Adrian Loveridge Needs Your Advice

Adrian Loveridge needs the advice of the BU and BFP family:

Earlier this week I met with Hartley Henry at his request. He has asked me to write a column which will replace his Thursday half page in the Nation every other week. I have tried to remain politically impartial and have never actually been a party member at any time of my life. It’s a real dilemma for me. There are so many concerning issues out there which both BU and BFP have done a superb job of ensuring at least a substantial percentage of the population are made aware of. I have been promised there will be little or no editorial interference other than writing within the constraints of the restricted defamation laws of Barbados. Of course, I would welcome the opportunity of highlighting certain issues in print, but do not want to loose any credibility as an independent thinker.

I would welcome your comments.

Thanks and Regards

Adrian Loveridge

56 thoughts on “Adrian Loveridge Needs Your Advice

  1. Be careful Adrian, did Hartley state if this column will be written as a mouthpiece of the DLP or will it be a neutral column focusing on the wrongs that affect Barbados and Barbadians?

    I will go for the latter, as soon as you start writing the same script as Mr. Henry, I am sorry your unbiased creditability will be at stake.

  2. Anonymous. I think that the majority of commenters are sick of you constant abuses and your heartless statements. Some of us might have secret agendas, but we see dialogues, even if they are one-sided, but we take our lashes and move on. If you cannot be part of the game, retire now, because you might get caught in the gully, again, that might be where you cometh.

  3. I dont believe those comments are really from anyone. My mild posts are still being blocked at BFP ( when they are not inventing stuff in my handle) and they say their is supposedly no moderation
    I think they are all just tp spice the blog up.
    Take the job Adrian you enjoy mischief making might as well get paid for it.

  4. If you value your impartiality i don’t think you should. Both political partys understands the high value of perception in Barbados. William Duguid made overtures to me, then link the labourparty blog to my now defunct fun forum without my permission or invite, and low and behold to many i was a Bee. Perception does not need any proof or facts, and when simple associations such mine are available, that perception become reality much quicker, and is available to be marketed to others by your detractors, with the words “you don’t have to believe me look the proof is right here”. I think it is in your interest if you are truly non-partisan to seek a column on your own and not in partnership with known party members.

  5. Some of these filty, ignorant comments directed to fellow commenters only show that the contributors doing it should not only be ashamed of themselves, but it shows that they have nothing constructive in their brains to contribute to enlighten people.

    More importantly if their garbage is motivated by BLP loyalty I suggest with respect that you are doing the Party more harm than good!

    I have no problem with reasonable bad language, off colored jokes etc because we live in a world that has accepted mature subject matter on the Big Screen, TV and in life.

    But to use the dirty insulting and degrading language being directed against a well meaning commenter who is highly respected is a damn disgrace. And here is another thing that shows why some of the problems in Barbados are self inflicted.

    I tried to contribute and to support the less fortunate in Barbados and was like Loveridge verbally assaulted as a fouled mouthed, ignorant person who resorted to the gutter. And why? Simply because I spoke out against homosexuality and used a little off color humour that pales by comparison to the vulgarities on this and other blogs. And here is the kicker.

    Where are the people who insulted me in speaking out about the crude and sick remarks being directed against another person trying to help the real cause and people of Barbados.

    I get very pissed with this type of hypocrisy.

  6. AL:

    For what it’s worth, I say grab the opportunity.

    There is no need to adopt a partisan perspective, just report facts as you find them.

    Your submissions to these blogs have shown that one can comment critically on facts in the public domain without seemingly injured parties scurrying to the Law Courts.

    Keep factual, keep safe.

    Take a leaf out of Hoady’s book, prick the asses with clever words and don’t tilt at windmills.

    DLP may not be your party, but Barbados needs a counterbalance to the grovellings of Ezra Alleyne and the supposed political supremo Albert Brandford.

    H H is emasculated by the serious baggage he seems to have brought with him, and his political opponents score easy points at will off him whenever he needs putting in his place.

    If there was no fire he should sue the defamers.

    In short, be True, Frank and Fearless and doing so will do your adopted country a huge favour.

    BTW Does this mean The Nation is beginning to smell the coffee?

  7. David my comments are in no way criticizing you.

    BU runs an excellent Blog and I say I find you very fair and liberal.

    However I think that all bloggers must stand up and and defend each other and let these social parasites know that everyone deserves respect.

    I contribute for one common cause to try and help. I really do not have to print one damn thing on anything.

  8. No Name:

    Many have come to realise that trying to reason with these unfortunates is futile.

    Ignoring them seems to work more effectively, and in time they go away.

