Cross-Examinations In Canadian Action Against Barbados – And – Who Is Peter Andrew Allard?~The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estate Court Matter Part XII

Submitted by BWWR

Charles Allard (Twin brother of Peter)

Charles R Allard (Twin brother of Peter A Allard)

We Bajans know who Marjorie Ilma Knox (Mental Madge) is – she used to be one of us we thought, before she fraudulently sued us Bajans to suck up to a Canadian. We know her son, the fake professor John Knox. We knew her elder daughter, Kathleen Davis, who is married to a Bajan, Ian Davis, and has several children. We know her younger daughter, Jane Goddard, who is married to another Bajan, Kent Goddard, and has several children. BUT we do not know anything about their benefactor/associate, Peter Allard (Almighty Allard), except that he is Canadian and got nuff money – more money than sense.

Where did that money come from? Did he earn it, or, as seems more likely, did he inherit it? I will help. BUT FIRST, SOME NEWS!


I want to report that the cross-examinations by K. William McKenzie, better known as Little Billy Goat, that I referred to in my last report, took place in Barbados and Canada within the last three weeks. Try as I might, I cannot get any details of them, as my usual “sources” are unusually tight-lipped, which is customary with the matter going before the Canadian courts for a week of trial commencing December 8th. Neither side wants to attract the censure of the learned judge by leaking documents to a poor old woman like me, even if I am a citizen of a country that is sued. Even my perceived decrepitude and advancing senile dementia (poor old soul) has not assisted me this time – and I refuse to plead. So I have to live with that.

Rumour has it that the Goat examined Sir David Simmons for two days and Sir David beat he up BAD BAD BAD!!! So, with some tenderized goat meat in front of them, the others went into a feeding frenzy as well and a well-chewed goat spent only a short time with the others, before departing Barbados with all the other Canadian counsel.

I also want to report, and this is serious and ought to be brought to the attention of the professional and governmental bodies concerned, that the goat, SEVERAL TIMES, told people that he knew the Ontario courts were going to rule that they did not have jurisdiction or competence to try the case, but that this did not matter. HE WOULD RE-FILE IN ONE CANADIAN PROVINCE AFTER ANOTHER. In the United States, he could not do this, nor in the United Kingdom. However, it appears that in Canada he can. I have always thought that the entire Canadian legal system needs overhauling – THIS PROVES IT!!! Comity and respect, Justice Shaughnessy? What comity and respect?


Anyway, who is Peter (the Almighty) Andrew Allard?

Peter Allard owes his fortune to an inheritance from his late father, Dr Charles A Allard, who founded a company known as Allarco. You can find details on Wikipedia at . Dr Allard, a son of Edmonton, Alberta, was a successful surgeon who gave up the practice of medicine to go into broadcasting in a big way. He died in 1991, which would fit, as it is about that time that little Peter (one of a twin whose twin brother, Chuck, is the chairman and CEO of Allarco) ended up (inheritance in hand) in Barbados, having retired from the practice of law in Vancouver, Canada. He became best friends with Bajan florist and plant expert, Anthony “Flowers” Hunt, eventually purchasing Flowers’ house at Chancery Lane in order to accommodate his rapidly changing menagerie of visitors from Canada and the United States.

So what is the take on the founder of the Allard fortune, Dr Charles Allard? He was an original owner of the Alberta Oilers when the team began play in the World Hockey Association in 1972-73. The team’s name was changed to the Edmonton Oilers in 1973-74. Dr. Allard, sold the club in 1976 for $300,000 to Nelson Skalbania, a real estate magnate from British Columbia. The two had previously done property deals through the Allard family’s North West Trust Company.

In 1948, Dr. Allard received the Fellowship in the Canadian Royal College of Surgeons. He would also be appointed chief of staff at the Edmonton General Hospital. Dr. Allard’s medical practice led to his diversified business interests. The first occurred when he could not find office space and decided to build the Northgate Building. He subsequently obtained real estate holdings and the controlling interest in North West Trust. Dr. Allard also had stakes in Seaboard Life Insurance of Vancouver, Chrysler, restaurants, a construction company and fitness centres (which must have contributed greatly to the social life of little Peter). In addition, Dr. Allard was the founder, chairman of the board and director of International Jet Air Ltd. In 1972, he became the founder, director and a chairman of the board of Alberta Gas Chemical Ltd. In 1983, he played a major role in establishing the Bank of Alberta.

Dr. Allard’s media experience actually began in high school as a correspondent with the Edmonton Journal and he founded the Edmonton Free Press. In 1965, he started the radio station CHQT, and in 1974 he founded the Edmonton independent television station CITV, of which he was chairman. He also founded Studio Post and Transfer, which became one of Western Canada’s top post-production facilities.

The next time the Allard name emerged on the local hockey scene came in 1997, when a pair of local groups stepped forward with proposals to buy the Oilers. Cathy Roozen, the daughter of Dr. Allard, led one of the groups, while local developer and restaurateur Robert Proznik spearheaded the other. “Neither group…had a credible proposal or anything close to a firm offer,” wrote Douglas Hunter in The Glory Barons. “Each was contemplating a purchase at the $70 million level.” Dr Allard was long dead by this time.

