Adrian Loveridge Visits The Corporate & Intellectual Property Office In Search Of Answers

Corporate and Intellectual Property Office Barbados


Personal attention of the Deputy Registrar (Companies)


I would like to arrange a search on the following companies please:

3S (Barbados) SRL


2005 – 11 -04

Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited


2006 – 11 -28

Hardwood Housing Factory Inc

# 27882

2006 – 11 – 02

Hotels and Resorts Ltd


1995 – 12 – 27

I understand the fee payable is $5 per company and I will call personally into your office just before 12 noon today, if this is acceptable? Thank You very much for your co-operation.

Adrian Loveridge

1st October 2007

46 thoughts on “Adrian Loveridge Visits The Corporate & Intellectual Property Office In Search Of Answers

  1. You go Adrian L, please let me know if there is anything i can do to be of assistance.

    ….Come on Barbados or should I say Come on, those of us who are interested in bringing about accountable and transparent government. Let us stand ready to be of any assistance, within reason, to those among us who are courageous enough to work for justice, and openness, let us do what we can to demonstrate to these individuals that we will not abandon them as we may have done with the others before him.

  2. David This should make very good reading when Adrian has completed his mission, I suspect that Mascoll’s name may not appear on these documents.
    I shall await his response as and when he has completed his research, he is gem to the taxpayers of Barbados.

  3. I like surprises, not disappointments; so I’d wait on the side line to see if AL is successful in his quest. Then I’d move to the side bar and wait for the verdict.

  4. while you are there pay another $5 and find out who will be the private part of the proposed public/private sector entity the Festival Events Bureau, it is supposed to be the artistes of barbados but no one in the industry has been approached

  5. First of all thanks to the CAIPO office for their assistance.
    For transparency Receipt # 366569

    3S (Barbados), SRL

    Listed Directors:

    Jonathan L. DANOS
    Lansdown House Holland Park London W11 4PR

    Ian R. FIELDS
    Friendship Maryland MD 20758

    3S Structural Steel Solutions Inc, listed as a manufacturer of communications equipment and an annual turnover of US$420,000.
    5 employees.

    Is is not clear how a company with NO previous experience building flyovers or road widening got the job.

    No contract with Government seems to exist, just a Memorandum of Understanding.
    The Barbados registered company is a SRL (Society with restricted liabilities). explains the implications.

    Hardwood Housing Solutions Inc.

    Directors listed are:

    Alfred WALKES
    Douglas O. SKEETE
    Frank A. MURRELL
    Hutson. M. DRAKES
    Anthony C. HOYOS

    OPERA Interactive (Barbados) Ltd

    Despite assurances from local representative, Joanne Nugent, stating ‘Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd is a private company with no relationship to any overseas company’

    the CAIPO lists the directors as :

    Gary CORBETT
    Lynda BASKETT
    of the same address in Wettenhall Cheshire CW7 4DL England
    John A. Payne
    Paynes Bay House, South Road, Sandy Lane Estate, St. James

    Mr Corbett is the CEO/Chairman of OPERA TELECOM who have just received a record fine (over BDS$1 million) for competition phone rigging.

    I contacted Claude Graham of CBC yesterday and he has promised to investigate.

    Up until last night the BARBADOS LUCKY NUMBERS ‘ads’ were still be aired with the contact number for claiming a prize 1 800 534 2276 still getting ‘we are sorry the number you have reached in NOT in service’.

    No word from Senator Eastmond, Office of Fair Trading of Office of Public Counsel yet.


    I need more time with this file.

    But amazed that a member of the opposition has not researched the file.

    It shows some if not all the Debentures and loans taken out.

    Also an interesting hand written MEMO from the Office of the Prime Minister dated 1st October 1998 asking the Registrar if HRL was a private or Government company.

    With the Prime Ministers friend, David Shorey, a director and chairman, did he not know?

    More to follow.

