Barbadian Rihanna Continues To Make Waves~But For How long?

Rihanna is Surviving on Lemon Water and Pineapple Slices


Rihanna recently discussed her new slimmed up look in the latest issue of Us Weekly. She has lemon water and pineapple for breakfast, soup for lunch, and a “snack” of egg whites and chicken for dinner. She goes on to say:

“My legs are leaning out and I love my …..everything”

Source: Bossip

My wife pull rank and ask that this note be published. Congratulations to Rihanna who seems to be doing very well in her international career. My wife has asked her to stop the foolish diet which she is reputed to be on and which has seen her being fitted to size 2. In Barbados the physical size is currently a popular subject since Barbados is reputed to be the twelve fattest country in the world. It appears that the Rihanna handlers feel that her slim look is the image which will work for her. We have never considered Rihanna to be fat, let us remember that it was only last year she was tossed out of a restaurant for wanting to order nice big hamburgers!

Rihanna please stay Barbadian and leave the anorexic behaviour to the bums!

25 thoughts on “Barbadian Rihanna Continues To Make Waves~But For How long?

  1. To be brutally honest, when one places cloths upon these self-starved models/stars they look OK, but if the cloths just part in the breeze….bread sticks.

    For example, Jewel Garner, our beauty looked terrible the day before. She is not presently attractive to me in body, only in face, speaking as a Bajan male.

    Give the girl a Chefette once in a while.

  2. Saw the Umbrella video with a couple of friends. Using Bajan, “Uhn Uhn…she look boney and bad! She betta eat!”

    While I applaud her for her progress, she should watch her health.

  3. I loved Missy Elliot as she was before she decided to slim down too…..guess they think de closer de bone de sweeter de meat….I beg to differ.
    If Rihanna was still here,I bet she would be eating pig tails and cheffete and still look good.

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  6. No matter what size you are de haters gine talk. She’s not fat but she aint boney nor look bad.
    Have you noticed that a lot of those who say
    “She look stink!” don’t particularly look good.
    Ladies next time you say:
    “She look stink!” Check yuhself!

  7. As a male, I can say most men don’t look at size as much as they look at intellect…well in my little group anyway. I don’t care what size you are, once you are healthy and have a common sense!

    Rhianna I figure is doing as she is told which is not always best. I too advise her to watch her health before things get out of hand since celebrities ALWAYS find themselves in some form of health issues just to make a dollar! Its sad but its true.

  8. rihanna is fine and im saying dat coz she looks just like my gual shes got a sexy body and i think she can go bak 2 a normal diet. ive seen her around before she b-come famous i live in bridge town ya c and she looks good b-lieve me rihanna needs 2 move back 2 barbados she is losin her barbadian glow luv ri ri

  9. she will always b sexy no matter wot and if u r datin chris b dont find ur self a nice good lookin barbadian guy n sum1 who will treat u rught and im also herein dat ur reported 2 b datin kanye but i dont believe it u cn do better den dat. i hope the best of barbados and i look out for my home town 2

  10. Rihanna’s sensational and also, seems amazingly, sensible!! I’ve every confidence in her in every respect!! Jan. ’09 and she’s still ‘creating a storm’!!

    Well done, sugar!!

  11. Tell ya the truth, if pineapples, lemons, chicken, eggs and soup mekking material (other than fattening lentils) wasn’t so expensive, all of us could diet like this and look good too…. Bajans are fat not only coz of lickerishness,, but because the good for you food is out of the realms of affordability!!! Face it, it is cheaper to eat “fat” than to eat “lean”! I love Rihanna, and am proud of her, I too wish her well, and hope that sensibilities overrule fame, fortune and fat.

  12. Breaking news from the 2009 Grammys is that it appears Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown had a domestic altercation and he was being sought by the police. Also Rihanna, who was to perform at the Grammys, was a no show. She was unsuccessful in getting a grammy this year. I am eager to hear what has happened to her.

  13. This extract tells a tale a different tale. What is the truth?

    Update: Rihanna’s boyfriend Chris Brown in ‘domestic violence felony battery’ allegation


    He is being investigated after alleged incident last night
    Feb 9, 2009


    Rihanna news, reviews, video and tour dates

    Add Rihanna to MyNME

    Details of the altercation concerning Chris Brown are emerging, and it turns out he is being investigated in “an alleged domestic violence felony battery incident.”

    The LAPD says that Brown was in a vehicle with an unidentified woman in Hancock Park, Los Angeles just after midnight last night when an argument started.

    According to, the police say Brown and the woman got out of the car and the argument escalated.

    The incident resulted in an allegation of assault by the woman, who as yet has not been identified. She reportedly had visible injuries. Police say Brown was not at the scene when they got there.

    The couple attended Clive Davis’, Pre-Grammy party earlier in the evening.

    "Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support," a rep told Us.

    Neither Rihanna nor Brown are fulfilling their commitments at the ceremony tonight, which is currently happening in Los Angeles.

    –By our New York staff.

    News breaking over night can be read in the extract below:

  14. If I’m not very mistaken, Ri hits the stage again in Dubai, either tonight or tomorrow night!! So sorry I could n’t be there!!


  15. i should run to her with a butcher knife and cut her head off and bring it to my house and eat the tongue freshly right out of the mouth and feed my dog the rest of her head!!!!! damn she delicious!!!!!

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