Today, the head man of the Allard family’s business enterprises is little Peter’s twin brother, Charles R Allard, in and through whom the family plans to continue its business empire and upon whom, along with his siblings (excluding little Peter) it relies for the production of further generations of Allards. Are they identical twins? Yes….it appears so….except little Peter appears to have been standing behind the door when common sense was being dished out. OR WAS HE? Might Little Peter be acting for his family? We all know that Almighty (little Peter) Allard is the person behind Mental Madge and the Knoxettes. What we do not know is whether the annexation of Barbados, its people, its historic freedoms, its government and its courts are being carried out by little Peter on behalf of his family business, Allarco, led by his twin brother. So, is our country being asked to roll over and play dead by some Western Canadian broadcasting business?

Or is it just tiny little Peter wanting to be Almighty and flex his inherited muscle to prove to the Allard family that he is not a failure and is equal to his celebrated twin? Poor little chap. If you can’t cut it in business up front, go into ecology and use it as a lever to try to batter a country and its people into submission. Take some spoiled old divorced woman with little brain, but overpowering greed and her equally rapacious children, persuade her to your cause (which, if you wave some money around is all Mental Madge would need) dress her up as a poor old widow reliant for her existence on hens and eggs and try to use her, with her enthusiastic consent, to front for you, along of course, with her counsel, Lilli Marlene Shepherd, and file and re-file and re-file and re-file in Canada to go behind a Privy Council ruling in Barbados. For this end, you get a fish to try to entrap the brother of the local chief justice and a goat to lead the case. You know how to spin this, you think, after all, you are (by inheritance “Mr Journalism”) and you know full well that the Barbados press will not notice and, if they do notice, a few well-placed inducements will suffice to have them turn a blind eye – how else can the silence of the Barbados press on this issue be viewed?

You sue an entire nation that relies on the more muscular and traditional type of tourism (like billionaires and yachts and sea, sand and s**), secure in the knowledge that it will accept your view that eco-tourism is far more viable to its economy than the SS&S variety – except, for some strange reason, it doesn’t see it your way. But to bolster your case and because you know (you think) all about the press (by inheritance) you set up the Keltruth Blog in Miami and Barbados Free Press in Barbados in an effort to persuade Bajans that really their fight for manumission and independence, while laudable, ought now to be forgotten and all our lands and institutions be handed over to you and Mental Madge et al as our saviours. After all, without the sanction of the you, the Almighty (Allard) Barbados is as nothing and you despair of us (as in your letter to our prime minister). Sounds like your friend, Adrian Loveridge. Can’t cut it in Canada/England, so come to Barbados to WOW the natives with your superiority. We Bajans, of course, have no experience of your ilk and will not recognize the tactic.

To prove his point, AA (Almighty Allard aka Little Peter) has now announced the closing of the Graeme Hall swamp (as if anyone other than 6,000 people – probably mostly non-Bajans – gives a damn – it been with us all our lives) and had his minions start a campaign through BFP to raise money for it from online sources and, folks, guess who the first customer is? IAN BOURNE!!!! I wonder if Jane Goddard is going to post the obligatory “Done” on BFP as well?

I hope to have the details of the case being tried in Canada commencing December 8th and continuing for one week. As I said, my access is not quite so simple as it once was – I am still trying to get hold of the affidavit of Iain Deane, without success, as it is supposed to be interesting – maybe Keltruth and BFP might like to boost their ratings by posting it as I would really like to see it. But be assured that I will let BU in on what happens as soon as I know.

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  2. I’m not exactly sure what all that long talk about Peter Allard is supposed to serve. You vexed his father was a smart businessman and was able to leave his sons a big set of money? You vexed that the same destiny did not befall you? You want to blame the man that he was born with an inheritance? What is all that long talk about anyways?
    Interesting that your “sources” have dried up and the only one surprised is you. Could it be that they see you as a liability?

  3. Wait, you see the pathetic attempt above by BFP to twist what I had to say? Lordeeee!!! You got to laugh. Poor old Jane Goddard (and Ian Bourne).

    Barbados is home (off-shore and on-shore) to people whose financial wealth and holdings make the Allard family look like paupers and some of whom the Allard family has either as competitors or upon whom they rely for the advancement of their business and wealth. For instance, scions of the Rogers family live in Barbados and are generous benefactors and we are happy to have them as honourary Bajans. These people of far greater wealth and international standing than the Allard family respect our laws and freedoms and institutions and contribute to our country without the fanfare of Almighty Allard – and they contribute far more. If our laws, institutions and elected officials say “no” to them, they accept it gracefully and graciously.

    WHY? Simple. They chose Barbados out of the many off-shore destinations available worldwide BECAUSE of its institutions and government and people and infrastructure. That is why the richest people in the world came to Barbados.

    Now, in order to protect the reasons that they came to Barbados, let us ask them a favour. Let us ask them to sanction Allarco, the Allard family and any interests that the Allard family may have which in any way rely on them and their interests. Please start a worldwide embargo against anything to do with the Allard family.

    Almighty Allard has sought to prejudice Barbados’ finances by negative reports and blogs about Barbados and Bajans. Let us now ask our friends of the off-shore community to do to the Allard family and Allarco what they have tried to do to Barbados, Bajans…and our off-shore community. Hit the Allards and Allarco where it hurts. IN THE POCKET!!!!!

