Homosexual Agenda Gaining Ground In Barbados

Gay Lovers

In contrast to earlier times, our state now recognizes that an individual’s capacity to establish a loving and long-term committed relationship with another person and responsibly to care for and raise children does not depend upon the individual’s sexual orientation,” George wrote for the majority in ringing language that delighted gay rights activists.

Source: MSNBC

It seems appropriate on the eve of the Gospelfest Show that we should revisit one of the most vexing issues which has emerged in modern society. The issue of homosexuality will predictably evoke a flurry of comments which will seek to label the Barbados Underground household as homophobic. By now it should be evident that the BU household is firmly moored to a traditional set of values which has served our household well. The unwillingness of Barbadians to be proactive in structuring the kind of society which it wishes to adopt on a moral front is disappointing and regrettable.

It was note worthy to listen to Prime Minister Bruce Golding of Jamaica addressing boldly the issue of homosexuality in his cabinet, as he appeared on the BBC show HARDtalk. He stated in unequivocal terms that it is not his intention to include homosexuals in his cabinet. Despite being grilled by the HARDtalk host he remained resolute that the culture of Jamaica supported his decision. Interesting indeed!

The position articulated by Prime Minister Golding of Jamaica contrasts starkly with that of Barbados. Does anyone remember the call-in show which was aired before the last general election on VOB – January 06, 2008 which featured the current Minister of Family, Youth Affairs, Sport & Environment and the Reverend Joseph Atherley? BU was very critical of the position taken then by both candidates on the weak position presented on how either party intended to pursue the issue of homosexuality on attaining office.

Some members of the BU household have resigned themselves to the fact that the homosexual movement has become and unrelenting force.

Many Barbadians still respect their culture which disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle and would not want that lifestyle to become prevalent. When the David Thompson government was sworn in earlier in the year many Barbadians were heartened by the involvement of the Church at the ceremony. Maybe we are wrong but we suspect certain expectations were peaked. There was a feeling of hope that the declining values and morals which is evident in modern Barbados were about to be arrested. To her credit Minister Esther Byer-Suckoo has been Prime Minister Thompson’s most visible minister, the uncertainty which she exhibited on the issue of homosexuality back in January confirms to BU she was uncomfortable in her skin on the issue. We suspect that her public offering on how her government intended to manage the homosexual issue was driven by a desire to be politically expedient.

Barbados is a small country which is rapidly being subsumed by a multi-ethnic population. Unfortunately certain core values which have guided our society very well through the years are being diluted. We appreciate that we have to respect the sexual orientation of all of our people. However, there is nothing to say we have to agree with it. We may appreciate in the so-call free world market the need for Barbados to operate in a common economic space. What we don’t appreciate is the willingness by Barbados to prostitute its value system for thirty pieces of silver.

Label BU whatever you want, if it means that we have to accept one more label, so be it. Our conscience shall be our guide!


  • me // May 25, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Most “reasonable people” would accept that it is “possible” for human beings of the same sex, to be sexually attracted to each other.


    Which planet he come from????

    David, ‘thanks’ for making me sick again, this bright maning, wit dat picture!!!!


  • David,

    I think in order to address something you need to define what it is you wish to address, otherwise all you do is talk in circles. This may feel great as it gives an opportunity to rant and rave, but it means no progress can be made in addressing the issue itself.


  • …”what if there isn’t why does homosexual behaviour bother them so”…

    What gave you the impression, that “personally” I was bothered about homosexual behaviour? was not, am not, and never will be.

    I just made a “small” contribution on a public forum.

    It seems anyone who does not groove into your line of thinking always has a problem…I can live at peace with that, I hope you can.

    “I” will just leave it at that.


  • “bother them so”…” did I refer to you….

    You are welcomed to your opinion and i hope I am welcomed to redbut if I disagree. I hope!


  • Please translate the above as I speak Guyanese and not some remote European language. Well today is independence day in my country Guyana….so I am sending independence day greetings to all Guyanese around the world. Let us celebrate in Love-N-Unity, Peace-N-Harmony, and remember what Onika Joseph says, Keep Death off The Road…..drive safely on this special holiday.


