0 thoughts on “Indar Weir’s Housing Exposé In St. Philip North

  1. As usual everybody has a political axe to grind.The compassion shouldbe for the people living under those horrendous cicumstances and not for anyone party or political person..The condition of those houses did not happen overnight and both political paries ar equally guity for not doing something about it.The message in the video is clear. Those who have eyes to see “Let them see” Those who have ears to hear”Let them hear”

  2. @ac

    You are correct, we always want to frame our arguments along the political lines. If the video caused Lashley and Urban to tweak policy we are satisfied. caused Lashley and Urban to tweak policy we are satisfied.

  3. I would have thought that the churches all over Barbados that start off with a tent and end with one huge building could have used part thereof of their takings from all the humble and poor who give them their last cent to go around and ensure that their parishioners have a proper roof over their heads. I understand about politicians, but I do not understand about so-called men of God turning a blind eye, living the life of Riley, driving around in big car and collecting monies every week seemingly to keep their lifestyle going…..Church for thought???

  4. Inda Wear

    Waittttttt, you now learn how ta use a camcorda? stupseeeeeee. ya shood be shameeeeeee. Den again , ya in got nun. Shame on you.

    Michael Lashley
    Ya doin a grate job. doan mind de detracktors. Keep up de fight.
    (I would like ta meet ya one a dese daze. Name de place)

  5. Bonny, we haven’t spoken for a long time. There is something over at Barbados Free Press that would definitely interest you. As a matter of fact, it would please your heart.

    Go there and check out that “Boston Crab” position that dey put you boy Donville Inniss in, with that website called “ORGASM.COM”.

  6. @Bonny Peppa

    Wait you like went to sleep for age. You really repond to truthman. He cant cause Donville any discomfort so rebuke he in the name of Jesus amen.

    I tell you stop druling over them politicians and tall men. Try and dont disappear fuh so long next time.

  7. Truthman
    I rebuke you in Jesus name, Amen.

    Just only asking
    I rebuke he in Jesus name, Amen. AAighttttttttt?

    Listen, I luv Donville n Estwick bad, bad, baddddddddd. ya cud add Freundel ta de list tu.De day or de hour I evva get close ta Donville, he gun be rale sorry he din meet me soona ya kno. I jus luv dem sexy, dreamy eyez dat he got man. I cud jus imagin he ‘gettin it on’ man. Evrybody dat kn me does call he ‘my’ man. I knowz good stuff when i see um. LOLL

    But serious doe, dat pissy rat Indra Ware not get access ta a camcorda? Wah gawwww bleahhhhhhhhhh, he is a rale puss-cee fa tru. stupseeeeeee.

    I gun disappear bout de nex tree weeks from now. N.Y bong. Me n de lil picknee.

  8. Jus only Asking

    You does folla de Crop-Ova chunes?

    Rite now my fav’rit chune is:

    ‘Ben-ova n doan look back, ben ova n doan look back’.

    Dah chune rale swoiteeeeeee. I try doing um de udda day. Ah mean de ben ova n doan look back. When I try ta straiten up my back, um creaks like a ol door. My lil whuns had ta rub me dong wid musterole n candle-greese.
    So na mo ‘bennin ova n doan look back” fa me bosey. I gun jess lissen n tap ma foot.

  9. Hola Bonny, yuh ole wutless ting yuh, I taut yuh did over an away ahreddy. Well yuh aint gine hear but yuh gine feel wukking up tah dem calypsos. Yuh betta request a wheel chair at de airport. Hav a gud vacciones.

  10. Well Bonny

    I gun soo be on a plane going real far far a msut gun reach day in a day and a half, so when you get back i gun now be coming back. i glad that you at yah witty self agiin.

    so mek sure yah anjoy yah self, i prepaaring fah jump in a crop over band ah aint jump fah ion, and come september ah gine fah labour day. ah anjoying mah self cause yah aint no how long yah ot to live. next time ah see donville ah gun put in a word fah yah, but wait though. I though you only like tallie, donville is a shortie,

    Enjoy yah vacation and carry long yah musterrol and yah bejies and little epson salt bosie.,

    As for indar weir, he should try something different. I think it backfired on him.

  11. i am shocked and saddened that our people still live like this, when it does NOT have to be. the minister of housing has but won’t explain why st ph.N is the way it is. i spoke to an officer at NHC last week and he was lamenting the travesty of what happened to Coverley, he said 500 hundred persons who really needed housing, in one swoop were disadvantaged. there was no way that NHC should have handed that project over to Jada…no way…sad indeed. i sincerely hope that those people in St Ph N could get all the help they need..shameful

  12. @islandgal246 | June 26, 2011 at 9:34 AM |
    “What has happened to the poverty alleviation fund? Is there one?”

    there is no longer a poverty alleviation bureau. all its officers were mainstreamed into the ministry of social care. if people such as those in the video need help, it is thru social care, who would then utilized the other agencies which would have been rural development but now,. rural is no longer under social care so i don’t guess the people would have to apply thru that new ministry (kellman’s ministry). when Sinckler was Minister of Social Care many persons got there houses repaired or new houses. some costing as much as or about $60,000. i don’t know what kind of help the housing minister was doing then, but Sinckler took care of his end. i think those people too should see Todd who I am told does little talk but alot of action, at least he is one of the good ones along with Sinckler

  13. @just only asking | June 26, 2011 at 10:25 AM |
    “Are you aware that there is a grant of ten thousand dollars that home owners can get to repair their homes…”

    u were making good progress until u mentioned the grant. u can check for urself and see the numerous stipulations that are attached to the grant. i will mentioned just one. “u must show proof that u have been approved for a loan for renovations to the house”.

    for heaven’s sake how can an unemployed individual be approved for a loan when they have no income to repay it? that stipulation alone has knocked out many, many poor people and even if some were working, do u think the bank will give them a loan knowing that their income cannot cover it?

    it is all well and good to throw out those things but check and tell me how much of those unemployed persons that need their house repaired and cannot afford a loan, got the $10,000 grant?

