you a little secret: (whispering)
    People all over the WORLD are always insinuating that ALLL policemen are corrupt.
    The same is said too about Politicians, Business men, Lawyers etc.
    And your point is??????????


  • First of all LET ME REPEAT and I have said it a thousand and one times. I am an independent opinion commenter. I love OWEN SEYMOUR ARTHUR -good –no pretentions there

    BUT I WORSHIP NO MAN – so I will criticize anybody/ praise anybody as I see fit. I call it as I see it.
    Dr. David has been badly treated. In all 3 reshuffles, he has been ‘reshuffled’. This is designed to undermine his confidence, break his will and render him to a state of perpetual worry. I am warning whoever does this to an individual that the mystic forces will come back at them 7 fold because you cant do these things to people and get away with it. While you might think it prudent and necessary in your particular circumstance, be prepared to face the consequences —-it is the law of the Universe. That is the Cosmic reality.

    I predicted the elevation of Sinckler right here on this blog. Search the archives and you will find it
    It is there.
    I saw it happening and I wrote about it right here-
    That is the undeniable truth and what is on my side is that it is there for all to read.


  • By the way Sidney Burnett Alleyne has called on
    David Thompson to resign.
    I think Alleyne believes he can win that seat in St. John and probably become Prime Minister.
    BONNY -How you going get the numbers ?
    Seeing that I have indeed predicted past Lottery numbers. How are you going to get them ?
    But let me warn you even though I say predict-
    I dont ‘predict ‘ anything
    Things come to me and I reveal them -They come to me -I dont go searching for anything-like say —let me predict the lottery numbers now -oh the numbers are 10, 34, 17 , 22, 1, 12
    -Oh no it does not work that way-Sorry !
    and then there is interpretation of what you see or hear.
    I am not pushing an agenda here but the Haiti earthquake was shown to me weeks befor it happpen. How do you tell people these things.
    Let me tell you what I have seen for little while now so if you live in the area be careful and this has nothing to do with recent rains but I have been seeing Black Rock under serious water-Black Rock especially the FREE HILL AREA.
    and I am talking serious water. Having talked about it now –Lets hope it does not happen.
    Cuss me now !
    Call me names !
    Go ahead !


    And i hope n pray dat you too are ready n willing to accept the consequences of your misdeeds too so cut de crap. Leff you Sermon pun de Mount fa tamorrrrrrrrr.
    You love Owen? Me too. A tad short but wah. I bipolar? You too? Aaightttttttttttt den.

    We still waitin fa de Mega 6 numbas doe.


    SYDNEY BURNETT ALLEYNE? Wait, he still living? De las time i see he was when I went down Jinkins ta collect my medication. He did in line waitin fa his too. Had not fa dem tick glasses, I din gun reca’nise he yah. stupseeeeeeeeeee

    No, I doan live near Free Hill. I live neara ta Jinkins. But i got fambly livin in Free Hill. I gun call n leh dem kno ta get de dingy inflate, jess in case. B/dos unda flood-watch today til 6 so wah I should do? Ga up pun my roof n sit dung jess in case?

    Since tings does come ta you, leh my fone numba come ta you n gimme a call dat I could get de Mega numbas. Aaighttttttt??
    Anyway, I gine n pun de ladda gainst de house dat i could get up pun de roof. Stan up day till when?


  • @ KISSMYA | October 2, 2010 at 12:04 PM |
    “By the way Sidney Burnett Alleyne has called on David Thompson to resign.
    I think Alleyne believes he can win that seat in St. John and probably become Prime Minister.”

    Maybe he is looking for title but there is a bigger concern; does he have the constituents and the country as a whole at heart – primarily being first and foremost? chupse

    So many people today are all about themselves and to hell others pitch. All this me-ism is sickening. Selfishness and Greed.


  • @ Scientist Oct 1, 2010: 2:51 p.m.
    “Actually, if Stephen Hawking were to write a concise equation summarizing the DLP’s performance thus far it would be:

    free bus fares – clico debacle -3 reshuffles -spiralling cost of living =failure:
    single moms no longer have to worry about busfare for school – single moms no longer have to worry about money for camps –
    easy access to Welfare Dept if on one income – PRICELESS


  • @anonymous too,
    My reference to Stephen Hawking was to show that physical incapacitation does not always mean a loss of intellect or brain function.

    Nuh wunda GP does be on hey cussing!

