The Story Of Housing Since 2008 Must Be Told

Submitted by Stephen Williams

Michael Lashley, Minister of Housing

The story of housing since 2008, when the new government took over, needs to be trumpeted. It is a success story; and one that should leave the BLP hanging their heads in shame, after the mess they left at the NHC, Warrens, Coverly, Buckley, and the housing sector in general. Take a bow Michael Lashley, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, the NHC and the DLP! We are PROUD of your performance and achievements.

Look at the wonderful work done at Country Towers, Tweedside Road, Coverly, Work Hall, Ruby, Marchfield, Woodbourne, Foursquare, Six Roads, Lancaster, Cherry Grove, Vineyard, Parish Land, West Terrace, etc. Now, drive through Brittons Hill and look at the magnificent structures that have graced Valery and Forde’s Road – one word aptly describes them – SUPERB.

And, do not forget the 500 lot programme, the very successful $5 per sq. ft. low income land programme, and the NHC tenants of 20 years standing who have gotten their units free of cost.

This administration has built more housing units and came up with more practical housing solutions in 4 ½ years than the BLP built in their 14 years in office. In fact, what the BLP did can only be described as shameful and shocking – 48 housing units in 14 years – DISGRACEFULL. The hurriedly and ill-conceived plan by their Housing Minister at the time (“the cantankerous Liz Thompson”) to construct hundreds of low income chattel houses at $40,000 each, never got past the two poorly built show houses – aka the lady bird and the humming bird coops. On the other hand, this current administration, together with the private sector, is gradually reducing the long waiting list of prospective home owners; and doing it in a recession to boot. Wow!

Prime Minister Stuart, Michael Lashley, the NHC, the Ministry of Housing and Lands, RDC and UDC take another bow. We tip our hats to you. You have more than earned our respect and gratitude.

And, our detractors and opponents have the gall to ask what we have to show for 4½ years in office? Take that David Ellis, Patrick Hoyos, Peter Wickham, Albert Branford, Kaymar Jordan, Peter Simmons, Carl Moore, Harold Hoyte et al, your tag-team daily and weekly carping and offensive attacks cannot stand up to impartial scrutiny. You have long had an agenda that seeks to pull down the DLP and promote the BLP.

Where were all of you when the BLP was wasting VAT dollars, victimising civil servants and those private sector people who were not singing in Owen’s Choir? Where were you when Owen was riding roughshod over the opposition, the ‘negrocrats’ (Yes Harold) and the ‘indentured servants’? Where were you when our fishermen were fined and jailed almost monthly in T&T? Where were you when zone 1 lands were changed to zone 2 to accommodate and allow certain big-shots to build their mansions? Where were you when the Eastry House ‘dipsy-doodle’ went down? Where were you when OSA was publicly encouraging the establishment of gated communities to keep out the small-fry? Where were you when OSA was enunciating the sale of prime building land to foreigners to fetch the highest economic value?

Where you were when Arthur fired Rommel Marshall as a Minister, then brought back as a Consultant at the same MPW for a week, and then fired him again? Where were you when the QEH was in chaos, there was a lack of proper security (nurses were being attacked left, right and centre as they changed shifts at night), compounded with serious management and human resources problems as well as a shortage of nursing staff at the QEH after government refused to re-employ Barbadian nurses who were severed when that institution became a statutory body? WHERE WERE ALL OF YOU? WE NEVER GOT A SQUEAK FROM ANY OF YOU

Praise God for Freundel Stuart and the DLP. They have brought justice, conscientiousness, decency and honesty as well as true democracy back to government and the people. Yes, they might be short on PR, but PR is not reality; for the most part, the BLP’s PR is more about impressions, grandstanding, sweet-sounding rhetoric, dressed-up libs and veneer.

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  1. @ Stephen Williams

    “as well as a shortage of nursing staff at the QEH after government refused to re-employ Barbadian nurses who were severed when that institution became a statutory body?”

    In your zeal to blow the DLP’s trumpet, you have misrepresented the truth in this matter. Surely you must recall that those person to whom you refer opted NOT to work with the QEH board, and instead preferred to be paid a monthly salary until they were integrated elsewhere in the civil service.

    While you are at it, can you tell us if persons who work for minimum wages and below qualify for these houses, and how many of these houses are occupied to date.

    “Where were you when our fishermen were fined and jailed almost monthly in T&T?”

    Are not our fishermen still being arrested, charged and fined for fishing in Trinidad and Tobago waters, even after the appointment of two Caricom ambassadors, in Denis Kellman, and more recently, Robert Morris, who were both charged with resolving this matter. Remember that while he was ambassador, Kellman found the time to call the call-in-programs and address all matters relating to ministries that were not under his portfolio, instead of commenting on the progress of the fishing agreement. While you are at it, Mr. Williams, since are in a proclamation mood, can you please tell us the status of the fishing agreement.