  • Good thing that Barbados has never adopted Bruce Golding’s policy of no homosexuals in cabinet. If we had we would have lost some of the best cabinet ministers we ever had. No PM has any right asking anybody what he or she does with another consenting adult n the privacy of his home. Unless the PM happens to be the potential cabinet member’s personal physician or his or her potential lover. Bruce Golding talking bare Jamaican foolishness. Why do we feel that we have to listen when Jamaicans talk foolishness? Why do we feel that Jamaicans have so much to teach us? Is Jamaica in such good shape that we can safely follow? Would it be rudely appropriate if I asked Bruce Golding to bugger off?


  • To the Devil’s Advocate: Homosexuality has existed long before slavery and it will exist long after our great grandchildren are born and hae died of advanced old age. We born and find homosexuality and we will die and leave it. Heterosexual sex was forced on black women during slavery to grow the population of slaves. Does that mean that we should give up heterosexual sex also?
    You go ahead if you want to do that . I will NOT follow you.


  • So gay people pay taxes? If they do why can’t they be in cabinet? Do gay people vote? Then why can’t they be in Jamaica’s cabinet? Would it be ok if Bruce Glding said that no red men would be permitted in Jamiaca’s cabinet? After all red men like homosexuals make up about 5 to 10% of the voting tax paying Jamaican people. Why not EXCLUDE THE RED MEN?


  • All sex including married heterosexual sex has the potential for being nasty.
    Sexually transmitted diseases have always been with us, unfaithfullness has always been with us. Good quality, cheap, easily available condoms are a 20th century invention.
    Imagine how nasty martial sex used to be when a woman bore children frequently (child bearing always leads to tears and fissures through which disease easily enters) had an unfaitlful husband and no access to condoms, medicines nor medical care. You all don’t now what you talking about. Unfaithful condomless hetereosexual married sex is no cleaner that homosexual sex. I take it that all you homophobics realize of that most HIV nowadays is spread in UNFAITHFUL LONG TERM HETEROSEXUAL relationships. So yes guys married hetereosexual sex is still killing millions of respectable maried women. Unfaithdful married sex is still NASTY. Instead of beating up the homosexuals why don’t we use this blog to preach abstinence before marriage AND faithfulness within marriage. Or it that too hard? Would that take away too much fun from you my promiscous brothers and sisters? And ne last thing. Guess what my childhood neighbour form good old conservative rural working class Barbados got for her 50th anniversia present? You guess right. A dose of HIV up her respectable married fronts from her long unfaithful husband. Marrried as a 17 year old virgin, still married at 67, died of AIDS in the year of her 50th anniversary. Marriage does NOT protect against nastiness. Homoxesuality does not cause nastiness. Unfaithfullness, homo or heteoro spreads nastiness around. When will we wake up? Only abstinence before and fathfullnesss within and condoms for those who like step out can put a dent in the nastiness of HIV/AIDS. Why can’t we use thiese blogs to try to turn around bad sexual behaviur insteadof using them to beat up male homosexuals.


  • Why don’t you young male Barbadian homophobics ask your mother’s whether she really has cancer or if what she has is the HIV that your beloved daddy gave her? Maybe it is not the buller down the road who is nasty; maybe literally it is your respectable mother who is infected with a dreadful nasty disease.


  • But JC Atiba was not unlawfully killed because he was a homosexual. He was unlawfully killed becasue he was unfaithful and his lover was jealous. It happens the same way in man/womn relationships. The combination of unfaithfulness and sexual jealosy often leads to domestic violence up to and including murder.


  • I think it is interesting thatone should look up to Bruce Golding given that hs country is in such turmoil .

    J.. I agree with yiuy entirely about ‘ nastiness’ in that the mouth is clinically the nastiest place in the human body but yet some str8 people put everything in it and do everything with it .

    The issue of privacy is most important. Since i f BU is saying that we should police the Cabinet for what its members are doing in pRIVATE …who exactly will be in Cabinet???


