Michael Lashley: Lawmaker Lawbreaker

The following was posted to his Facebook page by former Attorney General and member of parliament for St. Joseph Dale Marshall

Road Safety Association personnel staking flags next tp potholes to warn motorists

The Ministry (read Minister) of Public Works is demanding that the Road Safety Association remove the fluorescent flags which that association has installed to give warning of potholes. The Ministry (Minister) asserts that it is contrary to law.

No matter how laudable their effort, no matter how good the cause, if the installation of the flags is contrary to law, the association must move them, or face the penalty stipulated in the statute. Plain and simple.

But the chickens do sometimes come home to roost.

In the General Election of 2008, the DLP unlawfully erected a large number of billboards, displaying campaign messages. The Chief Town Planner went public and demanded that the DLP remove the billboards, since their erection was contrary to the Laws of Barbados.

Michael Lashley was smirking as the DLP’s then leader, David Thompson, announced that they would be doing no such thing! He went further to say that by the time anything could be done about it, the DLP would have won the Government!!

In 2008, Michael Lashley was fully in support of a flagrant violation of the laws of Barbados, since at that time it suited him. Now, he wants to cry foul.

Mr. Lashley, what about the other flagrant violations of the laws of Barbados at Coverley? Do they also suit your purposes?

Did the Chief Town Planner not issue an enforcement notice for the structure in the road outside Coverley, which your Ministry, responsible for roads and road safety, has conveniently chosen not to demolish, as per the Chief Town Planner’s directions? What about your part in that violation of our laws?

All people must obey all the laws. That is the rule of law.

If installing the warning flags is contrary to law, then they must be removed.

But as a user of the road, if a flag placed alongside the road could warn me of the presence of a pothole, I would consider that to be helping to preserve life and limb.

I salute the Association for its efforts to save lives. And those efforts might well see justice being tempered with mercy if any charges are brought against these fine individuals.

St. Augustine said “An unjust law is no law at all.”

I say that Mr. Lashley and his government are now feeling the backlash of their flouting the laws only 8 years ago. But this time, in a far more noble cause.

112 thoughts on “Michael Lashley: Lawmaker Lawbreaker

  1. I happened to be watching the DLPTV news the night the Road Safety President said that they would be laying down these warning flags.

    We had a friend over and I said to my friend…….I hope they have permission because by tomorrow the minister will say that the flags are illegal. I also told my friend …….he, Lashley of all people should not be opposing the putting down of the flags bearing in mind what the DLP did in 2008.

    And right on cue…..there he was on the VOB 6.30 news saying the flags would be a distraction and they are illegal.

    The hypocrisy of these dems is priceless!

  2. It’s a public service, warning the public of the danger to their life, limb and vehicles, the wild beasts in government dont care if the public gets injured in these potholes…..not one seat for them….vote them out…, Fruendel the Fiend and his dishonest, hypocritical, bribetaking ministers.

  3. To the Former Attorney General, and parliamentary member for St Joseph, Dale Marshall, as is customary for people of your ilk, you are speaking to this subject and understandably not speaking “the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

    In fact, an uninformed public that you now seek to mislead with these emotive comments, would be well surprised to know that you have illegally? erected a sign of some size which is conspicuously noticeable (to those bold enough to look upon it)

    If de ole man memory served him correctly said sign, of some dimensions, albeit not those that the DLP used, for the 30 days permissible by law, can be seen on the way down Horse Hill.

    As former Attorney General one would be led to wonder if, said sign adorned with your visage, does indeed comply with any Town and Country Planning regulations and if, given that thou art now the defender of the underdog, you would be so kind to provide a copy of said permission for law biding citizens, among whom you supposedly number, to view.

    Now, one wonders if you, cognisant of the the fact that the enforcement statute has a 30 day period within which time the structure(s) can remain in place, might advise members of the Road Safety Association to leave the structured there for 29 days and remove them on that day prior to breaking the statute?

    One wonders further, given that the breach speaks to 30 contiguous days, whether you would advise the RSA to return to the site and install the flags for another 29 days

    One wonders if you are only indirectly encouraging this sedition (that is what Verla DepPiecuh suck up tp Fumbles would call it) a seeming support? of the “breaking of the law”, notwithstanding your former position as the Attorney General of Barbados, just because it is simple “contra DLP”.

    This is probably a topic that you should have remained quiet about and spent some time telling the public whether you were finally able to determine if the currency in which the quotation for the building of the Barbados Replacement prison was Bajan Currency or US Greenbacks

    Both you BLP and DLP representatives are no different, you do the same thing to we the people, ef us “with no grease” while whispering “de other party did it to you, why cant I?” Whu sort of car you had when you was Attorney General again???

  4. Is what it is dat de ole man was drinking? He carry long my boy Teets Marshall scruffy enough. I was wondering how comes he didn’t bother to remind he about de speedometer rolling back thing wid he buddies. Or about de $5000.00 that changed hands supposedly for citizenship….dat didn’t crime to? One can’t tell de next one come back.

  5. Mr Hill

    When it comes to doint the right ting for one’s country we cant have no friends cause that friendship is going to be the death of all of us

  6. @ David Commissiong

    de ole man expects that, as we get closer to the General Elections, a specific trend will appear and, as is evidenced by John Boyce’s predictive comment about social media, we are seeing the way that the Democratic Labour Party proposes to fight this general election.

    By closing down the internet (and a nex feller let slip dat dem planning to “duplicate de ballot boxes.