    My friend, if the only achievement that you can highlight as the success of the DLP is housing, bearing in mind that many of these same houses remain vacant and inaccessible to the persons who need them most, then your effort in this venture is extremely poor.

  2. Yes, we would like to know how many of these fowl coops for houses are occupied.

    These houses were supposedly built for lower income people, now we know that these people have a lot of children and would need space, tell us how in God’s name the DLP could dare to build such houses for the poor people they so care about. It just goes to show the utter disdain or contempt the DLP has for poor people. To us, Mr 5 & 10 should have left the land in the land bank and offered loans to the people to build their own homes, not the excuses for houses he built. The thing is the people cannot afford the houses.

    So you all have done nothing, only Mr 5&10 has benefited. Even the terrace houses the dead king and 5&10 gave away, the people have not been given the conveyances yet! Frauds!

  3. This young lady has quickly dissolved her morals and good judgment ( some may ask if she ever had good morals to have as boyfriend that creepy one Hoyos ) for the sake of election money, least we forget the fate of Roger Smith the former BLP Candidate in St Philip and former employee at Sagicor Life $ 3 Million dollars missing and later he is sent to prison for the theft of this said money.

    Let us look at these houses built by an unqualified contractor in D and B Reality in the person of Delisle Bradshaw at Lower Burney. And the fact that her father was the contractor and she was the lawyer for the purchaser and the lawyer for the contractor who was also her father.

    This was the same contractor that qualified whom of those that applied to own a home and who were to get houses, there were certain pre conditions that were required before being considered suitable to enter the deal one that her employees all got houses, two those who were in line to get a house were required to use the services of Santia Bradshaw to be paid to do all the legal work for the sale, her office legal clerk, her secretary all got houses without applying to NHC and the Auditor General’s report stated that he could not understand why the allocation of these houses was done by the builder and not the NHC when the NHC had over 40,000 persons waiting houses.

    Then there was a letter written to Prime Minister David Thompson on 18 th May 2010 by a J P the owners of Lot 35 at Lower Burney, complaining that the flooring had fallen in and and that the steps had run away and left the house before they moved into the house at Lot 35Lower Burney.

    This was a house that D and B Reality Bradshaw’s father Delise Bradshaw had built and she acted for both her father and the property owner until the property owner learnt of the relationship and fired her.

    Is this what is offering itself to represent honest Barbadian people that go to work every day and work hard for their every cent to live by ?

    Whereas this one has already concocted every scam to undermine the system and defraud taxpayers seems to me the average person would do a better job than she, in representing ordinary peoples interest on this island, this woman has not yet started a political life and is already a proven and confirmed vagabond and fraud of taxpayers monies.

  4. I’ve been frequenting the area to the north of The Villages in Coverley ,which commands a good view of the whole set up,and have noticed that very few of these houses are lit up at nights, suggesting that they are not going like the proverbial hot cakes we are made to believe . Communities , often referred to as ” the heights and terraces” have sprung up all over Barbados, from St Lucy to Ch Ch, the house in which, have been snapped up even before the projects were completed. And this was due mainly, rightly or wrongly, of the many Bajans wishes of getting away from the traditional village life. To reverse that trend by building a place like the Villages,with homes with very little space between them , may have proven to be not too popular with many potential home owners.
    But are these houses/homes in Tweedside Road, Country Towers, Valerie etc etc, really were build with low income people in mind? Can you see a Security Guard, Gas Station Attendant, Agricultural worker or hotel maid occupying one of these homes on the wages they earn. Shouldn’t these homes be correctly promoted as Middle Income + homes?

  5. “Now, drive through Brittons Hill and look at the magnificent structures that have graced Valery and Forde’s Road – one word aptly describes them – SUPERB.”

    All shovel ready BLP projects. I hope those units at Fordes Road and Valery will be used to help re-house squatters in the Belle, Rock Hall etc as was the original plan. I also noticed we haven’t heard a thing about your own policies like the much talked about $5 per square foot lots, I guess the owner of Wakefield and Henley plantations etc got bigger things on their plate…lol

  6. At the end of the day, Barbados list of millionaires and multi-millionaires is going to rise dramatically, thanks to these housing projects, BWA ,the Transport Board among others, and the rental of private property as office space.
    For many a struggling taxpayer, the Barbados dollar has been devalued,long ago.

    • Wasn’t Minister Lashley on the radio a couple week ago confirming that most of the houses built by government are occupied? Is it true that given the demand for housing there will always be tension i.e. demand greater than supply? Is there something to the Opposition story or is it another case of political parties vying for ‘upmanship’?

  7. @ Enuff
    Like most things in Barbados, once anything it involves lawyers, it takes a slow boat to China. The legal process is holding up the 500 lot program, (or shall i say lawyers). The legal fraternity is killing this country.

  8. @Stephen Williams,

    Can you also tout the Coverley project?
    Are the taxpayers going to be on the hook for all of the unsold fowl coops up there?
    What was the deal cut by Mr 5 &10 with the developers?
    We would like to know!

