Taped cell phone tip of the iceberg

The BBA and DC maybe have received a dose of its own medicine.

In today’s press former member of parliament and prominent criminal attorney Michael Lashley has expressed “ fears that lawyer-client privacy at police stations is under threat, based on the Barbados Police Service’s findings in the “cell phone under the table” incident”. His reaction was to the incident where a cell phone was found taped under a desk at District E in a room used by attorneys and clients.

The blogmaster has no problem with the Barbados Bar Association (BBA), Faith Greaves, a junior lawyer at Michael Lashley & Associates, expressing outrage at the incident. Obviously an attempt was made by someone to subvert the process. Unfortunately, Barbadians have tolerated repeated attempts by officialdom to rub the brown stuff in our faces. What the incident exposes is a level of corruption perpetrated by actors responsible for honouring the justice system.

Given the nature of your complaint, a forensic analysis was conducted to this cellular phone by the Regional Security System. The forensic analysis of the cellular phone was carried out to determine whether it was fit for use or carried any recorded information thereon.

“That forensic examination revealed that the phone was unserviceable and that there was no recording on the phone. That the phone had no bearing on the matter involving the attorney-client privileged communication. The forensic examination also showed there was no link between the investigations involving your client and the cellular phone.

Nation newspaper
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Return of the Old Guard

An interesting conversation point that will attract interest is the impact David Estwick, Michael Lashley, Denis Lowe and Richard Sealy will have on the 2022 general election. The four were members of the Freundel Stuart cabinet and the previous government soundly rejected by the electorate in 2018.

There is nothing unusual about defeated political candidates offering themselves to the public. To do so they must have successfully negotiated won the party requirements to win selection. Political parties are private entities after all and the membership free to select candidates of choice.

Notwithstanding the preamble a look at the four members of the old guard and what it means for the DLP’s chances on the 19 January 2022 AND beyond is a constructive discussion to have. Although decisions taken by political parties are private – obviously there is the national import.

The involvement of the four forces the ‘new’ DLP to defend old issues ventilated in the 2018 political campaign. Issues that arguably contributed to the DLP’s unprecedented defeat. Denis Lowe had the Cahill issue and the blogmaster expressed concerns about him being a Peter Allard stooge of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary fame, David Estwick’s public disagreements with former minister of finance Chris Sinckler, Michael Lashley’s questionable association with Trans-Tech etc. The big question for the political pundits – is the risk reward ratio calculated in favour of the Verla De Peiza led DLP?

Onlookers must surmise that the DLP conducted private polling to test the water in the four constituencies and the DLP executive was satisfied with the results. The unknown is whether the involvement of the four will negatively impact the national swing percentage. The size of the swing margins in the majority of constituencies the 2018 general election were large and the DLP will not want to make decisions to compromise the swing pendulum away from the BLP this time around. Another unknown is the extent the pandemic will have on voter turnout as it relates to the respective bases. Disillusioned DLP members opted out from voting in 2018, some may have voted BLP. Then there are the independents many who may decide to avoid the risk of standing in gatherings for reason of health safety. A cohobblopot of issues which the usual talking heads will try to make simple for a susceptible electorate.

The reality is that Barbadians are comfortable with the 2-party system that exists as it is in many countries. It should be obviously if we want the transformative changes in the economy, education, energy and water generation, waste management and others, like minded Barbadias will have to infiltrate the two main political parties to help with accelerating change in the national interest.

The blogmaster is of the opinion returning the four to the fold is a mistake not for the reasons mentioned but the threat to De Peiza’s fragile leadership hold on the ‘new’ DLP.

Lawyer Vonda Pile Found GUILTY as Charged!

Vonda Pile was found guilty earlier today of thieving close to $200,000 dollars from a client Anstey King. The blogmaster salutes Mr. King for finding the time to pursue this matter which was kicked about in our dysfunctional justice system for several years. If the judge suffers no damascene moment- like in the  James O’Rourke matter- Pile will be handed a hefty sentence for breaking the law stripped of her role as an officer of the court. She was remanded until July 16.

Vonda Pile is featured in Barbados Underground’s Lawyer in the News.

One regret of this blogmaster is that John Griffiths did not have the wherewithal to also criminally prosecute former Speaker of the House MICHAEL CARRINGTON.