    In plain Bajan language; Thompson brain still wukkin so he did not need to resign.


  • Henderson Bovell

    I wish to set the record straight. I think it is incorrect to say that the DLP has had three (3) Cabinet reshuffles in the past 990 days or in less than three years.

    The truth is, there have been four (4) Cabinet reshuffles. We must not forget that Adriel Brathwaite was shuffled in and then out of the Cabinet as Attorney General.

    In short, the DLP has had 4 Cabinet reshuffles in less than 3 years.

    The question is; given that the Nation Newspaper/Wickham Poll – lists the economy, crime, unemployment and the cost of living as the issues of concern to Barbadians – how will this 4th DLP Cabinet reshuffle address those concerns, especially when the 3 reshuffles before did and could not?


  • I agree with Henderson
    4 reshuffles
    ONE TERM !
    ONE TERM !


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Henderson Bovell

    Had owen shaken up his cabinet more frequently, there would have be more money in the Barbados treasury today. Barbados Labour Party Ministers with their dishonest ways would not have become so entrenched and corrupt. They realised that no one was looking over their shoulders so they stole black and white as the saying goes.

    Instead of you worrying about what the reshuffle will achieve you ought to be imploring your Barbados Labour Party friends to return the money which they stole and have stashed in Bank accounts overseas.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Henderson Bovell

    You are a last person who should be offensive to the Democratic Labour Party. The Democratic Labour Party made you a man. It is a pity that you morphed into a political grasshopper.


  • @ carson

    alas as it been said if you have proof send to the dpp or you just blowing alot of hot air.


  • Carson C. Cadogan


    Henderson knows what I am talking about.


  • Lordy, alla de canvassing here on this blog.

    But seriously, I would advise the Opposition to desist canvassing, until they get some candidates. Currently, even to the point of the former PM’s words, the opposition candidates are ‘poor-rakey’, as said by none other than Sir Owen himself.

    Aside from Mia of course and maybe Dale Marshall, what do we have?

    Well, that young Braddie is a lovely girl and for that alla the young fellows may vote for her, but who else?

    So, the DLP may have a leadership issue if the PM resigns, not that there are not those who can lead the government.

    The Opposition has its own problem, that it needs viable candidates.

    But no one has mentioned this.
    Then again, if we go by current structure and way of government, maybe the pundits above think that we only need Mia anyway?


  • I just come up with something to backraise the Opposition (IF I were in government).

    How about offering Owen the GG’ship before them, i.e. agree to do so when the current GG retires?

    He might refuse it….maybe.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    When is the Governor General going to retire? Or is he waiting to die in office?


  • Crusoe
    Owen Arthur is not getting anything. Let him fight Mia for the leadership. He called the present government the most post rakey and they send him into opposition in shock.
    Barbadians just get carried away with personalities at elections but what would Santia Bradshaw bring to the people of the Pine, entertainment. Hammy la will take care of her. He is still well loved in the Pine.
    I always wanted to know what was going to be Owen Arthur’s legacy. It seems it will be the booming constructon years when we spent all the borrowed money on edifices and left the restructuring of the economy to those who he perceived to be the poor rakey.
    Well the Poor rakey seem to be doing a good job keeping the country afloat in these cruel economic times.
    The economy of Greece crashed, all across Europe people are striking because of job cuts and the opposition here wants people to believe that Barbados is this utopia where we should not experience what the world is experiencing. Man give me a break. The only economies that are doing well are the $2 a week salary nations eg China and India and some in South America with massive proverty.


  • Carson C
    Henderson Bovine morphed into a grasshopper? Lawdddddddd mek peace, ya got ma cryinnnnnnnnnnnnn. You in easy a’tall. you getting like my husband de Negro now wid ya names. I luv um.
    you in got ta send na proof ta na dpp nor xyz. tawk ya tawk.

    you does mek real sense in your submissions. stupseeeeeeee, who is Santia Bradshaw now?


  • Ravin’CravenRaven; re. your latest above.
    I don’t think it is on the question of logic that we might differ. I think it is your “the DLP maintains a legitimacy in the institutional development of the country that the other party cannot claim” that is quite difficult for me to understand and I would like to explore the statement some more.

    I would think that both parties have been significantly involved in the institutional development of Barbados and the development of a number of national institutions . The BLP is no longer in power so it cannot at the present time be significantly involved in official institutional development in the Island at the National level but it obviously can be involved in the development of its own Institution, the BLP, which is clearly a legitimate national institution in its own right.