  • Me you are misrepresenting Prime Minister Golding. Whether we agree with his position or not he was essentially saying that in Jamaica a homosexual minister would be ineffective given how many Jamaicans feel about that group. As PM he took the decision not to encumber himself with that albatross in his cabinet. Well words to that effect.


  • I followed this story both on the Hard talk programme and on Nationwide news ( this has an online version). The question was not whether he would have a known homosexual in his cabinet? And how can he know what albatrosses he has around his neck in terms of sexuality unless he’s been peeping or someone tells him. It would be a dangerous situation if he made assumptions about potential cabinet members based on how he perceived their orentation wouldnt it?

    I learnt today that one a the men that beaten ( to death ) last year in Jamaca was suspected to be gay but in fact was not …what example has Golding now set for his people?


  • Why do we feel that we have to listen when Jamaicans talk foolishness? Why do we feel that Jamaicans have so much to teach us? Is Jamaica in such good shape that we can safely follow?


    J, you’re seemingly, new, to these debates and therefore won’t be aware that this is what I’ve been saying to Barbadians for years and earned much abuse for my efforts. Barbadians seem to me to be Jamaicans’ lapdogs! Everything they do, from the dirty dancing to Rastafarianism, the Bajans seem to feel the need to copy and, as you said, look at the state of their country plus, of course, they’ve utterly, totally and completely destroyed any slight semblance of a decent reputation which west indians might conceivably, have had internationally, at some remote point in the past!

    Do u live in the UK because then you’ll know how disparagingly, west indians are regarded here all thanks to the Jamaicans who comprise more than 80% of us!

    I won’t say any more, at this point, as I expect the usual Jamaican, lapdog, lovers to be after my blood, as usual! I’m sure that Pat is already, licking her lips!

    Guess what my childhood neighbour form good old conservative rural working class Barbados got for her 50th anniversia present? You guess right. A dose of HIV up her respectable married fronts from her long unfaithful husband. Marrried as a 17 year old virgin, still married at 67, died of AIDS in the year of her 50th anniversary.


    I consider there’s a strong case for imprisoning such people! In fact, it’s difficult to comprehend why it’s not already being done!


  • Morning David, you’ve no regard at all, for my stomach, have you!!!! 🙂


  • Dear reluctant non-believer: I am not sure why you say that all black societies are homophobic. I’ve lived in and worked in 2 societies besides Barbados (both mostly white) and I would not say that Barbadians are any more homophobic that our white neighbours to the north.


  • Dear Bimbro:

    No society imprisons respectable married, middle-aged, middle class men.


  • When I read some of the comments here about homosexuality and gay people, I am alarmed that in a society that boasts of its education and progress, that there should be this incredible amount of ignorance and hate directed at a group of people who contribute and have always contributed a great deal to society ..
    Firstly, AIDS was first recognised in Africa and has subsequently been transmitted to Europe and America. It is not a *gay* disease. The majority of new infections are among young black hetero-sexual women. I suspect that if everyone in Barbados was given an Aids test, the incidence of this disease would be very high given the prevalent promiscuity among the local population.
    About homosexuality itself, I am tired of reading posts from people who are so very ignorant of the facts. No one in their right mind would choose to be homosexual (just as some would not choose to be black or female)because of the hateful treatment that one must endure in some societies. Please educate yourselves before mouthing off on this topic..and please stop using the bible and other religious books to give weight to your ill-founded arguments. Dont forget that according to your good book, it is also acceptable to have slaves and stone adulterers. That should take care of a lot of malicious Bajans.


  • J
    Did you deliberately misinterpret my contribution? Both men and women were taken by force during slavery. What I asked was how do you expect a race of people to accept an act as normal that was introduced to them by force?
    If homosexuality was so widespread in historic times then why is it so rabidly opposed to by black nations formerly enslaved and colonised by europeans?
    I was born and found prostitution, sex abuse, mysogyny and paedophilia but does the length of time something was practiced make it right?
    Why is it that black males are more aggressively anti homosexual than others?