    Maybe Mr Caswell Franklyn might be able to comment on how then cud get that do. I mean like if (a) all during the election polls I keep a count pun de voters and (b) transmit that information to the place where the duplicate ballot boxes is (c) if de same number dat vote is de number in the replacement ballot boxes, albeit dat dem is favouring de DLP den (d) effing de real real boxes get switch with de duplicate boxes, between de time dat dem lef de polling station and get to the counting stations, effing Mia and she peeples ent watching de boxes dem, WHILE IN DE ACTUAL VEHICLES, effing de number of those who voted and those ballots counted tally dere would not be any need to validate the ballots against the stub would there?

    hmmmmmmm, de ole man jes wondering bout dese tings dem but Mr Franklyn can comment

    But de ole man digressing.

    This excerpt below from Freedom House best speaks to the nature of the perspective that (repressive) governments see social media commentary

    “The battle over internet freedom comes at a time when nearly one third of the world’s population has used the internet.”

    “Governments are responding to the increased influence of the new medium by seeking to control online activity, restricting the free flow of information, and otherwise infringing on the rights of users.”

    “The methods of control are becoming more sophisticated, and tactics previously evident in only the most repressive environments—such as governments instigating deliberate connection disruptions or hiring armies of paid commentators to manipulate online discussions—are appearing in a wider set of countries.”

    John “Whisper” Boyce goes on to say while speaking to members of his Christ Church South constituency branch at the St Lawrence Primary School recently that “officials in his ministry had been discussing, very seriously. a counter strategy that would go beyond health promotion…”

    Now wunna gots to tell de ole man, whu “counter strategy” people in the Ministry of Health, a ministry which should be concerned with finding toilet paper to wipe the botsies of patients at the QEH or finding food for the patients of the Mental Hospital in Balck Rock, instead of giving them Dog food, why “counter strategy” could they be looking at that would go beyond health promotion?

    He is speaking of the soon-to-be-legislated” suppression of the opinions of the people or more specifically the proactive negative trajectory of the DLP as it relates to their anti-social media stance and increasing “outreach” against “internet freedom”

    You need to note that they propose to effect this clampdown prior to the General Election.

    So David Come-Along, your services are going to be required again, soon when, instead of any Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information which they promised in 2008, when the now dead King was alive, these, the most inept politicians that this cuntry has known, will seek to enforce martial law on the internet airwaves.

    It is a thing most interesting that they have made this mad rush to change the leading officers of the Barbados Defence Force to avowed DLPites.

    We seem to be going into a state of military law, certainly all the elements are in place, a Chief Justice who is DLP, a Chief of Police who is DLP, a Defence Force that is DLP, hmmmmmmmm….

    New Riot Gear for the Police, Military Aid from the Chinese, specifically aid to facilitate internet subjugation/suppression

    Yet, Mia Mugabe Mottley and Dale Teets Marshall and all the rest of these so called representatives of the party in the offing, are quiet as church mice ….

    Come leh we all go and wuk up and have a good time nuh…

  7. So de ole man gine contine dis thread with some “key trends” for your active consideration.

    Please note that this is plagiarized from Freedom House and have been modified in part but any similarity to local situations is purely coincidental

    “Key Trends

    New laws restrict free speech: Could a parallel be drawn with what is happening in the CGI/Naked Underground ongoing verbal battle to suggest that new laws or tacit directives are being effected to either (a) restrict online speech, (b) violate user privacy, or (c) reach across borders to punish individuals who post content deemed objectionable or undesirable.
    Bloggers and ordinary users seem of late to face arrest for political speech or speech directed against politicians on the web: can any similarities be drawn to the fact that one blogger Omar something or the other, somebody’s son, was recently arrested for content posted online against one Lashes?
    Attacks against government critics are intensifying: recently they were persecuting Roy Morris and Vivianne Gittens for lascivious postings in the newspaper/internet media, the fellow from the Union Akanni McDowall was demoted for his criticism of the DLP government albeit not primarily online, and demoted. We soon may have circumstances where bloggers are tortured, disappeared, beaten, or brutally assaulted as a result of their online posts.
    As an aside the transparency International reports about barbados would always be favourable sine the very agency that the TI people go to, is led by the very man whose existence depends on Lil Caesar so in that regard we can be assured that there will be no posting of information that exposes any type of human rights abuses.
    Paid commentators, hijacking attacks are proliferating: Well if we do not have mention here up front and centre of the Paling Yard Fowls of one AC and Alvin Cummins who represent that “the phenomenon of paid pro-government commentators” a practice that has been ongoing here on BU for 8 years.
    What is to be soon expected will be the soon to commence politically motivated cyberattacks against Barbados Underground.
    And of course the final fronteir. “Surveillance is increasing, (check wunna cell phones and how dem turning on in de night or how wunna hearing de voices of the dispatchers at District A police Station. and, given that the RBPB feature centrally in this survelllance fiasco, there continues to be “no checks on abuse.
    De old man still ent hear whu happen wid Nazzim Blackett and de Commissioner of Police Tyronne Griffith still telling de recruits tuh “uphold de law” he and de nex feller who teeling de Immigration Officers who got 5 houses and ting “not to tek bribes”
    De ole man tell wunn dat wunn can expect “a new law or directive disproportionately enhanced surveillance” More specifically wunna will note that one Carl Moore Aussie more nephew is now pursuing this campaign per the removal of ” user anonymity”.

    We can only expect that the enhanced “surveillance will target (all uh wunna) government critics, particularly since “safeguards for user rights and oversight procedures are severely lagging or administered by dufuses like de Intellectual Property woman and she cohort of technical cretins who incredibly, lead government outreaches and, once crossed use (read abuse) the constitution and the legal system read denial of a speedy trial

    Come leh we wuk up and have a good time….

