Al Gore, Rihanna, Owen Arthur, Glitz, Pomp, Ceremony~Barbadians Will Be Bowled Over




LONDON, England, July 2, 2007 – Barbadian R&B singer, Rihanna, riding the Singles Charts and lamenting the fall on the Albums Charts, will be temporarily shedding her “Bad Girl” image when she headlines at an Al Gore “Live Earth” concert in Tokyo this Saturday. Rihanna will feature in the Tokyo concert on July 7.


Source: Boxnet

One of the many cryptic notes received by BU from an anonymous source indicates that the Prime Minister of Barbados has arranged with Al Gore’s security detail to have her accompany him on a “green gas” promotion to Japan later this week. The note further indicates that Rihanna is likely to schedule a “rest” stop in Barbados in November 2007. To coincide with Rihanna’s rest stop the Men’s Breakfast Club which BU has featured in an earlier piece__headed by Kyffin Simpson__is planning a reception for the Bajan DIVA never before seen in Barbados. BU unfortunately have been unable to confirm this story but have elected to publish with a caution. If any BU readers can confirm or deny we would welcome it.


If the above events do occur as noted from the source, along with the hint of Barbados becoming the UAE of the Caribbean David Thompson may not be able to turn the tide.

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9 thoughts on “Al Gore, Rihanna, Owen Arthur, Glitz, Pomp, Ceremony~Barbadians Will Be Bowled Over

  1. Rihanna on ‘Live Earth’ today was absolutely, brilliant. The Barbadians don’t seem to realise what a stunning talent, they’ve got. Now why does n’t that entirely, surprise me!

    Keep rocking it to them Rihanna. I think you’re absolutely, wonderful!

  2. Left to me, the flags would be flying, the horns would be blaring, the crowds would be yelling and waving and Rhianna would be riding on top of a chariot like Cleopatra in the film, the next time she visits Bim after her masterful, performance on Live Earth, even to the point of eclipsing Madonna – an accolade which I never thought I’d live to proclaim!

    Queen Rhianna is here, AND SHE’S BARBADIAN, THE FIRST 21ST CENTURY MEGA-STAR- and deservedly, so!


  3. Bimbro~a question some are asking is if she should be in the National Honors list. There are many who are saying that she would have brought more exposure to Barbados than Obadele Thompson. How is what she is doing any different to Oba?

  4. Can you imagine her leading a motorcade with Kyffin Simpson and the group in a convertible Mercedes Benz? Bridgetown will be shut down. David Thompson, you need a marketing guru to do damage control. Remember Rihanna is a Fenty…the last name says it all.

  5. I agree that Rihanna should be given more recognition than she gets now. Whether we like pop or hip hop she is doing what nobody else has done in our history. Nobody is perfect, even Jesus Christ was criticized and I am not comparing Rihanna to Jesus :-).

    People who know me know that I am crazy about her success and I have expressed my confusion in other places as to why Barbadians have reacted to her in this low keyed way. In Jamaica or any other country of the world people would be going crazy at her success.

    Barbadians ar are a strange ppl. If this story is true it will hype the elections for sure but whether it would influence the outcome I am not sure.

    For those of you who missed Rihanna in Japan at the Live Concert in Japan check the Barbadian artist doing Barbados proud.

    Youtube Video

    BK we fixed the link for you!


  6. David // Jul 8th 2007 at 6:19 am

    Bimbro~a question some are asking is if she should be in the National Honors list. There are many who are saying that she would have brought more exposure to Barbados than Obadele Thompson. How is what she is doing any different to Oba?


    If I were PM, I’d have given her her prize already! Anybody who does n’t understand how big she is in music simply does n’t understand modern music. I’m so envious of the guy who discovered her. She’s an absolute, genius and I don’t issue compliments too, lightly. Fortunately, for me, I had the tele. on and managed to hit the record button in time to catch about five minutes of her act and they were absolutely, the best five minutes of anything which I’ve recorded for a very, long time, comparable to Madonna at her best, not as she was on Live Earth because I consider that Rihanna eclipsed her on that! I’ve watched the recording so many times since and every time I’m more and more impressed. She’s a consumate star, has a beautiful voice, face, figure, can sing, dance, has all the modern moves and styles. Did n’t you notice that even Madonna seemed to copy HER in the body-hugging stocking which she also wore but Rihanna carried it off better. Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! She unbelievably, put Madonna in the shade! And to think she only started a year or two ago. She and Barbados have been blessed with a monumental talent. I have n’t listened/watched any of these young pop stars for ages but I thank the lord for giving me the foresight to watch and record Rihanna, yesterday. Now I can watch her again, anytime I like – does n’t get better than that! For me she was definitely, the best artist at the show!

    Obadele Thompson? Who the f is he?!!! I’ve seen him run a few times, maybe win a race once but lost many more and have NEVER heard him speak on the behalf of Bim. Everytime Rhiana sings or appears anywhere, she’s advertising Bim! Who the devil is Oba!!!!

    The WHOLE of Bim deserves to be shut down when Rihanna comes to town. She’s the best thing musically, to have come from THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE, SINCE MADONNA maybe twenty years ago, and to think that we’ve been blessed that she comes from our little country. I don’t think that Bajans realise just how huge she IS/WILL BE! I just hope she can sustain her musical talent which I hope and believe that she can. A dozen or so more hits of the quality of ‘Umbrella’ and she’ll undisputibly, be up there with the goddeses like Madonna! In fact, for me, she already is!

    BK, I think the Bajees probably, just are n’t quite as interested in music as the Jamaicans which, when you think about Jamacia, might not be such a bad thing. Anyhow, Rihanna is brilliant, whether the Bajees realise she is, or not!

    Somebody please tell me what a Fenty is????

  7. Thanks for the link to YouTube, BK! I’ve just played it and relised just how much of her performance I actually, missed. Anyhow, what I recorded was absolutely, brilliant so I’m happy anyway and indeed, her entire performance was excellent!

    Viva, Rihanna, the first 21st century music mega-star and goddess, and she’s from Bim!


    RIHANNA’S BACK! Barbados’ brightest star is back home, armed with her umbrella . . . ella, ella, eh, eh! The 19-year-old Def Jam recording artist, who copped two MTV awards last month and is a nominee at next month’s American Music Awards, flew in Wednesday night, fresh from a concert in Montreal, and was joined by her mum Monica and met by best friend Leandre at the airport. Rihanna spent yesterday afternoon liming with other teenaged pals in Bridgetown, before joining other relatives for dinner on the West Coast. (RJ)

    Rihanna is back is Barbados. Lets see how this plays out.

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