  9. david

    construction at coverley villages has been suspended, the white man from over-an-away has pulled the financial plug. the houses are not selling. someone only need check the land registry and see thast fewer than 50 houses out of 500 have been sold.

    the ministry of finance have guaranteed the developer to make payment for all of the unsold houses.

  10. I hear a owner has recorded a temperature reading of 38 degrees celsius inside one of the house at 2pm during the September.

  11. so 500 houses built, less 50 sold = 450 x 225,000 construction cost = $101,000,000.00 the GOB might be on the hook for.

  12. I always thought that this Coverley project would end up like an albatross around the taxpayers of Barbados’ necks.

    First of all the houses are too small and are constructed to close to each other to be considered middle class homes.

    Because the concept was good for Florida does not mean that it would be a good model for Barbados. If a Barbadian is going to pay 300-400 hundred thousand for house and land, they want a big lot for their money. Secondly, most returning nationals now want big places after living in fowl coops for years. many of them seem to like to plant little food crops and have nice gardens. So this Coverley project was always going to be a failure, too many houses….1000, no way!

    The Dems like to talk about Greenland, yes that was a BLP failure, they relied on foreign experts instead of listening to local knowledge. This is the DLP’s “Greenland”. An expensive failure!

  13. Blackwell | October 31, 2012 at 10:36 AM |
    I hear a owner has recorded a temperature reading of 38 degrees celsius inside one of the house at 2pm during the September.
    That does not surprise me in the least. Christ Church in general is quite a hot area,and to place houses so close together without taking account and/ or advantage of the prevailing wind flow is sad.
    Courtesy Garage Workshop in Wildey is an open affair .It is never unduly hot and when it rains hardly any rain enters. Before any construction began ,the contractor and management of Courtesy ,at the time ,put windsocks, like those at the airport, in place and recorded the wind directions over a period and then took advantage of these readings to position the open plan workshop buildings . But then again, many of those responsible ,had never been near a university,

  14. Prodigal Son | October 31, 2012 at 11:14 AM |
    I always thought that this Coverley project would end up like an albatross around the taxpayers of Barbados’ necks.
    If only we had waited a little while before spending hundreds of millions to build Dodds prisons, we could now have easily converted the Villages into a Prison,as apparently the architects had a German POW concentration camp in mind when its was designed.
    Seig Heil , Herr Jerk Pork

  15. @ Snipes

    “Like most things in Barbados, once anything it involves lawyers, it takes a slow boat to China. The legal process is holding up the 500 lot program, (or shall i say lawyers). The legal fraternity is killing this country.”

    Including the Judicial Manager?


    You like to proclaim yourself as a man of Integrity and one of upright character. If you really believe in yourself so much why are you continuing to do this country and your own reputation such harm by delaying the general elections?
    After the Governor’s report what do you expect to happen? A miracle like the return of David Thompson to transfigure before the masses like Jesus Christ into returning the DLP to government?
    Please, Sir, save our nation from further despair and looming economic meltdown.
    Call elections NOW and seek a fresh mandate to do what has to be done.
    Must we wait for the sudden death of an MP to force your hand in order for this country to get a new lease of life? God Forbid!

    Please FJS, don’t dishonour the memory of your mentor. Call elections before November 30, St. Andrew’s Day (a day etched in your memory of JCT) we beg you, Sir!

    You have been duly advised!

  17. Stephen Williams to tell the truth not even a sewage plant the size of New York City can handle such waste. Your writings amount to just that – Pure sewage.

    Let me offer your some real facts.
    Between 1994 and 2007 the BLP built 2,590 houses and disbursed $69.9 mil in general workers loans to 5,636 persons to buy homes. In addition the BLP created the environment that facilitated the granting of $1.5 billion being disbursed within the banking system, up from a mere $593.mill under the DLP.

    The BLP simply became a victim of its own success when it was placed under great pressure for housing solutions because so many people were employed and driving up the demand houses.

    Today houses are being built with no one to occupy them. In fact, some persons who owned their own homes under the BLP have now lost those homes and this explains the reason why the now houses being built are unoccupied.

    Get the facts willie.

  18. Mr. Williams need to go and look at these houses he speaking about and she that they are all empty. They are no bigger that a match box and cost so much. My god.

  19. @Fedup

    You can say you don’t like the Coverly housing concept but the three or four hundred thousand is not about the house but the value of living in a semi contained area.

  20. The Coverley project has been the most successful housing project that the NHC has ever been involved with a project that not a cent of taxpayers dollars has been invested in and with every sale a lump sum payment that covers the cost of the lands and acommission on the sale price is passed onto the NHC a wonderful win win situation, not a cent at risk by the NHC or the taxpayer and the NHC is collecting thousands in funds with each sale transferred, and todate 295 properties have so far been sold as reported by the project team.

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