  8. Mr Lashley was recently in London with a team of advisers discussing transport matters with Transport for London, the successor body to |London Transport.
    Since he was born in London, he is obviously familiar with the number of Barbadians recruited in the 1950s and 60s to work on London Transport, many of them now retired back to Barbados.
    Has he ever talked to any of these people? Why did he not have a public meeting at the high commission, as was the custom, so people can come in and offer advice for nothing? |Has he reported back to parliament?
    Is it arrogance or stupidity?

  9. Someone should tell John Boyce that if another freak storm hits Barbados before they get those diffusers in place, there will be another shit bomb released in the streets and in the sea, he will have to go swimming in more poop to massage the tourists….the roads need repairs, the QEH needs an upgrade, etc, etc, dont he have anything better to do…

    …… according to social media, the female died, for the time the video was rolling, there were no Doctors in attendance to attempt to save her life, so whose fault is that with a hospital filled with hundreds of doctors on any given day….how long was she lying there after attempts were made to get doctors to come outside, she was not a dog or a cat, she was human.

  10. So Fruendel the Fiend and his bunch of wannabe dictators have caused the island to be downgraded AGAIN……..cant blame social media for that…..lol maybe if they would all focus more on their JOBS and less about what is being said about them on social media….there would be no more downgrades for the island and they can get the JOB of stabilizing the country done.

    All it is the retarded dimwitted yardfowls ACs, Alvins etc wasted years on BU trying to spread their lies, mindwash and idiocy on the blogs and it failed, they were ignored, there are many more intelligent black bajan people out there than they thought….we are not our parents and grandparents in intellect…..not easily brainwashed, fooled and accepting of the ministers and politicians ruthless and dangerous lies and disdain for their own black people because they believe titles make them a cut above us….and they hate that….well too bad.

  11. Wait, do the people of Barbados, pervasively, suffer from dementia.

    Seems to us that one serial law-breaker is complaining about another.

  12. Voting out this DLP government may be granted , but what are we going to do with the top Civil Servants , who breach their duty, and then victimize person who complain, for instance, the CTO of MTW Mr. Frank Thornhill have refused to adress a dangerous flooding situation in Clarke’s Road St. James

  13. They have short memories about everything Pacha, particularly each others, welfare and wellbeing…..except for when it pertains to each others progress or personal business to destroy.

    Marshall is a known jackass….had a flag been erected in that pothole yesterday, the driver would have avoided the pothole and the Archer child would not be suffering injuries today.

    Why is the government not erecting beacons to warn drivers of the dangerous potholes they are neglecting to fix,

  14. “Well Well “what is wrong with you? you are sounding like Me , We , Us, ,, You may again Make David of BU think we are the same person AGAIN

    We have been saying for year that they are all crooks and the people and lawyer crook on BU run to their aid with mouth shut, They are crooks and we have the proof and we speak it , But when you buy votes and sell votes you cant talk too loud or not at all,

    By they time others agree with us, we, me , It maybe too late again for another 5 years , So FUmble can raise his hand with Leroy Parris and say 5 More Years we fool those stupid Niggers Bajans again,

    What they could not do in the last 8 years they can not do in the next 5 years without truth,

    How many times can shoot yourself in the FOOT before you RUN out of FEET?Maybe these other crook need to save one for their HEAD, VOTE CUP for a new and better World in Barbados .. If you have a better Truth Bring it , We taking all Questions because we have the Answers that are missing , removed or hidden,

  15. Hal Austin January 11, 2017 at 3:56 AM #

    Mr Lashley was recently in London with a team of advisers discussing transport matters with Transport for London, the successor body to |London Transport.@@@

    Hall ,toooo late for that crook lawyer fool

  16. Watchman January 11, 2017 at 8:05 AM #
    Voting out this DLP government may be granted , but what are we going to do with the top Civil Servants , who breach their duty, and then victimize

    Or untouchable, notorious teefs like Mark Cummings, surely the biggest snivel servant crook in Bajan history after Randolf Straughn.

  17. Well Well,
    Pot calling Kettle Black? Potholes being patched. Diffusers on order (we cannot manufacture them here, and to be shipped soon; they can’t fly on their own. Caw’mere problem fixed. Rain fall and the water problem well on the way to being solved; new top brass. The signs were removed after the objection from the Town Planning office. (that was in 2008) The Minister “was in London” trying to get assistance in solving the Transport Problem. He really should have gone to Toronto to learn how to run an efficient system, and he should send some of the supervisors and drivers there to train in efficiency, courtesy, and punctuality.We got to get away from this England dependency. He should also consult with Bombardier in Montreal to see about changing the busses, so that we could obtain “Kneeling busses” for the disabled or partially disabled, and those who are aged.

  18. By the way, I have to do like Trump, this supposed downgrade from a so called rating agency could have been done using a computer in somebody’s bedroom. This so called rating agency (never heard of before; regional rating agency) said: “… the action was taken based on available public information, as the Freundel Stuart administration had failed to meet its requests for its regular onsite annual surveillance meetings…”. It is obvious that this “agency ” HAS BEEN RIGHTFULLY IGNORED”. Who are they? Their request for information, and this so called “public information” could be any source, with any type of information. What do these downgrades mean anyhow? It only means that if you want to borrow on a market the interest rates charged still have to be negotiated.

  19. Alvin….prevention would have been better than now trying to cure…if potholes were fixed 5 years ago by Fruendel the Fiend and his clowns, the Archer child could not have been injured on Prospect Road yesterday morning at a bus stop waiting for a schoolbus, going North..