  4. BWWR we understand the point you are making but if you read pieces like the quote below the Allard family and connections have been enormous benefactors to wherever they have had roots. In Barbados Peter Allard has carried on the tradition of sinking a lot of money in the restoration of Graeme hall Nature Sanctuary. The question we would like to ask Mr. Allard is if he sees the court action against the government and other prominent Barbadians possibly creating a strained climate for negotiating this matter? Secondly as a philanthropist with obvious deep pockets what has motivated him to close GHNS 10 days before Christmas?
    Despite the above Barbadians have learned that Minister Richard Sealy has signalled that his government is willing to talk about the options regarding GHNS. Should we not see an abatement in the rhetoric until such meetings occur?

    The Allard family connection with Brentwood College dates back to the early 1970s and continues to this day. As a testament to their commitment to supporting the education of young people and their belief in the Brentwood experience, the family has established the Allard Family Bursary, which is sponsored jointly by The Allard Foundation in Edmonton and the Highbury Foundation in Vancouver.
    The Allard Foundation was established in 1978 by the late Dr. Charles Allard of Edmonton. Dr. Allard grew up in Alberta during the depression and learned quickly that he would have to persevere to get ahead. As a result, he put himself through medical school primarily through hard work and scholarships. Dr. Allard was a surgeon at the Edmonton General for almost 20 years and, in 1956, he was appointed Chief of Staff. He retired from medicine to pursue his many business interests including real estate, the gas and petrochemical industry and his true love in broadcasting. In 1974, he launched CITV in Edmonton, the first independent television station in Western Canada. Through the years he received many distinguished awards including Broadcaster of the Year. In 2005, he was named one of the Edmontonians of the Century and Physicians of the Century. He was inducted into the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame and the Business Hall of Fame. Dr. Allard died in 1991 leaving behind his six children – Cam, Judy, twins Chuck and Peter, Tony and Cathy. He also had 12 grandchildren.
    Dr. Allard believed in giving back to the community in which he lived, and so, in addition to his impressive business accomplishments over the years, his final legacy was the establishment of the Allard Foundation, which has had a significant impact within Alberta since its inception and will continue its influence in the future. The Allard Foundation has provided financial assistance to many organizations in Alberta and Canada, primarily focusing on the health sector and medical research, with education also an important priority. Today the Foundation is run by his daughter, Cathy Roozen, his son, Chuck Allard, a close business associate, Robert Manning, and his granddaughter, Beth Allard-Clough.
    The Highbury Foundation was established in 1993 by Dr. Allard’s son, Peter, who has spent most of his life in Vancouver. The Highbury Foundation has made significant donations to hospitals in British Columbia and Alberta for both research and equipment purchases to meet the needs of the local medical communities. It has also made donations to Western Canadian universities and colleges for scholarship and building needs. Personally, Peter Allard has focused his philanthropy on biomedical research and the development of vaccines for cancer, hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDS as well as islet-cell technology research and development at the University of Alberta.
    The Allard family has demonstrated a profound commitment to Brentwood College and its students over the years, including building a new girls’ residence and providing this student bursary. The Allard Family Bursary provides financial assistance to deserving students, preferably from Alberta, who would otherwise be unable to attend Brentwood College. Brentwood College has been home to many Allard family members over the years. Representatives of both the Allard Foundation and the Highbury Foundation are excited about their ongoing partnership with Brentwood and look forward to helping many future students with financial assistance.
    Source: bretwood college

  5. @David,

    Secondly as a philanthropist with obvious deep pockets what has motivated him to close GHNS 10 days before Christmas?


  6. @David
    “Should we not see an abatement in the rhetoric until such meetings occur?”

    Agreed, but the rhetoric (vile) and personal name calling is only coming form the side of BWWR.

    If she represents or indicates what “the other side” is like it does show how vindictive they are and God help anyone who challenges them.

    Can’t wait to hear what the dear old lady will call me!

  7. I suspect that BWWR is really a white man who is being fed this claptrap and is too stupid to realise how he being used. Nobody on “his” side can complain about greed. That is a laugh!

  8. There are 6000 environmentalists who want Graeme Hall designated as a park. That is issue #1.

    There is an anonymous person who is fighting a case and writing an extraordinary insulting article above. That is another issue. Let’s call it #2.

    In barbados there are people who are willing to do anything for money. That’s a further issue. One that the environment doesn’t care about. When you hear who could care less about an environmental project you have to detect extreme hatred, and this is a dangerous thing to give power to.

  9. Is this a matter we can be pragmatic about? Let us forget the messengers for a day. If we don’t this matter will remain mired in quicksand for some time to come. In fact from where we sit both sides can take some of the blame.

  10. issues 1 & 2

    There are 6000 environmentalists who want Graeme Hall designated as a park. That is issue #1.
    I don’t think that you have to be an environmentalist to want to save Graeme Hall as an ongoing nature reserve. It is usually accepted as a sign of a country’s maturity that it sets aside areas that would otherwise be developed, for the use of its citizens for recreational purposes. Can anyone seriously doubt that Central Park in New York, or Hyde Park in London would not fetch huge amounts of money for real estate development? Of course not, but there has to be more to an overall plan for the country that just granting permission for more and more development. There is a sense of enlightenment in the creation of open spaces. And if you think that in the age of the internet, the market of potential visitors doesn’t notice when a country destroys its heritage and environment , then think again.

  11. Dear BWWR:

    You wrote:

    “you know full well that the Barbados press will not notice and, if they do notice, a few well-placed inducements will suffice to have them turn a blind eye ”

    Do you have any evidence that the Barbados press takes bribes from the Allards?

