Thank You Red Plastic Bag

Red Plastic Bag

Red Plastic Bag recently celebrated his 51st birthday and it reminded the BU household how much we admire all he has achieved over a 30 year period. He is a Calysonian who turned ‘professional’ and has been able to make a success of it. No easy task. His brand is well known locally and he has achieved some success outside of Barbados.

What has truly endeared The Bag to many has not only been his commitment to producing good music over a 30 year stretch. It has also been his deportment. We observe how prevalent it is for performers to exploit the demand for smut to gain popularity. Red Plastic Bag has achieved success by adhering to a standard which embodies traditional Bajan values.  He has never deviated from it. The fact he has not made Rihanna millions does not change the fact that he is a success. Thankfully some of us still believe that success is not defined by money.

One of the unfortunate outcomes of Crop Over competitions – which Bag has dominated  – has been how it has negatively shaped public opinion and coloured how many view his achievements. Through it all RPB has practiced his profession in a manner which makes all right thinking Barbadians proud of his achievements.

On behalf of the BU household we wish to congratulate Red Plastic Bag.

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  1. As a bajan and a resident of ST. Philip in particular, I’m VERY proud of RPB. Like politics, there are those who like him and those who don’t, but one thing is true, you can take up any RPB song from 30 years ago and onward and the lyrics are still relavent today,; that is what can be described as a true calysonian.

  2. You will never meet a more humble person than RPB.For all that he has been able to accomplish,all that he has achieved he has remained grounded and seems driven not to forget where it all started.A rare occurrence in the world of today’s celebrities.


  4. I don’t have any problem with RPB being named a cultural ambassador.

    He has done sufficient to be given that honour and more. But I don’t think that he should have won the title last night.

    I also don’t think that Gabby should have placed as highly as he did.

    The younger calypsonians outsang and outperformed the oldsters totally. Chrystal was almost perfect. So too was Popsicle, AC and Ian Webster. They were individually much better than either RPB and Gabby.

    I am a great fan of Gabby but I think he had abysmal material this year. So too did RPB.

    Any judging criteria that gave RPB the title last night must leave a lot to be desired.

  5. The crimminals at the NCF manipulated the Pic of the Crop Finals yet again .
    Red Plastic Bag got several titles that he didn’t deserve thanks to the old boys club that run the NCF.

    The judges always seem to favour Red Plastic Bag over younger artist even though they are far better than RPB.
    Ian Webster war far superior to RPB at the semi-finals and finals.

  6. David you are correct , RPB lacks international appeal.

    Soca-reggae singer Rupee — whose real name is Rupert Clarke — hit Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Sales chart at No. 69 this week with his first U.S. single “Tempted to Touch.”

    Biggy Irrie – In 2007, Biggie won the “International Groovy Soca Monarch” Competition in Trinidad and Tobago with his hit song , “Nah Goin’ Home.

    Edwin- In 1996 , Edwin and Krosfyah win Best Soca Group at Reggae Soca Awards – Miami .
    1996 ,Edwin received the keys to the City of Boston from the Mayor’s Office.

    Krosfyah- CD , “ Pump Me Up “certified Gold .

    In 1997,Trinidad Music Award – Best Song ”All Aboard” written by Edwin Yearwood for the band Atlantik .
    1997 ,Boston Caribbean Music Awards – Edwin and Krosfyah win Best International Group .

    Caribbean Music Awards – Krosfyah , Best Group 1997/Best recording of the year “Ultimate Party – Pump Me Up”.

    1997 ,Sunshine Music Awards – N.Y. – Krosfyah , Best Recording By a Group .

    ‘World Soca Monarch Title’ in 1998 from a field of the best soca artistes worldwide.

    1999 , World Beat Music Awards – For Krosfyah’s Contribution to Soca Music .
    2003 ,Trinidad Carnival – Krosfyah wins Hottest Overall Soca Brass Band .

    Edwin Yearwood signs with NY based VP Records .
    Web Posted – Fri Jan 14 2005
    VP Records has announced that they have signed Soca superstar Edwin Yearwood to their Waistline Music division. The six album deal was arranged with the Krosfyah co-founder and lead singer, with the first album expected to drop sometime in 2005.
    VP executives Edwin Howell and Chris Chin are hoping that with the increased presence of Soca in the international marketplace that Edwin Yearwood will be the next in a line of international Soca superstars.

    2006 ,13th Reggae Soca Music Awards – Krosfyah wins Best Soca Group & Album of the Year .

    2006 in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, he won ‘Best Soca Compilation’ with Bunji Garlin for the song “All Aboard”.
    Male Soca Vocalist of the Year 2009, with his hit tune – Nah Missing Me at the 7th Annual International Soca Awards .

  7. Plastic bag is vastly overrated.

    True, he is now an excellent writer who regularly rotates his tunes and arrangements (like many other calypsonians) and has had some excellent songs written for him in the early days by Tony Waldron which helped to start and feed the myth of of an invincible RPB. But RPB cannot class as a true singer with any of the calypsonians he competed against last night.

    Neither he nor Grynner can sing but Grynner comes over and is promoted merely as an entertainer, fullstop., not as the best Calypsonian that Barbados has ever produced as many on this blog appear to consider RPB to be.

    Last night’s show was an excellent one. Perhaps the best for the last 7 years or so. The youngsters totally demonstrated that they have come of age in the show and should have been better rewarded. I forgot to mention de Announcer and Youngblood above. They also gave excellent performances.

    It was really a pity that such an excellent show was terminally marred by the judging.

  8. TRident; after seeing your post above, I should have more properly said in mine

    RPB is vastly overated in Barbados.