    Preventation would have averted the shitbomb flooding the roads and the sea if fixed 5 years ago by the same above idiots….how do you fix rainfall and water problens without building dams to capture run off water.

    Why did you not tell Lashley about the Toronto bus system 5 years ago, Dumbville and Fruendel travel to Canada all the time, they know the effeciency of the Canadian transport system and refuse to adopt it but allow the corrupt system of Simpson Motors not fixing buses properly to continue and whatever other scam they all have in place to rob taxpayers, importing mediocre buses from Brazil that are not fit for roads and fall apart easily, bells not working, doors not closing and allowing Peter Harris and CGI insurance to continue destroying all equity in the transport board with decades old personal injury cases piled up in the supreme court.

    How will all of that now get fixed with little to no money which have all been wasted for 9 years….they wasted taxpayer’s money….they had 9 years to get it right and did not, time to get rid of their and your idiocy Alvin.

  20. Frustrated…the top civil servants will be there under any government……if the government is not corrupt, they could rein in the civil servants or fire them…..if the governments continue to be corrupt, things will remain as is….wholesale corruption throughout givernment and the civil service.

  21. Alvin….again, I am the ass that will continue to telll you, if the government changes nothing……nothing will ever change.

    …….you have at least 8 decades on this earth and you still dont know that……wasted taxpayer’s education money.

  22. Alvin

    Chuckle…..Standard&Poors,does the name ring a bell……..how many people do you need to tell you that we are at junk status???

  23. Alvin….with his small, disrespectful mind thinks because it is a Caribbean agency, they are not credible, smallminded black man Alvin.

  24. What really is the purpose of an Ombudsman? when this office do not even respond to the complains, especially the black lower working class who don’t have the wherewithal and are unjustly disadvantage by the inaction of PS in Ministries , for instance , what is the duty of the PS in MTW, other than to join corrupted like minded people in the Ministry, that official disregarded all letters sent him,

  25. The ombudsman is always drunk, a post given to him after being removed as a nonfunctioning magistrate, do not expect anything more, he is enjoying free taxpayers money…for doing absolutely nothing.

    • How can the government devalue BEFORE the next general election?

      On Wednesday, 11 January 2017, Barbados Underground wrote:


  26. @ Alvin Cummins January 11, 2017 at 9:21 AM
    “The Minister “was in London” trying to get assistance in solving the Transport Problem. He really should have gone to Toronto to learn how to run an efficient system, and he should send some of the supervisors and drivers there to train in efficiency, courtesy, and punctuality. We got to get away from this England dependency. He should also consult with Bombardier in Montreal to see about changing the busses, so that we could obtain “Kneeling busses” for the disabled or partially disabled, and those who are aged.”

    Alvin the mule, you stupid son of a jackass! What the heck do you know about England and its bus service?

    Why don’t you also advise the Minister of Tourism ‘to get away from this “England” dependency” where over 50% of your tourist arrivals are from the UK? Why not argue for a cutback in flights by BA and Virgin Atlantic and see what would happen to your GAIA?
    The original public transport system of Barbados was based on the London transport system. And it is to the motherland of all public transportation that many Bajans gravitated in the 1950’s and 60’s.

    It is only because a bunch of black incompetent bastards (and asinine yard-fowls like you from both sides of the political fence) took control of the wheel of management that the system has fallen into a pothole of crass operational performance so much so as to threaten the level of productivity among low-income workers and to undermine the very economic and social existence of the country.

    Alvin, you will soon have the ‘royal’ opportunity to ditch everything “England” in the coming months.

    Her Majesty will not be around and you can use that as the perfect excuse to literally bury the broken trident instead of the recent ceremonial display in some satanic ritual involving a pitchfork of political hypocrisy.
    Why not turn Barbados into a fully-fledged banana republic and see if Canada, O Canada, would follow suit instead of hanging onto Charlie or Willie royal apron strings.

    “Ô Canada!
    Terre de nos aïeux,
    Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux!
    Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,
    Il sait porter la croix!
    Ton histoire est une epopee
    Des plus brillants exploits.
    Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.
    Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.”

  27. @ David January 11, 2017 at 12:34 PM
    “How can the government devalue BEFORE the next general election?”

    Your fortuneteller’s ball is being rubbed by some genie who escaped from the bottle floated in the sea of circumlocution and obfuscation by the garden gnome-like doctor called DW the economist dimwit.

    There is no way can Barbados endure another 6 months of economic survival without a large forex fix pumped right into its veins like heroin to an addict and no methadone around and the IMF pharmacy open to supply. But there is one condition that the patented drug dealer requires.

    Let the bell ring before embarking on such a ‘mission’ of no return.

    It seems the ‘quacking’ doctor of financial and economic propaganda is unable to ‘plug’ the circular error caused by that $300 million in foreign reserves missing since 2013.
    It’s a strange oversight that the Janus-like payment in forex for the Dodds prisons no longer features in the Guv’s reasons for the drop in foreign reserves.

    The evil that men do (including dead ones), ‘lives’ after them. But the good is always ‘interred’ at the Garrison.

  28. Miller…..Pour les non français, ceux qui ne parlent pas la langue….

    “O Canada!
    Land of our ancestors,
    Your brow is girded with glorious florets!
    For your arm knows how to carry the sword,
    He can carry the cross!
    Your story is an epic
    Most brilliant exploits.
    And your worth, of toughened faith,
    Will protect our homes and our rights.
    Will protect our homes and our rights

  29. Hants January 11, 2017 at 1:45 PM #
    “BARBADOS NATIONAL OIL Company Ltd. (BNOCL) has confirmed that it has signed an agreement with the SOL Group for the sale of the shares of its subsidiary, Barbados National Terminal Company Limited (BNTCL).


