Warrens Roundabout – Politicians Must Listen to Citizens


Why do politicians ignore feedback?

The BU household vividly recalls the period during which the Greenland Landfill debate was a hot topic. Despite the sensible feedback offered by Barbadians the government of the day forged ahead with the project and today we are saddled with the result –millions of tax dollars wasted.

Former Minster of Transport and Works John Boyce has come out in defense of the work Government has done to improve traffic congestion in the Greater Warrens, St Michael, area – (Barbados Today 11 February 2014)

In 2014 after the government constructed the Warrens (oblong) roundabout circa 2012 there was an avalanche of criticism about the project and a flood of feedback was offered to the ministry by the public. One does not have to be an expert or consultant to determine that the Warrens roundabout was poorly designed based on the number of accidents and near misses that occur weekly.

How on earth can the authorities permit traffic to cross two lanes to enter the Simpsons complex when exiting from the West? How does one allow traffic to cross two lanes of traffic to enter the Warrens gas station when exiting the roundabout from the East?

Barbadians were pleased however to hear Minister Michael Lashley address the concerns of Barbadians when he finally admitted last week that the Warrens roundabout will undergo remedial work.  Millions of dollars later what was obvious to ordinary Barbadians from the initial construction will be addressed.

No doubt a few will be smiling all the way to the bank.


  • This use of NIS funds for highway flyovers,towers in Warrens and hotels should be forbidden by law.Just now pensions will be affected like a friend who says she is still awaiting her income tax refund for 2008 repeat 2008.These scams are enough to make people take the law into their hands as a form of restitution for all the underhand doings of these politicians. Perhaps the Quisling Boyce had a hand in that 3S arrangement and then ran to Thompson with it because he sat in the sanctum sanctorum when the idea was incubated with Bizzy and ‘the minister’.


  • Gabriel,

    NIS is the last ATM in Barbados for the local establishment in the driver´s seat. Revenue – gone for debt service. I predict that not only the currency will crash very soon, but also NIS. Your recommendation for a ban to abuse the NIS is honourable, but there won´t be any money to spend in any case.

    After next election, the new government will act as some kind of insolvency liquidator. We also need some historians – to tell the next generation how it was before 2008 and why Barbados transformed into some Caribbean Mozambique during the Dark Age of Ignorance and Deceit.


  • This is another call for politicians to listen to citizens who are concern about the mass dumping of toxic chemicals over this nation multiple times daily….

    Who has given permission to do this?
    Are you aware of its implications?
    Do you think that it will affect everyone else except you or your family and friends?.. think again.

    This has been ongoing for sometime and no one seems to care.



  • ET AL…

    This is another call for politicians to listen to citizens who are concern about the mass dumping of toxic chemicals over this nation multiple times daily….

    Who has given permission to do this?
    Are you aware of its implications?
    Do you think that it will affect everyone else except you or your family and friends?.. think again.

    This has been ongoing for sometime and no one seems to care.



  • Is this some attempt to fish for personal data?


  • Lets face it , most Barbadians drivers are taught to pass a driving test on a pre-determined route. Anything outside of this mandate is rocket science ,as far as they are concerned. Over the many years I have never heard a sensible announcement on radio or tv, instructing drivers how to correctly use roundabouts. Or for that matter our highways.
    But isn’t it strange that many of our people being transported in public service vehicles , are frequently injured due to senseless accidents, but we never see David Seale’s and COW William’s horses, traveling daily , in the back of horse boxes on their way to the Garrison, or a Polo Ground, suffering from injury due to the driver becoming involved in an accident.


  • Wily,
    Road safety is not the same as priority.

    @ David,

    Thanks for defending me, but the man is like an itch. If you cannot challenge him with argument, then abuse him. Sadly for him, and his admirers, I can take it.


  • Barbados Today page 16. BDLP….. This is how they roll !


  • ndtewarie April 13, 2017 at 9:44 AM #

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    I knew I can and I know I can
    Then I got my long SC1 book list list
    But from my mom’s eyes I saw mist
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    I never had anything nice so what
    Back to school and swung the bat
    I had to do better, I was poor but bright
    Topped my class studying without light
    I passed all my exams even the PTA2 one
    I breathed a sigh of relief now its all done
    Got a break as a Pupil Teacher only part time
    But slipped back right into the religious slime
    They won’t hire me because I wasn’t a Christian3
    I was an outcast again ‘cause Hindi was my bastion
    I once thought of using the rope
    But I bid my time, never lost hope
    Then my Uncle from another county
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    And I got a telegram one Friday afternoon
    To go to Anna Regina to Teach,.. too soon
    No clothes so I went to my Uncle with much hurt
    Went to Uncle Asraf and bought me $26.81 worth
    A big grip, raw cloth, shirts, a tie, comb and Brilliantine
    Left home going 200 miles away scary thoughts all mine
    Yes I got a break and gave thanks to the one Above
    I never lost hope for in my heart there was much love.



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  • More road traffic accidents. Barbados is in chaos. These self-professed educated people cannot even control road safety. This is our biggest social problem and the prime minister and his Cabinet remain silent about it. The man is a buffoon.


  • @ Hal
    This is just the tip of the iceberg.
    The PM and his collection of clowns are clueless…..but then again, so are you.

    Barbados is laced with narrow, winding roads and jam-packed with idiot drivers – whose main pastime is drinking and liming. They all now have access to high-powered, power-assisted, automatic vehicles – since Arthur and Sir Cave told them that success means having a paper from Cave Hill and two cars in the garage.

