White Hill Residents Seeing Red this Christmas

Submitted by Anthony Davis

“Nearly a month before a section of the road at White Hill, St. Andrew was extensively damaged by heavy rains, Government had already completed five houses at Farmers, St. Thomas, for relocation of residents whose houses had been threatened by soil slippage. Additionally, Government had plans to offer a grant of $25,000 to assist the affected home owners in relocating”Barbados Today

Firstly, I would like to ask three simple questions.

1) How come “the matter was subject of an October 30 Cabinet Paper“, and Minister of Transport and Works, Michael Lashley, never mentioned it when he stated in an interview with Barbados TODAY on page 10 of that paper dated 26 November, 2014: “Certainly this road will have to be abandoned; it is dangerous”?

2) Why was the Cabinet Paper stuck in Cabinet for so long?

3) Was Cabinet waiting for a miracle?

I have always heard that a stitch in time saves nine, so Government has only itself to blame. It is all well and good to talk about relocation, but what about the logistics?

Will the residents be ferried out by helicopter?

Even if they were, what about the contents of their houses?

How near will furniture removal trucks be able to get to the residences?

Will you use sky crane helicopters to get out the furniture, or will you put it on the backs of donkeys or mules to get it to a safe place where the trucks can take over?

Don’t forget that Arlington Murray said that they are cut off from the rest of Barbados!

The problem is that you make plans, but many of them are not executed. I guess that the $25, 000 were the main problem, because the Minister of Finance has to sign off on that. He does not have any comment to make about the high-end SUVs that were recently bought, but he would balk at giving the residents of White Hill $25, 000 to help them with their relocation.

If it was for the always “soon ready to start again” “All Seasons” he would have found it – even if he “borrowed” it from the NIS Funds. That is our “people-centred” Government’s mantra. The poor, the needy and the vulnerable in our society can wait till the cows come home before they are looked after, whereas the rich, the famous, and the bigoted get what they want in a flash. Usually, in such a case, the head of the Government visits the area to assess the damage for himself, and to listen to the woes of the residents. In the mean time, the Prime Minister jets off once again!

As former Prime Minister, Owen Arthur, was wont to say: “That is unconscionable.”

24 thoughts on “White Hill Residents Seeing Red this Christmas

  1. DLP are true Niggers of the Caribbean , supporters sit back and take a goof look at who bought what votes and where they sit today,

    The same way the voting went is the same way they behave, crooks, liars scumbags and fools,
    Now what are the CHURCH LEADERS SAYING ? Nothing, for they are the same group , Building more CHURCHES than schools, Looking to pick your pockets ,

    Get your Bible and stay home,

  2. Anthony | December 13, 2014 at 7:42 AM |
    In the mean time, the Prime Minister jets off once again!

    To where may we asks???? Alaska, Tibet or I-ran…?

  3. White Hill is not seen as a priority for this Government and anyone with one good eye can discern the reason. The reason for the neglect is clear from the answer to two questions:1. Where is White Hill located? And 2. Which party represents that constituency in the House of Assembly?

  4. Heard on this morning’s news that the CXC had reason to celebrate with a big bash at the Crane Hotel.I wonder where these Government funded departments and agencies find the thousands of dollars to spend in the fare of these dinners or whatever they are called,not to forget the money spent on other non essential dressing up by people who are hard done by but must show a “face”.Of course the political class asses will be using the opportunity to ‘boas’ and garner votes.Get your priorities right Cabinet.Barbados cannot afford these spendthrift affairs.The country is on its knees people.Wake up!

    • @Caswell

      Are you saying Senator Irene ‘commands’ no influence as far as affecting change in her constituency?

    • David

      It not her constituency. The reason for the neglect of those constituents is to show them that George Payne can’t do anything for them. So when Government finally move to offer assistance it would come over as the DLP a helping them and hopefully the ensuing gratitude would be translated into votes.

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  5. Typical local government, lazy to move and enact the “stitch in time saves nine” credo, Sandiford-Garner has always shown herself to be pretty useless. That road was deteriorating back in 2006 when I drove up there, it’s now 2012 and there is no longer a road, now they want to pretend they may do something about a road they allowed to deteriorate to such a disgusting level…..steupss.


    Justice Gibson knows who the culprits are that clog up the supreme court system in civil matters, waste the court’s time and taxpayer’s money. I have quite the example for BU to dissect and analyze, just waiting for the right opportunity to expose this idiocy that has made insurance companies in Barbados quite wealthy.

    Part of the problems are the loopholes left in place to tie the hands of the Judges, so that certain people on the island can benefit, the court system needs to change with the times, now that David Simmons’ stench should no longer be a deciding factor. Justice Gibson should be able to affect change without any major fights or challenges.