    Here are a few random examples of National Institutions in Barbados. The Police Force; The Prisons; The QEH; The Barbados Water Authority; The Central Bank; The Offshore Banking Sector; Service Clubs; The Secondary School System; The Primary School System; The University of the West Indies; The Community College; The Polytechnic; The Airport; The Turf Club; The National Sport facilities; kensington oval; The Barbados Library system; Barbados Light and Power; The National Insurance System; The Tourist Board; The Seaport; The Transport Board; The Insurance Companies and the bodies that regulates them; The Banks and the bodies that regulates them; and the list can go on and on.

    All Barbados Governments must have maintained a legitimacy in the development of the majority of national Institutions which they met on taking up office or several institutions would have collapsed as they would not have been supported by Governments which were not maintaining the development of these institutions. Instead, we see Institutions being maintained from Administration to administration.

    For your statement to have been true there would have to be a trail of institutions which died or nearly died during the BLP periods and, if they were only surviving, picked up steam whenever the DLP came into power.

    I haven’t done the research but I would bet that there are no empirical facts to back up your claim of the DLP maintaining a legitimacy of institutional development and the corollary that the BLP doesn’t. I’d be glad to see the examples.

    Institutional Development could also mean the conceptualizing and development of NEW national institutions. If that is what you meant, again, I think you need to put some facts on the table. What new national institutions with a potential for staying the course have the DLP developed in this administration so far or what new institutions have they fostered? You would obviously have to give examples of these to support your claim that the DLP is maintaining a legitimacy in institutional development in the country.

    Somehow I think you were not referring to true institutional development but to things like free school meals or bus fares or summer camps. Those aren’t institutions although the new Constituency Councils could be so considered. But I think before you could class that as a real institution you should give the councils some time to see how they actually perform and if they are cost effective and can stand the test of time.


  • Carson C. Cadogan

    Morning Bonnie.


  • @ Checkit-out
    “…the DLP maintains a legitimacy in the institutional development of the country that the other party cannot claim”
    Under RHOSA, the BLP espoused a policy of ‘bringing the best for Barbados’, in pursuit of 1st world development status.
    This policy is supportive of the concept of CSME etc -where the intent was to attract capital (eg from Europe and Trinidad) to finance development; Labour from Guyana to back raise the high labour costs demanded by Bajans; and management from everywhere else (despite having a 70 year-old free university) -because such persons were presumably more creative (and more malleable) than locals.

    The BLP kind of development was therefore ‘structural’ in nature (new buildings, roads, projects etc) creating an IMAGE of development, however the main beneficiaries were largely not Bajan.

    Traditionally, the DLP favours a more indigenous type of development where the focus is on (local) people development (education, housing, welfare etc)

    Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches, however BT’s position is that the fundamental role of government, (like that of parents in any family) is to seek to develop citizens to their own maximum potential.
    Its role is not to import others to provide the trappings of development, while citizens idle on the blocks.

    There IS therefore, a fundamental philosophical difference between the two – in BT’s humble opinion.


  • Carson C
    Hello darling.

    Bush Tea
    Ya tu swoite. oh lorddddddddddddd.


  • @ Henderson Bovell | October 2, 2010 at 3:35 PM |
    “I wish to set the record straight. I think it is incorrect to say that the DLP has had three (3) Cabinet reshuffles in the past 990 days or in less than three years.

    The truth is, there have been four (4) Cabinet reshuffles. We must not forget that Adriel Brathwaite was shuffled in and then out of the Cabinet as Attorney General.”

    Listen, HB, your pencil lacks lead! You must make up your mind if you prefer to be assinine rather than bovine. Why are you persisting with this horse shit? Is it to prove that you are a horse’s ass? After all everyone knows that in this world if you could count all the horses you would find a few extra horse’s asses, like you!

    And to Check-it-out, I say that you have misunderstood my reference to institutional legitimacy, and you have led Bush Tea to play down the wrong line as well. I would have thought that from the context of my comment you would have understood that I was referring to the development of the two political parties as institutions on the landscape of Barbados.

    The Right Excellent EWB left the BLP largely because of the autocratic behaviour of Grantley Adams, who refused to countenance his ideas on the financing of government outlay. Further when GHA became PM of the WI Federation he hand-picked Gordon Cummings (Short-comings), a medical doctor, as his successor in preference to Mencea Cox, who had been a taxi driver before he entered politics. But in his choice he may have been influenced by the fact that Cox wore a heavy larder key around his neck which almost led to his death by drowning at Gravesend!