Another matter irking the blogmaster is to observe former minister of Michael Lashley in our Courts on a daily basis representing minibus men by exploiting laws he helped to enanct as a policymaker. There is something very wrong here.

Time longer than twine!


Michael Lashley is Representing

Screenshot 2019-04-04 at 02.02.44.png

Extracted from elsewhere

There was a time not long ago Michael Lashley was a minister of Crown. He made his mark building many houses and during his early tenure was perceived as a most productive minister of Housing when Esther Byer-Suckoo did not quite measure up to expectation.

In the days post 30-0 defeat of the Democratic Labour Party, Michael Lashley has become one of the most sought after lawyers in Barbados. The blogmaster must be careful to state Lashley has the right to defend any person in a justice system that presumes the party is innocent. However, one must be honest to note Lashley attracts a fair share of clients not of this world.

Discuss for 10 points.

A reminder to comment responsibly and as always the blogmaster reserves the right to delete comments.



The Prime Minister, Attorney General and Gollop the QC

A few years ago Minister Michael Lashley was the starboy of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). He was complimented for expanding the housing stock, exponentially. He ensured Barbadians erased Liz Thompson’s ‘bumblebee’ prototype from memory. Years later many of the houses built by Lashley with tax dollars are unoccupied or rotted. If we include the Coverley PPP it gets worse. A few years later Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley will be recorded in a political footnote as having presided during a period where the state of Barbados roads deteriorated to a level slightly above a cart road.

Of concern to the blogmaster though are observations arising from the waning LEC debate.

Some are of the view now that the LEC debate is behind us, more important issues will be have the space to fuel discussion. What they fail to acknowledge is that the political principals who waylaid Barbadians with the manufactured issue of Mia’s LEC are also responsible for informing and leading the country on the pressing issues of the day.

In his Sunday Column – The Jeff Cumberbatch Column–Non – litigious Resolution of Defamation LawsuitsJeff Cumberbatch shared his view on the LEC matter:

To the best of my knowledge and belief, Ms Mottley has been duly admitted to the local Bars, both Utter and Inner. Unless and until she is removed therefrom or otherwise disbarred by appropriate procedure she remains duly admitted. Omnia praesumuntur rite esse acta [Apologies for the Latin] It means that there is a presumption that acts done through the court are rightly and properly done.

The outcome of the recent court case Mia Mottley vs Barbados Today confirmed that Mia Mottley is qualified to practice law in the Courts of Barbados.

What Barbadians must reflect on is why did the Prime Minster of Barbados- a seasoned lawyer and former Attorney General- not have the knowledge of the law and procedure related the LEC issue. One must assume he did not know because he said nothing.

Although the Attorney General is a legal neophyte and light weight he had the resources of the Solicitor General’s office and other state resources to have been equipped to clarify the LEC matter in  less than 24 hours. Some should recall he promised on the floor of the House of Assembly to investigate the matter. A promise he failed to keep. One must assume he dis not know.

Then there is Hal Gollop, better known to the BU household as a school teacher and musician, who prosecuted the LEC matter recently at a DLP political meeting. What has his failed LEC argument done to injure his reputation as a lawyer? Clearly he was party to a political plot to ‘decapitate’ the leader of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) a few months from a general election. One must assume he misinterpreted the relevant laws and procedures related to the LEC issue.

The challenge Barbadians face is that we have an obsturate political directorate whose members are willing to crash the economy on the altar of political expediency. Why should intelligent Barbadians expect that this government is able to appreciate what rising oil prices will do to the economy? We are a country with a DEBT to GDP ratio of close to 150% and foreign reserves  cover of 8 weeks. Despite the current state of the economy this inept lot prefers to try to hoodwink Bajans by floating a silly debate anchored to Mia’s qualification to practice law in Barbados.

Imagine if Stuart, Brathwaite and Gollop were able to put heads together to promote a component of transparency legislation promised from day one? Wasn’t Gollop contracted to draft a roadmap to assist with moving Barbados to a Republic? Didn’t Stuart and Brathwaithe promise to examine existing to electoral laws to address what they admitted to irregularities that occurred last general election?

Warrens Roundabout – Politicians Must Listen to Citizens


Why do politicians ignore feedback?