    If you do, then publish it. If you do not then you should shut up.

  12. David,

    Point taken. The Allard family have contributed heavily wherever they have done business.

    A few questions:

    Have they done this without claiming tax exemptions for their charitable donations?

    Have they refused influential civic and other appointments offered because of these donations?

    Have they foregone the use of the contacts made through these connections to further their business interests?

    This, you see, is the normal way of doing business. These tax-free charitable donations will have garnered for them ten times what they gave in the first place at least. Please view them as investments and not charitable donations – because that is what they are. TAX-FREE INVESTMENTS.

    Almighty Little Peter has, reportedly, spent US$12 million on Graeme Hall. Naturally, following the family tradition, he expected his profit and he determined that this profit would take the form of the purchase for US$1 million of beachfront property owned by Kingsland valued at, reportedly, US$4 million – which, developed, would be worth a great deal more. The fact that someone had got there before him was immaterial. Almighty Little Peter had, unasked and with no agreement otherwise with Government, spent US$12 million on Graeme Hall (supposedly a commercial concern based on his concept of eco-tourism being more important that sun, sea and sand and the other S) and now Barbados had to pay him back by cancelling the agreement to purchase by others anything Almighty Little Peter wanted to purchase and ENFORCE the sale of whatever he wanted to Almighty Little Peter.

    It is worthy of note that very shortly after the Privy Council ruled in the Kingsland case, Almighty Little Peter placed the house he had bought from Flowers Hunt, Seascape, along with Graeme Hall, on the market for sale.

    It was also at this time that a Canadian corporation named Nelson Barbados Group Limited came into being and it had somehow “acquired” Madge Knox’s shares in Kingsland from Almighty Little Peter who had “acquired” them from Madge Knox. Nelson then filed a lawsuit in Ontario to go behind the Privy Council decision. However, this time Almighty Little Peter was vexed with Barbados, its courts and its government as well, and he would show them, so he sued all of us through Nelson – AND HE CLOSED THE GRAEME HALL SWAMP AS WELL.

    I have to axe the question that if Brentwood failed to dance to the Allard Foundation tune, what might happen to it? But Brentwood is just a college – Barbados is a sovereign independent nation built on the blood, sweat, tears and labour of our ancestors and, while there is breath in my body, NOT FOR SALE AT ANY PRICE.

    And if to protect the sacrifice of our ancestors we have to drain Graeme Hall and with it Puny Peter, so be it. DRAIN IT!!! Drain him.

    What I find amazing is the concentration of comments that deal with the Allard family and the complete absence of any comment about Little Billy Goat McKenzie STATING that he had instructions from a member of the Allard family and a recipient of the Allard Foundation to commit what is tantamount to severe abuse of LEGAL process (in every other country but Canada) and re-file this Ontario action in each province and territory in turn as soon as one refused to try it due to lack of jurisdiction. So if this case has cost (as is reported) the government and people of Barbados US$2 million so far, taken that there are 12 bites at the apple allowed by Canada, this frivilous and vexatious matter could cost the Bajan people US$24 million – conservatively. Yet all comments are concentrated on the charitable bent of the Allard family. Am I missing something that all wunnah see so clearly. I don’t think so.

    As Puny Peter derives the income that he has used to buy and turn Graeme Hall into a COMMERCIAL eco-tourism centre, as well as the income that he is using to try to bash us Bajans into doing what he wants and surrendering all our rights and liberties to him, from the Allard Foundation and Allarco, I renew my call for a an embargo against anything to do with the Allard family by our international wealthy friends and by our regional friends and governments.

    As far as Graeme Hall is concerned, it is only correct that government should meet with Puny Little Peter and see if there is a way that it can, unconditionally, step in to haul his financial coals and losses out of the fire and run Graeme Hall as what it is, a very minor inducement and aid to the main industry, SS&S tourism.

    The rest of the negative comments – heard them all before. I am accused of being a man, white, David Simmons, Peter Simmons, Iain Deane and Pat. It is inconceivable that an old Bajan black woman could POSSIBLY have a mind of her own. Well, you know something, if it was not for old black women like me, wunnah would probably still be indentured. And because of my labour and sacrifice, I am not going to allow you to give our country away and bend the knee to Puny Peter and the Allard family.


  13. @BWWR

    Are we to conclude then that the many Barbadians who are throwing their support behind the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary campaign are being manipulated by Allard in the greater scheme of things?

    Is this what you are saying.

  14. David, you are asking me if I am making a sweeping statement that is too all-inclusive and general. You are asking me if I am stating that the Bajans who support the Graeme Hall project are incapable of separating an ecological area and protection thereof from the issue of Kingsland and Allard’s desire respecting it. I cannot do that. I am merely stating that if we are expected (and I am convinced that is Allard’s objective) to offer up our civic rights and freedoms and laws on the alter of Graeme Hall, then, given the choice, Graeme Hall has to go.

    For the record, I support Graeme Hall and its place in our society and its protection, BUT not at the price we are being asked to pay. I suspect that you will find that however many of the 6,000 signatories are Bajan or Bajan residents (even if just seasonal residents) they feel exactly the same way as I do. I view the protection of our rights and liberties as being the parent of the rights of access to our beaches that we are fighting to maintain on the West Coast. They are all part and parcel. I fully support any initiative by Government to protect Graeme Hall, but not if it means the surrender of our rights. So if canvassers from Government come to my door seeking a signature from me supporting Government purchasing the Graeme Hall Nature Reserve from Peter Allard for the Nation, I will sign with pleasure. I will even donate some money – anonymously and not as a lever or means of self-agrandisement.