    I gone!


  • Ravin Craven Raven
    ‘HB your pencil lacks lead’.

    That is a boss statement. Talk bout a pun. This is a classic. Never before seen or heard on BU.
    Talk bout playing wid words. My man you are blessed with the ‘gift of the gab’.
    I tip my felt-hat to you.
    Craven Raven, you are de bomb. No one can surpass your wit my man.
    I luv um baddddddddddddd.


  • When parliament resumes will PM Thompson be taking his seat in parliament?Or be given a further extension of sick leave.


  • @Macmalone

    Former Prime Minister Arthur hardly attends parliament and he is not* sick as far as we are aware.


  • So, that speaks volumes. He is not after PM’ship again. When eventually ‘Sir’ Owen moves on up, into the deluxe partment on the hill, after Mia resides at de illustriatious court, rather than being championing causes in Court, you will know.

    That said, we bajans say ‘the PM did this, the Minister did that’.

    Then flipping well DEMAND accoubtaility and transparency legislation, DEMAND it.

    If every bajan does not demand it, it will not come.

    And we will continue to blame, without understanding, without recourse.


  • I s BARBADOS better off now than it was pre January 2008 ?

    I challenge all who talking shoiiteee (to borrow a word from my idol and mentor -Bonny Peppa-)
    to answer that question. Answer um now SUCKERS ! OR DUCK SUCKERS !
    Be careful though I think I got wunna there.
    No ad hominem arguments here now -careful !


    Prior to the 1994 general-elections, Barbados was suffering bad, the economy was bad, persons were losing their jobs n homes left right n centre, persons were committing suicide, dying from starvation, children couldn’t attend school because parents couldn’t afford not even lil bus fare, prostitution was on the increase, robberies, killings, vagrancy was increased, mortality rate was sky-high, AIDS, tb, leper, gonorrhoea, syphilis, herpes,bullin, wikkin was out of control, private n public sector was striking every other week, polyclinics n QEH were turning away patients who couldn’t afford to pay, infrastructure was at de lowest in years etc. then along came Mr. GENERAL ELECTIONS and YOUR party WON. And for 14 long years, everything was turned around and B/dians were living the GOOD LIFE. stupseeeeeeeeeee.
    But then greed n complacency began to take charge and again, along came Mr. GENERAL ELECTIONS JAN.2008 but this time around YOUR party lost and we’re back to GLOOM N DOOM until Mr. General Elections comes along to save us again.


    And I refrained from using any ad hominems. I was careful.

    Have a bright n sunny day on this wet, rainy Monday.



  • Ravin’ CravenRaven;
    Your response still does not make sense. I did’nt mislead the Bushman. He is too sensible to be misled. He responded, on your side, to an implicit argument in your original submission.

    Your argument is, taken at face value, a very good one. However, anyone who is honest with him or herself and has worked as a senior Public servant at periods spanning both administrations know that there is absolutely no difference between the two of them. Personalities might differ slightly but policies are twins. The BLP is no more the party of the rich people than is the DLP. For example who did the DLP substantially assist when first they came into power in 2008? The answer is not poor people, but entities like the Turf Club and CLICO, and let me remind you that CLICO is being assisted up to now. Perhaps a reading of the PM of T&T’s address to parliament on 1st October ( ) might give us some cause for concern when we see the similarities of our situation with CLICO to that in the Twin Island republic. The DLP did nothing to protect Government funds in the face of what has been revealed as a Ponzi scheme by the Governments of Trinidad as well as Guyana. Why should CLICO’s operations here be any different to those in our neighbouring countries?

    Similarly, the DLP is no more the party of poor people than is the BLP. Both parties have utilized a development model that tries to improve the lot of small people while trying to ensure investment by the only people who are capable of doing this, i.e. those who have access to significant sums of money.

    The propaganda machine over the years has distorted anything the BLP has done for small people while accentuating the attractive but essentially vote catching entitlement programs carried out by the DLP. However, I think both parties have tried to stimulate balanced development in the Country.


  • @ checkit-out about the Bushman…
    “He is too sensible to be misled.”
    ….you mekking sport at Bush Tea now, right?
    …so how come David and MME does walk all over the bushman? ..and how come GP does make mock sport at Bushie..??
    Actually you may think that we have very different perspectives on this matter of the philosophy of the two parties, but probably not….
    The bushman can clearly see your perspective.

