Crop Over 2007: Red Plastic Bag Steals The Pic-Of-The-Crop Crown From "Blood"



Singing under the Bacchanal Time tent, he confidently delivered “Bajans Can’t See”, and “Look Meh Hey” to gain 409 points. He wrestled the title from second placed Blood, from the narrowest of margins, .25 of a point. Blood, carrying the banner for the Headliners tent, amassed 408.75 points for his near flawless and highly emotional performances of “Calypso Owes You Nothing” and “For The Children.”

Source: Nation Article

The picture portrays Red Plastic Bag, moments after being awarded the Pic of the Crop trophy last night at the stadium. BU have enjoyed the performances of RPB over the years but last night should have been Blood’s night. Blood was strong in melody, rendition and his lyrics were as relevant as RPB’s. The result begs the question — is the judging system stacked against other performers when the “big guns” participate.

There seems to be another controversy brewing; only the press from CBC being allowed on the winning stage last night. At BU we definitely think so.

Congratulations to the RPG; he did not judge himself!

18 thoughts on “Crop Over 2007: Red Plastic Bag Steals The Pic-Of-The-Crop Crown From "Blood"

  1. Anon, I agree. RPB pull out all the stops. I just think it is time for him to step aside and coach the promising amateurs.

  2. Sapidillo…totally agreed with u. TIme for him to set aside and if he wants to play his part in the Festival; he can do so by showing off his wriitng skills or make guest appearances. In that case we wouldnt have to import foregin acts for a “local” festival…….

  3. I disagree. No need to step aside. If the man can compete and win, he should do so. Other singers should deliver and not expect anything to be handed to them.
    By the way, this is not the WI cricket team where oldsters are not allowed to perform and room is made for young blood. No pun intended)

  4. RPB’S lyrics for this year’s winning song could have been played /placed to any of his previous tunes and you would not have been able t tell the difference between which year it was.BUT IF THAT IS WHAT IS WINNING …….WHO CAN BLAME HIM?????

  5. RPB is in a class by himself…after I saw him perform his second song I told someone next to me..”the competition done”…There is no reason to step aside…that would be like asking COW and Bizzy to close their companies or sell them to younger persons at affordable prices.

  6. The thing about RPB is the appeal which he has to the general public. The question would be to what extent crowd feedback would have influenced the judges. The other point is how much does RPB winning the crown yet again affect the calypso industry? Will it encourage or dampen participation.

  7. The Bag is the total professional. He knows how to win, other competitors should learn to emulate him. He sets a very high standard. Why should he stop performing?

  8. The Final is starting tp become predictable. Don’t have the answer because if the shareholders stay away the competition is flat. When they compete the result is a foregone conclusion:-)

  9. Cohoblobpot was a disaster. Just a few people attended. There goes the NCF plan to pull the youngsters by bring Mr. Vegas.Any right thinking Bajan is appalled to have dancehall in crop over.

  10. The sad thing is instead of objecting to it and telling them that we want local acts for our prime cultural show, we allow them to do it and get away with their nonsense.
    Why in heavens name with so many local acts around at this time of the year why do we need to look outside of Barbados for acts?
    The board of the foundation should be ashamed of their actions and resign now, but guess that will not happen as they are collecting money for doing a p_ss poor job and most of them are unempolyable anyway.
    It certainly seems to me that life in Babados is on autopilot mode, while Owing decides to call elections.

  11. RPB should retire, what foolishness! Any artiste that is faithful to their cause never ceases to inform. Should Gordon Brooks put down his camera? And what is this about repetition? Writers and singers of acclaim all have their unique style.
    One of the defining differences between the songs of Blood and RPB lay in their motifs. The song titles Bajans Can’t See and Look Muh Hey fed off each other. One could clearly form a picture from the titles alone. he was so sure that persons would be blinded by his return that he was forced to go in their face an say look muh hey. Look muh hey also has deeper cultural meaning. Eff yuh hear that someone bragging dat dey gine beat yuh what do you do? Find them and say look muh hey. Again, the woman who has found out that her man is stepping out, will confront him and say ….an then the double- entendre way how dem ……parliamentarian … got sty. Blood was sound after the fact.
    The artist that deserves licks like peas is Gabby who, as far as I know, has not published a CD in years. Maybe, Gabby can’t see that he is one of the best, yes, or he has a case of red eye.

  12. BirdPickMango, BK and Jolly agree you 100% the bag is back and with a bang.
    David I don’t think it’ll dilute the festival rather it highlights how low it had fallen, that in his time away so few were able to raise their game and compete upon his royal redness’ return. Blood was one of the few. This year the music came out early, good, much of it was junk, the scary part for me is that the public loved the junk.. like last year.. car brek down??? really I was scared for Mr Dale when I saw what he came up against in the peoples monarch.

    We’re sinking into simple smut not even smart smut. For 2 years i watched people enter the semis and chant, wrap.. whilst others sat it out. this year how did malik not make it???

    Bag win enough times he should retire .. rubbish. If the others are able to do better then let them don’t tell me they cant cause he there… change for change sake is foolish, what are the others bringing new faces..err is that it ?? Let me see you perform must the other guy let me see you as a viable option bringing something to the table/stage, not just.. we tired of seeing the ol boys so change.

    Win next year and show up the king who is king
    RPB RPB humm did i miss the red motorcade? RPB

  13. Bajantease~it looks like you were on the ball in your assessment. If you read our article for today it highlights that Minister of Culture Owen Arthur agrees with that we need to take surgical measures!

  14. Nobody can deny that the Bag is the boss and they have to accept that he will sing till he can sing no more. Lyrical master extraordinaire… How could we possibly leave him out of the festivalor give him a backseat?

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