    You have to separate Graeme Hall from its owner’s other illegitimate agendas and the fact that he is not capable of doind this is not our problem.

    However, with the deepest respect (and I mean that) how do you feel about Mr McKenzie, knowing he will lose this case starting 8th December, stating that he has instructions to re-file in each and ever Canadian province and territory one after another? That, to me, being a gross abuse of legal process and the greatest possible insult to our sovereignty and right of self-determination, is greatly more far-reaching in its implications than the fate of the Graeme Hall swamp. If that is allowed by the Canadian courts and by the Law Society of Upper Canada, it sets an international precedent where any disaffected and unsuccessful litigant can go behind the final court of appeal of the country in which the property is located and by whose laws it is governed and clog up the Canadian courts with cases of no merit for which they have no jurisdiction or competence and, in the case of Nelson, which it has no standing to bring in the first place. If the Canadian legal system and the Law Society of Upper Canada allows this to happen, it will not only do dis-service to Canada, but to all the rest of the world. May I suggest that this is probably a far larger issue than Graeme Hall, which will either fall back into the swamp from which it came or be taken over and run by Government if Allard does as he is threatening and takes himself out of Barbados.

    Let us be realistic – Graeme Hall is NOT under threat. That is a ploy and a lever. Government will NOT allow Graeme Hall to be compromised. What IS at risk is our civil liberties and rights and sovereignty and right to self-determination. Be dictated to on this and we can eventually kiss goodbye to our right of access to our own beaches.

    If Allard acts alone, he must be made to understand that we will not allow this attempted subversion. If he acts as an agent of his family, then his family must be similarly informed. In any event, Peter Allard derives his income from his family and, since apparently we have to, we must now hurt them where it counts. IN THE POCKET. For every cent it costs our country and people for this Canadian action, we and our regional and international friends must ensure that it costs the Allards many thousands of dollars more. This way we send a message, not only to Allard and his lot, but also to any others who might contemplate what he is trying to do.

    Don’t worry about Graeme Hall. That will be protected and it won’t need those 6,000 signatures either.

  15. I am indebted to the Almond Beach website for the following:

    “The Treaty of Oistins was negotiated and signed at The Mermaid Tavern in Oistins in Barbados in 1652. The Barbadian planters of the day had not supported Oliver Cromwell in his policies and he sent a fleet to subdue the upstarts. The Barbadians repulsed them. Out of this standoff between the Barbadian planters and the Cromwell government in England came the Treaty of Oistins. The treaty contains a clause that reads “That no taxes, customs, imports or excise shall be laid, nor levy made on any of the inhabitants of this island without their consent in a General Assembly.” This principle was adopted by the 13 American colonies in 1773 when they dumped 342 chests of tea, on which the British had imposed a tax, into Boston Harbour – an event known as the Boston Tea Party. This concept of ‘No Taxation Without Representation’ was subsequently included in the American Declaration of Independence in 1775. A careful reading of the two documents would reveal that about half of the Treaty of Oistins has been incorporated into the American Declaration of Independence.”

    So Barbados led the rest of the world as long ago as 1652. The USA trailed us (and copied us) over 100 years later and Canada much later still. As we know, poor souls, they are both quite backward. If you look at Thome’s The Emancipation of the West Indies, you might discover that the USA used Barbados as the model for the emancipation of its own slaves. This little rock of which we are the proud inheritors – and protectors.

    We are world-leaders. We ought to celebrate that, not deride it or allow it to be reduced. Yes, there are flaws – but we will address these and correct them ourselves. Are we Bajans, inheritors of a proud and ancient – and successful – striving towards self-determination that led the world in the process, now going to play dead on the alter of the financial ambitions of a Canadian named Peter Allard and, if applicable, his family, supported by Mental Madge and the Knoxettes? Not this wrinkled old girl!!!!

    I know patriotism is sometimes considered old-fashioned and not something to be discussed in public. I do not agree. I think I may well be a part of the overwhealming silent majority.

  16. If Graeme Hall was designated a National Park how would it affect some law case that is on the blogs? As far as I know you might be lying, but I personally couldn’t care less so long as the environment is conserved.

  17. BWWR
    Do you mean to tell us that a commercial operation like Almond Beach Resorts would use their commercial website to voice such a personal attack on named persons? Can you please publish the link, I would like to see that for myself.

  18. Peltdownman

    You did not understand what you read. She is referring to the “TREATY OF OISTINS”. That is what is on Almond Beach website. Read the post again.


    I went to school in Barbados. High School from 1958 to 1965. Has the free education done much for the islanders? Not only on this site, but on other Bajan sites, people appear to have problems with reading.

    I dont think the case will go to all the provinces. As soon as McKenzie makes enough money out of the plaintiffs, he will call it a day. Besides, with the Civil Code in Quebec, he cant file there. It will not see the light of day in Newfoundland either.

  19. Thanks for that, Pat.

    I believe though that the problem in Canada is that the legislation under which these complaints are made varies from province to province and that is what makes it possible to refile in each. Varying corporate and other legislation.