    They have no choice. Sir Kyf has been propping up his DLP gov’ts for decades, this one more than any other with fuel credits, Transport Board credit on labour/parts (for shit busses they never should have bought) and BWA equipment leases.

    Who pays the piper calls the tune.

    So, where in all this is the Fair Trading Commission? One fuel supplier for the entire island? Will it stand the same Committee scrutiny that BL&P does?

    Teefin everywhere on this little rock.

    • Sir Kyffin has been allowed to corner the market on gas and diesel distribution read SOL and ESSO so what is the difference by acquiring the profitable BNTCL?

  30. @ Hants January 11, 2017 at 1:45 PM
    “Consumers will continue to access product at their regular sources as before. Prices at the pumps will only change in accordance with the price of imported products as is currently done,” the statement said. ”

    Hants, why don’t you make a call to your boss man in Bim and ‘demand’ he rings the bell?

    This is not the mandate under which Bajans returned in 2013 his now proven hypocritical administration.

    The current administration has neither political nor moral authority to privatize or outsource any State-owned entity or function without seeking a fresh mandate from the country’s eligible shareholders, i.e. eligible voters.

    Which capitalist investor- whether ungodly or godly in his moral propaganda- would invest tens of millions of growingly scarce foreign exchange and operating in a sunset petroleum industry within a growing alternative energy competitive environment?
    Which investor would feel confident operating with a political overlord setting ‘fickle’ prices already determined by exogenous factors and not seek to ‘inviolably’ establish ‘agreed’ commitments to a guaranteed rate of return much, much higher than the 1% the taxpayers of Barbados can expect from their acquiescence to succumb to their political servants?

    It seems that ‘what goes around with the economy certainly comes around with different DLP administrations. Mobil Oil was guaranteed 23% with Sandie. What is it now with Lord Fumble? Must be nothing less than 20%,to Sol, for sure.

    The question to be asked is if this is the end for BNOCL.

    Without its cash cow BNTCL (and the NPC already pledged to SOL) there is no way the aging parent company can survive in a modern costly world of growing environmental concerns.

    Quo Vadis , Rubis!

  31. @ PIECE

    That name person I know is a drunker long ago ,I used to see the man up by Andrew Boyce Garage, I am sure Boyce used to carry him home or where he sleep, his behavior was shot then, how can this impaired person hold Office, JHC, Barbados is managed by impaired actors, from the PM down

  32. @ David January 11, 2017 at 3:02 PM

    Finished petroleum products are saleable consumer items and not a utility.

    Why should there be a monopoly of supplier? Why not a duopoly as Rubis has been arguing for?

    A very strong case has now been created for the finished petroleum products distribution and retailing business be taken from the ‘compromised’ arm of the government and put under the more ‘open’ ambit of the FTC.

  33. @ millertheanunnaki,

    All I did was copy and paste the article.

    You can call the boss man and demand he “rings the bell”……. before October 16th 2017. lol

  34. An unverified, unfolding story, but funny as hell…lol, haha.

    You called it Trump. You told the Russians to hack Hillary and they also hacked you, and now they’ve got a video of you.

    What is it? You sowed the wind, you reap…”

    • Yes it was coming for the last 5 years, many of the policyholders have died waiting for the P-day. And they are still waiting until it is paid.

  35. In the last few days gasoline prices in Guyana increased from BD$1.78 to Bd$1.90 per litre.In Barbados at the same time prices decreased from $2.91 to $2.78 per litre.Why this great disparity in cost at the pump.The government of Barbados has for years been over pricing the cost of petrol,using their hidden formulae to befuddle the citizens of this country.But what the hell you expect from somebody like Darcy Boyce whom Owen Arthur termed a quisling or traitor who sold out OSA to the King of St John who notoriously proclaimed…I will not lie.cheat or steal……then sotte voce…except from Clico.

  36. David
    Yes it was coming for the last 5 years, many of the policyholders have died waiting for the P-day. And they are still waiting until it is paid.


    would be interesting if you can verify how “many ” have died ? or is that a preamble to your dissemination of fake news

  37. @ ac January 11, 2017 at 6:21 PM
    “Clico, Baico payout coming”

    So where is the money coming from?

    The printing press at Central Bank has been dismantled by the IMF and the Mickey Mouse bonds being sold to suckers like you are being used to meet the interest payments due on the debt racked up by OSA according to you and Lady Irene S-G (or are you playing the game of forgetfulness?)

    The Barbados dollar is on the cusp of an external devaluation and you really feel the MoF and his gang have any time to deal with stupid policyholders who have been treated like ‘comforted’ fools since 2010.

    CLICO and Four Seasons have a thing in common. Both are blowing in the wind to delapidated perdition.

  38. Now that miller has mentioned the lady Sandiford Garner………………I have now remembered something I meant to mention since last year.

    ……….Remember when she said on the floor of the Senate that Bajans need to start paying for more things……this after her party slap taxes on Bajans every budget. She suggested that Bajans should pay at least $30 for barrels at the Port. It was only when I went to the Port that I realised that those bastards had introduced the tax and I dont remember hearing anything about the introduction of this tax until I went down to the Port. They intend to kill bajans with taxes at their whim and fancy while giving millionaires and billionaires every tax break for which they ask.

    And we Bajans dutifully pay the tax and say nothing.