  • A True Believer

    Bree, I agree with you. i dont have no problem with gays as long as they dont try to bat and bowl at the same time. there are at least 3 ministers who are gay and they are still doing a good job, i even vote for one.


  • Questions
    Why is it that homosexuals are still prone to the stereotypical relationships where the more ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ in the relationship stay within their roles.
    Why is it that ‘butch’ gay women tend to mimic the more extreme negative male behavior–promiscuity, spousal abuse and other controlling (male) behavior? are they trying too hard to be ‘real men’?
    Why are the ‘openly gay’ or more ‘feminine’ gay men usually the ones to be stereotypically female in behavior? Are they trying too hard to be ‘real women’?


  • Devil's Advocate

    I am not pro or anti homosexuality. I deal with the individual. I have friends who are ‘pure’ homosexuals, then I have some who are perverts and will try anything sexual.
    I do believe though that some of my friends were conditioned into a homosexual ‘lifestyle’ by the outcome of sexual abuse and the subsequent confusion about their sexuality. In the sense that they thought of themselves as heterosexual until the abuse caused them doubts. Abuse in the teen years seems to be a contributing factor toall. I know women who had children and then due to terrible relationships with men seemed to find solace in the ‘softer’ arms of other women. Two women close to me have been brutalised and violated in every possible way a man can–physically, sexually and emotionally, both of them have turned to other women.


  • Dave, here’s another ‘amazing’, achievement from our ‘wonderful’, Jamaican friends! And, as I said on BF, Bajans want to get closer to these people?!!!!

    May god have mercy on your souls!!!!


    Dave, it might be better if u banned ME, because then you and others could keep burying your heads in the sand, without any disturbance!


  • Can only consider Barbadians regard these kinds of activities as normal! Mercifully, we in the UK, have n’t reached that stage, yet!


  • “Why is it that ‘butch’ gay women tend to mimic the more extreme negative male behavior–promiscuity, spousal abuse and other controlling (male) behavior? are they trying too hard to be ‘real men’?”

    I know lots of ‘butch’ women, and they don’t do that type of behaviour. Likewise, I know loads of gay men, some are ‘queens’ as they like to call them selves, but others are just scary… Think 6foot plus , tattoed, pierced skinheads, but actually alright to talk to (and get a picture in my case).

    There are stereotypes in all realms. Most gay men and women are not like that at all. My girlfriend and I (yes, I’m a gay female) are not butch: we just don’t require a ‘man’, nor desire to be one.

    And I was never abused as a child. Grew up with both parents. Normal childhood, but by about 14 or so, I think I knew I preferred girls, but remained in denial until about 21 or so. I was born that way, and I think most of us are. But I will accept that some (particualrly girls, as friends of mine have said it) have tried being gay just because they suffered ill at some bloke’s hands.

    There are good and bad relationships in all cases. I know of violent men and women, straight and not. Horrible people exist, and they are not limited to gender/sexual orientation/age (think Fritzl!).


  • “Why is it that black males are more aggressively anti homosexual than others?”

    I’m not sure… I have wondered that if it somethign to do with displaying manhood, and always being teh pentrators, and that to be pentrated in some way effeminate, and not macho. Less than a man, so not worthy?

    possibly hence the dislike of gay women, as they have spurned the need for a man, making him feel unwanted when he should be doing what God gave him the equipment to do?

    Just speculating. I am not saying this is true, I am just putting forward possible reasons, as to why, judged on comments such as ‘she’s gay cause she can’t get a man’, ‘how can he let himself by used as like a woman’.


  • the beauty of life is that among what seems to be homogenous you will find diversity. Diversity starts at conception so I am sure that some ( the majority) are born that way. But social influences can also cause diversity. I dont believe that most homosexuals chose to be that way based on what I have read. I also dont believe that all homosexuals have sex the exact same way or that roles in homosexual relationships are FIXED all the time.

    Masculinity like femininity to some extenet is based on the eye of the beholder. Unfortunately the ignorant among us may act to discriminate against someone they see ar feminine and therfeore gay when this might not be the case.