    However, I accept your point with Quebec and Newfoundland. You were always a very bright girl with a sound grasp of law, so I have no problem accepting your reading there.

    I too went to school in Barbados, but longer ago than you and I think that people who write as our friend has written, fall into two categories: (a) those who can read and choose not to understand, and(b) those who can read, but do not understand.

    As for the refiling, I really do not know. I think that there exists a very strong possibility that in awarding costs, the court may well award them against lawyer McKenzie himself, if his client fails to pay them. It will be unusual for Ontario, but I do believe this may be done this time. If it is, then I suspect there will be no refiling. Not, however, because Nelson doesn’t want to refile, but because they cannot find a lawyer prepared to put his/her personal assets at risk by doing so.

    While on this subject, I see that Barbados has been bashed yet again by Keltruth on the subject of Mr Nitin Amersey and Carsicott. Keltruth seeks to create a parallel situation to Kingsland and none exists that I can see.

    Carsicott came into being as a company owned by (among other governments) the Barbados government and by Scothalls, a company owned by Mr Amersey, under the Barbados-Canada Bilateral Trade Agreement. In this, it varies from Kingsland as government is not and never has been a shareholder in Kingsland and therefore Kingsland does not fall under any bilateral trade agreemnent, which is an argument that (I understand from Clyde Turney’s affidavits) Puny Peter Allard was trying to advance at one point.

    At some stage, that idiot Erskine Sandiford (the worst PM we ever had) ordered the Barbados Defense Force into the Carsicott premises (of which Barbados was part-owner) up by the airport (premises owned by the Government of Barbados) to seize the property of Carsicott, part of which belonged to Amersey and part to Barbados.

    Amersey sued for restitution of his share of the property worth, according to him, US$1 million.

    The case went nowhere during the tenure of Sandiford and it was one of the matters that the new government of Owen Arthur had to sort out when it ousted Sandiford in Barbados’ usual peaceful and lawful general elections, brought on by means of a vote in the House of no confidence in Sandiford.

    Three years or so into the tenure of the Arthur government (which is not a lot, given the mess they had to clean up from the Sandiford administration) Barbados agreed that Sandiford had acted wrongly in respect of Amersey and it paid Amersey for losses of US$ million, somewhere in excess of US$4 million by way of compensation and for his trouble and inconvenience and legal fees. It would have taken about three years for the matter to be fully investigated by the incoming Arthur government, so they were not delinquent nor did they procrastinate – indeed, they addressed the matter with the same speed and dispatch as any government in any country in the world would have done.

    And that was the end of that.

    However, now, over 15 years later, Keltruth has got hold of what it purports are important documents about a dead, defunct and settled case and these documents could only come from Nitin Amersey himself. So, we have to ask the question why Mr Amersey would release these documents to Keltruth to write an article which article is advertised by Barbados Free Press. Bear in mind, this article is being used to highlight an incident, settled and compensation paid for in a lawful and honourable manner by Barbados, that cast Barbados in a negative light 15 years ago – rather like Watergate and the war in Iraq in the USA, Brian Mulrooney in Canada and the Poll Tax in the United Kingdom and I won’t even attempt to touch India, the native land of Mr Amersey or Venezuela in which the Knox family have ancestral rights.

    Why then, we must ask, is Mr Amersey, who, I would have thought, would have long since moved on, assisting Keltruth and BFP to fulfill the hate-filled mandate of their owner, Puny Peter Allard and family, to “bring Barbados down”?

    Mr Amersey is the chairman of Environmental Solutions Worldwide Inc., a company with its headquarters in Concorde, Ontario. I don’t suppose for one second that one of the major shareholders of Environmental Solutions could POSSIBLY be connected to Puny Peter and the Allard family?

    Is it just possible that when Puny Peter bludgeons the Barbados government into bending the knee to him that Nitin Amersey will arrive in Barbados as PP’s appointed Minister of Agriculture, while, of course, Professor John Knox will be Minister of Education? Well, Pat chile, if you think they got problem reading now, just WAIT!!!

    This all serves to highlight my point that ecology and so-called “charitable donations” are being used as a tax-free investment/front by Puny Peter Allard and his relatives as a means of take-over and cover for those take-overs. The general assumption that people making a tax-free donation exempts them from accountability and the law as it pertains to the rest of us, is pure b***s***. We Bajans and our regional and international friends must say no to these people. We must tell them that our countries and interests are not there for their kind of sneaky, nefarious take-over masquerading as being charitable and for our good and the good of our ecology and eco-tourism, about which most tourists don’t give a blast in the first place and which certainly does not motivate them to visit us. Basically, we must tell the Allards and their ilk to get the hell back to Edmonton and Canada and please to stay there and carry on their businesses with a more compliant and backward and inexperienced court system than applies in a world-leading, older civilization like Barbados.

  20. I said:

    “Barbados agreed that Sandiford had acted wrongly in respect of Amersey and it paid Amersey for losses of US$ million”. The amount is US$1 million.

    Isn’t it interesting that whenever American children are encouraged to read or memorize the American Declaration of Independence – which is a daily occurrence in the USA – they are reading and memorizing a document cribbed from Barbados and that pre-dates the Declaration of Independence by more than 100 years?

    I don’t know about anybody else, but it makes me burst with pride to be Bajan.