  9. Straight Talk you could very well be correct. It just seems so hurtful to have people attack others in this manner and using their parents in such derading ways.

  10. I’m in favour Adrian but could you give us a quick bio? Not everyone is too familiar with you. I’m not really. Who are you and what do you do????

  11. Adrian you should not accept if the column would in anyway be associated with hartley henry or the DLP. In Barbados to be tainted by B or D will doom you a particular perception.

  12. Bimbro:

    This aint no job interview.

    If you have missed Adrian’s contributions whilst dipping in and out of Bajan blogs, just Google his name , or search each blog.

    The man has no need to justify himself, especially to you!

  13. I say Adrian go for it and as they say “let your concience be your guide”. There are so many injustices, lies and blatant unfairness going on in Barbados that they need people like you to add balance and common sense to give the people another perspective.

  14. Maybe then we can get some serious views on the state of our Tourism effort as opposed to those of his good friend and pal Noeless Lynch.
    Both of these papers lack creditabilty and maybe by having Mr Loveridge onboard they will hope to gain some, my personal belief is that they are too far gone to gain any respect irregardless as to who they employ.
    Just wait for VOB to call him in for a job covering the subject of tourism and his first assignment is to conduct an interview with the idiot Lynch that would be justice indeed.
    I think that VOB could charge to listen to that program it would be a laugh.

  15. AL, it sounds like a great opportunity, but if you cannot express your thoughts wholeheartedly without stifling your conscience, and have to convey so as to please others by telling them what you THINK they want to hear, my suggestion would be to leave that out. Say thanks, but no thanks. Don’t try to be who you are not. Be honest with and to yourself.

    I trust you make the correct decision. Good luck

  16. Straight Talk let me add this to what you just said.

    I recently had as my guests for lunch people from Barbados and they say Adrian Loveridge is not only and expert about what he speaks but is an extremely knowledgeable man in the field of Tourism. I concur! But these atributes can be very dangerous in Barbados where many live in “ding dong” land and have difficulty dealing with reality.

    Barbados has long lacked people like Adrian Loveridge who speaks as circumstances dictate. And that is why he is public enemy number one, because their is a huge segment of the Bajan population who cannot handle the “TRUTH”.

  17. Straight Talk.

    None what so ever. But as they say “if you make your bed lay in it”.

    But you see Straight Talk I look beyond that and based on serious experience to wonder about this aspect of the situation. The ones suppressing the truth and not talking or facing reality, who are both BLACK AND WHITE BARBADIANS with the Foreigners staying quiet claiming the fight is not theirs are going to pay a high price sooner than later. And why do I say that well let me tell you.

    The older generation use to say or most did “I ent able wid it an have to leff it in the hans eh de Lord”. The young generation will say this is my country and if I cannot get a fair shake in it
    f——- all eh whunna. And the big question is can we blame them? And what will the results be?

    The minute that happens with all of its consequences the Foreigners will be long gone and many Big Up Blacks and Whites too.

    No country can survive as Barbadois is doing with 20 to 25 % living like the island is the Promised Land and the other 75% live like the did at the turn of the twentieth century. It just can’t work not in to-days world.

  18. Adrian L it is difficult to comprehend that you would be allowed to write freely given your strong anti-government positions. What is to stop the government from putting the same pressure which it did when you were at the Advocate? Having said that we would advise that you take the opportunity to use the mainstream press to put your views out there. It also will give you the opportunity to give a plug to the blogs in increasing our traffic πŸ™‚

  19. 20% happy ….. 80% discontented No Name.

    After 40 years of independence what is your answer?

    The country is modelled by what the majority has voted for, or are you saying different.

  20. David:

    I think you are being unfair describing Adrian as anti- government.

    To me he has always come across as anti- garbage, and whoever spouts this patent garbage will be in his sights.

    Unfortunately for Barbados the garbage at the moment is only coming from one party, but that is not AL’s problem, he is merely a reporter.

  21. Straight Talk I find your question to me confusing. Read what I am saying and if you do not understand what I am saying then I can’t communicate with you because we are on different wave lengths

  22. A question to Mr Loveridge with regard to his attacks via the internet and that contact that I sent to you to investigate these attacks has that contact yielded any further information to you as yet?
    As I was informed that C & W had already done the search and had all the information to hand, please let me know.
    Also with regard to OPERA INTERACTIVE please rest assured that those on the other side fairly high up the pecking order are looking into this issue and will revert within the next few days with a response.

  23. Straight talk // Oct 17th 2007 at 3:34 pm


    This aint no job interview.

    If you have missed Adrian’s contributions whilst dipping in and out of Bajan blogs, just Google his name , or search each blog.