The BU household vividly recalls the period during which the Greenland Landfill debate was a hot topic. Despite the sensible feedback offered by Barbadians the government of the day forged ahead with the project and today we are saddled with the result –millions of tax dollars wasted.

Former Minster of Transport and Works John Boyce has come out in defense of the work Government has done to improve traffic congestion in the Greater Warrens, St Michael, area – (Barbados Today 11 February 2014)

In 2014 after the government constructed the Warrens (oblong) roundabout circa 2012 there was an avalanche of criticism about the project and a flood of feedback was offered to the ministry by the public. One does not have to be an expert or consultant to determine that the Warrens roundabout was poorly designed based on the number of accidents and near misses that occur weekly.

How on earth can the authorities permit traffic to cross two lanes to enter the Simpsons complex when exiting from the West? How does one allow traffic to cross two lanes of traffic to enter the Warrens gas station when exiting the roundabout from the East?

Barbadians were pleased however to hear Minister Michael Lashley address the concerns of Barbadians when he finally admitted last week that the Warrens roundabout will undergo remedial work.  Millions of dollars later what was obvious to ordinary Barbadians from the initial construction will be addressed.

No doubt a few will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Braying Like Balaam’s Ass

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Barbadians have been alarmed at the number of road fatalities for the year 2017. The 13 road fatalities have surpassed the total for all of 2016. Although official numbers are not available the number of vehicle smash-ups have also significantly increased.

Predictably Minster of Transport and Works Michael Lashley responded to the news of the latest fatality by promising to introduce new legislation by the legalizing breathalyser testing, introducing fines for texting while driving among other penalties.

Surely the minister and authorities should be able to discern that the rising number of road fatalities and vehicle smash-ups is a symptom of a societal malaise. We need relevant laws to ensure the authorities are equipped to make our roads safe to travel for Barbadians. To address the problem however requires a more cerebral approach.

The inability of successive governments for the last 40 years to effectively intervene in the transportation system to effect change does not inspire any confidence that Lashley will be the change agent needed to correct the bedlam on our roads. This is the same Lashley who was branded the ‘star boy’ of the administration pre 2013 for constructing a mobbaton of houses several which are unoccupied years later -some rotting. There is the questionable housing transaction at Coverley constructed by the omnipresent Mark Maloney –Mr.GROTTO.

This is the same Lashley who exercised poor judgement by leasing a luxury vehicle from Lloyd Bathwaite of Trans-Tech Inc, a company registered as a supplier of services to the Transport Board. In any enlightened society this would have been the type of transaction a politician and public official would be expected to declare to ensure transparency.

The lack of confidence in Michael Lashley can be explained by several other examples. For the BU household there is one at the top of the pile. In February this year the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)  cancelled a segment on the early morning show Mornin’ Barbados with President of the Barbados Road Safety Association (BRSA) Sharmane Roland-Bowen. All who monitor the media space will admit that Roland-Bowen has been one of the most vocal when it comes to road safety and traffic issues. Trying valiantly to educate the public about proper road use. Her one mistake was to embarrass the government at the height of the national concern about the alarming number of potholes on our roads when BRSA located flags next to the deeper potholes.

It makes one question which is more important –educating Barbadians on road safety issues or shoring up a sagging political image.

Is Minister of Transport and Works Michael Lashley aware of the embarrassment being experienced by the country to renew a driving license? Barbadians have given up and prefer to show proof of payment with a receipt instead of the picture ID. The licensing authority has been unable to consistently produce the driving license picture ID.  This is 2017 and for individuals to have to spend so much time to complete a simple driving license renewal does NOT inspire confidence Mr. Minister Michael Lashley.

Please stop your braying and fix the problems!

Public Transportation Hits a Pothole

Submitted by Anthony Davis

Transport Board a failing state enterprise

Transport Board a failing state enterprise

It seems to me that no one cares how and if the lower echelons get to/from their various destinations. We have a transport system which is totally unreliable, and neither the Minister of Transport, nor any of the heads of the private sector transport system is interested in rectifying it.

It is usual now to wait at least two or three hours for a Transport Board bus, and the private transport operators are not helping the situation. The vans/minibuses need to be regulated better where people can go to the vanstand, and expect a van/bus at a particular time, instead of them racing up and down behind each other.