  6. Thanks Adrian L for your investigative effort so far. BU will reserve comment until you can post all your information. Some interesting interlocking relationships have appeared so far, especially in Hardwoods! Is this Douglas Skeete who has been educating Barbadians about the merits and demerits of the impending merger BS&T. Neal & Massy and Ansa? What about Anthony Hoyos? Is he the one in partnership with Brewer?

  7. Adrian Loveridge

    I’m glad you’re o.k.

    The info is pretty interesting especially as it relates to Hardwood Co.,Gems, andthat scam going on with Opera U.K. with those phone-in question/answer.

    Looking forward to see what the opposition will do with this info.

    While I can’t blame David Thompson because he is one person and therefore cannot be omnipresent,I believe some of the other candidates and more importantly the MPs should get off their boxies and start to do some work.

    Remember how Marilyn Bowen investigated those dialysis machines which were imported and found to be faulty?

    That put the hospital and the then minister of health on the spot.

    Why can’t the opposition MPs do the same?

    It is not enough to depend on the blogs or the people calling in the radio and complaining – get creative and work.

  8. I hear and agree with a call for gov change, but what makes us think, that a non performing, silient as a mouse opposition will be any different.

  9. Adrian are you going back today to complete your search for hotel and resorts ltd?If so good luck the real important stuff will now be missing more that likely, as they monitor these blogs and peoples phone call and internet activity.

  10. Wishing in Vain…

    I will go back ,but not today.
    I made some notes and I do not think it will be too difficult to tell if anything substantive is missing.
    There again , if documents have been removed, doesn’t that tell a story?

    Maybe, we should between compile a list of all the Government (taxpayer) owned companies and list when they published their last audited accounts.
    Perhaps the Auditor General could assist?

  11. Bashy as a citizen of Barbados he is absolutely free to live and comment on things going on in the island unfortunately it conflicts with you and your parties wishes, consider this maybe if you and your party had kept honest and stayed on the straight and narrow path of truth and honesty and did not fall off into the depth of corruption he may have had nothing to comment on !!!
    Bashy he can hardly be accused of character assasination and inuendo of Noeless Lynch because he has no character and nor does he leave you room for inuendo as he is blatanly clear a crook and has been responsible for paying Carnival US $ 20 million of which he has arrange his kickback, remember the 3 S Jamaica kickback deal well this is Lynch’s style kickback agreement!!!

  12. Adrian, I think that this would be a very worthwhile exercise but how does one go about extracting this kind of information?

  13. Bashy i fully agree adrian loveridge needs to go back to england and tell mr brown how to run his goverment …he is just a miserable trouble maker out to stir up trouble in barbados he and that idiot from greame hall nasty sanctuary need to go back where they came from they r not wanted or welcome in barbados

  14. What Bashy and Anonymous are saying is that they would rather be ripped of by a bunch of locals than helped by foreigners!

    Remember, we are all foreigners here. NONE of us are indigenous!

  15. i am logs but im going to use then name sensible man from now on instead of to anonymous since others post as anonymous and barbados free press banned my ip cause i decided to do that earlier today lol these blogs haha they said it was the same person talking to themselves which was not true as i was responding to a comment made by someone else maybe they will unban me when they find out

  16. Barbados is a society where people hate to ruffle feathers. People like Adrian L will therefore encounter some problems. Whether we agree with the man or not, we must admire his tenacity. We hope David Thompson is taking notes.

  17. Adrian while you are researching Hotel and Resorts ltd can you pull some information on the company that has been awarded the contract for all the duty free shops at GAIA and also to the company awarded the security contract for the airport, I understand this is an amazing company and an amazing situation.

  18. David, I have sent some useful information by email on the above, I did not post it because I would rather you vetted it first and then allow you to do what you want with it.

  19. Thank to Pat Hoyos at the BSJ and BFP , more to ponder.

    Barbados Correction Corporation
    Registered # 26315
    2005 – 12 15

    ABC Project Corporation
    Registered # 25957
    2005 – 10 – 05

    Whitepark Development Ltd
    Registered # 21545
    2002 – 09 – 02

    Remember you can inspect the files at the CAIPO office (EVEN JOURNALISTS CAN DO THIS) and discover who are the directors and details or other information that the public have a legal right to know.