    The man has no need to justify himself, especially to you!


    Who’s asking him to ‘justify’ himself! Loveridge will either supply a brief bio or not, as he pleases. I think he’s more sensible than you and won’t be offended by a normal suggestion! Take another pill and calm down!!!!

  24. adrian is just a trouble maker and empty headed idiot who should go back to england maybe he could right in their newspapers

  25. Both sides have reasonable arguments, but here’s another alternative that AL may never have thought of – why not run your own News-Blog website? I am sure ads won’t be a difficulty! I am soon looking at that too, 300 readers a day now…

  26. 1) I think Adrian should go for it. Just because he will be filling in the slot that Hartley Henry is leaving, I don’t think that will be any reason for rational people to think he is a ‘replacement Dem’. The Nation has been around for decades and Hartley has only been writing in that column for about two years now, right? So all Adrian has to do is establish his own voice- and having worked as a journalist and interviewed him a few times I know what a strong one it is! πŸ™‚

    2) Why is Hartley giving up his column? Am I the only one who is going to be sorry to see him go? Yes, he was rabidly pro-DLP and not objective in the slightest but all sides should have their say and he was a good counter balance to Ezra on a Friday. Reudon is trying his best now but I found Hartley a much more satisfying and entertaining counter.

    3) Just in response to No Name… I think that is a wild swipe and frankly unfair to say that 75% of Barbadians are living as they did at the turn of the 20th century. Have you studied any Caribbean history? I did, up to university level and I’m an avid informal student of history even now. I did a research paper looking into the records of Barbados in 1938 and comparing it to 1998 (the year I did my paper) and the difference in the statistics on things such as infant mortality, life expectancy and so many other issues tell the story. Barbados was horrible for most Barbadians at the turn of the 20th century.

    It is certainly not perfect today- many Barbadians live in privation and having worked as a reporter, I have a fairly good idea of it as I met many, many people living in situations that made me want to cry. But to say that 75% of us are living now as we did then…come now. You know that is not true, nor is it fair to many Bajans of every stripe who did a lot to ensure we are not.

  27. Adrian,

    You were offered a position not by the Nation newspaper but by a pro DLP reporter.
    You are to replace him.
    That tells me straight off that you will have to compromise your writings to reflect a pro DLP agenda.

    You are now at a crossroad.

    You either remain non political and decline the offer or you formally join the DLP and write their column.

    My advise …..


  28. “I have tried to remain politically impartial and have never actually been a party member at any time of my life.” OK I have stopped laughing and can now comment!
    Maybe not a “party member” but a more biased individual would be hard to find or to define.
    AL carps on about tourism and how bad things are in Barbados which I guess is why he continues to run his hotel here. Please don’t tell me “it is losing money” or “it is not doing well” – those stories just don’t make the credibility screen.
    So go ahead and write for Hartley, any change in the column will not be noticeable to the general reader!

  29. in response to No Name – I am shocked at you for making such a wild comment that 75% of Bajans live as they did at the turn of the 20th century.You should have been around then!
    Barbadians have electricity and running water in over 90 per cent of the houses. Most have telephones and probably a cell phone, television and most of the mod-cons. Health care is one of the best in the region. Cars are everywhere, education is for all (who want it), University is there for them too, unempolyment at one of its lowest, total franchise – where do you live?
    When the call in programs moan about “no land for the Bajan to buy” get up from listening and drive around and you will see all of the HUGE houses that are being built by the Bajans on the lots of “no land available”. Just where do you get off with your comment?
    When they complain about selling out “our land” what they really mean is they wish it was theirs to sell and they could get the money!!

  30. Good question, Bajanbat, “where do you live?” He doesn’t know. One minute he lives in Canada and the next minute in Barbados.

  31. Bajanbat I will not dignify your tripe with too much of an answer because you are talking crazy as though you might be rabid. I will refresh your memory a bit.

    The press of Barbados says your healthcare is the sh—–ts, patients were donated dinner bells to ring dinner for nurse service, because the electronic system brek down an nobody fixing it power is cut off and nobody knows who cut it off that is under investigation. The people employed say they cannot afford food or houses because only the BIG UP blacks and whites can afford them. (Recent CADRES Poll) They are not being paid the high wages of the privileged Bajan. Your Agricultural experts say very little agricultural land is left because it belongs to foreigners. Ezzra Alleyne says and who should know better 145,000 out of 285,000 do not draw a pay check. Prime Minister Owen Arthur says prices are too high in Barbados and there is too much SQUALOR. I did not say it Owen Arthur said it. Tell he he is a liar not me!