    Indeed hypermasculine behviour may result from fears of discovery. Just like expressions of extreme behaviour might suggets that the person has issues with their sexuality.

    There are many grey areas in life and I think that we should recognise that this is so!


  • David // May 29, 2008 at 6:44 am

    We do live in times when to standalone to represent ones belief is definitely viewed as abnormal behaviour.


    I’m pleased to see you’re aware of this, David. I await your decision!


  • Amnesty raps region for human rights abuses

    Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, released the report on May 28. (Photo: CaribWorldNews)
    Irene Khan, Secretary General of Amnesty International, released the report on May 28. (Photo: CaribWorldNews)

    LONDON, England, May 30, 2008 – Amnesty International (AI) has cited a number of Caribbean countries for police brutality, unlawful killings and discrimination among other human rights abuses in its latest report.

    The ‘AI Report 2008: State of the World’s Human Rights’ released in London, shows that 60 years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations, people are still tortured or ill-treated in at least 81 countries, face unfair trials in at least 54 countries and are not allowed to speak freely in at least 77 countries.

    Among those mentioned are the Caribbean nations of the Bahamas, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti and Puerto Rico, with most being cited for police abuse.

    The Bahamas was cited for beatings and unlawful killings by members of the security forces as well as continued deportation and reported ill treatment of migrants, the vast majority of whom are Haitians. The island was also rapped for its high rate of reported rapes and for new death sentences passed last year.

    Police brutality also landed Trinidad and Tobago in the AI report. Researchers cited a Parliamentary Joint Select Committee issued report in July which was highly critical of the police service and the reported killings of several people by lawmen across the island.

    Alleged police abuse also put the spotlight on Puerto Rico, which made the report amidst concerns about police brutality and the excessive use of force by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents.

    The complaint was similar for Jamaica which was cited for police killings in socially excluded inner-city communities. The report said officers there were largely unaccountable and rarely brought to justice for human rights violations. Jamaica was also rapped for discrimination and violence against women and gay men, with AI saying such bigotry was widespread.

    Reported discrimination against Haitians landed the Dominican Republic in the report. AI expressed concern about a new measure which saw children born to undocumented migrants being listed in a registry for foreigners. Racially motivated attacks against Haitian migrant workers, reported throughout the year, were also condemned as was the reported rise in violence against women and police brutality.

    In Haiti, violence against women was the number one area of concern for AI which referred to figures released by NGOs showing that the number of reported rapes increased in comparison to previous years. It also mentioned allegations of abuse of Haitian women and girls by 108 Sri Lankan peacekeepers.

    While the United States embargo on Cuba was criticised for restricting freedom of movement between the two countries, the island was also cited for its continued state control of the media, arbitrary detention practices and for using the criminal justice system to silence political dissidents and critics.

    AI cautioned that the biggest threat to the future of human rights is the absence of a shared vision and collective leadership. It therefore challenged governments to set a new paradigm for this type of leadership, based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Secretary General of Amnesty International, Irene Khan said that “2008 presents an unprecedented opportunity for new leaders coming to power and countries emerging on the world stage to set a new direction and reject the myopic policies and practices that in recent years have made the world a more dangerous and divided place”. (CaribWorldNews)

    PLease note the comments on homosexuality and jamaica


  • Georgie Porgie

    David wrote

    Some members of the BU household have resigned themselves to the fact that the homosexual movement has become and unrelenting force.

    You are quite correct.

    Jesus did say that at his return the world will be like it was in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah. HOMOSEXUALITY WILL BE THE IN THING. IT WILL BE A DOMIONANT FORCE.

    Remember in the Story about Lot. The men of Sodom preferred the “men” in Lot’s house (actually angels) to his daughters. Even when they were stricken with blindness they were still groping in the darkness to commit sodomy with the “men”.

    So it is today. The scourge of HIV since 1981 has only seen to make homosexuals more defiant.

    Homosexuals are in top positions in most parts of the world.


