BU Pays Tribute To A Great Son Of The Soil, Doctor Brandford Taitt

It is said that sometimes great men are not recognized in their own lands. BU wish to congratulate Doctor Branford Taitt who is regarded by many as one of our truly great post independence policy makers. It is regrettable that the specter of partisan politics has had to rear its head to sully what should have been a great legacy. We take this opportunity to call on the Barbados Labour Party to make the St.Joseph Hospital Report known so that closure can be brought to this matter.

To Doctor Brandford Taitt on the award of the Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from his Alma Mater Brooklyn College, BU says – Well Done You Good And Faithful Servant.

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11 thoughts on “BU Pays Tribute To A Great Son Of The Soil, Doctor Brandford Taitt

  1. Heartiest congratulations to Dr. Brandford Taitt. I remember how he brought us through “oily waters” (pardon the pun) during the 1974 oil crisis. To Brandford I say “vive ut postea vivas”.

  2. What we can opine is that posters may not yet feel comfortable given that BU is a new kid on the block. We see the numbers which come every day so people are interested. I know that they will post when they are ready.

  3. Taitt hurting 10 years later
    Published on: 6/12/07.
    by TONY BEST
    With those words and many more, Branford Taitt, a former Cabinet minister in the last Democratic Labour Party administration, called on Government to release the report of the Commission of Inquiry which looked into the finances and operations of St Joseph Hospital in St Peter when he was Minister of Health.

    Full Article

    BU is glad to see Brandford getting some airplay in the media on this issue. What has happened here is a travesty of justice and Barbadians of all walks of life should be ashame that this man has been condemned without any evidence made available to the public by the Arthur administration.

    There is a saying that a people will get the government that they deserve. How can Barbadians sit idly by and let this “incarceration” continue?

  4. thanks for been bold to let the people of barbados see how wicked the b.l.p goverment is this is what the foreign minister of barbados billie miller told her boyfriend a few weeks ago who is the north american editor of the barbados nation that she stop the consul general of barbados to new york from helping to keeping a party to honor branford taitt at the consulate or she would lose her job if she go through with it that why no party was held to honor him but she for got when she wasted taxpayers money to come to new york and stayed at the waldorf astoria to get her gruve back on weekends but that is aright the longest day have an end.

  5. What are you saying this same person who raised her dress to show that she was a woman( and the verdict is still out on this one) is actually in bed with a man wow, wow ,wow, how the world turns!!!

  6. Dr. Taitt has big cloud over his head, the “closer” would not be nice if the system was transparent. I call on all the politrickens (oops! polticians) for full decleration of all assets before and after office, we need to know!!

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