  6. Whitehill should be treated as a “Disaster area”.

    The next time torrential rain falls on that area it will be horrendous.

    • @Caswell

      Not sure you are correct, in fact Senator Irene recently was quoted in the media that the National Housing Corporation under her government has dragged its feet on the White Hill issue.

    • David

      That is called passing the buck. You should realise by now that when anything goes wrong in the country, spokespersons for the Government always find someone to blame it on. How the hell can NHC do anything when Government is not providing the financial resources to get the job done.

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  7. There is no good reason to wait for people to die.


    Seems that I learned about this possibility in Geography class in 1964 but I could be wrong.

  8. During all this head scratching and hair pulling about Scotland District and White Hill, I ‘ve yet to hear anyone call on the resources of that area’s long standing soil conservation pioneer and expert, Edward Cumberbatch.

  9. The experts on the Scotland district put a sign up there long time go that the land was not for building as it was prone to land slippage. It is said that someone took down the sign and let more people move in. White Hill has been slipping for centuries and should not be used for housing.

    • @Clone

      And do you agree operatives from both political parties would have been aware of the state of White Hill? If yes what does it tell us.

  10. WhiteHill @ come home and help remove these dam crooks.

    We are here to fix and remove them .

  11. Clone | December 13, 2014 at 4:21 PM |

    The experts on the Scotland district put a sign up there long time go that the land was not for building as it was prone to land slippage. It is said that someone took down the sign and let more people move in. White Hill has been slipping for centuries and should not be used for housing.
    Both parties are guilty of turning a blind eye to these practices, in order to secure votes.
    If my memory serves me right, I believe that at one time, residents were moved from the Ridge in St Joseph to Lammings Housing area, and today homes are back on the Ridge. Either people have moved back, or new people have occupied the vacated spots there.
    But to be quite honest , the dense forests which have now taken over the once surrounding Frizers plantation productive lands, might have made the area stable. Given time the same may happen to Whitehill.
    And how about the Spa Hill in St Joseph ? the road has been virtually abandoned , while a few residents are still not relocated. I do not know how the BL&P or the BWA can manage to maintain their services there.

  12. The Minister of Transport in his latest back peddling on the White Hill road issue,has been quoted in the press as saying that he ..” would be making contact with the management of CO.Williams Construction,which had promised to assist with the provision of a temporary pathway to allow residents easier access to the community.”
    I do hope that the Minister is not mistaking the “C” on CO. Williams stands for Charity. If CO Williams or JADA are “asked for assistance,” it will cat the taxpayer of this country heavily.
    That leads me to ask the question, why are we seemingly going to C.O. Williams, et al, with cap in hand, when the taxpayers of this country have invested heavily,very heavily, in earth moving and construction equipment supplied to the Ministry of Transport and Works and Soil Conservation plus the many other government department equipped with some over-top- heavy equipment ? (I once saw a road grader being used to “weed” the side of the road on the ABC highway, and a giant Backhoe, used as a wheel barrow to pick up leaves, right in front of Government Headquarters, Bay Street)
    May I remind the Minister of Transport ,and Barbados in general, that those bridges in the Scotland District,that are still holding fast after some 60 years and many frequent assaults of rushing water, in Brucevale,Cane Garden, Joes River , Trio Path and others were all built by the predecessor of the Ministry of Transport and Works (MTW) , the Department of Highways and Transport (H&T)
    And in today’s Nation we read of the plight of many residents in the Welchman Hall area who have fell victim to a fairly recent Water re-zoning exercise , and are being denied some utility services, as they are what our friend Irene-Sandiford Garner said,”that no one seemed to want to say it, but if you are squatting you cannot get permission to get water.”
    I wonder if this new water zoning ,squatting and denial of water, apply to the relatively new mansions at the northern end of the Vault Road / Carrington Village , and on the edge of the Botanical Gardens. I also wonder how long have these unfortunate residents, many of whom have lived all of their lives on these lands , been deemed squatters?
    As Tom Adams would have put it, over a couple of years ago I heard that the water zoning borders were ‘gerrymandered’ to accommodate certain people in the Vault Road.
    Plantation Deeds accusations do ring true.

  13. Please confirm anyone, if the White Hill road closed by the MTW is the very word Senator Sandiford -Garner was boasting about last Christmas.

  14. @ David,

    There are competent professional Engineers and “road builders” in Barbados.

    We all know that it takes “special engineering” to build anything in the “Scotland district” because of the threat of land slippage.

    Let us hope the next rainfall comes after the road is properly fixed.

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