Democratic Labour Party Candidate Fingered In Confidential Memorandum


A confidential document seen by Barbados Underground (BU) has implicated a Democratic Labour Party candidate nominated to run in the upcoming General Election in some rather murky activities. The investigation dates back to nearly 10 years.

From our inception, we have been reluctant to carry stories which may promote character assassination. However, in this instance, we feel that in the interest of truth, our commitment to freedom of information and transparency of our democracy, this story MUST be told. We have taken a position not to publish it in its entirety until such time when we have received a legal opinion to satisfy some of our concerns. We urge the BU family to appreciate our decision because of the confidential nature of the document.

It is no secret that there is a widely held view in Barbados that people from certain minority groups have been allowed to reside in Barbados, and on closer examination have been known not to speak a word of English. Also they have had very limited relationships with people in Barbados. We have written previously about the unwillingness of the responsible government agencies to inform Barbadians about the true number of legal and illegal Guyanese on our island. We are now convinced that the government before CWC 2007 had no efficient mechanism to gather such information. We have come to the conclusion that the Barbados immigration system is in need of massive reform which would prevent it from being manipulated by groups in our society who have money and influence. The document in our possession refers to the authorities having knowledge of female spouses who are not able to understand the language of their respective Barbadian husbands. The heavy suspicion by authorities that the females participated in a marriage of convenience for money was listed as a concern in the document.


What we find very disturbing is the notion that our authorities have had serious concerns about access to sensitive information within the Immigration Department by low-level employees. One member of the BU household is more concerned at the idea that a low- level employee was thought to have maintained uncomfortably close relationships with immigration officials. Taken at face value, this is a perception which may seem harmless, but when fitted with what we have observed with the large immigrant inflows into Barbados, we should continue to be very vigilant even in the face of being accused of xenophobia.


The document confirms that the key reason behind the racket to the marriages of convenience by a certain group in Barbados was to facilitate their applications for business travel to the United States of America by showing evidence of ‘Barbadian status and Residence’.


We will bring it home now.

It appears from our reading that a current candidate in the upcoming election has been fingered as one of the persons involved in this illegal activity of Marriages for Sale Scam which dates back nearly a decade. Before we make more information public, we are prepared to give all the information which we have to the Leader of the Opposition for his full investigation. We believe that it is in the interest of the Barbadian public that he should open an internal investigation into the candidate selection by his party. Many of our commenters, Adrian H especially have joined BU in the cry for political reform. It is not sufficient that we place an X every five years in an election; our democracy must become more embodied in all that it perceived to be just. Politicians are critical agents in our system of government; therefore the screening and selection process of our political parties must be rigorous to eliminate those individuals who have questionable reputations. The recent pronouncements by both parties concerning the need to introduce integrity legislation are appreciated. We are fully aware this is the silly season which means that it is the right time to make promises to an apathetic electorate.

We give David Thompson three (3) days to indicate to Barbados Underground if he wants the information which we have, before we do the required follow-up story.

113 thoughts on “Democratic Labour Party Candidate Fingered In Confidential Memorandum

  1. The real problem that SCC aka Erskine “Cap” Durant (former employee of Cable & Wireless who is a mouse in his house) has is that “Thompee” refused to run him as a candidate for the DLP. And every indication is that he was right not to do so.

  2. I really have to take my hat off to Such Stupid Comments. There are not many people who would admit that all they ever do is …. make STUPID COMMENTS.

  3. I have known Cap for many years and I am truly disappopinted in him for being so petty. It just shows that we all have a secret existence.

  4. Leviticus // December 7, 2007 at 7:34 am

    I have known Cap for many years and I am truly disappopinted in him for being so petty. It just shows that we all have a secret existence.

    What about the secret IMF deal? What about the secret elction funding? what about the unaudited election reports? what about the secret account in Miami? What about secretly buying shares in BNB while advising Barbadians not to do so? What about the secret child? I can go on and on about secrets, but my time will come. Who the Cap fits let him wear it.

  5. Such Stupid Comments your name implies that you are stupid idiot and your contributions simply confirms this.

  6. Such venom… Oh my Lord… ANSWER THE QUESTIONS …. if YOU can….. In other words…. Deal with the MESSAGE and not the MESSENGER

    Who the CAP fits

  7. Cap Durant, if I can find Velzo I have something to tell him about you that will help him! Don’t worry, I don’t know how perverted Velzo is but you take the cake!

  8. The revelation of last night by Chris Sinckler: Owen Arthur used a $7,000.00 cheque from the St. Peter Development Fund – set up to help the poor in St. Peter – to get his brother-in-law out of prison.

    What do you say about that Jay? Want to see the cheque?

    Is that integrity for you?

  9. Leviticus ….Face it, he is a master strategist. I have to give it to him. He has public support and he created a storm in a teacup that overtook the whole country.


    Ha ha … Somebody acually believe tha TOM PEE is a master strategist.

    You need to be more analytical. After 20 years in the HOA what has TOM PEE to show to suggest that he is a master of anything?

    After winning Barrow safe seat as a young man what has TOM PEE to show to the people of St. John? You must remember that TOM PEE took over ST. John when the DLP was in Government and was enjoying its largest Mandate. What is his achievement?

    TOM PEE became a Minister of Finance and this master strategise presided over the worst period of economic management know to this country.

    TOM PEE the master strategist became leader of the DLP and then lead them to the worst defeat ever.

    TOM PEE the master strategist is the only leader of the DLP that had to borrow money to run an election and still owes bills up to this time.

    TOM PEE the master startegist go rid of Patrick Todd to replace him with Pandor.

    TOM PEE the master startegist brought in Jennifer Lazlo to work along side Hartley

    And now you admit that this master startegist, after all the talk about Hardwood has only created a storm in a teacup. So Much for re-branding, so little for strategy

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