    Add to this a general lack of sidewalks, REALLY stupid, impatient, careless pedestrians walking /riding carelessly – dressed in dark clothing at night,…then add the thousands of children sky-larking on the roads morning and evening….
    Seriously – what do you expect?

    Previously, a divine presence seemed to have kept us in some level of check… you may want to call it ‘luck’….But ever since we have clearly embraced evil as a NATIONAL policy – as exemplified by such government sanctioned issues as:
    ..Four Seasons
    ..The Speaker of the House mugging clients and going unpunished
    ..The minister’s $4M mother
    ..Inviting the regions low-life entertainers here during lent
    ..The unresolved $3.3M diversion of funds
    ..The multiple scams with baloney
    ..the Auditor General’s ongoing litany of unpunished thievery and mismanagement

    ….we would be FOOLS to expect that any divine interests would continue to stick around trying to protect us from our brass bowl selves.
    …and PARTICULARLY after Froon and the clowns took the decision to build an alter on the Garrison in honour of their newly adopted boss…. and featuring his pitchfork dominating the Garrison savannah…after being unable to complete ANYTHING else of value in 9 years.

    Hal…If these people don’t understand decimals, cannot multiply, cannot communicate simple issues …. how the hell would you expect them to unravel a complex matter such as this one….?

    Bushie has been trying to explain the SERIOUS DANGERS of allowing EVIL to take root….. but the jackasses have only been focused on easy access to dollars…..
    We ain’t seen nothing yet….!!!


  • This is where the vision rises to the fore.

    Our narrow, winding roads do not fit with driving fast with these high powered vehicles.

    Our unplanned location of schools and work sites do not fit well with effcient traffic flows on a small island with a high number of vehicles.

    Our small island does not fit well with with the large transport Board buses deployed.

    So where is the vision Hal? Bushie?

    Feel free to add to the list..

    By the way, note the recently paved strech at Halls Road has been dug up by a utility already. The constant flow of traffic and the soon to come downpour will speed up a return to the status quo.



  • David,
    One car per household, better public transport system and dedicated traffic controls. Also pass the cost of road traffic accidents on to insurance companies, the hospital and ambulance service should do the same, magistrates should suspend drivers’ licenses and make passing the test more difficult.


  • The Chicken&Egg conundrum….

    Limit the imports of vehicles equals a reduction in tax revenue for BRA that would have to be replaced……with what??

    The merchant class with their imports provides a steady easy stream of revenue for succesive lazy govts who refuse to do the hard work of shifting the economy from imports to sustainability and exports.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ya gotta star somewhere, when the ministers get off their uppity soap boxes and realize that there is only 10 US dollars left in reserves, they will have to haul ass.

    Hal…making the issuance of driver’s licenses more difficult. …does not stop careless driving or drunk driving, or reckles driving or uncouth drivers…enforcing the road traffic laws currently available, introducing breathalyzers and harsher penalties for reckless driving will…

    ……all the problems on the island stems from both government’s neglect and refusal to enforce existing rules and regulations, the minister’s propensity to punish anyone who tries to enforce existing laws and regulation……..and giving special treatment to those connected to them…who break those laws…..eg….Dumbville Inniss was highly annoyed that his wife was stopped for a traffic infraction by a police officer doing his job..that he called the police station to make a big stink and cause trouble for the officer just doing is job..

    …..just saying cause ah know with you everything has to be spelled out.

    You cannot keep doing the same stupid things for 50 years and expect different results.


  • Well Well & Consequences Observing Blogger

    Ya gotta start somewhere….


  • @David at 8:03 AM…The issues of our road management are well ventilated so nothing to add there but I was taken with your remark that “Our unplanned location of schools and work sites do not fit well with effcient traffic flows on a small island with a high number of vehicles.”

    I actually was generally ‘impressed’ with the location of schools built over the last many years (QC, a great example)…particularly when one considers that said locations – of primary schools – are often a function of the growth in the surrounding areas.

    But mine has really been a cursory examination.

    What are the dynamics that led to your remark?

    Work sites are a different matter completely as the inputs there go in reverse: government can create any suitable work site (depending on industry) and develop the infrastructure (transport etc) to support that site.


  • @Dee Word

    Should the location of schools be linked to zoning if your observation is accurate?


  • During the economic crisis in the early 1980’s , Tom Adams ,then Prime Minister, restricted the import of cars/vehicles above I think, BDS.$10,000. This was the gate way in making one man very rich .


  • We saw the rise of the Shodas, CXGS and Suzukis.


    Where is the logic and practicality of proposing a scheme to circumvent government?


  • David

    Who has a scheme to circumvent govt?

    Govt…any which one….has to start restructuring our economy and infrastructure,this country cannot be allowed to free fall for much longer.


  • @Vincent

    Don’t worry, be happy.

    To borrow form you and Bernard, things will evolve to what it must be.


  • David

    That is quite true.

    You know the evolution is taking place and along its path changes will manifest themselves……….well I am anxious for a manifestation as its due anytime know…..enjoy.


  • Is the defence force now helping with road traffic accidents?


  • @ Hal
    Do you mean other than the Defence Force’s Ambulance Crews who are frequently called out , especially at times when the civilian Ambulance Service is unable to field enough ambulances,if any, due to perennial mechanical problems? I believe that the Police and Defence Force are still engaged in conducting Joint Patrols, and if a joint patrol is in the vicinity of a serious accident, the Police Constable in that JP may snap into action. The soldiers of that patrol seen milling around ,may be surplus to requirement. SP’s so to speak.


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