  21. Juris, I agree to a certain extent only as the Treaty of Oistins goes much further than Magna Carta. And you made a typo on the date of Magna Carta. It was 1215, which I am sure you know. And it was written in Latin. However, the Treaty of Oistins was written in English and, as Almond Beach points out, if you examine it over 50% was lifted almost verbatim by the draftsmen of the American Declaration of Independence.

    It gives us abundant reason to be proud that each American child that reads or learns the American Declaration of Independence is learning its precursor by over a century, the Barbados Treaty of Oistins. It gives us reason to see that we are not following world trends, but are setting them – as we have always done. Therefore, we do not need also-rans from any other country who cannot cut it in their own countries to come in here, degrade and denigrate and threaten and talk down to us and try to take us over, based on the totally false idea that they, not us, are the world leaders and trend-setters.

    Let’s face it, it is our Treaty of Oistins that provided the precedent and wording of the Declaration of Independence over 100 years later. It was our emancipation and manumission that set the format for the same for America and its civil rights movement. We gave wings to Martin Luther King and now to Barak Obama. What in hell makes Peter Allard and his family think that they could possibly force us to be subservient to them? They are damned lucky we allow them into what truly is the Land of the Free.

  22. Interesting and enlightening. Whenever people start getting personal and forgetting the point at issue, you know they in quick sand and this is the proverbial straw they are latching onto.

    BWWR should tell us about the rednecks and “put white” behind the Deane’s efforts.

  23. Onlooker // November 12, 2008 at 2:15 pm. Don’t understand the last bit at all. Maybe one of the Deanes will if they read this – but as they are not likely to tell me what it means, so can you explain? It sounds as if it might be amusing.

  24. I read the piece on BFP about the Amersey affair and was dumbfounded.

    When the settlement occurred, it was featured in the Canadian press and Mr. Amersey said that it was settled to his satisfaction. However, he would have liked to produce sea island cotton products. My understanding was that the plant would also be processing cotton sourced from the “low islands”, and most of the cotton was for the export market.

    I thought this rather strange as in 1992, you could buy fine, soft, silky sea island cotton in Martinique for about 20 francs a metre. Which I considered cheap, cheap, cheap.

    It begs the question why are they posting this now? Why rehash this settled matter? Dont they have nothing else to post?

    I mentioned on one of their threads, that the site “BFP” has done more to turn away tourists than the global economy and failed airlines. I doubt they see it, unless of course, that is their mandate.

  25. Let me see if I can make it real SIMPLE for you Pat: Some of the same players (defendants) that are involved in the Kingsland Estate matter were involved in the Carsicott debacle. It shows a history of the same individuals abusing the legal process by breaking Barbados’ very own laws in order to further their own personal intersts. The courts of Barbados had already made a ruling on the matter of the over $2 million worth of equipment and assets that belonged to Mr. Amersley and ruled that it was his to retrieve but before he could do so “someone” sent in the BDF to seize his property.

    As quoted on BFP:

    “Keltruth Blog published one document (above) written by Clyde Turney and revealed “Strange coincidence! Many of these names appear in another lawsuit where fraud is alleged!”

    “Bingo! For years we’ve heard rumours that David Simmons, the current Barbados Chief Justice, had something to do with the Nitin Amersey debacle. Maybe now we’ll see written proof of his roll.”

    Get it?

  26. PiedPiper

    Thanks for that information. I have not seen any evidence, but then, I live up North.

    On the issue of there being the same defendants, it is possible on a small island like Barbados that the money for investment purposes is concentrated in a few families. That could explain the repeat of names in some business ventures.

    Remember when the Emptages, Goddards and Wards had a finger in every pie? Or is that before your time.

  27. Definitely not before my time. I know all 3 families well and was related to one by marriage.
    It doesn’t change the fact that “someone” subverted the course of justice by sending in the Barbados Defense Force to seize a Canadians assets in Barbados after a Barbados judge made a ruling under Barbados law that those assets were his.

  28. Pat,

    You are frankly being misled with a lot of lack of specific information. Mr Amersey did indeed say that the matter was settled and that he was satisfied – that was some 10 years ago and, as noted, he made the announcement from Canada. However, Amersey now works for a company controlled by Peter Allard and the Allards. They wish to rehash the case and Amersey, a moral lightweight, wishes to protect his tenure.

    Yes, Clyde Turney was one of the counsel involved – let us face it, at the time, any major case in Barbados had as its counsel either Clyde or Bree or Henry and sometimes all three. I believe that your relative, Colin Williams Q.C. was also involved on Amersey’s behalf, before he became a justice of appeal, when he was replaced by Vernon Smith Q.C., who finally achieved the settlement for Amersey.

    As for David Simmons, as attorney-general in the incoming Arthur government that had to solve the matter, he represented Barbados at the negotiations with Amersey. Of course he was involved. You are asking the Barbados government to settle a matter out-of-court and to pay compensation of some Bds$9 million in a legal case and you don’t expect the A-G of that country to be involved? What planet are you living on, Keltruth and minions?

    The bottom line now, however, is that Amersey did not have Peter Allard as his paymaster 10 years ago when he pronounced himself satisfied. Today he does and Allard is not satisfied and is trying to lump it all together. I refer you, however, to the Reasons of Shaughnessy J. that first started my series of articles. In it, you will see that Amersey swore an affidavit in this Ontario action that the judge threw out because it was of no merit and had no connection to the case. Go to The Other Side of Kingsland Part I.