Many people, especially parents/guardians who have children in primary or secondary schools, have to be up at about three in order to prepare their scions/wards for school and get themselves ready for the early bus which leaves their destination – which is usually 5 a.m. – to get to one of the terminals to get a bus to their places of work.

Lo and behold, people get to the terminals about 6 or 7 depending on how long the journey there takes. Can you imagine these same people standing/sitting in the terminals for sometimes three hours? Do you think that their employers will always believe that the bus was late?

I very much doubt it.

The same goes for when the commuters are trying to get home. They get to the terminals, and cannot get a bus home before two or three hours have elapsed. On the other hand one sees buses leaving the said terminals with no more than six persons in them, whereas there are long lines to other destinations which could fill two buses.

What’s the use of sending so many buses for the schoolchildren when many of them are not interested in getting to school? When the bus is called for certain students they ignore it, and then fill up those which are for people who are trying to go about their business.

Then we hear the following at various intervals: Commuters please note that we are having serious challenges with your transport. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Don’t tell that to the commuters!

Take out an ad in the newspapers stating why the system is so broken then, maybe, the employers will start believing their employees. Then we hear a lot of rigmarole about the productivity of the populace. How can they be productive when they arrive at their workplaces already tired and frustrated?

It’s ok for those of you driving around in your high-end vehicles. You have them parked outside your homes, and many of them are being paid for by the said lower echelons of our society for whom many of you don’t give one fig. Can you imagine a single mother leaving home at 4.45 in the morning to head to work, and then returning home after 9 or 10?

Are they super mums?

How much can they help their scions when they are so beat?

They barely have time for a few hours sleep.

Many of the employees in the terminals need some personnel training, because they lack manners. It is disrespectful and downright despicable how those who head the public transport systems treat the commuters.

The populace of this country deserve a much better public transport system – especially seeing that we are splashing out millions of dollars for our 50th anniversary of Independence, and they are paying such horrendous amounts of taxes.

Now the Minister of Transport is saying that there will be more buses on the road soon. I’m very suspicious about anything which has to do with time when it comes to this Government. Soon can mean any time between tomorrow, and more than a year down the road. An example of that is the Minister of the Environment stating that we’ll have anti-environment pollution laws on the statute books soon, and it’s more than a year since that announcement.

He seems to be sidestepping that issue, although that is more important than eating/drinking healthy and exercising.

A year can mean for eternity.

Example: The tax collector’s promise of returning the VAT to its former status within a year after raising it. It’s almost time for the bell to toll, and the VAT is still probably the highest in the Caribbean.

Mr. Minister, school buses usually leave punctually!

It’s the travelling public who need the buses to be punctual, so that they can get to their various destinations early – especially those who have to get to work.

The very next day after the minister’s propaganda visit the bus service was back to its two-hour/three-hour schedule in the Fairchild Street Bus Terminal.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Michael Lashley: Lawmaker Lawbreaker

The following was posted to his Facebook page by former Attorney General and member of parliament for St. Joseph Dale Marshall


Road Safety Association personnel staking flags next tp potholes to warn motorists

The Ministry (read Minister) of Public Works is demanding that the Road Safety Association remove the fluorescent flags which that association has installed to give warning of potholes. The Ministry (Minister) asserts that it is contrary to law.

No matter how laudable their effort, no matter how good the cause, if the installation of the flags is contrary to law, the association must move them, or face the penalty stipulated in the statute. Plain and simple.

But the chickens do sometimes come home to roost.

In the General Election of 2008, the DLP unlawfully erected a large number of billboards, displaying campaign messages. The Chief Town Planner went public and demanded that the DLP remove the billboards, since their erection was contrary to the Laws of Barbados.

Michael Lashley was smirking as the DLP’s then leader, David Thompson, announced that they would be doing no such thing! He went further to say that by the time anything could be done about it, the DLP would have won the Government!!

In 2008, Michael Lashley was fully in support of a flagrant violation of the laws of Barbados, since at that time it suited him. Now, he wants to cry foul.

Mr. Lashley, what about the other flagrant violations of the laws of Barbados at Coverley? Do they also suit your purposes?