  39. @ Prodigal Son January 11, 2017 at 7:17 PM

    The Pierhead marina exposé must have been the poor fella’s undoing. That piece of “professional” journalism must have really upset the political class.

    It’s a good thing Roy, the killjoy of upcoming electoral bluff and spin, did not go town on the potpourri of fake projects still in the lifelong queue of a pipedream like the Andrews Sugar factory, the Cruise ship terminal, the All Seasons fiasco, the Brandons Performing (Chinese) Arts Centre with its nearby Exmouth High-rise Housing complex and more recently the Hyatt Lofty Erection.

    He probably be soon made persona non grata in his own homeland.

  40. I read and heard of this pending BAIPO and CLICO payout.

    ac, dont get your panties twisted……….if this happens any time soon, I will be shocked. This announcement is just like:

    ………..Four Seasons
    ………..Merritt Bay (Foul Bay)
    ………..the Bridgetown Marina
    ………..New buses
    ………..New hospital at Kingsland
    ………..Airport bridges
    ………..the UWI will be paid
    ………..Bursaries for UWI
    ………..600 million stimulus
    ………..not one public worker will lose his job

    All empty promises by a government that has lost its way………devoid of ideas or solutions to govern this country!

    I think that this government is selfish and cares only for themselves as the clearly cannot love Barbados. They prefer to let Barbados go over the cliff rather that admit that they cannot get the country managed…….heartless SOB’s!

  41. David ac asked a relevant question , maybe unanswerable given your last salvo and because you cannot verify your own words which in truth and in fact can be regulated as fake news
    truth and ethics are synonymous to journalistic standards ,therefore if David BU wants his words to be taken seriously he must first practice what he preaches along with being mindful of the fact that what he says would be held to transparency and full accountability unto himself

  42. ac likes spreading good news , first let me congratulate the govt for taking the legal path for resolution and remaining steadfast and not listening to the opposition leader Mia Mottley advice of making payments to the policy holders by way of tax payers monies which was the most foolish , conflicting and dumbfounding piece of nonsense to be peddle on the floor of parliament

  43. Ac
    Did not your dead king give 10 million in tax payers money to Clico in ’08?Btw where are:-
    The promised new hospital
    The promised 4 Seasons
    The promised Sam Lords Castle
    The promised Hyatt
    The promised Beaches hotel in St Peter
    The promised marina over which an installed board resigned en masse.
    The promised IADB loan to repair roads
    The rotten Dems,a party without a vision and zilch management skills.

  44. Miller…the ACs realized everyone poibtedly ignored the CLICO/BAICO story so they are looking for kudos fir the government….good luck with that, the policyholders who were robbed by tiefing Leroy Parris and David Thompson aint get their money yet and many of them will die of old age between now and December….if the payments ever materialize from these liars at all.

    I hope some of those victimized policyholders have some buckets of the leaked raw sewage from the south coast stored somewhere for when the ministers especially the likes of Dumbville and yardfowls Alvin go pimping around their houses for votes between now and next year….they give them a raw sewage bath….demons.

  45. @Joseph Dale Marshall “In the General Election of 2008, the DLP unlawfully erected a large number of billboards, displaying campaign messages. The Chief Town Planner went public and demanded that the DLP remove the billboards, since their erection was contrary to the Laws of Barbados….Michael Lashley was smirking as the DLP’s then leader, David Thompson, announced that they would be doing no such thing! He went further to say that by the time anything could be done about it, the DLP would have won the Government!!”

    Well it worked for the DLP didn’t it? They won the government. However it didn’t work so good for Sweet Cakes…may he rest in peace.

  46. Let ac deny that the government has not taken up 11 million taxpayers dollars and paid CLICO for that ugly building on Collymore which they will have to keep on their hands as no one will want to go into it.

  47. Well Well & Consequences January 12, 2017 at 5:33 AM #

    The beginning of the end.


    S&P holds their position on Barbados, numb brain Alvin ya see.

    As I’ve typed here several times, we haven’t hit bottom yet.

    This islands economic death will be caused by corrupt business facilitation; in this country for the past 8 years, if you want to play you have to pay. 99% of business people won’t pay, the 1% have been flourishing.

    There will be no economic recovery under Fumble’s Fools.

    The day after they are gone the floodgates of local and foreign investment will open.

    Barbados has not changed, only the retards trying to run it for the benefit of themselves and their lackies.

  48. Prodigal:
    “… while giving millionaires and billionaires every tax break for which they ask.” Seems to me they would be following the example of the U.S. Not true? Ask Trump. As for the building in Collymore rock, isn’t that part of the assets of CLICO that form part of the settlement with the company? If the assets were turned over to Government what do you have to quarrel about?
    The Four Seasons is a creature of OSA, MIA, COW, the villa purchasers,and Pemberton, et al. The DLP got involved AFTER all failed. After the Chinese workers were illegally brought in and then sent back. The DLP always find themselves in the position to fix failures of the previous government, and when they are fixed get thrown out of office. Learn the true history of that project before the DLP won the election. And the pot holes are being patched, the IADB loan is being put to use. The other things, if greedy wait hot will cool. Hyatt was on postulated a few months ago. Did you expect it to be built between then and now? A new hospital was never promised, it was a suggestion and a postulatioon

  49. Months ago I made a contribution to BU, in which I implied government lowered the duties on cement to accommodate Maloney. My assessment was based on the government’s relationship with him and the fact that, shortly after lowering the cost of imports, government announced they were embarking on a concrete road building project.

    I heard on the news this morning that Maloney is in discussion with government to build concrete roads.