    Keltruth simply (on Allard’s behalf) disagrees with the judge in Ontario and will now proceed to flog the Amersey issue to death, like it has Kingsland – and it will get no further ahead than it has with Kingsland.

    Finally, a question I have to ask: Taking a 10 year old case that has been settled to the satisfaction of Amersey (as announced from Canada NOT Barbados – 10 years ago) where Amersey was paid over $4 million US for his equipment worth (by his own and Pied Piper’s admissions) $1 million US, imputing wrongdoing and conspiracy to a whole lot of people in Barbados without any documents to show a credible connection and serving this up on the web – a settled 10 year old scandal – what is its objective?

    I conclude that its objective is the same as Peter Allard’s. The denigration of Barbados and an attempt to hurt its tourist indistry and negatively affect its people, simply because Puny Peter is pissed off by not being allowed to take over Barbados. So he will use his mouthpieces, Keltruth and BFP and their ilk to drag from the dead a long-settled and resolved matter.

    And why should he not do this? He did not pause for a moment before he, Mental Madge and the Knoxettes exhumed Muriel Deane. So why should he not exhume Carsicott as well?

  29. Bwwr,

    Well, I cant understand it either. Mr. Amersey took the money and was happy. So, what is the problem now? It all happened in Barbados and I am sure Piedpiper must have been aware of the issues.

    In Canada, it was reported in the press and people were happy that Amersey was compensated and he was happy too.

    It seems to me, that some people are clutching at straws and other hanging on to wabbling.

  30. Settling a lawsuit and “being happy” are two different things. When someone sent in the Barbados military to seize Amersey’s assets in violation of a judges order, the internet did not exist.

    The fact that someone had the power and balls to overrule a Barbados judge and send in the military is a bit of history that needs to be told: especially if the same big ups were involved in the action and they still rule Barbados like they own it.

  31. Pat, I agree. Have you ever noticed that Keltruth and BFP and their supporters seem to having NOTHING good to say about Barbados? They do nothing but try to put Barbados in the wrong? But how interesting that not a single person has remarked on the statement made by “Lawyer” McKenzie about refiling the same nonsense action in one Canadian province after another? No comment at all!!! Instead, every effort is made to deflect attention on to a long-dead issue settled to the satisfaction of all, including Mr Amersey. That says something to me and I am sure to the vast majority of all who read the blogs. They will treat as dead an ongoing and current situation of abuse of legal process, but treat a long-dead issue as being alive and thriving. Ah well, desperation springs eternal…..

  32. Pat, I agree. Have you ever noticed that Keltruth and BFP and their supporters seem to having NOTHING good to say about Barbados? They do nothing but try to put Barbados in the wrong? But how interesting that not a single person has remarked on the statement made by “Lawyer” McKenzie about refiling the same nonsense action in one Canadian province after another? No comment at all!!! Instead, every effort is made to deflect attention on to a long-dead issue settled to the satisfaction of all, including Mr Amersey. That says something to me and I am sure to the vast majority of all who read the blogs. They will treat as dead an ongoing and current situation of abuse of legal process, but treat a long-dead issue as being alive and thriving. Ah well, desperation springs eternal…..

  33. Qouting the Oistin Declaration! Interesting! I have oftimes felt that the white citizens of Barbados hold dearly to the truth that the black citizens are merely “instruments in” and not part owners of a shared Independent Barbados. Reference to that document is telling in this regard as the reference point of control; long held as the white doctrine of supremacy. They will not let go; they will not share this country with the rest of us.

  34. Another David // November 15, 2008 at 5:09 pm. Whether it was white or black is not really all that relevant as far as I am concerned. It is a part of the history of Barbados that we all, including black people like me, have inherited. Also, I don’t really think there is a question of control, but rather the removal of same from the United Kingdom so many centuries ago when those of fainter heart did nothing – and for all I know, the Bajans who took that step may have some of their blood in my veins. Naturally, some people will interpret it as white supremacy and the unwillingness of white people to let go. However, with the large numbers of Chinese and Arabs and East Indians immigrating to Barbados, if at some stage they are in the vast majority, I wonder how easily I, as a black person and a member of the fairly recent black community that owns some of what was once a white-only preserve, will give up what I view as mine. Fortunately, I am now of an age where I will be long gone before that problem arises, if it does arise. Ownership is shifting, even if it is too slow for some people, away from white to black. Just look around you. As I say, I will be gone before it is completed (as far as it is going to be completed) and will certainly miss the assault that is bound to take place by another ethnic race on what will then have been gained by blacks – will we share with them, I wonder. In the meantime, I hope you will accept my right to celebrate my country’s history as a whole, because I cannot see it as anything other than as a whole unit and, as a black person, I have no knowledge of my ancestry and background before Barbados – and frankly if Barbados was threatened by what turned out to be my African roots, it is Barbados that I would defend with my life, if need be. Simply, I am an old Bajan woman who has lived in a blessed time so that I see enormous advances to the good in my country and in the status of black people and I see how Barbados took the lead many centuries ago in attaining its self-determination. I find (and this is a personal thing) that I cannot separate the history of my country in to ethnicity. I suppose it has something to do with seeing myself as a human being first and always. This is not to say that I do not appreciate your frustration – of course I do – no one born at the time I was in the soocial conditions that existed then could fail to. The old French saying is very relevant, however. Rien est pour toujours. Peace.

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