Did the Chief Town Planner not issue an enforcement notice for the structure in the road outside Coverley, which your Ministry, responsible for roads and road safety, has conveniently chosen not to demolish, as per the Chief Town Planner’s directions? What about your part in that violation of our laws?

All people must obey all the laws. That is the rule of law.

If installing the warning flags is contrary to law, then they must be removed.

But as a user of the road, if a flag placed alongside the road could warn me of the presence of a pothole, I would consider that to be helping to preserve life and limb.

I salute the Association for its efforts to save lives. And those efforts might well see justice being tempered with mercy if any charges are brought against these fine individuals.

St. Augustine said “An unjust law is no law at all.”

I say that Mr. Lashley and his government are now feeling the backlash of their flouting the laws only 8 years ago. But this time, in a far more noble cause.

Mia Mottley Accuses Government Ministers of Entering Shady Arrangement with Cahill Energy and Trans Tech Inc

Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley used the cloak of parliamentary privilege in her reply to the 2015 Budget and Financial Statement to accuse […] Continue reading

Minister Michael Lashley Needs to Respond to Conflict of Interest Questions

The political spin doctors are out in numbers and if we listen to them the Barbados economy is on the bounce. We sure hope so!

However, while the country debates whether there will be about 1% growth or greater than 1%, a reminder economies in our key source tourist markets have been improving and therefore increasing has led to improving economies in the region. Not to forget international reserves appear healthy because of unprecedented low world oil prices.

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Transport Board Strike: Conspiracy to Deceive

Submitted by Caswell Franklyn

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

Caswell Franklyn, Head of Unity Workers Union

It would appear that Barbados is in a worse crisis that most people can even imagine. Yesterday (May 6, 2015) Bus Operators of the state-owned Transport Board refused to work citing as their reason the hiring of a person with political connections to fill a vacancy that could have been filled by one of the persons who were made redundant.

The workers are unionised as part of the Barbados Workers’ Union so it was only natural that their union would have sprung to their defence but their response was lukewarm at best. Anyone who listened to the General Secretary on the news would not have gotten the sense of outrage that the workers felt which forced them to withdraw their labour. It seemed as though the union did not want to disclose the real reason behind the strike, as though BWU was protecting someone or something.

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White Hill Residents Seeing Red this Christmas

Submitted by Anthony Davis

“Nearly a month before a section of the road at White Hill, St. Andrew was extensively damaged by heavy rains, Government had already completed five houses at Farmers, St. Thomas, for relocation of residents whose houses had been threatened by soil slippage. Additionally, Government had plans to offer a grant of $25,000 to assist the affected home owners in relocating”Barbados Today

Firstly, I would like to ask three simple questions.

1) How come “the matter was subject of an October 30 Cabinet Paper“, and Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Lashley, never mentioned it when he stated in an interview with Barbados TODAY on page 10 of that paper dated 26 November, 2014: “Certainly this road will have to be abandoned; it is dangerous”?

2) Why was the Cabinet Paper stuck in Cabinet for so long?

3) Was Cabinet waiting for a miracle?

I have always heard that a stitch in time saves nine, so Government has only itself to blame. It is all well and good to talk about relocation, but what about the logistics?

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Our Eyes are on YOU Ministers Michael Lashley and Dennis Lowe

The unprecedented decision by a minister of the crown to instigate legal action against Omar Watson  because he posted a Facebook status which caused him distress and anxiety  continues to be a source of annoyance to the BU household. The more you think about it, sub judice or not, it is a frivolous action, and when viewed together with the dry talk from minister of drainage Denis Lowe – there appears an obvious attempt by members of the government of Barbados to intimidate Barbadians who operate in the social media universe. BU does not condone misuse of social media and parties who abuse it should be aware there are consequences.

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Omar Watson Charged for Malicious Communications at the Instigation of Minister Michael Lashley

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

Michael Lashley, Minister of Transport

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller (1892–1984)

One thing the late Prime Minister David Thompson will be remembered for is his love of social media and the opportunity it gave ordinary people to participate in our democracy. Of course some will abuse the privilege but the majority for the most part use social media platforms to discuss issues and exchange information which the traditional media is constrained to leave on the editorial floor. BU can only speculate if we were to have a conversation with the late David Thompson resting comfortably in the great beyond, what his view of the charge brought against Omar Watson and instigated by the Hon. Michael Lashley would be. What if private citizens were able to bring charges against members of parliament who hide behind the protection of parliamentary privilege?