  9. In 2009 Barbados’ Edwin Yearwood won Male Soca Vocalist of the Year with Not Missing Me while Peter Ram shared Best Soca Music Video of the Year with Destra Garcia, Garica won with – Hott produced by Eldon Pernel and Ram won with Tight by Jay Will.

  10. Saturday, May 27, 2006
    The 13th Annual REGGAESOCA Music Awards
    Broward Center for the Performing Arts

    Soca Male Artiste- Rupee.

    Soca Female Artiste- Allison Hinds.
    Soca Song- (tie) Roll It- Allison Hinds and Nookie- Jamsey P.

    Soca Group -(TIE) Krosfyah and Nu Vybes .
    Soca Combination Song- All Aboard- Edwin Yearwood and Bunji Garlin.

    2009 International Soca Awards
    Soca Awards Organization
    Press Release from New York City, NY, USA, Sunday, November 15th, 2009.
    Favorite Groove Soca – Female Fay-Ann Lyons (TnT) – Heavy T
    Zoelah (St. Vincent & the Grenadines) – Wine Up On Me
    Best New Male Soca Artist Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent & the Grenadines)
    Male Soca Vocalist of the Year Edwin Yearwood (Barbados) – Not Missing Me.

    Ragga Soca Song of the Year: Peter Ram (Barbados) – Tight
    Bunji Garlin (TnT) – Banana
    Machel Montano ft Collie Budds (TnT) – Fly Away .

    Best New Male Soca Artist – Barry Chandler (Jabae) – Flames ( Barbados) .

    Best Soca Remix collaboration – Woman by my side ,Peter Ram ft. Sherwin Winchester (Barbados & T&T).

    Soca Song of the Year – Nah Goin Home , Biggie Irie (Barbados).

    2006 , Best New Male Soca Artist – NICE & EASY, LORENZO (Barbados).

    2006 , Favorite Groove Soca (Female) – Roll , Alison Hinds (Barbados).
    2008 , Favorite Groove Soca (Male ) – Soka Junkie , Mr.Dale (Barbados ) .

  12. RIAA Awards ( Recording Industry Association of America ) 1975 to Present Day:
    Gold Award = More than 500,001 sales (There is no multi Gold Award)
    Platinum Award = Between 1,000,001 to 1,999,999 in sales.
    Multi-Platinum Award = Between 2,000,000 to 10,000,000 in sales

    The CD “Ultimate Party-Pump Me Up” achieved the coveted Gold status ( more than 500, 001 sales ) in January of 1997.

    Arrow’s “Hot Hot Hot” remains the world’s biggest selling calypso — ( multi- platinum) . It’s been covered by Buster Pointdexter, Menudo and Kanchan and Babla.

  13. The worldwide monster hit , ” Turn Me On ” released in 2003 by kevin Lyttle (from St, Vincent) gained – gold status in USA ,Germany ,Norway and Denmark and platinum status in Australia .


  14. @trident

    Thanks for the listings of the achievements of Bajan artistes. However what is noticeable is any reference to the biggest hit by local artistes bar Rihanna, Ragga Ragga.

  15. @trident

    The other point worth mentioning is the FACT that unlike AC, Site, Ado,Webster et al Bag is a fulltime entertainer who travels around the world to peddle his craft. The fact he has been able to do so for many years speaks to a level of quality which is accepted by audiences. It would not surprise BU if Bag earns the most royalties of the local artistes.

  16. But RPB cannot class as a true singer with any of the calypsonians he competed against last night.

    Except for the Mighty Sparrow days and perhaps that was because of my impressionable youthfulness i ain’t no calypso fan because the music always seem to be recycled to me barring here and there? but am i to understand that quality singing is the criteria for excellence as a calypsonian?

  17. All long as these guys are earning foreign money (forex) they are worth their weight in gold. Keep the old red bag inflated and flying both here and over seas.

    • The other point which must be confronted by the critics of Bag, and they have a right. To what extent are we qualified to judge a calypso? Lest we forget it is a competition with criteria which require some competence to apply. Do we ‘ordinary people’ have the air to listen to the arrangement, the melodic structure, the musicality? This apt if we were not present at the Gym.

  18. thank you RPB for giving praise to the NCF for their sucessful effort in having the show go on at the gymnasium inspite of Ernesto. while others said i was a dumb idea!

  19. Bajans need to learn from great soca artist like Arrow & Kevin Little .
    As I mentioned before ,” Hot Hot Hot ” by Arrow is a multi-platinum hit song and , ” Turn me on ” by Kevin Little is a platinum hit song . Arrow was a great singer and performer and was way ahead of other artist in the region in terms of the guality of his music . If you listen to Arrow you will realise that he is an excellent vocalist , his voice is really sweet.
    Kevin Little is also an excellent singer and perfomer . Bajans have wasted a lot of time and money promoting clowns as artist like Contone , Pound and other who can’t sing . Overtime Bajans have become more and more tolerant to poor quality music and insensitive to good quality music.
    Many Bajans view the Calypso Tent as a place to go and make sport / clown around . When we in Barbados were clowning around with soca , Arrow was burning up the international stage.

  20. Instead of promoting clowns who can’t sing or perform ,we should seek out the best vocal talent in the country and get them in the recording studio to produce good quality soca music.

  21. The old block heads at the NCF need to stop investing so much money on dead horses like RPB . Thirty years on , ten local crowns and he doesn’t have a platinum or gold single / album. He has no major international soca music awards . The NCF need to invest in young talent with excellent vocals and stage performance who can take soca beyond the local market and to the international world . The old block heads at the NCF need to stop blocking / holding back the young talent in Barbados , I gone .

  22. typical Bajans always bringing down their own. It really sickens me what RPB has accomplished and you guys there define who he is and say he cant sing. Please get a grip on reality

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