    The religious leaders are crying out about the poverty, water being shut off for it seems only poor black areas. Roads are washing out and leaving poor black people without bus service and other serivces. I do not see this going on in areas where Big Ups living.

    Your Minister in charge of poverty said ON THE PUBLIC RECORD IN THE NATION NEWS that his Ministry does not even know the true level of poverty in Barbados. He is now doing a census. Tell he that like Owen he is a liar. Squatters on people land and l wont waste my time going on. If you want more talk to Lowdown Hoad he tells it like it is too. You dont read the Nation?

    Goverenment and big ups teefing and nobody can get results of Audits like GEMS or contract overruns. Everbody teefing IT SEEMS! BARBADIANS saying this with impunity!

    All of this is going on when we are told BILLIONS of Foreign Exchange is entering the island and Construction is on fire. Employing 400 or 500 Chinese and yet the AVERAGE BAJAN saying they cannot afford to live on the wages they get! I ent saying it talk to dem not me!

    Were I a betting man I would say your crap could only come from a white person living in denial.

  32. Another point. If your healthcare is the best in the region tell the people why ALL or MOST of the Big Ups including Government Officials I hear is run up to Canada the USA and UK when they got serious sicknesses? Why are they not utilizing the best in the region? That is a fairly simple question is it not?

  33. Just my 2 cents

    I am not out to hurt the feelings of anyone nor insult them. But I get very upset when people trivialize what is going on in Barbados and fail to look at things for what they really are. Enough said

  34. “Were I a betting man I would say your crap could only come from a white person living in denial.”
    What a truly typical comment! When all else fails you get to that level.
    If the truth be known there are few “white” or “black” people whose families have been in this island very long. So much mixing over the years that just about everyone is family if one looks deep enough.
    So keep your head in the sand.

  35. When you post lies and innuendo why would a black person not living the dream do that? It is an obvious give away!

    You need to get your head from between your legs not the sand

  36. Good question! Why do you post lies and innuendo?
    Grow up. Everything is not always as it appears on the surface.

  37. Bajanbat I will not respond to you any further you are sounding like my “Echo” Why do you post lies and innuendo”? I will be childish like you and say I asked first!

  38. I tell you Adrian this is really free and fair in Barbados is it not?
    Well that speaks volumes about the NATION and the media in Barbados and the extent of the control the ruling party has on it, it is muted to say the least.
    Never mind the real media the BFP and BU are kicking dust in the conventional media so you have a better option available to you.
    Long may you live.

  39. Thank you all at BU for your objective comments.

    According to Hartley Henry, Roxanne Gibbs has refused to publish my column so it takes the decision making out of the equation.

    I kind of expected as much as knowing the pressure that was placed on Anthony Bryan at the Advocate to pull my weekly page there.

    Thank Heavens we still have BU and BFP.

    Here is the first article which was trashed by the Nation Newspaper.

  40. Adrian Boy the fate of your column comes as no surprise to me. One of my yesterdays posts said I was waiting for the next shoe to fall to see how long your column at the Nation News would last. I see it did not get off the ground. You are a very dangerous whiteman. You speak the truth and you make sense both are very dangerous in a “Democracy” like Barbados.

    You are a thorn in the sides of the Nation News, the Advocate, Government and most big up white and black Barbadians and Foreigners. You give the masses food for thought and the privileged Bajans and Foreigners don’t want that. Let me share this with you and many in Barbados will scream their lungs out about what I am about to divulge. But the facts in both countries the UK and Canada speaks the truth.

    Barbados has not only been hi-jacked by the wealthy Bajan but even more so by the Foreigner who more so than the wealthy Bajan has great influence over the Government and the Newspapers.

    As you know Barbados in the past decade or so has seen its shores invaded by Foreigners from the UK and Canada. Few from the USA that we love to hate. Let me give you a little insight for the influx of these Foreigners to Barbados.

    In the UK and Canada over the past three decades these countries have embraced multi-culturalism and Canada has a very healthy multi-cultural population like the the UK. I believe the GTA of Ontario now has more immigrants than Canadians. They make up a significant amount of the vote and many are elected officials and in the senate.

    Like the UK, Canada treat these people with equality, diginity, tolerance and equals. Many Canadians and folk from the UK do not like this and in both countries migration of these bigots are increasing to Nations like Barbados. Because they not only enjoy generous tax breaks, good climates etc but they can still control the masses of a third world Nation aided and abetted by the Government bought with money and the good life.

    People like you get into the way of these folks mandate who believe that Colonialism is still alive and well. Therefore any threat to these foreigners real reason for being in Barbados will be silenced. Get use to it and the masses have themselves to blame as they cannot see the devious motives of these people.

