BU Report Emailed From The Parliament Of Barbados On The Debate Of Co-operatives Societies Act

cmascoll.jpgDavid J. H Thompson MP

The parliament of Barbados today debated amendments to the Co-operative Societies Act. A member of the BU household listened to the ‘live’ debate with great interest and filed the following comment by email:

Several contributions were made on both sides of the Lower House which in a nutshell lauded the contributions by the several credit unions to the development of Barbados through the years. Special mention was made of of the assistance which credit unions have made to enfranchising the working class population of Barbados. We don’t agree with some of the amendments to the Co-operative Societies Act but we will defer comments until later. The fireworks bursted into a bond fire when Minister of State Clyde Mascoll rose to close the debate. In his opening remarks he labeled the contribution by Leader of the Opposition as ‘trash’ but he was quickly persuaded by the Deputy Speaker to withdraw his disparagingly reference to the Honorable member of St. John.

Before one could blink the debate descended to the bottom of a 40 foot pit toilet. In Thompson’s earlier contribution to the debate he had made mention to the time when Prime Minister Owen Arthur accused Clyde Mascoll, then a Democratic Labour Party (DLP) member of parliament and a director of the Barbados Public Workers Credit Union of misappropriating funds from the credit union. We always get a kick out of how MP’s under the cloak of parliamentary privilege seek to rubbish the reputations of law abiding citizens in the country. Those of us who heard that debate remember Arthur telling Mascoll to bring back the credit union money! Mascoll in his wind-up of the debate elected to defend himself by referring to the current DLP candidate Stephen Lashley who was the Chairman of the credit union board at the time, by deflecting Arthur’s accusation to mean the whole board. He also went on to mention the name Irene Sandiford-Garner who is another current DLP candidate. We will leave off the details about Mrs Irene Sandiford-Garner because we feel it was unfortunate that Mascoll mentioned her name at all. Mascoll’s opening contribution was interrupted several times by Thompson who rose on a point of order to remind Minister Mascoll that he should confine his rebuttal to what Thompson had referenced Arthur as saying. Eventually the Deputy Speaker was able to wrestle order and a ruffled Mascoll continued with the job of winding up the debate.

Lessons learnt from the clash between Mascoll and Thompson this afternoon:

  • There is much blood letting which the public can anticipate in the upcoming election because of a vendetta which as emerged between the two

  • Mascoll, of the two appeared more ruffled and came over as immature in his desire to divert a serious debate for what seemed to be personal reasons. If we extrapolate based on the Mascoll performance this evening then…

  • Arthur’s continued absence from the Lower House created a vacuum which seems to have prematurely elevated Mascoll to speak on economic matters. Although Mascoll spoke with passion and showed intellect in his contribution we were let down at his inability to fuse some social concerns raised by other members in his presentation

All in all we were disappointed with the overall level of the debate which as usual proceeded down the party line.


104 thoughts on “BU Report Emailed From The Parliament Of Barbados On The Debate Of Co-operatives Societies Act

  1. EX MP

    St. James is notorious for the kind of activity for which both you and TOMPEE are reputed. As an EX MP you ought to know that there is no constituency call ST. James. That is the kind of slip that reveals the characteristics of the fool that you are.

    Let us take another hint from you -…”.You don’t have what it takes in intellect, ability or looks”

    Young “Girl” what does looks have to do with it unless you are looking.

    I can now understand why you support TOM PEE.

    By the way Kellman, Lashley, and Estwick are all members of the “Parliamentary Group” They are the ones who are to carry the debate in the House not the General Council.

    TOMPEE has already started relocating to St. Lucia.

    So it Goodbye my English Friend
    I’ll hope to see you some day

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  3. The Nation Newspaper reported the following:
    “But an angry Thompson declined, taking umbrage with the fact that the Leader of the House was privy to his correspondence with the Speaker, and accused Government of “total incompetence” and degrading the standards of the House by meddling in a matter that was only between the Speaker and an individual MP.”
    When I read this comment I could not help but laugh, and ask the question how serious could TOM PEE be?

    Let me emphasize

    An angry Thompson took umbrage with the fact that the Leader of the House was privy to his correspondence with the speaker. Wasn’t it the same David TOM PEE Thomspon who started this whole issue with a PUBLIC LETTER to the Prime Minister, which was published in full in both newspapers? Now this hypocrite is accusing the Government of degrading the “standards of the House”.

    Wasn’t it the said David TOM PEE who took the motion to the people’s parliament at a public meeting? And now he talking about the” standards of the House”.

    What is total incompetence is the failure on TOM PEE to sign his own motion.

    What is total incompetence is the failure of TOM PEE to convince even Chris Sinckler that he has a case against Mascoll.

    What is total incompetence is the failure of TOM PEE to provide effective leadership to the DLP particularly after he went to great lengths to have himself named as the “Person to Lead the Party into the Next Elections”.

    The higher the monkey climb … TOM PEE yuh PANTY showing

  4. I am wondering if the credit unions are undercover banks? There are charging members exhorbitant interest rates. Why was the credit union established? what is it’s role and purpose. These are all questions that need answers. A share secured loan or line of credit is 7.75%, a long term mortgage is 7.75%. These percentages are from the barbados public workers co operative credit union. for goodness sake this is your money and you can get a mortgage for 6% at some finance houses. the city of bridgetown credit union share secured line of credit is 10.25% and their mortgages are between 7-8%

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