  14. @smooth chocolate: “it is all well and good to throw out those things but check and tell me how much of those unemployed persons that need their house repaired and cannot afford a loan, got the $10,000 grant?

    Please help me understand this…

    A grant (by definition, a gift) will only be given to those who are able to be underwritten for a loan?

    That sounds a little fscked up to me….

  15. i don’t know why people are making out as if the michael lashley did such and such. and jack donkey knows that what has come to fruition in terms of housing projects, had their genesis during the BLP’s reign. there was an election, they lost but the DLP took up the mantle as it was something the bajan public needed. i cannot believe that u mature adults still think that when a party brings something to the table, that it was they who planted the seed. man grow up, why not ask someone u think u trust at the NHC, what year those projects began? even with the Drug service, patient paying for meds. issue, that started with Jerome Walcott but changed of government put a halt to it and the same BLP had the public believing the DLP started something to the detriment of the public. i have no political pundits, i care for none but open ur eyes people, Lashley came and took credit for something that was an embryo from the BLP. but as i see it now, he messed it up.. it seems to me that the very people who should be getting assistance are as usual being left behind. We should be our brother’s keeper, we should want to see the poor man relieved of his suffering. all i am seeing are those who have, seeking any which way to get more at the expense of the poor.

    do u think that people should be living under those conditions in the video? yes the BLP had 14 years and had things on paper only. while the grass was growing, the horses were starving. the DLP are doing the very same thing now.

    every damn thing in barbados has to be BLP, DLP, i am sick to my stomach of that crap. which ever party is in power, comes and robs this people and no one helps. they look to grab as much as possible, knowing their time could be short. look at the homes gline clarke has, the apartments by mia, liz etc, muscle mary and i could go on. now look are the ones the some in the DLP have that they did not acquire before 2008. all at the expense of we the people

  16. Smooth Chocolate
    You are so right, I’ve been trying to say for a long time both parties are playing a relay race with usa the public, one party run a few legs then pass the baton on to the other. At the end they all get in the back room and boost about how much each of them get out of the voters. Imagine the road in Duncans where the Transport Board bus traverse after dark at night, that road has pockets of PAVED road in the POTHOLES. Some of these potholes are sooooo deep that an average car driving slowly can damage the undercarriage of the vehicle, pedestrians have to walk off road at some areas to avoid the LAKES that are formed when the rain falls, I’m sure Mr Lashley don’t pass through there.

  17. Christopher Halsall | July 31, 2011 at 6:45 PM |
    ” tell me how much of those unemployed persons that need their house repaired and cannot afford a loan, got the $10,000 grant?”

    That’s the point i was trying to make, the money is there as a grant but those stipulations would hinder those who really need it. to answer ur question, NONE can qualify for the grant. i think that it was a wicked and malicious clause to put in there… the ones who that money was approved for will be the ones who cannot get it because some jack fool at the NHC decided that they should not get free money and if he had to work for his, then they should too

  18. the Scout | July 31, 2011 at 8:39 PM |

    no michael lashley will not pass thru there. it’s no profit to him now but he certainly will if he had too in 2013

  19. Wouldn’t it make more sense to build apartment buildings ? Would not more people be accomodated on less land (thereby freeing up land for the production of food and other ventures)?Wouldn’t it be cheaper per unit both in terms of materials and time taken ? Wouldn’t it be better in terms of upkeep especially for the elderly,disabled and even the lazy who never make proper use of the land upon which these starter/smaller homes are built ? Would it not make it more difficult for greedy surviving relatives to come forward making claims on property because the newly repaired house, repaired at tax-payers expense,now has a few of the old boards from the previously dilapidated old house etc. etc.Isn’t it time to save time and money by building “up” and not “out”? Think about it !

  20. @ Pieter Pieper,

    Apartment buildings higher than 3 stories require elevators, laundry rooms garbage disposal, sprinklers and fire hoses etc.

    This type of housing should be built for the “upwardly mobile” who can afford to pay 2 or 3 thousand a month for housing.

    IMHO It would also be better to have built luxury (5000 sq.ft.) high rise condos at Apes Hill and Royal Westmoreland instead of houses on 1 acre lots.

    Your idea is a good one even for low income people but good maintenance and security is paramount.

  21. Pieter Piper
    I agree with you, we need more buildings like the London Bourne Towers, or the Country Road Towers. It would have made more sense to build a number of these at Coverley and some of the other areas where a large number of ” fowl coups” have been built. More land would have been freed up for other projects, like agriculture while giving a more open air atmosphere.

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