  • wow you people are NUTS, with the bible crap, and the hate of gays. heres a question what would you do if 2 gay men walked down the streets holding hands, or kiss? my guess is it involves a noose and an angry crowd, or being dragged behind a pickup truck.

    the pic is abit much for me….mabey photoshop in a woman?


  • Vetlet I think you have but the situation clearly and concisely, good to see you here.


  • “Jesus did say that at his return the world will be like it was in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah. HOMOSEXUALITY WILL BE THE IN THING. IT WILL BE A DOMINANT FORCE.”

    What are you talking about? the dominant force? I think if you look out from behind your log-filled eyes, you might find there is not gay dominant force. There is no agenda. There is however, the right not to be treated like subhumans… It wasn’t too long ago that blacks (were treated like that), and like race, people do not choose sexualities.

    And I would welcome Jesus back in an instant: methinks the straight dominant men of the world have done a wonderful job of mucking it up. and As Jesus welcomed all, including the outcasts, the pariahs of society.

    It took me a long time to reconcile myself with being Christian. But He made me who I am today, I would certainly not choose to be a minority of any sort in this world (gay female, or black). And in the end, it is between God and I, as no man/woman here can judge me.


  • BU totally rejects the notion that the homosexual agenda should be paralleled with the fight by the black race for racial equality.


  • You don’t get it do you, David? It is the same discrimination on irrelevant bases. Black, homosexual, where do these ascriptions matter? To be President? Member of Cabinet? Judge? Doctor? Perhaps you could inform me?


  • I don’t see the difference. And I am black and proud of it.

    It’s the fight against prejudice, and the right to live in peace, without fear for being beaten up in the streets, curses, or even murdered for simply being who you are, and not aggravating anyone.
    For being ‘different’. Does that not sound familiar?


  • Georgie Porgie


    If I quoted Shelley, Sheridan or Shaekspeare would I be nuts? So why do you think I am nuts for quoting Scriptures? What is bible crap?

    “Jesus did say that at his return the world will be like it was in the days of Sodom & Gomorrah.”


    Do you think that Jesus singled out homosexuality because it would not be a significant issue of the day at his return?

    Were out and out gay men installed as bishops through the ages?

    How long has it since laws have been passed that men can marry men, and women women.

    Homosexuality is now blatantly practiced.

    Here in the USA teachers in schools are presenting it to young students as an alternative lifestyle. They are actually teaching little children to be homosexuals.

    I most certainly agree that no man/woman here can judge you, but Christ will judge you in the last day since all judgement has been given to him as taught in John chapter 5.

    I certainly wont try to judge you or anyone. I can point out what the Bible says. But if you want to bull or wick as we say in Bim, bull on or wick on. After all you will have to stand at the Great White throne judgement for yourself.

    I am just giving out the word according to the injunction of 1 Peter 3:15.


  • It should be obvious by now that the BU household will not be hammered into silence by the argument that our society should live and let live regarding the homosexuality issue.

    We suppose when the men in our prison engage in homosexual behaviour that it is OK. When our students who share dormitories at universities engage in this behaviour we should live and let live. We all know that our students experiment with this behaviour while in college, it is a matter of record.

    When our country which has built a successful society based on Christian values is asked to dispensed with those values because a few people living a life style say so then we humbly say a big NO.

    We have stated that we don’t support the gay lifestyle but some have chosen to stretch that to mean that we believe homosexuals should be stoned etc. Believe what you want because we suspect that there is no compelling argument that will make for a win-win position as far as the homosexual question is concerned. The gay lobby continues across the world, some would make us believe that BU and Barbados is lobbying a lone ranger position.


  • David, u claim to hold all these high ideals yet, u play host to a person who’s an obvious, internet pervert and stalker. Are n’t you ashamed of yourself? I would be. You risk destroying much of your moral, credibility for the sake of accomodating an internet perv and her friends, to what purpose, Sir!


  • “Why is it that black males are more aggressively anti homosexual than others?”

    They are not. It is only the Christian ones.