    Obviously it will not be a clear cut, black and white situation. …. more a balance of general positions.

    In any case it is very difficult to make good progress in arguments like this without a clear understanding of the ontology and epistemology of the debaters…. of the subject parties, and even of the citizens……else we risk the fate of the three blind men who explored the elephant.


  • I understand the P.M David Thompson has returned to the hospital in N.Y. Let us hope it is just routine and not any more complications


  • After Johnny Cheltenham, Estwick is the next most ‘prestigious’ Minister to hold the title of Ministry of Agriculture.

    Estwick show them why you are the MAN!


  • The Ministry of Agriculture has a very important role to play in Barbados, especially at this time, because of its potential ability to provide foreign exchange with minimal domestic resource costs for export crops as compared with say, tourism; its required leadership in implementing a policy that would rapidy ensure true food security; its potential ability to provide jobs for our citizens; and its potential to partner with tourism to save scarce foreign exchange outflows through the utilization of our locally grown produce. Perhaps to this list could be added a potential ability to turn its african snail population into a valued resource that could save or produce some foreign exchange through developing cottage or other industries for using african snail protein for animal food, fertilizer or even gourmet delicacies for those with a taste for escargot.
    It is an historical fact however that the Ministry of Agriculture has practically always been viewed by politicians, plebs and Ministry staffers alike as being the Ministry accorded the lowest esteem in the hierarchy of all Ministries in Barbados. That has been proven time and time again by the demonstrable fact that workers at all levels on the administrative arm of the ministry that have been proven to be trouble makers, mentally unstable, or otherwise unfit for other ministries have traditionally been transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture (or last resort). On the other hand, good workers, who showed significant administrative potential have generally been transferred out of that ministry to other better viewed ones such as the Ministry of Finance, etc. A look also at the allocations given to the MInistry of Agriculture, vis a vis those given to the other Ministries should also cement this fact.

    It is my view that the allocation of Minister Estwick to Agriculture was based on generally accepted views of the pecking order of the Ministries and therefore he could not fail to have recognized the message that was being sent to him by David Thompson. Haynesley Benn is a good fellow and tried his best in the Ministry of Agriculture but the results were no better in the context of these times than the results of that other talented and good Minister, Johnny Cheltenham, of BLP fame in his times.

    The problem is that Ministers of Finance pay beautiful lip service to the Ministry of Agriculture but pay little else that is tangible as compared to the other Ministries. The Ministers are not supported to the extent they should be to ensure fulfillment of the Agriculture objectives. In addition, there is and has been for several years, perhaps decades, a disconnect at the Technical level as well. The Public Service system and the Unions ensure that workers who are provably unproductive cannot be fired but transferred, usually on promotion, to eventually reach the Ministry of Agriculture where they marinate until retirement, often taking on the role of bad role models for initially good staff with a resultant decline in morale and standards.

    As far as I am aware, Public Sector reform was supposed to have remedied this but it apparently has not yet done so in a measurable way.

    Sorry for the above rambling, but I was saying all that to say this. The nature of the reshuffling and Dr Estwicks initial response to it as well as an understanding of the dynamics in the Ministry of Agriculture, has not suggested to me that there are serious grounds for hope that Dr. Estwick will turn the Ministry of Agriculture around. Perhaps when Chris Sinckler comes into his kingdom, If he adds Agriculture to his portfolio, we will at last see Agriculture taking its rightful place in the pantheon of Ministries.


  • JC
    I could tell you dat he is indeed a MAN. But dat is a subject fa anudda day, not now. 🙂
    Hold tite.


  • Bro Scout
    I wonder how long this will go on for? This form of cancer is a real criminal. In fact any form of cancer is cruelllllllllll. Bro. Scout, if I was diagnosed with cancer tomorrow by Friday I would be dead man. Just cann deal wid nutton so. Pain is no friend of mine at all. No, doan ask me how I get children then? 🙂



    Wake up Bonny (Honey0
    Take the scales off yuh eyes
    The Emperor’s news clothes syndrome got yuh or what


    I din even notice dat de Emperor get new clothes girl. tanks fa bringin it ta my attenshun.
    As fa de scales, I did hay cleanin a few flyin-fish. Ya kno how um is? Scales flyin evry whay.


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