    How many more Government Companies are out there?

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  23. While we are it and on the subject of Hardwood Holdings, I have a few riddles I would like to pose lets start, why is it that the Guyanese workers employed at this company are being paid more than their Barbadian counterparts?
    Why has the Manager only been charged with abuse of two of the three women?
    Why would he fire these same ones that he molested only to have them bring the union and Sir Leroy Trotman into the action to have them reinstated?
    Was it Sir Leroy that first alerted the Commissioner of Police about this abuse of power and position within the company and was he only charged after the leader of the opposition applied pressure to the point that the force would have appeared to be failing in their duty had they continued to refuse to act?
    What are the interconnecting relationships of Mark Shorey, Mariano Browne, Clyde Mascoll,Owing’s cheque for $ 750,000.00, Tony Hoyos and Hardwood holdings?
    More to follow on this scene it is not nice either!!!
    Why does a carpenter assume the role of Managing director in the absence of Clyde Mascoll is he a blue eyed boy of Mascoll?
    Who owns the equipment that the gov’t provided the taxpayers funding for I am sure it is not vested in Hardwood Holdings!!
    Is it true that Clyde Mascoll is the defacto Managing Director of Hardwood Holdings and is only cashing in on his allocation given to him by Owing for his crossing the floor?
    How is it that this company can be granted this level of financing and in such haste without the assistance and coordination of those at a very high level within the gov’t structure?
    Are some of these same directors of Hardwood Holding now advising Barbadians about shares and the deal with BS and T etc?
    Why would this story have been cancelled from being aired on CBC with one telephone call from Mr Hoyos, who just so happens to sit on both boards that is the CBC board and Hardwood Holdings board?
    Like everything else going on in Barbados at this time this smells of gross corruption and dishonest acts.

  24. One other quiz for you who is the head of the Enterprise Growth Fund and what is their connection to Hardwood Holdings ???????

    Start to put this picture together folks, Mariano Browne, was the Managing Director at the Bank from which Owing’s $ 750,000.00 cheque was written, Mark Shorey was the Chairman.
    Mariano Browne has been charged and is before the courts for illegal behaviour in relation to his action while at this same bank.
    However he has been given the post of Chairman of the Enterprise Growth Fund despite his pending court action for illegal activities.
    Also to notice that a Anthony Hoyos also sits on this board of directors of the Enterprise Growth Fund Limited and just happens to sit on the board of the company Hardwood Holdings here we have a director sitting on the lending board seeing after these grants to his company the receiver of these said funds, does this not beg the question where are his morals actually were are any of their morals?

    Profile of Directors
    Name Position
    Mariano R. Browne Chairman
    Peter J. Miller Deputy Chairman
    Marjorie P. Downes-Grant
    Jefferson O. Reeves
    John A. F. Cole
    Almroth A. E. Williams
    Stephen E. Emtage
    Edward H. C. Griffith
    Anthony Hoyos

  26. Wishing In Vain..

    Went was David Shotey removed as chairman of Caribbean Commercial bank amd the Enterprise Growth Fnd.

    Isn’t David Shorey still the Chairman of Hotels and Resorts Ltd.

    Imagine, in the real commercial world still having a chairman that has been an absolute distaster managing the GEMS project?

    John Cole is also on the board of HRL.

    And note: Mariano Browne of one of three Trinidadian bankers currently employed in Barbados to be tipped for political office in the twin island republic.

  27. Will advise you, Hoyos sitting on three interrelated boards is a beyond me, Hardwood Holdings, the Enterprise Growth Fund and CBC.
    He must be there at Owings beck and call to perform the role of provider of money and services.
    Not to mention his partner Brewer being part of the scam of the duty free shops at GAIA, and the excesses in cost with various aspects of that project???

  28. WIV

    “why is it that the Guyanese workers employed at this company are being paid more than their Barbadian counterparts?”