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  • I believe in GOD, but there is no real answer for homosexuality, When ny cousin reveal to me that he was gay, I was stunned. How can a handsome guy, who could have had any beautiful woman become gay? I was flummoxed, and tried to talk him to pray to GOD for help. He couldn’t. and as time goes by, I regained my love for him and respect. I met his partner and realised how much they love each other. They were soul mates. Only God, I think will be able to answer that. I looked at my sons, and sometimes I get suspicious, but right now they seem to go for women, and I am happy..But whatever choices men or women have, I learn to respect and admire them for their courage. Do what you feel is right for you….


  • An escape from the close minded, moralistic, Bible brigade- there is RainbowVibes.com-Where Caribbean Gay Life Meets the World.
    All Bajans welcomed!


  • Devils Advocate

    What are gay couples fighting for? The right to MARRY the one they love.
    Heterosexuals have the law on their side but they are not lining up to get married, why?
    It seems that gay marriages last longer than heterosexual ones.


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  • Golding holds firm on buggery laws

    Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding. (FP)

    Published on: 3/4/2009.

    Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding has described gay advocates as “perhaps the most organised lobby in the world”, but has vowed not to yield to pressure to wipe buggery from the books as a crime.

    “We are not going to yield to the pressure, whether that pressure comes from individual organisations, individuals, whether that pressure comes from foreign governments or groups of countries, to liberalise the laws as it relates to buggery,” Golding said in Parliament yesterday.

    The prime minister was closing the debate on the sexual offences bill.

    Golding made it clear that his government was not prepared to accept suggestions or demands for the crime of buggery to disappear from the books.

    “Every society is shaped and defined by certain moral standards and the laws that evolve in that society are informed by a framework that the society recognises.

    “If we start to yield; if we start to liberalise in the direction that strong organised lobby would insist that we should, then where do you draw the line?” the prime minister said.

    Yesterday, Golding said that the Government had a duty to uphold the moral framework of the country through legislation. He also promised that homosexuals would not be targeted because of their lifestyle.

    “We have a duty to protect people in the country and, therefore, we will never support or condone either the acts of violence or threats of violence or intimidation in any shape or form against persons because of their sexual preferences or lifestyle,” the prime minister said.

    Meanwhile, Golding has said that as part of a menu of sexual legislation in the new bill being considered, provision was being made to sentence those persons caught in the act of buggery to life.

    Grievous sexual crimes such as rape, carnal abuse and incest will attract the maximum penalty of life under the proposed sexual offences act.

    (adapted from the Jamaica Gleaner)


    This is very interesting.
    Nice to see a lively discussion though!


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  • It’s considered “homophobic” and “misogyny” in Canada to criticize a white naked gay pedophile or lesbian tranny when they lure young children for sexual purposes (and they deny that their nudity is sexual).
    It’s even worse that when you’re on the streets of Canada and America and these lesbian, gay, transgender groups assault you because of your skin color, they claim that they are the victim because they are naked and the person they attacked was homophobic.
    I think Sizzla Kalonji, Capelton and Buju Banton were onto something when they were singing their music which caused them to become hated on by the pro-gay White countries.

    But why are white gay people very persistent to walk naked in public, yet play the victim when they attack non-white? Maybe this is the behaviour that the Bible was a testament of when God was angry at the hostile, sinful and sexual deviant cities of Sodom & Gomorrah….Is North Korea going to rain fire and brimstone on the Sodom and Gomorrah cities of the Western world as predicted in the Bible?


  • @Anonymous September 23, 2017 at 2:37 PM “It’s considered “homophobic” and “misogyny” in Canada to criticize a white naked gay pedophile or lesbian tranny when they lure young children for sexual purposes (and they deny that their nudity is sexual)…But why are white gay people very persistent to walk naked in public…Is North Korea going to rain fire and brimstone on the Sodom and Gomorrah cities of the Western world as predicted in the Bible?”

    Two questions for you.

    One, Since Canada is a big place can you tell us exactly where in Canada this is happening?
    Two. Can you tell me why God would use a non-Christian North Korean leader to “rain fire and brimstone on the western world?”