BU remains hopeful that this matter will be sandwiched in the bureaucracy of court files like all the other high profile cases. Even if Omar Watson committed an error in judgement there is scope for amends without Mr. Watson having to be incarcerated. BU understands Douglas Trotman has offered his services at no cost to Mr. Watson.

See relevant documents:

The Story Of Housing Since 2008 Must Be Told

Submitted by Stephen Williams

Michael Lashley, Minister of Housing

The story of housing since 2008, when the new government took over, needs to be trumpeted. It is a success story; and one that should leave the BLP hanging their heads in shame, after the mess they left at the NHC, Warrens, Coverly, Buckley, and the housing sector in general. Take a bow Michael Lashley, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, the NHC and the DLP! We are PROUD of your performance and achievements.

Look at the wonderful work done at Country Towers, Tweedside Road, Coverly, Work Hall, Ruby, Marchfield, Woodbourne, Foursquare, Six Roads, Lancaster, Cherry Grove, Vineyard, Parish Land, West Terrace, etc. Now, drive through Brittons Hill and look at the magnificent structures that have graced Valery and Forde’s Road – one word aptly describes them – SUPERB.

And, do not forget the 500 lot programme, the very successful $5 per sq. ft. low income land programme, and the NHC tenants of 20 years standing who have gotten their units free of cost.

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The CADRES Poll: A Reason For Stuart To Ponder

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley was quoted in the press on the weekend blaming the lack of a media policy at the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) for feeding perennial controversies during the Crop Over period. To summarize his view: the ad hoc manner NCF officials have interacted with the media must stop. BU agrees with the minister that an effective media policy will always add value to the process of disseminating timely and accurate information.

To support Lashley view, we had another Lashley demonstrating why a media policy is useful. Yesterday at the St. James North Democratic Labour Party (DLP) Constituency meeting Minister of Housing Michael Lashley reacted to the CADRES poll by telling party supporters, “polls don’t vote”. Lashley who has been unusually silent in recent weeks – as well as Minister of Agriculture David Estwick – no doubt strayed from his substantive script of expounding about government’s housing program to share his views on the findings of the CADRES poll.

BU suspects that Nation newspaper reporter Mike King travelled to the St. James North Constituency meeting with great anticipation stoked by the release of the CADRES poll. Lashley did not disappoint. Here is a classic case where a media policy of government should have kicked in to guide public pronouncements about how to treat with the CADRES matter by key government officials.  Especially given the nature of its findings. The nonsensical comments attributed to Minister of Housing Michael Lashley in the Nation newspaper showed clearly his comments were off the cuff and exposed a kind of lethargy by our leadership which is not welcomed in 2012.

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When Insensitivity, Ignorance And Commonsense Collide, The CLICO Saga Continued

Minister John Boyce having a drink in the company of Leroy Parris at Valery yesterday

In March 15, 2011 BU wrote about the insensitivity demonstrated by Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler, to be caught publicly sipping champagne in the company of former Chairman of CLICO Holdings Leroy Parris; he was all smiles on that occasion in the Sandy Lane Box on Gold Cup Day. Yet another minister is caught in the company of Leroy Parris at the launch of the Valery high rise housing project yesterday 8/11/2011).

It is a free country and ministers are free to fraternize with whosoever they please. However one would have thought with the CLICO Saga raging and a hotbed issue, ministers in government especially would show some modicum of commonsense and sensitivity indifference to policyholders who stand to lose significant lifesavings. So far the Deloitte judicial managers continue to search out the best way forward.

Where ignorance is bliss it should be exposed. Media reports confirmed that Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart along with Ministers Michael Lashley and Richard Sealy were in attendance at Valerie but appeared to have exercised better judgement to avoid being caught out. Kudos to Nation photographer Nigel Browne for  the Kodak moment.

Somebody needs to give Leroy Parris some advise. Whether you feel you have done nothing wrong in your former capacity as Chairman of CLICO Holdings there is something called commonsense, please exercise some. Why would you want to keep a high profile position at this time?

To further rub salt in the wounds of aggrieved CLICO and BAICO policyholders we understand he is about to change his Mercedez.

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