  41. Adrian. I was a bit puzzle when you state Hartley Henry extended an invitation for you to be a columnist. I did remind you of your unbiased creditability in the second response to your post. I should have inform you that Mr Henry don’t have any authority to employ anybody on behalf of any newspaper. He can only ask a question. Anyway, we will still enjoy your professional postings within the blogs.

  42. This is to Adrian Loveridge.

    Adrian I do not know if you would like to share something with me in light of some “Unconfirmed” comments I recently received but here goes.

    I am told that there is two individuals not politicians but seriously politically connected who have blocked your article. And have said that other than letters to the editor you will never be allowed to write a regular article in the Nation News.

    The information goes on to say that your invitation by Mr. Hartley to write a column and the ultimate refusal by Roxanne Gibbs to let it go to print has created dissention and friction in the upper echelon at the Nation News. I am told the friction has been caused because of external and internal interference from people that do not have that kind of Authority to do so! That is where the political component has become the agitator.

    But here is what I would like to know if you can comfortably disclose it. Who did Mr. Henry consult at the Nation News that obviously told him it would be alright for you take over from him? Obviously he must have cleared it with someone in Authority because he also assured you that it would not be edited other than for “defamation”. He could not give those assurances on his own!

    Do you know if Mr. Henry or the DLP has asked for an explanation?

  43. NoName..

    During my conversation with Mr Henry, I specifically asked him if the Nation would allow any column written by me would be printed and was assured YES!

    I thought it a little strange at the time, because sometime ago I approached Harold Hoyte and was told there currentl`

  44. Sorry…
    my cat hit the escape button.
    to continue…

    When I approached Harold Hoyte, I was told there currently any space for another column.

    When Mr Henry told me the Nation would not print my article, he gave the impression that this decision came from Roxanne Gibbs.

    I have submitted the article as a letter to the Editor, but so far it has not been printed.

  45. Thank you Adrian and something does not add up when listening to what I am hearing that is allegedly behind all of this.

    I know you would not distort the facts so obviously some or most of what I am hearing about the situation is correct.

    One wonders if Harold Hoyte has retired why is he still so involved with day to day issues not that I am directly implicating Harold, but I am not exonerating either. Another thing is, where is Ms. Gittens in all of this?

    My position is and the question that begs to be asked is this. As I understand it you were not being given additional space to write the column you were using space allocated to Henry. The only change was the author. Is Harold Hoyte suggesting that Henry’s column was discontinued because they needed the space? Why was Henry not told that because had he been told he certainly would not have approached you?

    Another thing is from what I have gleaned on this Blog that was not the reason Roxanne Gibbs gave for not printing your first article. As it was not mentioned or I missed it!

  46. NoName..

    Hartley Henry asked me to write what is currently his column every other Thursday.
    I had assumed that he had obtained any authority from the Nation as I specifically asked him If they would print a column written by me.

    My approach to Harold Hoyte was sometime ago, just after the Advocate lifted my column in that publication after Anthony Bryan told me personally that the Government had threaten to withdraw all advertising if they continued to print it.

    I am not sure why Roxanne Gibbs refused to print my article in the Nation.

  47. Adrian I now understand a little clearer but there is still too many loose ends that make no sense. What I am hearing about the matter suggests to me there is some fire within the smoke. I am sure eventually the truth or most of it will surface.

    I find it really hard to understand why this entire matter was handled as it was by the Nation News. It wreaks of suspicion and the handling of it lacks professionalism. From what you are saying no definitive and logical reason was given for denying you. The matter of space not being available is not valid!

    Why would Henry offer you the position of replacing him without first asking the powers that be at the Nation News if you were an acceptable replacement? Why they would have any objection to you beats me as I would think your contributions would surpass most who write for the Nation. But what is even more troubling to me, is why would Henry not have asked the Nation News in spite of you insisting that he do? Surely this gentleman would have realized what an embarassing position he would be putting you in by doing so!

    These sorts of things regrettably come under the microscope because of the many Pro BLP supporters working in high profile positions at this facility and the number of prominent BLP and other supporters who have shares in that newspaper. No one can operate a “Free” press under those conditions, without intimidation and political interference.

    I will keep you posted but I suggest that you ask for a meeting with Ms. Gittens to hear what she has to say. And I would also suggest you confront Hoyte again in spite of his retirement.

    The argument about space not being available does not cut it. Because as I said the space was there for Henry and you were only replacing him. The focus of the rejection I am told was more involved and had a concern for the attributes, knowledge, adversarial and controversial manner and writing skills of the replacement and the impact it could have on the BLP so close to an election.

    I will keep you posted if I hear more.

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