    I have no problem with the concrete roads, but these arrangements always come across as lacking in transparency.

    • Also note there seems to have been some construction work done at the port authority site since the last court date.

  50. They got that information about concrete roads from BU, which should have been done 20 years ago, by both governments…, all of them travel and know that the roads are concreted….to last, they should be glad the blogs exist or bajans would never see concrete roasd, but treasury draining patchwork that lasts 3 years…a scam.

  51. Alvin…no political party should have more than 5 years in office, do your jobs and get out, that’s why they are paid a salary.

    Now that one or 2 other political parties are presenting themselves, there is no need to keep any of them in parliament for more than 5 years…..too much damage has already been done by all those destructive ministers rotating in and out in increments of 10 or 15 years over the last 50 years, even worse, there are no term limits, so it’s up to the bajan electorate. …to set 5 year limits for ministers and each political party, that is not fair..

  52. Let them deny it as much as they want, Well Well……..I am being told the same things as Jeremy Stephen is saying.

    I am scared for this country. The governor was the one with the economic sense and he could have steeresd the economic clown Stinkliar along the right paths!

  53. Prodigal
    Don’t be misled.That governor is one who when the Statistical Service provided the correct unemployment figures that would have made the Dems look bad,he went and got his own unemployment figures.Worrell is not untainted by the Fatted Calf passport breed of professional so called.
    The 4 Seasons closure was nothing to do with what you have written.Your party and the BWU conspired to fool the public that no Bajans were working on the site and OSA did the silly thing to halt the project while a personnel inventory was to be taken.Stupid thing to do.Next thing he lost the election and your party has been trying to get Cow and Bizzy their money back and every budget the stupid Sinckler man got something on his desk to sign to get the project restarted.Bunch ‘o feckin clowns all ‘o wunna mustee Dems.Since Barrow dead wunna lost and cant find wunna way out of the maze called government.

  54. Prodigal….it’s a monumental mess, they really have to think hard of adopting the US currency, they have nothing else to lose.

    I saw on a blog one Carson Cadogan saying if there is a devaluation Barbadps will stilll survive, he needs to speak for himself, what will the people survive on, they do not manufacture enough to export, so there is nothing to break a fall.

  55. https://www.barbadostoday.bb/2017/01/12/offer-stands/

    And investors are still trying to buy the island for US currency this time.

    Adopt the US dollar and open other doors, but do they have the intelligence to pull it off or do these ministers of doing nothing plan to continue sitting on their hands and their few braincells until they are kicked out of office….


    Is this not Michael do nothing Lashley’s constituency, what does he do all day, he cant get an efficient bus service or transportion system running, among so many other problems….why is he being paid a salary by taxpayers.

  56. My bad…even worse, this is Adriel do no work at all Nitwit’s constituency, why is Brathwaithe even a minister in government collecting taxpayer’s money in salary for doing no work in his constituency, in the judiciary, what else has he neglected to work on…..2 ministers in St. Phillip for 9 years and neither can get anything running smoothly for the people who elected them, what a shame, not one seat for either of them come election….both of them are embarrassments.

    I am sure Adriel Nitwit and Lashley promised the St. Philip people the earth and the moon during both elections to get their votes, now the best Nitwit can do is call the road he should have fixed in the last couple years, an embarrassment. …what a shame and disgrace.

    “A Belair, St Philip resident whose home is located on the same stretch of road as Government representative Adriel Brathwaite’s constituency office, says road leading into the area is so badly damaged that even her Member of Parliament has deemed it an embarrassment.

    “The constituency office is at the end of road . . . and I asked about it and our representative said it is very embarrassing,” said Andrea Jordan in recalling what Brathwaite had told her and other residents in his St Philip South constituency.”

  57. Watchman…ya just made them all look not only lazy, but stupid….3 ministers in St. Philip and so much neglect is taking place in that one parish.

    St. John is a lost cause unless the parish gets rid of Mara Thompson, useless she is and the population, electorate gets rid of the government.

    Don’t tell me Christ Church has 3 ministers too….that would really be beyond disgraceful and embarrassing.

    I dont even want to know how the ministers all became so useless, I just know that the electorate cannot afford to keep them beyond 2018, if they dont get rid of this government, just inagine the state of the island by 2023.

  58. A possible new beginning in trade unionism for barbados as the Ministry of transporation and BWU step up a notch agreeing to work hand in hand to resolve the transportation issue. Kudos are in order to both sides

  59. 4 ministers in Christ Church, this just keeps getting better and better Watchman, cant bajans see for themselves even if 12 ministers were placed in each parish, they are all incompetent and do not serve the people whom they will all go to their houses within the next year begging votes, to renew and continue to practice incompetence on black bajans for another 5 years.

    As a man said to me recently, not even bajans could be that stupid to return those do nothing ministers to parliament.

    What kudos what ACs…that should have been done 5 years ago, what took them, the bus service has neen deplorable for years you useless yardfowls….ah told ya yardfowls and political pimps are useless bottomfeeders.

  60. The BWU calling for a new board for the BWA as in their opinion its not enough to change the top management but the board with an 83 year old chairman should go as well…….will the Minister listen……will the two work together and receive kudos as well?

  61. Any one interested in providing funding for a new Barbados Development bank a local barbados business man is willing to provides some of his financial wherewithal as a start up

    Also a charitable organisation is seeking charitable funding by local people in helping to resurface part of a highway that is need of repair ,

  62. What did the government do with the taxpayer’s money in the last 9 years that could have started those projects ACs……yall just sold all yh5e balance of the shares in the national bank…now ya soldvthe oil terminal.