    Because they work harder


    Bajan work ethic is not that great!

  29. I had promised myself that I would comment only on the DLP blog as I am not welcomed on BU or BFP but my comments now are to Adrian Loveridge because like his mentor Peter Morgan he is very outspoken, methodical and relentless in exposing the frauds of Barbados. And he comes by these qualities honestly because he is an Englishman.

    You are to be commended as a small business WHITE man to be taking the time and interest to try and get to the bottom of what I suspect is a major and well organized corruption syndicate much like but not identical to the Mafia. And which involves big up blacks and whites in Barbados. However the architects behind it are almost 100% foreign. I also suggest that most of the big up whites involved are not true Barbadians.

    Any fool can see what is going on in Barbados to be major corruption at the highest level by the complicated and sinister make up of these companies and related companies and those being given contracts many of whom are the least qualified. And the devious foreign involvement of overseas manipulators to line their pockets and the pockets of those on the inside most of whom are probably Government bureaucrats and their hacks, who are aiding and abetting the setting up of these fradulent, nebulous and frivolous contracts are getting rich quick. This is all part of the sinister off-shore banking system. You Adrian are getting far deeper in than you really realize. Believe me!

    The thing that makes this an even greater disgrace is, there are many respectable white and prominent businessmen/women in Barbados who are well aware of what is going on probably more so than any of us Arthur included but is either remaining silent or taking the “fifth”.

    My advice to you Adrian is this. As admirable as it is for you to be doing what you are doing for the masses of Barbados because you do not need to do it for yourself is to think about the safety of yourself and family. Barbados is going through turbulent times and with an election coming up you might be silenced much like the press in Barbados is but permanently. Believe me I am not trying to be dramatic or to sensationalize the issue but take my advice and watch your back very carefully.

    Watch your step!

  30. The Albert Brandford story was filled with inaccurate bits and pieces of trivia, let me first point out that the EGFL did not invest $ 1 million as he tries to report the figure is $ 2 million a blatant lie to the tune of only $ 1 million dollars to the benefit of his pals in the ruling party, while on the subject it is the single largest vote of money to any company since the formation of the EGFL, do you feel that it had anything to do with the HOYOS being a director of both boards impacting on this process, or the Mascoll involvement as a minister and owner, or is it a more sinister plan affot to rape us even harder.

  31. We find it amazing that a man(Murrell) who we can describe as no more than an artisan was able to convince EGFL to invest the kind of money which it has unless he had a BIG brother. We all know how things work in Barbados. We are all the politically correct expalnations by David Ellis and company yesterday but the reality is that to all sensible Barbadians this transaction STINKS!

  32. He is not working in isolation, ask him what is his connection to Mascoll?
    The other mind boggling issue here is the relationship between Hoyos and the two players in this scam how can he sit on the lending board while discussing the funding for the other company that he is managing director of Hardwood Holdings.
    It seems that he has been sitting too close to his partner Colin Brewer who as head of the GAIA has awarded duty free shops which they have involvement in, this type of activity is backward and sad.

  33. WIV~To be fair, AH is on the Board of Hardwoods but what evidence do you have to suggest that he did not excuse himself from the Board Meeting of EGFL when this matter came up for discussion?

  34. Wishing In Vain…

    Once again in today’s page 11a Sunday Sun Comment page, Albert Brandford choses to be highly selective with his observations.

    Last week he misled the public about details of the shareholders and ownership being on the Hardwood Housing factory Inc, file at the CAIPO.
    They weren’t and I personally inspected the file on 1st october 2007.

    And you are accusing ‘What little research Thompson appears to have done’!

    Today, he skips over the land that HAD been acquired in Christ Church and St. Peter as stated by Anthony Murrell (the CEO) Mr Brandford’s own newspaper on 9th July 2007.

    Mr Bradford are you now saying Mr Murrell was lying?

    Also the $44,000 savings PER MONTH the company makes by leasing equipment from Mr Murrell.

    Come on Mr Brandford, do your profession some justice, don’t just report one side.

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