    Ya got 7 ministers divided between 2 parishes for the last 2 elections….9 years and still nothing gets done, what do they do all day for taxpayer’s salary….ya have empty houses sitting there rotting away while homeless women and children need housing.

    The only way anyone would invest their hardearned dollars, is if all of you leave the parliament, the ministers are collecting salaries for doing nothing and talking crap….every time they open their mouths, shit pops out, yall are infected with9 the buckingham palace blight and curse.

    Go find some jobs burying pitchforks.

  63. David Davis

    2 hrs ·

    Pothole update #3

    It is with a heavy heart and great disappointment that i have to report to you the people of Barbados. In my previous report i praised the ministry and the Minister for their efforts as it relates to the patching of the road in Goodland St Micheal because i experienced the patching of a pothole there which was done the right way in my presence. I was assured by the Minister Micheal Lashley that all the holes would be patched in that same manner. I saw an effort that was one to report positively to you the public of Barbados but when i revisited the area a day ago to my disappointment i realized that the only area that was patched right was the area that was patch when the media and i was there. The remainder of the road was patched in the same shabby inattentive manner as previously done. No cutting of the frames to ensure maximum strength and durability and the leveling has a lot to desire. I give Minister Lashley a failing mark as it relates to the patching of Goodland. However interestingly a stones throw over in George Street every single pothole was cut and cleaned in preparation for fixing which is the tested and proven way for best results. My question to you Mr Micheal Lashley is "what is the difference between George Street and Goodland?". Why would George Street be done correctly and Goodland so shabby? When are you going to stop wasting the Tax payers money with shoddy patching when your team is capable of doing the job the right way as seen in the patching of that ONE area in Goodland?

    Stop playing politics with the roads and fix them with the consistency of The George St Road! We will be watching and we will report back to the people who are paying to get this job done! D2.5 #warrior #forloveofcountry

  64. @David

    Just viewed the short video by posted by Duguid and my query is: What is the criteria for obtaining one of those homes and how long have they been sitting vacant?

  65. @ Sergeant
    ….how does one obtain one of those homes?
    First thing yuh gotta be a ‘D’…. and as you may know, many D’s have been resigning from that party in shame of late…
    Second, yuh have to be able to pay the cost of ownership or rent… and the remaining qualified persons, (“D’s), are mostly yardfowls of the AC ilk, …who cannot afford to undertake long term commitments as they expect to be unemployed for at least 16 years while the DLP parasites die out – at least in the memory of Bajans….

  66. @ David,

    All things are possible when the bell is rung and the date of decision is declared. lol

    Loyalty will be rewarded.

  67. I have heard it said (perhaps someone can confirm) that these houses were built before any plans were made for water supply or sewage, so they remain uninhabitable. If so, surely that begs many questions about the contracts and the money that exchanged hands.

    • @mitchlans

      According to the minister only 53 houses out of 117 are compliant. This suggests Town Planning issues.

    • Several reasons. With the houses at Constant that development was affected by the demise of CLICO. The houses in the video appear to be affected non compliance with town planning requirements. And so on.on…

    • Here is the response from the minister of housing Kellman.

      Denis Kellman Damian Griffith NO WHAT THE MINISTER IS SAYING THAT GOVERNMENT FOLLOWS THE SAME procedure as the people of the country or more, we had to plant trees, switch from a sewage plant to conditions as if a zone one even the area is not to protect the environment, after the decision was made we had to award the contract to the company that was to construct the sewage plant to 117 solutions to zone 1 standards for the EPD . The EPD in the interest of country and our water system took 3 years since 2013 to do the right thing. They can only be compliant when the contractor is able to complete the connections to satisfy both departments. One thing we can say that we have worked out a solution that should save builders from creating environmental problems and excessive costs in the future. yes we were the test case and for a good reason.

    • What the minister is saying is that they built the houses before completing the procedural requirements. It boggles the mind why as part of a project team the various layers wouldn’t have planned in a way to ensure efficient execution.

  68. @ David
    Does the minister think we are as foolish as he is…?

    Kellman said “THAT GOVERNMENT FOLLOWS THE SAME procedure as the people of the country or more,…” . We all know that authorities frustrate the shit out of ordinary citizens BEFORE any work can start – even in large commercial projects. Why would it boggle the mind that things were different here?
    Clearly Lashley and the DLP bypassed the normal rules in their haste to get some millions into Baloney’s hands.
    …and it is equally clear that the public servants, (fed up with the thievery,) are DELIBERATELY frustrating their efforts to complete the projects and to ‘wipe the slate clean’ ….so to speak.

    That development east of St George Secondary school should be the subject of a MAJOR investigation – one that would go back to Gline Clarke, …and it would surely result in some jail time…
    It will not happen, because both sides of the political class are equally culpable, and hence they are forced to protect each other.

    Grenville is not a politician; he does not have the much vaunted ‘common touch’ needed to kerfuffle brass bowls out of their vote….. BUT at least he has enough PERSONAL PRIDE in himself and his family not to be such a damn thief…..

    • @Bushie

      A kind of corollary to your position is that Michael Lashley built his popularity on the fact that he dropped these houses all over the place like bird droppings from black birds in a mango tree. In fact the DLP ran a successful political campaign on the back of it. How easily the heard was misled.

  69. David January 15, 2017 at 8:17 AM #

    A political gimmick……all about perceptions as Richie Haynes said years ago…….and we know how gullible Bimmers are according to a poster,more gullible than 45M peeps of the USA that elected trumpy.

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